MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, March 27, 2021

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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Saturday night session: Rhodes Mark 1 Stage piano and Sequential Prophet 10

video by MIDERA

"First - let me apologize, the video is pretty bad/bright. Maybe just don't watch the video. Tab over and do something else while you listen...

Anyway, I rearranged my studio (you probably wouldn't notice) and installed the Avion Studios Retro Flyer preamp into the Rhodes (with - I must admit, a lot of headaches, most likely due to my own incompetence). Needless to say - it's all hooked up and the tremolo you're hearing is coming straight from the Retro Flyer preamp.

I thought I might enjoy the Prophet 10 on top, but I'm not so sure about it. I've actually still had a lot of trouble fitting this into my studio. I think I just do way better with FX riddled synths. I'm not sure what it is. The Prophet hasn't made its way into any of my music really.

In the first piece (made up) - I use both of them. Maybe some sort of slow funk? I'm just not much of a pianist to really claim how to make this sort of music, but hey, it was kinda fun and that was the point.

The second track is something I made back in 2011, on a rainy day in April. I recall I wrote it when I was feeling very sad about my Dad having passed the year before. I really enjoy playing this, but I do really like the original, which you can listen to here: [embed below]

The third track is The Great Pumpkin Waltz by Vince Guaraldi.

The final track was just me messing around, I didn't have any idea what I was playing when I sat down, and that becomes obvious pretty immediately...

0:00​ Rhodes and P10
6:18​ Beneath the weight of grief
8:08​ The Great Pumpkin Waltz
9:38​ Improvisations"

T2 Reverb Pedal with Roland D-05 Synth

video by John Delta Raver

Reminds me of Love on a Real Train...

Memorymoog Tribute Song (by synthpro)

video by synthpro

"Hey Guys,

This is actually a track I made a while back using nothing but a Memorymoog and a few factory presets. I thought some of you may enjoy it.

The name of this track is: Fresh Sunrise


Analogue Systems - RS-310 Reverb/Chorus (Dual Bus)

via this auction

NOISEBUG listings

"RS-310 is a Reverb/Chorus module with voltage control of dry / wet mix and the delay time. It creates flanger and chorus effects but also short echos and reverbs.

The module is based on a bucket brigade device with six parallel delay taps. Those six delay times have no relationship to each other and their outputs have different levels. You have to consider the chorus/reverb effect as a mixture of six different short delays what results in a dense sound. The clock frequency which scans the bucket brigade is audible and you´ll have to use a low pass filter in order to eliminate or minimize it. The delay time can be set with the according control between 2.5ms and 150ms. CV control gives you much shorter / longer delay times. The resonance has to be considered as the delay´s feedback parameter and it can go up to self-oscillation. The dry / wet relation can be controlled manually and with a CV.

This Dual Bus version features two power connectors, meaning it can be directly connected to either an Analog Systems or a Doepfer modular system. – Adapters are no longer necessary.

Power consumption: 17mA

Depth: 65mm

HP : 12"

Analogue Systems - RS-290/RS-295 Sampler/Delay + Expander

via this auction

NOISEBUG listings

"Analogue Systems RS-290 Sampler/Delay is a voltage controlled delay and sampler module.

Stunning 46.9khz, 16bit, 5.5 second long stereo echo and delay with user assignable control of MIDI, analogue clocks, triggers, and CV Calculates the correct delay time to the incoming tempo. 50 user memories to create personal comb filter, flanging, chorus, pitch shifting and echo programmes. Can recreate bbd and tape echo effects and up to 29 seconds available in mono mode. 2 modes of delay are available Tape Delay and the recently developed Digital Delay. In sample mode the user can voltage control and trigger the source material in ways unavailable until now. Using the RS295 optional expander samples can be dumped and retrieved using Sys Ex dumps.

Power consumption: 360mA

Depth: 115mm

HP : 36

The RS-295 expands the RS-290 sampler/delay by a MIDI interface and a second assignable controller. Using the RS-295 samples can be dumped and retrieved using SysEx dumps. The module is connected to the RS-290 by a flat ribbon cable. See RS-290´s operation manual.

Depth: 20mm

HP : 6"

Analogue Systems - RS-130 Programmable Scale Generator

via this auction

NOISEBUG listings

"The Programmable Scale Generator exceeds the possibilities of an ordinary quantiser module.

While a quantiser usually is chromatic only and with a little luck it allows major and minor scales, a programmable scale generator like the RS-130 makes it possible to freely program scales beyond the customary semitone scale with all their derivates. Scales with quarter-note or eighth-note intervals are possbile which is important e.g. for indian or oriental music. Two modes determine when quantisation takes place: in "free run" it happens only when input voltage changes. In "gate" mode quantisation happens when the RS-130 receives a gate signal.

Six quantisation modes are available:

- Quantiser: Acts as a normal chromatic quantiser for semitones

- C major scale: when offset = 0 and no CV at the transpose input it creates only a C major scale (C, D, E, F, G, A, B)

- C minor scale: when offset = 0 and no CV is present at the transpose in, only a C minor is created (C, D, Eb, F, G, Ab, Bb)

- C major Arpeggio: when offset = 0 and no CV is present at the transpose in, only a C major arpeggio is created (C, E, G)

- C minor arpeggio: when offset = 0 and no CV is present at the transpose in, only a C minor apreggio is created (C, Eb, G)

- user memory mode: creates user programmed scales.

When setting a fixed voltage with the offset control (0-2V, ie. two octaves offset), you apply a fixed transposition to the scale. Any possible scale can be set when you use the transpose CV inputs in addition. At each quantisation process a trigger signal will fired at the trig out which you can use for clocking a sequencer or a launching envelopes.

Power consumption: 110mA

HP : 24"

Analogue Systems - RS-140 MIDI/CV Converter

via this auction

NOISEBUG listings

"The RS-140 converts MIDI messages into control voltages and due to its numerous analog outputs it gives you plenty of possibilities to control your modular system with MIDI.

Besides the usual CV and gate outputs in addition it offers flexible controller outputs and it´s big backlit display and four function buttons make it easy to use. In the CV menu you can set the voltage characteristic of the CV outputs (either 1V/octave or 1.02V/oct as the Minimoog had), the note range of the pitchbend wheel and the modulation depth of the internal LFO. This LFO can be synchronized to MIDI Clock, has several wave forms and MIDI-controlled level. Both CV outputs carry the same signal and they are active buffered. Each trigger socket can output a gate, a trigger or a S-trigger (for old Moogs), either as multi trigger or single trigger. Alternatively you can output the MIDI clock that´s rate can be divided down in 9 settings. Controller: each controller output can be assigned to one of 128 Control Change commands, the pitch bend wheel, velocity or aftertouch (plus the internal LFO for controller output 1). Besides that you can set one of four output voltage ranges (0 bis 5V; -5V bis 0V; -2,5V bis 2,5V und -5V bis 5V). All settings can be saved in the non-volatile memory and you have 64 memory slots. Each of them can be recalled by Controlb Change messages.

Power consumption: 200mA

Depth: 90mm

HP : 24"

Sound Of: Modor DR-2 Digital Drum Machine Algorithms/Models

video by Sound Provider

"In this rather long video I tried to present you all the algorithms of the Modor DR-2 one by one, a drum machine that does not have many demos on the net to give you an idea of the variety of sounds it produces. I really like this drum machine which some algorithm allow to create rare or unique sounds like with the Claps or theRattle Model (Check the Time Line at the end of the description)

I focused mainly on the models here and I don't show or very little the more advanced functions like accents, random variations, compressors, reverse function...

I am recording now a lot this superb Drum Synth for the next sound bank for sound Provider (​ ) and also for my personal tracks.

For those interested I have posted a shorter video of the machine on a Techno demo here : [posted here]​

Otherwise I wanted to apologize, I realized during the editing that I had left a snare drum in the back that we sometimes hear in the background.

E-MU Planet Phatt - Model 9091 Synth Module

via this auction

Sputnik Modular Spectral Processor DEMO raw sounds

video by brandon logic

"processing a square wave and drum sounds from Plaits"

LMNC Making Up Synth Songs Live And On The Spot On Analog Modular Synths


"I did a talk today at @Thomann Music​ keys and frequencies event! here is some of the performance bits and bobs from the talk, and one later showing the @Arturia​ keystep pro's functions."

DIY analog synth project ( Introducing the Ad-vantage 02m)

video by Adamski A.

"I've been working on this one on and off for a couple of weeks. Finally finished it . Walkthrough and sound demonstrations to come.

.2 analog VCOs both with -1 and -2 sub oscillators all 4 waveforms mixable per osc.
.Noise geneartor.
. FM on both VCOs
. Sync on both VCOs
.PWM lfo per osc with manual blend.
. 2 x SEM style Voltage Controlled Filters in series with FM Keytracking, Master Cutoff , and VCA feedback drive.

. Full ADSR envelope generators.
1 x Main Lfo with 5 waveforms
. Glide
. Vibrato with 2 waveform options.
1 x VCA with velocity input.
All signal path modules have many modulation options for pure sonic mayhem."

Leipzig V3 Sound Demo (Extended!)

video by rezfilter

"The new Leipzig V3 synthesizer has arrived for 2021.

Taking its cues from the legendary and distinctive Leipzig line of synthesizers, the V3 is truly 'evolutionary' and now features the same convenient footprint as our acclaimed Impulse Command desktop synthesizer - while capturing the same raw, ballsy, complexly rich sound as its Leipzig predecessors.

Version 3 combines features from both the Leipzig-SK as well as the mountable Leipzig v2, including patch points for additional sound design and connection possibilities. For example, you can drive the synth via an external CV sequencer or patch it to other modules in your Eurorack case.

This demo features a variety of sound samples (patched and unpatched, sequenced and unsequenced) from the Leipzig V3. Watch this space for more videos and visit our website for more detailed information."

DX5 playing Kraftwerk "Autobahn" (Mix Edit version) cover

video by DX5

"Cover based on the Mix version, not the original one. I just played it on my own way including variations in the rhythm pattern, etc. Some sections have been changed at the end to make it shorter than the 9 min version. As I had to switch between sounds just before playing the next sections, some missing notes can be found.

Gear used:
Roland MRS-2 Promars (3th lead sound and bender w/ resonance sounds)
Korg DW8000 (Glassy sound)
Access Virus TI Snow. Vocoder and lead sound
Kurzweil PC1x as MIDI controller, triggering the Virus

Composed by Ralf Hütter, Florian Schneider, Emil Schult.
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara"

Synthesizer CV to X-Y Recorder Visual Art

video by MrCaliforniaD

"In this video, a 2 channel MIDI to CV converter is controlling a X-Y Recorder.

This technique is pretty straight forward. The X-Y Recorder is listening to voltages signals on its two X-Y axis. The voltages are taken straight out of the MIDI to CV converter's two channels.

I used a 2 track song. One melody moves the X axis on the plotter and the other melody moves the Y axis. The pen is drawing the resulting mix of theses to axis interfering with each other.

Special thanks to RAMCUR for his help and support in that project!"

Cybertrance V1 Minilogue XD NatLife

video by Igor Leus

"Buy Link! -​

NatLife Sounds present you Cybertrance V1 for Minilogue XD analog synthesizer.

"Be ready to get full control of retro sounds with just one bank"

40 Sequences on board will open a wide range of this library. Our motto is not doing a big quantity of worthless sounds, but better less, but to do it as efficiently as possible and useful for use in your music products. This soundset have retro Leads, with much more panoramic options than possible in Minilogue XD. Basslines that give you a full feeling of 80' sound. Amazing old-motives KEY's, very rich PAD's, true retro CHORD's, and finally a great fast attacking Plucky sounds. This soundbank covers the next styles: Cyberpunk, Synthwave, and Trance in one theory, that we call - Cybertrance.

Soundpack contains 50 Preset Patches, which:

19 Lead
7 Bass
5 Pad
6 Key
+ Chord's nd ARP's which are distributed by presets
40 Sequences (Inside The Presets)"

New Dreadbox DARKNESS / KINEMATIC / LETHARGY Effect Pedals

Digital Stereo Reverb (on synthesizer)

"Dreadbox DARKNESS is a Digital Stereo Reverb effect pedal suitable for fretted instruments and synthesizers. Instead of having several switched algorithms, DARKNESS has a single versatile and flexible algorithm, that can create from small and smooth reflections up to huge shimmering and endless reverbs."

Dreadbox KINEMATIC / Analog Compressor - Filter (on drum machine)

video by

"Kinematic is a Greek based word (Κίνημα), which describes motion - of points, bodies or systems of bodies, without the consideration of the forces that cause them to move.

Dreadbox KINEMATIC is a VCA based Compressor and an Envelope Filter effect pedal suitable mostly for string instruments and synthesizers, which is also eurorack compatible."

Dreadbox LETHARGY / 8-stage Phase Shifter

video by

"Lethargy derives from the greek word for forgetfulness, “Lethe”. It is a state of being drowsy and dull. The feeling of having little energy or of being unable or unwilling to do anything.

Dreadbox LETHARGY is an OTA based Phase Shifter effect pedal suitable for fretted instruments and synthesizers, with eurorack patch compatibility."

Dreadbox Lethargy 8-Stage Phaser Pedal deeper Review (Korg Delta, DX21 & Matriarch)

video by Knobs & Switches

"Deeper review for the Analog 8-Stage Phaser Pedal from Dreadbox together with a Korg Delta, a Yamaha DX21 and a Moog Matriarch."

Effetto Grecia, 3 Pedali analogici per 1 Synth digitale | Dreadbox FX | Soundmit Review #03

video by SOUNDMIT

"Tre effetti analogici, un Chorus/Flanger, un Phaser a 8 Stage e un Filtro/Compressore. Abbiamo testato i nuovi effetti prodotti da DREADBOX: Komorebi, uscito qualche tempo fa e i nuovissimi (ed in anteprima Soundmit per l'Italia) LETHARGY e KINEMATIC che escono proprio oggi!

Li abbiamo messi alla prova con un synth, vediamo cos'è successo!!
Tip: Non perderti la sessione finale!"

New SOMA Synths COSMOS Drifting Memory Station Effect Pedal

Demo Performance (no talk) video by Vlad Kreimer

via SOMA Synths

"COSMOS is a drifting memory station designed to work with meditative states through music. The design of the controls, functions and generated soundscapes are intended to evoke, in both performer and listener, states and experiences inherent in meditation, such as limitless space, fluidity, spontaneous development, presence, the ability to hear, tranquility, the experience of subtle harmony and happiness enveloping the whole world.

From a functional point of view, COSMOS is a large array of sound memory, in which recorded sounds undergo constant recombinations, spontaneously generating an ever-changing soundscape. This is achieved in three ways — by a mathematical shift based on the relationships between large prime numbers (the size of all delay lines are different primes), an asynchronous operation of the LFO, and modulation with a slowly changing chaotic signal. As a result, it allows the endless layering and processing of various sounds, as in a looper, but without an intrusive, repetitive loop.

COSMOS generates rich, fluid and evolving soundscapes perfect for ambient music. Using COSMOS, you can play an entire meditative solo concert while being in a spontaneous flow and without using studio-prepared sequences, backing tracks and other things that can’t be a reflection of the 'here and now'."


video by Mark Jenkins

Starts with a studio tour.

"MARK JENKINS author of the 'Analog Synthesizers' book looks at the Korg opsix, a compact FM digital synthesizer with analog-like filters, sequencer and effects."

Things Motor - Morphing Rotor Effect Plugin Demo and Tutorial

video by CatSynth TV

"We present a demo of Things Motor, a brand new 'morphing rotor' effect plugin from AudioThing and Hainbach. Inspired by the Crystal Palace from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Things Motor allows two signals to be blended by two 'rotating gears', i.e. LFOs with variable rate and waveshape.

To find out more, please visit​
Hainbach's introduction and demo: [posted here along with one from LMNC]

00:23​ History of the BBC Crystal Palace
00:57​ Introducing the Things Motor
05:05​ Combing two sources with sidechain
08:20​ Timbral combinations

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Dancing into the weekend

video by peter m mahr

Dancing into the weekend

Beat: Elektron Analog Rytm MkII
Synthesizer: Moog One
Reverbs: CXM 1978

What's Up - 4 Non Blondes [Cozy Ambient Cover]

video by Amie Waters

"April 1st has become meme day, but why only one day of memes? I give you a solid month of memes, and I even got started a little early. I actually grew up listening to 4 Non Blondes' Bigger, Better, Faster, More so when this track got meme-ified I knew it was only a matter of time before I covered it. I just wanted to make the song cozy and sweet. Like I woke in the morning, stepped outside, took a deep breath and got real high.... That is what's going on."

Emulator II

video by synthjunk

"Finally got this beast working again so here's an original composition using all sounds from the Emulator II sampler"

Galassi - Acqua e Sapone (Italo Disco test drive)

video by Sebastian Galassi


Roland Juno 60 - Bass
Korg DW8000 - Pad
Roland Jupiter 6 - Strings
Yamaha DX 7 - Mallets
Ensoniq VFX SD - PPG sounds
Emu Morpheus - Vox Pad

Original Music from the movie : "Acqua e Sapone"
Title : Secondo servizio fotografico
Music : Fabio Liberatori

Memetune Studio Fly-through

video by zack dagoba

"Just found this video I made with Zan and his drone-cam (from 2019)"

Some synth spotting in Benge's studio.

Make Noise Strega | Episode 04 | Witchcraft

video by Cinematic Laboratory

"I was very happy with the case layout I introduced in Episode 03. Every new patch is a new adventure. I was planning on having fun with Phonogene and Strega (also works nicely as a feedback-loop-recorder) but this great patch emerged from fooling around and I just had to record it. A case/system should help you make the music you love most and for me, the love for cinematic scoring goes very deep. Sure I can create all kinds of stuff on the PC with samples and synths, but this combo is raw, special, unique and totally awesome. I am afraid I need a new CV case because this combo is going to be permanent. Now I have to hunt for a second black Echophon. Fortunately, that's much easier than getting a new CV case."

Korg OpSix Instrumental

video by darksideothetune

"All sounds from two live passes of OpSix plus UAD Lexicon 224 Reverb and a Master Limiter."

Retrokits RK002/RK006 Sequencer

video by Retrokits

"Although fiddling around with this sequencer #DUY​ on the RK002 / RK006 is simple and playful, under the hood it’s an intricate setup;

The RK006 is the master clock and hosts the nanokontrol in ‘split-brain-mode’ (which means the RK006 is divided in a left and right part) the incoming MIDI messages from the nanokontrol and the tempo are picked up by the RK002 and looped back into the other half; now the RK006 can send back the rk002 led commands for displaying the sequence on the nanokontrol and also the note sequence to the #d05​

We don’t call it split-brain for nothin’! 🤯😃"

See the Retrokits label below for more.

Access Virus A SN D19801781

via this auction

Korg Prophecy w/ Custom Chrome Knobs & Updated Display w/ Acrylic Cover

via this auction

Korg Poly-61M Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

DIY Modular Synthesizer, Synthpatch, Experimental Music

video by m655321

"Experimental music with my DIY modular synthesizer and Korg Volca Beats drum machine. Also testing my voltage controlled filter."

DIY Modular Synth Adding a Speak and Spell, Noise
video by m655321

"Continuing the DIY Modular Synth build, adding a Speak & Spell. It still isn't doing everything that I want it to do, but this patch was kind of interesting."

Sonicware Liven XFM Prototype - Demo 6 - Morphing Soundscape

video by ChrisLody

"I'm back with another XFM solo demo, this time I've gone for something a bit more relaxed, an ambient soundscape that uses the morphing capabilities of the XFM.

The aim was to create a cinematic sounding ambient jam here, so there's lots of big chords flying around and a lot of modulation to get things moving.

Track one uses the X-LFO engine with a random LFO setting to morph rapidly between two pad sounds. Track 2 uses the X-FORM engine which morphs between two sounds over time. The pitch lock function is turned off here which gives that ring-mod like sweeping sound. Track 3 uses the Library engine which plays back the presets are they are stored but allows you to tweak the overall feedback level and attack setting. This sound uses a 'feedback web' as I started calling it when I was designing it which means all operators are fed into each other which can create some wild sounds. Track 4 is also set to Library but every step has movements of the preset sounds saved into it and the track is set to only trigger it's notes 25% of the time which gets lots of bleepy randomness. Plenty of the different types of filter are used to control the sounds over time and shape them together into a whole."

See the Sonicware label below for more.

Pioneer Toraiz AS-1 & Eventide Space

video by 3rdStoreyChemist


Patch n Tweak
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