MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, September 16, 2023

Saturday, September 16, 2023

JoMoX - Knobcon 2023 - Midiverse - TV

video upload by Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! In this video we're at Knobcon 2023, at the JoMoX booth checking out a desktop analog filter. Let's have a look!"

Moonwind MK II

Mystic Circuits - Knobcon 2023 - Midiverse - TV

video upload by Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! In this video we're at Knobcon 2023, at the Mystic Circuits booth checking out some new Eurorack Modules. Let's have a look!"

Circuit Happy - Knobcon 2023 - Midiverse - TV

video upload by Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! In this video we're at Knobcon 2023, at the Circuit Happy booth checking out The Missing Link Junior. Let's have a look!"

Vox (TR6S 2.0 firmware with CR-78 kit + Bigsky // Sequential Take5 // Waldorf M + Timeline // NDLR)

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"The drums were played by the Roland TR-6S (using its internal sequencer) with its new v2.0 firmware including the CR-78 sounds by the ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) engine (actually I've been dreaming of this 😊).
All the synth parts were sequenced by the NDLR.

* Hardware used *

// BASS:
- Sequential Take 5 (5-voice analog synth)

// PADS and ARPS:
- Waldorf M + Strymon Timeline

- Roland TR-6S (digital rhythm performer drum machine) with latest 2.0 firmware + Strymon Bigsky

- Conductive Labs NDLR (MIDI Four-track, Sequenced Arpeggiator, Chord and Drone Player)"

Syncing an Oberheim Four Voice with a Roland MPU-101

video upload by Robotussin Vintage Synths

"This is a video of my trying to sync an Oberheim four-voice system (4VS) with a Roland MPU-101 from 1984. If you want to know how to hook up an Oberheim Four Voice to a modern DAW, you can do it with a Roland MPU-101, if you've had a mod. Send me a message if you want to discuss how to sync an Oberheim 4VS."

Stoel Music Systems - Using the Clock Divider as a Sequencer

video upload by Stoel Music Systems

"Clock dividers seem simple and are best paired with sequencers. But there are other things that you can do with them. This video demonstrates three different ways to use the Clock Divider as a sequencer. The more clock dividers you add, the more the patterns can become irregular.

Get your Stoel Music Systems Clock Divider at

We give away free modules! Just subscribe to our newsletter, and you will be automatically entered into our monthly giveaway."

Intellijel System two Amps with opposite panning

video upload by Ebotronix

Be sure to listen in stereo.

2x Amps
2x Planar 2
2x Polaris Multi Mode Filter
4x Dixie II +
2x Multi FX 1u
2x Quadratt
2x Mixup
2x Tangrams
2x Quadratt 1u
Quad Inverter
µMod V1
Cylonix - Cyclebox II with expander
Joranalogue Links 2
vid# 2273

Knobcon 2023

video upload by Jeremy Parker

"My first Knobcon! What took me so long? It's about way more than just modular, and I simply had a great time. People were so nice, whether they were faces to names I knew online, or complete strangers that I just talked to randomly. This isn't a comprehensive view of everything the con has to offer, but it was a glimpse into my experience. So many people to thank and acknowledge below:

Ben Alman and The Entire Robot:
Juanito Moore:

/ @ozerik
Modular for the Masses:
Hammond Organ:
Circuit Happy:
The Golden Shrimp Guild:
Kyaa & AE Modular:
A Yellow Sine:

00:00 Intro
02:12 Friday Night Welcome
03:34 Saturday Exhibits
3:53 Oberheim OB-X8
4:35 Sequential Trigon-6
5:34 Juanito Moore
9:05 Hammond
12:05 Circuit Happy
14:08 The Golden Shrimp Guild
15:50 Lectures
16:06 Kyaa Modular
16:45 A Yellow Sine
16:56 Schedule
17:24 Golden Shrimp Jam & Outro"

Roland XP-10 Multitimbral Synthesizer Track by Alfonse

video upload by Alfonse

"Music: "Exponent" (C) Copyright 2023 Alfonse
Download the track here:

Roland XP-10 (1995)

The XP-10 is a General Midi / GS Format keyboard that can produce up to 28 notes simultaneously and can be used as a multi-timbral sound source with a sequencer. With very limited functionality as a synthesizer, the main value is in the ability to layer sounds, which can create some nice pad textures, as well as some interesting arpeggiator options.

You have limited control from the front panel over the initial filter cutoff and resonance; the vibrato rate, depth and delay; envelope attack, decay and release; chorus (+ delay) and reverb; as well as some keyboard, midi and arpeggio settings.

There are two “Combination Palette” sliders next to the volume control, which by default control filter cutoff and resonance, but can be set to control LFOs, attack and release, chorus and reverb, or portamento. The keyboard can be split into a lower and upper voice, or layered in Dual or X-Dual mode. In X-Dual mode, the sliders give you control over the relative volume balance of the ‘lower’ and ‘upper’ voices (alternatively, this can be assigned to the mod wheel or a pedal), as well as the overall left/right panning.

This video gives a flavour of some of the sounds on offer.


MOTIF MEMORIES - MODX Midnight Garden Party

video upload by Woody Piano Shack

"YAMAHA MODX performance under the moonlight skies in Sweden.
Playing the sounds of the YAMAHA MOTIF XF Performances for YAMAHA MONTAGE."



video upload by Egowaves

"80 custom presets for the Sequential Prophet 5&10 Rev4!!
Download here:"


video uploads by Egowaves

"Playing some presets from my custom Vintage Classics soundbank. Just a small amount of reverb on top. Sorry for the poor playing :(

Download here:"

CircuitTracks Streichfett J-6 / Original / Jam

video upload by ココロのサケビ / cocolobeat

Novation Circuit Tracks
Waldorf Streichfett
Roland AIRA Compaact J-6

Techno Pop
Melodic Techno
Melodic House
Progressive House

Elektronika EM-25, a Soviet Synthesizer. Demo/Performance.

video upload by Things Made of Noise

"Thought I'd release a quick demo of this synthesizer, as there aren't many on Youtube with HQ audio.

Since first getting into synths, I've always loved the sound of vintage string machines. The sound of the soviet Elektronika Em-25 being one of my favourites. So, I finally decided to get one, and I couldn't be happier with how it sounds."

The Portamento Puzzle: Beyond Basic Synth Slides

video upload by Ricky Tinez

With the Sequential PRO 3.

"I was able to finally recreate the bass line of one of my favorite Deep House tracks! I failed a bunch of times until I finally found a new setting that I've never understood before which is called Portamento legato as well as fixed rate instead of fixed time. So trying to get a deeper understanding of these, I dove in, and now I want to share what I found with you! The track that inspired me is Sonic Vision by DaRand Land. Go check it out down below!

DaRand Land:
Soundcloud -
Spotify -
Website -
The Song That Inspired This Bass Line -

00:00 My Journey
00:32 The Sound We're Recreating
01:01 The Legend Who Made The Track
01:44 Step 1 I Was Correct, but that's about it.
02:20 YOU MUST Turn This On, Or It Won't Work
03:17 This Is More Important Than I First Thought
06:02 Something To Consider: Slower Is Better And Faster Is Incorrect..?
07:26 Making The Synth Patch For The Sounds
09:39 Why This Technique Adds More Of YOURSELF Into Your Music


video upload by Vulture Culture

"Put on your 3D glasses and get ready to go on a journey 👁️ Thank you to Eli for showing us 3DVCA, a Quad monophonic crossfader, Dual stereo crossfader, Stereo balancer, Stereo VCA, Mono to stereo panner, Unity mixer with up to eight inputs, Quadraphonic panner and so much more!"

5 Things you can do with the Lapsus Os attenuator/attenuverter module from Noise Engineering

video upload by Noise Engineering

"We're featuring 5 things the Lapsus Os can do, and if you find this helpful, let us know in the comments!

0:10 Pump up the Voltage
1:06 Attenuate
1:51 Offset
2:35 Upside Down
3:08 Anything is Ossible

More about Lapsus Os:

Lapsus Os is a 10HP 4-channel attenuator/attenuverter and offset. Designed with performance in mind, each channel can be set to either attenuate or attenuate/invert an incoming signal, adjust offset of an incoming signal, or with nothing patched to its input, generate a ~0-5v or ±5v offset. Switches on the back of the module invert the fader behavior, allowing for the module to be mounted in either direction, for further customization and ease of use."

Modular Explorations Manis Iteritas Tymp Legio Dreadbox Kinematic and Pocket Operators #eurorack

video upload by HANJŌ

MMDO Snippets

video upload by Todd Barton

"Short explorations of diverse patching of the Moo Moo Dual Oscillator. Enjoy!"

Dual Easel Krell

video upload by Todd Barton

"Found duplicate Krell program cards that I made 10 years ago. So Bruce Bayard and I popped them into our Easels and gave them a spin."

Roland JP-08 - True Trance Sounds 64 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"Sounds presented with and without reverb - Valhalla Shimmer.

NatLife Sounds starting a Roland trip from a legendary Jupiter's 8 small sized - JP-08.


True Trance Sounds V1 for Roland JP-08 - like your little Jupiter turned into a trance beast. In this bank, you are unlikely to believe that you hear 4 voices, since each sound is filled with harmonics as much as possible, and you will get the maximum that you always wanted from JP-08. These sounds will send you on an unforgettable journey through the Tranсe world, in all its diversity. But this does not mean that it cannot be used in other music styles. Nowadays, you can take sound from a trance and make a pop hit out of it, as many famous musical projects of our time do. So do not wait and get from your synthesizer what you dreamed about.

Soundbank contains:

64 Presets (Leads, Basses, Pads, Plucks and FX's)
16 New Sequences"

Moog Liberation SN 3226C

via this auction

"Has some severe cosmetic blemishes: oxidation on fasteners, mismatched knob, loose hats on some of the sliders, no strap buttons. But everything works! Even the "fingerboard" functions.

Comes with an aftermarket power supply and cable that is much smaller than the OEM ones."

Oberheim OB-8 61-Key 8-Voice Synthesizer SN 041418

via this auction

Sequential Prophet 10 Rev4 10-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer SN SN 2408

via this auction

ELEKTRON ANALOGE FOUR making electro track

video upload by christian khan

"ELEKTRON ANALOGE FOUR making electro track"

Autumn Pictures/ Осенние Картинки. Analog Synths and a Psaltery

video upload by KPProd Music

"Аналоговые синтезаторы Том 1501, Эстрадин Солярис, Behringer Crave
Крыловидные гусли Мозер
SonicCouture The Conservatoire Collection ( Hurdy-gurdy)"


"Analog Synthesizers Volume 1501, Estradin Solaris, Behringer Crave Moser winged gusli
SonicCouture The Conservatoire Collection (Hurdy-gurdy)"

Technics WSA1 Alien Lanscapes

video upload by Snupps Synth channel

"A experimental ambient impro with the first sound i made on my newly bought Technics Wsa1. Utilizing physical modeling synthesis of the machine."

Technics WSA1 Sewers Beneath (Physical Modeling demo)

"Experimental sound demo of some of my Physical modeling sounds on the Technics Wsa1."

Music for long nights (Alesis Fusion)

video upload by Snupps Synth channel

"Decided to make an ambient/soundscaing album consisting only of my Alesis Fusion patches (varying from FM/Physical Modeling/ Sampling)


00:05 - 15:15 Misty Morning
15:15 - 23:20 Horizon
23:22 - 33:45 Droopy Mossy Hillsides
33:47 - 43:30 Tangerine Trees.
43:40 - 48:55 Doors that take you nowhere
49:05 - 56:00 These steps
56:03 - 1:01:20 Misty Morning outro"

Alesis Ion Demos by Snupps

video uploads by Snupps Synth channel

1. Alesis ion ambient realtime programming session
Improvised realtime programming session where i started out from a sound i programmed on the Alesis Ion, with the modmatrix.
2. Alesis Ion, Combed realtime programming session
Real-Time programming session around a FX sound i made on the Alesis ion, utilizing comb filters and Fm in the modmatrix
3. Alesis Ion Analogue style patches
Some patches i programmed today inspired by various vintage analogue synths like Oberheims and moogs.
4. Alesis ion, two track ambient real time programming session
two track ambient real time programming session based of two of my Alesis Ion sounds, both utilizes the modmatrix, comb and formant filters and Fm/sync

Yamaha AN1X Demos by Snupps

video uploads by Snupps Synth channel

Use the player controls to skip through videos.


1. Yamaha An1x, Atmospheric Shifts
A ambient demo piece i made, with the great Yamaha An1x.
2. Yamaha An1x demo, mars voyage
Demo of a pad sound that i programmed on the An1x. Also feats the sound chick from the factory presets.
3. Yamaha An1x real time programming session
Realtime programming session on the basis of a evolving pad sound i made on the An1x.
4. Cosmic Trek (An1x lead solo)
Some electronic Proggy/zeuhl inspired work that I did back in December when I was experimenting with Ableton live. I used the live mode, and am not that familiar with that DAW yet, so the arrangement lacks variation, but it works nicely as a modal vessel for some lead improvisation. I used organs and FM bass patches from my Yamaha Montage alongside a layered Lead sound based that I programmed on the Yamaha An1x and Waldorf Q.

Yamaha EX5 Demos by Snupps

videos upload by Snupps Synth channel

Use the player controls to skip through videos.

A demo of a effect sound i made, Under the Name The Abyss, its a strange sound. And only the EX5 can achieve this type of sounds, I used no external FX for this and there is almost no layered tracks, mostly one continous recorded track. I used the AWM/FDSP engine for this, Cheers!
Yamaha EX5 Demo The Abyss 2. Public Transport (Yamaha EX5 Demo)
A ambient track, where i mostly use my Yamaha EX5, and most specifically a sound i made under the name Transporter, which kinda sounds like a bowed string instrument, where i used the FDSP synth engine. I also used my Korg M50 and Kawai K5000s for some more layered sounds. All the sounds were made by me.

Kawai K5000 Demos by Snupps

video uploads by Snupps Synth channel

Use the player controls to skip through videos.


1. Kawai K5000s demo, my sounds
A ambient demo of the Kawai K5000s Advanced additive synth, All of the sounds were made by me.
2. Kawai K5000s demo: Photosynthesis
A ambient track where i use some of my sounds on the Kawai k5000s Advanced additive synth. I also use for parts of the track, the Behringer deepminds 12 and Yamaha Ex5.

The Wanderer (Studiologic sledge 2)

video upload by Snupps Synth channel

"'Symphonic' piece inspired by Vangelis, made with patches i programmed on my friends Studiologic Sledge 2. Which is in my opinion one of the best budget synthesizers out there, powerful, intuitive, well built and very flexible and is capable of some excellent sounds, both analogue like and digital."

Studiologic Sledge II, sounds

"Some sounds i made on the Studiologic Sledge II, a synth that i have recently been borrowing from a friend. The Sledge is a verstatile and interesting virtual analogue synth that sounds great"

Waldorf Q Cosmos, real time programming session

video uploads by Snupps Synth channel

Note the Prophet style knobs.

Use the player controls to skip through videos.


1. Waldorf Q Cosmos, real time programming session
Atmospheric, experimental real-time programming session based in one of my patches on the Waldorf Q synthesizer, that was done in one take. With only internal reverb/delay from the Q itself.
2. Cosmic Trek in search for Q (Waldorf Q synth solo)
Synth solo with one of my lead sounds on the Waldorf Q run through and amp modeling plugin, over a synth driven prog oriented groove/backing track that I made while testing out Ableton live.
3. Waldorf Q 3 OP FM demo (Sine waves)
Two sounds recorded over two tracks, modfied in real time. Both sounds are only sine waves + FM with oscillator sync being used, and one combfilter. The Q is capable of some very complex and moving sounds.
4. Waldorf Q Sand Dunes Ambient sound demo
An ambient sound demo of 4 of my Waldorf Q sounds, that I tweak and program in real-time. Only internal reverbs and effects was used.
5. Waldorf Q Realtime programming session, after the storm on planet Imit93N3
outtake from a Realtime programming session under the name, Storm on Imit93N3. This are from the last 16 minutes of that session.
6. Waldorf Q realtime Programming session 1
Realtime Programming session/Impro out of a sound i made with my newly acquired Waldorf Q.
7. Waldorf Q, Highlands
Another impro/programming session.
8. The Q album | Ambient album
A remaster and rerelease of the Waldorf Q ambient album that I made for just around one year ago. The Q album or "the leaf album" is an ambient project inspired by Hiroshi Yoshimura's Green, made only with waldorf Q sounds. The Album is available for sale at Bandcamp with better sound."

Groove Synthesis | 3rd Wave | MPE

video upload by Tim Shoebridge

"Just a brief video to discuss 3rd Wave firmware updates and to demonstrate MPE support. I'm using the Expressive-E Osmose as MPE controller for this demo."

9/16/23 Technosaurus Cyclodon sequences Microcon + CXM 1978 (Sizihwan monsoon)

video upload by Cfpp0

The Fate of Andromeda (from Planetarium Century album)

video upload by KurtzMindfields

"The fate of Andromeda is an title extract form the double CD project 'Planetarium Century' (Vision Nocturne)
Kurtz play : SynthR4 stéréo sequencer , NRSynth Retro One, Elka strings machine, ARP Pro Soloist, A90 Roland, Arturai CS80 & Solina VST.
Signed digipack limited édition available here : (messenger)"


video upload by Space Cat Audio Technologies

"This is our new Echo-Tone Digital Dub-Siren Delay."

Patch n Tweak
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