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Monday, November 11, 2019

BTS016: CS-80 Retrospective

"Behind the synth showcases the people bringing you Yamaha synthesizers. In this episode Nate and Blake explore one of the most sought-after analog synthesizers in the galaxy: The CS-80. They talk about its history, go through the Voice architecture and do some high-quality nerding with this amazing synthesizer."

BOSS DR-55 Truth Pattern

Published on Nov 11, 2019 SynthMania

"For JD / NO fans"

M83 Justin Meldal-Johnsen's MOOG MULTIMOOG SN 2479

via this auction

"This listing is for a Moog Multimoog Analog Synthesizer Synth Owned by Musician-Producer-Songwriter Justin Meldal-Johnsen.

'Used on many album productions including as synth bass on M83 albums.' -Justin Meldal-Johnsen"

Electro Harmonix Space Drum Vintage Analog Drum Synth Effect Pedal

via this auction

"Hard to find Electro Harmonix Space Drum Vintage Analog Drum Synth Effect Pedal EH from the 1970's

Super cool, hard to find!!!

Great shape and works!"

Novation A-Station Polyphonic Synth SN A002514

via this auction

Novation K-Station - Polyphonic Synth

via this auction

Moog Multimoog

via this auction

"This Multimoog is in wonderful shape. The ribbon looks untouched. The keys are even and all work. The sounds you can find are super cool. Pushing outside audio through it sounds incredible. Using a keystep to arpeggiate the oscillator frequency gets some really fun sounds. I don't think I could find another one in this great of shape if I tried. For the bad: there are two covers on the bottom covering access to the key mechanism. One is missing and one has a corner cut out. This doesn't affect anything. Unless touring without a case, I wouldn't suspect this would ever bother anyone. Fabricating a cover would be as simple as cutting a square of acrylic or even cardboard."

Switched On Grand Relocation Party Set for Friday Nov 15 8PM


"We moved, so come hang.  Live Performances by the Switched On staff.  Have a drink at our new showroom.

Our New Address - 2400 East Cesar Chavez, Suite 316B Austin, Texas"

Music Thing Modular - Start Up

Published on Nov 11, 2019 Synth Diy Guy

"Today we start a series on easy beginner modules!
This one is the Startup from Music Thing Modular, a cool first module that is a stereo mixer, a headphone amp and a clock generator with tap tempo and a divider/multiplier.
And you only need to solder the panel components.

Check it out here:

Video Shot and edited by Quincas and Edgar López"

SynthTech E520 Hyperion Stereo Effects Processor Coming to Kickstarter Friday Nov 15th

"48HP Eurorack module, with up to 32 audio effects. Powerful 480MHz ARM processor, 64MB SDRAM, and 24bit/48KHz sampling."

The upcoming SynthTech E520 Hyperion Stereo Effects Processor is set to launch on Kickstarter this coming Friday, November 15. You can sign up to follow progress on the Kickstarter site.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out this interview with SynthTech's Paul Schreiber and FluxWithIt. You'll find additional details on the E520 there as well.

Novation Peak and Summit Patches by Lightbath

via @WeAreNovation

"Our latest patches’ update features composer, improviser and educator @lightbath with his ambient Baby Steps pack. Styled by planting musical seeds that through improvisation, develop and grow into pieces that unfold in the present moment. Access here >>>"

"Composer, improviser, and educator Bryan Noll explores time and space with his musical project, Lightbath. Taking inspiration from Brian Eno's view of composers as gardeners, Noll plants musical seeds with his synthesizers and, through improvisation, guides their development and growth into pieces that unfold in the present moment.

Noll developed his sound and process as Lightbath by making YouTube videos showing the physical act of coaxing music out of modular synthesizers. As Pitchfork puts it: “Once you have submitted to these videos, it can be hard to pull yourself away. The artfully unpretentious demonstrations… occupy a strange, sui-generis niche: Featuring balmy sounds, blinking LEDs, and low-key set-dressing, they are part performance, part tech tutorial, and part audio-visual wallpaper.”

Lightbath has releases on RVNG Intl and Seil Records as well as the self-released ‘Selected Public Works’ series which features remastered versions of the pieces on his YouTube channel.

The 33 zones in this patch bank were created on Peak and feature the use of Mod Wheel and Aftertouch, as well as the Animate buttons for deeper expressive control."

light never dies 5 - eurorack modular jam with pittsburgh sv-1

Published on Nov 11, 2019 sector

"A little jam at Linosa lighthouse"

Gotharman's Zybraz Released

The Zybraz from Gotherman is now available. See previous posts here.

"Gotharman’s has today released a new 24 note polyphonic resonator synthesizer, called Zybraz.

It is possible to save 10%, by pre-ordering it before 2/1-2019.


It has 2 parts (upper and lower with keyboard split point).

The oscillators are derived from LD3, and a couple of new parameters were added to the resonator part: Character and Brightness.
The oscillator waveform morphs from sine wave to triangle wave to saw wave, to square wave to feed wave. PW works on all waveforms. These waves can go through a resonator, where the number of resonances, that are fed back inside the oscillator can be adjusted, plus resonator character and brightness.

A noise generator are also available. The noise generator will also go through the Resonator, when this is on.

8 filter types can be selected for each part. All of these are derived from LD3.

8 effect types can be selected for each part. 7 effects derived from LD3, and one new: Bass Enhancer.
Types: Delay, Roto Delay, Bass Enhancer, Variator, BitCrush, Distortion, Resonator 1, Resonator 2.

Each part has 2 Envelopes, 1 ADSR, 1 decay. The ADSR envelope alway controls the output VCA, but it can control other parameters at the same time.

Each part has 2 LFO's. One for the filter and LFO1, one for the rest of the parameters.

All parameters, except for volume, portamento and EFX output level, can be modulated by up to 4 sources at the same time (LFO, ENV1, ENV2, velocity, Random).

Most parameters can be controlled by MIDI CC's. All parameters can be controlled by NRPN's. MIDI CC's are transmitted, when editing parameters. NRPN's are transmitted, when using the "Send Preset" and "Send All Presets" functions.

Pitch Bend range can be set separately for each part.

MIDI Hold Pedal are received.

63 re-writable presets. Preset 64 (preset 8, bank 8) are always an initialized preset, to give you a neutral startpoint, when creating new sounds. This can't be written.

Before a preset is stored, Zybraz lets you audition the destination preset location, to avoid overwriting a great preset.

IT'S SOLID! Made only by high quality parts, like an all metal case, metal potentiometers, push buttons made in Denmark by MultiMec and Cirrus Logic converters.

Pre-ordering price is EUR 539. Final price will be EUR 599.

You can find a video here: [posted here]

And more info here:"

Musical Ideas And Sound Design With Moog Little Phatty - itijik MONOPHONY 001 PREVIEW

Published on Nov 10, 2019 itijik

"I’m having so much fun with the Production Club, making materials and chop tracks! Very inspiring time in my life. I'm so grateful to have such dope members already part of it.

So here’s a preview of the new series MONOPHONY I’ll be working on.
MONOPHONY is all about jamming ideas out using only one synth voice, which will usually feature effects and live sound design. The full process video (over an hour) and resulting samples will be available to club members! In fact, this episode is available now on the club page:

If you’re not a member of the itijik Production Club, find out what it’s about in the link below.



Musical Ideas And Sound Design With Moog Little Phatty - itijik MONOPHONY 001 PREVIEW
Produced by: itijik"

ALM Busy Circuits Soundbank Demo

Published on Nov 10, 2019 Rafa Bono

"Short demo of all soundbanks availables by default on ALM Busy Circuits Squid Salmple.
No V/oct inputs on channels 6, 7 & 8.

Gear used:
Tip Top Audio Circadian Rythms
AL Busy Circuits Squid Salmple
Nano Modules MAR"

Par - Hipervivo (full set)

Published on Nov 11, 2019 Nacho Adda

Este video contiene secuencias que pueden afectar a personas susceptibles a la epilepsia fotosensible.


Par - Hipervivo
Lucía Torrón: voz, guitarra.
Fenna Frei: voz.
Cámaras: Nicolás Silva, Maxi Muníz y Rubén Etcheverry.
Edición: Nacho Adda
Luces: Mauricio Peinado.
Sonido en directo y grabación: Matías Rodríguez.
Mezcla: Nacho Adda. Mezcla adicional: Candela Cibrián.
Grabado en vivo el 19/9/19 en Sala Camacuá
Montevideo, Uruguay
Producción: Mija

Drum and Bass jam on the Novation Circuit

Published on Nov 11, 2019 Gabe Miller Music

"A drum and bass jam on the Novation Circuit, using the Team Novation pack."

EL KA Tübingen Happy Keys LIVE

Published on Oct 27, 2019 Hajo Liese

EL-KA Is Till Kopper and Hajo Liese

Till plays: Waldorf Quantum, Waldorf STVC, Memotron,

Hajo plays: Schrittmacher, Vermona Perfourmer, Moog Slim Phatty, Behringer Mode D, Roland MVS, Waldorf Blofeld, Vemona DRM2 Drummer, Waldorf Streichfett

All 100% live

Salvation Session # Dubtechno Jam (Tempest DrumImpact VC340 SpaceEcho Prophet6 Perfourmer Strymon..)

Published on Nov 11, 2019 VØSNE

#vøsne #ThomasCarmody #Khlev #spclnch
Thomas Carmody & Khlev - Save Me (incl Vosne remix)
Released on Spclnch 2019

"Dubtechno session played live & recorded reel to reel, using revox b77, roland space echo re-201, Arturia DrumImpact, Behringer VC340, Sequential dsi Prophet 6, DSI Tempest, Prophet 12, vermona perfourmer mkII, elektron octatrack & Analog Rhythm, Strymon Bigsky & Timeline, Jomox T-Resonator II, livid cntrl-r, Ableton live for samples.
All the synth on the stand are going thru the mackie mixer. All the synth are midi slaves and sequenced by the Octatrack. DrumImpact patern is going thru VC340 vocoder (sequenced by OT) + Jomox T-Resonator II. To fade in or out a synth, i use the cutoff filter mostly and when the sound is almost vanished, i shut down the sequenced midi channel on the Octatrack. On the Mackie mixer are coming external auxilliar fx like Space echo, Time line & Bigsky. Each channel/synth can get the proper amount of fx i want at anytime. Also i root 3 output channels from the Tempest to the Mackie : 1 stereo & 1 mono. I can use the send fx on those channels (usually stereo is for tempest synth and mono for rhythm elements). The Mackie stereo output is going to the soundcard Input channel. Midi Clock is from SND Acme-4. Concerning Ableton, i control the mix, the send fx & mute with livid cntrl-r. I play samples (Voice & Chords from the original track)

I hope you will enjoy this one too !"

Music Creation using the Hotz Translator - Mick Fleetwood

Published on Jul 31, 2007 Hotz777

"Mick Fleetwood and Jimmy Hotz show a variety of writing styles, using the Hotz Translator technology, that was invented by Jimmy Hotz and first manufactured by Atari. Mick Fleetwood does the narration.

For more information about Jimmy Hotz and his music and inventions, visit or the Hotz store at"

via this auction

"I have seen three things in my life that I instantly knew would have a profound effect on the future; the personal computer, the mouse and the Hotz Translator."
Steve Wozniak - co-founder of Apple Computers

Electronics, synthesizers, computers and digital recording have all made an enormous impact on music composition, performance and recording. Despite these advances, the process of becoming an accomplished musician - especially one trained in the theory and complex language of music - has remained essentially the same for centuries. This consists of many years of constant practice of physical patterns in conjunction with the study of diverse approaches to music theory. Most people with the innate potential to express themselves musically are prevented from doing so when faced with such a difficult path. Hotz technology addresses this problem in an elegant and empowering way that enables anyone, regardless of musical experience, to play music on a level that is fundamentally impossible without Hotz Translator technology.

"For songwriters, the Hotz Translator is a dream come true."
Craig Anderton - founding editor of Electronic Musician Magazine

"This is the future of music."
Herman Rarebell - The Scorpions

Moog Moog Sonic Six

via this auction

Maplin 5600s Monophonic Vintage Synthesizer

via this auction

"Up for auction is a Maplin 5600s Monophonic Vintage Synthesizer Synth Rare. This unit was completely put back together by Kurt Sampson in Prescott, Az and some of the parts are original but most of the parts are new.

I am going to break down the repairs as best as I can. The keyboard (digitally controlled) is new, the spring reverb is new, & the power supply was specifically constructed for this machine. All four oscillators work, the two filters work, all five mixers work, the keyboard control works, both amplifiers work, the sample and hold work, left and right outputs work great, the spring reverb / phaser work, & the 30 x 30 patch matrix works great and it comes with 14 pegs to make different combinations of patches. There are no dirty potentiometers. More recently the pitch wheel was installed, gate clock in, cv in, ext cv1, ext cv was installed as well so you can sync it up with a drum machine.

There are knobs on this unit that don't do anything. On the bottom left of the keyboard there is a knob that says computer and it doesn't do anything because you can't hook it up to a computer, on the bottom right of the keyboard ext. input 1 & 2 don't do anything, in the middle of the keyboard the foot pedal, foot switch, and echo knob don't do anything either.

I poured in more than 6k to get this guy going. This synthesizer sounds incredible and there is nothing else like it. Please take a good look at the pictures and ask any questions that you would like. I will not ship this keyboard. This is a pick up only situation and I live in Phoenix, Az."

Update: videos posted here.


via this auction

Yamaha FS1R 8 Operator FM / Formant Synthesizer

via this auction

"If you are looking at this, you know what synth this is. The pinnacle of FM synthesis interwoven with formant synthesis and Yamaha's hardcore FX engine. Endless digital synthesis possibilities. Unit is in great conditions and works well. New Intellijel-style knobs have been added. Comes with power cable."

Wood Cased Jasper EDP Wasp Synthesizer

via this auction

"This powerful analog synthesizer is a recreation of Electronic Dream Plant’s 1978 cult favorite, the EDP Wasp. Nothing quite compares to the analog tones produced by this monstrous machine. From leg-quivering rumbles in the industrial realm to the pulsing LFO’s of techno, this thing can take you to the ambient landscapes of tomorrow or even the lead solos you crave on your prog rock group.

It is encased in a custom wooden case that used Moog as an inspiration. It will come with a top board that is fastened to the unit and serves as a wooden briefcase, nifty for rolling out of a gig and into the night.

Some issues with the unit: it was built from the ground up. So the knobs aren’t quite calibrated to be the exact degree where the markings say are, for example, square wave or triangle wave. On the filter section, the knob goes right in the middle of each of the markings instead of right on the dot. The bottom right knob is fully functional but for some reason swings to the right in an overt manner (it goes past the delay marking). The top right of the unit where in the input and output are is kept in place by a single nail. A while ago it popped out but I popped it back in. Worst comes to worst, some glue oughta do.

Everything is fully functional."

Custom Faced E-MU Systems Morpheus Z-Plane Synthesizer

via this auction

"A rare and really unique synthesizer in good working condition with obviously a bit of a custom paint job on the face plate. Buttons have labels so you can still tell what you are doing though."

Oberheim Xpander

via this auction

MEGALONG: FEAR OF FIRE. Dawless Outdoor Volca Jam Impro w/ EWI 4000s & JamMan Solo

MEGALONG: FEAR OF FIRE. Dawless Outdoor Volca Jam Impro. Volca Modular, Keys, Ewi 4000s, JamMan Solo

Published on Nov 11, 2019 Gary P Hayes

Another outdoor performance. Spotted this one on discchord.

Continuous live dawless jam / improvisation
Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes
at Hargraves LO Blue Mountains Australia
on Korg #VolcaBass #VolcaModular #VolcaDrum #VolcaKeys
Solos on Akai #EWI 4000s Reverb on #Strymon #BlueSky
Licensed orchestral loop (from Nano Muzik Loops) on Digitech JamMan Solo XT
directly recorded on #ZoomH6 plus ambient sound
no other processing. Aerial cinematography © Gary P Hayes

EG&G 124A - from lab instrument to analog synthesizer

Published on Nov 11, 2019 HAINBACH

"In which I demonstrate the awesome sound power that is the EG&G PARC 124A lock-in amplifier when used for #willitmusic. This research instrument is a crown jewel of making music with test equipment, as it has all the parts that make an analog synth - VCA, multimode filter, oscillator. I have covered lock-in amplifiers before, but this one truly is the best so far. It can do tiny microsounds, glassy pings, throbbing basslines and process a TR-606 into a monster. Check for the sound pack."

Also see: The Sound Of Atoms: Nuclear Instrumentation Modular, and more HAINBACH here.

Ratcheting the Easel Sequencer

Published on Nov 11, 2019 UncertainMusicCorps

"A short explanation of how to ratchet the Easel sequencer with the help of the 208 Toolbox. (It *should* also work with the VSTi version using the Left Hand modulation source to replace the Envelope generator if you add an appropriate cycle delay value but as I don't have the VSTi that's just a guess).

Using the pulser to trigger an envelope that is looping at a different rate to that of the pulser gives an envelope with a kind of phase shifted trigger as the frequencies of the pulser and the looping envelope beat against each other. I then use that to control the gate of the complex oscillator.

I can then riff over the sequence using the modulation oscillator by controlling its gate with the pressure out from the 218.

It's kind of possible to do something similar on an unexpanded Easel using the 218 preset pads to double the pulser rate but its hard to set up, doesn't sync properly and is limited in scope to the point of not really being worth the effort. There's a bad proof of concept video here if you have 40 seconds to waste.":

Bad pulser ratchet

Uploaded on Nov 7, 2019 UncertainMusicCorps

Synthesizer Show & Tell | Korg Delta

Published on Nov 11, 2019 Learson Peak


Korg Delta
Vocals - Rode NT-1a

Computer - MacBook Pro 
My Music Software - Pro Tools 12
Audio Interface - Focusrite Clarett 8Pre-X
Vlogging Mic - EV RE-20
Vocal Mic preamp - Neve 500 Series 511
Vocal Mic Compressor - DBX 560A
Video Camera - iPhone 6+
Video Software - Final Cut X

13.02.18 Serge Paperface '78 - Camel race

Published on Nov 11, 2019 batchas

"I found this one on my channel which remained unpublished till today...
All sounds come from the Serge Paperface '78."

Elektron Analog Heat - USB Class Compliant Audio Walkthrough

Published on Nov 10, 2019 tubesockor

"The Elektron Analog Heat recently got a firmware update (1.20) which enables USB Class Compliant Audio. This means the Heat can be used as an audio insert to an iPhone, let an iPad run audio plugins pre or post the Heat's own processing, be a sound card to a computer or just allow a live recording of the audio coming out of it into a smartphone.

This video covers a walkthrough of the different configurations, with some simple examples of each."

Patch n Tweak

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