MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, November 27, 2020

Friday, November 27, 2020

Let's Play with Agonizer

Tim Webb

Kai Aras (Numerical Audio) worked with @Jakob Haq to create the Bass Synth of Jakob's dreams. Those dreams were fueled by a love of Dub... which is not something I share. I can dig it, but I can't produce it. I take Agonizer's sound sculpting tools in an entirely different direction in this Let's Play!

Agonizer on App Store:

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Be sure to visit for the latest music app news!"

Mobula Modular ROTLFO

Learning Modular

Part 1:
00:00 introduction
00:24 the demo patch on the Moog Mother-32
00:49 Even wave shapes (including patching the Mother-32)
02:06 Rate
03:00 Tilt wave shapes
03:31 phase relationships between outputs
04:13 Ramp switch for alternate wave shapes
06:28 summary

Part 2:
00:00 patching for performance control: mod wheel & aftertouch
02:25 Rate feedback to alter the LFO wave shapes

Note this is the first Mobula Modular post on the site.

Analog Memories | 0-Coast + 0-Ctrl + Doepfer A151 sequential switch

Cinematic Laboratory

"Someone was wondering if it would be useful to have two 0-Ctrl units, looking for an excuse to get another one. He was wondering if it would be possible to extend the 8 step sequence to 16. Since I do not have two 0-ctrl's lying around, I used my Brains/PressurePoints combo (the 0-Pressure) to do this experiment. Unfortunately I could not find a way to make one stop and the other one continue. I am not sure it can be done.

However, if you're looking to extend your sequence, getting a 'sequential switch' would be a lot more helpful. The Doepfer A151 can switch between four input signals when it receives a gate, which makes it a perfect companion for your 0-ctrl. I used it to extend the sequence from 8 to 16. Adding the 0-Pressure extended it to 32 and ultimately to 128. But with so many untuned notes, you should make a Krell patch or use a quantizer..."

Polyend Instruments Jam - Tracker, Seq and Medusa


"It's all about the Tracker now, it's new and needs proper care. But at Polyend we love all our creations equally. Here's a nice jam utilising the Medusa and the Seq too. Enjoy!"

Nord Lead 2X Virtual Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Moog Modular System 35 With Keyboard MIDI and Sequencer

via this auction

"In pristine mint condition. 1 of only 35 reissued by Moog. System 35. Mint condition."

After Later Audio's Rainier and Baker - Peaks Reimagined

Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video resident expert Nick Bigelow shares his thoughts on the new Rainier and Baker, a Peaks variation originally created by Mutable Instruments. After Later Audio has reimagined Peaks by offering 2 formats in less HP along with new CV inputs and attenuverters for the multifunction modules various parameters.

Rainier and Baker add CV inputs and attenuverters for each of the four parameters and adds attenuverters for each of the outputs.

Rainier and Baker can be an ADSR-style envelope generator, an LFO and a drum emulator. By default we will load the Dead Man’s Catch (DMC) firmware which adds the Alt ENV, ALT LFO, ALT Tap, Alt Drum modes below. We are happy to load the stock firmware as well. Just send us a message with your order.

Additional Dead Man’s Catch firmware modes:

Basic (original modes)
Bass/Snare Drums

Alternative ENV
Double attack envelope
Repeating attack envelope
Looping envelope
Randomized AD envelope
Bouncing ball envelope

Alternative LFO
Frequency-modulated LFO (folded sine FM)
Frequency-modulated LFO (random FM)
Varying wave shape LFO ( folded sine WS mod)
Varying wave shape LFO ( random WS mod)
Phase-locked loop oscillator

Alternative TAP Mini-sequencer
Pulse Shaper
Pulse Randomizer
Turing Machine

Alternative DRUM
FM drum Generators
Randomized bass and snare drum generators
Randomized high hat

Order the ALA Rainier here:
Order the ALA Baker here:
Demo by: Nick Bigelow
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

How to use a breath controller on the Novation PEAK (Akai EWI USB)

Floyd Steinberg

"How to use a breath controller on the Novation PEAK - table of contents below. Using a breath controller makes your synth much more expressive. Here, I'm using my Akai EWI USB with the PEAK and walk through some sound parameters you can adjust to create breath controlled patches.

Table of contents
00:00 demo
00:43 usb midi host needed, perhaps
01:40 initialising a patch
01:57 adjusting all oscillator's volume
02:22 mod matrix: volume control for all oscillators
03:29 selecting waveforms
03:53 FM
04:42 noise level
05:14 filter frequency control
06:19 filter drive & distortion
07:41 effects (reverb, delay, chorus)
08:36 conclusion
09:07 bye-bye"

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Chill Out

Andreas Remshagen

"A little Chill-Out Song made with following diy analog-Synthesizers: String/Choir-Synth 3.0, Four DS7 Clone Drumbox, Groovebox-Synthesizer and Bass-Synthesizer. Driven by Cubase5 over two Polyend Poly Midi to CV/Gate Converter"

Artificial Noise Key Control - Desktop MIDI Note Quantizer gets an OS Update & a New Lower Price

via Artificial Noise

"Artificial Noise is excited to announce a new lower price to the Key Control, now only $179 plus shipping! Along with the new lower price we now offer a more flexable Operating System, one that is geared more for MIDI quantizing duties.

The Key Control is a MIDI device that maps your keyboard controller, synthesizer or sequencer to a chosen Key and Scale. All MIDI note data will automatically be moved into the desired Key & Scale. Choose between 11 scales and all 12 keys.


The original OS in the Key Control used the white keys on a keyboard for single notes in a key/scale, and the black keys to play chords. But after using the Key Control for a while I noticed that I wasn't using the chord function at all, since playing chords manually was easier (see our website on how easy it is to make chords). More than that, I ended up wishing that I could use the Key Control as a general MIDI quantizer, something that I could use with sequencers and arpeggiators.

The problem with the original OS was that if I was using a sequencer and I transposed it - some notes would be transposed up (natural notes), for others a chord would be sent out. As an example, if I had a C in my sequence and I transposed it up a semitone, the output note would not be C# but a chord!

So, I changed the OS for myself to only output note data and loved it! Now, instead of chords on the black keys (sharp/flat notes) it will output the notes nearest to the left. And now that I'm bringing the Key Control back into production, I've decided to make the new OS standard as it makes it much more useful in a MIDI environment.

The Key Control is easy to operate, simply hook up the Key Control between your keyboard controller (or other MIDI output equipped gear) and your desired MIDI destination ( ie. computer, synthesizer, sequencer, etc) via standard 5-Pin MIDI DIN cables. Or put your synthesizer in "Local OFF" mode and send the MIDI out from your synth through the Key Control and back into the synth, to always play 'in key.'

With a fast and easy 2 knob interface, you can quickly dial in one of a possible 132 possible key and scale combinations and get down to making music fast and with no fuss.

In “Chromatic” mode, all 127 MIDI notes are passed through unchanged, while the “Key” knob will transpose the incoming MIDI notes up to 11 semi-tones.

MIDI notes are changed depending on the Key & Scale chosen, but all other MIDI data passes through unchanged, with low latency and fast operation.

Compact but tough aluminum case.

ESK - 3 Patterns with a Yamaha FVX-1 FM-Synth


"I made 3 patterns with the Polyend Tracker and a Yamaha FVX-1 FM-Synth.
This rare FM-Synth is 4 times multitimbral, with 8 voices and an independent effect per part.
It uses 8 OP FM. All sounds are form the Yamaha FVX-1.
Direct recording without externel effects or mastering."

Stunning ELECTRIC PIANOS on KORG NAUTILUS & KRONOS (Rhodes, Wurlitzer)

Woody Piano Shack

"Deep dive demo of the FENDER RHODES and WURLITZER electric piano sounds on the KORG NAUTILUS and KORG KRONOS. We'll play the pianos BARE AND NAKED without any effects to analyse and review the quality of the samples. Tutorial of the features and capabilities of the EP-1 sound engine..

► Initialize program
► Exploring the sampled pianos
► Using the Rhodes and Wurli tone controls
► Tweaking the samples
► Adding effects
► Lots of musical demo segments!"

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

Canon de Coulomb


"Two Q960 step sequencers running independent, free tempos and using the 3RD ROW CONTROL OF TIMING setting. Both are duplicating the same timing voltages and the first row pitch voltages. The second row is a little different on two steps. Of course the drift between them is obvious and I am changing the reset and skip switches as they play. The oscillators are STG and they are run into a Synthetic Sound Labs 1530 Tube VCA/Timbral Gate module for tube saturation. Then run through a Sea Devils filter and tape delay.
The bass notes are from the Dove Audio WTF vco through a Q150 transistor ladder filter in 24dB slope. The "siren call" upper sound is a pair of Q106 vco's sequenced by STG Soundlabs voltage mini stores and run through a Post Lawsuit LPF. The final signal chain is a Meris Hedra and Empress Reverb."

Julia Bondar - Modular live performance in Bardenas Reales

Julia Bondar

"From 'Industrial Symphony' 2020 live sessions:

00:00 Best Intentions
08:28 Running with the Wolves

Power management: main modular case powered by V-mount battery (15V), Roland System-1m powered by 2xNPF batteries plate. All set recorded as 3x stereo pairs into Zoom H6 recorder.

Audio mastered by Gaël Loison ("

KORG MS-50 SN 130578 w/ Extras

via this auction

Interesting seeing it from this angle. Would make a for a nice desktop synth with the patch cables out of the way.

"This MS-50 is in unbelievable mint condition.
This unit was kept in the one-owner warehouse as it was at that time.
Very beautiful. With super rare original papars and accessories.
This unit is 100% perfect working. All Knobs, Patches are fully functional. Legendary amazing sound!"

Marion Systems MSR-2 Analog Modular Synthesizer Rack

via this auction

"The Marion MSR-2 was designed by Tom Oberheim and so it is known for having the 'Oberheim sound' packaged inside a compact single-space rackmount module with modern digital reliability and MIDI implementation. Despite its rather harmless and simple appearance, the MSR-2 allows for some fairly complex but intuitive programming. The filters, envelopes, LFOs and other parameters are very analog-like in their sound and editing methods. The module is also 16-part multitimbral. And external inputs route a signal through the envelope and filter sections. The MSR-2 is rare but definitely worth checking out."

Roland EF-303 Groovebox Synthesizer Sequencer SN ZM81429

via this auction

Kawai XD-5 Drum Synthesizer SN 365056 w/ Manuals

via this auction

These shared the same body as the K4r. Curious if it had the same synth engine but with drum samples instead of synth samples.

1985 Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Access Virus TI2 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction


via this auction

ARP Pro Soloist

via this auction

Fully Restored.
New Keyboard bushings.
All sliders removed, opened, cleaned.
Glass Polished Keyboard.
Restored wooden sides.

Japanese Panel Yamaha SY20 w/ Built-In Speakers

via this auction

Note the labels on the front panel are in Japanese.

"The SY20 was Yamaha's last analog synthesizer model before committing to digital FM synthesis with products like the DX-series. It is an all-analog mono-synth that came out in 1982 but was never commercially sold outside of Japan, making it very rare. In fact, it was originally intended to be an "educational" synth to help students learn about synthesis. However, as most of the controls are labeled in Japanese characters, you will already need to be familiar with analog synthesizers (or Japanese) to grasp the SY20.

JEN SX 1000

via this auction

Fully restored.
Glass Polished keybed.
All key contacts cleaned.
All pots removed, opened, cleaned.
Great little monosynth from Italy , very unique sound.

Metasonix S-2000

via this auction

Akemie's Taiko - Overview - ALM015


"Akemie’s Taiko is a complete FM synthesis based drum voice with a massive range of sounds, shaped under both direct and voltage control. Based on the larger Akemie’s Castle, the Taiko’s simplified control scheme centers on key FM parameters that are grouped rather than separated for each operator. This arrangement, as well as the inclusion of 2 drum-oriented release envelopes makes the Taiko a fun and immediate source of unique percussive and melodic timbres.

In this video we take a deeper look at the voice structure and go over some patch tips for getting the most out of Akemie’s Taiko.

0:00 Intro
0:37 Getting Started - Basic Connections

1:56 FM Parameters - Release Controls
2:38 FM Parameters - Ratio
3:42 FM Parameters - Waves
4:44 FM Parameters - Feedback
5:21 FM Parameters - Algorithms
8:36 FM Parameters - Speed / Freq Start & End

11:00 CV Inputs - Rhythmic Synth Voice Patch
13:32 CV Inputs - 'Multiple Voice' Beat Patch

16:31 Single Drum Sounds - Kick
18:09 Single Drum Sounds - Snare
19:21 Single Drum Sounds - Hats
20:57 Single Drum Sounds - Toms

22:44 Additional Patches - External Sequencer
24:26 Additional Patches - Ratio 'Chords' / Outro

Thanks for watching!"

Renoizer - No Hope (Polyend Tracker Performance)


"Hey, I'm Renoizer. I'd like to share one of my works with you and give you insight on how I built this Polyend Tracker project. Learn more and download the project at

RENOIZER (Jérôme Guiton)
Artist composer/Sound designer/Mix & Mastering"

Tutorials | PolyBrute - Episode 2: Modulation


"In the second episode of the PolyBrute tutorial series Matt Pike explores its modulation matrix. While deep diving into the powerful wireless patch-bay, he shares many insights and tips on how to shape, twist and tame all the power of the PolyBrute's synth voice that will take your sound design to new heights. Fasten your seatbelt, make a tea and enjoy the ride.

00:00 : Introduction
00:46 Basic Modulations
04:39 Make a Routing
06:39 Mod Route Modulation
08:29 Hidden Destinations
09:46 Mod Route Clearing"

Episode 1 here

Solar 50, Nightsky, DrumBrute Impact Synth Jam - Friday Fun


"Another in our occasional series where we put various items of gear together and just jam. This time we have the Elta Music Solar 50 Big Ambient Machine, the Strymon Nightsky and the Arturia DrumBrute Impact.

We hope it helps you digest the last scraps of turkey after Thanksgiving if you are in the US and encourages you to jam this weekend.

More on"

Breakdown of a track made with the Roland JUPITER-Xm


"Produced in collaboration with F-Musiikki and Roland.

Kebu demonstrates how he created and performs one of his upcoming tracks, "Hope", using the JUPITER-Xm.

0:00 Introduction
0:52 Main part breakdown
5:29 Intro part breakdown
11:16 Live performance tools
15:04 Kebu performs the tune

Video production by Storia Productions & Aura Productions.

Music by Kebu."

Friday Jam with ARGON8 and COBALT8

Modal Electronics

"Get ready for the weekend with our Friday Jam, featuring ARGON8 and COBALT8."

Luca Longobardi - Semi Generative Polyend Tracker Solo Loop Walkthrough


"Is it possible to create a complex and semi-generative ambient loop using only the Polyend Tracker? The answer is yes! Learn more at

This loop was created using onboard samples (Loops n Trouble and Legowelt) and effects only."

Luca Longobardi - The Carillon

"Five irregular sequences made on the Polyend Tracker. Built with the Fill function and managed through the chance parameter to make them sound always a bit different. Filtered by the Hologram Electronics Microcosm and paired to an asynchronous loop on the OP-1."

megaFM + digitone + OTO BAM

studio snippets


Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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