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Monday, December 21, 2020

Novation Mininova/Ultranova Demo - Novatronix Soundset


"Novatronix is a meticulously programmed soundpack that provides you with an eclectic mix of 128 sounds for use with the Novation Mininova & Ultranova.

Novatronix mines the depths and complexity of this unique mini-synth. Experimental sounds are unearthed alongside abstract timbral shapes. Silky classics fuse with lush ambiences and glitchy overtones. The audio landscape that the Mininova provides is wide open for you to explore in your next musical project."

Discovered the above via the following listing:

Novation Ultranova Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Novatronix Soundset

via this auction

"Novation Ultranova Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Novatronix Soundset 128 Synth Patches"

You can find a demo of the Novatronix soundset posted here.

elektron sidstation w/ original box

via this auction

"Zenit & Nadir" a song by gattobus


"This song was born while I was playing around with my new SYNTRX from Erica Synths.
I recorded the entire performance on the fly then I added a Drum track (Roland TR-8S) and FX.

Instruments used:
- Erica Synths SYNTRX
- Roland TR-8S
- Arturia Keystep

FX (on Syntrx track):
- Valhalla Shimmer
- Ableton Echo

Recorded, mixed and mastered on Ableton Live 10.
Thanks for watching!

The Voice of the Daleks

via @selgart

Tombola vintage Korg 800DV | SynthFest 2021

"SynthFest France 2021 - Tombola vintage - Korg 800DV - 10€

SEQUENTIAL PROPHET 10(2020)/Prophet 5 SOUND-DEMO vs Prophet T8


"Der neue Prophet 10 (2020) bzw. Prophet 5 REV4 in schönen Soundbeispielen und im Vergleich mit dem Sequential Prophet T8."


"The new Prophet 10 (2020) or Prophet 5 REV4 in beautiful sound examples and in comparison with the Sequential Prophet T8."

Launchpad Pro - Custom Modes

Launchpad Pro - Custom Modes: Korg Minilogue // Novation
Launchpad Pro - Custom Modes: Korg Volca // Novation
Launchpad Pro - Custom Modes: Elektron Digitakt // Novation
Launchpad Pro - Custom Modes: Elektron Octatrack // Novation

Crumar Performer Goes Virtual


"Crumar is proud to present the first official virtual instrument: Performer.

UI design by: Pierre Collard
Code by:
- Luigi Felici @
- Michele Picaro @
- Guido Scognamiglio @
Project management by: Andrea Agnoletto

Video editing by Guido Scognamiglio, Andrea Agnoletto
Voiceover by: Luke Martin
Music by: Liqih @ & Michele Picaro



"It was back in 1979 when the italian company CRUMAR released the Performer. It was a 49 keys compact string machine with a brass section. The idea arrived after the success of the Multiman-S model (Orchestrator in USA). After few years, the company was enough smart to understand that the demand of musicians in 1979 was different and music was evolving differently in those days. Here came the CRUMAR Performer, a compact and more modern keyboard that seems perfect for the music of the upcoming '80a.

Performer uses the famous "TOS" configuration. This was a very common and practical way to achieve polyphony at that time: a high frequency clock drives a "top octave generator chip" which produces all the note frequencies for the top octave as a basic square waves. These square waves can be then be fed to frequency divider to produce a note an octave lower, then to another one to generate an octave below than that, and so on.

Performer used the Mostek MK50240N as a top octave synthesizer and used 12 TDA1008 as dividers to create a logical tonal grid according to which keys are being hit on the brass and 8' and 16' string mixes. From here there's an analog filter/envelope on the brass and EQ and analog delay section based on BBD chips for the string section. Performer had 2 hardware revisions during production years basically with these differences:

Rev.A - First instrument release.

Rev.B - Added an extra transpose switch and boards revision. The brass section was completely redesigned using chips from SSM company (Solid State Micro Technology for Music): one SSM2050 IC as envelope generator and one SSM2040 IC as 4-pole filter. SSM2040 is considered one of the best sounding filters for the way it can add harmonics to the original signal, for its resonance and small amounts of distortion when overdriven.

Brass sound is para-phonic.

After more than 40 years since the release of the CRUMAR Performer keyboard, and after one year of accurate and intensive research on the original instrument, sound, components and schematics and all its variants, we decided to offer the same playing experience with an accurate software, a faithful replica of the original hardware instrument.

Performer is a physical modeling simulation of the original vintage instrument.

Main features:

- Adjustable global and single note tuning.
- Fully polyphonic.
- Realistic control panel with sliders and buttons like the original.
- Accurate simulation of original circuitry.
- Selection for Rev.A and Rev.B filter.
- Selection for the "sustain modification".
- Built-in adjustable reverb and chorus effect.
- Simulation of pedals effect section including Graphic EQ, Phaser, Flanger and Analog Delay.
- On-screen help tips and readout values.
- Very low memory and CPU power needed.
- Easy MIDI-Learn feature.
- MIDI map import and export feature.
- Bank and program import and export feature.
- Compatible with Windows and OSX.

Wounded - Octatrack MK2, Digitakt, and Digitone Performance


"In this video I take my new Octatrack MK2 Anniversary edition for a spin with my Digitakt and Digitone. Again using the "remixer" setup with my Octatrack. The music feels somber to me, perhaps it's just that time of the year here in Seattle when the gloom gets in your room."

EZBOT Tutorial posts

Stimuli​-​Tumuli by Le Corbeau-Poisson

A new release from supporting member, Emmanuel Bawin aka Le Corbeau-Poisson. The release is limited to 10 copies on vinyl.

"This is a dark record about ancient spirits.

The only synth used on this record is the Soma Lyra-8. I also used the Moogerfooger MF-101, the PTdelay by Bugbrand and the Eventide Space.

Music, recording and cover by Emmanuel Bawin"

Korg KO-1 Kaosillator (from eBay): Unboxing & Demo

poorness studios

"I've been looking around for one of these for a while and finally decided to pull the trigger on a used one that came up on eBay. This is the K-01 Kaosillator from Korg. It's a phrase synthesizer that makes it surprisingly easy to create complex beats in seconds. Unfortunately, these are no longer made so you have to find them on the used market.

Unboxing @ 3:36
Overview @ 1:15
Functions @ 2:34
Sound Demo (with talking) @ 5:52
Sound Demo (no talking) @ 8:57
Final Thoughts @ 11:11"

Rare Maartists Music Pack MusicPack Roland M-64C JX-10 MKS-70 RAM Cartridge

via this auction

"2 cartridges in 1! Maartists Music Pack MusicPack Roland M-64C JX-10 MKS-70. 2 BANKS; pre-loaded with purchased Kid Nepro custom patches "JX-10/MKS-70 Vol 1 & 2"."

Note this is a supporting member post.

Roland PG-800 Synthesizer Programmer w/ cable

via this auction

"Dedicated PG-800 programmer for the Roland JX-8P, MKS-70 and JX-10 synthesizers. It offers complete control of all parameters realtime; much more functional for controlling parameters real-time vs using the newer CC/Midi control surfaces. Great Condition, includes the propriety din-cable as well."

Note this is a supporting member post.

Korg DW 8000 + Analog Pearl Patches SN 023903

Decade Defector

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm Used by Arturia

via this auction

Amazing studio shot from the listing. According to it, the CR-78 is the one used by Arturia to create their plug-in. See the seller's other items for more. A few are captured in posts below. A search for Celmar Engel will bring them up.

"Selling Studio gear coming from the personnel Collection of a famous French Music Producer, Celmar Engel... This is a Roland CR-78 in an amazing condition. No scratch, everything works perfectly and comes with the start/stop pedal. It was used by Arturia to create their CR78 plug in."

Oberheim Prommer

via this auction

"Selling Studio gear coming from the personnel Collection of a famous French Music Producer, Celmar Engel... This is an Oberheim Prommer, perfect to burn Eproms for Linn, Simmons and Oberheim of course"

ARP Pro Soloist

via this auction

"Selling Studio gear coming from the personnel Collection of a famous French Music Producer, Celmar Engel... This is an Arp Pro soloist (pro gdx) in a very Condition. A little scratch on the top of the panel. One cap is missing."

ARP pro dgx

via this auction

"Selling Studio gear coming from the personnel Collection of a famous French Music Producer, Celmar Engel... This is an ARP Pro GDX in a very good condition."

Korg 900 PS (1975)

via this auction

"Selling Studio gear coming from the personnel Collection of a famous French Music Producer, Celmar Engel... This is a Korg 900 PS. A few scratch on the machine and the wooden sides. 1 cap on the pitch bend is missing + 2 protection felt."

Oberheim Xpander SN Y72702

via this auction

"Selling Studio gear coming from the personnel Collection of a famous French Music Producer, Celmar Engel... This is an Oberheim in a very good condition. A few scratch on the right wooden side panel."

Moog Memorymoog SN 1189

via this auction

"A well kept memory moog, just serviced. Everything is original. Factory presets. Over all this memory moog is in very nice shape and plays great. Only known issues: The wood on each side show some minor wear, see photos. This display intermittently misses one character, doesn’t really affect anything. Other than that, this moog is in great shape"

Roland JX 3P Analog Synthesizer Keyboard SN 372910

via this auction, also on Reverb

KORG SQ-10 Vintage Analog Sequencer CV Synthesizer Controller SN 153122

via this auction

KORG MS-03 Signal Processor Guitar Synthesizer Interface Signal CV Converter SN 181063

via this auction

KORG MS-02 Vintage Analog Synthesizer Interface CV Converter SN 170114

via this auction

YAMAHA CS15 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 8367

via this auction

"This unit is working perfectly. Some KNOB CAPS TOP has been painted."

Norand Mono - PatchOfTheWeek #8


"Every week (give or take) a new patch with the Norand Mono.

Here is a new patch : An electro pattern with kick, hat, clap, bass, and zap. No effects or processing."

Norand Mono - PatchOfTheWeek posts

Schlappi Engineering 100 Grit // Eurorack filter, VCA, distortion & feedback noise instrument


"Here we have the fantastic solo noise instrument, characterful filter (clean or distorted), VCA, feedback machine and more … the 100 Grit from Schlappi Engineering.

The 100 Grit is a 4 pole low pass filter with two inputs we can push into soft character saturation, multiple modulation points including a novel set of brass ball touch points and output VCA. There’s a clean and distorted output with additional 100x gain switch we can be performed as a momentary switch as well. Throughout the module there’s normalised feedback from different points of the circuit routing different filter pole outputs to CV the output VCA, distortion circuits points to the inputs of filter modulation all of which give a series of unique and interactive tone shaping options."

See this post for additional details on the Schlappi Engineering 100 Grit. See this post for an interview with Eric Schlappi, and see here for additional demos. See the dealers on the right for availability.

Acid Rain Maestro is Bomb Diggity

Red Means Recording

"The Acid Rain Maestro is a six-channel cv modulation module for your eurorack system. It can create complex chains of timed modulation, mute and unmute individual tracks or full tracks, save and load banks. It's super performative and quick to respond and absolutely has the ability to be the conductor of your entire eurorack system. In this video, we'll walk through how it works."

Also see this video by EZBOT.

Galassi - Lancia Stratos Prototype

Sebastian Galassi

Synth used:

Roland Super JX 10 - Bass and Polysynth
Roland JX3p - Lead
AKAI S900 - Drums

Moog Modular Ambient - Subharmonicon and Mother 32


"Hello! Here's another ambient synth performance on the Subharmonicon and Mother 32. This time the focus is around a more plucked sound from the Subharmonicon with the Mother 32 sequenced overtop. The LFO rate on the Mother 32 is being controlled by the sequencer of the subharmonicon, so you get some cool varying modulation."

NightRadio - Cosmic Oscillons (+tape versions)

Alexander Zolotov

00:00 Original
04:32 Recorded on tape 1: ECP GM 90
08:59 Recorded on tape 2: TDK (fake?)
13:26 Recorded on tape 3: unknown
17:53 Recorded on tape 4: TASMA MK-60-17 (type 2)
Music: Cosmic Oscillons by NightRadio 2020
Made in #SunVox modular studio:
Tape recorder: A&D GX-Z7000 (recorded from iPad mini 2)
Tape player: BASF D-6335 HIFI RC

A quick stream in a slow forest

"Pensive piano-driven ambience with heavy processing, influenced by the late great Harold Budd and his collaborations with Eno and Lanois.

Piano chords: Soft Piano sample in Disting EX, sequenced by Mimetic Digitalis. Modifying envelope time leads to some notes being omitted, giving subtle variations in the notes played.

Treatment chain 1: L1 Stereo Microcompressor into Verbos Multi Delay, with Intellijel μVCF resonant bandpass in feedback loop.

Treatment chain 2: Pittsburgh Filter resonant highpass into Rings in Sympathetic Strings mode. Structure modulated by a sequence in a polymetric relationship to the chord sequence, giving variations to the emergent background pitches.

Overall effects: Chronoblob 2 and 2hp Verb."

Patch n Tweak
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