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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Generative M8 with Milkdrop and Raindrops

video upload by Avrilcadabra

"Generative music from the Dirtywave M8 with winamp visualizer

Hi everyone, if you caught my last stream I had this track running, but here is a proper video of it. I try to find a balance between random and musical.

#dirtywave #milkdrop

So random pitches are locked to scaled and lots of use of the SNG command to jump between islands of chains on the song screen. USB from the m8 is driving old school winamps milkydrop 2 visualizer.

I had the M8 audio going through raindrops bypassed, but turned it on and it sounded nice, so theres some sweetening from raindrops, was just set to 50ms delay so very short.

Here is an affiliate link to perfect circuit for the raindrops Dreadbox Raindrops -
I have recently done a full review of demo of you should watch first if you are interested.

I have not put this generative track (I dont even have a name for it) on bandcamp, but if someone wants me to just drop a comment and I'll get onto it.

I am also on"

Tidbit Audio - LDR and Momentary Switch - Demo - Midiverse - TV

video upload by Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! Today we're checking out the LDR and Momentary Swtich from Tidbit Audio. Let's have a look.

Audio Example - 00:40 - 02:30
Video Example - 02:31- 04:35"

You can find Tidbit Auio on Reverb here.

Korg Monotron w/ Original Box

via this auction

Note this is a supporting member listing.

1973 Moog Music Inc. Minimoog -Future Proofed-

via this auction

From The Black Lodge, North Bend, WA, the home of Twin Peaks. Check out the seller's profile pictures. :)

"Up for grabs is a gorgeous 1973 Minimoog. After acquiring an original R.A. Minimoog last year, we decided to have this Model D future proofed in preparation for sale back in October 2022 with no expenses spared. Prior to our ownership it was routinely serviced by the original owner, who was a session musician for studios such as United Western / Ocean Way, A&M, etc. The original blue anvil ATA flight case it was primarily stored in for the majority of it’s 50 years is available upon request from the buyer. ATA case is in excellent condition.

The power supply is completely rebuilt and a 3 prong US cable was installed. Rock solid with zero drift. The calibration is perfect. All of the electrolytic capacitors have been replaced throughout the synth. Every mechanical and moving part has been thoroughly cleaned. The keybed has been meticulously refurbished- all key contacts straightened and cleaned, bus bar cleaned, key frame straightened, and new bushings installed. Plays like a dream. Every dial is smooth and precise. The cabinet is all original wood and has been well maintained with only a few very minor imperfections. Overall this is a near mint unit listed with a modest excellent condition rating according to Reverb grading."

Casio SK-5 32-Key Sampling Keyboard

via this auction

"*kitty not included*

works like a charm and has been taken care of very well. has some signs of use but nothing alarming. will need new batteries for sure. perfect lofi sounds. the organs are my favorite."

YAMAHA CS-01 II Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Box & Manual

via this auction

"This is the improved MKII model that comes with a slider for resonance control and a 24dB filter. It has a clean battery compartment."

Yamaha DX7 SN 14329 w/ The Complete DX7 Guide Book & Soft Case

via this auction

"Vintage Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer 61 Key Keyboard w/Case & The Complete DX7 Guide Book by Howard Massey."

Default Corporation - "Jumpy patch" poly-synth comparison

video upload by Default Corporation

Today i tried to make a not professional 'Jumpy' comparison on some of my poly synths.
I think is not important to judge the better one but was a funny think to do it.
Hope you like it.
Thanks for watch!"

Techno Arp sound with Sequential Trigon-6 (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"I used the great Soundtower Sequential Trigon-6 editor when recording the material -

No EQ. No compression. Only internal effects. Pure sound."

SoundsDivine 'Wonky Tapes Vol.3' - Sequential Prophet 5/10

video upload by SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Wonky Tapes - Vol.3' soundset for the Sequential Prophet 5/10.
#sequential #prophet #presets"

Novation Launchkey 88 Review (ITA + Subtitles)

video upload by DKS SYNTH LAB

Click CC towards the bottom right of the player for subtitles.

Sample Robot 6.6 now supports Quantum & Iridium

video upload by WaldorfMusicChannel

"Great tutorial produced by #Phable

Phable is a german-based singer, vocalist, musician and DJ with deep roots in House, Techno, Deep House, Dub and Tech House. In the last years he released on labels such as Armada, Ostfunk, Light My Fire, Wonne Musik, Pure, Audio Safari and recently on Plastic City.

Phable on Youtube:
Waldorf Music Company website:

0:00 Intro
0:25 Sample Robot
5:19 Sample Export
6:59 Import Map
9:33 Making Sound
13:40 Finally"

ALLINAIRE Serge Live - Wilson Analog Delay (WAD)

video upload by Allinaire

"Live Serge Modular performance (in 3 takes) featuring the amazing Wilson Analog Delay (WAD) and Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer (TKB).
The WAD uses the legendary 'vintage' SAD1024 bucket brigade chips and creates beautiful filtered delay's, flanging and karpus strong type effects.
The TKB is a powerful control voltage keyboard and sequencer. Very playable and flexible offering multiple cv and gate outputs to control any part of the Serge system.
Function generators are used for clocks, lfos, envelopes and oscillators in this patch which also features the Frequency Shifter, Dual Phaser and filters.

Recorded in January 2023 in Wollongong NSW (Thanks to Jondent for the use of his WAD Panel and dining table!)"

Mayer EMI M800 Live Chat & Q&A

video upload by MATTHS

"Following on from my previous overview of the very capable Mayer EMI #M800 R2 module (which you can watch here ➡️ ) I promised that I would setup a live chat and Q&A with the company to discuss your feedback and thoughts on the M800 module. So here it is! 😎

There has been some great feedback from you all and so I will be putting some of these ideas to them during this livestream. Join us to get involved and be art of the journey of bringing this module to market!"


video upload by Alex Ball

"A look at the Mutronics Mutator released in 1996.

As discussed in the video, this unit was used by many famous artists, producers and engineers in the late 90s and early 00s across a broad range of styles.

The Mutator is a stereo pair of analogue, resonant low pass filters (SSM 2045s) and voltage controlled amplifiers that are contoured by envelope followers and/or LFOs. In a nutshell, that allows for all sorts of stereo filtering, sweeping and tremolo FX on an open-ended number of audio sources. There is further functionality such as additional attack and release times, external inputs for creating alternate envelopes, external CV ins, LFO linking/inverting, MIDI control and MIDI LFO reset etc. Most (but not all) of this was used at some point in the video.

0:00 Intro Jam
0:59 The Mutronics Mutator
2:04 Demo 1: Borrowed Filters
2:46 Radiohead and More
4:01 Demo 2: Crutator
5:06 Envelope Followers
6:03 Demo 3: Beat Guitar
6:45 Across a mix
7:01 Demo 4: Daft Filtering
8:14 What happened to the Mutator?
9:04 Demo 5: Does It Funk Though?
9:55 How do we get the sound now?
11:10 Summary"

Amplitube X-Time delay pedal: Big sound, but...

video upload by

"The Amplitube X-Time delay pedal has been out for some years, but there are not too many synth videos for it around. Here you can hear it coupled with a Reface DX, showcasing every delay model that's built into it, plus some "freestyle" improvisation with the patches I liked most. Table of contents:

00:00 intro demo
00:46 hello
01:01 hardware overview, connections
01:42 user interface overview
03:14 delay model walkthrough: dry signal
03:41 vintage tape
04:09 mod tape
04:28 analog
05:04 digital
05:21 ping pong
05:57 pattern delay
06:21 dual
06:56 reverse
07:23 reverse ping pong
07:48 swell
08:20 pitch
08:36 harmonic
09:28 dirty
10:12 slapback
10:38 arctic
11:16 important things to consider
11:38 freestyle 1: arctic
12:28 freestyle 2: cold
13:24 freestyle 3: fifth up
13:49 freestyle 4: icy cave
14:15 freestyle 5: hi-fi
14:49 freestyle 6: saturate
15:37 short improvisation: "Iceberg in a silver lake"
17:46 verdict, bye-bye


How To MIDI Sync Your Music Machines

video upload by EZBOT

"In this video, I'll show you how to sync and connect your MIDI-enabled grooveboxes and synthesizers together. From Elektron Music Machines to any other groovebox or synthesizer, this tutorial will show you how to use clock, transport, sync, program change, auto channel, and MIDI in/out/thru to make all your machines work together. After watching, you'll have a better understanding of how to take your music production to the next level and get the most out of your gear.

Get those cool transparent MIDI cables here:

Step up your game with 1 on 1 lessons:
Just have a few questions? Get 1:1 help from me via Xip:
Get my Octatrack Performance Template with regular updates (among other rewards) by joining my Patreon:
Get the template in it's current state at Ko-Fi:"

Akai MPC/FORCE Expansion: 64 Analog Bass Presets/Keygroups. Demo

video upload by Anton Anru

"'Analog Bass' is a collection of 64 multi-sampled Keygroups specifically designed for Akai MPC/FORCE users.
The samples were recorded from one of the most popular modern analog synths, Moog Subsequent 37, known for its ladder filter, punchy envelopes, and overdrive, which makes it perfect for creating powerful and dynamic bass sounds.
💽 Get the Expansion:

This pack offers a wide range of bass tones, including mild and aggressive, deep and bright, soft and punchy, providing a signature warm Moog sound to MPC/FORCE users.

The Expansion is versatile and suitable for all genres of electronic music, including Techno, House, Trance, Lounge, Downtempo, Funk, Disco, Pop, Acid, Hardcore, IDM, Drum'n'Bass, Breaks, Breakbeat, Trap, Electro, Ambient, Dubstep, EDM, Synth-Pop, and others.

Compatible with:
- Akai FORCE
- Akai MPC Live and MPC Live 2
- Akai MPC One
- Akai MPC X
- Akai MPC Key 61
- Akai MPC Software (Windows/Mac app)

Make sure that you are using the latest version of MPC software or hardware firmware.
The pack requires 850 MB of free space.

The Expansion comes in two formats: an ".xpn file" and a "Direct" folder. The Expansion can be sent to hardware via MPC Software and/or via direct copying.
Installation instructions are included within the pack.

The Expansion contains bass timbres only. Drums are not included in the pack.
The demo tracks have drums added to show how the basses can be used in music.

00:00 Ball, Anger, Blare, Alias
01:04 Bold, Bound, Class, Click
02:04 Impact, Kernel, Knock
03:01 Mask, Matte, Metaphor, Mid
04:11 Point, Plain, Squeal, Submarine
05:07 Epos, Fade, Figure, Flow
06:14 Module, Organ, Part
07:02 Convert, Dash, Elastic, Electro
08:04 FM, Glume, Ground, Harmony
09:06 Tremor, Reso, Secret, Quit"

EMC SCHMIDT 8 VOICE POLYPHONIC SYNTHESIZER (white) - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale

video upload by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

ELKA Rhapsody 610 w Original Case and Pedal (FULLY SERVICED) SN 7515

via this auction

Video at the listing previously posted here.

Moog UK Synthesizer Catalog - Original Vintage Synthesizer Brochure/Catalog-RARE

via this auction

"This Moog Catalog contains some of the best vintage synthesizers Moog ever made. This vintage Moog Catalog contains information and picture’s of the Moog Minimoog, Multimoog, Micromoog and Polymoog and much more.

This is a must-have for any vintage synthesizer/Moog collector as these are getting very hard/impossible to find these days.

This catalog has no highlighting or underlining in it . This catalog has a small stamp on the backcover. This Moog Catalog is in very good condition , see the picture's for more detail."

Korg Volume 7 Catalog - Original Vintage Synthesizer Brochure -1980- RARE

via this auction

"This Korg Catalog contains some of the best vintage synthesizers Korg ever made.

This Korg Catalog contains information and picture’s of the Korg PS-3300/3200/3100, Delta, Lambda, MS-10,MS-20,MS-50 and much more.

This is a must-have for any vintage synthesizer/Korg collector as these are getting very hard/impossible to find these days.

This Korg Catalog has no writing, highlighting, underlining or any stamps in it. This catalog is in very good condition, see the picture's for more detail."

ARP Odyssey MKI 2800 - 4023 Filter

via this auction

"Pre-Assembled ARP 4023 filter module in Very Good Condition.

This module is hardly used and is as good as new. I'm the original Owner of this module.

I used this module with my ARP Odyssey MK-I which has been sold last year so I don't have the need for this module anymore. It's actually sounding exact like the original 4023 filter."

Buchla Banana and TiniCable Bundle

via this auction

"Barely used- 4 Blue 6 Green 8 Orange 3 Purple 4 12" Buchla TiniCable and 2 40" Tini to 1/4" this is a great deal for someone. The cables are basically in new condition."

Note this is a supporting member listing.

Siel Orchestra 2 SN 283/89

via this auction

"Pretty rare Italian Vintage Analog Synthesizer/String Machine from 1983.

Awesome Warm Sound!

100% working, absolutely not noisy and with a vidid and clean sound"

Oberheim FVS-1 Four Voice Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 0442

via this auction

"Recently serviced by Takeshi Kawana of Main Drag Music."

Studio Electronics P-Five

via this auction

"This one is very rare. It is essentially an original Sequential Prophet 5 rev 3.3 that was racked by Studio Electronics. It added a bunch of functionality like assignable velocity and aftertouch. Moreover it sounds like a vintage prophet."

Sequential Prophet VS Rackmount

via this auction

"Prophet VS in perfect working condition. Some rack rash. It was serviced a few years ago to get a new oled display installed and needed nothing."

Rare Ensoniq Fizmo Rack - Transwave Digital Synth

via this auction

Kawai 100 F w/ Patch Sheet Overlays & Dust Cover

via this auction

"KAWAI 100F cosmetic condition close to new, supplied with original manual, patch panel and dust cover."

Kawai K1m SN 185957

via this auction


Polyphony: 16 notes Multitimbral: 8 parts User Patches: 64 User Performances: 32 ROM: 256 8-bit PCM waveforms (204 additive waveforms, 52 acoustic samples) Screen: 16x2 character backlit LCD Power Consumption: 4 watts Dimensions: 370 mm x 201 mm x 58 mm Weight: 1.3 kg"

Dynacord Echocord Mini

video upload by ohm_studi_ohm

"Démo rapide de l'effet afin de se rendre compte de son fonctionnement. Enregistrement brut sans traitement, cela permet de juger le bruit de fond de l'appareil, qui reste très controllé pour ce genre d'effet.
Source utilisée: Yamaha Reface DX


Quick demo of the Dynacord Echocord Mini I'm selling just to show that it is in very good working order.
Dry recorded so you can have an idea of the overall background noise of those devices, which is not so bad.
Input used is a Yamaha Reface DX"

Some pics of one via this auction

The seller has one other listed here.

I don't know if either is the one in the video above as there wasn't a listing number or link in the video description. I just thought it was a good demo with the Yamaha Reface DX.

You can find others on Reverb here.

Karlheinz Essl: Coastline Make Noise 0-Coast Synthesizer Performances

video uploads by Karlheinz Essl

"Free improvisations on a Make Noise 0-coast analog synth, patched as a generative non-linear system. Recorded live at Studio kHz with an iPhone on Jan 26th, 2023. No edits, no overdubs!"

Sticky Gooey wheels on Ultranova Synthesizer.

video upload by practical pete forgot reminder

"This stuff cleaned away the goo and did no damage to the keyboard Synthesizer."

I just checked my Ultranova that I've owned since 2016, and it's not sticky at all. If you are buying one on the 2nd hand market you might want to check with the seller. I'm going to have to give this a try on my Moog Sub Phatty's side panels. I wouldn't try it on surfaces with graphics as it might remove them. See this post for what I used on my Pulse Plus.

Hydrasynth and MiniFreak combine to make Hydrafreak.

video upload by LeSynth

"This video is an electronic music track that demonstrates what is possible when combining the Hydrasynth and MiniFreak synthesizers. Each new sound you hear in this clip was made with both instruments, and the patches are listed in order of appearance. Orange is for the Hydrasynth, white is for the MiniFreak.

Consider buying my new album, Finding True LoFi at bandcamp:

Or you can simply stream it on any platform:"

The MiniFreak Is Not A Toy | Hear the Arturia synthesizer roar and growl

video upload by LeSynth

Wobbly hands make sloppy slaps while smol pinky plonk on a plank. #jamuary2023 #op1 #plank

video upload by Captain Credible

Ghostbusters Using @rolandglobal vintage synths #roland #rolandjupiter4 #rolandjx3p #shorts

video upload by Electric Vibes

Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Jamuary - New Modules, Bundles, and Updates!

video upload by Cherry Audio

"The Season Spectacular may be over, but #VoltageModular #synthesizer developers continue a winter storm of inventive new releases, updates, and bargains! Preview them and get the details in our latest post at Music by @waverleyinstruments"

Oora | Every Story Begins | The Mavis EP

video upload by Moog Music Inc

"Composer and synth enthusiast Federico Chiesa (Oora) reminds us there is beauty in simplicity with his new ambient release: 'The Mavis EP.'

The album features Mavis as the foundational sound of all seven modular compositions.

As Oora, the artist embraces a minimalistic approach to creating lush soundscapes with a defined set of tools. Inviting spontaneity into his music by way of fully improvised live performances and single-take recordings for albums like 'The Mavis EP,' Oora consistently finds inspiration in exploring new instruments and effects.

Listen to 'The Mavis EP' here:"

If the Krell had a Waldorf Iridium.......

video upload by Crybo Synth Sounds

"A generative patch I created. This patch is a single layer, no sequencer or arp used. Just loads of modulation coming from the LFOs, Komplex & looping envelopes.
Sounds for the Iridium, Peak & Minilogue available at:"

Sound & Vision (Walker & Tony)

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"I revisited the conversation between Walker and Tony from MakeNoise and really enjoyed Walker trying to recreate one of the album patches for their 'Tales of two Systems' endeavour [posted here and here]. Whatever they do, it never sounds the same to me. His patch involved two alternating sequences, but the Shared System doesn't have a sequential switch and a basic Rene sequence can have 16 notes. His vision has 2x16 x2 playing after each other. So he had to use clock divisions from Tempi, sequence Rene state changes and clock automated Morphagene dubbing. It's a super interesting concept, but Walker clearly showed it's not an easy patch to direct/orchestrate/arrange. I tried this concept on the Westlicht Performer with Noise Engineering VCO's and the Morphagene. And I had a great time with it."

MARBLE Colortracking (Musikraken & FRMS Granular Syntesizer)

video upload by Perplex On

"#jamuary2023 day 24: Another take on colortracking using #musikraken app. Here the position of the marble is converted into midi cc values which control sample offset and grain density parameter in #FRMS app. So basically x position scrubs through the waveform from left to right while y position determines the amount of grains from high (top) to low (bottom). You can see what the tracking is doing in the screenrecording of FRMS @ImaginandoPt . Having the unpredictability where the marble would stop and the uneven carvings of the underground makes this really surprising and playful. Definitely have to try it with more sonic material."

You can find additional posts featuring FRMS here.

Gliss Dev Diaries: Physical Models

video upload by Bela Platform

Gliss Dev Diaries

"In this dev diary we look at Gliss controlling Rings by Mutable Instruments. This is not the original Rings but rather a Pure Data implementation running on our Pepper module. We love Mutable Instruments and take great inspiration from their open source ethos, design philosophy and incredible synthesiser modules. We will miss them!

Gliss is the perfect counterpart for complex synthesis models as you have two dimensions of highly sensitive and high resolution control literally under your fingertips, position and touch size. In the video above we are using touch size to control the Damping and Brightness parameters of the voltage-controlled resonator. The touch position on the other hand is used to control the speed at which the excitation signal is repeated. You'll hear more about Mutable Instruments and Pepper in coming weeks but for now here's a snippet for you to enjoy.

Help bring Gliss into the world and be one of the first to get this module by backing us on Crowd Supply:"

Michael's One Minute Synthesis Minute

video upload by Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"Michael Johnsen, Analog Engineer for Pittsburgh Modular, offers a few nuggets of synthesis wisdom.

Our adventure with Taiga begins on Jan 31st 2023."

Neutral Labs: Pip clocked cv generator

video upload by John Schussler

"Along with Nijel (see previous vid), Martin at Neutral Labs sent along a kit for Pip, his new clocked CV generator. Its main selling point is the synchronization between the two channels: channel A can run at a multiple or fraction of channel B, and both are clocked so they'll stay in sync with the beat.

You can get some interesting rhythmic sounds out of your modules that have two cv inputs by using contrasting waves and different ratios (there are 16 'pages' of waves, each with two waves that can be morphed to make new waves).

The most interesting part, however, is when you self-modulate it. You get the benefit of the synchronized channels, clocked, plus interesting little additions that bring the whole thing to life (Spoiler alert! Skip to 23m22s for my favorite bit).

VCO: Chainsaw. Sequencer: Stochastic IG

00:00 Intro
00:20 Encephalo Adjuster
05:35 Nijel
07:08 Scrat
11:13 Pizza
13:09 Siren
16:10 Self-modulation"

T1 And Go

video upload by Hezza11

"Torso T1 sequencing two voices and Rample for percussion. #eurorack #modularsynth #synth #torsoelectronics"

Patch n Tweak
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