MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, October 3, 2021

Sunday, October 03, 2021

New KORG ARP 2600M Overview & Demo

はじめまして、の ARP 2600 M ~まずは音を出すところから~ video upload by KORG EXPERIENCE LOUNGE

"[Starting the main story from 1:18]
The ARP 2600 M is finally on sale.
Whether you've got it, you're in the future, or you're curious, let's start by making a sound.
The best synth, though addictive. This and that for getting on.

1:18 First greeting
3:24 Introduction of ARP 2600 M-Overall configuration
5:26 Settings for producing sound!
14:18 Oscillator tuning and settings
20:50 Basics of patching-Change of oscillator waveform
28:40 Filter EG ~ ARP 2600 "Unique" sound
38:38 Patching to "reverse" the keyboard
42:58 Connection with DAW ~ Voice input to ARP 2600 M
54:11 Closing remarks "

"【1:18 より本編開始】
ついに発売となったARP 2600 M。

1:18 はじめのご挨拶
3:24 ARP 2600 M のご紹介〜全体の構成
5:26 音を出すための設定!
14:18 オシレーターのチューニング、設定
20:50 パッチングの基本〜オシレーター波形の変更
28:40 フィルターEG〜ARP 2600 ”ならでは” サウンド
38:38 鍵盤を「反転」させるパッチング
42:58 DAWとの接続〜ARP 2600 Mへの音声入力
54:11 おわりのご挨拶"

Also see New Korg ARP2600M - A Legend, Reborn - the Mini ARP 2600 Arrives

Vintage Synthlab Eurorack Analog Modular Synthesizer

video upload by Vintage Synthlab

"Demo of various Vintage Synth Lab modules:

VCF-74 : analog filter used for kick noise, snare noise, upper synth voice, lower synth voice.

D-ENV : Delayed Envelope Generator (ADSR / AR) used throughout.

AWM-3 : mixer / matrix-mixer / wave shaper.

VCO-81 : CEM3340 precision analog voltage controlled oscillator for kick body voicing, upper synth voice, lower synth voice.

N-STX : for white noise to snare, pink noise to kick, S&H to snare noise LP cut-off, S&H to upper voice HP cut-off."

DX5 playing Pet Shop Boys "West End Girls" cover

video upload by DX5

"Extracted from the live streaming aired on October 2th, 2021, hence picture is more pixelled than usual (even!) and colours are bit more altered. No filter of any kind was used. I work with a 1994 camera ;-) . Also, some audio levels (Emax II specially) had to be balanced on the fly.

Gear used:
Emu Emax 1
Emu Emax 2

Backtrack previously recorded on Pro Tools by me, track by track, building drums and bassline from scratch, including Roland Promars for the bassline.
Original song composed by Chris Lowe / Neil Tennant.
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara."

LPZW & Tubbutec Gesprächskonzert (lecture concert)

LPZW & Tubbutec Gesprächskonzert (lecture concert) from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

"Kai and Tobi (aka LPZW & Tubbutec) probably could have sold every second SUPERBOOTH21 guest a 6mod6, that's how well their first joint product was received. At Fuchsbau the Berlin based manufacturers presented the result of their collaboration: a highly modified homage to the 606.

They were accompanied by an opening performance from Cem Oral a.k.a. Jammin’ Unit in which he used the new module intensively, giving a good idea about what the module sounds like in a musical context.

After the performance Kai and Tobi walked the audience through every sound engine of the module and showed their modifications of the original 606 circuits. Not only with the Gesprächskonzert, they convinced a lot of people that they created a great sounding and very versatile 606 inspired drum module.

Now the wait begins, the first batch of the 6mod6 still has to be built. Let's hope that the chip shortage does not delay the production too much."

EaganMatrix Colour Delay

video upload by HakenAudio

"A single EaganMatrix preset showing one thought out audio processing possibility with the EaganMatrix eurorack module. A mBiraski kalimba is used as the sound source. The EaganMatrix module is the only module used on the audio path. EaganMatrix bespoke controls i, ii, iii, and iv are controlling Time Offset, Tonal Colour, Delay Time, and Delay Feedback, respectively. The mBiraski audio source is captured, looped, sonically altered both destructively and non-destructively, and converted to stereo space through the application of morphable convolution body responses, all within the EaganMatrix module. All external control is through control voltage input from third party sources, documented in the signal flow diagram on the left of the video."

Nord Piano 5 - All Playing, No Talking with Chris Martirano

video upload by Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Nord Piano Bundles at Kraft Music:

The very talented Chris Martirano shares a wonderful demonstration of the Nord Piano 5 for Kraft Music

The Nord Piano 5 delivers the ultimate piano experience in a live-focused keyboard with exceptional piano feel. The Piano and Sample Synth sections of the Nord Piano 5 each contain two independent layers that can be used simultaneously in a variety of split or layer configurations while offering twice the memory of the Nord Piano 4. Nord's unique Virtual Hammer Action Technology delivers outstanding dynamic response and amazing control at any velocity level. Freely assignable to any layer in the Piano and Sample Synth sections, the high quality stereo effects found in the Effect section are instantly tweakable for a wide range of tonal combinations.

Nord Piano 5 73 features a 73-note Triple Sensor keybed with grand weighted action, while Nord Piano 5 88 features an 88-note Triple Sensor keybed with grand weighted action.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Nord Piano 5 bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new stage piano, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Sequential Pro 3 & Valhalla VintageVerb - Abyss

video upload by Voltage Controlled

"Two simple patches from the Pro 3 going through Valhalla VintageVerb."

Modular Jam at Berklee (feat. Ten Days)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

Find more from Ten Days here:

Website 🖥:

Gotharman's Tiny LD: Chill Sample-Based Beat // #TTNM


"I've been watching a lot of Accurate Beats' YouTube videos lately and listened to tons of Brock Berrigan on top of that, so I got in the mood to try out some sample-based beat making on Gotharman's Tiny LD. This was a fun test run! I'm usually more into the experimental side of the Little Deformer 3's smaller sister here, but it worked really nicely as a strange Akai MPC substitute as well.

The main sample was recorded and edited on my iPad in iMPC Pro 2 (not really a big fan of this app to be honest, but it got the job done). I then transferred the WAV file with some additional royalty free 808 drum samples to the Tiny LD with a USB stick. Since the main sample was already looping nicely, I could chop it up automatically on the Tiny LD. Then I used Chop-Keyboard mode to spread the chops over the keyboard keys and keep them all inside a single 'part'. Drums were the already mentioned 808 samples and the Bass and Synths are internal sound engines. The rest is the usual Gotharman sequencing, morphing and effects then :)
I love to hear from you and talk about synths and stuff, so always feel welcome to post a comment or send me an e-mail to: ➤"


Oberheim Matrix 12 - Sound design from scratch

video upload by Tim Mantle / Psalm37patches

Running Sequential Circuits Pro-One through a Korg MS-20

video upload by Benjamin Dehli

"Running a Sequential Circuits Pro-One through the Korg MS-20 and controlling its pitch with the audio.

The audio from the synthesizers is unprocessed except a small amount of reverb is added from the Chase Bliss Audio & Meris CXM 1978.

- Sequential Circuits Pro-One
- Korg MS-20

- Chase Bliss Audio & Meris CXM 1978

00:00 Unison with 4 oscillators in 3 different octaves
01:37 Square wave modulating pitch of MS-20 oscillators
02:49 Bass sound with square wave modulating pitch of MS-20 oscillators
03:35 Fast square wave modulating pitch of MS-20 oscillators
04:03 Duophonic with individual pitch
04:46 Duophonic with individual pitch (bass and lead)
05:24 Duophonic with fast square wave modulating pitch of MS-20 oscillators
06:06 Duophonic with individual pitch (bass and lead) 2
07:23 Duophonic bass
08:55 Unison bass"

Roland JD-990 - Dark Analog performed by Chronos

video upload by LFOstore

"From our soundset:


LFOstore JD-990 posts

Double Trouble distorting a TR-808

video upload by Space Cat Audio Technologies

"Adding a touch of drive to the main mix to give the sound an edge."

Vintage Casio DG-20 Digital Guitar Synth with Original Box

via this auction

MFB Dominion 1

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

via this auction

L.E.P Lumanoise v.02 Desktop Chord/Drone Synth

via this auction

Kyma Capybara 320 Symbolic Sound Synthesizer SN 61689

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

Yamaha CS-60 Polyphonic Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland SH-2 Vintage Monophonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Hard Case SN 982770

via this auction

The toy keyboard mod - stand along synthesizer

video upload by Michael Nolan

"Recently - as a response to the pandemic I followed my dreams to skill back up in electronics, software development. I went through a lot of projects - a huge number and started to talk but today I'm sharing a really big step up in my work. Many firsts had to be worked through to design, make and then develop the software and hardware user interface for this full working keyboard and digital synth (that simulates analogue sounds to a great extent).

This is a fork of the original code from Marcel License
I wrote a lot of the parts for physical controls, the display, the arpeggio functionality and more. Without the code from Marcel though I wouldn't be anywhere as far making music. Initially it was a steep learning curve but this is about the 3rd object for making music I've made and i'm starting more projects. Eventually I hope to have a suite of different keyboards that do different things or work in different ways."

Additional details via github:


This is for someone who wants to wire up from a toy keyboard and pots, buttons to play the synth in a self contained unit. That is why I forked from Marcel Licence who has developed a number of modular synth projects and shared.

I made a thread where I started to list new features.

This project is moving along as a fork of basic synth. I've made my own knobs, banks of parameters physical interface in this self contained unit. I am milking this code for all I can to develop something I have a good deal of control.

Ran into a lot of little electronics building issues with physically making it stable and wiring it. My projects are kind of semi-wired and semi-wires into temporary pin-connectors like you have on a test arduino where I soldered some connectors to the ESP32 dev module. Getting it to be stable and using the right wire and lengths so I can keep opening it up and improving it without breaking some connection takes experience.

Issues I am starting to look more at the modules I was just using at how the work and learn from that. Had some weird DAC issues when i had a floating local SCLK instead of earthing it. Sometimes I get a bit of clipping with the sinewave or the current use causes it to lose it's stability until I had the wiring done right. Started to use my on AWG22 solid core breadboard style wires cut from a spool so I could make things stable.

Feature upgrades I like my display setup - i have 8 sectors and a routing for showing the set levels. I need a button I think to put it into edit or not edit so that I can change sets of parameters without overwriting things.

New Features to be started I need to make a patch write/read or at least read out a list of numbers to save as presets. I need to make a physical 5 pin DIN midi in/out so I can slave or master out the keys."


video upload by KLOY из NØKU

"my first analog space synthesizer"


videos upload by Forms

The Weeknd - Blinding Lights | Loop Guitar and Synthesizer cover

video upload by Karel Smit

"I wanted to do a cover again where I played everything live. It limits the amount of layers and dynamics a bit, and the buildup needs some patience, but so much fun to do!

Arturia Keystep Pro sequences:
-Track 1 Moog Mother-32: arpeggio thingy during verse
-Track 2 Arturia Minibrute 2s: Bass
-Track 3 Korg Minilogue xd (double Osc sawtooth)/Ableton wavetable plugin (double sawtooth with sub)
-Track 4 Arturia Microfreak Vocoder Edition: pads

Arturia Drumbrute Impact: drums (kick, snare, clap, hihats)
Guitar: Fender american strat. Sounds from Archetype: Cory Wong plugin by Neuraldsp. Harmonised part is made with the Digitech Whammyt DT set to a higher fifth

Recorded, mixed and effects added in Ableton live 10"

Hans Zimmer - Leaving Caladan (Dune Soundtrack) | Synthesizer & Guitar Cover

video upload by

"It was time for something cinematic again. This one was a bit challenging, because I couldn't find any sheet music, so it's definitely not entirely the same as the original, but I like how it turned out :)

Arturia keystep pro controls:
-Track 1 Grand piano (Ableton plugin)
-Track 2 Arturia Minibrute 2s: bass
-Track 3 Korg minilogue xd: second bass
-Track 4 Moog Mother 32: highs / Ableton plugins: Viola section & Glowing choir female

Maschine MK3 for drums. Used toms from multiple groups and edited the samples a lot
Guitar: Ibanez RG8 in drop E, tuned down to D with the Digitech Whammy DT
Sounds come from the Archetype Abasi plugin by neural DSP"

Sonicware Liven 8Bit Warps XFM Volca Modular Nord Lead - Downtempo New Age Jam

video upload by ChrisLody

"This jam started off as quite an experimental affair and ended up landing in ambient electronica/downtempo/chilled out/new age music territory. Perhaps because I'm feeling a little nostalgic today. As I've mentioned before on the channel I used to be a carpenter and joiner, I did that for a living for 20 years in fact. To cut a long story short I've decided to go back into the trade after a break of a few years and I'm quite excited but a bit apprehensive, though I've already been out to look at some work and it's only been 3 days since I set up my new Facebook page so that can't be bad 😁 Anyway, my point is this sounds a bit 90s to me which is the decade I was learning the trade. Probably not a coincidence, but it's not even a genre of music I listen to much 🤷‍♂️

So in this jam the Volca Modular has a radio\cassette player plugged into the CV input which is being routed through like it were an oscillator. This enables me to gate the incoming signal. There was some sort of radio play on which gave me plenty of vocal material to work with. I also had to get it done fast though as I wasn't sure when it would finish which is why the video is a bit wonky and blurry on this one, sorry about that.

The radio\cassette in question is a cheap Matsui model that no longer plays tapes but the radio output is impressively loud making it a good fit for playing radio and noise into the Volca Modular

The Sonicware Liven XFM is providing the drums here using a kit that spreads across all 4 track. It's fast becoming my go to drum machine on top of everything else it's good at, more on that in a future video

The Liven 8Bit warps is producing a pad sound using it's lovely lofi FM engine, most of what I'm playing here is improvised. Again I had to work fast so the first good take was the one to use

The Nord Lead is obviously playing the lead sound. Again largely improvised. I learned how to trill on piano recently, maybe a bit too much of that in this to be honest 😄

Effects are provided by the Danelectro Fab Echo on the Nord Lead and the Zoom Studio 1201 routed into my Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 audio interface"

S-CAT Double Trouble distorting a TB-303

video upload by Space Cat Audio Technologies

"Running through both sides of the distortion and filter with full audio."

Jupiter Gas Analyzer VCF by Bluelantern

video upload by flavio mireles

"All the distortion is from the module. Its a feedback paradise."


Elektron Model:Cycles & Sequential Prophet 6

video upload by


video upload by Isobutane

"Thank you for watching."

Moog Voyager XL Dry

video upload by Innerspace Race


Moog Voyager Bass


Patch n Tweak
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