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Monday, April 05, 2021

Using VCV Rack with TouchDesigner

video by Omri Cohen

"Here are the VCV and TouchDesigner files -​
Here you can get the OSC module for VCV -

00:00​ - Introduction
01:09​ - Sending signals from VCV Rack into TouchDesigner
13:19​ - Sending signals from TouchDesigner into VCV Rack"

You can find additional resources from Omri Cohen at or buy him a coffee at

CS80 and Buchla 100

video by zack dagoba

"Top line on the 80, backing on the 100"

Dirtywave M8 - Portable Tracker, Sampler, MI Braids Based Synthesizer, & Sequencer

Be sure to enable the audio and wait for it to kick in.

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Details via

Portable tracker sequencer and synthesizer M8 is powered by the Teensy micro-controller and inspired with love from the renowned Gameboy tracker Little Sound DJ. Featuring 8 tracks of freely assignable instruments capable of a wide range of sounds including waveform synthesis, FM, virtual analog, sample playback, and MIDI output.

Sequencer Specifications
8 Monophonic Tracks/Voices
255 Patterns/Phrases & chains
256 Instrument Tables for advanced modulation
128 Instruments per song
Song Arranger with Live mode
Instantaneous song recall
Full MIDI input & Output support

Instruments & Effects
Wavsynth - Classic console & computer chip emulation.
Macrosynth - Based on Mutable Instruments Braids
FM - 4 OP 12 algorithm with feedback per operator.
Sampler - 8/16/24 bit mono and full stereo wav format.
MIDI Instruments with 10 user definable CCs.
Global reverb, chorus, delay and a master bus limiter.
Sample recording and song rendering/bouncing.
No sample memory or length limitation.

Hardware Specifications
3.5mm TRS MIDI (Type A or Type B) input and output.
Stereo audio input and Headphone/main output
USB MIDI and Audio compliant
SDHC Micro SD slot for storage
1200mAh USB rechargeable battery - up to 6 hours use.
High quality 2.8" IPS display with capacitive touch
Dimensions: 96mm x 133mm x 18~20mm

And some deep dive videos from their YouTube channel for those interested:

DIY analog synth project ( New synth on the block..... The Ad-vantage 02m)

video by Adamski A.

"Hey guys here is an in depth look at my new DIY synthesizer prototype. Again this has pretty much discrete circuitry aside from the obvious operational amplifiers and a very few operational transcondcutance amplifier ics. This was totally unrehearsed and recorded dry so, I do hope its clear and understandable enough.
Please make sure you like share and comment as much as possible this all helps boost the channels views and exposure etc.

Adam ;-)"

See the Adamski Ajull label below for more.

STS Serge Modular analog adsr panel

via this auction

Driving through Iceland

video by Three Delay Tap

"Road-driving tune, using some stock footage of amazing Iceland.

Gear used: 5U modular, JX8P, Electribe MX, Hydrasynth, Microbrute, sequenced with Roland MC50 Reverb and some delay on the Soundcraft mixer - main output recorded in Logic.
Just a touch of EQ and compression et voila."

KORG Volca Interrogation Device in New Loki Trailer

video by Marvel Entertainment

Pictured below, it comes in at :33. Creating a synth props label for these. Check out the EMS VCS3 Torture Device on MacGyver. Also see the Synth TV and Film label at the bottom of this post. Not all props but it's always fun to see synths featured in TV and film in general.

olivier grall's grallophone & SynTesla Synths

video by Grall Olivier

You might remember the SynTesla II here. "first demo of my one of a kind synth the GrallOphonE

conception Pierre Jean Tardiveau and Olivier Grall .

realisation Pierre Jean Tardiveau

no talk"

And some pics of various models via Pierre Jean Tardiveau's Insgagram. Very steampunk in design. See the pics for features. It appears Olivier Grall is playing the SynTesla IV above.

RAIN ON THE WINDOWSILL // Modular Synth Ambient w/ Gotharman's anAmoNo X #TTNM​


"It's raining outside, so I put my Gotharman anAmoNo X modular synth on the windowsill and played some ambient bloops over nature's sound bed. My iPhone microphone is sending the rain audio into the anAmoNo X, where it's processed by the analog filter boards and digital granular synth effects. I then trigger digital synth sounds with the trigger buttons and the internal sequencer."

➤ Bandcamp:
➤ Instagram:
➤ Twitter:

Testing new live rig with plinky itération 5

video by Meska

"Juste quick & raw preview of the new live rig i build, this time they are coming:
Elektron octatrack mixing and EQ
Gotharman ld3 all the drum (no sample) , sub and sidechain
Plinky chords and it sequence the sub via CV
dual passive lpg into typhoon
and some euro module : razmasynth unknow pleasures, 4ms rcd and MI grids..

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly "dark and expérimental" music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.
i'm tattooist at day jobs and you can found my work here :

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

ESK - Modular FX and a Hohner Pianet T

video by Metunar

"Playing around with a Hohner Pianet T and my effect modular system.
As effect i used a phaser, 2x Doepfer A-112 as pitchshifter with feedback and 2x LP filter.

Direct recording with mastering."

Batchas - Whip it!

video by batchas

Synth line: Scrotum Lab Orgone Accumulator MK2
Synth notes with delay: Scrotum Lab Tresses
Drums: BugBrand DRM1

DSI Evolver SN 04059 w/ Original Box & Materials

via this auction

Moog Minimoog Voyager Select Series

via this auction

"Green LED with walnut case."

Roland Jupiter 4 w/ MIDI

via this auction

Midi In and Thru.


via this auction

1980s Yamaha SK-20 Symphonic Ensemble Vintage Strings, Synthesizer & Organ

via this auction, also on Reverb

Hershery's style Yamaha Combo Keyboard sticker. Note the "Sweet 1981".

"1980's Roland SK-20 Symphonic Ensemble vintage organ and synthesizer in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. Fully serviced here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, this Yamaha boasts dedicated synthesizer, organ, and string sections that can be independently mixed together. Featuring a five octave range, the SK-20 also includes a Leslie simulator (with dedicated output), vibrato, attack and sustain rocker switches, a slider for 'brilliance' and a one-octave transpose switch. The keyboard was also one of the first to utilize a form of Yamaha's FM technology.

The Organ section offers a full range of stop levers from 1' to 16', percussion levers with adjustable decay, and controls for overall sustain, brilliance and decay. Very B3-esque in its tonal intent, the organ can also be augmented with Vibrato and Tremolo. The Preset String section is simple yet lush, and arguably the most desirable subset of this vintage keyboard.

The Poly-Synth section is a 7-note polyphonic synthesizer with basic filter, pitch, envelope, and portamento controls. It features two (detunable) oscillators per voice, making it ideal for thick pads. This section features a built-in sustain and the Tremolo and Ensemble chorus effects also apply to this section.

Cosmetically, this SK-20 is an extremely well-kept example with some very minor wear on the wood veneered side panels and some scuffing on the bottom of the enclosure which still retains its large rubber feet. The face of the synth is extremely clean, with bold graphics and all original slider caps and knobs intact."

Marlin SX2000 Synth

via this auction

"In quite good condition. End cheeks have been replaced and a socket added to the rear connecting the keyboard contacts as some of the keys don't contact well (maybe need contacts sorting out),so in theory another keyboard could be used. I had intended making an interface to render this MIDI controllable,which almost worked. The socket is the remnant of that attempt and connects to the keys and the contact bar. The presets work and the synth section,though some sliders are better than others.

Roland INTEGRA-7 ALL DEMOS (2012)


Euporie lowpass filter - Frequency Modulation (FM) capabilities - walkthrough

video by IO Instruments

"Brief (technical) walkthrough on the Euporie lowpass filter FM capabilities.

00:09​ - FM inputs & attenuators
00:37​ - running through linear, exponential 1 and exponential 2 FM inputs
02:12​ - audio rate FM
02:41​ - using both exponential FM inputs

Euporie overview video:"

IO Instruments Euporie Overview

video posted Apr 22, 2020

"Demonstrating some Euporie features

00:43​ - 24db output
00:59​ - 150Hz lowcut
01:18​ - Input gain stage
01:49​ - Resonance (Moog style)
02:22​ - Resonance distortion
02:49​ - Linear FM input
04:12​ - Exponential FM input
07:03​ - Cutoff and resonance modulation
08:04​ - 12db output
09:36​ - 6db output"

EMI Ritm-2: the most badass, single VCO synth ever made

video by Valmont

"Yall be hyped for SH101, Teisco 60f, Micromoog... Taste the Ritm-2, you won't come back ;)

0:00​ - I hope you have good subwoofers
0:56​ - VCF harmonies
1:22​ - LFO frogs
1:37​ - Analog mess
2:11​ - VCF Auto-oscillation
2:19​ - Arp bass
2:37​ - Big oOf bass"

Korg Electribe 2 Adhesive-Backed Shift-Function & High Visibility Labels --

video by Human Oversynth

"This video demonstrates the adhesive-backed Shift-Function and High Visibility label kit for Korg Electribe 2 synths and samplers."

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