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Friday, April 30, 2021

80s Synth Pop on a fully restored Red Juno 106

video by Ronnie Augeri

"Original synth pop composition written and recorded by Ronnie Augeri on a fully overhauled Juno 106, featuring a stunning custom red livery. This synth has had endless hours of excruciating detail put into it, and is currently for sale. [listed here]

Shoutout and thanks to my friend Allen over at synthspa for putting together this beautiful red enclosure and overlay for me!​ Big thanks to my friend Dom for mixing and mastering this track on such short notice and doing an awesome job. Check him out!"

This one was sent my way via Brant.

SN 473945 via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"Completely overhauled Roland Juno 106 in a custom red livery. Synth is as close to brand new as you can get. This is not your average restoration and has countless hours of excruciating detail put into it.

The power supply was fully rebuilt with 5000 hour Nichicon caps, all electrolytic and ceramic caps replaced along with the voltage regulators and dual regulator controller.

I originally tried new replacement sliders and although they worked perfect, I was not impressed with the tactile feel. As a result, all 17 original ALPS sliders were completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, lubricated with quality silicone grease and reassembled. They have an incredibly smooth and firm feel. The panel board also features 34 new tactile switches, and 3 new alps 2 position slide switches. The 3 mini sliders on the bender board were also disassembled, cleaned, and lubricated.

Every board was stripped, thoroughly degreased, and washed. They have a glossy sheen appearance like they would from the factory.

All 6 voice chips are original and have had the conformal coating stripped. Each voice chip was completely reflowed and installed on pin headers for easy removal or swapping. The synth was burn-in tested for 8 hour periods on several different days, absolutely no issues.

CPU board has new battery installed.

The entire keybed assembly has been completely stripped. Every single key was hand washed/degreased and polished. The keys are the whitest I have seen, this board appears to have very little use and was kept away from the sun. All rubber dome contacts despite working, were removed, and thoroughly cleaned. The carbon tracks on the keyboard assembly were also cleaned. This is a future proofing process which will insure several more decades of reliable note triggering.

A 3 prong standard IEC receptacle has been installed and a quality brand new power cable is included.
All solder joints have been inspected and common control areas have been reflowed. All potentiometers have been cleaned.

Full calibration performed, no crackle in the chorus!

The synth is 100% functional and is in perfect cosmetic and electronic condition."

White Model Crumar bit 01 Rack Expander Synthesizer

via this auction

"Crumar bit 01 Rack Expander Synthesizer - Very Rare!!!

6 voices synthesizer.

Excellent condition."

ELKA Wilgamat III Chapter 2 - WE FOUND THE PEDAL

video by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"We got so excited when we managed to score the Fill-In pedal for the Elka Wilgamat III that we needed to make a video.
Please do not watch this unless you're a serious vintage gear freak.
We mean that.
The machines rhythm section has 3 'break' options that can only be engaged by a unique foot pedal.
This pedal is very rare.
It is also HUGE.

Keep watching :)"

Sequential Prophet 6 with Vintage Mode, twice the synth it was?

video by Matt Johnson Jamiroquai

"You can buy my presets here
Sponsored by perfect circuit, check them out here"

Omri Cohen Opus IV - Full Album

video by Omri Cohen

Here it is on Bandcamp -
Here it is on Spotify, iTunes, and more -

00:00​ - Impromptu in G minor
04:13​ - Light
12:10​ - Beyond Light
17:48​ - Mycorrhiza
25:00​ - Nocturno
37:04​ - Still Life
45:37​ - How it was before
52:15​ - In esreveR

Octatrack Tutorial Video: Daft Punk Effect

video by EZBOT

"In this video I show you how to make what I call the "Daft Punk effect." Think bandpass and looper. You can find this effect available in my performance templates on my patreon."

EZBOT Links:

What The Heck Is A Moog/Realistic MG-1?

video by Josh Is Making Music

LoFi Sunday #15: Hopeful (Roland SP-404SX and Moog MG-1)
video by Josh Is Making Music

"I picked up a Moog/Realistic Concertmate MG-1 off of Facebook marketplace, and while I plan on doing a larger video exploring it, I couldn't help but play around with it for a lofi jam. The SP-404SX has become one of my favorite music-making platforms, and for this song, I'm adding reverb to the MG-1 with the 404. The chord patterns and bassline were sampled from the Korg Prologue. If you're already subscribed, thanks for coming back! And if you're not already subscribed and you enjoyed this video, please consider subscribing to help support the channel. Thanks!"

Dual Dreadful VCF: Deep Dive with Tom Evans

video by Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video Tom Evans of Tom Evans Modular demonstrates the Dual Dreadful VCF, a stereo or dual mono low-pass filter with an incredibly competitive price. Tom also shares several tips and tricks along with some excellent sound examples. Get ready to feel the BASS!

- The Dual Dreadful VCF is a dual filter with cutoff, resonance, and CV input with attenuation per channel. The filters have a shared Spread control on an attenuverter that causes the cutoff frequencies to move in opposite directions. Spread can also be controlled by CV.

Learn more about Tom Evans Modular here: Demo by: Tom Evans
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

Note this appears to be the first post to feature Tom Evans Modular.

Gelbart - VISIONS for orchestra, electronics, and bunny theater

video by Defekt Records

Some synths spotting in this one including an EMS SYNTHI 100 and Hammond auto-vari64. According to Gelbart of Defekt Records: "The ems synthi-100, recorded in the Canadian Music Centre in Calgary, is heard throughout and makes a short visual appearance at the 15:50 mark.

"Music and visuals by Gelbart"

Bad Gear - Roland JD-Xi - Toy Keyboard or Synthwave Monster???

video by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Roland JD-Xi. Is this jack of all trades a toy keyboard or a synthwave monster?"

AudioPilz Bad Gear posts

Juno 60 - arpeggios in minor #2

video by Johan Wave

Part 1 here

ACDGEN Hardware Edition – New Batch / 2.0 Firmware / ACDLAB

video by Spektro Audio

"Today we have three exciting new announcements related to ACDGEN – Hardware Edition: a new batch, a new 2.0 firmware, and a special (and unusual) gift!

ACDGEN is a MIDI Pattern generator which lets you use different algorithms to create 16th-note, acid-style, basslines and melodies with a push of a button and manipulate them live using the different parameters available. You can use ACDGEN to create anything from acid house basslines to lush synth arpeggios.

For more information, check out our latest blog post at:"

Wavparty Busted DRM1 Sample Pack

video by wavparty

"Get it right now:

Following up on the Vanilla DRM1, it’s our largest sample pack to date: The Busted DRM1. What happens when you mangle one of the all time great analog drum machines with dozens of analog and digital Eurorack filters, wavefolders, compressors, and effects? This damn sample pack."

Korg Poly-61 "Analog Pearl" Ambient Sounds

video by LFOstore

"'Analog Pearl' Soundset is here!

Sounds are here:

Dry demo:

64 custom patches for wonderful vintage machine - Korg Poly-61.
Korg Poly-61 is a great 39 years old vintage synth with great sound & sexy look.

While some people thinking that the interface is limited – we made deep vintage strings, warm pads & swells, fat basses, prophet 5 style leads & musical bells and plucks & fx to show that this machine is Deep!

You will get 64 highly usable presets splitted in two categories:

Ambient & Atmospheric sounds combined with Valhalla DSP Supermassive virtual vst effect (free of charge) included in the pack

Analog sounds & arps which are opening potential of machine & its analog warmness.
The patch bank comes as an audio file (wav) for the built-in tape interface of your Korg-Poly-61.
Included instructions how to load the bank.
Also included is a patch list, to find the right sounds quickly."

Waldorf Micro Q Keyboard Synth w/ Custom Red on Black Display-Mod

via this auction

Mortal Kombat Theme - Recreated on Synths

video by Luke Million

"I saw the new Mortal Kombat film this week and as a childhood fan of the game and the original movie, I must say I was very impressed! So today I thought I'd have a jam on the iconic theme by The Immortals. 🎮🎬🎹

Gear Used

Sequential Prophet 5
Moog Multimoog
E-mu Emulator II
Arp Odyssey Mk 1
Ableton Push 2
Ableton Live 11
Roland Cloud - Tr-909"

New WMD eurorack module announcement - OSD

video by WMDevices

"OSD, aka OR SUM DIF, is 3 independent blocks of useful utility in 4HP.

OSD is centered around combining voltage in useful ways. Audio, V/Oct, and control voltage are at home in this utility. OSD offers a fully DC coupled signal path with precision components to make this happen. High quality, configurability, and compact size ensure OSD will always find it's way into your patch.

- Combine v/Oct sequences with precision summing, or enable the the precision OR circuit for completely different results.

- Mix two envelopes or an envelope and lfo using sum to create large accented voltages or combine with OR to keep the output in the original range.

- Crossfade between audio or control voltage using the potentiometer in block one. Setting DIF will invert the signal at the B jack."

WMD OSD (OR / SUM / DIF) - in depth demo / tutorial

"In this video we cover the basics of Or, Sum, and Difference logic types and how they might be useful in a eurorack modular synthesizer performance system.

00:25​ Skip the intro (module overview)
01:07​ Logic Explanation
04:10​ Patching with OSD"

Tubbutec Introduces 6equencer - TR-606 inspired drum sequencer in 3U and 1U eurorack

via Tubbutec

"Tubbutec 6equencer (pronounced sequencer, sixquencer, or whatever you prefer) is a TR-606 inspired step sequencer.

It is available in different Eurorack form factors (1U and 3U) and despite being compact has many powerful features.

6equencer is optimized for live performance and allows quick programming and editing of drum patterns.


Step based drum sequencer with 8 instruments inspired by the
Compatible with analogue and midi based systems
16 patterns, chainable in song mode, up to 32 patterns in a song
Forward, backward, ping-pong and random play directions for
patterns and songs
Mute instruments live
Probability control of steps
Record steps by tapping or via midi
Clear steps while playing
Pattern length can be set individually (Last Step)
Copy, Paste and Clear patterns in song mode
8 trigger outputs with adjustable trigger length, midi out
Analogue clock or midi clock input with adjustable clock divider
Multiple 6equencers can be chained to achieve longer
sequences or more instruments.
Trigger and record via midi in, doubles as midi interface
Trigger midi instruments via midi out
Very compact, yet versatile: 3U * 6HP, or 1U * 24HP Intellijel
For a detailed list and explanation of features, please refer to the user manual (PDF), which is also included with the 6equencer. There are a lot more features than listed here.
Firmware update is possible via midi sysex"

Mixing, panning, polarizing and feedback - with Metabolic Devices Papomi

video by Monotrail Tech Talk

"Today we’re having a closer look at the Metabolic Devices Papomi! It’s a powerful swiss army knife for modular eurorack utilities. It works with audio and control voltages, and can be used as a mixer, attenuator, inverter, offset generator, panner and polarizer. But the combination of functions also make it really suitable for sonic experiments and feedback patches.

We go over the features and functions of the module, and then dive into a series of patches. From basic stereo panning, to more experimental drone and generative feedback patches.

This video is sponsored by Metabolic Devices

00:00​ – Intro
01:01​ – Overview
03:53​ – Mixing
05:55​ – Panning
09:17​ – Polarizing
12:38​ – Feedback"

NightRadio - Alpha

video by Alexander Zolotov

"Made with Jeskola Buzz in 2003. Download:"

Red Roland SH-101

via this auction

Roland Jupiter-8 61-Key Synthesizer

via this auction

1983 CASIO PT-50 w/ ROM Pack RO-201

via this auction

ACCESS VIRUS INDIGO 2 Analog Modeling Synthesizer SN 10200028

via this auction

KORG Prophecy SSP-1 Solo Synthesizer Virtual Analog

via this auction


via this auction

"The Atmegatron is a revolutionary synthesizer that takes classic 80s Chiptune sounds and adds powerful new features.

Musicians will love it because it is quick and easy to create and manipulate amazing sounds. The Atmegatron can do everything from bright square wave leads, to dirty basses, to wild sci-fi effects.
Programmers will love it because it is built on the Arduino platform and the software is open source. This allows programmers to change or add new features and upload them to the Atmegatron.

8-bit monophonic MIDI synthesizer
Unique Wavetable PWM Synthesis audio engine.
Quick and intuitive controls, no complex menu systems
Stylish white aluminium case with walnut side panels
Many features controllable by MIDI:
mod & pitch wheels, filters, portamento and more
16 preset sounds that can be overwritten with your own patches
Huge selection of waveforms and filters
Upload your own waveforms using the included Atmegatron Librarian software
LFO and 2 envelopes
Powerful synthesis features that takes Chiptune beyond 80s computer sounds
Advanced arpeggiator sequencer
Unique ‘wave crusher’ effect
Analogue bass boost for warm bass sounds
FTDI Upload Cable included.

BEFACO PERCALL Eurorack percussion module reviewed by MARK JENKNS.

video by Mark Jenkins

"Befaco offers many modules in built or kit form, often with quite unusual designs. PERCALL helps you create a drum machine within your modular system - see this quick review for how to do it."

Moog Subharmonicon with Strymon Night Sky

video by Johnny Morgan

"Moog Subharmonicon patched directly into the Strymon Night Sky."

Roland JV-880 | A small monster

video by Espen Kraft

"The Roland JV-880 from 1992. The module version of the JV-80. In my opinion the best of all the JV/JD modules in terms of raw bottom end cinematic epic sound. I'm not saying it can do everything else that the others can, but what it can is to deliver fat, solid bass. The 1080, 2080 etc always sounded hollow to me. The JD-990 is very glossy, but lacks the raw punch as well.
Luckily, the JV-880 is the cheapest of them all to get so no need to wait, get online and pick them up!

Find the demo track here:"

Roland JV-880s on eBay | and Reverb

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