MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Roland JUPITER-Xm - (Firmware Ver.1.03) - Outdoor DEMO "Warmin' up"

Published on Nov 28, 2019 gattobus

"The new Roland JUPITER-Xm (FW ver.1.03) has an internal sensor measuring the temperature of the internal circuitry, simulating the oscillators drift like real analog synthesizers. It takes less than 10 minutes tu fully warm up... The result is an alive, warm and three-dimensional sound.
You can also adjust the temperature manually, change the warm up time. and keep your favourite initial temperature if you set the aging parameter to 'FIXED'.

This performance was played in real time and recorded outdoor.
Jupiter-Xm (battery operated) recorded straight to Roland R-07 digital pocket recorder.

I used 5 parts in total: a JUNO-106 emulation, two JUPITER-8 parts, an SH-101 and a Drum Part.
Everything from this little beast...
I think, from now on, Jupiter-Xm is my favourite Synthesizer!!! :D"

Moog Spectravox (2019 Moogfest Engineer Workshop Build)

via this auction

"Pro built along Moog Engineers at the 2019 Moogfest Engineer Workshop. One of a max of 119 units offered up to the public (I know of one unit which wasn't made available, and not all 120 slots in the workshops were filled)."

You can find demos of the Spectravox in previous posts here.

Vintage Synclavier II Digital Synthesizer Decal Bumper Case Sticker

via this auction

"Vintage Synclavier II Digital Synthesizer Decal Bumper Sticker. Approximately 3" X 11"

Good condition for it's age."

Acidlab MIAMI

via this auction

Korg MS-10 SN 136735

via this auction

"Calibrated, tested and fully working condition.
Some wear here and there, check photos. But overall good shape."

Roland SH-3A Synthesizer

via this auction

Dream Movement - Yamaha Reface CS

Published on Nov 28, 2019 Graham Bole

"All sounds performed on the Yamaha Reface CS.
(amazing little synth)

Valhalla Shimmer & VintageVerb used.

All video is free stock footage."

Yamaha CS and DX Reface - The Fog

Published on Oct 1, 2019 Graham Bole

"Doing some of the fog theme by John Carpenter. Valhalla vintage and shimmer reverb also used.
Piano by the DX, Synth and bass by the CS."

The synths behind Mike Oldfield.

Published on Oct 18, 2019 Richard García

"A musical review of some of the different synthesizers used by Mike Oldfield in his discography." Tubular Bells & more.

Roland Vocoder Plus VP-330, ARP String Ensemble, Roland SH-2000, Ensoniq SD-1, Roland JD-800, Roland JD-990, Korg M1, and Roland D50.

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Synthesis Technology E520 Hyperion Processor *PROTOTYPE!* // Next generation Eurorack FX

Published on Nov 28, 2019

"**TIMING INDEX BELOW, SKIP AROUND!!!* Here's the early prototype of the new E520 Hyperion Processor from Synthesis Technology. To me this is really the next generation of audio processing and FX in the Eurorack format. Having the prototype to play around with I wanted to get this out to show you the great sounds already in the unit, which is constantly getting updates and new features even at this stage. Head to the links below to support it on Kickstarter and for more info.



00:00 Hello etc etc

00:57 Video patch previews

02:26 Features and walkthrough

03:25 Resampling Mini-Delay (Tape, BBD, Clean)

06:01 Stereo Pitch Shifter

08:34 Stereo Frequency Shifter (+ Ring Modulation)

12:40 Spectral Delay + Pitch Shifter

13:57 Stereo Shimmer Reverb (patch one)

17:05 Stereo Shimmer Reverb (patch two)

18:05 Spectral Crusher

19:41 Stereo Flanger Delay (with LUSH diffusion!)

21:43 Auto Wah

22:02 Stereo Chorus

23:29 Spectral Time Machine (doing this real time is NUTS!)

26:37 Phaser

*THIS VIDEO WAS NOT SPONSORED - the prototype is on loan to try out and I decided to share a video playing around with it.* "

OP-1 synth track expanded in Ableton with UVI and Samples From Mars

Published on Nov 28, 2019 Synth & Sundry

"A few weeks ago, I made a track with the OP-1 (OP-1 synth sounds and initial track idea with cats is the first part of this adventure). This video shows what happens after pulling the OP-1 track stems into Ableton Live and then reinforcing the composition with sounds from the UVI Digital Synsations collection which captures the spirit of the late 80s/early 90s Rompler synths from the likes of Roland, Kawai, and Ensoniq. There are also sounds from the always excellent Samples From Mars.

The first half of the video looks at the sounds I added to the arrangement with Ableton Live and the second half is a music video with the finished track.

Note: I am not sponsored or supported by these brands. All instruments were bought or downloaded using my own funds or on my own initiative. All opinions are my own.

The footage from the music video comes from the alien planet simulator, Inside The Void:

The Teenage Engineering OP-1 illustration in the thumbnail is from:

Keyboard and Roland JV880 footage shot with a Canon EOS 700D/Rebel T5i
Screen footage captured with Quicktime
Video edited and produced in Final Cut Pro X"

SEIKO DS250 + DS310 Vintage Synthesizer System Short Test

OK prov Published on Nov 28, 2019 Scienceforce

DSI Pro 2 & TC Electronic Hall Of Fame 2

Published on Nov 28, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 2 - Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

"This one is in fair cosmetic condition and working 100%. It was recently serviced by a Greg Montalbano in Oakland, California. As you can see, this is a Rev 2. I generally do not sell vintage synthesizers in this kind of cosmetic condition, but I decided not to do any cosmetic restoration in order to keep the cost down. The unit works great and stays in tune well. It does have the cassette in/out installed as you can see."

Steve Levine | Revisiting New Wave with V Collection

Published on Nov 28, 2019 Arturia

Arturia V Collection on Amazon

"No one starts by producing records for Culture Club and The Beach Boys straight away, but Levine’s humble beginnings as a tape-op and tea boy and CBS Studios in the mid-70s put him at the right place, at the right time to witness an amazing change happen in the industry."

SOLITUDE: Sequential OB-6 | Novation PEAK | Roland JU-06A | Casio CZ-1 | Analog Four

Published on Nov 28, 2019 Alba Ecstasy


Enough promo! ☝️ So, my friend Robert - send him your good thoughts and prayers, please 😔 - had to leave the country - and left his #SequentialOB6 in my custody!
..and I put it to work! Here's accompanied by the #NovationPEAK, #RolandJU06A, Korg Radias, Virus Ti2, Casio CZ-1, Digitakt and Analog Four.
Just a classic Berlin School.
My apologies to you, guys, for taking the call from my wife, but... if you're married you know things... 😂

The Big Feast (TX Wiggles 51)

Published on Nov 28, 2019 poorness studios

"Happy Thanksgiving all. I wanted to do a video for Thanksgiving so I came up with this. It's mainly just a morphing digital oscillator on top of a looping sequence with an Thanksgiving-themed audio track playing off my old iPod. It sounded pretty cool though."

poorness studios TX Wiggles

An Overview of new modules and collections in VCV Rack - November 2019

Published on Nov 28, 2019 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

00:00 - RJ Modules -
01:01 - Count Modula -
02:27 - Sonus Modular -
03:31 - Racket Science -
04:38 - Mockba Modular -
05:50 - ComputerScare -
06:15 - BogAudio -
08:16 - NEX -
10:09 - VCV Pulses
11:11 - Tiny Tricks -
13:00 - nysthi -
14:17 - MindMeld -
15:56 - Orange Line -
17:16 - SV Modular -
18:36 - Kocmoc -
19:39 - 23 Volts -
21:47 - MSM -
22:19 - Nozoid -
22:49 - Bidoo -
23:29 - DHE -
24:44 - ZZC -"

BEHRINGER CRAVE - live jam / attack mode

Published on Nov 28, 2019 Aux Out

"Sixth live jam with my new Behringer Crave synths. Welcome to the bassline of doom.
You can buy my music and support me here:

The upper synth plays the melody. The lower one plays the bass.

I used this software:
Ableton Live
Valhalla Shimmer
TAL Chorus LX
Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro"

Chronos Signature - Downtempo Konstruktor (samplepack)

Published on Nov 26, 2019 LFOstore

"Chronos Signature - Downtempo Konstruktor


A Sample Based Sound Library @ 100 BPM Root "C"
Styles: downtempo, idm, trip-hop, chillout, breaks.

485 high quality 24/44 wav samples: one shots & loops

Gear Used:
Arturia MatrixBrute
Korg Radias
Buchla Essel
Korg Monologue
Korg Arp Odyssey
Lennar Digital Sylienth
Various FX Modules

Splitted on 9 Boxes:

Analog Box - various analog sounds, basses, sequences,arps, fx, leads, drones.
Complex Box - various ambient sounds, sequences, modular sounds, drones
Digital Box - various sequences
Loops Box - clean & processed loops
Modular Box - various unusual loops. sequences, comples sounds & fx
Sequence Box - analog sequences
Time Box - vintage & modern sounds from classic synth
Vintage Box - vintage style sequences
Wavetable Box - most complex box contains all type of sounds."

Roland JV1080 vs XV-5080 - Direct Comparsion

Published on Nov 28, 2019 LFOstore

"Long time descussion & question: how this two modules sounds & is there any difference in sounds?

We are using our 'Planet XV' soundset for this demonstration:

Use headphones to hear difference.

Spoiler: due to modern convertors of XV it sound less low and much more in mid-hi spectre.

JV sounds more vintage & gritty with more low and less mid/hi."

Synth Spotting at Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Some Macy's parade synth spotting in via Dub Assembly.

Nord Electro 5D during Chicago’s performance, followed by a Roland Ax-Synth during the Jimmy Fallon and The Roots performance, and an Access Virus TI from 2018! :)

SOLAR 50 | Big Drone synth (prototype) Jam in "Machine Room" Kiev, Ukraine

Published on Nov 28, 2019 ELTA music

"This is performance oriented analog electronic music instrument! Big ambient machine, drone-accordion, organ and 50 oscillators synthesizer all in one!

Final version will include a new design and additional, yet not showed functions."

ELTA music SOLAR 50

The super cool Korg Synthe-Bass from 1975!

Published on Nov 28, 2019 Alex Ball

"A Korg Synthe-Bass (aka SB-100) from 1975 stopped by for a quick demo. In this video I walk through what it does and then make a short track with it at the end.

The Synthe-Bass was used most famously by Dave Ball from Soft Cell and Röyksopp used it too, but it's generally not that well known and there's not many videos about it on YouTube, so hopefully this goes some way towards rectifying that as I think it's fantastic.

Thanks for watching."

iPad / Eurorack ambient jam. Model D App, Teensy Midi Controller, Qu-bit chord v2, Eventide H9

Published on Nov 28, 2019 maasijam

"iPad / Eurorack ambient jam.

Background ambient sound: Qu-bit chord v2 is modulated by Pamelas New Workout. All four outputs of chord going into vcas, which are also modulated by Pam.

Fx: Eventide H9, 2HP verb, Expert Sleepers Disting MK4 (Stereo Delay)

Lead sound: Moog Model D App controlled by my Teensy based Midi-Controller.

Fx: Internal delay of the model d app."

Novation A Station

via this auction

"A-Station is a powerful analog modeling synthesizer based on the SuperNova. It has 8 voice polyphony with 3 oscillators per voice. There a built in staple effects like reverb, delay, and chorus plus a 12 band vocoder. While only taking up a single rack space, there is surprisingly a lot of hands on control from the front panel!"


via this auction

"This Synthi AKS was meticulously rebuilt, cleaned and tested by skilled vintage synth tech and dealer and working perfectly. This one's serial number 472x.ks. It’s one of the more desirable older white faced units and the front panels are beautiful. We bought this unit from its original owner. Note the chipped area in the suitcase near the handle. This does not effect function in any way. The exceptional condition of this piece along with the investment we made to fully overhaul it so it's better than the rest is of course factored into its price."

See the seller's other items for more.

ROLAND SYSTEM-100 Model 102 Expander

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

ROLAND SYSTEM-100 Model 101

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

Roland Vocoder SVC-350 SN 363116

via this auction

"Classic vintage Roland vocoder SVC-350 in excellent working condition.
This synthesizer has been fully checked and is sounding great, you can use this vocoder with a synthesizer or a guitar.
This is a late 70`s vocoder and was used in many famous artists
It has some few signs of wear but does not affect its working condition which is excellent.

Specifications :

Serial number : 363116
Input : 100V 50/60Hz 18W"

Roland TB-303 w/ Black Case

via this auction

"In Very Good Condition. This unit has been serviced and working well. There are some scratches and cosmetic wear but this has no effect on the performance. Please see pictures for more details"


via this auction

You can find a demo of the ELEKTRONIKA EM 04 here.

"Elektronika EM-04. There is a one master oscillator in the instrument. Due to this oscillator a possibility of instrument's detuning in the process of operation is eliminated. This generator shifts a pitch of the instrument on an octave, "slalom-effect" and refines the tuning +/- 1/4. Because of split of the manual into 2 sections, the volume of each part may be adjusted.


— Total audible range - 7 1/12 octaves
— Keyboard's volume - 4 1/12 octaves
— Mains voltage - 220V +/-10%
— Dimensions - 790x490x155 cm
— Dimensions, 890x355x102 mm (31" x 19" x 4")
— Weight, 20 kg (approx. 44 Pounds)

The unit is in excellent condition both cosmetically and functionally.
ELEKTRONIKA EM-04 has a really interesting PURE UNIQUE ANALOG sound."

Kawai K3 Digital Analog Hybrid Synth

via this auction, also on Reverb

Note the K3 is not really a wavetable synth per the listing. It has static digital waveforms you can pick from, vs a wavetable of waveforms you can morph through in real time. If the K3 is a wavetable synth then so are PCM sample based synths. That said, I owned one and it is a great sounding synth. The SSM analog filters open up the sound and you can get those classic PPG bell like tones. It also has user additive waveform slots. It is an underrated synth imo.

"It has 32 waveforms, some of which are samples of acoustic instruments like piano and percussion as well as some unique waveforms. By combining two of these waveforms you can create unique new sounds or add a twist to a traditional sound. Since there are only 32 of these waveforms, the K3 also features a programmable digital waveform where you can tweak the harmonic content of a waveform allowing for added flexibility and range of sounds.

What's really neat about the K3 is that (unlike the K1) it has analog filters and envelopes! So although the sound may be digital at first, it sure does get warmed going through the filter. The low pass resonant filter even has its own envelope generator. There's also a high pass filter and a highly flexible LFO. The K3 is an interesting synth, nicely bridging the gap between the analog and digital domain of vintage synthesizers.

* The Kawai K3 is a very professional hybrid synthesizer. It’s a mix of digital oscillators, additive/substractive synthesis and analog filters

* VCF and VCA give the sound a lot of depth and warmth

* The wavetable oscillators, on the other hand, can easily produce sounds similar to a PPG Wave synthesizer

* The Kawai K3 is a very good background synthesizer, thanks to the soft character of its sound. No wonder it gets along so well with digital and analog instruments in a mix. It leans more toward PPG-like bells and pads than toward classic Oberheim/Sequential-like brass sounds. It’s perfect for dreamy, softly evolving arpeggio sounds and for cool drawn-in-delay electronic patterns

* The OSC BAL(ance) function is very professional. This parameter determines the mixing balance for the two ocillators. “-15” is oscillator No.1 only, “0” is even, and “15” is oscillator No.2 only. PRES(sure) OSC BAL(ance) is even more effective, allowing for modulation of the mixing balance between the oscillators via aftertouch. This results in organic, evolving sound clips.

* Keyboard-tracking of VCF and VCA is very flexible, too. Settings may be positive or negative, making the keyboard an important and expressive tool"

20-The Arturia MicroFreak- Sequencer Part A

Published on Nov 28, 2019 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the sequencer present on the Arturia MicroFreak."

Arturia MicroFreak videos by AutomaticGainsay

ADDAC215 Dual S&H+ Sample Rate Reducer

Published on Nov 28, 2019 ADDAC System

"This new module should not be judged by it’s size, at 6hp it’s packed with features.

At it’s core it features a noise source and two precision Sample & Holds with 0.01% of maximum deviation from the Input which allows for quantized signals to be sent through without any noticeable detuning or the typical voltage drops over time.

The Sample & Hold sections can also be used as a Track & Hold meaning it holds the incoming input while the Trigger input is ON and lets the input flow to the output when the Trigger input is OFF.
Each section also features it’s own slew processor with a single control over attack and decay and an ON/OFF switch.

The noise signal is normalled to both sections inputs, meaning that without a jack plugged into the Input the sample and hold function will act upon the incoming noise signal generating random CV values.

The [Trigger A Alternate] switch allows to Link both sections so that any trigger input in Trigger A will alternate between triggering the A and B section.

Besides each section outputs there’s also 4 extra outputs: Noise, Difference, Average and Sum. The [Noise] output is coming from the noise source, the [Difference] output is the subtraction of section A minus section B, the [Average] output is the sum of both A plus B and then divided by 2 and finally the [Sum] output is the sum of both A plus B sections.

This module will also be available as a full DIY kit."


[4K]Pachelbel's Canon in D Major on Modular Synthesizer

Published on Nov 28, 2019 Donghyuk Heo

"#Pachelbel, #Canon, #ModularSynth

Pachelbel's Canon in D Major on Modular Synthesizer

My Little Plants has grown a lot.
It is much bigger than what you can see in old video [below]

You can watch this in 4K resolution"

Johann Sebastian Bach, Prelude No. 1 in C major, BWV 846, on Modular Synthesizer

Published on Jun 13, 2019 Donghyuk Heo

"From Bach's Well-tempered Clavier Book 1"

Mr. Pinkie PIG 16 Step Sequencer

Published on Nov 28, 2019 Mr. Pinkie PIG

"Mr.Pinkie PIG analog sequencer - 16 Step"

Twisted-Electrons hapiNES L Sound Demo (no talking)

Published on Nov 27, 2019 Bonedo Synthesizers


Polivoks Polyvox Vintage BEST USSR Soviet Analog Synthesizer SN 0290481

Published on Nov 27, 2019 GLvintageSHOP

via this auction, also on Reverb

See GLvintageSHOP on eBay & Reverb for more.

Alisa 1377 Analog USSR Soviet Synthesizer SN 953

Published on Nov 27, 2019 GLvintageSHOP

via this auction, also on Reverb

See GLvintageSHOP on eBay & Reverb for more.

monstrumWaveXT 2.981 Wavetable & Waveform Editor

Published on Nov 27, 2019 monstrumMedia

Update: 2nd video added to player above.

1. "This video demonstrates the waveform and wavetable editor features in our Waldorf Microwave II/XT/XTk editor - monstrumWaveXT as of rev 2.981.

General overview on editing wavetables and waveform editor features."

2. "More details on editing wavetables and waveform editor features with focus on loading an external audio file as a wavedata source."

Patch n Tweak

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