MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Elektron​ Digitone meets Novation​ Launchpad Pro MK3 hardware sequencer, note and chord modes

Published on Feb 16, 2020 Mark Mosher

"Continuing to explore Launchpad Pro MK3. Used the hardware sequencer to create a sequences with probability and mutation. Recorded this into Digitone. Then used the LP to play notes live with Notes mode. Aftertrouch routed to filter and resonance."

Sonic Recipe #1 - Sci Fi - The Monolith

Published on Feb 16, 2020 SynthMania

"New Series! In this new series, we create "sonic recipes", with 'sonic ingredients' to make specific songs, genres, or themes. At the end of each Sonic Recipe, there will be a mini-movie showcasing the music created."

Pink Noystoise NT-04 drone/sequence synth

via this auction

You can find a demo of the Noystoise NT04 here.

"This NT-04 is one of ten handmade drone/sequence synths made by Noystoise in 2018. It has two oscillators, a low pass filter, simple decay envelope, and an eight step sequencer that can be sync'd with external devices such as a Korg SQ-1 or Eurorack modules.

It's a fun, weird, and sometimes downright squirrly little noise maker and to be honest I hate to part with it, but sometimes bills have to be paid.

This particular NT-04 is in excellent condition, never used outside the studio, and pretty much as close to brand new as a used item can get. That said, there is one issue that has been there since I received it, and that is that the yellow JOY button next to the pitch knob has a tendency to stick in the on position when released, but a light snap of the button when pressing and it will disengage it. This appears to be a quirk of the construction as it rubs slightly against the front panel when pressed. I mostly leave it in the on position anyway as the joystick only changes the pitch when one of the sequencer keys is touched at the same time.

Sequential Circuits Pro One J-Wire w/ Moog Knobs

via this auction

Synthi 100 Workshops at AntennA festival (Belgium) 21+22/2/2020

This one is in via Tom Coppens.

"Next weekend the Synthi 100 from the Ghent IPEM labo will be on display during workshops at the AntennA festival in Evergem (Belgium). The festival will open with a tribute concert to Belgian Electronic Music Pioneer Andre Stordeur by his former students. Even more electronic music concerts by 99.9 (the new project from Front 242's Daniel B), Poltrock and many more. All info at"

gstormelecto XaVCF Oberheim OB-Xa Eurorack Filter Module

gstormelecto XaVCF Test Filter Circuit [Audio Only Demo]

Published on Feb 16, 2020 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2020

I've been getting requests for demos of my upcoming XaVCF module.
It will be a eurorack adaptation of the OB-Xa filter.
More info at
You know this sound from Rush Tom Sawyer and Van Halen's album 1984.
While we're all eagerly awaiting the module prototype I thought
I would share a brief sampling from a mini-lab test circuit.
A more thorough overview of the module will happen when it gets built.
So be on the lookout for that one in the near future.

The XaVCF will sound pretty far out.
We're talking about full on intergalactic blast off here.
Headphones recommended. BUT!...
Watch your levels, thick resonant sweeps ahead!
Prepare for ignition...

0:00 Classic 2-Pole resonant drop sweep
0:16 4-Pole Resonant Riser
0:41 2-Pole pure self-oscillation sweep w/ tracking
0:56 ...add both VCOs back in, slow sweep through sweet spots
1:40 2-Pole pure self-oscillation musical sequence
2:05 1-Pole Bandpass LFO modulated

VCOs: 101-VCF, Pittsburgh Synthesizer Box
LFO: Batumi
Delay: Timefactor
Sequencing/Control: Beatstep Pro
No mastering, no eq, nor additional post-effects added."

"The XaVCF is a faithful adaptation of the OB-Xa filter in Eurorack with added features.

As with the original, the XaVCF has two filter circuits to choose from! The heart of both designs having each its own Alfa reissue AS3320 chip. The XaVCF has the original Modes: a 4-Pole standard Lowpass circuit, and a 2-Pole Lowpass derived from a State-Variable circuit. Additionally there are 1-Pole Bandpass and Lowpass modes not available on the original!

Both filter circuits on the XaVCF not only have musical self-oscillating resonance w/ CV control, but the frequency cutoff can be tracked V/Oct using the CV2 input jack. In this way the XaVCF can be used as a sine wave oscillator. Unlike some older classic filter designs, the XaVCF retains a lot of low end at higher resonance.

The XaVCF is drenched in that fat and creamy wall of sound you’ll not soon forget. Are you ready for the Xa experience?

* Two selectable filter circuit configuration Types: Type I-SVF 2-Pole Lowpass, and Type II 4-Pole Lowpass.
* Additional Modes: Type I 1-Pole Bandpass, Type II 1-Pole Lowpass
* Two voltage controlled input jacks for Frequency CUTOFF w/ signal attenuators. CV1 is an extended range input capable of providing some boost to weaker control signals. The CV2 input will track V/Oct when its pot is fully CW.
* A voltage controlled input jack for RESONANCE w/ a signal attenuator CV3.
* Two audio signal input jacks w/ individual attenuators. Above midpoint, these inputs can overdrive the filter from most Eurorack oscillators and audio sources. This is especially useful in Bandpass Mode to compensate its weaker audio output signal.

Available late February 2020
Be sure to check out my other cool modules in my Reverb Store"

CUSTOM ROLAND MJX-70 with Blue Keys and Custom Graphics

via this auction

Update: you can see it featured in a video posted here.

"This synth is a serviced, repaired, customized JX8P.
It is in decent working order now.
Decent used condition - See photos
Photos are of the actual synth you will receive!
It originally was in very ugly cosmetic shape and used to be a 220v version. It is now 110-120v (US standard)
The internal power supply has been serviced and setup to operate on 110-120v (Unites States standard) and is a factory Roland power supply for US use.
The synth has new custom wrap with new graphics made to match with Roland's look/theme used from around 1986 thru the 1990's.
This will also match the graphics of the Retroakiv MPG70 Controller which, if you have one, can also be used with this synth.
The synth was missing 17 keys when I got it, all have been replaced and tested with brand new BLUE 3d printed keys.
The black keys are factory originals.
The 1/4 audio jacks on the back are brand new gold replacements and they all work but as in most JX8P's they don't fit right, this is
a problem I have seen in every JX8p I have encountered. My patch cords (cheap rubber hose type) plug in fine and work, but other patch cords might give you a little trouble.
The 2 pin Roland power jack on the back has been upgraded to the industry standard 3 pin IEC type, no more
hunting around for the 2 pin Roland power cord! This gives it a proper ground connection too by just simply plugging it in!

I have owned this one for 10 years now, I am selling it because I rarely use it and to raise money to add other gear to my studio..."

Sequential Circuits Prophet T8

via this auction

Rare EMS Polysynthi in the background.

Osage Vector Synthesizer #1

via this auction

You can find a demo of one posted here.

RSF Kobol Expander II Analog Synth SN 13391

via this auction

"Legendary monosynth much sought after admired for its bass sounds and percussive tones...a real masterpiece by Ruben and Serge Fernandez. Described as the French Minimoog this is something to rival the more common sounds offering much more variety. There have been fewer than 200 hand made from '79 and this particular one is in superb condition. Kept in a smoke free studio its entire life anyone looking for something collectable and mint will appreciate this for years to come."

Ludwig Phase II Guitar Synthesizer With Original Brochure

via this auction

"Ludwig Phase II Guitar Synthesizer vintage excellent condition even the rubber feet. There are a few scratches. There is a dent at the bottom back corner as seen in photo. Please view all 12 photos. I also have the original (not a copy) sales brochure from 1970. I am the original owner. It has never been opened or modified. I lost the original handle and had the one you see in the photos made. I don't think I played more than 10 times since I bought it in 1970. Everything works including all the lights. This is one of the rarest fx pedals. Supposedly only 150 were made."

ARP Omni-2 SN 1144

via this auction

"This is an ARP Omni 2, Model 2473, completely refurbished to full functionality by Synthcave Sound. The restoration consisted of 40+ hours of work:

- All 15 sliders were replaced with brand-new, modern, LED-illuminated sliders; these are super-smooth and look fantastic!

- All tantalum and electrolytic capacitors in the power supply have been replaced with new high-voltage electrolytic capacitors - additionally, the recommended power-supply mod as described in ARP's field change notice FCN0011 (addition of a pair of capacitors and a pair of zener diodes) has been performed

- New key bushings on all keys, bussbar cleaned, and the keybed leveled; all keys were individually cleaned and polished

- All pushbutton contacts were cleaned

- All tantalum capacitors throughout the synth have been replaced with new electrolytics

- The 4075 VCF module has been modded for improved cutoff range

- Full calibration according to the service manual."

Rare Synare 3 Drum Synth Clone by

via this auction

"Rare Synare 3 'UFO' Drum Synth Clone by in lurid kelly green, a faithful recreation with super solid construction made in the Czech Republic. As used by Joy Division on She's Lost Control and Ultravox on Vienna, also commonly used in dub soundsystems.

Two tunable oscillators and a lowpass filter, capable of self resonance, one oscillator switchable to be a noise generator, one oscillator can be set to modulate the filter frequency for wild metallic FM sounds with high resonance settings. Can be triggered by hitting the pad with a drumstick or sending a trigger sound, with velocity (just send quieter or louder clicks), into the trigger input for more precise timing.

The foam drum pad is slightly dinged in places but everything works as new. Have fitted three foam feet to the base for more stable tabletop use."

E-MU MP-7 Command Station

via this auction

"Near mint condition MP-7 with original sound rom, the pads, lights, knobs, encoders, buttons all working great, LCD is bright and clear. Has USB port. Sound is great. Old school beats and all the synthesis to produce music. Comes with road case and original plastic sides. Rpad case is used with some lightscratches on the side but the case hardware is in great shape."

Vector Sequencer Review FINAL

Published on Feb 16, 2020 loopop

0:00 Intro
0:45 Overview
2:00 Inputs and outputs
3:00 The basic workflow
5:05 Sequencing
8:00 Lane types
11:40 Sequence controls
13:40 Chord parts
15:25 Drum parts
16:40 Chance ops
18:50 Sequence ops
23:00 Sub sequencers
27:15 CV mods
28:20 Playlists
29:25 Dashboard
30:00 Pros & cons

KORG iM1 - Let’s Explore Some The Amazing Sounds - Brilliant For Soundtracks - iPad Live

Published on Feb 16, 2020 The Sound Test Room

Please help support thesoundtestroom by becoming a Patreon for as little as $1 a month.
You will also have access to exclusive Patreon only content and videos.

Which Instrument is Which Sound? -- Acid Edition

Published on Feb 16, 2020 Dr. Wiener

Tears in the Rain - Felt Instruments, Morphagene, Mimeophon, Magneto, Arbhar, Microcell, Flute

Published on Feb 16, 2020 Omri Cohen

"This piece is dedicated to my late father.

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

Here are the beautiful Felt Instruments -
You can find the WAV file fo this piece on my Patreon page -

Here are some patch notes:
- I've recorded Lekko and Janso from Felt Instruments into the Morphagene, Arbhar, Microcell, Mimeophon, and Magneto.
- The Morphagene is playing the recording back at half speed.
- Arbhar has pitch modulation on the playback so it plays it in jumps of octaves.
- Magneto is on Looper mode but also set to Shift mode so there's a change in pitch as well.
- Mimeophon is also looping the recording, but I mangled it a bit so there are hiccups in the sound every now and then.
- Microcell is set to Granular mode and I have the Noise Tools module modulating its position.
- I'm sending the flute first to LedRover from VoicAS for some extra warmth and crunch.
- The picture is of me with my father, and we used to drink Campari a lot together so that's this red liquid in the glasses."

Easel Extremes

Published on Feb 15, 2020 Todd Barton

"I'm always amazed at the endless potential patching arrays Don Buchla left us with! Just a few cables/bars and sliders transforms a sine wave into this!
Big "Thanks" to my patrons at"

TechDiff - aaeeiinrSsv (Live Modular Jam)

Published on Feb 16, 2020 Dave TechDiff

Something I recorded when the weather was nice.

Dual Sequencer Noodle

Published on Feb 16, 2020 DoveAudio

"Just got the external clock and start/stop working on MuSeq, so I had a play and came up with this.
The MuSeq is driving the bass sound, the arp is from the Q119 being clocked by the MuSeq.
#DoveAudio #Modular #Synth #Sequencer"


via this auction

"Tested and working good! I acquired this synth many years ago, it was in working condition but had issues that are now fixed + customized! When I got it, it had a bad voice, the end cheeks were chipped, cracked and ugly, and there was a small amount of rust at the very edges of the control panel. The ENTIRE voice board has been replaced with a BRAND NEW ONE! (NOS directly from Kawai US)! The end cheeks have been replaced with REAL WALNUT end cheeks! (So much nicer!) All they keys have been replaced with Gold and Silver 3D printed keys, buttons too! Even has a custom RED memory write button! The Silver vs Gold keys denote where the "split" is when you pay in split mode. This makes it easy to see the split while playing in split mode, even under live stage lighting conditions thus minimizing the mistake of playing a bad note by playing past the split point!"

Yamaha CS-30 Analogue Mono Synth Modular SN 3920

via this auction

"The Yamaha CS-30 is one of the most flexible analogue monosynths ever made.

Featuring elaborate routing and modulation capabilities, alongside multiple envelopes and a built-in step sequencer, this is a sound designers dream.

My CS-30 has a built in mod to clock the internal sequencer from an external source.Simply plug into the external input at the back of the synth and turn up the trigger and signal dials on the front of the synth.

The CS-30 is almost modular in sound.I would go as far as saying its modular with switches.

This particular example is in very good condition for it's age, and is fully working."

Oberheim OB-12 Z-Domain Synthesizer

via this auction

YAMAHA AN1x Analog Physical Modeling Synthesizer

via this auction

Kind of interesting side note is the AN1X was branded as an Analog Physical Modeling Synthesizer. You can see it on the top right. However, it did not feature physical modeling as the KORG Z1, Prophecy, Technics WSA1, and Yamaha's own VL synths. Back when physical modeling and virtual analog synths were new they were often referred to either physical or analog modeling synths. Somehow Yamaha mixed the two in the AN1X.

As for the oscilator modelling on the AN1X it featured 2 oscillators per voice: square/ sawtooth/ pulse width/ ring modulation/ noise/ FM/ variable wave-shapes (Edge - sine/triangle)/ Saw2/ Inner1-3/ slave(sub) osc on osc1

You'll notice the lack of any modeling of real world instruments - brass, bowed strings, plucked strings, etc... It is a great sounding synth and offers a bit more in the oscillator section than many other virtual analog synths.

Waldorf Microwave XT Rare 30 Voice SN 010727992 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Oberheim OB-XA SN 820505

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

"Oberheim OB-Xa in excellent physical condition:

- Latest firmware revision "G" installed and original factory patches uploaded.
- Powers on and fully functional
- All 8 voice boards were recapped with new electrolytics a few years ago.
- Instrument powers on and autotunes voice boards.
- Voice cards recalibrated by Synth Chaser
- Power Supply Capacitor Rebuilt from Synthchaser Kit
- Magnetic RAM upgrade from Electrongate
- Keys manually cleaned (As seen in photo) also serviced by Muckelroy
- New key bushings were also installed a few years ago. Keys are nice and soft when depressed, not clunky.
- Includes StarDust Synth Cover (Originally shipped from Italy)
- No MIDI installed.
- Stored in a climate controlled (air-conditioned) environment.
- Comes with hard case (shown in photos)."

Moog One and Buchla Live Playing

Published on Feb 16, 2020 therudyrude

"The DAO (dual Braids) is doing the bass controlled by the 223/222e and 2TT triggers the 281e for timbre modulations.The 2H9 is on the bass.The top row of the 222e controls Elements in ZDSP Valhalla Room. I play a home made preset On the MOog One called Tomita up 2."

Best Ambient Synth Shootout #80: Roland D-05 - Song 1

Published on Feb 16, 2020 Christian's Sonic Spaces

Roland D-05 on eBay | on Reverb | on Amazon

"This is the first song with the Roland D-05 Synth. It's a remake of the famous D-50 first released in 1987, a digital synth using the so called ‘Linear Arithmetic’ (LA) synthesis.

I used for the recording the following FX chain:
D-05 - Alesis Ampliton - Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe - GFI System Specular Reverb 2. Depending on the recorded track some FX are deactivated

The signal went through a Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 into the PCfor recording. To create the complete song I recorded consecutively several stereo tracks. The final song was then mastered with a bit EQ and compression on some tracks and some limiting on the master track.

Well, I decided to go back to the basics, but at the same time make something useful for the synth community and do a kind of competition (I like competitions;-). What's my best synth for ambient music :-)"


Published on Feb 16, 2020 JOSEF KLANG


ANTONUS ARP 2600 clone


Patch n Tweak

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