MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends

New late night jam from supporting member, thenoiztemple.

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends
- for more noiz:
Created during The Plague.

New Hi-Res Waldorf Iridium Pics

Two new pics in via Soviet Space Child. Click them for larger versions, or grab the originals here for even larger pics.

See this post for details on the Waldorf Iridium.

Roland V-Synth System-8 Beautiful CHAOS Juno-106 VA Synthesizer Rik Marston

Roland V-Synth & System-8 "Beautiful CHAOS"

Check out Rik’s sample packs: Reverb / Ahnyxian Sound Design / Rik Marston

Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn it UP!!*** ***No Talking!!!***

The Roland V-Synth & System-8 together in one!
The System-8 is MIDI master controlling the V-Synth.
When the System-8 is played, you are hearing BOTH
V-Synth & System-8 layered! Super cool & DEEP!
Roland System-8 Performance ARP controlling the V-Synth.
Random playing & timing is why it's called "Beautiful CHAOS".
Many more videos are being filmed & are on their way!

Meteorite friend featured:
"Athena" a high quality stone Meteorite from Morrocco!

ARP 2600 SN 0848

via this auction

"Beautiful Arp 2600 that has been in storage for a long, long time. It is intact-all slider caps are in place as you can see as well as all jacks and switches. There were some professional modifications done by the previous owner (switches/jacks at ADSR and switches on 3620 kybd, and a pot above the kybd CV in the filter section- see pics). I never took the time to determine what the mods did, but you can surmise. I turned it on about 2 months ago, and all three oscillators were working, however after literally sitting for years (it has been more than a decade), it's going to need a thorough going over by a specialist..."

Roland Sh-1000 Monophonic Synthesizer SN 182101

via this auction

"This is a beautiful Roland synthesizer. The first synthesizer roland made in Japan. It sounds wonderful. Everything seems to work good. All tabs and sounds work good..."

Groove: Multitimbral Drum & Bass plugin for prologue / minilogue xd / NTS-1


"Groove is a powerful multitimbral bass and drum machine for KORG prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1 by Sinevibes. With this revolutionary new plugin you can easily turn your synthesizer into a groove box!"

See this post for additional details.

Argon8 - Modal Electronics - Ambient patch examples

Daniel Davis

"A demonstration of some of the patches I've created from scratch and/or modified from pre-sets."

ARP 2500 Model 2002 Vintage Modular Synthesizer Cabinet Serviced by CMS

via this auction

"Used vintage ARP 2500 Model 2002 synthesizer cabinet.

Serial no. is 008

unit was serviced by Phil Cirocco at CMS several years ago, fitted with modern linear analogue power supplies

woodwork refinished

includes power module model 1002

currently configured to run at 220 volts

original split music keyboard available soon in a separate auction.

Very rare opportunity especially if you already have spare modules or wish to fit clone modules

will ship worldwide"

UVI Introduces Drone - Fully-featured Instrument and Sound Design Tool


"Drone - Texture and Atmosphere Designer

Drone is a fully-featured instrument and sound design tool delivering long evolving textures and atmospheres, from deep and powerful low-end ambiences to rich and shimmering environments.

Video Credits: Antoine Martin and Lucien Richardson"

via UVI

"Designed for composers, sound designers, and musicians, Drone is a creative instrument that delivers constantly evolving textures and atmospheres, from deep and powerful low-end ambiences to rich and shimmering environments.
Outfit a dual-layer sample synth with hundreds of included long-format samples, turn them into mesmerizing textures with the IRCAM Granular engine, add depth, grit, and detail with built-in effects like Swarm, Feedback Loop and Harmonics, and easily craft movement to taste with a customizable XY controller, and Chaos or LFO modulators. Drone is a fully-featured tool expressly designed to create rich and detailed sonic environments and sound effects with endless movement and variety.

At a high-level Drone is a multilayer sample/granular synth with unison, feedback loop, harmonic modulator, manual and automated parameter animation, professional-quality bus effects, a 32-step gate sequencer, true surround sound engine*, and native MPE integration, fueled by an exclusive library of long-format samples designed specifically for drone and soundscape creation.

Whether you're looking to quickly browse presets for inspiration or craft your own sound from concept, Drone's interface is structured to provide what you need when you need it..."

See for more.

0-CTRL: Exploration 01

C Nich0lls

"First exploration with the new 0-CTRL from Makenoise. Paired up with the 0-Coast and the combination of the 2 definitely makes for a fun sonic playground.

Using all 3 rows of the 0-CTRL with the pitch row being sent to v/oct input of the 0-Coast, the strength row to the overtone input and the dynamic gate to the gate input of the contour generator.

The interaction of the dynamic gate and contour generator is incredibly nuanced and responsive. There is also some subtle animation of the time row to coax a a little bit of groove out of the timing. Across the recording there is manual manipulation of the balance between triangle wave and the more complex square/waveshaped inputs, as well as some adjustment of contour parameters.

The recording is a single-take recorded through the Strymon TimeLine and BigSky FX. It takes advantage of the NonLinear algorithm of the BigSky which is a gated early reflection reverb. Reminds me of some of the FX you could get out of the venerable Yamaha SPX-90 back in the day, though much less grainy! The video is also a single take so that you can see the played interaction with the 0-CTRL.

Looking forward to exploring this new controller much more."

MAKEN0ISE Starting from Zer0 Series



1. Starting from Zer0: Oscillations
In this video we'll start from ZER0 to talk about what synthesizers are and how they work, using the oscillator and other circuits in the 0-Coast and 0-CTRL to demonstrate. You don't need to know ANYTHING about synthesis to understand this video, but even experienced synthesists might get something out of it!
2. Starting from Zer0: What is Patching?
In this video we'll go over the basic terminology of the interface of the 0-CTRL and 0-Coast.
3. Starting from Zer0: Dynamics!
"In the previous 'Starting from Zer0' videos we talked about oscillations and patching, and this time we’re going to talk about dynamics. Is this the most important concept in synthesis? No, all the important concepts are too inter-related for there to be one most important concept, but dynamics is maybe more easily overlooked in music and in synthesis than pitch or rhythm, while being at least as important to creating sounds and making music.

PULSAR 23 — an INTENSE drum machine!


"PULSAR-23. One of the most original drum machines I have ever used. Let's check it out! Sponsored by DistroKid. The best service for releasing your music on Spotify/iTunes and other stores. Use my link to get a 7% discount and support the channel:"

BoBeats links:
►Patches & samples
►Circuit Patches:

5 Electronic Genres, 1 Song (Novation Circuit Jam)

Gabe Miller Music

"A Novation Circuit jam that transitions between 5 different genres of electronic music (EDM / big room house, dubstep, trap, drum and bass, and lofi hip hop) in one song. Made using Tom Cosm and BoBeats' synth packs and my free drum pack."

SoundsDivine 'Floating Points' - Dmitry Sches Thorn Soundset


"This is a demo of the presets from the 'Floating Points' soundset for Dmitry Sches Thorn.
For more information, please follow the link below:

00:00 Intro
00:10 Amorphous Motion
00:51 Winter Melody
01:28 Morphing Vox
02:12 Groovy Mutations
02:54 Electron Wobble
03:43 Folding Waves
04:41 Particle Playground"

"This soundset makes full use of Thorn’s extensive modulation system and features a range of futuristic sounds including , deep dub grooves , morphing wavetable sounds , synth plucks , formant pads , crystal bells , dreamy arpeggiated sounds , space age pads , classic fm sounds and much more."

DSI Pro 2 & EHX Deluxe Memory Man


DIY analog synth project ( Ad-vantage 03M meets FX Pt 1 )

Adamski A.

"Was having a little tweak around today and, decided to record a short clip to share."

Waldorf Microwave XT Rack Synth SN 830726603

via this auction

Soulsby Atmegatron (Pete Fowler Edition) 2017 Pink

via this auction

"8-bit digital synth that can be programmed with several different synth engines... In addition to the synth there are overlays for each synth engine, which are easily uploaded to the synth via the included programming cable... You can switch between the engines as you choose on your own using the provided cable and your computer. (My favorites are the Atmegadrums and Odytron.)"

See the demo posted here.

Roland Jupiter XM

via this auction

"JUPITER-Xm combines classic Roland design and premium build quality with a powerful new synth engine. It faithfully recreates sought-after instruments from our long history of genre-defining sounds. And with multiple layers, loads of polyphony, and deep hands-on control, you can craft huge, spacious sounds that have as much sparkle as they have warmth and punch."

Mix kick drum with bass synth using L-1 VC Equalizer.

Aleksei Laman

"I dynamically cut two stripes from bass synth using VC EQ.
Two bands levels of the VC EQ are modulated from inverted envelope triggered from kick drum."

Captain Credible: All panels at Teknisk Museum

Captain Credible

"Cyber-virtual installation tour thingy:

This is a quick demo of all the wall mounted panels in the micro:bit orchestra at Norst Teknisk Museum. This video is mainly for the virtual installation thingy so you can click on them and see what they do, but if you really want you can watch it on youtube."

MAJOR Firmware Updates for Elektron's Digitakt & Digitone


"Get yourselves ready for some serious OS upgrade fun for the Digitakt and Digitones. And these really are a bunch of cracking features coming your way. Time to get elbow deep in Class Compliant USB Audio, Step Recording mode, Trig Probability, Trig Preview, increased sample control on the Digitakt, and additional Play Modes on the Digitone and Digitone Keys. Plus a number of bug fixes and much, much more."

Dave Mech

@1:51 Class Compliant USB
@2:31 Step Recording Mode(s)
@5:31 Jump Recording Mode
@6:47 Purge unused samples / sounds
@8:05 Probability
@10:36 New Voice Settings
@13:48 Live Record Sound Locks
@14:46 Lots and lots of additional improvements & bug fixes

"Finally back with another video after a three month absense. And this is not just a random video. No no no, this is a video about the just released incredible updates for Digitone and Digitakt !

The list of added features, improvements and bug fixes for both machines is vast and I'm going to take you through the most important new features and improvements in this video. I also explain in depth how they work so it's a tutorial as well.

You can download the newest OS versions on or check the news announcement of these new OS versions and an update to Overbridge 2.0 here:


Squawk Dirty / Grand Terminal - Updated Comb Filter Resonator


"A new type of filter has been added to the latest Squawk Dirty firmware - resonating comb filter. Here were are feeding the main output of Furthrrrrr generator straight to Squawk Dirty and modulating resonator’s frequency using an Airstreamer. Use this to add anything from subtle flanger fx to full on ringing, which works best when feeding noise or harmonically rich input such as a square wave into it. Hope you enjoy it!

Install the update:"

Noir | Ambient Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

Brennan Fowler

"A generative one from the modular. Just installed these awesome new panels big thanks to good friend kittyspit! Black & Gold Designed ER-301 Panels as well as for the Mutable Instruments Modules! Love the design and how the panels look together also with the Ears Module!

If your interested in picking some of these panels up you can get in touch on Instagram or the ER-301 Forum @kittyspit"

Against The Clock: Cromby


"Against The Clock is a series where we give an artist 10 minutes in the studio and see what they come up with.

Cromby is an Irish producer based in Berlin who specialises in crafting house with a classic feel, big, bold basslines and joyous melodies, skills that have seen him release records on labels including Sulta Selects Silver Service, Feel My Bicep and Unknown To The Unknown.

In the studio, he makes music with hardware such as Korg’s Minilogue, Moog Minitaur and Novation Peak, controlled via Ableton Live and Push. In this episode, he shows us how quickly he can use it all to lay down a track.

Cromby will be launching his own label later this year, which will focus on his own productions made with the dancefloor in mind. 'I have a ton of new music that I’m excited to share,' he says."

KORG Groove by Sinevibes - multitimbral bass & drum machine


KORG Groove on NTS-1

"Groove is a multitimbral bass and drum machine for KORG prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1. It’s the most complex and sophisticated multi engine plugin ever developed, employing a network of 14 DSP blocks that reconfigure themselves in real time. Using such immense power, Groove maps bass, drum and percussion instruments onto 7 separate keyboard zones, turning your synthesizer into a self-contained, groovebox-style sound module. Each zone provides a vast library of carefully crafted sound presets with expressive control, and includes a switch for variable trigger probability – an advanced function which can dramatically liven up bass riffs and drum patterns. Groove also has a specially designed output stage with unusually punchy dynamics – making this plugin fully production- and performance-ready.


Multitimbral sound engine with 7 keyboard zones generating bass, drum and percussion instruments.
Advanced network of 14 DSP blocks that reconfigures itself in real time, capable of multiple different synthesis methods: three-operator FM, subtractive, lo-fi, and beyond.
Internal library of over 70 carefully crafted, production-ready sounds with individual expression control assignments.
Trigger probability feature that can be enabled individually per each zone.
Specially configured amplifier stage delivering punchy, high-RMS output – as if the sounds were compressed."

Available at:

New Waldorf Iridium - Desktop Quantum Synth In the Works

Update4: videos, press release & new pics here.

Pics spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Update: new pic of the front panel.

Update2: additional pics added. Price is rumored to be 1995 Euros / 2300 USD.

Update3: top two high-res pics sent my way via Soviet Space Child. Note blogger shrinks them. You can find the originals here.

It appears to be a desktop version of the Quantum minus analog filters.

"Waldorf Iridium has made the impossible possible. The mighty synth engine from Quantum is now available in a compact form. Tracing the footsteps of its bigger brother, Iridium features all the synthesis elements of Quantum as well in a rack-compatible format. The combination of the powerful engine, incredible flexibility and detailed sound shaping facilities creates sheer endless possibilities of sound. Yet, the comprehensive layout and easy-to-understand structure lets you design your own sounds in no time. Sporting a solid metal casing and the same high level of craftsmanship like Quantum, Iridium is now ready to take over studios and stages throughout the world.
Contributing another entry in Waldorf's rich history, Iridium joins the family as a direct descendant of the PPG Wave. Though, Iridium offers much more than its ancestor. Five different synthesis models are provided by Iridum for each of the three oscillators:

Waveform (Virtual Analog)
Particle (Sampling and Granular Sampling)


Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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