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Friday, December 11, 2020

Using Filters as Waveshapers

Learning Modular

"Have an extra filter? Consider patching it between your VCO and your normal VCF/wavefolder/etc. t to shape the harmonics of your oscillator, creating sounds you would not normally get from it.

00:00 introduction
01:07 the basic patch
01:28 phase inversion issue
02:20 low pass filter with sawtooth
05:00 mixing in the unprocessed wave
06:14 low pass filter with pulse wave
07:38 high pass filter examples
08:54 notch filter examples
09:22 bandpass filter examples
10:32 alternate filter (Doepfer Wasp)
11:24 phase inversion revisited
12:18 LFO modulating cutoff
13:02 envelope modulating cutoff
13:55 VCO modulating cutoff
15:15 summary

This video was originally created for the Patreon Learning Modular subscribers (+5v and above):

Please consider joining us on Patreon to get my long-form posts and deep-dive information on modular synthesis techniques."

Novation Supernova 2 & GFI Specular Tempus fantastic HQ Sound


"In this live video Supernova2 with GFI Specular Tempus Reverb, no other effects was used, just only GFI. Markers only serve to navigate in time. Among the markers there are other sounds for which there are no time markers. Yamaha AN1x was used as Master Keyboard.

00:00 Start
00:12 Sound beginning
00:58 Bass Sylverbox
02:25 For Strings
03:06 Dream Trancepick
04:00 Warm String Pad
05:10 Hollow Man Seq
06:35 Shining
07:50 UK Bassline 5
09:00 German Club Strings
10:19 Vintage 303 Acid
11:50 Cybernet
12:44 Spaceman
13:13 FM Pluckotron
14:00 Overdrive Bass
15:12 UK Trancebass
15:56 Flanging Pad
16:42 AngelsFalls
17:30 Amber glance
18:20 Filter playing
19:09 GAIA"

Roland Boutique series TR-08

via this auction

Modor NF1-M Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

"The NF1 is unabashedly digital and unique sounding. Identical in specification and capabilities to it's larger brother, this compact unit is perfect to get the Modor sound in a tiny footprint. Even though it's got a smaller front panel, patches are still easy to make and edit, and there is a free editor software for Mac and Windows available on Modor's web site."

Sequential Prophet 10 REV4 | The surface


MIDERA Prophet 10 posts

"Warning: This video contains FX and may not be suitable for synthesizer purists.

Finally got this home. I have a lot to say about it... I was really underwhelmed when I first started playing with it. I'm used to spending a few hundred dollars on gear that sounds great. this time, i paid far more. the build quality is amazing, but the sound isn't something THAT much better than what else i have. I’d say more but I’m way too tired...

Ok - I have had more time to think about it. Here are some of my thoughts from the next day: For me to be blown away by the sound of a synthesizer, I want to hear it 'push air'. Only a few synths have really done that for me, the OB-Xa and the Polaris. I do not hear that from the Prophet 10. That doesn't mean it doesn't do it, or that it's a bad synth if it doesn't, but that's usually the first thing that makes me go 'wow' and I didn't hear that here.

I didn't play ANY presets. I threw it into the front panel mode because I'm more interested in what I can do with a synth than what others have done with a synth. Maybe that was a mistake? I tried desperately to come up with cool sounds, but I feel personally like I failed (whereas, I felt like I immediately connected with the Moog Matriarch). The Matriarch, however, had a sequencer and arpeggiator which made interacting with the unit far more immediate for me - I made 9 videos within 9 days with that, and I could listen to those videos over and over. I liked what I did. I tried to not use FX... but I didn't like anything I came up with (on the Prophet).

The reality is, I think I hit my limitations here. I am not a great sound designer, I rely on FX. I am also not a good pianist. While I am very good at playing some Vince Guaraldi jazz music - I can't do much of anything else. This synth is among the pinnacle of synthesizers, and I am not capable of bringing out the most. This speaks to the reality - I need to improve my skills, both sound designing and music theory. I could have come up with these lame sounds on any synthesizer I have. In fact - when I first played this, I complained to my friends that it sounds no different than my Virus TI, which I think says a lot about the Virus, but also says a lot about me. My capabilities are the limiting factor.

Eventide blackhole VST and Strymon DIG used for FX."

Update: See this post for a change of opinion. I actually posted the above because I thought it sounded pretty amazing.

Erica Synths DB-01 improv jam with the Octatrack MK2

Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video resident expert Matthew Piecora of Patchwerks (aka EZBOT) performs an improv tune with the Erica Synths DB-01, Strymon Blue Sky, and the Elektron Octatrack MK2.

From Erica Synths:
"From basslines and rave sounds to massive drones and drums - the Erica Synths Bassline DB-01 synthesizer lets you explore new territories of sound and performance techniques and go from a melody to noise and back in no time. The DB-01 packs an analogue Erica Synths signature sound engine with an advanced sequencer on top of it."

Order an Erica Synths Bassline here:
Order an Elektron Octatrack MK2 here:
Performance by: EZBOT
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

4U Serge CROCODILE + TKB improvisation


"The new CROCODILE panel features an NTO with wave multiplier (middle section). No filter needed!"

Pic via RandomSource

Serge ASR and WaveMult

Todd Barton

Todd Barton Serge posts

1975 ARP Instruments Order Form

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find the rest and a write-up.

"ARP three-page Literature Order Form from 1975."

Serato Sample LE + Launchkey - Hip Hop // Novation


"Building tracks with Serato Sample LE and Launchkey is fast, creative fun - you can quickly load samples and loops and rearrange them on the fly. In this video, Ehsan shows you how to use Serato LE with Launchkey (in Cubase) to slice, perform and record sample loops and one-shots to make Hip Hop.

Serato Sample LE comes included with Launchkey and is a powerful and intuitive sampler plugin to quickly find, chop, key-shift, and time-stretch samples.

--- Discover more about Launchkey [MK3]:"

UVI Program 24 | Preset Showcase


"Program 24 - Electronic Disco, Synthwave and Beyond

Program 24 brings back the vintage charm of 80’s electronic and disco soul with a suite of 5 instruments and a massive selection of sounds, sequences and arps. It covers numerous styles such as Italo and modern disco, synthwave, electro, experimental and more for a new-generation twist.

Video and Music Credits: Théo Gallienne

00:05 Italo Disco
00:48 Synthwave
01:36 Modern Disco
02:20 Slow Beats
03:05 808 Funk
03:49 Miscellaneous
04:33 P24 Basics
About UVI
UVI is a developer of software instruments, effects and soundware. We leverage leading-edge synthesis, DSP research and design to provide unique and expressive tools for musicians and audio professionals.

Our goal is to help you achieve the highest-quality sound possible with innovative and reliable solutions. You can hear our work around the world at live shows, on hit-records, in blockbuster films and AAA games.

We're a small but spirited team with a global footprint, music and sound lovers eager to share our passion. We're honored to be a part of your creative journey and thankful to you for sharing ours.

©2020 UVI. All rights reserved."

Soniccouture Releases Hammersmith Free: Free Piano Library

via Soniccouture

Hammersmith Free

• 4.8GB free piano for Kontakt Player
• Free Download
• 2.8 GB Library
• 21 Velocity layers
• Schoeps MK4 Mic Pair
• Kontakt Player NKS Compatible

"The Hammersmith Model D Grand has featured in countless productions & won many fans since its release. Now Soniccouture gives everyone the chance to experience the same performance thrill with Hammersmith Free.

To download, simply create an account on and the download will be in my products."

A Complete Guide to Practicing ContinuuMini


00:00 Intro
00:19 Sound Design Examples
01:11 Musical Examples
02:50 Mission Statement
03:13 Setting up for Practice
03:24 A Stable Playing Surface and Custom Stands
04:32 A Good Light Source
04:50 Choosing the Right Sound
16:54 Outro
17:11 SWOOSH!

Modular Noodling with Arturia's JUN-6V and VCV Rack

Omri Cohen

You can find additional resources from Omri Cohen at

Korg Minilogue XD Free Bass Presets. Soundset Demo

Anton Anru

"Bass Essentials is a collection of 15 Presets.
These basses are classical and quite universal. They can be used in a wide range of genres: downtempo, lounge, deep, progressive, house, funk, nu disco, trap, acid, techno and others.
Each preset has Velocity and XY Joystick set. This make them dynamic and expressive.

The soundset is free, but any donation is appreciated.
Get the bank:

00:00 Funky
00:27 Organ Vibe
00:58 Hard Style
01:28 Deep House
02:01 Acid Tone
02:33 Soft Glass
03:00 Binary
03:33 Sharp
04:07 Electro Clash
04:39 Muugie
05:11 Medium Rare
05:48 Stadium
06:22 808 Feel
06:45 Long Notes
07:26 Subbie

All the timbres are done using factory oscillators and effects only, so no additional (third-party) SDK is needed to use the collection.
To load the presets to your synth you should use Minilogue XD Sound Librarian application available on Korg official website.
#korg #korgminiloguexd #miniloguexd"


Woody Piano Shack

"Ideas for practicing using Arranger Keyboard Workstations like YAMAHA PSR SX900, YAMAHA PSR SX700, YAMAHA PSR SX700, YAMAHA GENOS or any other PSR or TYROS keyboard, or arrangers from other brands such as KORG PA and KORG i3.

I'll show use how to use the styles, drums to accompany you as your play, keyboard splits, chord recognition modes and how to customize the styles and sounds to your own preferences."

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

How to replace the LCD display in an old synthesizer keyboard (Yamaha EX5)

Floyd Steinberg

"How to replace the LCD display in an old synthesizer (Yamaha EX5). A LOT of you nice people asked me about the blue/white LCD display. So here's how to install that LCD display inside the Yamaha EX5. Hope it's useful for you. And be CAREFUL when attempting this. :-) Table of contents not needed, you'll have to bear this video in it's entirety or leave it. ;-) You can find this display here:"

Get 7% off on DistroKid with this link


Pharmasonic 723 quad Analog Switch Part 2

O.Z. Hall

"In part 2 of the Pharmasonic 723 quad Analog Switch review we look at two other applications of this module. First, using the output of a quadrature oscillator (4 outputs 90 decrees out of phase from each other). Second, running the the control inputs at audio frequencies."

Part 1 here

Alias Zone: The Dream Catcher (by Chris Meyer of Learning Modular)

Learning Modular

"Created for the December 2020 edition of Resident Electronic Music

Composed & performed by Chris Meyer of Learning Modular (aka Alias Zone):
• Tardis and Monster modular synths
• Waldorf Iridium, Korg Z1 & Wavestation AD polysynths
• rain gourd, woven basket shaker, goat toenail rattle (processed through modular)
• voice by Navajo (Diné) elder Harry James from the Q Up Arts sampling collection Voices of Native America

Index of sounds and when they first appear:
00:02 rain gourd processed through Mutable Instruments Rings, plus modular reverb and echo)
00:14 woven basket shaker + goat toenail rattle processed though modular reverb and echo, sampled, looped, and played through a 1010music Blackbox.
00:30 Korg Z1, using its complex arpeggiator as well
00:59 twin bass voices: Synthesis Technology E352 VCO through Xaoc Devices Belgrad VCF, and Livewire AFG + SSF/WMD Spectrum through Rossum Evolution VCF, sequenced by a Five12 Vector
01:30 Navajo elder phrases, re-timed and played back from a 1010music Bitbox, processed with a Mutable Instruments Clouds
02:59 Waldorf Iridium
04:50 4ms Spherical Waveform Navigator through WMD Overseer stereo filter
05:59 Korg Wavestation AD layered with the Z1 (both played by the Z1’s arpeggiator)
08:50 another “slow motion solo” on the Iridium

Details of how the individual sounds were created are being covered on the Learning Modular Patreon channel:"

Novation Circuit + Elektron Analog Keys - Hurry

Payton Carter

"A quick, high-energy pop jam on the Novation Circuit and Elektron Analog Keys. The Circuit is doing drums, and everything else is on the Keys. Recorded via Overbridge into Reaper, with some mixing in post and mastering in Ozone Elements."

Gieskes Coronaparty



I was watching the news on TV and they were talking about Coronaparty, showing kids hiding in the forest between the trees, some had tie wraps around there wrists, it spoke to my imagination.

Triangle/Sine waves the natural sounds on the ground and the digitaly created signals in the tree tops. (Controlles on the tree trunks)."

Olivier Briand playing ARTURIA VOCODER V no talk

Olivier Briand

"In that demonstration, no microphone, no keyboard, just a good Arturia soft and A MOUSE !!!!"

Access Virus Classic Desktop VA Synth

via this auction

"Mimics classic analog but has become a classic on its own right. This is from German synth maker, Access. As you may know, it is essentially the re-issue of the Virus B, packed with power, polyphony, on board fx, output and of course, loads of knobs. Virus B is typically considered the more soulful, organic Virus generation. OS is updated to 4.9. 8 x 128 patch banks loaded with presets."


via this auction

Roland EF-303 Groovebox Synth SN ZN81426

via this auction

"Bought this used and it arrived very dusty/dirty. I cleaned it up by vacuuming the inside, lubing the faders, and soaking all the little caps. So it's pretty clean and completely functional. Faders are super smooth now. Only thing is that you have to press some of the buttons a little harder to get them to register."

LEL UDS soviet analog drum syntechizer.

Сема Апрелевка

Syntechizer? Is that a soviet pronunciation thing?

via this auction

"A close analog of Sy-1 syncussion. Everything is set up to specification, checked and serviced before sale in the best Moscow workshop. The output Jack and pad sockets have been replaced with standard Jack (TRS) sockets. Suitable for all modern pieza-based pads. Also in my store, see the original LEL UDS pads as a separate lot. Watch my home video."

Tom Oberheim TVS-Pro

via this auction

"Legendary synth designer Tom Oberheim created a current rendition of his classic SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module). The SEM, Tom’s first synthesizer, was well loved for its beautiful sound and just the right combination of synthesis modules and patching in a compact, portable package. In fact it was so revered that people requested Tom make the SEM again, so he did. Consisting of a 100% analog signal path through two oscillators, two envelope generators, and filters, the SEM is an exceptionally massive sound design module. This Oberheim Two Voice Pro features two of Tom's renowned SEM's, along with a 3-octave, velocity sensitive keyboard, a mini sequencer with 16 steps, and up to 56 mini-jack patch points for each module."

Original Novation Bass Station 25-Key Analogue Bass Synth 1994

via this auction

Short Demos of the Simmons SDSV

The Simmons Guy

"Quick demo of Simmons SDSV 1737"

Simmons SDSV 1737 Fast
Simmons SDSV 1737 Purdie Shuffle
Simmons SDSV 1737 Melodic 2

Quadrantid Swarm polyphonic eurorack session


"Everything come from the eowave 7U rack and we recorded the left/right output at the same time we shot the video."

Pink and Blue Sylphyo Giorgia Angiuli Limited Edition

Aodyo Instruments

"Discover the 💗 Pink Sylphyo Giorgia Angiuli Limited Edition and the 💙 Blue Sylphyo Giorgia Angiuli Limited Edition made in collaboration with Giorgia Angiuli.

Some time ago, we started working on a collaboration with Giorgia Angiuli. She has synesthesia, and part of her art is to feel the music with colors! That is why we launch a new series of Sylphyo Limited Edition with two colors: Pink and Blue.

"I have synesthesia, and I love to feel the music with colors! Playing music for me means getting into a magic world where all the little details make the difference" by Giorgia Angiuli. "

RK-006 Circuit & Moog DFAM MIDI trigger example


"The RK006 USB MIDI Interface / Standalone USB MIDI Host ( ) has even more features than other MIDI interfaces: Here you can see how you can easily trigger devices which don't have MIDI onboard."

See the Retrokits label below for more.

【エレクトーン演奏】Akademia Pana Kleksa - Kaczka Dziwaczka ・「クレックス先生の学園」より「変なあひる」YAMAHA Electone D85・D800


"Podejmując wyzwanie z komentarza pod poprzednim filmem - oto kolejny hit z filmów o Panu Kleksie zagrany na D85 :)

Typhon Funk Bass jamming

Adam Jay

"Dreadbox Typhon internal sequence. Octatrack drum sequence."

Recreating a JX-8P tone on the JUPITER-Xm


Interesting note about the envelopes on the Jupiter-Xm model of the JX-8P vs. the origintal. The original supports negative values but the model does not.

0:00 Introduction
0:25 JX-8P vs. JUPITER-X
1:17 iPG-800 editor
1:55 About Roland Cloud
2:29 Comparing dry sounds
2:57 Recreating the tone on the JUPITER-X
4:26 Oscillators, filters, envelopes
7:57 JX chorus
8:51 Improving the emulation
11:33 ZEN-Core vs. JX8P model
13:35 Noise level

"Kebu demonstrates how he recreated the JX-8P lead sound from his tune "Just Another Space Odyssey" using the model engine in the JUPITER-X."

Tutorials | PolyBrute - Episode 3: Morphing & Episode 4: Effects


"Third episode of the PolyBrute tutorial series touches upon, undoubtedly, one of its most important features - morphing and the expression controls. Throughout the video sound designer and composer Matt Pike guides you through its charms, showing the depths and sharing the tips on how to keep your sound in a state of constant flow and movement with the expressiveness in mind.

00:00 : Introduction
00:20 - What is morphing
01:21 - Building a sound
08:31 - Morphing utilities
11:15 - Expression Controls: Morphée
13:06 - Expression Controls: Ribbon
15:10 - Expression Controls: Motion Recorder

Tutorials | PolyBrute - Episode 4: Effects

"In this episode of our PolyBrute tutorial series, Matt shows you the full extent of its FX capabilities. Fully-loaded with pristine digital modulation, delay, and reverb algorithms, these FX don't just provide the perfect finishing touch to PolyBrute's massive sound - they're yet another axis for its expansive expression and morphing features.

00:00 : Introduction
00:40 : CHAPTER 1 • Modulation FX
01:31 : Chorus
02:02 : Phaser
02:35 : Alternative types: Flanger, 12 Pole Phaser, Rind Modulation, Bit Crusher, Soft Flanger, Phase Flanger, Down Sampler
05:05 : CHAPTER 2 • Spatial FX - Delay
06:03 : BBD
06:34 : Ping
06:50 : Alternative types: Stereo Delay, Long Delay, BBD PingPong, Karplus, Stereo Spread, Parallel, BBD Spread.
09:15 : Delay Sync Settings
10:02 : Delay Filtering
10:48 : Delay Modulation
12:20 : CHAPTER 3 • Spatial FX - Reverb
13:12 : Hall
13:31 : Plate
13:44 : Alternative types: Bright Plate, Room, Dreamy, Springy, Delayed Plate (a Spec list again)
14:44 : Reverb's High Pass Filter
15:50 : CHAPTER 4 • Morphing Effects
16:23 : CHAPTER 5 • Effects routings"

Arturia Tutorials | PolyBrute - Episodes

The joy and agony of music on vintage science equipment


"In which I unbox a rare and beautiful piece of Danish science and engineering history and try to make music with it."

Funny at 7:29. Also makes you think the SOMA Ether could be an interesting alternative for some of these sounds. Anything can be an interesting sample source...

Roland MKS-30 | Better or Worse?

Espen Kraft

"The Roland MKS-30 is the module version of the JX-3P, both excellent analog synthesizers from the early 80s.

The MKS-30 responds to velocity, something most stock 3Ps don't have. The MKS-30 can also store its patches on a cartridge and it can use the PG-200 and Midi at the same time.
There are several different manufacturers making mods for either synth and these mods will rectify a lot of things, among them the ability to send and receive sysex data, somethings sorely missing on the originals.
It's a "common" thought that the MKS-30 sounds thinner and weaker than the the 3P. I can certainly testify that they do not sounds the same.

If you want to listen to the two demo songs in a Wav format, and compare, you can download these here:"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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