MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, December 15, 2019

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Synth Stuff Ep. 63 - Dave Smith Instruments OB-6

Published on Dec 15, 2019 tritonrecordings

"Boy did I ruffle some feathers when I mentioned this synth on my Matrix 6 video... Let's clear the air - this is an excellent synth. Sounds good, flexible, built well, and it's Oberheim-ish. My problem with it is that it doesn't sound as close to an actual OB series Oberheim as the name and blue-lines paint job would suggest. It's more like a polyphonic SEM, maybe? If I give my Matrix 6 a little chorus, I can get it to sound pretty close to an old OB8. The OB6, however, still sounds like a Dave Smith synth but with some Oberheim flavor added. In short, it didn't live up to the name.'s still a great synth. I always say I like the Prophet 6 better, but always reconsider when I spend time with one of these."

Update: That would be because the OB-6's filter is based on the multi-mode SEM filter, while the OB-Xa and OB-8 are the CEM3320 VCF. See this post for a good sonic comparison between the OB-6 and OB-Xa. They are pretty close, but definitely different. The OB-6 isn't supposed to be an OB-Xa or OB-8. The OB-6 has a 2-pole SEM multimode filter, while the Xa & OB-8 have a switchable 4-pole and 2-Pole filter. It's the 4-pole that "mellows out" the Xa and OB-8. You have to turn the mix levels down on the OB-6 to approximate that.  Because the Xa and 8 lack the multimode SEM filters so they are not capable of of what the OB-6 and SEMs can do. The OB-6 is likely closest to the OB-X which was closer to the SEM for its voice boards. So... they are all different, but overlap in some ways. After checking out the comparison video, check out this video. It's worth noting later renditions of Oberheim synths become more and more mellow sounding compared to the SEM, OB-X, and even OB-Xa. The OB-8 is considered more polite and the Matrix-6 and 1000 were considered budget versions with the same general character but lacking the heft that made the early Oberheims classics. The Matrix-12 is said to be somewhat lacking in girth as well, but it makes up for it with its nearly modular modulation matrix and VCOs compared to DCOs in the 6/6R and 10000. I've owned the Xa, Matrix-6 (hence the matrix alias), the Martrix-12, the OB-6, and a TVS Pro. They all sound fantastic. The OB-6 sizzles compared to the others.

JoMox Sunsyn (Rev 2.02) SN 0050

via this auction

ASM Hydrasynth // First Test of Custom Presets (in 8 Parts)

Published on Dec 15, 2019 Genshi Media Group

"Immediately after unboxing and before I had the chance to read the manual, I thought I'd spend a couple of hours to see how easy it is to create a handful of patches from scratch. These were the results. I still have a lot to learn about this synth, but so far, it's fairly easy to program thanks to the excellent User Interface created by Ashun Sound Machines."

How To: Use the Waldorf Kyra - A Basic Workflow Overview

Published on Dec 15, 2019 Marshal Arnold

"In this video I wanted to explain some basic workflow and synth architecture in the Waldorf Kyra VA Synthesizer. I’ve received requests to show off more detailed videos on Kyra and have seen some sticking points that some users have found to be somewhat frustrating. This video hopefully will be helpful in that regard."

Roland JUPITER-6 no FX demo and tweaking

Published on Dec 15, 2019 synthlegends

"Extended Demo of my Roland JUPITER-6 Synthesizer. I took advance of the split section with two independent arpeggiators and two different patches very much and tweaked the sounds, the arps and mixing life. I didn't use any effects, mastering or compression. So you listen to the raw tone of the JP-6. It is recorded mono with XLR Out into the audio interface.

Some sounds I played quite long, because I tweaked around, so you can listen the big sound palette of the JP-6 and can few what I do, like using the bandpass, highness or lowpass filter, or take us of different oscillators, tweak the envelopes, LFO, sync and cross modulation. The video is maybe again too long, like my JP-4 video, but if you are interested in the JP-6 you can figure out, what happens and listen to the wide sound palette.

Most of the sounds are some improvised arp sessions, some with two arps, some with a bass or pad in the lower section. I also recorded some custom patches, like leads, clavinets, organ style, flute, bells, bass, pads, strings, sweeps and much more. The synth is really very versatile and I think it has its own signature sound. It sounds different to a JP-8, which is a bit more lush and fat sounding. The JP-4 is more angry and dark. The JP-6 has the most widely sonic possibilities, IMO.

Have fun and thanks for watching!"

1973 - A miniKORG style user oscillator for loguesdk compatible synthesizers

Published on Dec 15, 2019 hammondeggsmusic

Available at

"1973 is a user oscillator for logue-sdk compatible synthesizers that emulates some of the sounds you can get from an original 1973 miniKORG 700 synthesizer, including the dual HP and LP "traveler" style filter!"

07-The Behringer VC340 Vocoder-Part 7-Left Hand Controller

Published on Dec 15, 2019 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the functionality of the left-hand controller section of the Behringer VC-340."

Behringer VC340 videos by AutomaticGainsay

Synth Wizards Interviews: Michael Boddicker

Published on Dec 15, 2019 Syntaur

"Michael Boddicker has performed and composed on an insane number of hit records, television shows, and feature films, from Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' to 'Fatal Attraction'. He graciously spent an afternoon showing us his scoring studio, his amazing modular synths, and even his attic."

"Just in the modular department, we saw during our interview his Moog System 55, Moog Model 15, e-mu Modular, Buchla modular, and I think he also had a Serge tucked away. We saw literally thousands of pieces of gear while strolling through his attic. He's very passionate about music and synths, and has had an amazing career putting all of this stuff to work. It was a very fun interview.'

New Arturia Pigments 2.0 Overall & Presets Demo

Published on Dec 14, 2019 LFOstore

"Arturia Pigments just got a new Update 2.0!
Nick Klimenko covering new add-ons shortly & playing new great presets."

Coffee Bytes (TX Wiggles 52)

Published on Dec 15, 2019 poorness studios

"This is a little Sunday morning jam with my modular synthesizer and the Roland Juno Gi keyboard. Some simple percussive sounds and some drones can add up to something really moody."

poorness studios TX Wiggles

Inspiring Floating Keys and Old Beat! - itijik ALWAYS INSPIRED 002

Published on Dec 15, 2019 itijik

"Nothing better than being inspired by your past self. Poking around my ancient XP laptop running Ableton Live 7 and I found this nice "floating keys" jam. It's totally rough, but I love it so much I'm just letting it play out. Feeling it.

If you're a Pro Club member download the stems for the floating keys improvisation section here:

These will also be in the next Chop Shop sample pool for sure. January is approaching, gotta get on those Chops!

Join the PRO CLUB today!:

Inspiring Floating Keys and Old Beat! - itijik ALWAYS INSPIRED 002
Produced by: itijik

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tasty chips gr-1 granular synth

via this auction

"Yep - you read that right. Knobs and sliders and LFOs and envelopes and effects all wrapped up in a nice chunk of real hardware.

Ever had a need for that nice cloud of sound swirling around you? The GR-1 delivers. Not only do you control the size and number (and shape) of the grains, you can determine how widely they are spread around the stereo field.

Now with the latest OS installed, you can easily have a multi-timbral GR-1 (up to 4 parts) doing all kinds of different things all under the same nice set of hardware controls.

This particular unit was purchased new from the most recent batch, used *very* briefly, and is now up for sale. A printed manual (latest (2.12) version) is also included, because those of us that buy hardware like to read printed manuals. We just do."

ARP PRO/DGX Monophonic Analog Lead Synthesizer SN 0396

Robbery Assault And Battery Bridge - keys only (rehearsal)

Published on Dec 1, 2019 Brian Holt

"Brian Holt demonstrates the use of the ARP Pro DGX Version 1 Synthesizer in the bridge section of Genesis' "Robbery Assault and Battery". In the original recording Tony Banks used a Pro Soloist, which had the same sounds but rocker switches for the patch selections whereas the DGX has push-button type switches."

via this auction

"ARP PRO-DGX Monophonic Analog Lead Synthesizer in excellent condition.

Unit is in working order. Was recently serviced - had the bus bar cleaned and a general check over by Robert Rosen of Rosen Sound in Burbank, CA. All of the functions work, including the AT controller under the keyboard. Sounds amazing.

Here's a recent demo of me playing it: [above]"

Generic Drone Ambient Synth Soundscape

Published on Dec 15, 2019 RemixSample

"Hi friends! It's Sunday night and this is what I managed to produce today. A simple drone with some KORG Minilogue synth sounds played over it. ^^)"

test CRUMAR PERFORMER after repair-mod-midi and UNITRA RYTM16

Published on Dec 15, 2019 Alexey Taber

"no fx"

Sounds like a drunken surreal version of "Take me out to the Ballgame". Posting this mainly for the UNITRA RYTM16, and it's from maker Alexey Taber. This is the first post to feature the UNITRA RYTM16. Not sure if it's related to the Eltra Unitra.

The Peeps Music Box / Handmade synthesizer.

Published on Dec 15, 2019 suis-je fou

Like a little mini wooden Buchla Music Easel. Also see the PEEPS / Handmade synthesizer.

The Peeps Music Box (Full turorial)

Published on Dec 15, 2019 suis-je fou

"The Peeps Music Box is a battery powered digital handmade synthesizer.

It’s a micro version of the «Buchla Music Easel», one of the best synthesizer ever made, designed by Don Buchla in 1972.

Some features were deleted but others were added. It is not a modular synthesizer like the original Buchla, but all the switch buttons act like pre-patched possibilities that I felt like the most interesting patchs to use with the original Music Easel.

The Peeps Music Box have all these functions :
(* features added)

DSI Prophet Rev 2 / Factory Presets - Bank 1 / Tillborg

Published on Dec 15, 2019 Tillborg

"Whenever I get a new synth I like to go through the factory sounds first. With that in mind I thought I would pick out a few favourites and do a little video to give an idea what somebody can expect right out of the box when getting the Prophet Rev 2 (8 voice).

All sounds are factory presets with no external effects or processing."

Dark Days & Old Ways - Ambient Analogue Synth Jam

Published on Dec 15, 2019 DreamsOfWires

"Dark Analog Eurorack Modular Synth melodic jam, reflecting my mood at the moment - popularism, isolationism, and short-sightedness seem to rule the day politically, stuck in old ways of thinking, governed by self-serving liars, engineered by faceless multinational corporations, serving the privileged few at the expense of the many, and to top it off I just sugared my tea twice by accident! Dark days indeed.

Title inspired by my recent album (see Bandcamp below), improvised melodic phrases inspired by my recent video listed below.

My music is available here:

You can support the continuation of my channel here:

Recorded into AUM on an iPad, with Dubstation 2 delay and Shimmer FX reverb.
Video created on an iPad (since my ageing MacBook is currently broken).

#ajhsynth #dreamsofwires"

Posts featuring DreamsOfWires here

Meshulash - Morphagene, Mimeophon, Neutron, O Coast, VCV Rack, MB2S, Minilar, Disting mk4

Published on Dec 15, 2019 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

You can get the WAV file and individual stems on my Patreon page -
and also the VCV patch file -

Here are some patch notes :
- The Keystep is sequencing the Neutron, which is going through the Disting with a clockable delay algo.
- The Keystep is also set to Kbd Play mode so I can play another voice through a different Midi channel in VCV Rack.
- This voice in VCV Rack is going through a looper.
- The O Coast is receiving a sequence from VCV Rack (through Chords)and is going to the Mimeophon.
- In VCV Rack, I have the Ions sequencer from the Geodesics sequencing the FM-OP, and I control some of the steps of the sequencer with the Minilar controller.
- I also control the levels of a few voices and start and stop the recording on the Looper with the Minilar.
- The MiniBrute 2S is in charge of the bass, and I have it going also to VCV Rack through a HP filter and through Chronoblob2.
- I'm recording the Triangle directly to the Morphagene with the Zoom recorder, and I modulate Morphagene with the S&H from the Neutron.
- There's another sample playing from VCV Rack in Simpliciter from nysthi.
- Everyting is synced from a clock in VCV Rack."

qrs two

Published on Dec 15, 2019 zack dagoba

"Another Quantec QRS thing. This time using the Kawai K5 additive synthesiser being played by the Roland MSQ-700 sequencer"

ПОЛИВОКС синтезатор POLIVOKS Synthesizer (1982) *Мишка в плохом настроении*

Published on Dec 15, 2019 RetroSound

"(c) 2019 vintage synthesizer track by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

all synthesizer sounds: #Polivoks Analog #Synthesizer (1982)
drums: E-MU Emax samples
recording: multi-track
fx: reverb and delay

Polivoks Duophonic Analog Synthesizer
Made in #USSR 1982-1990

Designed by Vladimir Kuzmin and produced at the Formanta Radio Factory in Kachkanar
2 VCOs, FM, 2 ADSR, Glide, 2 LFOs, ADSR loop function,
The nice filter that can be switched from low pass to bandpass and two envelopes that can be looped over the AD sections.

RetroSound home:"

ARP 2600 2601 Synthesizer Restored+FutureProofed!

via this auction

"This unit was disassembled, cleaned inside and out, meticulously serviced AND FUTURE-PROOFED and fully and repeatedly tested by vintage synth specialists with decades of experience (us). This process required 31 hours of skilled labor. The result is an ARP 2601 that is much better than the rest.

This unit is working perfect, is ready to play, and will hopefully outlast all others.

In addition to any repairs, we did the following work to this unit:

-Fully disassembled, cleaned inside and out.
-Power supply rebuilt: new capacitors and trimpots.
-All tantalum capacitors replaced (these are a common source of failure in ARPs).
-ARP typically installed rubber gromets in between the reverb tank and wooden enclosure of their 2600s. For some reason, there were no gromets installed in this unit, so we installed new ones.
-All sliders and switches cleaned and lubricated.
-Molex connector terminals replaced for better connection.
-Keyboard fully rebuilt: removed and cleaned all keys, cleaned J-wires, removed and cleaned bus bars, replaced rubber bushings.
-Replaced Cinch-Jones keyboard connector socket.
-Replaced some metal hardware (screws, jack nut, etc).
-Burn in test.
-Multiple systematic tests of all functions.

Earlier revisions of the 2600 are notorious for having their modules sealed in black epoxy. This late version 2601's circuits are all open, so if a component ever goes bad, repair should be easy..."

Black & Gold Elta Music Pll 4046 Analog Harmonic Synthesizer SN 124

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Dennis Kayzer

Only other one featured on the site was also an auction listing, but for a white one back in 2017. Found one video above.

via this auction

Weirdest description ever: "Lock-In Shinjuku Digital Effector Building 2Nd Floor Products A Flashy Look Attracts Attention Little Anxious About Whether You Can Really Step On It Hot Item That Make Synth Fuzz Sound R ETRO Game Laser Quite Bit Monophonic Analog Harmonic Synthesizer Effect Using Cmos Phase-Locked Loop Pll Ic Cd4046 Multiplier Is The Main Voice Divider Adjust Sub-Harmonic And Individually Mix Out So Be Produced Wide Point Drone Connections In Guitar Bass Connects Other Instruments Outs Cv Lfo Sequencer 0 5V Mod Connect Optional Pedal Or Expression Input Are For Controlling Internal Vco Use Standard 9V Center Minus Inner Diameter 2 1M Adapter Power Consumption 30Ma Elta Music An Converts Signal Into Square Wave Multiplexes Divides Frequency Of Generate Overtones Undertones From Original Pitch Giving Extreme Tone Strength Simultaneously. Multiple Split Chord- Effects Tracking Adjusted According Track Control 4046 Features Phase Locked Division Multiplication Chord Performance Type Mode Mult With Foot Switch Iplier Used All At Time Made Moscow This Product Store Please Contact Tel 03 5363 7595 Forgive Small Scratches Feeling Specialties Precision Equipment Amplifier Etc. We Will Guide Current Operating Situation Regular Imports Listed Accept Adjustments After Purchase Repair Accepted Except Initial Failure Paid Items Basically Reflected Image Included Judge Things Done Retained Timing Update May Delayed Acknowledge When Sold"

Oberheim DS-2A Digital Sequencer for Analog Synthesizers

via this auction

"Extremely rare Oberheim DS-2A digital sequencer - this was the very first digital sequencer, back in 1974.

The unit powers up, all the buttons and knobs work as intended, and it plays back the sequence that is currently recorded in it, but I am unable to confirm that it is otherwise fully functional, re: recording sequences, so it is sold AS IS, no returns."

Yamaha CS-50 Analog Synthesizer Fully Refurbished

via this auction

"This was recently picked up from being fully serviced and restored at Three Wave Music in Northern NJ. Everything on it is fully functional and the tone is absolutely amazing. The full panel works, all keys sound beautifully and the aftertouch works great. It comes with its case lid to protect its keyboard and panel during movement/shipping."


via this auction

"Monophonic synthesizer Altair 231 (Estradin factory, Zhitomir city) is intended to play different sounds from the imitation of natural instruments to complicated synthesized electronic timbres, sound effects, percussion sounds & so on. There are a four-octave keyboard & a wheel to pitch control. There are also controls for parameters on the front panel, an output for phones, an input for a pedal. The instrument consists of four main blocks of sound synthesis - Generator, Mixer, Filter and Contour.

Synthesis is based on 3 master oscillators (each of them with different parameters of registers) waveform, frequency modulation. There is also a generator of white & pink noise. Low-pass filter with main parameters gives the possibility for keyboard tracking. Portamento adjustment knob is provided. To tune a pitch the tone signal is used (440Hz) It provides a linear input to connect an external sound source to Altair. Output and input sockets are 1/4" jacks"


Composing music for my new album using Roland XV5080 from Roland Cloud, Prophet 5 and Moog Model D

Published on Dec 15, 2019 PawelBlaszczak_Composer

Mini studio tour.

"I composing music for my new album which will be released in 2020. I used newest XV5080 vst plugin just released on Roland Cloud. Also Minimoog model D for bass and Prophet 5 for synth piano."


Published on Jan 18, 2019 Waveformer


1. Monolimp (Monologue, Volca FM, Novation Circuit)
A limping synth jam featuring the Korg Monologue, Volca FM, Novation Circuit and Zoom MS70-CDR.

The Novation Circuit is the master clock, with tempo 90 BPM. The Monologue and the Volca follow suit, but the delays on the MS-70CDRs have tempo set to 75 and 77 BPM, resulting in a limping 5/8-ish time signature.
2. Eclipse (Monologue, Volca FM, Novation Circuit, EHX720, MS-70CDR)
Total eclipse of the moon over Norway tonight. A mellow jam featuring the Korg Monologue, Volca FM, Novation Circuit, EHX720 Looper and Zoom MS70-CDR.

The chords were played into the EHX720 looper note by note from the Monologue. The Circuit is doing arp, base and drums. The Volca FM is doing a simple repeating pattern. And the Monologue is used for the solo.

Impression #1 // 0-Coast

Published on Dec 15, 2019 Stefano Mattia

"Here is a song I composed on my flight back to Amsterdam last Friday. I made a few sequences with StepPolyArp on my iPad, then, back at home, I transferred them to Logic, hooked my 0-Coast up, and looked for a few interesting patches to fill the parts.

I like how the whole thing almost sounds like an acoustic ensemble.

Hope you like it!"

Acoustically it reminds me of a clarinet.

Drum'N'Bass with Roland SH01a / Volca Bass / Volca Sample / Mini KP2s

Published on Dec 15, 2019 Tiny RobotZ

174pm Drum'N'Bass
- Roland SH01a
- Volca Bass
- Volca Sample
- Mini KP2s

Custom JMT UNVO-1 (Drone)

Published on Dec 15, 2019 Kris Lennox

"- EDIT TO ADD - I just heard that Gershon Kingsley passed away. Sad to hear; I spoke to Gershon a number of times last year in relation to his piano music (Gershon improvised at piano, so no scores existed; I was transcriber for his works). The transcription project remained unfinished/my contact was with Gershon directly, so if Gershon's publishers happen across this and are looking to speak RE his scores, they can drop me a line via my email ( I've posted one of his score samples here for verification -

In any instance, all best to his family.

To the video at hand:

A short while back I was working on quite a large-scale/major project that required copious quantities of noise; possibly the finest noise synth presently on the market (with the most diverse range of noise-based sounds) is the JMT UNVO-1. I contacted Tetsuji and asked him if he'd build me a custom/modified model, which is what you are seeing here.

Great instrument. Very powerful oscillators. I'll upload some videos demonstrating the 'noise' side of the UNVO-1 (in context with other instruments etc), but the included is possibly more accessible as a first listen/introduction to the instrument.

Tetsuji's instruments are quite impeccable - and his attention to detail is on another level. Granted, the uses of an instrument such as this are relatively limited, but if you're working on a noise-based sound design project, it is a no-brainer.

I asked Tetsuji to build the case in olive drab, as when used as a noise synth, it is distinctly reminiscent of an old military radio (pure noise through to squelch sounds etc). Tetsuji agreed that the aesthetic works well for the synth.

I also suggested he take some photos from during the build phase: he sent a few through, and I also have a selection of the innards that I took when the synth arrived. Once I have it ready, I'll upload a small article/include a link. In the meantime, here's a link to Tetsuji's website where you can see my custom order -

I picked up a few instruments for the project; some off-the-shelf, others custom-built. In the new year I'll probably add a few here on YT.


JMT UNVO-1 posts

Haidinger's Brush

Published on Dec 15, 2019 MrSharps02

"late night synthesizers in my pjs. started as an exercise in nice consonant chord structures that i somehow ended up making half time but at a zany bpm, so thats why the lights on the elektron machines are going nuts.

eurorack isnt doing much, just doubling a couple sequences here and there with some additional stuff. octatrack is sequencing everything and providing drums and effect splashes. digitone is keys and some odd noises in the middle. analog four is pads and bass."

Patch n Tweak

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