MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, November 25, 2021

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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Playing with the Buchla 222e/223e

video upload by

"Braids going in Verbos Bark filter piged by Northern Lights Modular 2TT, Kick from Braids (DAO) Grayscale. Solo synth by complex Oscillator 261e .Percussion sequenced by the 251e."

Hydrasynth Deluxe multi patch: Seq Strings RA

video upload by the sun god RA

"'Strings d’Air RA' orchestral strings and 'Spark 2600 RA' arp3600/1601/drums sequence. The latter patch is in 'Mono Lo' mode, allowing the bass arpeggio sequence to be played by the lowest note on the keyboard."

Roland Alpha Juno-1 BOSS RE-20 Space Echo Trip Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

video upload by Rik Marston Official

"The Roland Alpha Juno-1 running thru the BOSS RE-20 Space Echo!
No tutorials here, just open testing of the FX on the RE-20 for fun today!
The BOSS RE-20 is a modern remake of the classic Roland Space Echo
RE-201! This FX pedal can make some DEEP drones & soundscapes!
Both units ROCK. What an awesome pair! All sounds are custom patches.
I have my Seymchan Pallasite meteorite sitting on the Alpha Juno-1,
it is sending you **Positive Cosmic Vibes**!
My NEW Ambient Electronic album "Into The Earth" coming December 2021!
*Please Support Rik Marston Official!
My NEW Etsy store: **AhnyxianSoundDesign** UP NOW
selling Synthesizer Sample Packs for hardware & software samplers!"

PPG wave 2.3 custom ambient sounds

video upload by synthlegends

"PPG wave 2.3 through my GFI clockwork delay pedal. I made some custom ambient sounds to show some untypical sides of the PPG. You have almost 2000 waves there and there is no need only to use wavetables running through an envelope. It also can be interesting just programm a pad sound with a long filter sweep and some modulation using very musical and beautiful waveforms. For string sounds for example there is wavetable 41 very ususful Thanks for watching and enjoing the video."

Oberheim Matrix-12 | T-Rex of Analog Superpowers

video upload by Espen Kraft

"The last big analog poly synth of the 80s, the Oberheim Matrix-12. Incredibly powerful and flexible. It can sound big, full, small, raw, polished and crazy. All at once."

Sequential Take 5 Sound Demo (no talking)

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

Sequential Prophet 10 - Stack Mode Demo

video upload by Default Corporation

"Hi, I've made two patches from scratch on my Sequential Prophet 10 and after i activate the stack mode. I think this is a big feature that worths to have 10 voice instead of 5 on new Prophets Rev4. Thanks for watch!!!"

Roland Animation NFTs

TB303 from Arthr on Vimeo.

Part of an evolving collection, 'A Journey Through Synths'.
Full story & background:

"Similar to all the other animations in this series, the sounds are recorded from the original unit that’s visually featured. I wanted the sound of the 303 to be unmistakable, so tracked the full rasp and squelch of the unit. The cutoff frequency and resonance parameters were gradually increased over the duration of the audio, so you really get to hear the sound open up. In 3D I built a small controller with rotary encoder type knobs that would operate the corresponding controls on the 303. Arthr then hovers over the knobs and strikes them with lightning to keep them energised and moving! To control Arthr’s back and forth motion and the on/off button for the lightning, I used a joystick reminiscent of the old Atari CX40 that would control all of this motion."

TR808 from Arthr on Vimeo.

Part of an evolving collection, 'A Journey Through Synths'.
Full story & background:

"As it’s been such an important part of my musical passage, ’A Journey Through Synths’ had to include the SH101. As with all the animations in this series, the sounds are recorded/sampled from the original unit that’s visually featured. The style of the main lead line you hear appears in most of my productions with the cutoff frequency and square wave mix parameters being modified.

To maintain an accurate sync between the audio with what’s happening visually, I built a little slide controller in 3D that would control the corresponding controls on the 3D SH101. To sync these with accuracy I matched the FX envelopes in Ableton to the timeline in 3D. Arthr also plays out the arrangement of notes on the keyboard, so each key was animated in line with the audio timeline. Next to the parameter controls, I thought it might also be fun to have a live recording device setup with a visual waveform to capture Arthr’s live performance as it happens."

SH101 from Arthr on Vimeo.

Part of an evolving collection, 'A Journey Through Synths'.
Full story & background:

"The animation for the 808 started with figuring out which components on the machine would be interactive. In order to emphasise the punchy, sharp transients of the drums, the only way to represent this was for Arthr to jump and land on every step switch with precision to make that solid audiovisual connection. As the drum pattern extends across the entire front of the machine, getting Arthr back to the beginning to start his loop again proved challenging. Experiments with backflips, cartwheels and other martial arts moves all looked a bit forced and artificial. The solution came after reminiscing with my nan about the time we broke one of the claw machines at the arcade and so the controlled claw came to mind. The Atari CX40 inspired joystick with a button to activate the claw grip seemed like a nice way to get him back to the start, whilst also giving a nod to another iconic piece of hardware from a bygone era."

TR909 from Arthr on Vimeo.

Part of an evolving collection, 'A Journey Through Synths'.
Full story & background:

"For the 909 I wanted to increase the level of detail in the scene. I really enjoyed the waveform feedback built into the SH101 animation, so constructed a device Arthr could operate that would include this. The industrial looking machine lets Arthr tap out the kick drum sequence in the track with a gavel/hammer like apparatus. Other little details included are the ever-spinning clock, accurate BPM display and the beat pulsing cables."


The History of the miniKORG

video upload by Alex Ball

"A mini documentary telling the story of Korg's first synthesizer.

0:00 Background 2:19 The miniKORG 700
5:25 Impact
6:13 Legacy and the 700FS

All incidental music composed with the miniKORG 700FS."

AFX4 -CALC- Novation AFX Station (Bass Station 2) Performance with Elektron Machine Drum

video upload by -CALC-

"This is the performance I worked on for the release of the Novation AFX Station. It's also included as part of the presentation I gave when the synth was released on Novation's YouTube channel.

This was a lot of fun to work on and was a bit of a pressure gig (releasing a signature synth collaboration with one of my all-time musical heroes). I spent a lot of time practicing to get it right.

The performance makes a lot of use of the AFX mode in the Bass/AFX Station with a nice smattering of microtunings too. It was also a lot of fun to break out the masterpiece that is the Elektron Machine Drum again too..... The MD was my first ever stand alone device, it broke me out of the box and changed my life for evermore... I will never let it go."

Hey Joe - Nord Drum 3P, Vermona Perfourmer Mk2 + KMI Softstep 2 (Ableton Live Performance)

video upload by Jannis Le Wolff

"𝗛𝗲𝘆 𝗝𝗼𝗲 - 𝗡𝗼𝗿𝗱 𝗗𝗿𝘂𝗺 𝟯𝗣, 𝗩𝗲𝗿𝗺𝗼𝗻𝗮 𝗣𝗲𝗿𝗳𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗺𝗲𝗿 𝗠𝗸𝟮 𝗞𝗠𝗜 𝗦𝗼𝗳𝘁𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗽 𝟮 (𝗔𝗯𝗹𝗲𝘁𝗼𝗻 𝗟𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗣𝗲𝗿𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗺𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲)

- 𝓲𝓷𝓼𝓹𝓲𝓻𝓮𝓭 𝓫𝔂 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓿𝓮𝓻𝓼𝓲𝓸𝓷 𝓸𝓯 𝓙𝓲𝓶𝓲 𝓗𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓻𝓲𝔁

🎸 In this instrumental series I'm playing some classics of Rock/Pop music history from the 60s and 70s, using my Vermona Perfourmer Mk2 Synthesizer, Nord Drum 3P and KMI Softstep 2 together with Ableton Live.

All sounds are coming from the Nord Drum except the 2nd Loop, which is coming from the Vermona Perfourmer Mk2. For the melody I added a strong amount of Distortion (Soundtoys Devil Loc) and Reverb (Eventide Blackhole).

For mixing I just used some gentle EQ and Compression (mostly FabFilter) and also some Soundtoys effects."

Nord Drum 1 synthesizer demo and tutorial

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Here's a demo and tutorial and short review on the #NordDrum, a virtual analog #drum #synthesizer from 2012. Table of of contents:

00:00 hello
00:47 hardware overview
02:12 demo song + browsing drum kits
05:15 creating a bass drum sound
05:51 selecting a wave
06:21 adjusting pitch
06:37 adding a click
07:36 adding noise
08:14 filter
08:46 envelopes
09:00 storing your patches
09:50 creating a snare drum sound
10:30 click
10:45 solo edit mode
11:10 noise
11:26 filter
11:35 envelopes
12:19 filter punch
12:51 wave decay time
13:12 mixing
14:15 completed drum kit
14:50 demo with MPC and PEAK and EX5
16:52 conclusion"



video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Our pal Wes takes a headfirst plunge into the effects section of Roland's new SP-404 MK2⁠

Join us as we give every single effect a test run, and generally just play around with the the feel of the new 404!

Check out more about the SP-404 MK2 here :

Read more about samplers on our blog Signal :

Visit our store in-person in Burbank and our online shop"

Enhance 2 by Joranalogue - Deep dive into immersive sound

video upload by Synth Diy Guy

"Taking this awesome stereo processor module for a nice long spin through electronic to acoustic sources."

Space ambience ~ Roland Juno-60 and AltiSpace 2 convolution reverb

video upload by Igor Vasiliev

"AltiSpace 2 (iOS) is a convolution reverb app with advanced controls that provides realistic sounding natural acoustic space or vintage reverb devices for any track or mix."

Expert Sleepers FH2 Accessibility & Remote Control Demo

Demo added to this post.

Dave Smith Instruments SEQUENTIAL PROPHET-12 SN 02317

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

YAMAHA CS60 Analog Synthesizer Keyboard

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"The CS-60 is essentially half a Yamaha CS80, and around half the weight too, so there's less chance you'll need roadies and/or a chiropractor.

In addition to any necessary repairs, our tech did the following work to this unit:

Power supply unit removed and recapped.
Replaced power cord.
Cleaned and lubed all pots and switches.
Cleaned and lubed all bus bars and key contacts.
Replaced touch sensor felt.
Replaced a some trimpots to make tuning easier and more stable.

Unlike most others on the market, this one works perfectly and shouldn't need any costly trips to the tech anytime soon, and is priced accordingly."

ROLAND JUNO-60 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"This unit was meticulously refurbished and is in perfect working order."

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

ENSONIQ ESQ1 Keyboard Analog Hybrid

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"This is not your typical ESQ1. We paid our tech for the skilled labor required to properly disassemble, clean and service this ESQ-1. The end result of this work is a professionally refurbished ESQ-1 that’s nice and clean and in perfect working order, unlike most, and this has been reflected in its price. We unfortunately misplaced the service notes on this unit but are trying to find them and hope to update this listing soon with details of the servicing. Meanwhile, rest assured - we don’t cut corners here. Any work this synth needed to be as good as it can be was performed.

The display works fine, they just photograph like that."

EMU EMULATOR 3 EIII Keyboard Sampler Workstation

via this auction

"This unit was fully refurbished / rebuilt over 50 or so hours and is in excellent working order. The value of this work is reflected in its price."

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb


MUSE SEQUENCER via this auction

"Meticulously overhauled by the most critical professionals around and working perfectly. The unit is in exceptional shape and is in excellent working order. You won't find a better one."

EXTERNAL AMP SPEAKER via this auction

"Professionally Serviced and working just fine. This rare piece is designed to hook up the the Triadex Muse Sequencer box. Gets a lot louder than the sequencer's internal speaker, though you wouldn't want to crank it as you could damage it.

The fabric covering the speaker is stained. We imagine a professional cleaner may be able to remove this stain, but this is nothing we wanted to attempt. Comes with original box (!)."

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb


via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"Fully disassembled, cleaned inside and out, and meticulously serviced and reassembled. Working perfectly. This process was performed by an expert vintage synth tech and took nearly 12 hours. The end result is an instrument that's better than the rest and is priced accordingly. Ready to play, no excuses.

Tech notes:

Replaced power cable.
Replaced molex connector terminals (2)
Replaced capacitors T2.2/25 x4
Repaired broken standoffs, which are very common in Pro-Ones - see additional screws in front panel.
Removed bender unit and wheels, replaced terminals.
Opened, cleaned and lubed, reassembled.
Cleaned all switches and pots for crackle free performance.
Installed new 16p IC socket.
Recalibrated VCA offset, D/A scale for CV, VCOs, adjusted bender, checked mod wheel, cleaned jacks.
Burn in test. Multiple systematic tests over extended period of time.
Unit works perfectly and sounds great!

This Pro-1 left the factory with the later membrane style keyboard Sequential switched over to later on in their production run. We had our tech service this keyboard and its now working perfectly, but the keys on this type of mechanism are a bit harder to play due to the mechanism design, so we removed that keyboard and replaced it with a newly designed 3rd party keyboard that feels much better. We're selling the membrane keyboard separately, but we can probably swap them out again if you'd like the original keyboard instead (if we still have it). We don't recommend it though as the new keyboard is much more pleasant to play.
We replaced the wooden sides with brand new replicas made by a third party."

Oberheim OB-XA SN 820605

via this auction

"This instrument has not been refurbished. All the notes work, all the lights come on, and physically is in very good condition. Need to sell to fix my Kurzweil"

Korg Mono/Poly Analog Synthesizer w/Manual, Sound Chart, & Upgraded Walnut Chassis

via this auction

"Has the Tubbutec midi retrofit kit installed (). I don't think this guy has ever been serviced, but all keys, knobs, and switches work. Includes original manual and the sound chart overlay (see last pic)."

Studio Electronics MIDI Mini

video upload by Mineral Sound

"Here's a short demo of the Studio Electronics MIDI Mini/Minimoog Model D I have listed for sale on Reverb. Some playing around with bass/lead sounds, going through the oscillator waveforms, and sweeping the filter to show how it sounds and performs. Using a Juno-106 as a MIDI controller, not included in sale!"

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"this is one of the early versions with the original sound boards ripped out of a Minimoog Model D. Some might call it sacrilege, I call it a great way to get authentic, vintage tone in a 4U rack!

This unit is freshly returned from service at Rosen Sound in Burbank, CA. No oscillator drift, all pots, switches and functions in working order! But there's only so much I can describe in words; check out the demo video I made (above, after the pictures) to hear it in action. This thing is FAT. Floor-shaking basses, screaming leads, and saturated resonance; if you know you know, there's no substitute for the OG Moog sound.

The only functional issue I've found is that the VCO pots are a little scratchy, and the VCO 1 pot has a little trouble clicking into the rightmost waveform (PWM square). I spoke with the tech and since the pots are no longer manufactured, the only solution would be to machine new pots, which would likely cost more than the unit itself. But if that's the only issue for this 40-year-old beast I'd say it's doing pretty well!

Cosmetically the item is in great condition; the faceplate is more or less pristine, with only some very light rack wear on the mounting tabs. The top of the unit has some scratches and scuffs (see pictures),as it's a bit of a tight fit getting this into a rack (but of course those scuffs will be invisible once mounted). Back and sides are in perfect condition."

EMS Synthi A Cornwall SN 45641

via this auction

"Mint As-New condition EMS Synthi A (Cornwall) with factory mod. Serial # 45641 Purchased from the EMS Factory in Cornwall in 2013 and has spent most of it's time in storage. Very light use and functions perfectly."

Oxford Synthesizer Company OSCar Monophonic Programmable Music Synthesizer SN SN0004

via this auction

"Oxford OSCar
37-Key Analog Monophonic Programmable Music Synthesizer
Serial 0004
Including Midi

One rubber band has been torn
One push button lies a bit lower then the rest
Some text on the envelope section is a bit faded.
Mod wheels are marked with white marker"

Minimoog Model D Synthesizer

via this auction

"Minimoog Model D synthesizer, Fully operational. Includes Road case and original manual. It has lived in one place for the last 20 years. t It is fully functional.This item is from 1977, S# in mid 9000 range"

Sequential Circuits Prelude Synthesizer SN 277/194

via this auction

The Sequential Circuits Prelude is a four part orchestral synthesizer that, despite its relatively simple layout, sounds great and is a blast to play. The four sections of sound are strings, brass, piano, and organ. It also has a great sounding 7-band EQ, a chorus, and an octave button."

V Collection 8 - Software Update 8.2 | ARTURIA

video upload by Arturia

"Introducing another free update to our legendary keyboard anthology, inspired by your feedback. Bringing improved compatibility, streamlined performance, and a number of creative enhancements, V Collection 8.2 is our most efficient and powerful suite yet. Update today for free."

What's new?
Apple M1 compatibility
V Collection’s instruments can now run smoothly with native support for Apple’s next-generation M1 processors, ensuring flawless performance on the latest macOS machines.

More microtuning

Clavinet V, Stage-73 V, Piano V, and DX7 V now feature microtuning thanks to compatibility with ODDSound’s MTS-ESP, a versatile microtuning software utility designed with the help of Aphex Twin.

GUI & animation upgrade
We’ve upgraded the visual performance of all V Collection instruments using the JUCE 6 framework, meaning our 4K interfaces respond quickly and smoothly, no matter how hard you push them.

Preset loading
Presets from V Collection instrument’s factory libraries now load up to 2 x faster, meaning quicker sound switching, easier project navigation, and a smoother creative flow."

Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer Percussion Sound Demo

video upload by FutureRetroSynths

"All sounds you hear are from the Future Retro Vectra synthesizer. In this video we take a look at a few of the percussion sounds the Vectra is capable of.

Some clips may include a touch of reverb/delay from the Eventide Eclipse."

See the Future Reto label below for more.

KAWAI GMega XC-3 LX (1993) Part 2

video upload by Nacho Marty Meyer

"no effects or processes were used"

Part 1 here

Patch n Tweak
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