MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, December 19, 2020

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Prophet X 3

Dimitrios Sismanis

"Most recent patches for the Prophet X"

You can find additional Prophet X posts here.

Most of the Stuff Dec 2020

Randy Piscione

"My son is a fan of Mike Dean, who does videos in his studio demoing his impressive collection. I figured I’d try the same, on a smaller scale. A bit of 70s prog rock showing off. Recorded live, two parts to the video, each with a pad and a lead. Hit “Show More" for the equipment list.

Oberheim FVS – drone pad
ARP Odyssey – second lead
ARP Axxe – second lead
ARP Little Brother – second lead
Roland A90 – second pad
Mutable Instrument Shruthi (6 of them) – second pad
Animoog – second pad
Korg Microstation – second pad
Roland Alpha Juno 2 – second pad
Roland A37 – first pad
Full Bucket Tricent Mk III – first pad
Full Bucket qyooo – first pad
Analogue Solutions Oberkorn - bass
Division 6 Business Card Sequencer - noodle
D:Machinery Black Seq - noodle
Pamela’s Workout – main clock
Animodule Tik Tok – clock divider / multiplier
Mutable Instruments Anushri – first lead
PM Foundations SEM Tribute modules – first lead
PM Foundations resemble panels (2 of them) – bass and noodle
PM Foundations RingFolder - noodle
PM Foundations 3080 VCO - noodle
Bastl ABC - noodles
Kassutronics VCO3340 - noodle
Frequency Central WaveRunner - noodle
Manhattan Analog SVVCF - noodle
Doepfer A-143-2 - noodle
MFOS VCA – noodles
Barton Stereo Out Mixer – noodles and bass
Behringer X32
Dynaudio BM5 MkIII
A few other Eurorack Utility modules

I think that’s it."

DX5 playing Depeche Mode "Home" (updated version)


"Depeche Mode Home updated version. Shot at the first take.
Gear used:
Roland D10 (Synth Piano)
Roland JP8000 (as controller)
Access Virus TI Snow (pad)
Kurzweil PC1X (Strings and final guitar solo)
Backtrack previously recorded on Pro Tools entirely by me from scratch, recreating all the arrangements (minus those played live).
- Original song composed by Martin L Gore and produced by Tim Simenon.
- Original Strings arrangement by Dave Clayton (A master! Don't forget to check his site: )
- Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara on December 19, 2020.
*Sorry for the blinking line on the upper side of the picture. I work with an old Hi8 video camera :)"



"Das erste Modul aus der kommenden Voodoo Drum Serie ist die BD.

Zum Einsatz kommen zwei Russische Militärröhren vom Typ 6SH1P, die einen einzigartigen Röhrensound entstehen lassen.
Die 4 Parameter ATTACK, DECAY, FREQ.C.1 und FREQ.C.2 beeinflussen den Klang multilateral und stehen in Interaktion untereinander. Um die uneingeschränkte Ausnutzung des Parameterumfangs zu gewährleisten, fahren die Potentiometer ihre Einstellwerte in absolute Grenzbereiche und über sie hinaus. Beim Einstellen ist also etwas Behutsamkeit erforderlich. Der Trigger-Eingang reagiert dynamisch um akzentuierte Schritte zu ermöglichen. Akzeptiert werden Trigger-Signale von 0-10 Volt. Der Gate-Eingang reagiert konventionell.
Die BD wird ab 2021 erhältlich sein…"


"The first module from the upcoming voodoo drum series is the BD.

Two Russian military tubes of type 6SH1P are used, which create a unique tube sound.
The 4 parameters ATTACK, DECAY, FREQ.C. 1 and FREQ.C.2 influence the sound multilaterally and interact with each other. In order to guarantee the unrestricted use of the range of parameters, the potentiometers drive their setting values into absolute limit ranges and beyond them. So some caution is required when adjusting. The trigger input reacts dynamically to enable accented steps. Trigger signals of 0-10 volts are accepted. The gate entrance reacts conventionally.
The BD will be available from 2021 ..."

Arp Synthesizer Catalog

via this auction

"Arp synthesizer brochure catalog. 2 BROCHURES ONLY. Vintage, Full color, glossy, 8 page. Color of Arp synthesizers with specs. Arp 2500, Arp 2600, Arp Odyssey, Arp Pro Soloist, etc. Good condition, No punch holes, no missing pages, intact, no writing, no highlights, no stains. Overall very clean. Also as a bonus a single page, double sided brochure of the Orange Arp 2600 with specs."

UDO Audio Super 6 Blue In Box

via this auction

Casio CZ-1 61-Key Digital Phase Distortion Synthesizer SN 301796A

via this auction

Quantum Noodling - Quick patch creation fun!

100 Things I Do

"One of the great things about the Quantum is the speed at which you can create sounds. I thought I would share a quick Noodle that starts from the blank INIT patch and ends up in a beautiful Solina style patch.

The fun in patch creation is all about the Journey and exploration, I hope to kick off a series of Videos early next year called "Throw out the Preset". I get a huge amount of comments asking for me to sell patches and sounds but I would prefer I inspired you to make your own :D"

Prophet 6, BIG STARS, preset 067, analog synthesizer

Bob I. Gomez

"Here is an Original tune I call, BIG STARS, performed on the Prophet 6 synthesizer using preset 067 Carpenters Square. I add some after touch & engage the glide function near the end. Jupiter & Saturn Dec 21"

YAMAHA YC61 STAGE KEYBOARD - Demo & Review by Woody Piano Shack

Woody Piano Shack

"The YAMAHA YC61 is finally here! I've been keen to try one out since the recent launch as Stage Keyboard is my favorite category of instrument. After a quick introduction and unboxing we'll do an overview and tour of the keyboard as I demo and review the features and sounds.

This keyboard is designed to give gigging musicians the most important sounds like Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer (Wurli) electric pianos, acoustic grand pianos and some "bread & butter" synth sounds. In this video I'll demonstrate and play some of these for you.

This keyboard is competing with the Nord Electro 6D so this comparison will be a topic for a future video, as well as deep dive demos of the organ, key and effects section, as well as some fun musical collaborations!

Topics covered:
► Unboxing
► introduction
► Build quality
► Keybed feel
► Hammond, Rhodes and piano models
► Organ and rotary speaker models
► Key sections
► FM synth sounds
► Effects
► Future plans, collaborations and comparison with Nord Electro"

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

Microfreak Trance ARP Vol.1

Igor Leus

"NatLife Sounds present you the first edition of the Microfreak ARP collection - Microfreak Trance ARP Vol.1.

It is an instance library, with a huge number of ARP's and Patches. Everything you need to turn your Microfreak into a Trance station - get this bank. Not everyone will believe that this small paraphonic digital synth can sounds like a famous JP 8000 from Roland, but it is.

The soundbank has a full feeling of 90' and earlier 2000' Trance sounding as most successful years of this style.

Soundset contains:

65 Patches
130 ARP Sequences (included in the patches!)"

ESK - Finegear Dust Collector with Drumcomputer, Bass and Synth


"Playing around demo with the Finegear Dust Collector analog effect device.
1. with an Arturia Drumbrute, analog drumcomputer
- kick 1 with tape saturation 1
- zap with tape saturation 2
- snare with delay
- the rest with phaser and spring reverb
2. with a bass guitar
Bass goes fist through a preamp and then in the Dust Collector FX.
All effects are routed serially.
3. with an analog synth, a Teisco 100P monophonic 1 VCO synth
All effects are routed serially.
All distortion you hear in the beginning ist form the tape saturation.

Direct recording with limiter on the master."

Shared System Tutorials | Part 27 | Taming the #Wogglebug

Cinematic Laboratory

"I did two video's last week called 'Exorcist' and 'Wogglebug Ambient'. I discovered so many cool stuff when I made those that I decided to take them down and create a Part 27 in my Shared System series. So I added some more background information (Part 05 is covering the basics) and tried the Wogglebug VCO's in a heavy metal production where the loud and ambient parts were mixed with a drum kit and some distortion from Native Instruments Driver VST. Wogglebug is definitely a module that needs time and discovery, but there are some really cool features in there to add spice and grit to your patches. Have fun and go annoy some critters!

Note: there's an overlay mentioning the Les Paul real guitar, but I took it out and forgot to remove the overlay text - so the metal part is only wogglebug and no real stuff.

Visit Cinematic on Soundcloud:"

-VOCODER- The Ramones Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)


The #Ramones On A Korg VC10 #Vocoder. Download Of This Song Available over Here! :-

Club Of The Knobs Season´s Greetings


"CLUB OF THE KNOBS - Modular Analogue Synthesizer wishes you a HAPPY 2021"

Modular Retro Sci-Fi

George Benton

"Using a sample and hold, LFO modulated Osc that ramps up and down using the 960 Sequencer. Noise sweep and an oscillator being modulated with another oscillator with some pitch sweeping. Alesis reverb and Moog analog delay."

Moog System15 modifications demo...


Interesting bit on Keith Emerson & Bob Moog at 6:24.

"A lot of modifications to make and modules to build to get the System15 ready for it's 'preset box'... Oh, and then the 'preset box' itself needs building as well..!"

Isla Instruments S2400 Video User Manual - Part 5: Programming Patterns

Part 5: Programming Patterns added here.

Korg ARP 2600 FS Semi-Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

FAIRLIGHT SERIES III Sampler Workstation Synthesizer

via this auction

"We are experts in most of the items we sell, but this one is an exception and we don't have the time or desire to learn about it as we don't normally deal in them. Its current state is somewhat unknown. A Fairlight expert we were in communication with by email says that the system looks to be in great condition, with no parts missing. He says the fact that the system starts is a good sign. It initially stopped the boot process while loading the main software from the HDD, so he suggested there was a dead or corrupted HDD. At that point, he said it had SW 6.03 installed, but that it seems many components had already been changed to later versions (which makes sense since the person we got it from had it upgraded in recent years). We replaced the HDD with a SCSI2SD adapter with OS 9.34 that the Fairlight expert sold us. He said this included the Fairlight sound library as well. At that point, we ran out of time and space as we had a lot of vintage analog synths in the shop that needed to be restored, so we put the unit back in storage, where it remained until we pulled it out to photograph it just recently. We did not test it otherwise due to lack of knowledge and lack of time to learn how to use this system and we're hoping to sell it as is, with the understanding that it will need to be checked out and serviced by a qualified Fairlight expert. Here's some additional info:

The original monitor does not appear to be working. The seller told us he wasn’t sure if it was the monitor or the monitor card (or both). We believe it’s the monitor, as it was putting out a very annoying high pitched sound. He said most people these days replace the Fairlight monitor board with a newly designed one so that it can be used with a new monitor instead. We confirmed this with another Fairlight expert. If you feel the need to use an original monitor, perhaps this one can be fixed, or maybe someone who upgraded their monitor card for use with a new monitor has an original they'd sell.

The person we got this unit from repainted the monitor, keyboard and QWERTY keyboard. There is also a cracked key on the piano style keyboard that we glued back together."

ROLAND MKS-70 SUPER JX w/ Original Box

via this auction

"This unit was fully refurbished and is better than all others on the market. It comes with its original box. We paid our tech for 4 hours of skilled labor plus parts costs to make this unit better than all others on the market. It actually came to us in perfect working order, but we wanted to do what we could to make it outlast all others, so we did the following preventative stuff: Replaced battery. Replaced power supply capacitors. Replaced all tact switches. Systematically tested multiple times and working perfectly."


via this auction

"Meticulously overhauled and working like new again. We paid our tech for nearly 8.5 hours of skilled labor plus parts costs to make this unit better than all others you may find…and more expensive.

The slide pots were replaced with new ones that work flawlessly and should last way longer than any vintage pots, the foam sheet separating the front panel from the circuit board that normally turns to a nasty tar like substance and melts onto / crumbled into everything was carefully removed and cleaned. All rotary pots and switches were cleaned up and lubed. New dust protectors were custom cut to replace the original foam previously mentioned. All keys were removed and cleaned. Felt under the keys was replaced so keyboard action would be as quiet as possible. Unit was recalibrated. All features were systematically tested by a professional vintage synth dealer with nearly 30 years of experience and are working perfectly. This is not your ordinary Rogue. Our investment of time, love and money is of course reflected in its sale price."

Lyricon 1 Wind Synthesizer SN 296

via this auction

"Rare Lyricon 1 wind synthesizer . We can't say it's completely not working , it's power up . When plug in to combo amp and makes one note tone sound and when pushing other key on instrument it's change note tone sound . When turn up and down volumes and tone potentiometers change tone and volume . All knobs and hardware is original. The case has a water damage as you can see on the pictures . The serial number on instrument is 296..."

Access Virus KC 61 Key Synthesizer

via this auction

"All works as it should and the synth is in good working order apart from two central keys are a bit temperamental due to the rubber contact strip underneath. This is definitely the problem as I have checked myself. I did clean the contacts and they did work briefly but will need replacing. Available from 'Syntaur' in the US for £4.99. I did also replace 3 keys in the past and they are slightly discoloured. This can be fixed with a UV light and Hydrogen Peroxide. Keys are easily removable to do this."

via this auction

Syntecno Teebee Mark III 1997

via this auction

Alesis A6 Andromeda 61-Key Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Erica synths Syntrx - "Rock 'n roll" by gattobus


"I bought myself this synth for Christmas, it arrived yesterday and I spent all night playing and tweaking... this is what came out from it.
Played and recorded on the fly, straight to my audio card, no FX added except for a little bit of compression.
I think I barely scratched the surface of this wild beast... but I already love it so much!!!
I had the chance to try a real EMS Synthi some time ago, Syntrx sounds different indeed, but the matrix structure offers the same possibilities with some extras. FM, Ring mod and even the spring reverb with feedback, all of them sound so musical in every setting! It's amazing!
I hope you enjoyed this short video!
Thanks for watching!"

Sonicware Liven 8 Bit Warps - Incredibly Dark Cinematic Pad


"I feel very lucky that the lovely people over at Sonicware have sent me a Liven 8Bit Warp to write some promotional material with. I'm still exploring what it can do but I've been very impressed so far. It's available here:

So here I'm exploring the FM engine to make pad sounds, a man can it do the dirtiest pad sounds! It has only a few controls for the FM engine, 6 in total if you don't count the common controls for envelope etc, but that still packs in the unusual ability to control the modulators oscillator frequency with an LFO, that's what you're hearing as the tone shifts around slowly as I play.

The only reverb used here is the built in 'INF' reverb which is quite bright so that helps the top end shine. To my ear this almost ends up sounding organic in nature, which is pretty special considering it's one of the least analog piece of equipment I could have built this pad sound on."

Modal Electronics Argon8 & Roland RE501 Chorus Echo


NOISY by Expressive E - Mike Pensini Preset Play-through Demo!

Mike Pensini

"NOISY by Expressive E is here!
To quote Expressive E - "A hybrid between physical modelling and subtractive synthesis, Noisy uses the principles of acoustic resonance to bring life to both electronic and acoustic sounds. Noisy was designed to generate highly playable, multidimensional sounds, whose textures and articulations can be easily combined and manipulated."
Sit back and enjoy as I play through a selection of NOISY's very expressive and diverse patches! As always, feel free to leave a comment below and hit the Subscribe button/turn on notifications to get my latest videos as they're released!
More info on Noisy can be found at the Expressive E website here:
- All sounds in this video are coming from NOISY
- All compositions and improvisations in this video are original"

Also see: Expressive E Introduces Noisy - physical modeling and subtractive synthesis

Mutable Instruments Elements / music synthesizer eurorack module unboxing [un-bagging?]

TS Music

It comes in a reusable zipper pouch? That's pretty cool.

KorgSongBuilder S3E1


"We're back with a whole new track for a new SongBuilder series, kicking things off with the NTS-1 playing an arpeggiated synth line and then adding some polish to it with some of those amazing built-in effects."

Patch n Tweak
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