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Thursday, July 06, 2023


video upload by SiMusicWorks



video upload by SiMusicWorks

♪:: IMPURITY | REC :: JULY 2023 - SiMusicWorks

How to Make a Light-up Patch Cable (simple DIY project)

video upload by Musical Miscellany (Poorness Studios)

"I recently discovered these flexible filament LEDs and decided to see if I could make a light-up patch cable with them. It's actually a very simple project that just requires some basic soldering skills.

Parts Needed:
2 x 1/8" Mono Plugs
2 x 300mm Filament LEDs
1 x 1k Ω Resistor
1 x Piece of Wire (about 12")
1 x Piece of 1/4" Heat Shrink Tubing (about 12")

See more of my Musical DIY Projects here:"

Resolume running on PAC BOT 2

video upload by John Andrew

Can We Play Techno on Korg's Wavestate SE & Opsix SE?

video upload by Reverb

"Korg is back with some expanded, special edition versions of the Wavestate & Opsix. With 61-key, velocity & after touch sensative key beds, additional voices and even a complimentary travel-ready hardcase; these synths provide a lot more than their original counterparts. But do they techno? D Strange came by to help Fess find out. Let us know what you think.

Read more about the Korg Wavestate SE & Opsix SE at"

Odds & Ends for the Korg Wavestate

video uploads by Robust American Patches

"'Odds & Ends' contains a brand-new custom sample bank and 63 custom performances.
This new bank is all about synth chord hits, chord stabs, synth drums!

Visit us at for more info."

SynthCone Planetoid

video upload by SynthCone

"Analog synthesizer PLANETOID.

2 VCOs
2 LFOs (3 waveforms)
Sequencer 8 steps.
Outputs LFO, Sync, CV in

You can buy all of these synths from the SynthCone store on the Boosty website"

Mutabor by Synthcone - Synth & Effects Machine

video upload by SynthCone

via this auction

"Analog synthesizer with built-in echo and overdrive effects. Truly an evil and thorny beast, it will pump with a powerful drone and an icy wind piercing to the bones. Can be used as an effect to process the incoming signal.


- Oscillator with two waveforms (saw, rectangle).

- Low pass filter.

- LFO with three waveforms.

- White noise generator.

- Envelope Attack and Release, button for manual start of the envelope.

- Voltage controlled amplifier, Attack and Release knobs.

- Echo effect on PT2399 chip

- Overdrive with two modes Hi and Low (more / less treble)

- CV input for modulation of the oscillator.

- Plus two additional CV inputs installed using the "intuitive synth building" method

Power supply: 9 volts, 250-500mA, minus in the center.

- Dimensions: 280 x 155 x 50mm

- Weight: 820g. (without power supply)

Beautiful power supply included!"

Once Upon a Grime : Casio CZ-1

video upload by Miguel d'Oliveira

"Grime(ish) track using mostly a Casio CZ-1 for all parts

Intro 00:00
Track 03:02"

Sequential Pro3 Demo Part. 1 | No Talking |

video upload by DKS SYNTH LAB

"DKS Custom sounds for Sequential Pro 3 available here:"

GearFest UK 2023 Set for July 15th and 16th

via Eventbrite

"Tileyard and Sound On Sound are proud to host GearFest UK 2023, a studio and electronic music equipment show held at Tileyard, with exhibitors, panel talks, and events on July 15th and 16th 2023.

See the latest and greatest from the world of synthesizers, drum machines, microphones, recording and DJ equipment, music software and studio gear.

Panel talks host some of the world’s best mix engineers, producers, record labels and management, and artists.

Fantasia Announces Discover Maywa Denki Event at 27th Edition, July 20-August 9

Press release follows:

Cool Kawaii Musical Toys From Japan!
Discover Maywa Denki and Otamatoons at Fantasia 2023

Montreal, Canada’s Fantasia International Film Festival, North America’s largest and longest-lived genre film festival, is proud to welcome Japanese musical toy pop-culture company Maywa Denki and its co-founder Novmichi Tosa, as well as the world premiere of the Otamatoon short film series (co-produced by Maywa Denki and Slowcurve Co.) at its 2023 edition, July 20 – August 9!

Visit any variety store or musical instrument shop in Japan, and it’s likely that you’ll find a rack devoted to a novelty toy synthesizer called the Otamatone, a strange device with a small but dedicated global fan base. Coming in a variety of sizes, the simple electronic musical instrument with the appearance of a cartoon eighth note, first issued in 2010, is the best known of the many creations of Maywa Denki. The Tokyo-based company reconciles high art and lowbrow commerce, democratizing creativity while legitimizing silly fun as a noble pursuit.

At the heart of Maywa Denki is its co-founder, inventor, musician, artist, and entrepreneur Novmichi Tosa. On the cultural map, he could be situated somewhere between Devo and Blue Man Group, Harry Partch and Alexander Calder, and Akihiro Yokoi and Aki Maita (inventors of the Tamagotchi). His latest project, with his Maywa Denki colleagues and anime development firm Slowcurve Co., is the OTAMATOON series of short, wordless video vignettes, using MIDI and animatronics to bring the Otamatone and its assortment of associated kawaii noisemakers to life.

Not only is Fantasia proudly presenting the world premieres of the first five OTAMATOONS, which will pop up before various feature films in our schedule, the festival is welcoming Tosa-san himself for DISCOVER MAYWA DENKI, a free artist talk/workshop event. It’s an introduction to Maywa Denki’s history, an encounter with its most popular products in action, an unveiling of the OTAMATOON series, and a chance to meet Tosa-san in person, as well as purchase Maywa Denki items rarely seen in North America!

Discover Maywa Denki event (free admission):

Friday, July 28, 7 p.m.
York Amphitheatre
Concordia University, EV Building EV-1.605,
1515 St. Catherine W Montreal, Quebec Canada

Maywa Denki information:
Slowcurve Co. Information:
Fantasia Festival:

"ZTRINGS”, the new Physical Modeling Strings Engine for the ELZ_1 play.

video upload by SONICWARE

"Thank you for your cooperation in filling out the survey🙏
As a result of the tally, we have decided to implement the Physical Modelling Strings synth when the preorders reach 250 units!

We appreciate your continued support!

"ZTRINGS” was coined by combining the symbol Z, which represents the delay elements used in the modeling, and Strings.

The ZTRINGS engine does not yet have a screen design, but this engine has been selected for use, and we have started brushing it up.

(There were a number of you who polled for the Shimmer Reverb, so I will be discussing this with my team some more🤔)

Thank you,
Yu Endo"

Major New Version of MIDISID

video upload by MIDI IN

"MIDISID contains two SID chips (supplied with two modern SID replacements) for a total of six voices, driven by MIDI input. Each voice has configurable waveform, ADSR envelope, pulse width and more. The chips also feature filtering and more advanced features such as ring modulation and waveform sync. A menu system and four push-switch rotary encoders allow you to design sounds or choose preset sounds and mode of operation.

My project received some media attention towards the end of last year and things went crazy.

The support and sales I've had have enabled me to spend the time developing the hardware and firmware. In May I released a major revision.

The footprint is slightly larger, the top is angled forwards, knobs and screen have been repositioned, custom sides partially enclose the electronics. All of this make the device more user-friendly; you can see the screen when sitting back from it and your hand doesn't obscure the screen when using the knobs. The overall design is a little reminiscent of the breadbin C64 case that originally housed the SID chip.

The biggest addition to the firmware is by popular request. Users wanted to be able to control or modulate any of the SIDs' parameters using MIDI CC messages, and so now this is in place.

The price remains the same.

This video shows one way of using MIDISID to compose music - you can create up to six 'external midi instrument' tracks in your DAW, each sending to a different channel / SID voice.

Other videos on my channel show other ways of using MIDISID.

Details of the CC control are in Appendix F of the manual.


MIDISID's home page is here:"

InstaComposer 2 - Evolved AI MIDI Tool (VST / AU / AAX)

video upload by W. A. Production

Press release follows:

W.A. Production introduces InstaComposer 2 as advanced AI MIDI Tool taking popular MIDI creation station plug-in predecessor to another level

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: W.A. Production, producers crafting creative plug-ins to help anyone achieve studio-quality processing speedily and easily, is proud to introduce InstaComposer 2 as an advanced AI MIDI Tool taking its popular InstaComposer MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) creation station plug-in predecessor to another level — launching new features and improvements that enhance the user experience with more MIDI tracks, scenes, new scales, and new modes married with enhanced generative coding and superior performance to make practicable new ideas flow more quickly than ever before by producing a wide variety of musical elements, including melodies, phrases, riffs, and chord progressions to provide both beginners and professional musicians with endless possibilities for creating unique and engaging music in any genre or style while working with an intuitive interface and advanced algorithms allowing them to focus on the creative aspect of music production without having to think about composing every note — as of July 6…

Ever experienced those testing moments when creativity runs dry? Do not fear, for InstaComposer 2 is the ultimate musical muse. Indeed, infinite inspiration is at the creative core of the thinking behind making InstaComposer 2 what it is — an advanced MIDI generation plug-in designed to revolutionise music creation. By building upon the solid foundation of W.A. Production’s popular InstaComposer — itself released to widespread critical acclaim in its original incarnation in October 2021, InstaComposer 2 truly represents an even more attractive proposition, with exciting new features and improvements to enhance the user experience. Example highlights include an ability to organise ideas and song parts with eight new so-called ‘scenes’ — Scene 1 through to Scene 8 — that provide a convenient way to store different variations within a single preset; upgraded Scale support, with 22 additional scales ranging from Arabic and Spanish through to Miyako Bushi, Ryukyu, and more; a new virtual keyboard and highlighted chord menus to help with scale and chord selection; and melodies that can be generated in different modes and paired with unique chord progressions for each scale. Speaking of which, InstaComposer 2 adds two new-generation modes to its notable name — namely, Drums, enabling effortless generation of drum lines (supporting a wide variety of complexity levels, styles, and time signatures), and Pad 2, facilitating creation of a fuller, richer sound (by combining Pad and Chord modes). AI algorithms have been further improved for rhythm, phrase, and melody generation, conjuring more refined results, while new additions like the Sustain parameter — provides control over the length of the notes that are going to be generated — and a Chord Helper — highlights the notes for the selected chord on the virtual keyboard — help take things to another level entirely.

Each new starting point for InstaComposer 2 generates a unique result to ensure that users never run out of fresh ideas and possibilities for their compositions, ultimately. Unlike random note generation, InstaComposer 2 employs meticulously crafted algorithms and databases to produce musical ideas. Indeed, it constructs rhythmic and melodic structures that sound correct by mimicking human creativity — selecting notes that fit the given scale and context, and creating cohesive phrases that complement underlying chords. Clearly, InstaComposer 2 ‘understands’ the human brain’s affinity for pattern recognition. After all, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is involved in making InstaComposer 2 do what it does — different shapes and formats are used to build captivating combinations of beats and bars, adding rhythmic and melodic consistency often found in chart-topping music. Moreover, by using smaller musical chunks that repeat or occur in various forms throughout the melody, InstaComposer 2 builds larger blocks, creating a sense of unity throughout its user’s music-making interactions. It even harmonises notes to enrich the sonics (depending on selected mode and settings), resulting in a more cohesive composition as it aligns melody to chords. Adjustable AI controls — Generate Chords generates harmonious sequences of chords inspired by the most commonly used chord progressions, for instance — and a convenient Chaos control — ensures everything remains under control by preventing unwanted chaotic situations such as notes repeating excessively, jumping erratically, or climbing too far in one direction — mean that users can comfortably remain in charge of how InstaComposer 2 develops ideas (and how far it strays from any set rules), while fine-tuning of chord complexity, note population, beat and bar structuring, pattern generation, harmonisation, velocity randomisation, and more are always available.

As an advanced AI MIDI Tool, InstaComposer 2 includes complex algorithms for generating Melody (generates a wide variety of melodies and phrases), Riff (similar to Melody, but with shorter phrases, more repeating patterns, and more restricted structures), Ostinato (generates short melodic phrases that keep repeating, often ignoring chord changes underneath), Rhythm (generates more harmonies, focusing on rhythmic patterns and chord notes), Bass (generates bass lines that compliment chords and melodies being played), Chord (focuses on the chord notes with options to inverse chords and add bass notes), and Pad (emphasises longer notes often focusing on harmonies based on underlying chords). Creatively exploring the potential of these modes means users are always uncovering unique and compelling music. Moreover, with those eight scenes available alongside six tracks — Track 1 through to Track 6, InstaComposer 2 offers flexibility and organisation for multiple layers, alternative variations, and different song parts within a single preset.

Put it this way: with a user-friendly piano-roll interface at their fingertips, users can effortlessly manoeuvre, duplicate, and remove notes, and even change velocity to effectively breathe life into their riffs, while the onboard MIDI editor can be used to tweak the output of InstaComposer 2, meaning music can be manipulated before it even leaves the plug-in. Personalised style and creativity can be easily added to the AI-generated phrases, in other words.

Modifying MIDI playback directly within the InstaComposer 2 interface itself is also on offer — simply save the output as a MIDI file or conveniently drag and drop it into a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). It is also worth noting here that each track can be saved separately. Setting up multi-channel instruments as an alternative workflow also allows for routing MIDI from InstaComposer 2 into virtual instruments to preview all six tracks simultaneously — and all without ever having to leave the plug-in environment.

It is fair to say, then, that by taking its popular plug-in predecessor to another level as InstaComposer 2, W.A. Production has surely succeeded in creating the only MIDI creation station anyone could conceivably wish for... today, tomorrow, and into the foreseeable future!

InstaComposer 2 is available to purchase at an attractive 70%-discounted introductory promo price of $32.70 USD until August 17, 2023 — rising thereafter to its regular price of $109.00 USD — as a 64-bit AU-, VST-, and VST3-compatible plug-in for macOS (10.15 or later) and 32- or 64-bit VST-, and VST3-compatible plug-in for Windows (8 or later), as well as an AAX-compatible plug-in for Pro Tools (11 or higher), directly from W.A. Production via its dedicated webpage, which also includes some superb audio previews, here:

Owners of the original InstaComposer can upgrade to InstaComposer 2 for only $10.00 USD.

14-day, fully-functional trial versions of all W.A. Production plug-ins — including InstaComposer 2 — are available by signing up for an account for free from here:

What Can You Do With a MIDI to CV Convertor?

video upload by

"The Univer Iter is a MIDI to CV converter by Noise Engineering. It lets you configure up to 8 outputs per module to turn a huge number of MIDI signals into a huge number of voltage signals. Make sense? Don't worry, it will soon. Sponsored by @NoiseEngineering"

00:00 intro to univer inter
01:45 sequencing modular with push (basic)
06:08 one-note multitimbral modular with ableton
09:35 control change fun with akemis castle
11:40 digitakt sequencing and modulating modular
15:00 m8 sequencing and modulating modular
21:46 playing the entire rack with erae touch

Marble Madness Soundtrack Played On A Super Rare Synthesizer NES, Spatial Audio

video upload by Critical Beach Town

DK Synergy

"These days, the Synergy is a super rare synthesizer to come across in the wild. Originally produced in 1982, it is estimated that less than 100 are still in operation across the globe. Interestingly, it ran off cartridges, something it had in common with the Nintendo Entertainment System!

Recently, I had the opportunity to recreate some of my favorite video game music on a Synergy. This video demonstrates some of the sound textures the synthesizer is capable of, while showcasing a beloved soundtrack through a unique lens.

Audio: Marble Madness Level One Music (Cover by Will C.) Instrument: Digital Keyboards Synergy I Synthesizer

Spatial Audio Re-Mix in Binaural Stereo

• Marble Madness was released by Atari Games in 1984.

• Marble Madness was Atari's first game to use an FM sound chip produced by Yamaha, which is similar to a Yamaha DX7 synthesizer and creates the music in real time so that it is in synchronization with the game's on-screen action.

• The music composers behind Marble Madness, Brad Fuller and Hal Canon, first collaborated on a video game based on Michael Jackson's Thriller. The project was canceled and the two began working on an idea that eventually became Marble Madness."

KAWAI SX-240: Live Deep Dive into this RARE Analog Synthesizer!

video upload by Vulture Culture

"In this livestream we'll deep dive into the extremely rare Kawai SX-240, the king of Kawai's analog synthesizers! We'll cover the patches, as well as sound design with the oscillators and glorious analog filter (SSM2044 - the same filter as the Sequential Prophet 5 rev 1 & 2, Korg Trident / Polysix / Mono/Poly, PPG Wave and Octave Cat Rev2!)"

Godwin Symphony Mod.849 Vintage Synthesizer

video upload by Niel Solitude


video upload by Robin Rimbaud-Scanner

"The instruments that SOMA Synths build are some of the most innovative, original and inspiring musical tools around today. I just took delivery of TERRA, which continues their ambitious release of beautifully bizarre and unique creative instruments.

According to their press release - “The core idea is unity of nature and technology, and a perfect balance between simplicity and versatility. Behind the extremely simple interface hides a complex polyphonic, microtonal synthesiser with a broad and flexible sound palette that ranges from classical beautiful tones to complex atonal noise, and offers smooth and fast transitions between these extremes.”

You play by touching the sensors and can even use motion sensor to modulate and alter the sound by intuitive movements of your hands and body.

What I love is how it combines the world of the acoustic instrument, the bodily relationship to the device, as well as the flexibility and free range possibilities of synthesis. The housing of TERRA comes from a solid piece of wood, making each instrument unique and, so mine is utterly mine and mine alone. Here's what I made in the first couple of hours of playing with it today."

Umlaut Audio Glass/Metal Textures

video upload by Ross Totino

"Umlaut Audio Kontakt Instrument Glass/Metal Textures. Instrument definition (based on Umlaut Template) and sound design by me."

The Best of Polivoks

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-23 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

The Best of:
Polivoks Synthesizer (USSR 1982)
drums: Simmons SDS-8, LinnDrum, Boss DR-55, Roland TR-808, Roland TR-707, Korg KR-55B

0:06 Erstmal warm werden
0:24 Jetzt aber....
0:40 Mischka hat schlechte Laune
1:09 Radiowellen um uns herum
1:26 Schlechte Verbindung
1:43 Der Tanzbär
2:03 Heute fliegt die Kuh
2:37 Ferner Osten
2:52 Ein besonderer Wunschtitel
3:06 Blutgruppe 0
3:28 Besuch in der Anstalt
3:49 Diagnose: Unheilbar
4:20 Willst du mit mir spielen?
4:33 Ich hab Kopfschmerzen
4:46 Die Party ist in vollem Gange
5:04 Mischka hat gute Laune
5:15 Mischka sagt Danke!

The Polivoks is my favorite analog mono synth.
Here can you find the full Polivoks playlist with a lot single sound demos and one synth demo tracks.
The Polivoks playlist:"

Novation K-Station - Onboard demo...

video upload by Ig Oluffson

"Some HIss cut...the K-Station isn't noisy but the G7 seems to induce some hiss.Recorded into the input of a Panasonic G7."

Novation K Station - some sounds - no talking

"If you feel like supporting me you can buy one of my tracks for a small donation at bandcamp. I hope to release a new track every month. Many thanks .

Some sounds from the Novation K Station...Recorded straight into the input of a Panasonic G7."

Novation Nova Laptop - Sounds - No talking

video upload by Ig Oluffson

"If you feel like supporting me you can buy one of my tracks for a small donation at bandcamp. I hope to release a new track every month. Many thanks .

Recorded straight into the input of a Panasonic G7 Hence the hiss and some distortion! Gate added to cut some hiss...

Improvised. Just playing what the sound inspired me to do at the time..."

Novation X Station Virtual Analogue Synthesizer -Sounds only - no talking

video upload by Ig Oluffson

"If you feel like supporting me you can buy one of my tracks for a small donation at bandcamp. I hope to release a new track every month. Many thanks .

Novation X-Station 49 key synthesizer/Midi controller. The his is from the input of the Panasonic G7....

#igoluffson, # Novation, #novationxstation,#synthesizer

Recorded straight into the input of a Panasonic G7."

Korg DW8000 talking

video upload by Ig Oluffson

"Korg DW8000 sounds.....

Recorded through a mixer into the input of a Panasonic G7."

Roland Alpha Juno 1 - Custom and classic talking

video upload by Ig Oluffson

"If you feel like supporting me you can buy one of my tracks for a small donation at bandcamp. I hope to release a new track every month. Many thanks .

Some custom sounds from the little brother of the Roland Alpha Juno 2 without the Aftertouch and Velocity on the keyboard or the memory card slot.

Recorded through a mixer into the input of a Panasonic G7."

Roland Super Jx10 sounds - no talking

video upload by Ig Oluffson

"If you feel like supporting me you can buy one of my tracks for a small donation at bandcamp. I hope to release a new track every month. Many thanks .

Often described as Roland's 'Last Analogue' synth . The mighty Super JX10.

This one was owned by Pete Waterman Ltd (Stock, Aitken and Waterman) which was called 'The Hit factory' in the 80's, working with Kylie, Jason Donovan, Dead or alive, Rick Astley, Mel and Kim...etc...etc...
I can imagine Kylie was all over this keyboard at one time or another!! ;)
It was in poor shape when I got it...and still has burn marks on the sides where someone would rest their cigarette.

It had the Colin Fraser chip installed which has been replaced by the Vecoven 3 flash memory chip and uses the the excellent Ipad app iPG-800 which is also compatible with JX8p, MS70, Juno 1/2, JX3p, D50.

Recorded directly into the input of a Panasonic G7."

Emu Orbit 9090 V2 on board Demos

video upload by Ig Oluffson

Emu Orbit 9090 V2 onboard Demo2 - no talking

"Recorded straight into the input of a Panasonic G7."

Korg Electribe EA mk2 (Mkii) - Onboard Demo - no talking

video upload by Ig Oluffson

"Recorded through a mixer into the input of a Panasonic G7."

EMU Proteus 2000 with composer ROM - No Talking

video upload by Ig Oluffson

"Just a test of some of the EMU Proteus 2000 sounds....recorded from the headphone socket direct into the camera."

ekosynth 1974

video upload by Sean Barron

"An extremely rare analogue Italian Synth from 1974. This one had to be completely restored. I'll post more when I get into the trippy sounds!"

EKO P15 Italian Mono synth Improvs cobbled together.

video upload by Ig Oluffson

"Eko P15 70's Italian analogue synth through a Behringer DR400 reverb/delay. This just some cobbled together improvisations to show some of the sounds of the Eko P15 not to 'show off' my music.Didn't even think of cobbling them together until I started editing.The P15's are regarded as rare, but I have 2!They are temperemental though!This one's upper octave is faulty and with all the wires inside it ain't easy to fault find!

Recorded through a mixer into the input of a Panasonic G7."

Eko Ekosynth P15

via this auction

"A rare Ekosynth P15, the semi-preset analog synthesizer released by the Italian EKO in the late 70s. The machine has been recapped and serviced by a professional technician and it just looks and sounds perfect.

EML SYNKEY 2001 Programable Synthesizer

via this auction

You can find demos of one in previous posts here.

"EML SYNKEY 2001 Programable Synthesizer SYN KEY Vintage Rare. Sold for restoration. I do not know anything about these. It had one card. When I plug it in there is one red light -that comes on. It is very faint. You can barely see it. It flashes. The wood body was wobbly so I replaced several screws and nuts (see photo) I know nothing about the electronics part but do know about framing/replacing nuts/bolts."

Buchla Music Easel Clone

via this auction

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

"Roman clone ( modeled after the original 70's first easel, except it has an infinite sustain mod.

Boards built by Eric Logan of Low Gain Electronics (

Final calibration done by Dave at Modular Synthesis (

Power Supply

Infinite Sustain Modification" Studio-66 with 61-Key E and Walnut Cabinets

via this auction

"Full Studio-66 and Key61-E in excellent condition. This model is currently priced at $14,400 at

Key61-E 61 Key Controller: From "E is for Expression. This bundle provides a huge variety of controllers including an Expression Block, a TouchPad, a Pitch-Bend Wheel and a Modulation Wheel."

Studio-66, 66-Space Studio System Full Module List:

Q101 Power Control
Q102 AC Power Interface
Q103 DC Power Interface (2)
Q106 Oscillator (7)
Q107 State Variable Filter
Q108 Amplifier (4)
Q109 Envelope Generator (4)
Q110 Noise Source
Q111 Pan/Fade
Q113 8-Channel Mixer
Q115 Reverb
Q116 Ring Modulator
Q117 Sample and Hold
Q118 Instrument Interface
Q119 Sequential Controller
Q120 Connector Interface
Q123 Standards (Voltage and Frequency)
Q124 Multiples (2)
Q125 Signal Processor (2)
Q127 Fixed Filter Bank
Q128 Switch
Q130 Clipper/Rectifier
Q131 Single-Width Blank Panel
Q132 Double-Width Blank Panel
Q138 Logo Panel
Q140 Fixed Filter Bank Aid
Q141 Oscillator Aid (2)
Q142 Pedal Interface
Q143 Presets
Q147 Distributor
Q171 Quantizer Bank
Q172 Quantizer Aid
Q174 MIDI Interface
Q175 MIDI Interface Aid
Q182W, Wheel Controller, Modulation and Pitch Bend in Q182
Q181EB, Expression Block Controller
Q181TP, TouchPad Controller"

Roland Super JX-10 76-Key Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"Mint condition vintage Roland JX-10 76 key analog synthesizer. Sounds incredible. The last great analog synth of the 80’s that Roland produced. Sequencer cartridge and power cable included. Local pickup in Los Angeles only."

Yamaha SY2 Synthesizer SN 1746

via this auction

"Fully functional and ready to play. A few stickers still present, as it toured a bit. Not abused, a few marks on the tolex but overall the condition is really nice."

1968 Vintage EKO Minstrel Portable KEYBOARD SN 0375

via this auction

Dark orange case compared to yellow here.

TP-7 tape exploration: USB-C audio, speaker, record to loop, reverse, DJ scratch, scrubbing speeds

video upload by astrophage

Softube Model 72 Synthesizer System Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Perkons tekno

video upload by jostalmac


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