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Monday, May 31, 2021

Sequential Prophet 5 Moog Grandmother Dark Analog Alliance Synthesizer Rik Marston

video by Rik Marston Official

Rik's Links:
Ahnyxian Sound Design:

DSI Sequential Prophet Rev2 - No talking demo of all the internal Factory Banks sequences - Part 4/4

video by Andrea Di Lorenzo - Music Lab

Andrea Di Lorenzo - Music Lab Sequential Prophet Rev2 posts

"'No talking' demo of all the internal preset sequences of the DSI Sequential Prophet Rev2-8 voices.

The Dave Smith Instruments Sequential Prophet Rev2 is an update of the Prophet '08 with more possibilities and modulation options in order to get much more complex textures without losing the "classic Prophet sound".

In this demo I will just let you hear what the amazing Dave Smith Instrument's sound designers have made for this amazing synth simply by scrolling through the Bank 4 of the Factory Presets. You will find single layers, split layers (A-B) or stack (dual) layers (A+B).

No additional effects or outboard processing here. 'What you listen is what you get'."



This appears to be the first one pictured on the site. There are a couple of references to the HALO ROM sounds but not the actually keyboard synth. Some pics and details of one I found on eBay:

via this auction

SN 030200610

"The new ENSONIQ® Halo™ Keyboard delivers cutting-edge performance features and professional sound quality at an affordable price. Halo ships with a diverse 32 MB soundset that includes the acclaimed Perfect Piano – an incredibly expressive acoustic piano that gives you unmatched realism. Halo also offers you three additional internal ROM slots, allowing you to expand your sound palette using any ROMs from the comprehensive E-MU® Proteus® Expansion Library. This expandability lets you customize your Halo with ROM soundsets that are generally more genre-specific (i.e. Hip-Hop, Electronica, Orchestral, B-3, etc.).

Halo also gives you 12 real-time controllers that put Halo's powerful synthesis features at your fingertips. You can tweak Halo's filters, LFO's, effects and more – giving you total performance control over your sounds. And Halo's 16 syncable/programmable arpeggiators and interactive Super BEATs Mode are perfectly syncronized with each other and over 100 rhythm-based synthesis and effects parameters, letting you perform entire pieces in real-time, all in perfect unison. Together with pristine 24-bit analog outputs and a lightning-fast processor, Halo offers professional results and playability at an incredible price.

61 keys
64 voice polyphony
32 MB Soundset w/ 640 factory/512 user presets (expandable to 128 MB)
16 programmable real-time control parameters/preset
16 simultaneous/syncable ARPs
SuperBEATs interactive Groove Mode (w/16 trigger buttons)
24-bit dual stereo effects processor
Four 24-bit analog outputs"

Behringer's RD9 TR-909 Clone Finally Ships

This one was a long time coming. You could have picked up a prototype back in July of 2020 here.

"RD-9 is now finally shipping. We're sorry that it has taken much longer than we had anticipated but Covid plus the current global supply chain challenges didn't make it easier.

Compared to the earlier version, the RD-9 has been completely redesigned with many new features added. We're very proud of the RD-9 and can't wait to hear all your feedback.

We also like to thank the many wonderful beta testers who helped us with valuable feature suggestions and to ensure the product is now in perfect shape.

Please be aware that it'll take some time to fill the huge backorders we have on hand. Thank you for all your patience and support."

One more | Roland D-50, Roland SH-101, Toraiz Squid, Yamaha RS7000 Demo

video by MIDERA

"Had an hour while my daughter was napping, so I made this. I found this preset on the D-50 that sounded pretty cool (starts right at the beginning). I liked it, and just made this jam, or whatever it is.

Really though, not much to add. Now its time to go see if we can buy her a fish. Who knows how that will go..."

MIDERA Roland D-50 posts

2021 Lick Obs.Total Lunar Eclipse (XB70man) & Korg WS A/D space music (Aquifex)

video by SynthAddict

"Total Lunar Eclipse from Lick Observatory May 26, 2021. Time-lapse and still photos with various telescopes, cameras and lenses.
Aquifex music: one synth/all parts, Korg Wavestation A/D live looper, custom space music session

Check out Rick's channel (XB70man) - he posts some cool astronomy stuff:"

Slightly longer version:

Roland XPS 30 (2014)


This appears to be the first post to feature the Roland XPS 30. According to Roland, it is only avialable in certain regions. It's available in black and red models. Some additional details from Roland's website:

Update: looks like the video was switched to private. Going to leave this post up for the info below.

The XPS-30 starts with the great feature set of the popular XPS-10 and adds many powerful enhancements that performing players will love. Stage essentials like acoustic and electric piano sound even better, and the internal waveform set can be easily expanded with free sound collections from Roland’s Axial website. The selection of regional instrument sounds has been increased as well, and more user samples can be imported (including multi-sample import) thanks to the doubled onboard memory capacity. There’s also a built-in eight-track pattern sequencer for capturing songs and ideas, plus a convenient mic input with dedicated vocal effects. Mobile performance keyboard with pro sounds, enhanced features, and battery-powered operation

Includes all the sounds from the popular XPS-10 and JUNO-Di, plus updated acoustic and electric pianos and additional regional sounds

Wave expansion slot enables users to download new sound waveforms, available for free at Roland’s Axial website

Sample import function with twice the memory capacity of the XPS-10

Version 2.00 software supports multi-sample import for professional sound creation

Midiverse Modular - Dual/Quad Arcade Button Module - Announcement

video by Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! Here's a look at the next two Eurorack modules we're releasing, MVM004 - Dual Arcade Button and MVM005 - Quad Arcade Button. Price and availability coming soon."

Mimeophon VS Magneto

video by Omri Cohen

00:00 - Introduction
01:53 - As a delay
12:01 - Synchronizing with external clocks
18:06 - As a looper
26:21 - As a voice

Omri Links:

"If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

Noise Cues Episode 4: Jamming with the Mimetic Digitalis

video by Noise Engineering

"In episode 4 Norman covers how to get started jamming with the Mimetic Digitalis. He shows all of his tricks of how to really perform using the MD as the main sequencer of the patch, then he puts all of them together for a jam!


0:00 - Series Intro
0:23 - Intro Jam
0:46 - Episode Intro
1:06 - Programming CV and pitch
1:56 - Button combos
2:45 - Using the trigger out
4:24 - Stop/Run switch
5:11 - Save and load button combos
5:49 - Undo button
6:04 - Using more than one sequence
7:07 - Outro
7:27 - Jam"

Noise Cues Episodes

HEINA KROON POSITRON 16 - Morphing Analog Concept Polysynth

video by Heinakroon Overlays & Accessories


"Note: this synthesizer concept is a personal design and not associated with Behringer or MUSIC Tribe Global Brands Ltd

POSITRON 16 is an analog polyphonic synthesizer concept that focus on morphing, with continuously variable waveforms, filter modes, arpeggiator patterns and more.

It features plenty of hands-on controls, from the three wheels, the Morpher joystick and a fullwidth ribbon controller to polyphonic aftertouch, macro controls, dual pedal inputs and even a CV antenna socket. This will make sure you are always in control of your sounds and performances even during improvisations, and the intuitive LED-collar encoders with push button function make creative sound programming a breeze.

Using Reaper LFO To Automate Eventide H9 and Soundtoys

video by Tom Coote

Reminder: Soundtoys is currently having an up to 80% off Spring sale. Click through for details.

"How to automate the Eventide H9 ribbon, as well as other controls in VSTs such as Soundtoys, using the Reaper LFO Parameter Modulation.

One of the main selling points of the Eventide H9 plugins, is the way in which the ribbon can be used to control multiple parameters in different directions. But you can also use automation within your DAW to do all this and more.

If anybody want the 'Bangkok Ping Pong' Soundtoys preset I used, and a few other ones, they can download them via the link in the description of my '5 New Free Soundtoys Presets' video:" [posted here]

OTO bam quick demo/review

video by Meska

"Quick demo about the oto bam, reverbe unit.
I'm not going to deep like for the filter fixed frequency :
product page :

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly "dark and expérimental" music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.
i'm tattooist at day jobs and you can found my work here :

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

HOW TO? Series / Dreadbox KOMOREBI: from Flanger to Chorus

video by Dreadbox

"How to set Komorebi in order to make FLANGER sounds and then turn it easily into CHORUS.

In this video we are using the discontinued Abyss, a 4-voice Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer."

Yamaha DX100 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer

via this auction

"The DX100 is a battery-powered compact FM sound synthesizer, famous for its Hatsune Miku arm cover.

49-key mini keyboard, 4-operator FM sound source, maximum number of simultaneous sounds: 8, number of preset voices: 192, 24 internal voices.

Main unit dimensions: 628mm (W) x 75mm (H) x 219mm (D), 2.7kg (W), priced at 69,800 yen at the time of release."

Triadex Muse Model 1 1970s Early Sequencer-Based Synthesizer

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

You can find demos of the Triadex Muse in previous posts here.


via this auction

"Everything works on it, including the light-up keyboard, and the inside is super-clean. I also have the Bandmaster synthesizer kit that can go with it, but the frame is for a different organ; perhaps you can find a proper frame for it. I had it serviced recently and it was given a clean bill of health. This was the same organ as in the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles. This also comes with a bunch of books for learning the Thomas system."

See this post for additional info.

Roland VP-330 Analog Synthesizer Vocoder Strings Choir Machine

via this auction

An Enabler for Your Rhodes Chroma

via this auction

The Enabler from Redshift went into production in 2014. A 2.0 version in development in 2018 was featured in this video. Not sure what version this listing is for.

Roland System 100M D-Set + Original 181 Keyboard & Patch Cables

via this auction

112 SN 152624
121 SN 122120
130 SN 122060
140 SN 122xx2
150 SN 001396

Roland System 100M M190 - 3 Module System

via this auction

110 SN 061300 140 SN 750397 110 SN 920718

This appears to be this system minus the boxes and keyboard. The keyboard is likely paired with this listing.

OB XD discoDSP Synthesizer REVIEW and LIVE PERFORMANCE by AGD Andrew G Dugros | Use Headphones

video by Andrew G Dugros

"This is not an in-deep review but a first contact review with this great synthesizer, the OB-XD from discoDSP. At the end of the video I've played a LIVE PERFORMANCE with Cubase and Novation SL 61 mkIII.

OB-XD overviwe (from offiial website):
OB-Xd is based on the Oberheim OB-X. It attempts to recreate its sound and behavior, but as the original was very limited in some important ways a number of things were added or altered to the original design. OB-Xd was designed to sound as good and as rich as the original. It implements micro random detuning which is a big part of that sound."

Shores of Orion : Waldorf microXT

video by Miguel d'Oliveira

"sketching a quick track with just 3 sounds from the Waldorf microXT.
(just keys and mod wheel - no other tweak: cutoff, etc...)

I think the microXT is the most underrated synth ever.
Deffo my desert island synth."

“IOLabs Flux 33 - Benjolin meets Arcane” by Friendly Noise

video by Friendly Noise

"IOLabs Flux, Spherical Sound Society Arcane, After Later Audio Benjolin V2, Steady State Fate Vortices, Befaco Rampage, Befaco Percall, Xaoc Tallin

Please make sure to listen in stereo!!

Video sections: 00:06 01
04:17 02
13:50 03
24:02 04

All sounds were recorded live with two strictly monophonic modules: Benjolin V2 and Arcane, but the use of panning and both Befaco modules results in very interesting textures, which sometimes sound like there is more than two voices at the same time.

Flux is just triggering a steady note as clock source. Density and Length are controlled in real time with the encoders and macro pots. There is only one single pattern in the whole video.

Arcane is clocked by the first channel of Flux. The output of Arcane goes into Tallin to raise the level and to add some warmth with Tallin’s internal saturation. The output of Tallin goes to the first monophonic channel of Vortices.

The voltage of Flux’ channel one is set to S/H mode and goes to the second channel of Tallin. From there it goes to Vortices in order to modulate the panning of Arcane. Since the voltage follows the triggers, every sound generated by Arcane has a different panning position, which greatly enhances the feeling of listening to a drum synthesizer.

Benjolin is a voice module, but it doesn’t have VCAs, so you need some external help to control the length of Benjolin’s sounds. This can be achieved sending the output of Benjolin to the first input of Percall. The decay length is manually controlled and the output goes to the second monophonic channel of Vortices.
The output of Flux goes also to Rampage, where the first envelope is used to generate “bit-crusher”-like sounds. The envelope output goes to the third monophonic channel of Vortices.

Finally, Benjolin’s direct output goes to the fourth monophonic channel of Vortices. The panning is also controlled by the voltages of Flux, as described above.

Some compression and reverb were added in the DAW after recording."

Buchla Easel Command 208C - Rainy Day

video by TheTrackdriver

"All sounds except the rain and birds (played back at half speed) are from the Buchla Easel Command 208C. The complex oscillator is routed through an Elektron Analog Heat for distortion and is then drenched in effects in Ableton Live."

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