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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Metasonix T1-firstdemo

T1-firstdemo from METASONIX on Vimeo.

Borebrain EQX5

video upload by

"Sequential Prophet 10 Rev 4 through Boredbrain Injectr and EQX5. Sequence from Cirklon. Envelopes from Radar. Delay and reverb from Mimeophon and Desmodus Versio. Drums from Analog Rytm."

Yamaha AN1x Modification Info for very fat and super good sound

video upload by Yamaha An1x Modification for better Sound new Video js-sound

Update: video re-uploaded Oct 20, 2021

"Download sounds Demo after modification here:

At your request, you can support my YouTube channel with any amount of money transfer to this PayPal account:"

More Work on the Home Made Synthesizer, Added a 16 Step Sequencer

video upload by m655321

"More Work on the Home Grown Synthesizer, Added a 16 Step Sequencer. Other than the Korg Volca Beats, very thing is home made."

The NDLR ( Noodler ) , Sound Update

video upload by RinghausenMusic

"Tools : Waldorf microQ ( Drone Part ) , Doepfer , PPG Phonem / Wavemapper , Moog Model 15 , iSymphonic and Arturia iProphet ..."

Sequential Take 5 Sound Demo (no talking) at Superbooth21

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

Superbooth 21 Boat Ride

video upload by Friedensreich 26

Die teuersten und schönsten Synthesizer Superbooth 2021

video upload by musotalk

"Wer ist der schönste Synthesizer? Mit Thorsten Quaeschning von Tangerine Dream auf dem Superbooth 2021 : Moog, Waldorf M, Doepfer viele andere Modulsysteme sind zu sehen. Und auch die Kollegen von Sonicstate. Dreadbox, UDO Audio - Desktop Super Six, Waldorf M, Erica Synth, TipTop Audio, der Mann mit der Maschine, Sequential Take 5 und mehr..Buchla, Moog
Was ist dein Favorit?"


"Who is the most beautiful synthesizer? With Thorsten Quaeschning from Tangerine Dream on the Superbooth 2021: Moog, Waldorf M, Doepfer many other module systems can be seen. And also the colleagues from Sonicstate. Dreadbox, UDO Audio - Desktop Super Six, Waldorf M, Erica Synth, TipTop Audio, the man with the machine, Sequential Take 5 and more ... Buchla, Moog
What is your favorite?"


video upload by Blush Response

Buy my new album:
Support what I do:

@Aodyo Instruments ANYMA PHI JAM | SUPERBOOTH 2021

video upload by Blush Response



video upload by Blush Response

@Erica Synths PERKONS HD-01 JAM | SUPERBOOTH 2021

video upload by Blush Response

PERKONS HD-01 posts


video upload by Blush Response

AVP ADS-7 MK2 posts


video upload by Blush Response

MODOR DR-2 posts


video upload by Blush Response

2 nice "DJs" are demonstrating new eurorack size Buchla 200 made by TIPTOPaudio - Superbooth 2021

video upload by Robert Hood

"I have seen this nice live presentation at the Superbooth 2021, hoping I can present it here, just for information - what can happen on the Superbooth..."

Knight Dream // Synth Jam feat Sequential PRO 3 + Korg minologue XD + Access Virus TI

video upload by Sounds of Synth

"A synth Jam for the hardware jams challenge. Create some music to accompany a fantasy story / dream.

The story in full :

You awake, its early morning and the garden is full of cool mist. You stand up and consider your options, you notice another gate to your right through some trees and remembering the family is away this weekend you decide to go through the woods to the other gate. The gate is unlocked and walking through you now seem to be in some sort of castle turret. From a nook on your right an old man appears and he points at a large fish bowl. In the fish bowl there are two kittens, they are swimming in opposite directions and bump heads when they meet, the one crys when they bump, the other you notice has a blindfold on. You point to the one with blindfold and the man smiles and hands you the kitten. You take its blindfold off and gently place it on the stairs to your left and urge it with a friendly stroke to go up them. The man then points to the stair case on the right which you then climb. You find yourself at the top of the turret with two large wooden doors infront of you, and you wait for what seems like hours. Then you notice a large black panther on a balcony above to your left.....your heart starts beating twice the speed. The panther leaps down on you and gently licks your face, and you realise this is the kitten you chose. He gently walks to your right and sits down, and as you look at your new best friend you notice he has armour on, and then notice indeed you are holding a golden spier and are too dressed in armour. There is a creak as the doors begin to open, you know this going to be the start of something look at your friend again glady trusting and knowing each other, then gaze forward watching as doors unfold to reveal a new world.


Sequential PRO 3
Korg Minilogue XD
Access Virus TI
Launchpad for Sample triggering
Roland Gaia"

A Failure of Imagination (i) // Shot on Fuji XT4

video upload by Oblivion Corner

"Music by Cybersyn. Used with permission by Oblivion Corner.
Full Album available now:
For inchoate ramblings, read on ...

A cold concrete bench on a seasonably warm day is a slice of heaven. Add to that a location in a quiet corner and we are proverbially off to the races. This video features a track that was set to be included in a concept album about Cybersyn, a forward-thinking 70s antecedent to the internet and ‘big data’, being fictionally smuggled out of Chile just as the democratically-elected government collapsed due to the autocratic onslaught by brutal forces backed by the CIA and US corporations, named and unnamed, since those events. Thinking of what could have been is always a wistful exercise when it comes to technology.

This music imagines a form of progressive technocracy as the backbone of the technological developments that occurred in France throughout the 70s and 80s: high speed rail, space launch systems, interactive information systems accessible to all and a home computing revolution. The fictional machination of the album linked above imagines that all this national progress was enabled by the visionary capabilities of Cybersyn. Once more, it’s worth emphasizing that this is fiction. France did develop Ariane rockets, Minitel information terminals and the TGV high speed rail network but this was primarily thanks to the decisive actions of the government of the time which pushed these projects forward.

However, the idea of Cybersyn and the future it potentially augured has both a more sinister and melancholic side too. This is also represented in the music and visuals of this video. The influences here are two-fold, cinematic and literary. First of all, there’s la Nuit des Traquées (Night of the Hunted) the under-appreciated B-movie by Jean Rollin, starring the incomparable Brigitte Lahaie. The premise is that a nuclear accident has caused the emission of dangerous fast moving particles that have affected people in the surrounding area, causing amnesia and a loss of cognitive ability. A shadowy organisation has detained and subsequently relocates those affected to an ominous corporate skyscraper as the victims devolve into haunted animalistic shadows of themselves. Secondly, Les Forteresses Noires a novel by Patrick Grainville about a banker, a nightshift doctor, a sculptress and teenagers worshipping an odd assemblage of sewage rats. The common element here is that both the film and the novel are set in La Défense business district in Paris.

The location captured in this video is very much reminiscent of the architecture and solitary concrete corners of La Défense business district. The ominous nature of corporate architecture as well as the promise and paranoia of technology are the notions being conveyed here. However another idea that lies at the foundation of this music and album it was going to part of is “what could have been”. Namely, how would technology have evolved if at every fork the market forces of shortsighted thinking, cost-cutting and convenience had not been heeded. For example, what if Betamax had become the dominant video format of the 80s? What if France had pursued its homegrown CYCLADES network protocol instead of the X.25 based TRANSPAC standard? What if PC compatibles had never become as ubiquitous? What would the technological landscape look like now? This track and all the others featured in the album above (they will get their own videos in due course) aim to give a feeling of what that would have been like interspersed with the aforementioned intrigues and ideas.

This video was filmed with the Fujifilm XT4 camera using the Fujinon XF 23mm f2 lens.

If you'd like to support this channel with a one-off purchase, please check out our affordably priced music:"

Instruments of Things SOMI-1 – The Sound of Me on Kickstarter

video upload by instruments of things

"SOMI-1 is now live on Kickstarter with 40% discount for the first 50 units!"

"Make your movements audible and become music yourself with the SOMI-1 motion sensor wearables for sound control.

SOMI-1 is a highly precise sensor technology that measures movement and transforms it into sound in real-time. The Bluetooth® sensors can be worn as wearables on the wrists and ankles, turning the user into an instrument.

Create Sound Via Movement

8 different movement parameters per sensor
Easy usage, no need of musical or technical pre-knowledge
Smartphone app as sound source
Connectivity to music software & hardware as sound source
Hub with MIDI interface (USB & TRS)
Wireless via Bluetooth® 5
Up to 6 sensors simultaneously

Each SOMI-1 sensor provides eight different motion parameters that can be used independently to control or trigger sound. The sound can either be generated via the SOMI-1 smartphone app, which offers several different sound presets, or by any instrument or music software that is compatible with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) – for example Ableton Live. The motion data of the SOMI-1 sensors is received wirelessly via Bluetooth® 5 by the SOMI-1 hub, that connects to your sound source via USB or TRS-MIDI. Up to six sensors can be used simultaneously with a single SOMI-1 hub to create incredible soundscapes and allow multiple artists to operate together."

You can find additional details at the SOMI-1 Kickstarter.

BEST OF SUPERBOOTH21: Dreadbox Nymphes, Erica Synths PERKONS, Waldorf M, RK008 & much more!

video upload by BoBeats

"Today we are at SUPERBOOTH21 checking out the latest and greatest in synths & music tech. Become a Patron and support videos like this here:

00:00 intro
00:18 Waldorf M Sound Demo & Overview
02:57 Finegear Exclusive Teaser
03:58 Expressive-E OSMOSE first look
12:18 Dreadbox Nymphes Analog Poly
14:03 Erica Synths PERKONS drum machine (its crazy!)
15:46 Freds Lab Töörö & MORE
19:20 BEFACO Plethora (Yeah, I can't pronounce that!)
21:51 Enjoy Electronics GODFATHER (MUST SEE!)
24:37 Vermona DRM1 MK4 (can I justify getting one?)
26:20 ZAPS eurorack module (crazy cool!)
27:29 RetroKits RK008 MUST SEE
33:33 Patching Panda Modules
35:00 AE MODULAR and MORE!!

SUPERBOOTH 2021 New Buchla Music Easel

video upload by sonicstate

"A chill Saturday AM at the Buchla Bungalow with Marc Doty who was showing us new Music Easel which has benefitted with a few updates, including improving of grounding, additional strip control, trigger outs and a slightly larger case so that there is room to expand the system.
A new power module with USB and MIDI interfacing as well as additional audio and voltage mixer.

The new Easel will be available for preorder Q4 this year, available Q1 next year, $3,999"

Erica Synths LXR-02 Sound Demo (no talking) - Core Sound Pack for Techno, IDM, and Electronica

video upload by Limbic Bits

Digitakt, Eurorack and Chill!

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"Making beats with the Digitakt and a small Eurorack Skiff!"


ladik S-332 trig sequencer

video upload by RuprechtM

32-step trig sequencer
1x 2-32 step, 2x 2-16 step, 4x 2-8 step

V.A.I. 62 Welson Stereo Symphony / Maestro USS / Maestro Rhythmking 4 / Ekosynth

video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

This appears to be the first post to feature the Meastro Rhythm King 4.

"The mighty Welson Stereo Symphony is a rare Italian string machine with modulation stereo capabilities that are quite unique.

The Maestro USS is the first multi- effect for guitars: phaser, envelope follower, octave follower, Sample and hold etc.

The Meastro Rhythm King 4 is a drum machine with a rhythmic, tremolo modulation - chopping up whatever sound source you give the input in the back."

Korg MS10 Synthesizer Keyboard SN 136238 w/ Patch Sheet & Manual

via this auction

Mode Machines SL-1 Synthlab SN 308206-100

via this auction

"The SL-1 Synthlab is a 100% true analog circuitry synthesizer with subtractive synthesis. The type of design started in the early 1970s with voltage-controlled modular systems. The use of the low pass filter on the transistor cascade means the SL-1 Synthlab sounds very similar to well-known early Moog synthesizers."

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Digital Synth

via this auction

"Excellent condition Ensoniq Fizmo. Unique sound. This one had the regulator fix and is in great functional and cosmetic condition."

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Digital Synth

via this auction

"The very rare and mega unique Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Digital Synthesizer. Fully Functioning and in great cosmetic condition give or take one or two very superficial scuffs. Comes with the original power supply.

A little bit of historic info:

'The Fizmo is a 48-voice synthesizer which uses 2nd-generation Transwave technology to create very organic sounds unlike any other synth available. Every programming function has its own dedicated knob or button, and there is a limited but useful 4-character LCD display. The Fizmo features an Arpeggiator and 24-bit VLSI effects with 41 algorithms, including a Vocoder and the ability to process incoming audio through the Vocoder and effects.'"

Octave-Plateau Voyetra Eight 8 Mylar Front Panel (NOS)

via this auction

"This mylar front panel was manufactured in 1982 by Octave-Plateau for their Voyetra Eight synthesizer. It can be used to replace a damaged panel on a V8 or to frame and display in a studio for any fan of the Voyetra Eight synthesizer.

This item is New Old Stock (NOS) and is covered with a protective film as shipped from the factory. The back has an adhesive covered with a paper protector. For more information on the Voyetra Eight, Google "Fandom Voyetra Eight Synthesizer"."

Roland System 100 Modular Synthesizer w/ Original Boxes & Manuals

via this auction

Roland System 100 synth package
101 basic unit
102 expander
104 sequencer
All units are euro 220 voltage Complete in original packaging!
Also Included are the original Roland issued detailed instruction manuals and patch books in a bound folder. There are also the original patch cables. This is in way above average condition and is in fully working condition

Roland System 100 Model 101, serviced with original box and manuals

via this auction

The Synthesizer has been fully serviced :
- Cleaning of all the sliders and potentiometers
- Cleaning of the key contacts.
- rework of the PSU.
- Cleaning of the output an path jacks.
- Full calibration"

E-MU Systems 39 Sound Library CDs

via this auction

"39 various Sound Library CD ROMs for use with Samplers or DAWs. These were made by E-MU Systems and their affiliates back in the 1980s. The "v" denotes volume number if they were part of a series.

To save space on my shelves, they were put into slim CD cases. The CDs are in very good condition

E-MU EIIIX Sound Library (12 CDs):

v1 - Emulator Standards
v2 - More Emulator Standards
v3 - Orchestral
v4 - Sound Effects
v5 - World Instruments
v6 - World Percussion / Ensembles
v7 - E-MU Classics
v8 - Vintage
v9 - Psychic Horms
v13 - Dance 2000
v15 - Bass Collection
v16 - 26 Drum Kits

Formula 4000 (5 CDs):

Hip-Hop Nation
Analog Odyssey
Techno Trance
Earth Tones

Emulator Sound Library (8 CDs):

v2 - Producer Series
v3 - Hollywood Sound Fx
v6 - Analogia Projects (2 CD)
v7 - Old World Instruments (2 CD)
v8 - Platinum Photo (2 CD)

Assorted CDs (14):

EOS Techno Synth Construction (Rob Papen)
Super Strings (Kurt Ader)
Dan Dean Bass Collection v2
Phatt Beats (2 CD)
Orbit Beats (2 CD)
Ensoniq X-Audion Series Sampling (3 CD)
The Holy Grail Grand Piano
Millennium Synths
Sounds of the 70s (2 CD)

Bonus - Diskettes of Midi Files (Twiddy Bits):

Bottoms - The Bass Volume (Keyfax)
General Instruments
Drums and Percussion
Jazz - Brass, Guitar and Solo instruments"

KORG DW-8000 | EX-8000 Preload Programs Cassette Tapes

via this auction

"Two very rare OEM tapes and one homemade copy"

Preload Programs
Program Tape "A" Version II
Original memory user backup copy

ARP Solus Model 2353 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 2353057

via this auction

Sequential Multi-Trak SN 01304

via this auction

". Six voice analog synth with filters, envelopes, modulation capabilities and built-in sequencing.

. 99 memory patches for your analog sound creations

. Arpeggiator with hold and transpose functions

. Onboard sequencer, Stores up to four polyphonic sequences with a metronome, 1600 note memory, an overdubbing mode and quantizing (autocorrect) functions, individual track volume and speed controls. Sequences can be chained together and patches could be changed on the fly. Sequences are recorded in real-time

. MIDI in/out, six separate audio ouptuts (one for each voice) and a stereo output, built-in stereo chorus effect and a 5-octave keyboard with velocity sensitivity and split/layer modes (layer up to six different patch sounds onto one note)."


via this auction

Novation AFX Station w/ Case & Decksaver Cover

via this auction

JAM SP-32 & PM-4 & CHIPS


INSTRUMENTAL analog synths jam on RIDE - Look Mum No Computer

video upload by OOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Live Instrumental Of RIDE. i shot this when practicing and setting up for the live version. ------
Download the Wav of this version and the Instrumental :-"

Lyric version posted here

Soma Laboratories Pulsar-23 | Wonderfully Uncomfortable

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"The fantasy is always better than the real thing. Or is it? I've been waiting for my Pulsar-23 for months and it arrived yesterday. I had this sound in my head after playing with my Mutable case, but the real thing felt dull, uncomfortable and sonically cramped at first patch.The 23 is nothing like a conventional drum machine and shouldn't be treated as such. Then it came to life :). Also features the Lyra-8 synthesizer."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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