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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Pantala Labs Vega - New Open Source Eurorack Stochastic Sequencer

video by Gibran Salomao


"Stochastic Sequencer with probabilistic and direct access notes and control over:

root note
loop in and out
dynamic envelope shape variation
2 cv ins routable to 8 parameters
note size
center octave
same note / different note
4 other algorithms mode (stochastic bubbles, GOL, Markov)
MIDI out.

INs: sync , reset

OUTs: master clock (trigger), valid trigger(trigger), note (CV)and dynamic envelope(CV);

Open source CC-BY-SA"

Erica Synths DB-01 Quick Tip: Filter Tracking

video by Richard DeHove

"The DB-01 doesn't have tracking by default, but it's easy to activate by CV. There's some other internal CV patching that can give interesting results as well!

0:00​ Setting up filter tracking
0:45​ Tracking with noise
1:14​ LFO in noise mode
1:40​ Useful resonance
2:36​ Clock to Gate In
3:12​ Clock to CV In
3:55​ Odd 'delay' effect
4:30​ Adding white noise"
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:

Richard DeHove DB-01 posts

Yamaha EX5 VL (1998)


Dates: 1998 - 2000
Keyboard: 76 keys
Storage memory: 512 preset; 256 user; 128 performances

Ensoniq ESQ-1 VL (1985)


Filter: 1 analog resonant low-pass per voice
Keyboard: 61 keys
Polyphony: 8 voices
Storage memory: 40 patches internal; 80 extra with an expansion card
Oscillator: 3× single-cycle wavetable-lookup oscillators per voice
Dates: 1985 - 1989

Blade Runner Theme Jam/Cover: Sequential OB-6, Alesis MIDIVerb II, CME XKey 37 with Poly Aftertouch

video by thesrabbit

"Like the title says, the music is obviously from the movie Blade Runner, the legendary soundtrack by the mighty Vangelis. This isn't really intended to be a cover per se, but more of a Blade Runner Theme inspired jam to check out some new gear that I acquired over the weekend. I don't even know if I'm playing the right notes or if I'm in the right key, so please don't be offended if I have butchered some things. In fact, I may have borrowed from the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack without realizing it, since I watched that movie recently. So I'd better give props to all the greats: Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, and Benjamin Wallfisch.

Fresh in over the weekend is the Alesis MIDIVerb II rack unit and CME XKey 37 (with poly aftertouch). Tonight I turned on the MIDIVerb II for the first time and quickly found preset 29, "XLarge Warm 15 seconds". It seems to work very well with the Sequential OB-6 on the GeoSynths 016 preset. Is the MIDIVerb II a poor man's Lexicon 224? Probably not, but I think it still sounds very nice and has that thing called "character". It's definitely very digital and very 80's. The CME XKey 37 is plugged straight into the MIDI In port of the OB-6. This is my first time ever trying to play anything with polyphonic aftertouch. For those who are not aware, the keyboard of the OB-6 does not transmit polyphonic aftertouch, but the synth responds to it over MIDI. I set the sensitivity on the XKey as low as possible (I think), but as you can see (and hear), I still struggled a lot to control it, and that's with hardly any aftertouch depth dialed in on the synth, like 2 semitones of pitch bend at maximum pressure. The effects on the synth are turned off and there are no other effects besides the MIDIVerb II. The mix on the MIDIVerb II is approximately 45% dry and 55% wet. There is no additional processing. The sound you're hearing is straight out of the MIDIVerb II's outputs directly into a Focusrite audio interface, recorded to a single stereo track.

I think it sounds pretty good. Imagine what it would sound like played by someone who can actually play.

For OB-6 owners, you can find the GeoSynths preset here as part of the Evolution Volume 1 set:​"

Universal Power Plate - A Modular Synthesizer Power Supply Build

video by John L Rice

"I needed to upgrade a power supply for my large format modular synth so I thought I'd document most of the process I typically go through.

0:00​​ Introduction
1:28​ Safety Warning
1:56​ Parts Description
3:50​ Power Inlet Install
5:23​ Main Unit Install
7:13​ Banana Jack Install
8:23​ Distribution Board Build
11:58​ Distribution Board Install
13:03​ AC Wiring
17:13​ DC Wiring
19:56​ Done, Comparison, and Thanks Richard Brewster
20:49​ Image Of PSU Installed (improvised music starts)
21:09​ Bonus Section - Building Cables (no talking)
22:50​ (music continues with random video clips)
25:28​​ End

The main parts I used:
JLR UPP custom rack panel from
Qualtek 864-03/001 AC inlet, filter, fuse, switch
Bel Power HAA-0.8-AG linear power supply
MOTM-900 power distribution board from

Video gear: Canon C100 MkII camera and Canon EFS 10-18mm lens
Voiceover gear: Neumann TLM-193 mic and John Hardy M-1 preamp
Music gear: Modular synthesizer, Mellotron M4000D, Yamaha FS1R, Strymon pedals

Richard Brewster's blog page that got me started making rackmount power supplies:

As always, thank you for watching, rating, following, and commenting! 🥳
Please consider "buying me a coffee" if you found this content helpful or entertaining:"

Korg Krome/EX - New Custom Sounds

video by Igor Leus

Buy Soundbank -

Waldorf Streichfett String Synthesizer | Play (Sounds demo)

video by Whentherushcomes

"Playing the Waldorf Streichfett String Synthesizer.

Streichfett combines the best of the previously extinct species of String Synthesizers of the 70s and early 80s. Its dual sound engine features a fully polyphonic strings section and an eight voice solo section, which is essential for recreating classic movie sounds from the 70s and 80s."

New Noise Engineering Ruina Versio Deep Dive

Ruina Versio is the newest edition to the Versio family, announced here on the 18th.

From the blog:​


1. Blog: Ruina Versio Doom parameter
That’s right, you can finally get your very own DOOM knob on a Eurorack module! Trust us, it lives up to its name. It’s kind of like a demented overdrive, drunken suboctave generator, and overtone creator all in one knob. This is one that’s definitely better heard than talked about…
2. Blog: Ruina Versio Blend parameter
Blend is the dry/wet control for Ruina (and most of the other Versio firmwares), changing the balance between the original, unprocessed signal (dry) and the distorted signal (wet). On any effect the dry/wet balance is important, but on Ruina it’s a key feature: Ruina can distort things a LOT, so having some dry signal is really important to keep things sounding how you want. Or, just crank it all the way up and let things really drive!

Of course, it can also be CV’d. Take a listen to this clip, where we’re slowly modulating the dry/wet mix to create tension in a patch.
3. Blog: Ruina Versio UND/X/OVR and OFF/ON/TRK
The switches on RV control the internal signal routing, and the notch filter respectively. Let’s start at the top: UND/X/OVR changes the routing of the input signal through the different distortion units on RV. UND is probably the mildest, and OVR is the most extreme, with X somewhere in the middle. OVR mode actually has two separate points where signals are wavefolded.

OFF/ON/TRK gives you a notch filter: in OFF mode, it’s, um, off. Give yourself a point if you guessed that! ON mode turns it… on. More specifically, it’s a fixed-frequency notch set to 1kHz. I always ask for cuts at 1kHz because that’s a “traditional” sound design technique when making reeses and that sort of sound.

TRK mode makes the notch variable, with its frequency controlled by Center.
4. Blog: Ruina Versio 8vize parameter
This is another one that takes inspiration from the Distortion of the Month series: it’s a similar effect to the Pura Ruina, being a multistage full-wave rectifier. These sorts of distortions can create effects that sort of sound like they’re pitched up an octave, hence the name.
5. Blog: Ruina Versio Smoosh button
Smoosh. Press for INSTANT GAIN: 128dB of it, to be precise. The great thing is it can be externally triggered, too, so you can sequence your Smoosh-ing! Smoosh? Smoosh.
6. Blog: Ruina Versio Fold parameter
Finally, the famed NE Infinifold (is it really famed? We like to tell ourselves it is, at least. If you’ve ever wanted to use the fold on the BIA or other NE oscillators to process anything in your rack, BEHOLD.) breaks free! This thing can get REALLY gnarly: it’s got a lot more distortion power than a traditional wavefolder. And in a certain routing mode (yes, you can reroute the whole module’s signal path just by flipping a switch) it appears in the signal chain twice, just in case one round of folding wasn’t enough.

Let’s give this Fold thing a listen.
7. Blog: Ruina Versio Phase parameter
Phase shifts the phase of the input signal around to give you some artificial stereo effects, even if your input signal is mono. It also can sound like a phaser with the right settings and modulation, and it can even add some pitch warble and distortion in its own right if you move it fast enough. While it may seem like a simple parameter, there’s a lot to be done with it…
8. Blog: Ruina Versio Center and Drive parameters
These two sort of work together: Drive is a multiband drive algorithm, inspired by our Seca Ruina module, but with 4 bands instead of 3. The Drive knob morphs between which band is emphasized (lowest loudest to the left, highest loudest to the right) and Center changes the width and frequency of the center band. Modulating Center can give some pretty drastic changes, almost acting like a filter on its own.

DUBSTEP DEMO - Bass Pressure - Novation Circuit Tracks Pack by A Force Truly Evil

video by Isotonik Studios

"The expected second A Force Truly Evil Circuit Tracks Sound Pack fully compatible. Includes full tracking of the new labeled macros on Circuit Tracks and 24 sessions.

A Force Truly Evil presents : “A Force Truly Evil – Bass Pressure”

Right off the back of his incredible previous release, “A Force Truly Evil Vol.1" is delighted to unleash upon the world the latest pack titled “Bass Pressure” with clear a purpose: Becoming the new must have soundbank for any producer looking to achieve a pro level in Bass Music genres.

We’ve packed in only the best sounds around featuring huge modulated woobles, reeses, 808 subs, heavy deep and dark basses, hoovers, hyper saws, sharp and distorted leads plus wavetable modulation sounds from the latest hardness synth methods.

Pack contents :
64 Stunning patches that follow the assignments printed parameters on the Circuit Tracks macros.
24 Massive high quality demo Sessions including automated macro movements and modern production techniques, covering Dubstep, Grime, Drum & Bass, Techstep, Neurofunk, Jungle.
Patches are even greater for the harder side of Bass House, Future bass, Electro House and EDM. – 64 blasting drum sounds with heavy weight kicks and snares for ensuring maximum impact on your tracks.
New amen break kit for iconic Drum & Bass/Jungle sound.


Battery Powered Synths Better Than Studio Gear? Pocket Operator, Boss RV-6, Bastl Dude + Kastle Drum

video by Perfect Circuit

"In this video we explore playing battery powered synths and samplers in the great outdoors and why sometimes they are better than bigger pieces of studio gear for practicing your live performance and trying out new ideas.

Wes used the @teenage engineering​ PO-133 Street Fighter KO Sampler and PO-12 Rhythm for drums and samples. Te PO-128 Mega Man chip tune synth and @Bastl Instruments​ Kastle Drum add some weird synth sounds in and everything is mixed with the Bastl Dude and the Boss RV-6 adds some reverb.


00:00​ - Intro
01:26​ - Jam
03:44​ - Battery Powered Over Studio Gear
04:04​ - Set Up Explanation
05:18​ - Battery Powered Gear Advantages
06:22​ - Umm…Jam..?
07:46​ - That Beautiful Sunset

#PerfectCircuit​ #BatteryPowered​ #Synth​"

Introducing Fluid Pitch from Pitch Innovations

Watch the videos above for what this software can do. In short it will give you more control over your pitch and mod wheel and it will add MPE capabilities to any MIDI keyboard or synth that supports standard MIDI CC out.


We have developed a MIDI Plugin called Fluid Pitch which has 3 super powers. It has a Scale locked pitch bend wheel which can make any note stay in a particular Scale/Pitch. It has a Polyphonic Pitchbend wheel and also Micro Tuning with MPE capabilities. ONE PLUGIN. 3 SUPERPOWERS

SCALE LOCKED PITCH BENDING - Finally, a way to get that pitch wheel to stay within a scale. Introducing Fluid Pitch bending. You pick the key, and we will handle the rest.

POLYPHONIC PITCH BENDING - Pitch bending single notes is so 1980! Let’s talk about a chord bending. Yup. Now you can pitch bend whole chords!

MICRO TUNING - Micro tune individual notes on your midi device and Master Arabic makams and Indian Ragas with a click. Maybe even create a whole new scale

We have been awarded the Grand first price and the Public choice award at the MIDI innovation awards 2021 given by the NAMM and MIDI association of America.

When we initially created this Plugin, we were damn sure that this Plugin would be a magic to all the musicians.

Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synthesizer - Part 3 - Filter, Envelopes, LFOs, Pan and Modulation

video by Runningonair

Runningonair Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synthesizer posts

8 Modules that will improve your workflow in VCV Rack

video by Omri Cohen

Consider joining me on Patreon -​
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -​

00:00​ - MB
03:09​ - Strip
05:15​ - GOTO
07:30​ - Stroke
11:18​ - Teleport
13:41​ - Misc


video by Malekko HeavyIndustry

Elastic FX (Update 1.3) featuring Novation Bass Station

video by Oliver Greschke

"Novation Bass Station with effects of Elastic FX going into a Focusrite audio interface.

EFX is a 4 channel multi-effects processor that’s easy and intuitive to play, but also offers complex options to shape your sound and route the audio effects stream."

Norand Mono - PatchOfTheWeek #13

video by Norand

"Here is a new patch : An electro pattern with kick, snare and acid bass !
No processing or effects."

Norand PatchOfTheWeek posts

The Klirrfaktor: Dystopia Sessions "B.1.1.7"

video by TheKlirrfaktor

"Made with VCV Rack. Recorded with OverDub (for VCV Rack). Very soft mastering with Logic Pro (I just added a soft Reverb to Plateau and Multiband Compression on the master to reduce the dynamic just a bit."

Pittsburgh Modular Crow [Safari] First Patches Eurorack Filter [Demo #1]

video by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2021

Just got a couple of new Pittsburgh Modular Safari Crow filters in.
Running them through some percussion patches, sounds nice :D

Part I 0:00​
Dropped the first Crow into my 2-row percussion rack.
The first demo showing it being used in classic Nicol fashion...
Crow is used in highpass mode on the Feedback Static noise source for high-hat duty.
Hats: Static | Crow HP | Bastl Skis II | Pittsburgh Analog Delay Unit
Kick: Pittsburgh Synth Box LPF self res |
Snareish thing: Basimilus | Local Florist
Misc Percussion: Gibbon CV | FR Transient (Sequenced by Varigate 4) | DC571
A pair of Feedback Squeeze compressors strapped on the outputs.
Digitakt sequenced via Erica Midi To Trigger

Part II 3:26​
2nd Crow went into the 3-row synth rack.
All sound: G-Storm Transistor-82 | Crow LP |
Pitch mod: Pittsburgh Primary Osc B
Noise Type mod: Batumi
Osc/Noise mod: Pittsburgh Toolbox S/H
Crow mod: G-Storm 2xADSR
FX: Timefactor and Big Sky Room setting
Sequenced by Keystep Pro"


Haddaway and the famous Lately Bass #Shorts​

video by Woody Piano Shack

"Demo of the iconic and famous LATELY BASS preset from many YAMAHA FM synths from the 80s, including DX21, DX100, DX27, DX11, Ys200, V50 and Tx81z. Let's recreate What Is Love by Haddaway!"

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

Shared System Tutorials | Episode 33 | 2-Operator FM

video by Cinematic Laboratory

"I never really knew what an FM 'operator' was so when I found out I wanted to share it. An FM operator is a combo of s sinewave, a VCA and an envelope. We can then use these 'operators' to interact with eachother in different settings called algorithms. The Shared System can offer two mono operators with DPO, Maths and the Moddemix VCA (or Optomix LPG). So we're still a long way from organs and electric piano's. But you can't patch an organ :). Have fun!"

Cinematic Laboratory Shared System Tutorials

Playtime Engineering Blipblox After Dark Sound Demo (No Talking)

video by Bonedo Synthesizers

Access Virus TI 61-Key Digital Synth

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 SN 5371

via this auction

"So yes, it seems to work great with the original Z80 CPU, but it behaves a little strangely with the mod installed. Basically, with GliGli, oscillator pitch seems slightly erratic and janky. Sounds a little like random/noise modulation. Sometimes you can hear it on the first note you play, sometimes you can't hear it until you have played all six notes. Even weirder, this issue also goes away a bit when pitch bend is not perfectly centered. I think a multiplexer IC on the front panel PCB might be causing these problems, but since It doesn't have this issue when it's stock, I'm not so sure. I haven't messed with it. I'm including a couple replacements just in case.

I bought my GliGli mod from a pro builder on Reverb, so I don't think it was assembled/soldered together wrong. I'm pretty sure I installed it correctly as well! I'm stumped.

This synth also had a slight whine in the signal path when I first got it, but after I installed GliGli it went away and never came back, even after I reinstalled the original CPU this evening. Even when it was present, it wasn't too noticeable. (Hopefully it won't return!)

Cosmetics and other info:
This Prophet, serial number 5371, was built some time in mid-1984 and is in really beautiful cosmetic condition. A couple signs of use here and there but nothing very noticeable. Some of the lower black keys are a little dull-looking compared to the rest. Two front rubber feet were missing so I replaced them with adhesive ones. A GliGli "cheat sheet" from Synthgraphics is also now on the front panel.

All keys work!! Battery seems to be holding patches fine as well.
If you haven't had a Prophet 600 before, be aware that (when it's stock) it takes several seconds to boot up and tune each voice. This is normal!"

Sound Library for the Kawai K5000S

via this auction

"Massive library of sounds on floppy disk! Also included is a powerful editor & librarian, Soundiver! Jewel cases are NOT included and disk colors may vary."


Pads & Comping
Session Tool Kit
Bass, Solo & Lead
Classic Sounds
Collection 1
SoundDiver Editor
Supplement Disk with:
A. Demo Songs
B. Extra Single Patches
C. Factory Preset Backup

YAMAHA Loop Factory AN200 Desktop Control Synthesizer Analog Physical Modeling

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave XTk Wavetable Synthesizer

via this auction

"Programmable arpeggiator, 4 integrated digital effects, 12dB low pass, wave shaper 12dB low pass, 32 Ram wavetables, 64 waves per, 500 waves total. This is basically brand new."

ROLAND JUPITER 8 SN 090598 / 090995

via this auction

"Serial number 090598. Although it has an old style DYMO label on it with the number 090998 which seems to be a type-o. According to an online serial number database this is an early 12 bit version and was manufactured in August of 1981. The DYMO label was probably put there for inventory purposes by its previous owner.

The studio which I purchased it from said it once belonged to a famous Canadian musician but I’ve not been able to verify this 100%.

It has been in my collection for just about 5 years. The Jupiter 8 has been modified at one point in time (not by me) to have chromed/mirrored end cheeks. It also has a multi pin XLR type connector installed at the rear which at some point may have been used to interface with either a sequencer or other piece of gear.

This jack was attached to a custom hand wired circuit board. That board was removed by my technician friend when he installed the ENCORE midi retrofit. The synth works as it should and considering its age, it is in great shape.

There are no tuning stability issues and it calibrates/tunes incredibly fast and stays in tune. All of the slide potentiometers function as they should and there are no scratchy pots at all. Every tact switch functions correctly and all keys play as they should. There are zero functional issues with this synth."

Nord Modular G2 Engine SN ME11147 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Akai S700 QD Emulator Install | Why?

video by Espen Kraft

"My Akai S700 has served me well, but the Quick Disk drive did not work anymore. As in most of these drives, it's the belt that has almost disintegrated over the years .
Since I already have a S612 and a working floppy drive for that I thought I'd just install a QD emulator this time, even if I really don't like to see emulators ruin the looks and original design of this 80s gear.
The install is simple enough, even if I probably dismantled my S700 more than I had too. ;-)
It works fine and now loading and saving is totally free of any mechanics that can fail, but the joy of using those QD floppies is also gone. You decide how you want to deal with YOUR broken drive. :D

I got the emulator here: [on eBay]
Or you can email Chris directly at:"

Patch n Tweak
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