MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday, February 23, 2020

CMS 2607 Demo - Beat Patch

Uploaded on Dec 31, 2016 precarious333

Similar to this 2600 piece. The video above is from 2016. You can find CMS 2607 posts including recent demos from CMS / Phil Cirroco here.

"Patch is 2607 only. No external input or CV.
Kick is the filter self-oscillating with VCO 3 saw wave modulated by the ADSR mixed in.

Snare/HH thing is noise through the Ring Mod in VCA mode.
ADSR is triggering both sounds, which are fed into the two inputs of the switch with the main clock switching between them. Both are playing every beat but because of the switch you only hear every other hit.

Base is VCO 1 saw wave modulated by the same ADSR, so falling on both the up and down beat. Patched through the lag processor (fourth horizontal slider) which works as a low pass filter on audio.

Tinkly sound is VCO 3 sine wave frequency modulated by VCO 1 with Sample/Hold supplying random pitched notes. Then run through processor two (third horizontal slider) which I manually switch between normal and the Post Filter Distortion circuit from the ARP Centaur.

Processor section one (top 2 horizontal sliders) is being used to mix the base and tinkly sounds to send to the VCA section where both envelopes work to shape the volume through both linear and exponential inputs.

Output of switch and VCA routed to the final mix stage with spring reverb into the unity gain input. This works great since reverb has it's own gain control at source.

Recorded as a mono track into Ableton Live 8. Compression used to keep things in check."

Multi Track Audio Recording - DAWluge Pt. 4 // Synthstrom Deluge Tutorial

Part 4 added here.

Magellan Synthesizer 2 - Pro Analog Modeling Synth

Published on Feb 23, 2020 YonacSoftware

"Available now:

A classic is reborn! With its introduction nearly a decade ago, Magellan pushed the boundaries of iOS technology and quickly took its place among the platform’s most popular synths. Continuing this pedigree, Yonac’s flagship Magellan Synthesizer 2 is a new alchemy of pristine sounds, innovative features, and devotion to user friendliness — all the same preserving the wicked soul of the original.

Cutting-edge synthesis technology, punchier tones, warmer filters, greater modulation options, AUv3, MPE, brand-new presets: these are just a few of Magellan’s features for a whole new era."

Follow-up to Magellan Synthesizer 2: The Adventure Continues...

THE iNEViTABLE by itijik | Pro Club 0220

Published on Feb 23, 2020 itijik

"Dark vibes, texture, big sound...a little creepy. Can't help but have these dark pieces come out. I'm working with both Fvrewell and Ypsi Kid on two separate dark projects. Different ideas, but I think some of the vibe crosses over. If either of you are feeling these more than the private ones I sent you, let's run with it.

The club get's the "MASTER'D" version with my idea of how to shape the sound. If you're a club member, I'll get you the raw audio if you think you'll use it for something.


Synthimuse SN 00016

via this auction

"The original idea for the SynthiMuse was to design a ‘Sample/Hold’ module for analog synthesizers.

This module is traditionally used to generate truly random notes that have no connection to musical scales.

We decided from the start that it had to be based on a genuine noise source and it was also necessary was to have the ability to play random notes in musical scales.

As well as this, must have a traditional analog control panel.
No LCDs.
No Menus.
No encoder wheels

Rather than have it generate just voltages for an analog synth, we realised that if was implemented it using a microcontroller, it could become a product with a wider appeal outside of the analog synthesizer domain.
We decided to make it able to generate MIDI data that could drive modern synths and Music Workstations.

The design has been evolutionary. We considered everything that the basic note generation could be extended to do and we implememented as much functionality while adhering to the feel and accessibility of an analog control panel.

From these efforts, the final design started to take shape and the scope of it widened to become the SynthiMuse that we have now."

See the Synthimuse label below for previous posts including some demos.

360 Systems Digital Keyboard SN A-198

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"Rare model

Loaded with 13 sounds and room to add two more.

Piano board installed.

Some switches feel iffy, but still work.

Sounds loaded:
Mellotron flutes
Funk bass
And four others I am not sure how to describe."

Kawai K5000s Additive Synth

via this auction

"Home studio use only fitted with memory expansion.
button 4 is cracked but fixed and working fine. Backlight has been replaced with new."

Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter with MPG-80 Programmer SN 552958

via this auction

"It cost $1500 to make it like new.
Please check pics of invoice to appreciate all the work done.
You can not find one in a better shape."

Roland Jupiter-X: JX-8P sounds *No Talking*

Published on Feb 23, 2020 MR TUNA Music

Roland Jupiter-X on eBay | on Reverb | on Amazon

"Checking out some of the sounds on the JX-8P engine as a part of the new Roland Jupiter-X. This is only a small sample of the patches that are included."

Midimini V30: Monosynth/Polysynth

Published on Feb 23, 2020 StudioElectronics

"Greg St. Regis suggested I abandon my long form addiction, and parse out more digestible bits, and so I have. An added benefit: I have cherry-picked elements which don’t actually talk to each other in the normal course of business—in Part 4 (see below).

Part 1: Paraphonic, DAW multitracked chords, and single zone sample stretches—why do they sound so good in DP10’s Nanosampler?—are the focus here… well there is a slush/smush of everything actually (Including analog percussion & FX), although in Part 2 the emphasis will be on the bass and the wicked lines we make.

OK, we’ve covered Part 2.

Part 3: Iso leads and their deliciousness.

Part 4, you ask? My long form habit—the complete piece—which is decidedly more concise than usual.

Sometimes it’s hard to wrap my mind around how outstanding this V30 sounds. The gain staging: Oscillator levels, AMP DRIVE, FEEDBACK, Feedback Gain (FBK GAIN), and the final OUT stage, make for a vast and yet intimate micro-climate of tone, warmth and dirty, usually reserved for guitar players and their axes, amps, and pedals (lovers too). Slide on over instruments with necks; the Midimini V30 has its eyes on your prize.

And the patch points which can go #OutsToOuts keep it pushing and pulsing well beyond the call of duty.

MSR 2.22.20"

REV2 DEGRADER™ Generative Sound Design Software for the Sequential Prophet REV2

via Audio Cookbook

"REV2 Degrader™ is a generative sound design tool for the Sequential Prophet REV2 polyphonic analog synthesizer. The application is designed to algorithmically morph parameters on the instrument in realtime. Keep playing or record the results as up to one-hundred-twenty-one parameters on the REV2 are changing all at once!

Use REV2 Degrader™ to create anything from chaotic rapidly changing textures to slow evolving drones. REV2 Degrader breathes new life into the Prophet REV2 allowing you to explore vast unique soundscapes illustrating how powerful and diverse the possibilities of the REV2 really are. This tool is designed to help you uncover new territory hidden within the sonic depths of your instrument.

REV2 Degrader™ is currently in beta testing and will be released in early March, 2020. It is currently only available for Mac OS, but a Windows version is planned. If you would like to pre-order REV2 Degrader™ for USD $39.99 please use the PayPal link below. The purchase price guarantees access to all future upgrades of REV2 Degrader™ and will help support the development of more software and patchbanks for the REV2 and other instruments."

Pad Sequential OB6

Published on Feb 23, 2020 Arnaud Music.

Sequential OB-6
No effect extern

Tempest Jam

Published on Feb 23, 2020 Nuclear Whale

"Sunday afternoon Dave Smith instruments Tempest jam.
Processed through Strymon Big Sky and El Cccapistan
Find more here:
and here:"

Novation Peak & TC Electronic Arena

Published on Feb 23, 2020 3rdStoreyChemist

reSEMble 2 VCO

Published on Feb 23, 2020 Randy Piscione

"Demo of a partially-built reSEMble panel. Some live noodling and knob turning. Not sure I can still concentrate on two things at once (playing and turning knobs). I have left out the 3rd VCO and the Shaper (ring mod and folder). You can choose to build it like this, at least to start, and save some time and some money. The bass was recorded earlier, using the lower row of modules, which are the separate versions of those behind reSEMble."

Randy Piscione reSEMble posts

Lorax - Eurorack, MicroFreak, Neutron, VCV Rack, O Coast

Published on Feb 23, 2020 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

You can get the WAV file and stems on my Patreon page -
And also the VCV Rack patch file - Extra Patch - Lorax

Here are some patch notes:
- The Morphagene is playing a sample of a field recording I got from a friend.
- I have a sort of a pad sound built on the MicroFreak, and it's going through LedRover for some crunch and it goes also into VCV Rack for some reverb and delay.
- I've recorded a piano from Felt Instruments into the Magneto in looper mode.
- I also have a recording of my flute on Arbhar, and I'm using its built-in reverb.
- In VCV Rack, I have some drums programmed, and they go through ReduXer and Microcell in Beat Repeat mode for some glitchy sounds.
- The O Coast is being sequenced by the Keystep, and it's going through the Mimeophon.
- The Neutron is sending 2 waves to Freak from Vult, and from there is goes to some delay and reverb. It's being sequenced from within VCV Rack also.
- The Keystep is set to Kbd Play so I can play another voice in VCV Rack on a different Midi channel.
- There's also a kick drum coming from VCV Rack.
- I'm also sending the clock from VCV Rack and splitting it to clock the Keystep, clock the O Coast, and clock the Mimeophon. "

Moog Taurus bass pedal (1976) The deep bass sound of RUSH part3

Published on Feb 23, 2020 RetroSound

"(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

Now Rush and the MOOG TAURUS bass pedals

Marillion, U2 , The Police coming soon.

Moog Taurus analog bass synthesizer pedals from the year 1976
3 presets: Taurus, Bass, Tuba
1 variable and full programmed sound

Used by Genesis, Rush, Asia, Genesis, Police, The Cure, Marillion, Saga, Dream Theater, Pink Floy, Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, Jean Michel Jarre and more

The Taurus 1 use linear VCOs. The Minimoog and the later Taurus 2 and 3 use exponential VCOs. Linear VCOs are the secret for the stable bass sound of the Taurus 1.

more pictures:

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my music albums. Thank you!


RetroSound home:"

Part 2 here
RetroSound Moog Taurus posts

Vermona '14/Hildegard von Bingen: "O Quam Mirabilis Est"

Published on Feb 23, 2020 Kris Lennox

"Hildegard's wonderful 'O Quam Mirabilis Est', here performed on the Vermona '14. A while back I filmed the recording of this work, but the visual was, I felt, a distraction from the music. Hands-only and/or just an image, I feel, works better.

All Gregorian Chant works I've posted I've also scored. Medieval notation is very different from standard notation, and has to be studied as an independent subject. My plan is to release the sheet music in standard notation once the volume of works posted reaches an adequate number.


Akai U40 Phrase Sampler w/ Original Japanese Manual

via this auction

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

You can find a video of one here.


via this auction

"Legendary expander much sought after created by the Fernandez brothers Ruben and Serge. There have been fewer than 800 hand made from '79 and this particular one is in superb condition. Kept in a smoke free studio its entire life anyone looking for something collectable and mint will appreciate this for years to come. Superb for electronic music and amazing for rip roaring bass sounds...the tone on these are immense!

The RSF Expander II rack mount modular synth was manufactured as a companion option module for the Kobol Expander I synthesizer. The 19" 3 U space unit features a Ring Modulator, Envelope, a VCA, an LFO, Mixer with 3 inputs and 1 output. Additionally it has a Sample & Hold module with internal or external clock, a Noise Generator, Voltage processor that is delectable Linear or Logarithmic, Voltage Inverter, Gate Delay, an Envelope Follower, Lag Generator, and finally 2 multiples."

Moog Polymoog Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

serial # 39XX

Cheetah MS6 analog synthesizer (demo track - audio only)

Published on Feb 14, 2010 Michal Patulski

"hi. this is just a quick demo i've made with my first programmed patches. everything except drums comes from Cheetah MS6. it's a great synth similar to Oberheim Matrix 1000 however more flexible thanks to 6 part multitimbral. i'll try to make some other demos to show you some more capabilities of this great and somewhat underrated babe. recorded on multitrack Roland VS-880 with some space echo emulation added plus my DIY spring reverb. then mastered on 1/4" tape Maxell UD. hope you'll enjoy it."

via this auction

Roland SH-1000 Synthesizer SN 457778

via this auction

"Roland SH-1000 Synthesizer - Vintage Analogue Synth - Pristine cosmetic condition

Comes complete with original Roland music rest lead and UK plug, and original Roland instruction manual.

This has been in my family sibnce purchased around 1976. It was bought by my parents to accompany their Hammond home organ. It was never used as they found it complicated and so they purchased another synth: a Roland SH2000 ( see my other auction) which saw limited use.

As a result this synth is effectively new as it has been stored ever since first in my parents house and latterly in my house. I believe this must be an almost unique item in this condition after all these years"

Roland SH-2000 Synthesizer SN 485293

via this auction

"Roland SH-2000 Synthesizer - Vintage Analogue Synth - Pristine cosmetic condition

Comes complete with original Roland music rest lead and UK plug, and original Roland instruction manual.

This has been in my family sibnce purchased around 1976. It was bought by my parents to accompany their Hammond home organ. It has been used in my parents house only and never gigged or used by anyone outside of the family. They purchased it to replace a Roland SH-1000 which they found too complicated ( see my other auction for the SH-1000)

As a result this synth is in excellent condition with only some minor marks and wear visible on the master volume markings (see photo).

it has effectively been mothballed in my parents house since around 1987 and more latterly in my house until now. I really have no use for either synth and feel sure someone will be able get some great sounds and enjoyment out of it hence the reluctant sale"

Oberheim OB-XA SN 813311

via this auction

"Lordy. MONSTER Original vintage oberheim OB-Xa, fully maxes out with 8 voices and MIDI, and freshly serviced and future-proofed. EVERY capacitor (yes, even the tantalums) replaced, every switch, pot, key and function serviced, cleaned, kissed with love, and working perfectly."

Bugbrand Audioweevil 08

via this auction

A Very Strange Modified Gibson Les Paul Synthesizer

Published on Feb 23, 2020 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"An old school #Modified #Lespaul #SYNTH
The Stems/Samples from this video are here, needless to say it proper helps! thanks very much Support :-"

Exploring the ARP 2600 - Part 1

Published on Feb 23, 2020 iamtheswordmaster1

"I happened to get my hands on the new ARP 2600 made by KORG, and this synth is quite an impressive beast. I created a small video series covering my first encounters and musical experiments with this beautifully sounding machine.

In part 1 of the series I'm trying to explore some of the highly musical sounds that this legendary analogue synthesizer is capable of. More experimental and crazy stuff will be covered in the next few parts of this video series."

Styloscape - Hauntology on Stylophone Gen X-1 - #StylophoneGenR8Comp

Published on Feb 23, 2020 ChrisLody

"I thought I'd have a cheeky second go at the StylophoneGenR8Comp that dubreq set up

So this is made entirely with the Gen X-1 with the exception of the radio plugged into it to make the noisy bass sound.

Animation by my Esme On Plum Island so I went for a vaguely Hauntology vibe this time"

Creating the Moog Vocoder in Ableton Live

Published on Feb 23, 2020 Rishabh Rajan

"Without using programming in Max for Live, I demonstrate how to create a crude representation of the Moog 16 Channel Vocoder using Ableton's devices. You will need Live Suite to do this as the Envelope Follower device which is critical to creating the vocoder is only included in Live Suite."

Modular Techno b0220

Published on Feb 23, 2020 Cave Way

#eurorack #modular #techno

Live Jam edited down to the better parts. Enjoy some B roll

Correction: Portland Synth + Modular Expo 2020 Set for Saturday March 7


Follow-up to this post which has been corrected. I accidentally had the year in the title although the flyer, description in the post, and RSVP site clearly stated the 7. Apologies for this and the previous one.

Correction: Ambient Waves 2020 Event Set for May


Follow-up to this post, which has been corrected.

Patch n Tweak

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