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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Novation Summit - All Playing, No Talking

video upload by Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Novation Summit BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Adam Berzowski explores the sounds of the Novation Summit at the Kraft Music studio

Contact Adam directly at 414-858-4008 or if you have any questions or would like to place an order on your very own Summit!

Novation Summit is a two-part, 16-voice, 61-key polyphonic synthesizer with three New Oxford Oscillators per voice. Built on the foundations of the Peak desktop synth, Summit offers double the polyphony, expanded front panel controls, additional filter options, and a multitimbral engine for splitting, stacking, and switching between two simultaneous patches. Summit's digital FPGA-generated oscillators cover analog-style, wavetable, and FM synthesis, while dual analog filters, analogue VCAs, and three stages of analog distortion per voice complete the true stereo signal path. A wealth of modulation assignment options, three per-part effects, and a variety of arpeggiator modes bring movement and life to your patches.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Novation Summit polyphonic synthesizer bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new synth, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our knowledgeable sales advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Octatrack MK2 Sampling the Arturia MicroFreak

video upload by Patchwerks

"In today's live stream we have some fun sampling the amazing Arturia MicroFreak into the Elektron Octatrack MK2.
Octatrack MKII's are on sale now:
Learn more about the Arturia MicroFreak here:
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka @EZBOT_ )"

Serotinal (Buchla Music Easel)

video upload by Electrum Modular

"A two-voice track on the Buchla Easel, with stereo delay and a little reverb added externally. The idea was to generate an irregular rhythm via the “arpeggiation rate” input, while maintaining the time signature via a MIDI clock. Further patch notes in the video.

Thanks to Jean-Francois for loaning the Easel, and to my son Max for designing and making the Easel stand.

Video footage from the prairie park near my house in Iowa City.

Gear used:
Buchla Easel (2013 reissue)
Electro-Harmonix Cathedral pedal
Electro-Harmonix 95000 looper"

SEQUENTIAL TRIGON-6 DESKTOP -new analog SYNTH beast! (SOUNDS DEMO, no talking)

video upload by

"The powerful TRIGON-6 DESKTOP polyphonic synthesizer brings a modern module version of the well-known authentic classic analog design – and pay attention to its MPE expressiveness!

[ESP] El potente sintetizador polifónico TRIGON 6 DESKTOP aporta una versión moderna en módulo del ya conocido diseño analógico clásico auténtico –¡y atención a su expresividad MPE!

Multitrack demos by Peter Dyer and Drew Neumann. All sounds recorded directly from TRIGON-6 DESKTOP, with only occasional light limiting and no additional processing. Special thanks to the entire sound design and audio demo team, including Peter Dyer, Drew Neumann, Julian Pollack, Matia Simovich and James Terris."

Sequential Trigon-6 Module: Why You Should Be Using Synth Modules

video upload by Sweetwater

"Dave Smith’s synthesizer legacy was immediately cemented with the debut of the Prophet-5 in 1978. Nearly half a century later, Sequential continues Smith’s innovative spirit with the Trigon-6, initially released as a 49-key polyphonic analog synthesizer and now available as a synth module. It boasts the entire span of sonic capabilities that can be found in its full-size sibling, sans the keyboard. Packing power and portability into a mobility-minded module, this take on the immensely versatile Trigon-6 is a premium case study in what makes a solid synth module and why you should be using them in your setup. Daniel Fisher takes the helm to show you just what a bona fide module can do. Check it out!"

Atmosphera V1 for Novation Peak/Summit

video upload by NatLife Sounds

"Buy Link:

Let's welcome to Atmosphera - NatLife's first Cinematic soundbank for Novation Peak & Summit synthesizers. This soundbank is filled with various atmospheric sounds, such as deep Pads, layered Effects, punchy Bass lines and beautiful Synth sounds. The most prominent sounds are of course the Pad's - ranging from the powerful Blade Runner style to the Meditative atmospheric and mesmerizing your mind sound voices.

This Library will work great in filling the atmosphere for both cinematic sound design and the game world. But these sounds will work just as well in filling the atmosphere of your Electronic Music composition.

Soundpack contains 50 Novation Peak/Summit presets, which are:

32 Pads
4 Key
3 Bass
7 Synths
4 Effects"

NOVATION SUMMIT (Music Demo, sound design from FutureMusic media[LAB])

video upload by

"A two-part hybrid engine with up to 16 voices unleashes the analog-digital power of NOVATION SUMMIT, with a high-quality keyboard over five octaves… Check this music demo of the producer and synthesist Zígor López, recorded live from FutureMusic media[LAB] Spain.

[ESP] Un motor híbrido de dos partes con hasta 16 voces desata la potencia analógico-digital de NOVATION SUMMIT, con un teclado de alta calidad de cinco octavas… Mira esta demo musical del productor y sintesista Zígor López, grabada en vivo desde FutureMusic media[LAB ] España."

Gemmy Baghead

"Test sequence with K-teck Gem Max4Live plug. Sequencing AudioDamage Phosphor3 and Spectral resonators drom ABleton"

Discrete Energies

video upload by nbor

"An audio-reactive video made in @cycling74com Jitter. Soundtrack composed in @bitwig studio using @madrona-labs Aalto, with a touch of @ArturiaOfficial Stage-73 V2."

Late Night Ambient Soundtrack (Osmose, Microcosm, Nightsky, GR-1, OB-6, Matriarch)

video upload by NGC0 Music

"Couldn't sleep last night, so I've assembled a few toys and recorded this.
You'll hear mainly the Osmose going through the Microcosm + Nightsky (My only FX chain), the Rhodes through a Chase Bliss Blooper pedal (in delay mode), the Moog Matriarch (bass), and OB-6 (dreamy EP sound). I've then sent the full mix back to the Tasty Chips GR-1, did some granular tweaks, and recorded the outcome back into the main mix."

How To Properly Calibrate Your Minimoog Oscillators (by synthpro)

video upload by synthpro

"This is a video that I have had a request to make for some time now.
In this video I show you how to calibrate minimoogs with the version 2 oscillator board.

This video will also work for calibrating the Behringer D since it uses the same version 2 oscillator design.

NOTE: Calibration for the version 3 oscillator board is much different.

If this video helped you out and you would like to make a donation,
My paypal address is:

Thanks for watching and hope this helps you!


Olivella GRAVEDAD | 2-OP TZFM patch + MASS

video upload by Olivella Modular

"Two VCOs, near infinite possibilities!
Headphones recommended 🎧

With two GRAVEDADes patched in a modulator-carrier configuration, we explore frequency ratios with the octave sliders; manual and CV control of the carrier's FM INDEX; FORCE patched as a VCA for the MASS suboscillator, which is set two octaves below the modulator's pitch; and demonstrating the so-called "role reversal" that happens in TZFM by patching a V/OCT sequence into the modulator, while the carrier's own frequency and FM INDEX only affects the overall timbre.
This resulting signal from the carrier + the modulator's left MASS output are then sent into IMÁGENES for some stereo panning."

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave demo tracks - This synth can easily be your ONLY synth!

video upload by Sean Christopher Synthesizers

"A good friend of mine recently told me that he thought that the 3rd Wave didn't have enough variety of sounds to be one's 'only synth'. In my opinion, I think that he is wrong. I decided to create some multi-track sequences using ONLY the 3rd Wave's sounds and built-in FX to show him that indeed the 3rd wave had a very versatile sound. I only used EQ'ing with Cubase when I created the tracks. I hope that you all enjoy my efforts. :)"

Roland S-1 Editor iOS - Surface Builder - Surface

video upload by mller30161

"Homepage Roland S-1 Editor: https://roland-s-1-editor-soundbank.j...

The Roland S-1 iOS Editor is a Surface that can be loaded into the "Surface Builder" and is then a fully-fledged Midi Editor for the S-1 Synth.
- Sound snapshots can be saved and load.
- Controller automation can be recorded in the AU3 plug-in version, in the DAW.
- With the clear editor surface an intuitive working is possible.

Can be used for iPhone and iPad as Standalone and AU3 plugin."

Lunchbox Voice Prototype gets patched ! - Low-Gain Electronics | 4U Modular

video upload by LowGainElectronics

"Had a shop visit from the talented @helenastndc all the way from Spain/Sweden yesterday! We had a great discussion about synthesizers, design/diy and education. She got a little time to patch on the lunchbox voice system prototype on my test bench. We didn’t get a chance to get a proper recording of it but I fired it up where she left it and grabbed this recording of it this morning. Just turned a couple of knobs during the recording to see what sonic journey it would take! Hope you enjoy! Headphones recommend for full fidelity!"

4 Zone CV Bus Case Feature Rundown

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"In this video we will go over the features and innovations present in the 4 Zone CV Bus Case."

8 patches with LILLIAN for Drumlogue

video upload by DATABROTH

"grab Lillian here:

Lillian is a clone of Braids for Korgs Drumlogue, a must have for any Drumlogue users, as it opens up an entire array of sounds."

Lillian: synth unit for drumlogue

video upload by boochow

"Lillian is available from the link below for free."

Gospel Musicians' "BlueBeast" vs. the og EX5

video upload by

Check out Gospel Musicians video below.

"BlueBeast is here:
Here's an A/B comparison of #gospelmusicians ' "#bluebeast " plugin vs. the original #YamahaEX5 . Also, a closer look at #PureSynth, the underlying software used to create that plugin. Table of contents:"

00:00 intro (G01 Swell Strings)
00:25 hi
01:00 creating one of the patches in PureSynth/BlueBeast: about PureSynth
01:37 Reaper's "Snapshot" extension for quick A/B testing
01:58 examining the original patch on the EX5 (F11 SynthClassic)
02:20 loading the correct waves into PureSynth
02:36 filter setup
02:46 amp & filter envelope
02:59 pitch lfo
03:22 volume adjustment
03:36 effects
04:24 finetuning
04:55 summary
05:21 sending in the first batch of patches and feedback ;-)
06:01 A/B testing some patches: A01 Piano
06:39 A12 Georgia
06:56 some important things to consider!
07:25 A14 Soulful
07:58 B02 Made in USA
08:15 Jazz Organ
08:43 C15 Fast Organ
09:05 D05 Tube Crunch
09:26 E04 My Big Section
09:42 E10 VeloTrombone
09:58 F07 Obersync
10:28 F13 Oberbrass
10:49 G01 Swell Strings
11:15 G11 AnaOrch
11:40 G16 Abendstern
12:31 H05 DreamPad
12:52 H12 Luminosity
13:13 A01 Oberweich
13:59 A03 Silverlake
14:37 D07 Kunimotone
15:10 E13 Boogie Bass
15:23 F06 UniPulser
15:50 G12 Flute
16:01 G16 Shakuhachi
16:22 H05 Kosmik
16:43 H07 Asian Rain
17:01 A05 Analog Bros
17:19 B04 Alaska
18:01 conclusion


the BlueBeast® - Yamaha EX5 Virtual Sample Library for Desktop and iOS

video upload by Gospel Musicians

"Released in 1998, this was the first synthesizer I actually fell in love with. The EX5 was way beyond its time as it featured Analog Modeling, Virtual Acoustic Modeling, FDSP multi-Synthesis Modeling and of course sample playback. With a mixture of all of these sound synthesis techniques, the EX5 was literally a Blue Beast®. We were not able to capture all of the virtual modeling, but what we were able to capture was the warmth, phatness, and essence of the machine. We also were able to convert the analog waveforms into our own Phat Table™ format to capture all of the analog goodness of the VL technology. What you get in this virtual instrument is a beautifully sampled nostalgic representation in the spirit of the EX5. This is by far the most exhaustive and meticulously sampled EX5 virtual instrument, and is the closest you will ever get to the real thing.

Yamaha EX5 Virtual Instrument
30GB Sample Library Size
384 User & Perf Factory Presets
Includes all RAW Waveforms
Sampled Factory Voice Presets
AN Modeled Wavetables
Includes all Drum Kits
All Sampled VL Elements"

Pamela's PRO Workout: External CV - Complex Modulation, Bursts & Beats

video upload by ALM TV

"Pamela's PRO Workout includes up to 4 built in (8 with AXON) freely assignable CV inputs that can control any and all of its parameters. This powerful feature allows for endless expressivity and complex modulation possibilities. Here we take a look at a few examples of how external CV can be used to broaden Pam's functionality even further, including the creation of a chaotic CV modulation source, burst generator, and voltage controlled Euclidean beats.

This is part of our new video series where we take a closer look at the more unique and powerful features of Pamela's PRO Workout."

You can find additional ALM TV Pamela's PRO Workout videos here.

ROLAND D-50 - Synth Review, Sounds & Demo | Linear Synthesizer

video upload by synth4ever

"Roland D-50 synth review, sounds and demo. In this synthesizer review of the Roland D-50, I provide an overview of the synth, it's digital sample-based linear arithmetic synthesis engine, play Roland D-50 sounds, and provide my final thoughts on the Roland D50 including pros and cons.

00:00 - Intro
01:15- Overview
14:12 - Sounds & Patches
30:27 - Pad Sound Design
32:49 - Pros
36:42 - Cons
40:12 - Final Thoughts"

Access Virus A SN D19803054 w/ Custom Prophet Style Knobs

via this auction

"The knobs has been customized to Prophet-like metal knobs instead of the old rubber knobs."

Future Retro Zillion 2014 - Triadex Muse Generative Sequencer

via this auction

"Based loosely on the infamous Triadex Muse; a shift register based musical instrument where faders represented different feedback loops into shift registers. What it leads to are literally zillions of musical patterns. It’s an amazing compositional tool for ambient, baroque and many synthesized music genres. Stuck on a lick and need a good melody? Use the Zillions and you’ll find endless musical possibilities."


via this auction

Another one from The Black Lodge in North Bend, WA.

Roland Modular System 100m D-Set

via this auction

Oberheim SEM in Custom Case

via this auction

Korg PolySix SN 389495

via this auction, also on Reverb

Likaon Instruments Marie's LFO demo

video upload by likaoninstruments

"Here is a closer view and more in-depth presentation of the module !"

See this post for an introduction and additional details on the Likaon Instruments Marie's LFO.

SONICWARE LoFi-6 Make Noise Strega | Ambient

video upload by Akihiko Matsumoto

Buchla on an Oberheim

video upload by Polydata

"Summoning some Buchla-inspired tones from this 1-voice OB-X, sequenced by the Korg SQ-64"

Also see Oberheim OB-X Mono Synth - 10 Note Sequence

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