MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, June 9, 2021

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Wednesday, June 09, 2021

One day | M-Audio Venom Patches

video by MIDERA

"I decided to test out an M-Audio Venom. It was shipped to me for $5 (the Venom itself cost more, of course). When it arrived, it was in a guitar case. No packaging. Just the synth against the cardboard. I would say that this ranked top worst packing I've ever seen as a synth. However, the Venom survived the trip, which suggests the plastic that held it is strong.

When I plugged it in and realized just how little you could edit it on the front screen - I was utterly shocked. I thought it couldn't be a worse interface than the AN1x, which shares its tepid UI. No, it is in fact much worse. You can edit some very basic things like ADSR, filter settings, and some LFO rates, but... you can't edit the oscillators (of which there are a ton).

Anyway, I created these sounds using the software which does in fact still work on Windows 10. And you know - if it had a UI where you could edit every parameter on the synth, it would be pretty amazing. It sounds very good, but the fact that I have to use a computer to truly edit it, means it's not for me to keep.

Used Eventide Blackhole VST for reverb

0:00 Crystals
2:37 OBwave
5:00 Bored of 2
6:01 Wonders
7:25 Vacant
8:36 Pelog
9:47 Alone"


NOTE: Click here for a review and interview I did with the main designer of the Venom, Taiho Yamada back in 2011. You'll find the interview, followed by some tips and tricks. Taiho also worked on the Alesis Andromeda A6, and the DSP developer of the Venom worked on Radikal Technologies' Spectralis as well as the Accelerator. Taiho Yamada's most current projects are at MOK.

Yamaha DX100 Frequency Ratios Decoded by noyzelab

noyzelab has decoded the Yamaha DX100 Frequency Ratios, on github.

"The Yamaha DX100 owners manual contains a very interesting chart of its 'carefully chosen' frequency ratios, although there is barely any discussion about them at all or what they actually are or relate to..

These mysterious ratios also appear in the other 4, 6 & 8 operator Yamaha FM synthesizers/chips, such as the DX7, DX21, TX81Z, FB-01, DX11, FS1R, DEXED, you name it.. so the information here is relevant for any FM synthesizer capable of producing these ratios.

With a little deciphering using a tiny Python program it turns out this mysterious chart contains 4 groups of inharmonic ratios : √2, √3, π/4 and π. Included in this repo are =>

- spreadsheet in Open Office & PDF format deciphering and organising these ratios into a more coherent layout, plus an Addendum of complete tables computed up to 30x multiplication

- Python program to produce the Addendum tables. Edit & rerun this code to generate output for higher ratios, for example alter the multiplier variable to print out higher ratios for use with 6 & 8 operator synths.

- excerpt from the original DX100 owners manual showing these ratios obtained from here =>

Yamaha have been quite cunning, as you will see from the tables I've made decoding this mysterious chart. The inclusion of these 4 inharmonic ratio groups has been done in such a way that they contain exact multiples of themselves. This is incredibly useful when programming an FM sound using just sine waves, and as Yamaha hint they "produce extremely complex waveforms" for things like "sound effects including extremely realistic bells, explosions, etc."

Here is a simple example I tried poking around on my DX7ii:

Consider creating a sound containing inharmonic timbres, where you would like to have a complex wave modulating a simple sine wave carrier tracking the keyboard normally. This could easily be achieved with a 3 operator sine stack 3>2>1. For the carrier [operator 1] you could choose a ratio of 1.0. Then you could setup operator 2 at √2 = 1.41 creating an inharmonic ratio, and modulate it with operator 3 using √2 but at x 2 = 2.82. This would give you a 2:1 ratio for operators 3 & 2 respectively and create a nice complex modulating wave with minimal to no beating. You could further adjust either or both operator 2 & 3 ratios using √2 as the inharmonic ratio to keep it whole number [integer] based.. or move across to another inharmonic set for one or both and explore futher from there.

how to keep me going ==>
if u find this repo useful please think about supporting my work either thru my bandcamp page: or send a Paypal donation or otherwise get in touch via noyzelab [at] gmail [dot] com

thanks, dave"

Update: this reminded me of an interview I did with Barry Schrader in which he discusses his deep dive into FM synthesis after working with vintage Buchla systems. Scroll down to Triptych for an example and/or search for Yamaha for more.

Tenet Theme Synthesizer Cover (Juno 60 + Subsequent 37CV)

video by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Everything was recorded on the Moog Subsequent 37CV and the Roland Juno 60. All the pads are the Juno, and everything else is the Moog.
Reverb is Valhalla Shimmer and Supermassive


[demo] 128 Blofeld Wavetable Sounds

video by Synthesizer Video Service

"These are all 128 patches from my Blofeld sound bank in one go ( This bank is called 'Table Dancer'.

Here you get a continuous mix of wavetable patches for the Waldorf Blofeld synths. They were recorded directly onto three DAW tracks, without additional hardware or software effect processing - just pure Blofeld (only internal effects)!"

ARPs For ALL ARPchives Live Full Edit

video by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"On the day that would have been Alan R. Pearlman's 96th birthday, ARPchives Live! the broadcast program of The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation announces the inception of ARPs for ALL: a new program to bring the magic and inspiration of rare vintage ARP synthesizers to EVERYONE in the music-making public.
MUSIC from Synthesizer Family Demo Disc
'Hermetic Enigma: the Fixed Volatile" by Roger Powell'"

improv for Wasp and XTk

video by junklight

"I'm not overly nostalgic but I've always had a soft spot for the Wasp and well.....

and yes I know how ropey the mix is but I recorded it straight to a stereo track so not much could be done."

Altair and midi upgrade

video by Alexey Taber

SYNTH DEMO #28 Unboxing Töörö [Fred's Lab] and Beethoven

video by adnmusic

"Unboxing Töörö by Fred's Lab
Ludwig van Beethoven - Pastoral Symphony
Both are born in Bonn.

No external fx. No external sounds. 100 % Töörö.
Yamaha Motif XF7 used as as keyboard and sequencer."

Last Call for Soundtoys Spring Sale

via @soundtoys

Don't miss this! The Spring Sale ends at midnight June 9 – shop now at"

Circuit Tracks - DLR // Novation

video by NovationTV

"We headed to Bristol, UK to spend a day with DLR. Involved in a plethora of projects and notably running the record label Sofa Sound Bristol, DLR has built a body of work that celebrates drum & bass infused with far-reaching influences. Going from his studio to the bustling sounds of the streets and taking Circuit Tracks along with him every step of the way, we wanted to understand how Circuit Tracks helps him get back to pure creative expression.

--- Discover Circuit Tracks"

Roland JX-8P Custom Synthwave Sounds (No Talk)

video by LFOstore

"Presets are here:

Welcome to 'Analogica' soundset for your vintage pearl Roland JX-8P!
Right from 1985, in its glory, JX-8P still very popular analog polysynth.

Many JX series lovers saying that it sound more digital and DX-like in comparsion with old brother - JX-3P.

We took a challenge and made analog sounds which can compete with 3P!

And our soundset turn the grey beast into the heart of Synthwave sounds!
Mono's & poly's - all you are need for your future vintage track!

Inside of this set:

32 User presets:

*Massive Basses
*Dynamic Solo Leads
*Synthwave Plucks
*Big & wide Strings
*Re-Creations of famous sounds

Re-Discover your 36 years JX-8P with modern technology & approach."

Analogue Solutions - Leipzig V3 Review - GEOSynths

video by GEOSynths

"Tom from Analogue Solutions has sent over a demo version of the Leipzig V3 to test out for a few weeks, as I have the Leipzig-s and often sing its praises. I first made a complete Track using only the Leipzig V3 for every Sound, including Drums and Percussion, then went onto make a Review of the Synth with many more Sound Examples."

"As part of my Video Review, I have created a Track using only the Leipzig V3 for every Sound, Drums, Bass, Chords...Everything."

Circadian Rhythms Black Version

video by Tiptop .Audio

"In this video we demo additional features of the Circadian Rhythms, ZOOM mode, Richard Devin’s D Mode, and variable Gate lengths."

Reappearance //Nerdseq/ Foundation Oscillator/DPO/ ER301/Morphagene//

video by Helene Vogelsinger

Reappearance 🌬

A connection about Resilience, Hope
and Unconditional Love 🙏

Hendaye, Basque Country, France

🎧 for the bass/sub

🎥 Chalisk Pito

(I use a homemade generator to power my system = boat battery + converter)

Make Noise Through Light and Color

video by MAKEN0ISE

"Join guest host Leo Mendez (Sintes con Leo) as he discusses and demonstrates the use of light, color, and sound in Make Noise instruments, as well as the history of the philosophical relations between these phenomena. Stay to the end for a special synaesthetic performance where Leo rhythmically controls LED lights with a custom Black & Gold Shared System, using his new 'Hikari Machina!'"

Interconnected - VCV Rack, Neutron, Sensel Morph, Midilar

video by Omri Cohen

"There's a full walkthrough video of this patch and performance on my Patreon page -"

Polyphony in Eurorack with The Patch Pals

video by Perfect Circuit

"If you’ve ever thought about exploring polyphony in Eurorack, chances are you might have felt some level of intimidation in terms of which method of generating 'chords' and 'harmony' works best. But in reality, there’s no one right way to go about it, and in this video our Patch Pals Wes and Jacob share a few of their favorite ways to make polyphonic patches without too much fuss.

A modular synthesizer’s open-ended patching workflow encourages new ways to think about creating sounds, and polyphony is no different. From Supercritical Synthesizers’ MIDI-controllable Demon Core oscillator to a chord or multi-note oscillator such as the 4ms Ensemble Oscillator, or even making use of loopers or other effects to approximate polyphony, there’s no shortage of creative ideas waiting to be explored.

Read the article here:

Modules Featured in this video:
- Demon Core:
- Chainsaw:
- Morphagene:
- Mimeophon:
- Ensemble Oscillator:


00:00 - intro
01:30 - overview
02:21 - super saw oscillators
03:43 - polyphony or paraphony
04:30 - Demon Core
05:37 - Chainsaw
09:00 - approximating polyphony
09:59 - looper (Morphagene)
11:00 - delay (Mimeophon)
12:18 - chord oscillators (Ensemble Oscillator)
14:51 - outro"

Erica Synths Polivoks VCO II VCF II VCA II Eurorack Modules

via this auction

Demo linked in the listing previously posted here.

"Erica Synths Polivoks eurorack system with various DIY assembled modules and power cables in absolutely mint condition! Brand new. Only available as DIY. Assembled by an electronics engineer with ten years of experience. Using only the highest quality components. Built with all Mouser and Thonk parts.

30HP Eurorack Modular System includes:

Erica Synths Polivoks VCO II 12HP Eurorack Module
Erica Synths Polivoks VCF II 10HP Eurorack Module
Erica Synths Polivoks VCA II 8HP Eurorack Module
4x Flat Ribbon Power Cables - 10pin-16pin
8x Befaco M3 Knurlies"

Yamaha Tenori On TNR-W w/ Original Box & Packaging

via this auction

Bastl Instruments Microgranny 2 Smoke

via this auction

"Monophonic mono sampler with a cool lofi sound, in the uncommon "smoke" color variant. Tested and works, in great condition! Includes all original packaging and documentation (even the stickers). Open-box, barely used. Very unique!"

1974 Moog Sonic Six Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Manual

via this auction

"This unit was built in 1974 (as dated inside). It is in very good cosmetic condition for its age with some scratches and scuffs from normal use. Everything works! All switches and faders have been cleaned. All music wires have been polished. Synth comes complete with power cable and original owners manual."

Roland SH 1000 w/ Control Panel Faceplate Removed

via this auction

YAMAHA CS-30 SN 3360

via this auction

Novation Super Bass Station SN 0001669 w/ Original Manual

via this auction

"Unboxed but never used (as you can tell by immaculate, clean controls)

Comes with original owners manual, original power supply and receipt of purchase.

In the images displayed, you can see the unit powered on to show it works."

1999 Kawai K5000W SN 591178 w/ Macro Control Box

via this auction

The following from the listing is incorrect: "the K5000W has PCM files that the K5000S does not. These sounds along with the additive synthesis power of the K5000S make the 5000W a more powerful synthesizer."

I own a K5000S and it does have PCM waveforms. The synth engine is the same. The difference is the W in K5000W stands for Workstation - it has a sequencer built-in while the K5000S does not. You can find demos of the synth engine here.

Eko Bass Pedal K1 SN 0890

via this auction

"Rare analog synth pedal bass from the 70s.
2 octaves sound (16 + 8) that can be combined with a choice of 2 different sound, string and reed (ie waveforms, one is a triangle the other a sawtooth) and adjustable sustain.
You also get a second sound, Percussion, that can be combined or use individually. This one is not affected by the sustain.

Unit is in very good condition with only a few scratches. Works flawlessly. Very nice built, the pedal are actual wood and not plastic."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 w/ Upgrades Galore

via this auction

"This is the mac-daddy of Prophet 600s. This 1982 beast not only has the GliGli CPU upgrade, it has the coveted voice panning, stereo mod (which allows you to pan the 6 voices along the stereo field, like an Oberheim OB-8) and the instrument now has stereo outs in addition to the original mono addition, this prophet 600 has a new fatar keybed installed (the same keybed that is in the high end Dave Smith and Moog Boards). Simply the best Prophet 600 you will ever see for sale. includes original Prophet 600 manual."

Chimera BC16 Mini-Modular Synth SN 5Q1J3R

via this auction

You can find demo tutorials from Chimera Synthesis posted here and additional posts featuring the B16 here.

Frequency Central Electro Cardiogram VCF/ VCA w/ Red Acrylic Faceplate Panel

via this auction

"VCF with VCA

The ECG is a diode ladder filter and uses 6 x red LEDs for the diodes. Diode ladder filters have a different sound to transistor ladder filters, and if you’re gonna use diodes, why not use LEDs and get a free light show too – the LEDs will brighten as you turn up the cutoff of the filter, or when a CV is applied. For maximum visual effect ECG is mounted on a translucsuent red acrylic panel. ECG is based on my Vogue VCF/VCA. The inspiration for the changes to the diode ladder is the Roland TB-303 filter."

Short Clips of the UDO Super 6 Synthesizer

vidoes by CO5MA

Short #01 UDO Super 6 synthesizer
Short #02 UDO Super 6 synthesizer

Kompas & Tom Leclerc - Study of Getting Lost and Finding The Way Back (Petit Bois)

video by Bastl Instruments

"Marbles as thinking head and clocking Kompas, Kompas triggering Skis and Seed from Beads Rings, Plaits and Tides as sound sources. Tides is envelopped by Skis and a doepfer VCA. Plaits filtred by Ripples and processed by Beads. Rings and Tides processed by Clouds"

Tom Leclerc

Polyend Tracker AE - Projects Download

video by Polyend

"By popular demand of the Tracker players and courtesy of the Tracker AE participating artists, we now have an opportunity to share all their projects with you!

Here you can see and hear, a mix of tracks taken from all the three AE Trackers mixed together in a one, entirely new composition (remix?).

Find out more and get the files at:"

Multitrack recording - RJP Dynamic Keyboard MU-798 🎹

video by Phillip Gross

"In this video I tried to play the RJP Dynamic Keyboard MU-798 so that it no longer sounds like a toy. The additional sounds and instruments I played with the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments.
Recording and arrangement was done in Steinberg Cubase.
Just ask me if you want to know more details."

mfb-301 pro / moog mf104M

video by studio snippets

MF104M delay

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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