MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Guitar Into Soma Lyra 8 with Oto Bam and Ebow

video upload by riotbell

"This is a gentle ambient piece made by running a guitar into the Soma Lyra 8. The drone is accompanied by the long sustain of the Ebow.

No amp was used. Just guitar into Lyra into Bam into audio interface.

Thanks for listening!"

Qun mk2 : Improvising with Modifiers

video upload by Nunomo LLC

"Qun mk2's sequencer has a feature called Modifiers, which will modify sequence pattern data without breaking the pattern data."

Technology For The Youth by Circuit3

video upload by Circuit 3

New album release from an upcoming album by supporting member, Circuit 3.

Technology For The Youth is available on Bandcamp in 5 coloured vinyl variants, extended CD and Digital Download at

Additional details:

Ireland’s future-retro electronic artist Circuit3 (the alias of Peter Fitzpatrick) presents his third album 'Technology For The Youth' LP. Released via the UK's AnalogueTrash label.

Named after the Soviet science & technology magazine, the album arrives like a fragment of an abandoned space station, virtually destroyed upon re-entering Earth’s atmosphere. Evoking different times and ambitions – the space race, moon shots, heroic achievements in the name of science, and unlikely Cold War collaborations in the USA and USSR - this album oscillates softly between hope and the limitless possibilities that fired up the imagination of young Fitzpatrick as he watched Apollo launches on his family’s TV set.

“As a kid, I'd been fascinated by things like Apollo 13,” remembers Fitzpatrick. "I was the kid who built the Airfix model of Saturn V. I was the kid with a pop-up book about Skylab. I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up, and I had no fear whatsoever about going into space. At that time, everything seemed to be so futuristic, and for a lot of my childhood I genuinely imagined that I’d be like Martin Landau’s character John Koenig in ‘Space 1999’."

Like the previous two Circuit3 albums – 'siliconchipsuperstar' LP (2016) and 'The Price Of Nothing & The Value Of Everything' (2019), which received praised by Martyn Ware (The Human League, Heaven17) – we find Fitzpatrick building crisp electronic pop songs from the enviable array of analogue synthesisers assembled in his home studio. Focusing squarely on that period before digital synthesis, much like how the lyrics on this new LP were informed by those space exploration endeavours occurring before the first Space Shuttle left Cape Canaveral.

If a fascination with space provided the emotional narrative arc for Technology For The Youth, it also informed the sonic structures that his lyrics float over. The pieces are fragile and minimal, built from layers so sparse that you can almost see the stars between them, each one edged with reflective, metallic textures like the exterior surface of an orbiting rocket.

For Fitzpatrick this was the album he always hoped he would make and one that he has poured his entire heart and soul into. Retro-futuristic but undeniably human, 'Technology For The Youth' is electronic pop constructed from the brave ambitions of forward-thinking scientists and politicians, and the remembered hopes, dreams and fascinations of a young Dublin boy.

Logoi - clock divider, adder and delay/swing - demo and build

video upload by Synth Diy Guy

"Fourth and last in a series of videos about the Rebel Technology/Befaco Euclidean Series of modules. today we look at Logoi, a clock processor with division, addition and clock delay or swing, all voltage controlled!

My site: Patreon:


demo 00:00
build 12:00"

Custom Glow-in-the-Black-Light "Jackson Pollak" Styled Neon Splash Painted Korg microKORG

via this auction

A bit Jackson Pollock in style.

"This Microkorg was completely taken apart and given a custom paint job. It is fully functional. The Microkorg looks beautiful as is but under black light all the layers of neon paint really pop. It comes with the original microphone, Korg power supply, box, and manuals. Free shipping for the USA only. Checkout my other listings."

Custom Green and Pink KORG microKORG

via this auction

"This Microkorg was completely taken apart and given a custom green, pink, and black paint job. It also has custom black and gold knobs. It is fully functional. The Microkorg comes with new batteries. Free shipping for the USA only. Checkout my other listings."

Future Retro 777 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Extra Face Plates

via this auction

"Spare shell in excellent condition with no cosmetic damage (faceplate and backplate that cover all six sides), Tested and Working. This was pulled from a working environment."

Update: SN FR3D7V1980003 w/ SKYLAB2000.COM sticker on the back.

According to FR in the comments: "That would have been the first or second 777 ever sold. That belonged to Dennis Barton (RIP) of Skylab2000."

Moog Model 15 Legacy Modular System & 953 Duophonic Keyboard

via this auction

Korg 800 DV Analog Synth - Serviced w Duophonic Hertz/Gate/Filter Kit

via this auction

"kit installation (Hertz/gate/filter) for controlling the 2 voices independantly"

Electronic Music Production Week with Soundtoys - New Presets, Tips & Sale

Soundtoys is having a sale from July 20 - 24. See here for details.

Above is a playlist featuring their new presets and tips. Many of the demos focus on vocals but can be used on synths as well of course.


1. Quick Listen: The Ah-Ha Dicer Preset for Effect Rack
Introducing a hard dicing preset that turns any audio into a rhythm.

Download the preset for Soundtoys Effect Rack:

Watch how to Drag, Drop & Save your new preset here:
2. Quick Listen: The Double Weird Preset for Effect Rack "Introducing a unique but useful preset for vocal doubling and glitch effects. Get weird.

Download the preset for Soundtoys Effect Rack:" 3. Rhythmic Modulation Basics
Take a quick tour of Rhythm Mode in FilterFreak for a better understanding of how to use rhythmic modulation in Soundtoys. Rhythm Mode is also a feature of Tremolator and PhaseMistress.
4. Quick Listen: The Four on the Floor Preset for Tremolator or Effect Rack
This preset is an easy way to add a quarter note pumping FX. Use it on anything in need of a little groove!

Download the preset for Effect Rack:
Download the preset for Tremolator:
5. Quick Listen: The Devil's Advocate Preset for Little AlterBoy
This preset makes it easy to add an octave-down vocal for an edgy sound.

Download the preset for Little AlterBoy:
6. Vocal "Hype FX" with Little AlterBoy
Learn how to use pitch-shifting to change inflection or add excitement to a vocal. SHOW LESS

Covering @ChakaKhan with a Novation BassStation II

Also see A little jam on Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 Synthesizer

Novation Summit Synth jamming with Electron Calgary @ Kaffeeklatsch

video upload by PinPoin7 Music

"An excellent synthesizer jamming session with the boys at Electron: Calgary synthesizer nerd hang out party club. (with beer). The Novation Summit is just too fun to play around with. Still one of my favourite hardware synths."

And a couple patches from PinPoin7:

Patch From Scratch 02 - Novation Summit - Analog Style Pads

Patch From Scratch 01 - Novation Summit - Chiming Arp

Glo Phase - 123 BPM live house set w/ Elektron Analog Rytm, Roland SP-404 MKII, Bass Station 2

video upload by Glo Phase

"123 BPM Live electronics with the Elektron Analog Rytm, Roland SP-404 MKII, Novation Bass Station 2, MXR Carbon Copy, and the ZED-6FX."

Sounds of the XPO

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Time stamps:
0:00 Intro and Title
0:20 Stereo Wavefolding
1:46 Stereo Vari-Timbre
3:10 Stereo Pulse Width Modulated Bassline
4:15 Stereo Frequency Modulation

Same Patch on Three Outputs:
4:43 1. Wavefolded
5:02 2. Vari-Timbre
5:22 3. Pulse Width Modulation

5:40 Low-pass filtered Wavefolded output, High-pass filtered PWM output
6:58 Vari-Timbre through Low Pass Gates
8:26 Stereo PWM
8:55 Mono PWM
9:46 FM Index Modulation
10:32 Vari-Timbre and Spike

Patchin’ with the Make Noise Crew
11:14 Patchin’ with Meg
11:43 Patchin’ with Sam
12:38 Patchin’ with Spenser
13:37 Patchin’ with Newt
13:58 Patchin’ with Jake

A Timeline History of Korg Polysynths | Gear Through The Years

video upload by Reverb

"Korg has released a wide variety of innovative, iconic synthesizers and other keyboards that span nearly the entire history of electronic music-making. In this video, we're focusing solely on Korg's original polysynths—removing recent reissues—of which there are many highlights.

Shop Korg Polysynths on Reverb."

Glitch Craziness from Mutable Instruments Plaits!

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
This patch was insanely fun to play with. Almost all the glitchiness is coming from the Mutable Instruments Plaits, which is being rhythmically supported by the Mutable instruments Elements. Full detailed patch notes are available on my Patreon!

Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

The Sound of Kenny G Songbird with Oberheim OB-Xa, Emulator II, Rhodes

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-22 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

One of my favorite songs from the mid 80s. So moody.
Kenny G - Songbird from the year 1986
Produced by Preston Glass

I used here the Oberheim OB-Xa for all synth pads and string parts like in the original song. And I used the Yamaha Reface CP for the Rhodes sound and the arpeggio. The soprane sax is made with the Emulator II sampler. Sure not so dynamic like a real sax.

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
Everything is free. If you like my work, you can also support me with the purchase of my merchandise (shirts, bags, mugs, stickers) Thank you!"

From nothing to musique concrète with Isla Instruments S2400

video upload by MrMakingsound

Description française ci-dessous.

"Look mum, no sequencer !

Isla Instruments S2400 is a modern sampler inspired by E-MU SP-1200.
Yes, you can create vintage, lofi and dirty Hiphop/House/Techno with it, but you can also compose modern stuff with neat sound quality. Before the review (i'm still working on it), i wanted to show how to perform a musique concrète-ish track without using the sequencer. Nothing is written before, all the sounds are performed live with pads, faders and filters.

S2400 only, with une pincée de OTO Machine BAM at the end, because there is no reverb in the actual firmware. But i hope it will change (This is a message for Brad and Vlad ^_^).

How it works :

Instead of using discrete and short sounds on each track, i like to use very long recording as a library of sounds, textures and ambiances. With the faders help, i can change playhead position, volume and pitch for each track. Pads are used to trigger and re-trigger sounds, filters to make room for frequencies.

As files bigger than 64MB can't be loaded in the S2400 editor, changing playhead position needs to be done blind, but that's part of the fun. You never know what you will trigger next, you need to improvise, and each performance is unique."


[Synth Exploration] LL Electronics Rozzbox One V2 (no talk)

video upload by MrMakingsound

"The Rozzbox One V2 is a poly synth created by Kilian Leonhardt (LL Electronics).
Released in 2008, only a few were made, and one year later, Kilian stopped the production to get back to his studies.

Ahead of its time, between digital and analog, this synth is perfect for making drones and pads.

No FX, only Rozzbox.

Not your typical poly synth :
- 5x voices polyphonic synthesizer
- 4x digital oscillators with 20 waveforms
- Digital and analog filters on each voice + one tube filter.
- FM mode with 7 algorithms
- Ring modulator
- Audio input
- 4 completely independent sequencer lines per voice, each with its own running mode and synchronization settings
- Complex 4-point modulation matrix with 16 sources and 16 destinations
- Complex trigger matrix with unlimited connection count, for interconnection of LFOs, sequencers, envelope triggers, MIDI clock,
- The switchable “Hacker” adds artificial analog aliasing (tunable)
- Bit reduction / Sample rate reduction
- Full MIDI control of every parameter

Includes 3 self-resonant Filter-Types:
- Digital high pass/low pass filter with resonance and 24dB/octave (4 filter poles)
- Analog low pass ladder filter with resonance and 24dB/octave (4 filter poles)
- Completely tube-driven analog low pass filter with resonance and 12B/octave (2 filter poles)"

Quasimidi 309 Rave-O-Lution -- Fully Expanded SN 43009

via this auction

"A fully expanded and upgraded Quasimidi 309, the vintage groovebox/synthesizer specifically designed for techno productions. The machine is in astonishing cosmetic and working conditions and has been recently checked by a professional technician. Ultra-safe packing and shipping insurance included in the shipping costs.

The Quasimidi 309 is and will remain a cult machine for any techno producer. A sturdy German made groovebox equipped with top quality drum sounds, an amazing synth section, an easy to use sequencer and a great interface plenty of knobs to instantly mangle the sounds. This unit implements:

Drum Expansion
Synth Expansion
Audio Expansion
Latest OS Upgrade (3.0)
Original Adapter
Original Manual

Synth Expansion adds 37 new oscillator waveforms (offering up to four oscillators each), two new filter algorithms (12dB low‑pass and 12dB high‑pass), plus sequence‑syncable LFOs. Additionally, since the audio expansion is also installed, the machine features two extra bass/lead synths. These synths can be played on their own MIDI channels, from an external keyboard or sequencer, or set up to double the main bass/lead synth.

Drum Expansion adds an impressive array of extra waveforms and samples: 14 Kicks, 11 Snares, 8 Hi‑hats and 127 Percussions. There are also now 20 instead of 10 percussion kits. This expansion also doubles the number of percussion kits (20 instead of 10) and memory locations (128 instead of 64) and adds also 38 new preset Patterns.

Audio Expansion adds a pair of audio inputs and an extra pair of assignable outputs. Outputs 3 and 4 can be used to send any 309 sounds (or the treated audio ins) to a mixer for external processing and you can also trigger the inputs from any of the drum machine/sequencer sections, for instant gated effects."

Akai MFC 42

via this auction

Jean-Michel Jarre's Backup Korg PS-3200 & PS-3010 Keyboard, Fully Restored for Sale?

via this auction

Roland JD-08 with K-25m

via this auction

Honey I Shrunk the Synth.

Custom wood side cheeks in the pic below.

DYSMETRIA / Complex and Expressive Sequences

video upload by Dreadbox

"Orfeas demonstrates the flexibility of Dysmetria's Live Recording Mode and how it can be used in order to create complex and expressive sequences in an intuitive manner.

DYSMETRIA is a A Full Voice Analog Modular Groove Synthesizer, in Desktop and Eurorack format, with which you can create Basslines and Drum Sounds."

GROOVES - New Synthesizer with 5 Drum Parts by Home Bake Instruments



"demo of input workflowdelay
fill loop

via Home Bake Instruments

GROOVES is a synthesizer with 5 drum parts and 1 bass part. The sequencer with 64 patterns and the delay of a send effect are carried.

BASS part

WAVETABLE Select the waveform of the base part.

CUTOFF Adjusts the cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter.

Adjusts the peak of the RES lowpass filter

AMOUNT Sets the amount of lowpass filter envelope adaptation

TUNE Sets the pitch of the base part

LFO RATE Sets the operating frequency of the LFO.

LFO AMOUNT Sets the LFO adaptation. By default, it is set to WAVETABLE, but it can also be applied to TUNE and CUTOFF.

Sets the decay of the ENV envelope.

DRUM part

Select from BD 3 types.

Select from SD, 3CH, 4OH 2 types.

Switch between RS rimshot and CLAP.

Norand Jam - Sunset in Paris

video upload by Norand

"Discover the last Jaquarius' jam shot on the roof of our office in Paris !"

KORG Collection miniKORG 700S Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Roland Jupiter-4 Plug-in - Sounds Only Sonic LAB

video upload by sonicstate

This got me thinking of augmented reality synths. Imagine playig an ARP 2500 relaxing in your recliner.

"Jim Heywood, our resident sounds only guy, has a System-8 and took the Jupiter-4 Plug-in for a spin - though in this video he was using the System-8 to control the plug-in version - you can also run it as a plug-out in the System 8 - so we could see the full UI.

In his hands it does sound fairly delicious, and indeed you can grab the bank of presets he made via our

Roland Jupiter-4 plug-in/plug-out is available now via Roland Cloud, either as a single one off perpetual license $199, or as part of the Roland Cloud Pro plan ($9.99/month) where it can be one of the two optional instruments, or as part of the Ultimate plan ($19.99/month) where you get everything they have."

Arcaico new module - Teaser Trailer #eurorackmodular #synth #modularsynth #arcaico

video upload by Arcaico Instruments

"We are pleased to announce
that we are working on the making of a stop motion short film
for the presentation of our new module.
Our passion for this wonderful cinematographic technique led us experience a new way of sponsoring our eurorack modules.
The scenography and the characters are handmade
with recycled materials and only opensouce softwares were used for digital processing.
Music and effects were made with Arcaico modules.
Those who already know this technique know how much work does it take to produce even just a sequence of a few seconds.
We are doing our best to launch as soon as possible the first video that will present the new module.
In this short teaser trailer you can see part of the setting and the scenography.
We hope you enjoy it!"

AVP Synth ADS-7 mk2 Analog Drum Synthesizer (White, Blue, Green, Orange, Grey, & Purple Models)

video upload by AVP Synth

You can find demos featuring the black model in previous posts.

"Here you can hear some possibilities of ADS-7 mk2 Analog Drum Synthesizer. Now in different colors/fonts too (white, blue, green, orange, grey, black and purple). [The purple actually looks pink to me in this video.]

All sound has been recorded directly from stereo out of the unit (24/48000). Little delay and reverb effects applied at times.
All panoramic of each sound sections are also done from the unit itself.

Sequence 1 - 0:02
Sequence 2 - 1:54
Sequence 3 - 3:32
Sequence 4 - 4:52
Sequence 5 - 6:12
Sequence 6 - 7:40
Sequence 7 - 9:40

Main features:
• Fully analog, discrete components;
• 7 individual sound channels: Bass Drum (BD), Clap (CL), Open Hat and Closed Hat (OH/CH) with choking on/off, 3 separate Generators (GEN) with Band-pass and Low-pass filter options for creating all kinds of analog tones and fx ranging from bass, toms "pew", snares, noises, zaps, clicks, sticks and more;
• 65 knobs/controls for different sound shaping options: from standard noise to metallic tones;
• Built-in 16-track MIDI sequencer created by Bruno Dupeyron (France);
• Up to 16 banks with 16 patterns (256 patterns and 16 chains);
• Ability to load/save 16 Banks, Patterns and Chains;
• MIDI In/MIDI Out, Sync;
• 3.5 mm individual trigger in for each sound (x7 in total);
• Four 3.5 mm individual trigger outputs to control external devices;
• Stereo and individual 6.3 mm output for each sound;
• Tight steel casing and printing;
• Dimensions: L324xW246xH90 mm;
• Weight: approx. 3 kg (without power supply);

Shakmat Mod Medusa Now Shipping

Announced at SUPERBOOTH21, Shakmat's Mod Medusa Euclidean LFO is now shipping to retailers. See the dealers on the right for availability.

Shakmat Mod Medusa — User Manual & Demos (Livestream at the time of this post)
Shakmat Mod Medusa glitching Make Noise Mimeophon
Shakmat Mod Medusa messing up with Plonk
Home made Kicks with Shakmat Mod Medusa controlling our Dual Dagger and Klavis Twin Waves
Wobbles with Shakmat Mod Medusa and Dual Dagger
Mod Medusa and Aeolus Seeds work together to simulate polyrhythmic action
Mod Medusa and Aeolus Seeds for heterogeneous complex hi-hats
Wobbles with Mod Medusa and Dual Dagger (as filter and as VCO)


Patch n Tweak
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