MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, February 4, 2021

Thursday, February 04, 2021

Altair-4: 100 patches for SPC ArcSyn (no talking)

video by Richard DeHove

"A complete walkthrough of all 100 patches. Every patch includes a variation via the modwheel. Everything was played live in one take - no overdubs, MIDI or automation. See the little keyboard and modhweel bar which shows exactly what I'm doing. Of course there are absolutely no external effects or processing of any kind. (The little clicks you hear at the end of some sounds is me changing the patch before the last sound has completely finished).

This set homes in on some of the unique strengths of ArcSyn: the incredible 16-step LFO lane, self-generating randomizations, ambient evolving textures, moody keys and leads, and syncronizing multiple LFOs to create deep BPM-locked layers. You'll find sweetness here, weird modulating pads and textures, deeply ambient minimalist bleeps, heavy drums, and penetrating BPM bass.

Even after five years ArcSyn is still my favorite softsynth to program and play. I'm sure you'll see that come through with this soundset.

Sound categories:
0:00​ Solo sounds
2:27​ BPM synced
10:09​ Textures
19:44​ Arps
20:41​ Bass (many more in the Sync category)
22:20​ Keys
30:00​ Lead
34:00​ Pads
38:31​ SFX

To purchase please visit my site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon, including this soundset:
And for people who read to the end: use the coupon code fiveyears for a $5 discount :)"

Noise Engineering: 3 patches to start off 2021 - Live Modular Jam Session

video by Noise Engineering

"Jam 1 - 'Decisions'

I’m using the STO through Sinc Bucina and Basimilus Iteritas Alter as the two voices in this patch. The STO is patched through Eventide and the BIA through Imitor Versio. I was able to get a string-like sound out of the STO+SB with an orchestral heavy drum out of the BIA. I liked the tension these two built on each other throughout this piece which is why I called it 'Decisions'.

Jam 2 - 'First Rainstorm of the Season'

I’m using two voices in this patch, STO and BIA. I’ve been using the SB to make an enveloped voice out of the free running STO, and using the Zularic Repetitor, Bin Seq, Pons Asinorum to sequence triggers and envelopes into the two osc’s. Just Friends is the main LFO source while the Imitor (IV flashed onto Versio) and Eventide process one osc each. I’m using the Vox Digitalis as the primary melody source and patching it into the XAOCTirana “transpose” cv input to get a progression of melodies with four different roots, programmed on the Tirana. The tirana root note moves forward every 8 iterations of the entire VD pattern. Before being patched into the mixer, both “parts” are sent through the two channel filter.

Jam 3 - 'Up All Night'
This patch follows some of the signal pathways already explored in Jams 1 and 2, but for 3 I really wanted to use the beat pattern found often in Reggaeton/Latin Trap (kick on 1st beat, snare on 4th and 7th) and see where I could take it.

Want to be the first to know what's happening with Noise Engineering? Sign up and receive updates about our product releases and other news on our website at:"

Hampshire Electronics HamEl Eurorack Modules

I beleive this is the first Hampshire Electronics aka HamEl post on the site.

3340 VCO Synth Module // Eurorack Analogue Oscillator Overview // Hampshire Electronics
Amazing Modular Synth Jam by 13 Year Old // Hampshire Electronics
Quad VCA Synth Module // Eurorack Voltage Controlled Amplifier Overview // Hampshire Electronics
Analogue Sequencer Modular Synth Jam // Eurorack Modules // Hampshire Electronics
Delay (Delay, Delay, Delay) Modular Synth Jam // Eurorack Modules // Hampshire Electronics

via this auction

Modules include:

3340 VCO Synth Module
ADSR Envelope Generator
Ring Modulator
Quad VCA
LP VCF Filter
Dual VCF
8 Step Sequencer

Distant Light - 5U Modular Synthesizer and RAW STRINGS VST

video by Ariyo Shahry

"To celebrate the release of Raw Strings VST by my friends at Sudden Audio, I worked on this piece to utilize the incredible and unique sounds you can create with this plugin. Enjoy

The base of my modular system is a System 66. Over time I've added other modules to extend my system.

Multitrack recording and drums are programed using Logic Pro X
The video is shot on Fujifilm XT3 camera body with a Fujifilm XF 56mm F/1.2, Fujifilm XF 16mm F1.4, and Fujifilm XF 35mm F2 Lenses.

In this video the following are featured:
- RawStrings VST
- Moog One
- Moon Modular M 569 Quad Sequential Voltage Source
- Moon Modular M 543 Stereo Output Mixer
- Moon Modular M 564 V2: Quad Sequential Switch
- Corsynth C110 2044VCF
- Club of the knobs (COTK) C1680 Voltage Controlled Analog Delay
- Custom made Look Mum No Computer (LMNC) Safety Valve by Laurutis
- Ultra Voltage Controlled OSC (MOTM 300 in moog format) by
- FSFX 102 Granular Audio Processor (5U / MU format adaptation of the Mutable Instruments Clouds)
- FSFX 101 Macro Digital Oscillator
- Dove Audio WTF Oscillator
- CorSynth C107 Quad Linear VCA/VC Mixer
- Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter
- Q106 Oscillator (VCO)
- Q109 Envelope Generator
- Q110 Noise Source
- Maestro Acid Rain Technology"

10 reasons why the Akai MPC One might be the synthesiser workstation you were looking for

video by Floyd Steinberg

"I had the Akai MPC One for 2 months now, and I'm quite happy with this groovebox (better: synthesiser workstation), so here's list of things I really like about it, that you could like, too (if you're into hardware synths). Table of contents:

00:00​ quick jam (midi loop)
00:20​ hi
01:00​ #1
01:29​ #2
01:58​ #3
03:35​ #4
04:43​ #5
05:29​ #6
06:15​ #7
06:51​ #8
07:55​ #9
08:28​ #10
09:16​ bye-bye
09:38​ rest of the intro jam

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#16operators​ Pocket Operator Community Challenge Jam (+Free Samplepack)

video by Perplex On

"I had the great pleasure to contribute some samples and this jam for the #16operators​ community project, where 16 artists from all genres submitted own samples which were compiled into one fine sample pack for all PO133 and PO33. Each artist got the final pack and jammed with it. Super exciting to hear the wide range of results all based on the same pack. A big thank you goes out to @AA Battery​ for starting and finalizing this project! Check out his channel for a video of all submissions, it’s spectacular. [You can find his #16operators video below]

You can find the free sample pack here:"

#16operators​ - 1 samplepack
video by AA Battery

"The idea to make a samplepack for the @teenageengineering Pocket Operator PO-33 KO (or PO-133 Street Fighter) with 16 diverse samples grew in me and I thought I’d ask some PO-Masters in the community to provide me 1 sample. After the pack was complete, they each made a jam with it to see how diverse the outcome is given the same source material. Really amazing!

The samplepack can be downloaded here:"

ASD UBER Jupiter-8 for Korg Kronos Analog Synthesizer Sample Pack

video by

Just a quick demo of 001-023 programs from the
Korg Kronos UBER Jupiter-8 Sample Collection!
128 CUSTOM Roland Jupiter-8 Program sounds!
88 Multisounds!! Super FUN to have & play! It's my favorite UBER collection for sure!
I'm just having a noodle (& I mess up quite a bit!) so please be nice! :)
This is the Korg Kronos Jupiter-8 sample pack you have been looking for!

Get the Jupiter-8 VIBE in your KRONOS! Same Day Download!

1 hour with Sequential Prophet 10 and Zoia - No Dialogue

video by Major OSC

"Prophet 10 - 1 full hour. Non-stop playing.
At various points I'll use summit's reverb, delay, and chorus, but limited enough to allow the dry signal to still be distinguishable. At certain points, where you hear the stereo image become much bigger and wider, that's the Empress Zoia. All of this made possible using sends off a Mackie 16 channel VLZ4, feeding post fader directly to a prism sound titan. Full of deadmau5 and Pryda covers, along with some random improv. Big pads in the last 10 minutes. Enjoy!

REV 1/2 SSM Filter

3:32​ - Chords w/ Empress Zoia Chorus Added + Summit Reverb
10:00​ - Gnarly Lead
11:11​ - Filter Lead Variant
12:25​ - Closed Filter Resonant Lead
14:58​ - Summit Delay Added
16:40​ - PolyMod w/ Osc2 - Big Layered Mono Pluck
18:32​ - Pitch Madness
19:30​ - More Modulation Exploration
22:00​ - Pumping Filter
23:17​ - More pumping and Mods
25:50​ - Rhythmic Melodic Riffs
28:21​ - Rhythmic chord progressions and comping
29:05​ - crunchier version
30:10​ - Some crunchy variant of "The Hand that Feeds"
35:30​ - more movement
36:27​ - PWM movement
43:05​ - R2D2
44:35​ - Strobe-ish
45:44​ - Armed
46:18​ - Faxing Berlin
47:49​ - The Veldt
49:51​ - Sol
51:33​ - Big Pad with Zoia Chorus added + Summit Reverb
52:00​ - More Pad + More Reverb
52:57​ - More Melody and Longer Release Times
53:30​ - Trippy unstable String Pad
54:11​ - Stable String pad
54:34​ - Heavy Deep Chords w/ lots of Summit Reverb & small amount of Zoia chorus
55:55​ - Chord progression to the Agenda
57:00​ - Big Ambient Blues


38:21​ - Filter & PWM movement
39:35​ - Rezy Rev3 Filter Rise
40:40​ - REZY Filter Dives
44:05​ - Sawtoothy / Rezy w/ AT LFO pitch Vibrato
51:50​ - Deep Pad with Zoia Chorus + Summit Reverb"

Kaleidoscopics // Synth Jams: OB-6, opsix, MC-707, TR-808

video by MR TUNA Music

"Kaleidoscope visuals because my camera dies half-way through ;)
I got lost in them pretty quick actually.

0:00​ intro
2:27​ Kaleidoscopes

CRISS - Chat-Reactive Interdimensional Space Synthesizer

video by Perfect Circuit

"CRISS - Chat-Reactive Interdimensional Space Synthesizer is an interactive sound and visual environment that reacts to chat messages in the live stream.

The controls are generated with Cycling 74's Max and all of the sounds and visuals are generated in real time by eurorack modular synthesizers.

Check out our selection of music gear here:"

Make Noise STREGA | Overview & Exploration

video by Sarah Belle Reid

"A walkthrough of the new semi-modular synth from Make Noise called STREGA, containing an instrument overview and patch tutorials. I also create a piece of music that uses STREGA in every single track alongside voice and brass.

The full piece, titled "MASS," is available for download on my Patreon page:

0:00​ Introduction
0:45​ What is STREGA?
3:27​ How Does STREGA Work?
4:41​ STREGA Walkthrough

12:50​ Patch One: Bridges & Gateways
16:07​ Patch Two: Gestural Chaos
19:26​ Patch Three: Melody
22:16​ Interlude: Thoughts on Getting to Know STREGA
27:35​ Patch Four: STREGA & Max/MSP
30:17​ Patch Five: Processing External Sounds

36:25​ Track Preview: "MASS"

If you're interested in checking out patch notes and diagrams for 10 Strega patches, ranging from drone-based to gestural and chaotic, visit:

To find out more about Strega, visit:"

Hydrasynth + Sensel Morph Improvisation | Sarah Belle Reid

video by Sarah Belle Reid

"An afternoon improvisation with a chaotic, generative patch on the ASM Hydrasynth desktop synthesizer, using the Sensel Morph MIDI controller."

Glitching the Buchla Easel Command

video by Sarah Belle Reid

"Experimenting with running the Buchla Easel Command (208C) into a granular glitch sampler patch made in Max/MSP.

00:00​ Intro
2:12​ About the Buchla Easel Command
6:45​ Overview of my granular glitch max patch
12:18​ Improvisation with the 208C & Glitch patch

To access an extended patch walkthrough for both the Easel Command patch and the max/msp glitch patch, check out my Patreon member's community:"

Buchla Modular Synth & Flugelhorn Improvisation | Sarah Belle Reid

video by Sarah Belle Reid

"An improvised session playing quarter tone flugelhorn, a Buchla modular synthesizer, voice, and additional processing in Max/MSP.

For patch notes/description, to support this channel, and/or to download the full audio from this performance, visit:"

Buchla Modular Synthesizer + Voice Improvisation | Sarah Belle Reid

"An improvised performance on a Buchla modular synthesizer as part of the New York Modular Society's "Off the Grid" livesteam concert series, Oct. 2020."

Living Room Concerts: Buchla Modular System Duo | Sarah Belle Reid and Ryan Gaston

video by Sarah Belle Reid

"The second video in a series of informal living room concerts, put on by Sarah Belle Reid and Ryan Gaston. In this concert we are improvising on two Buchla systems: a 200-series clone modular synthesizer, and a mixed system featuring a 208 clone and 223e Tactile Input Port."

Playing with SpazeDrum #8

video by gotharman

"This time playing with SpazeDrum Blue."

Playing with SpazeDrum posts

Modal ARGON8X Digital Dream Wavetable Digital Synthesizer Rik Marston

video by Rik Marston Official

"Perfect Wavetable synthesizer power!
The Modal Electronics ARGON8X is very cool indeed!

This quick demo of a digital PAD shows it can do BEAUTIFUL!

This synthesizer is a BLAST to use & record with, great value!
Special shout out to ROB for letting me demo his synthesizer!"

Rik's Links:
Ahnyxian Sound Design:


Record 17 tracks from op-z / ipad headphone trick / multiple input / output audio

op-z into ipad usbc and headphones video by michael nervous

This tip is in via michael nervous.

"Normally when you use the usb-c cable from the op-z to the ipad it will recognise the op-z as an audio interface for in and out. if you plug your headphones in after the ipad recognizes the op-z it will keep the op-z as an audio interface for input and use the headphone as the output. If you close the app you will have to unplug your headphones and plug back in.

In this video I show how to 'trick' the ipad into using a separate output from the audio device in and out of the op-z. Using a usb hub and plugging in the headphones after the apps are open the ipad recognises the different output.

Also recording all 16 midi tracks into separate tracks on the ipad while recording the stereo audio input while monitoring headphones and screen recording the audio/video.

Also showing the new video portion of the photmatic motion track, Screen recording.

This video was a proof of concept and I can do more tests and make a better video if there is a need for it.

I made the video just after the OP-Z update to photmatic and just forgot to upload because.....both the afx station and blackbox showed up within days of each other."

Synthetic Sound Labs Serge Triple Waveshaper // Review // Patch Examples // Tips

video by Synthesizer Reviews // Tips // Patch Tutorials

"Synthetic Sound Labs Serge Triple Waveshaper // Review // Patch Examples // Tips

In this video I explore the Synthetic Sound Labs Serge Triple Waveshaper - Model 1050. I’ve also included examples, patch tutorials and tips about how I use the module. This is a deceptively simple module can enhance any system by expanding the tonal capabilities of the modules owned and the sounds I produced.

I've only begun to discover the possibilities of this Waveshaper. If you own one and have any additional insight please leave tips and suggestions in the comments."

Teensy Gurdy Synthesizer Demo

video by BanjoMasterPete

"A demonstration of the capabilities of my latest project which is based on the working principles of a hurdy gurdy. 12 strings (9 momentary, 3 latching) are activated by touching their corresponding touch plate and tuned using the knobs above them. These strings are mixed into a master filter where the rotational speed of the encoder crank controls the cutoff frequency. Additional controls above the crank affect filter resonance, master volume, and the attack/decay of the touch envelopes. The switches activate the tuning mode which ignores encoder input and change the wave shape of the strings. Some plate reverb was added about halfway through, otherwise this is a direct recording."

Previous incarnation:

Teensy-based Hurdy Gurdy Synth
"Here's a short demo of an instrument I've been working on. Liberal use of reverb helps mask the inconsistencies"

Using a tape deck as a rudimentary synthesizer

video by TheDzhoel

"Demo of using a feedback loop between the input of a Pioneer CT-F6060 and the output of a Sansui R-5 amplifier to create a pseudo moog with only a hifi stack feeding into itself. Maybe its useful or not, you can decide that."

WTFM Wavetable FM Synthesizer (RackExtension for Reason)

video by Turn2on Software

"WTFM is not an FM synthesizer in the traditional sense.
Rather it is a hybrid synthesizer which uses the flexibility of Wavetables in combination with FM synthesizer Operators.
WTFM Wavetable FM Synthesizer produces complex harmonics by modulating the various selectable WT waveforms of the oscillators using further oscillators (operators).
Imagine the flexibility of the FM Operators using this method. Wavetables are a powerful way to make FM synthesis much more interesting.
Available in Reason AddOn Shop"

WTFM is not an FM synthesizer in the traditional sense.

Rather it is a hybrid synthesizer which uses the flexibility of Wavetables in combination with FM synthesizer Operators.

WTFM Wavetable FM Synthesizer produces complex harmonics by modulating the various selectable WT waveforms of the oscillators using further oscillators (operators).

Imagine the flexibility of the FM Operators using this method. Wavetables are a powerful way to make FM synthesis much more interesting.

WTFM is based on the classical Amp, Pitch and Filter Envelopes with AHDSR settings. PRE and POST filters include classical HP/BP/LP modes. 6 FXs (Vocoder / EQ Band / Chorus / Delay / Reverb) plus a Limiter which adds total control for the signal and colours of the Wavetable FM synthesis.

Operators Include 450+ Wavetables (each 64 singlecycle waveforms) all sorted into individual Categories.

The synthesizer includes a basic Modulation matrix for the main settings, special FX mod matrix, and also individual modulation routings to the various synthesizer elements.

WTFM includes 5 special modes:

Traditional Wavetable (WT) synthesis. 4 oscillators, each including 450+ Wavetables sorted into categories.

Classical 4-OP FM synthesis: each operator use 450+ Wavetables to modulate other operators in various routing variations of 24 FM Algorithms.

FM WT MOD SYNTHESIS: The selected Wavetable modulates the frequency of the FM Operators (Tune / Ratio).

RINGMOD Synthesis: The selected Wavetable modulates the Levels of the FM Operators similarly to a RingMod

FILTER FM Synthesis: The selected Wavetable modulates the Filter Frequency of the synthesizer.

This is a modern FM synthesizer with easy to program traditional AHDSR envelopes, four LFO lines, powerful modulations, internal effects, 24 FM algorithms. Based on the internal wavetable's library with rich waveform content: 32 categories, 450+ wavetables (each with 64 single-cycle waveforms), up to 30,000 waveforms in all.

Classical oldschool FM synthesizers give control of the Operator Levels and Ratio as a main function. WTFM additionaly works with the Operators, morphing waveforms of the selected wavetable. The era of oldschool FM synthesis is now moving to the future.

Should you wish however, you can of course go back to its origins using the included classical waveforms

Pallas Techno

video by max forcats

"Max for Cats crafts Software Instruments, Effects, MIDI devices, Sound Design and Samples for Ableton Live."

Pallas details posted back in 2017 here.

Elektron Analog Four MkII Synth w/ Original Box

via this auction

Sequential Pro 3 Paraphonic Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Acidlab Robokop Eurorack Module

via this auction

"Acidlab Robokop is a Eurorack module of the trigger sequencer part of the company's analog drum machine Miami. It supports step input (STEP WRITE) and real-time input (TAP WRITE), allowing you to create rhythm patterns intuitively and quickly. Using MIDI IN and SYNC terminals, it is possible to perform in sync with a MIDI clock sync that uses other MIDI devices as a master, or a vintage rhythm machine equipped with DIN SYNC (SYNC24). The number of patterns is 8 patterns x 12 pattern groups (1 pattern up to 16 steps) = 96 patterns, and up to 12 tracks (songs) that combine patterns can be created and saved.
You can build a modular version of Miami by combining it with Acidlab's drum modules, or you can build your dream analog drum system by combining it with other companies' drum modules.

Moog The Rogue SN 6699

via this auction

"Classic, real, amazing two-oscillator true analog vintage Moog sound - incredibly fat and powerful for all types of mono sounds including synth bass, synth lead, synth brass, cv/gate sequences, FX etc. etc. Comes with power adapter, technical service information manual, and two blank patch sheets. The user manual is freely available in pdf on the Internet."

Realistic by Moog MG-1 Concertmate Synthesizer SN 14 737

via this auction

"Modifications ( these were done before I owned the synth ) : the pulse light was changed from Red to Green - The headphone jack was moved onto the side rendering the front one unusable

Includes a dust cover my wife made for it .

Operational Condition: All sliders knobs and external triggers work as they should . The notorious “black foam of death” has been removed, which is a major headache with these units, so you're good to go with keys that won't stick. the RCA ports have not been tested since I never had to use them and do not have a cable I can't say either way.

Cosmetic Condition: There are a few minor surface scratches see photos. Overall condition is a 9 out of 10, especially considering it's nearly 40 years old."

PAiA Gnome Mini Synthesizer

via this auction


via this auction

Patch Notes: TM404

video by FACTmagazine

"Swedish producer Andreas Tilliander started out as one of the ’00s glitch scene’s most notable artists, but for the past decade he has created dub techno-inspired music with his extensive collection of modern and vintage hardware under the TM404 alias.

Tilliander’s latest album as TM404, Syra, is a combination of high-energy techno for the club and the kind of dreamy acid dub tracks that characterised the project’s self-titled debut from 2013, due to Tilliander being restricted to a small collection of equipment as it was partly recorded in a studio flat in Berlin as part of an artist residency.

On this week’s episode of Patch Notes, filmed at his studio in Sweden, Tilliander has access to his full range of equipment and records an experimental dub techno set that makes use of everything from an EMS Synthi A to Elektron’s Analog Rytm.

Syra is available now on Bandcamp:

Filmed by Lisa Ulfves and Kristofer Ulfves"

ylva - LYV (elektron digitone live set)

video by ylva trax

"download the set and the whole digitone project file (sysex) here:

00:00​ - Port
03:55​ - Cumb
07:08​ - Fineliner
10:43​ - Laurel
16:12​ - F.R.N
18:31​ - Zenith Call
23:02​ - A.D"

Doepfer A - 196 PPL Phase Locked Loop

video by RinghausenMusic

Doepfer A-196 posts

Patch n Tweak
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