MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, October 17, 2022

Monday, October 17, 2022

Korg Releases SQ-64 V2.0 OS Update

via Korg

"We are happy to announce that the SQ-64 ver 2.0 system update will be available. This update will provide users with new features and improvements.

SQ-64 operating system version 2.0

-- Release note --
- Add drum pad mode to D-Track.
- Add quantize setting to real-time REC Mode.
- Add Step Rec Mode
- Fix LED brightness to increase the 64 PAD visibility
- Add the LATCH function to SHIFT
- Add Step Copy function.
- Improved Step Edit behavior (Supports new addition and deletion of note)
- Change LOOP Mode behavior (The LOOP will not release when moving to another mode from LOOP Mode.)
- Add other minor functions.
- Fixed other minor bugs

Intuitive Instruments Exquis Hexagonal Keyboard

video uploads by dualo by Intuitive Instruments

Exquis - The smartest way to create expressive music
Loïc, accordeonist and du-touch player, is testing Exquis
Knarf, synthfluencer at testing Exquis

Currently on Kickstarter

"Making music is all about finding the right notes and assembling them in rhythm. But whatever the instrument, device or software, it still takes time and effort to master theory and technique.

At Intuitive Instruments, we have figured out a smarter way to play and compose today’s music, that makes it intuitive and logical for anyone.

Explore, have fun, surprise yourself, find inspiration. Above all, composing music is about emotion. Exquis provides an intuitive way to lead you to the right path, still allowing you to play out of it. No need to think: just choose a scale and follow its illuminated path.

Thanks to our patented layout, making chords is easy; Exquis puts notes that sound well together right next to one another. You’ll be amazed how harmony falls under your fingers.

Your notes, your chords, your music

Beginner, amateur or professional musicians, we all want to shorten the time between an idea and its execution. Exquis gives you the fastest access to the rules of harmony, so you can improvise with or without any theoretical background.

Then, thanks to Exquis’s unique and spontaneous creative workflow, just pick a sound, play, record your own loops and create a full song in minutes!

Expressivity at your fingertips

There is no need to play lots of notes when you can bring them to life. Exquis’s expressive keys are designed to be mastered in minutes while offering a huge potential for expert gestures. Inspired by the finesse of acoustic instruments, Exquis keys are both firm enough to play percussion and short notes with precision, and soft enough to modulate long notes with sensibility.

Sculpt your music with emotion; hit, press, and bend the keys independently thanks to the MIDI Polyphonic Expression protocol (MPE).

And in addition, use the 4 clickable potentiometers and the touch slider to increase the possibilities of sound and music control: effects, note/beat repeat,...

The Exquis multi-platform app is the perfect companion for the keyboard, as well as an autonomous MIDI-compatible DAW. Compose entire songs within seconds thanks to a unique workflow we have been perfecting for 15 years, which is approved today by thousands of musicians worldwide for its spontaneity and efficiency.

The app and the controller work in symbiosis to provide an easy and chronological music production logic. From left to right, pilot the essential actions with simple gestures, directly on the keyboard and/or in the app:

Settings : prepare your song (tempo, scale, default quantization…)
Sounds : pick a sound plugin and preset to create a new “track”
Record : record “clips” and preset the recording behavior (start condition, length, overdub)
Tracks : just like a director in an orchestra, decide which clips to launch and stop in real time
Scenes : save and launch states of your song (e.g: intro, verse, chorus…)
Play/Stop : play/stop your song, and select another project"

We designed the Exquis’s workflow by taking into consideration two temporalities: you can both play live safely and take your time to create in your bubble. Most usual actions only require handling the keyboard, whereas advanced actions taking more time like programming (clip/scene duration, follow actions…) are to be made via the app.

The interface of the app is designed following the same logic, turning your device into a customizable heads-up display and an alternative interface to all your actions, especially if you play with another MIDI controller.

In order to allow musicians to create new rhythms and moods, the Exquis app natively includes exclusive functionalities never seen in a DAW before. For example, as we were inspired by the workshops of Jacob Collier, the app provides an easy way to play with tuplets: uncommon beat divisions such as 1/5 or 1/7, useful to create grooves with a drunk feel."

See the kickstarter campaign for additional details.

Switched Resistor VCF from Barton Musical Circuits

video upload by O.Z. Hall

Brigitta and DrumBrute Impact - Techno 10/17/2022

video upload by SynthMania

"Quick Techno session in the studio, recorded in one shot so the mix is a bit off, but hey, it's all in the name of good studio fun. Brigitta ( Studio-88) does the wild synth sequences, the DrumBrute Impact does all the rest. A Yamaha MG06X mixer provides the hall reverb."

4ms SCM Plus & Mini PEG - Richard Devine

video upload by 4ms Company

"Richard Devine jams with our updated classics. The new SCM Plus and Mini PEG are available now. Beat sync clocks, envelopes and LFOs, your modular will thank you!"


Analogue Solutions Colossus Nighttime Jam

video upload by rezfilter

"What's this then?

Here's a little playing about on the Colossus AS-100 from this past weekend.

The live playing is being actively captured by Colossus's note sequencer on the touch key bed, which is then subsequently started - running in parallel with the 64-note step sequencer.

I believe this performance used 5 of the synth's 12 oscillators, and only 2 of its 8 filters, which in this video are being overdriven hard.

With its vast patching, pinning, modulation, and sequencing capabilities, you can be as simple or as complex as necessary to fit your application.

It never ceases to amaze me."

Buchla 246 panning

video upload by Todd Barton

"Stereo monitors or good headphones recommended."

Sound Transform Systems Serge Modular

via this auction

"The Mighty Serge!

Top panel - The Animal!

Bottom panel is composed of two M-Modules =
Left side is the 6 Stage Sequencing Programmer.
Right side is 'The Gator', which is all manner of clock, division and trigger modules.

Original owner, bought directly from Rex at Sound Transform Systems in 2008. Never been out of my studio, never been loaned out, no smoking, etc.

Includes original power supply and a generous assortment of patch cables of varying lengths, and one grounding cable.

Patch cables - a few of them ( 4 I believe ) have had the cable housing separate itself from the plug end ( example shown in one of the pics above ) but the wires within are still connected and work perfectly. ( Probably a way to reconnect them )

Boats come with rack ears for easy rack mounting.

Anyone wanting to read up on these modules in depth should head over to the 'Serge Fans' site."

Sonic Core Creamware Minimax ASB Polyphonic Minimoog Synth

via this auction

KORG POLY-800 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer SN 082100

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"Fully serviced, tested, cleaned and working great.

We paid our tech for 2.5 hours of skilled labor to properly service this unit. In addition to repairs, he replaced the original battery with a new one, cleaned dirty key contacts, reloaded factory sounds and fully tested this unit. Afterwards, we burned it in for a long period and did another systematic test and everything's working as it should and sounding great!"


video upload by LESINDES

"Playing the 32 FACTORY PRESETS.
Only patterns, no songs or pattern chains.


Min. Chapter
00:00 Intro
00:13 The Track
09:33 Credits"

Acire 🥉(Erica Synths LXR02 & DB01 // Conductive Labs NDLR turning the LXR02 into a polyphonic synth)

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"If you've already watched a some of my videos, you might know that I sometimes like to divert a few electronic instruments from their use 😅
So here the challenge was to make the LXR-02 (which is supposed to be mainly a digital drum synth) act as a drum machine & a polyphonic pads synth 😄

For this, I used the Conductive Labs NDLR sequencer with its polychain feature (on its PAD track) which can turn up to 4 mono synths into a 4-voice polyphonic synth. (I used this feature on another video, this time with 4 physical analog mono synths: [below]).

Therefore I used 3 of the tracks of the LXR-02 to play 3-note chords by the NDLR. I used the LXR's individual output, through the Strymon Bigsky reverb for the PADS (through the Pill ducking pedal being triggered by the LXR's drum kick).

I also used 1 track of the LXR-02 to play the ARP part (also sequenced by the NDLR). This time the individual output went through the Strymon Timeline delay.

The Erica Synths DB-01 was used to play the bass riff (still sequenced by the NDLR) through the Eventide - H9 pedal (with some heavy modulated Chorus bringing a Lo-Fi vibe to the sound!).

* Hardware used *

- BASS : Erica Synths DB-01 Bassline + Eventide H9 (Chorus)
- DRUMS : Sonic Potions x Erica Synths LXR-02 (individual output 1+2)
- PADS : Sonic Potions x Erica Synths LXR-02 + Strymon Bigsky + Pill Pedal (individual output 3)
- RIFF : Sonic Potions x Erica Synths LXR-02 + Strymon Timeline (individual output 4)
- LIVE SEQUENCING : Conductive Labs NDLR"

052▶️ Chains (NDLR // Polychain DB01, SE02, 0Coast, Circuit MS // Minitaur // Minibrute // Tanzbar)

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"I wanted to use a couple of the nice features of the NDLR for this video, so I went to set up 6 analog mono synths all sequenced by the NDLR, a couple of effects and the Tanzbar drum machine for this video!

The first feature used here is poly chaining, where 1 track (PAD track) of the NDLR sent 4-note chords to 4 mono synths (Erica Synths - DB01, Make Noise - 0Coast, Roland - SE02 and Novation - Circuit Mono Station), considering them as a unique 4-voice polyphonic synth!

It reminded me a bit me my wonderful Vermona Perfourmer, where each voice of the synth can have different setting regarding the oscillators, envelopes, filter etc. 🤩

I needed to make some quite complex routing in order to be able to side chain the pads with the kick of the MFB - Tanzbar analog drum machine.

I also used the 'chord sequencer' of the NDLR in order to play the whole track as a song (it's like a song mode, where sequences automatically change the global chords).

Here are some further details on the setup:

* PAD: DB01 to SE02 to Bigsky (Right Input) to The Pill Pedal (Input 1) triggered by Tanzbar's kick
* PAD: 0Coast to Circuit Mono Station to Bigsky (Left Input) to The Pill Pedal (Input 2) triggered by Tanzbar's kick

These 4 analog synths were set up in order to respond to the poly chain function of the NDLR (i.e. With a 4-note chord, the NDLR will send each note to one the 4 synths).

* DRONE (Bass): The Moog - Minitaur was being triggered by the DRONE track for the bass.
* MOTIF (Melody): The Arturia - Minibrute 1, through the ZVEX - Instant Lofi Junky & Strymon - Timeline

I forgot to mention that the Tanzbär's main output was processed by the Eventide - H9 (Reverse Delay) effect, excluding its kick which was outputted on its separate output in order to trigger the side chain for the pads on the Pill Pedal."

KICK, DRUM, and BASS! The Korg Volca's Still Got It

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this video Matthew and Steven from Patchwerks perform on the Korg Volca Kick, Drum, and Bass.

Learn more about the Volca Drum here:
Learn more about the Volca Bass here:
Learn more about the Volca Kick here:
Demo by: EZBOT and Project 32
Video by: Matthew Piecora ( EZBOT), Steven Ly (Project 32)"

Bat Modular

video upload by Lower West Side Studio

"In this small tribute to my favourite Batman, the late Adam West, I really used up my clock dividers and counting modules.

Multiple sequencers play their part in this piece that will give no peace to the OCD listener : )

Whap - Biff - Ooof!


Sequential Oberheim - OB-6 - Exploring the Presets - Part 2 - Midiverse - TV

video upload by Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! Today we're checking out the OB-6, let's have a look."

Sequential Oberheim - OB-6 - Exploring the Presets posts

Arturia Matrixbrute - Favourite Presets

video upload by Friendly Noise

"This is the first part of my favourite Matrixbrute presets. The list doesn’t include any paraphonic presets. They are something really special and deserve their coming soon video.

No effects added after recording.

Video sections:

00:12 A02 Liquify
03:26 A05 Move On
05:10 A15 Unknown Man
06:49 B01 Light Exposure
08:43 B04 Sync LFO Lead
09:57 B05 Eclipse Sequence
11:26 B11 Matrix Drone
13:42 C01 Tambours
14:17 D01 Use To Be
15:10 E01 Ultimate
16:00 E02 ELP Brain Bass
17:14 E07 Asian Modwheel
18:43 E12 Adventurer Flute
19:27 F01 Funkier"

Arturia Matrixbrute - My Favourite Presets - Part 2

video upload by

"This is the second part of my favourite Matrixbrute presets. The list doesn’t include any paraphonic presets. They are something really special and deserve their coming soon video.

No effects added after recording.

Video sections:

00:10 F02 Wonky
00:50 G10 Aftertouch
02:05 G12 Chaos Lead
02:48 G13 Moto Cultor
03:36 H01 Casino Zone
04:29 H13 Rocket Launching
05:43 I01 Total Stormer
06:24 I05 Son Of Seq
07:10 I13 Plink Plonks
08:15 I15 InDaClouds
09:43 K08 Keith´s Modular
10:23 K12 Spin Flutter Lead
11:26 K13 The Red Sea
13:11 M01 Triple Seq
14:13 M07 Oh Lydia
14:51 M13 Duo Alien
16:48 O05 Rubycon
18:05 P16 Nostalgic String"

Synth Overlays for JUPITER-X and Xm - JUPITER-Xpert Review

video upload by Robert Saint John

"Here's a close look at a new set of accessories for the Roland JUPITER synthesizers, the JUPITER-X and Xm Overlays from Synth Overlays. Phil Roberts of Synth Overlays ( asked if I'd like to do a video, and I was happy to jump on the opportunity.

00:00 Introduction
00:32 What are overlays?
01:35 JUPITER-X/Xm and the Model Expansion challenge
02:28 Synth Overlays as a solution
03:52 Availability and pricing
04:27 Value proposition
05:15 One More Thing and Conclusion

Synth Overlays on the Web -

#jupiterx #jupiterxm #synthesizer

This video is a review of the Synth Overlays JUPITER-X bundle, provided to me by Synth Overlays for early feedback and review purposes."

Roland JD-800 - Custom Sounds for 31 Anniversary!

video upload by LFOstore

"We are celebrating 31 years of JD Synth Family Series!

Welcome to the “Symbiosis” soundset for Roland JD-800 Original Synthesizer.


Finally one of the most glorious Roland digital synths which is so popular during 3 decades
– re-discovered by LFO team.

After successful Roland Boutique JD-08 “Symbiosis” soundset we started to cooperate with
Saga Musix for improve thier Conversion tool!

Yes, now we can convert sounds of Boutique JD-08 presets to Cloud,ZenCore versions aswell as real JD800 & even 990!

The Roland Cloud and ZenCore versions have been made possible by JDTools JDTools by Saga Musix

Symbiosis soundset contains very wide range of sounds:

Lush & Massive Strings
Deep Atmospheric Pads
Complex Sequences & Arps
Deep & Razor Basses
Reach Polyphonic Sounds
Re-creation of famous Synth Sounds
Edge Leads
Beautiful Plucks
Vowel Tones

From Ambient & Electronica to SynthWave & SynthPop with benefits of phazeDistortion synthesis.

Made by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of “Organica” for Waldorf Blofeld & “WS Universe” for Korg Wavestation

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

Makenoise XPO Oscillator - 2 UP Sonic LAB Review

video upload by sonicstate

"The MakeNoise XPO is a stereo prismatic oscillator for Eurorack, which gives us 5 discrete outputs from the oscillator core plus three stereo pairs from timbral modulators. It's unusual to see so much tonal variation from a single oscillator all available simultaneously.
Modular producer and performer @MATTHS and editor Nick Batt go two up on this review.

Exclusive extra MATTHS XPO content on Patreon

Thanks to

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:35 Overview
00:02:47 GPU.Audio Sponsor
00:03:39 overview continued
00:09:02 MATTHS patch example
00:22:51 Conclusions
00:29:49 end"

SoftPop 2 new digital oscillator sound demo

video upload by Meska

"how to upload the digital oscillator: [posted here]

Quick sound demo of the new digital oscillator for the softpop2

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly "dark and expérimental" music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Path Set Bridge - Overview and tutorial

video upload by Omri Cohen

00:00 - Introduction
00:29 - Building a sequence
09:13 - Expanders

Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -

hHardware Jams Weekend Challenge: Message to the World

video upload by SynthAddict

"Maschine+, SP-404, TC Helicon Voice Live 2

The odd font I used for the subs has some odd character behavior, so some of the words appear to have typos. :-( There may be one or two real typos as well since I put this together as I was half awake."

Hologram Microcosm: Shaker + Music Box

video upload by Hologram Electronics

ARP SEQUENCER Model 1613 Analog Sequencer for 2600

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb "Like nearly all the high end vintage analog synths we sell, this item has been METICULOUSLY disassembled, cleaned inside and out, FULLY serviced by professionals who’ve been servicing and selling vintage synths for more than the last 2 decades, and systematically tested multiple times over a long period to ensure it’s working exactly as it should. No BS. No ebay surprises. We’re perfectionists and don’t cut corners. Although this instrument came to us in relatively good shape, we want our items to be better than the rest and invested *many* hours of tech time plus parts costs to fully overhaul this unit so it would be clean, working like new again and as reliable as possible for its next owner. This was a serious investment of time, love, and money, and was definitely worth the effort and is of course reflected in the higher than usual price. If you’re looking for a great sounding example of this model that works just like it should without needing to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in tech fees and waiting from weeks to years, this one should make you very happy.

The work required to properly restore these so they're working as well as possible and hopefully stay that way long into the future is both time consuming and costly and adds great value to this item. This is of course reflected in its higher than usual price. You will not find a better one anywhere.

In addition to any repairs, we did the following to this unit:

-All slide pots have been replaced with new ones - not low quality replicas of the originals but high quality modern pots that feel good and work perfectly.
-Power supply recapped, trim pots replaced.
-Tantalum capacitors replaced.
-Unit disassembled and cleaned inside and out.
-All jacks cleaned.
-Replaced molex connectors (10).
-Replaced 1, 5, 9, 13 LEDs with slightly brighter LEDs so you may be able to better visualize note divisions.
-Replaced original wooden sides with higher quality new ones.
-Installed new nuts and washers for jack board.
-Systematically tested multiple times, with burn in test.

This process required 14 hours of skilled vintage synth tech time plus around $350-400 in parts. Thanks to this significant investment, this ARP Sequencer works like new again and is way better than the rest. Sure to make anyone looking for a perfectly working ARP Sequencer very happy.



via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"This unit came to us in relatively good shape but was fully serviced to make it better than the rest, a process that cost us 12 hours of highly skilled and valuable tech time. The result is a professionally restored instrument that's fully functioning and is ready to play, unlike most, and is justifiably more costly than lesser examples. Depeche Mode used this model sampler heavily to create its signature sound in the 80s.

In addition to any minor repairs necessary, we did the following work to this unit:

Disassembly and cleanup.
All push switches cleaned and lubed.
Power supply electrolytic capacitors replaced for longevity.
Molex connectors replaced for reliability.
Cleaned and lubed pots.
Cleaned all key contacts.
Cleaned floppy drive heads.
Replaced backlight with new one. These are usually dead, making displays unreadable in all but good lighting.

Thorough testing.

Disk v 3.0
memory 484495 = 17.6 sec, 1 meg max.

Novation Circuit Tracks

via this auction

Additional Listings from The Noise Source

"The Novation Circuit Tracks is an extraordinary standalone groovebox for the modern producer. With two refined polyphonic digital synth tracks, four drum tracks, creative FX and on-the-go capabilities, it’s the perfect hands-on device for the agile music maker."

Korg Volca Kick w/ Original Box

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

Moog Mother 32 2 Tier Rack w/ Make Noise Modules

via this auction

Mother 32 - 600
2 Tier Rack - 50
Strom + - 150
Make Noise Teleharmonic - 350
Make Noise Optomix - 215
Make Noise René V1 - 335

Teisco Synthesizer 110f

via this auction

Korg 770

via this auction

Synthstrom Deluge - Monolith

video upload by Red Means Recording

"Cleaning out my closet of old private videos. This is an ancient performance I did on the Deluge."

Polyend Play - Chance/Action

video upload by Polyend

"Polyend Play's Highlighted Features Videos - Chance and Action will allow you to spice up your patterns in a quick and efficient manner. Chance can add a little bit of variety to your sequence to keep your listeners engaged or create evolving generative soundscapes.

These videos are an addendum to Play's online manual - Polyend Play was made to allow you to discover new ways of making music, and to inspire you by having a good time!

Chance – determines if/when the selected action is executed. If the action is eg. “Random Note” controls the tuning condition for triggered notes. The algorithmic Chance/Action couple operates on both internal sample-based and MIDI sequencing and is never destructive to the existing steps.

Action – special action/effect to be executed after the step is played."

COCO System Part Two: VALLEY

video upload by After Later Audio

"This is an overview of the COCO System with the Valley (Upper-Harmonics Generator) control module used as its center-piece.

With the COCO series the aim is to bring all the goodness of a complex oscillator while aiming to minimize some of the downsides. The main thing that I appreciate about complex oscillators is that you can have a lot of fun without having to patch too much. By default, you can get some very deep sounds that go far beyond the standard bleep and bloop. On the downside, complex oscillators are big and have a fixed set of capabilities.

The COCO series allows you to choose your oscillator features and choose your control module and connect them all together into a complex oscillator. You can then break them down and each module also works as a standalone module as well. So when you need that extra oscillator for your performance case, you can break the system down and use it accordingly."


video upload by

"Formantic is the latest module from Noise Lab Sweden; a formant filter designed to be versatile, easy to use, and to spark your creativity! This video shows some interesting examples of how you can use it."

You can find additional posts on the FORMANTIC VCF here.

Makenoise #XPO | Episode 02 | XPO vs DPO

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"I see an occasional post about people wondering how the new XPO compares to the DPO. Well, the X means stereo, and the D means dual. The difference is having one oscillator (XPO) vs two (DPO). However, with a Maths or QPAS near, you can double your vocabulary and enter DPO territory. With Maths, you can make DPO stereo too. But with two XPO's all bets are off."

Patch n Tweak
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