MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, September 26, 2022

Monday, September 26, 2022

Commando - on Syntakt (C64 SID chiptune recreated)

video upload by tubesockor

"I recreated the title music of 'Commando', the Commodore 64 game from 1985 - on an Elektron Syntakt. To do this I reverse engineered the 6510 assembly code of Rob Hubbard's driver and analysed the SID chip timings in extreme detail, in order to emulate it as close as possible on the Syntakt.
Just like the SID chip on the C64, I'm only using three monophonic channels.
Some text on the process and inner workings of SID tunes on Commodore 64 is available as well.
Sound is taken directly from the Syntakt’s outputs."

Moog Model 15 - 'Ratcheting' demo

video upload by noddyspuncture

"How's about some Model 15 'ratcheting' then..?"

Moog Model 15 sequence...

"Using all 3 rows of the 960 sequencer and switching the rows with my customised Doepfer sequential switch repeating row 1 in between rows 2 & 3 whilst key changing with my custom 'shift and latch' CV unit."

Syntakt and Eurorack Performance with Patch Breakdown

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this video Steven (aka Project 32) performs with the Elektron Syntakt and various wonderful modules in a 7U Intellijel Performance case, including a Moog Mother 32.

Learn more about the Elektron Syntakt here:
Learn more about the Intellijel Metropolix here:
Learn more about the Moog Mother 32 here:
Demo by: Project 32
Video by: Matthew Piecora ( EZBOT), Steven Ly (Project 32), and Oliver Bacon (Looma)"

Basement track - synths and chill

video upload by Andrew Landry

"Some DAWless playing in my basement with:

Moog Grandmother
Moog Matriarch
Prophet Rev 2
Elektron Digitakt
Empress Reverb"

Analog Modular Synthesizer 20220925 LIVE

video upload by Unrelated Activities

"Analog Modular Synthesizer 20220925 LIVE
Chaos Modulation"

organica ANS synthesizer

video upload by psilosamples

"music, art and fun collection is coming!! check !
minimalist photoelectronic lofi music fun loops and free study recorded live textures, melodies and atmospheres adventures composes from images to pure frequencies,
created in the virtual ANS synthesizer ,Hi Fi soundloops and generative art in the frames digital poster made by psilosamples"


video upload by SONICrider "Sound & Vision Lab"

"Inventio is the start of the Moog Matriarch exploration.

Beside using an expression pedal controlling the filter most knobs are fixed.

Going over some of the Matriarch features such as the arp, hold, voices, sync the piece is played in one go.

A bit mastering and adding some reverb (Lexicon 224) keeps the recording pure.


Moog Mavis Solo

video upload by SONICrider "Sound & Vision Lab"

"'Can Mavis replace a Mother 32?'

A while ago my Moog Mother 32 got united with the DFAM and Subharmonicon: aka the Moog Sound Studio 3 (sold 1 by 1 and now together in a customized case).

So who could replace the Mother 32, well Mavis can.....

Mavis has less features as the Mother 32, on the other hand the extra features Mavis has (sample & hold, wave shaping, morphing between waves and the modulation options) makes this module capable of almost any task.

This 'Moog Mavis Solo' is a short live captured improvisation using the Koma Elektronik 'Komplex Sequencer' as CV source for pitch and gate. The sequences has the option repeat enabled = when a step is 'mutes' the last note played repeats until a new step gets triggered, this way a sequence keeps the same length."

Buchla Chapter 1 - Music For Peace

video upload by SONICrider "Sound & Vision Lab"

"Chapter one in the Buchla story 'Music For Peace'.

While exploring the first 2 TipTop Audio Buchla Modules (Dual Oscillator Model 258t and Quad Function Generator 281t) in combination with the Soma Lyra FX and the ADDAC 112 3 kind of layers were created:
- The original Buchla sound,
- Granulated parts of that Buchla sound,
- Distored Buchla with some feedback (Lyra FX).

The approach/steps of the arrangement:
- Both Buchla VCO out via a mixer to control level.
- Lyra FX only (input Puchla VCO).
- Manual trigger channel 1 of the Function Generator
- Add 'light' 112 'Buchla sound.
- Drive volume both VCO's.
- Fade out Lyra FX
- Activate Function Generator
- Maximize VCO volume.
- Manual alter channel 2 of the Function Generator (controlling channel 1).
- Building up tension.
- Going back step by step.
- Add Lyra FX 'distortion' and feedback.
- 112 layer low sometimes into the twilight zones.

Enjoy 'Music For Peace'"

Sequencing Andromeda A6 With Roland TR6S

video upload by mmachinibarra

"TR6S Roland Groovebox sequencing an analog drum kit from Alesis A6 Andromeda."

Short but nice. Some bass on the A6.

Hardware Jams Weekend Challenge: H2S movie jam

video upload by SynthAddict

"OP-Z on the hood of a car again, with another night view
from Mulholland Drive.
Lots of samples and tweaks from the movie. Sorry I missed
the new time limit note, and I had no timer on the hood of my
car anyway. :-P"

Gamechanger Light pedal quick review/demo

video upload by Meska

"Quick review/demo of this Gamechanger optical sping, this pedal have some twist , and can sound realy intersting.
Product page:

Thank you fwor watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly 'dark and expérimental' music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.
i'm tattooist at day jobs and you can found my work here :

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Generative Ambient and IDM with VITAL's Latest update

video upload by DATABROTH

"New Vital update dropped this weekend, lots of cool stuff in it, including spectral filters new lfo mode, and updated graphics engine for faster loading and better cpu handling. available for everyone

check out my wavetables, presets and samples on gumroad"

VintageRack - A brief demo of presets construction

video upload by Igor Vasiliev

"VintageRack (iOS, macOS, AUv3) is a minimalistic and convenient multi-effect application that contains modules realistically simulating notable retro gear from the early digital age with their natural lo-fi and warm aesthetics. Most of the effects in this application have been inspired and based on the principles of actual hardware from the 70s and 80s, which is great for giving the sound of any instrument the nostalgic and emotional mood of old recordings.
App site:"

Building a beautiful pad from scratch in VCV 2

video upload by Omri Cohen

"Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -

Here are the patch and selection files -

00:00 - Introduction
00:36 - Basic sound-design
04:51 - Adding magic
11:42 - Adding effects
14:28 - Making it polyphonic"

JKJ cv-5 MIDI to CV converter v/oct and hz/volt

via this auction

"One JKJ CV-5 midi to CV converter, built by Kyle Jarger with documentation.
The CV-5 is a pretty amazing box relative to off the shelf units these days. Note the front panel says CV-4 but it is a CV-5 internally. Kyle built this for me and was out of CV-5 panels

It is switchable between volts/octaveHz/volt. It can be calibrated to any voltage steps you want (within reason)

It offers 1 MIDI IN and MIDI THRU with several modes for the 6 output jacks.
It has:

It offers:
10 ways to control the LFO
13 ways to control the LFO wave form (it's not syncable totally, but you can restart the lfo shape based on tempo
9 choices for LFO sync to clock
can send pitch to filter jack
3 choices on portamento
4 pitch bend depth choices
4 ways to route velicity
8 ways to route velocity
7 destinations for CC1
5 choices for CC4 destinations
3 ways for note priority
7 MIDI Note ranges (5 octaves)
2 ways to rout out of range notes
2 ways to control gatesw/triggers
7 system controls, to lock, save, resett, return to default, disaable/enable changes
4 operating modes
7 seq clock modes
enable or disable 2nd MIDI channel
10 hardwired CC assignments

It has DIN Sync out

EVEN MORE FUN IS MONO AUDIO IN to STEREO out and the ability to control pan position using MIDI CC controller.

Runs on any 9-12VDC 100ma pos-tip wall wart You supply that

The only quirk is that CC values are 0-126 not 1-127 which means that for most MIDI controllers you have to round down by one number to send it what you expect."

Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver 61-Key 4-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer PEK

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.2

via this auction

"In good shape. Fully Recapped, Rebuilt power supply, new bushing on keybed, and polished J wires. Perfect for someone looking to own a classic!"

Yamaha SY55 Synthesizer Operating Manual & Operations & Sequencing Guide

via this auction

Never seen the Operations & Sequencing Guide by Bobby Maestas through Alexander Publishing before.

Hohner Symphonic 30N

video upload by organ69

"Hohner Symphonic 30N demo【organ69( )で販売しています。】demo by hiko"

Note the video above is a demo I found and not the one listed below. The Hohner Symphonic 30N was actually used by Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones as pictured in this previous post.

via this auction

"If You want an 'stand-out' organ that is awesome looking, cool sounding and like none other money can find - You have found it. The Hohner Symphonic 30N is what You need.

You can create very unique organ sounds that are sounding on a brink of an analog synth. The 8 sound options that can be combined are sounding unbelievably good.

The looks of the Hohner Symphonic 30N are just pure awesomeness. It has attachable legs that are stored in the lid of the heavy duty case of the organ. That way the organ is very easy to transport.

This is a true masterpiece of German engineering. Just beautiful."

ARP Solus Analogue Synthesizer SN 2353740

via this auction

"Here we have an ARP Solus - model 2353 (USA/1978). Its been professionally serviced, as all Klassic Keys GB synthesizers are, and now works 100% ....condition is absolutely "as good as it gets...", runs at 120 Vac. There is one small scratch on panel (see photo). Keys are in excellent condition. This is a good-looking synthesizer, in attractive orange livery a la genuine ARP products (USA). Its well protected as it is in a proper case, with removable lid; very unusual for ARP synths! A truly undervalued synth from the last days of the ARP empire. It has an edgy, aggressive sound that can tear your head off and is especially useful for creating stinging lead lines, monstrous bass drones, otherworldly effects, and industrial-strength kling klang sounds reminiscent of Kraftwerk. Though many note its similarity to the Odyssey, its digital ring modulator, reverse envelope, variable waveform selection, and easily accessible CV patch bay really put the Solus more in 2600 territory. A little known fact: Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream used the Solus on the group's 1981 album Thief and during live performances in Berlin and London."

Moog Minimoog Model D Vintage Expander Mounts

via this auction

"These look to possibly be original Minimoog Model D Vintage Expander Mounts or a possibly a vintage DIY build? However, the mdf looks of the likes on some of the R.A. Moog stuff - not sure but definitely very cool. They are intended to hold a sample-hold controller off the top of a Model D and do the job well."

SKOOKUM Mutated Anookum / Anushri SynthVoice +DrumSynth Eurorack Module

via this auction

"sauber aufgebauter DIY Synth

man kann ihn auch zum Stand alone gerät umbauen,
dafür ist löten nötig !

Anookum is a derivative of Émilie Gillet's Anushri monophonic synthesizer

Anushri is a monophonic synthesizer with an all-analog signal path, paired with a lo-fi digital drum synthesizer.

These two sections are controlled by an on-board sequencer/arpeggiator, featuring generative drum pattern sequencing.

Anushri is open to the modular world thanks to its analog patching area."

Roland Ef-303 Groove Effects Processor Synthesizer Groovebox SN ZN70654

via this auction

Marsh UDS USSR Soviet Analog Drum Synth SN 90050881

via this auction

CASIO CASIOTONE MT-68 Vintage Synthesizer Electronic Keyboard

via this auction

You can find a demo of a circuit bent one here.


video upload by Bastl Instruments

"Another Patch tip for your audio effecting needs is called AUTOWAH. Thank to build in envelope follower you can automate different functions on your SPII with the incoming audio."

MOD-squad Vol. 5 - Live Performances - Midiverse - TV

video upload by Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! In this video various MOD-squad community members share a clock signal throughout several modular synthesizer systems for an improvisational jam.

The next event - MOD-squad Vol. 6 - Saturday October 15th, 2022
More info at:"

"Seq" (Atari ST, Akai S1000)

video upload by Zoë Blade

"Recording a track, 'Seq', to try out obscure MIDI sequencer Sweet Sixteen some more. I'm really digging the Atari ST running a MIDI sequencer + Akai S1000 sampler combo, it's very much like when I used to use trackers in the '90s..."

DF Audio MINIBAY - A desktop audio patchbay

video upload by Espen Kraft

"If you're a desktop artist looking for a way of hooking up your mixer, effects, synths and modules for fast and flexible turnaround you should check out this desktop audio patchbay called the MINIBAY.

Check out the MINIBAY here:

In the case of normalling/half-normalling as I mention in the video, I'd like to clarify that the DIP-switches makes it possible to individually normal the connections between the patch points in row A and row B. Half-normalling is not possible.

Support this channel on Patreon:"

MINIBAY is a compact 40-point audio patch bay, designed to integrate neatly into a studio desktop space. It utilises 1/4” stereo sockets to connect with external gear and 1/8” mono (Eurorack) sockets for routing signals. There are also two built-in passive mixers with dedicated patch-points located on the main panel.

Dimensions: 234 mm x 140 mm x 40 mm (not including sockets and feet)

While the ins and outs can be configured to suit your needs, the general idea is to have instruments on Row A, mixer channels on Row B, and effects hooked into the FX rows.

Reach up to the effects; reach down to the mixer.

MINIBAY can be neatly positioned next to a mixer (or just about anywhere) for quick and easy access and reference while working.

Patch-points are spaced to allow for comfortable grip and leverage when handling cables (even for fat fingers :)

Rows A and B
For Rows A and B, each 1/4" socket on the back panel is wired to two adjacent 1/8" sockets on the main panel. 20220503_105113.jpg

FX Rows
Each 1/4" FX socket on the back panel is wired to the two corresponding 1/8" FX sockets on the main panel. One insert cable can therefore be used to connect to the input and output on an effects unit (or two cables for a stereo unit).

LANIAKEA - Demo sound (only raw sound)

video upload by Magerit

A raw demo of the new Magerit LANIAKEA. No effects or post-processing, just raw sound!

Demo del nuevo Magerit LANIAKEA. No hay efectos aplicados ni post-procesado, ¡solo sonido crudo!"

Also see: Magerit Eurorack Modules

Sunday jam

video upload by mick frigerio

"just a simple jam with drums, guitars and the moog matriarch."

Yamaha CS30 Tweak Session

video upload by Hanz Volt

"The Yamaha CS30 is a very fun synth. When you understand how to use all the many features and modulation possibilities you can make some super interesting sounds."

Patch n Tweak
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