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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Abstract Data Octocontroller

Octocontroller from Kirk Degiorgio on Vimeo.

"ABSTRACT DATA - Octocontroller TEST"

First Patch with DC1 Drumcomputer from Soundmachines

Published on Aug 19, 2015 Robotopsy Robotopsy

Ruprechtre eurorack module.

"First Patch using the DC1 Drumcomputer. The DC1 is a drum sequencing unit but I tried to use it in a different approach for percussiv droning. Some gates were sent to some step sequencing while some others for more typical drum sequencing."

Moog Realistic MG-1 42-4000 with Original Box SN 14170

via this auction

Model 42-4000

VGM #47: A Place to Call Home (Final Fantasy IX)

Published on Aug 19, 2015 Ace Waters

"This was a request from a friend who has a very special connection to Final Fantasy IX and the opening sequence song. I definitely expanded on it a lot, tapping into my love of piano rock and industrial synth music. I hope you enjoy my arrangement of A Place to Call Home // A Place to Return to Someday from the intro of Final Fantasy IX!

DSI TEMPEST: Drums and Glitches
ELEKTRON ANALOG FOUR: Bass hits, Arps, and Glitches
DSI PROPHET 08: Pad, Lead, and Hits
iPad running MorphWiz: Lead"

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver Fantastic Pads & FX Analog Digital Synthesizer DSI

Published on Aug 19, 2015 SynthgodXXX

"Dave Smith Instruments Evolver Fantastic Pads & FX
by Rik Marston 100% NO TALKING!!

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver Analog / Digital
Synthesizer is one HUGE little desktop synth!
Capable of some Monster Bass, PHAT vintage sounds, powerful sequences & audio in effects!!! Super cool!!!!
All from a monophonic synth that fits in your backpack!

This video is a demonstration of it's softer side, Pads, Strings, S+H, Modulation, most videos of the EVOLVER just show off its harsh, noisy side. This video shows an atmospheric side that does not get too much attention.
I love this unit like I did my POLY EVOLVER, I just wish it had the 4 voices the POLY EVOLVER did! LOL!
This unit is still sought after & used by many producers & musicians all over the world. Go figure, it is from DSI!!!
But I have one major GRIPE, it STEPS SO HARD when you are creating filter sweeps.... Frequency, Envelope... OMG!!
You can hear it when I twist the knobs, quite obvious!!
Kinda like some old Yamaha synths I used to own...
The Evolver is not the best for LIVE usage unless you are not planning on tweaking the sounds onstage...
The POLY EVOLVER did NOT do that! It was very smooth when you tweak sounds!!! Let me know how you guys use the Evolver desktop & if you feel the same about the STEPPING (Zipper) when you tweak the knobs....


Omenie Synth Collection on a Raspberry Pi Model A

Published on Aug 19, 2015 Pi Synth

"7 simultaneous synths - 3 Virtual Analog (VAsynth), 2 sample replay (SRsynth) and 2 wavetable trajectory (WTsynth) - are sequenced to play back one of Ron's finest tunes. The individual instruments are walked through first by whipping through MIDI channels and bashing keys before the sequence is launched.

There is one minor bit of cheating - or is it an advanced feature? I have not written the sequencing language description of this tune yet, so I exploit the 'launch MIDI grab' feature whereby the sequencing program initializes all the instruments, sets level and pan, sets the preset for each MIDI channel, then fires previously-captured MIDI down the throat of the synthesizer service, which deals with distributing MIDI packets to the right synth.

And I should stress - the computer that is synthesizing all these instruments, and rendering the full-screen 1280x720 waveform display, AND dealing with the multiple MIDI keyboards costs $20."

New Kinetik Laboratories ILL-LOGIC Sound Texture Generator

via Kinetik Laboratories

"ILL-LOGIC is a stand alone compact system with semi-modular structure. It can be used to generate complex sound textures.

Using 4mm banana plugs it offers great functional flexibility and small footprint.

It has 12 knobs, 22 connection points, two switches and a red led that reflects the behavior of the noise generator.

The input plugs accept any output allowing you to experience the most of its sonic potential.

It must be supplied with an external power supply, providing 9vDC on 2.1mm barrel jack, negative tip.
ILL-LOGIC comes with a set of 8 banana patch cords.

Price: 450 euro shipping not included.
Build to order, contact:

The machine structure is divided into four sections:

The noise generator circuit is formed by four oscillators modulating each other and generates similar sounds to those obtainable with cross-modulation technique. Tuning the oscillator pitches allows complex variations in tone and granularity. The switch can be used to obtain a continous sound (HOLD) or to enable the the underlying INPUT plug (GATE). The INPUT plug accepts signals coming from LOW FREQUENCY oscillator or signals from any other OUTPUT plug, on which it acts adding timbral contents typical of the NOISE GENERATOR circuit.

ILL-LOGIC has four square wave oscillators. Oscillators pitch can be adjusted using the FREQUENCY knob. The first oscillator ranges from low frequencies to audio rate and is always active. The A-B-C oscillators have audio frequency range. When the switch is in A-B-C HOLD position the oscillators deliver a continued sound. If the switch is in A-B-C GATED position, a signal must be provided on the INPUT plug to obtain the oscillator sound. Any OUTPUT plug can provide this gate signal. Using the low frequency oscillator output to gate the oscillator will provide a pulsing sound. Connecting the NOISE GENERATOR output to the oscillator input allow a slight noise coloring. Using the OUTPUT of an oscillator connected to the INPUT of another allows oscillator synchronization.

[The Ring Modular] section features three ring modulator stages, each with two inputs and one output. It can process signals from the oscillators and from the noise generator. The OUTPUT plug can be used to provide the gate signal for the oscillator INPUT plug when the oscillator is in gated mode.

A four channel mixer allows volume settings of the signals connected to the INPUT plugs."

DiN48, Parallel Worlds and Self Oscillate - 'World adapter'

"Ingo Zobel (Self Oscillate) and Bakis Sirros (Parallel Worlds) first started collaborating via the internet in 2004. Their first album, “Current Flow”, under the project name “Interconnected”, was released in 2010 on the Belgian VU-US label. Following this a vinyl EP of ambient tracks called “Mechanic Environments” was released in 2013 on the Dohkonul record label.

For 'World Adapter', their second full collaborative album, Ingo and Bakis are using their more widely known aliases of Self Oscillate and Parallel Worlds respectively. Four years in the making this album is redolent with the sounds and textures of modular analogue synthesisers which both musicians are well known for employing in their music. Ingo uses a large Doepfer / Eurorack system whereas Bakis creates his complex sonic textures with Doepfer, Serge and Buchla systems as employed on his previous DiN releases (Obsessive Surrealism (DiN26), Shade (DiN32), Exit Strategy with Ian Boddy (DiN37) and Morphogenic with Dave Bessell (DiN41)).
Once their modular improvisations are recorded they are micro-edited in Ableton Live to form the ten tracks that make up “World Adapter”. On the track “Legend Silence” they collaborate with the Polish singer/composer India Czajkowska whose ethereal voice adds a distinctive flavour to this composition. The album has an IDM flavour, full of complex modulations and intricate rhythms. The duo then hang beguiling, simple melodies around these structures to create another intriguing quality release from the DiN label.

Machines used:
Doepfer, Euro, Serge, Buchla, MOTM, Moon, Blacet, Metalbox, RS-Integrator, Technosaurus & modulars.
Oberheim Xpander & OB-Mx.
Korg PE1000, MS20, Mono/Poly & Z1.
Clavia Nord Modular, Nordrack2 & Nordrack3.
Ableton Live & NI Reaktor software.
Roland System-100, Waldorf Microwave and various other string machines, analogue keyboards, tape echoes, reverbs, CV modifiers and generators."

Abstract Data - ADE-32 Octocontroller - Arpeggios

Published on Aug 19, 2015 DivKidMusic

"My second patch playing around with the ADE-32 Octocontroller from Abstract Data. Check out the first patch here - [posted here] - which is running a full techno style patch with drums, bass, random modulation, LFOs etc. In this second patch I was just playing around with a few oscillators and layering up arpeggios from the ADE-32 running at different speeds. It's a much more simple and slow moving drone style piece but shows a simpler way of using the Octocontroller for basic slow moving parts."

Dijkstar RiDrum TK-09 Now on Kickstarter with Random Drawings for Free Units

On kickstarter here.

"You wanna win a RiDrum TK-09?

Then help us to bring the RiDrum THC-01 Handclap kickstarter project to life!

For each 50e backer we gonna choose a random backer who wins a RiDrum TK-09!

You don't need the new THC-01 Handclap but wanna win a TK-09 Kick and know somebody who maybe interested in the THC-01 Handclap?

Tell that person about the THC-01 Handclap and if that person back our project he can put your name on the list so you can also be selected to win a TK-09 Kick.

Thus for the first 50 backers we select a random winner from the backerslist, or a person stated by a backer, but only if there are 50 or more backers, by each next 50 backers we select a second TK-09 winner, so by every 50e backer we give away a TK-09!

At the end off the funding period we randomly select the winner(s) off the RiDrum TK-09 Kick."

See the Dijkstar Music channel below for previous posts including video.

"Bleed" hardware performance

Published on Aug 18, 2015 Brackets (the man & the machine)

"A techno sketch, using only hardware. Cirklon sequencer sequencing a big modular system, and a modular drum machine."

tELHARMONIC Phase Modulation Algorithm (P OUT)

Published on Aug 19, 2015 MAKEN0ISE

"Each voice of the Phase-Modulation Algorithm uses 3 sine wave oscillators arranged as 2 modulators and one carrier and the modulators and carrier are phase-locked. This algorithm will create a large number of harmonically locked partials by reshaping the carrier (similar to wavefolding).

The CENTROID controls the frequency ratio of the modulation, and hence the brightness. The FLUX controls the depth of modulation, which determines the number of partials. When the FLUX is full CCW, this is the largest number of partials; when full CW, there is only one (a sine wave). The CENTROID controls two adjacent harmonic modulation partials from 1 to 8. For example, when
CENTROID is at 2.5, the modulator will be an even mix of harmonics 2 and 3."

Novation Bass Station II - Factory Presets

Published on Feb 25, 2015 Mike C

"Novation Bass Station II - Factory Presets (PART 1) HD

Audio interface: Universal Audio Apollo Twin"

Novation Bass Station II - Factory Presets (PART 2) + Custom

ON THE RUN in 10 min. Tutorial - OSCiLLOT Modular synthesizer

Published on Aug 19, 2015 gattobus

"This is a tutorial I prepared for my students during the synth course in RockFactory music school in Siena (Italy)
I used Ableton Live 9 with M4L plugin OSCiLLOT by Max for Cats.
'On the run' is a classic piece of electronic music that I like very much to cover every now and then... so: here it is, again! :P

You can use this tutorial to get an idea on how this piece is done and try to apply the basics to every kind of synthesizer you might have.


Patchení s Nikol #1 Co to je Modulár?? (What is Modular??)

Published on Aug 19, 2015 Bastl Instruments

"První díl Patchení s Nikol! Dozvíte se co to je Modulár a Nikol vám vysvětlí co je na něm tak super!

First episode of Patcheni s Nikol is here! Youll get to know what is Modular and why is it awesome!"

Korg Microkorg: Chillout / Club

Published on Mar 10, 2015 Mike C

"Korg Microkorg: Chillout / Club


Music: Mike C
DAW: Logic X
Interface Audio: Universal Audio Apollo Twin
Instrument: Korg MicroKorg ( custom patches )

Kick, Clap, Hi Hat, Toms, Bass -- Logic X instruments

Photos: internet"

Waldorf Q Rack Synthesizer SN 1409260000192

via this auction

"The Waldorf Q Series used to be the standard for virtual modeled analog synthesizers.

Boasting no less than 58 endless rotaries for vital synthesis parameters, this front panel lends the term 'generously appointed' new meaning.

Q Series synths leverage a remarkably flexible voicing section with up to five oscillators and two multimode filters per voice to deliver that peerless Waldorf sound.
There are up to 100 voices offering up to 5 oscillators including wavetable generators, 3 LFOs, 4 envelopes and 2 filters with a sophisticated routing method and all filter types that you expect from a Waldorf synthesizer. Furthermore, the Q offers unique Comb filter types in two flavours. This enables the Q not only to create polyphonic Chorus or Flanger effects but previously unheard athmos or pluck sounds with great life.

To top things off, the Waldorf Q has a very powerful arpeggiator and an even more powerful step sequencer. With 58 endless rotaries, the Waldorf Q easily doubles the number of controls of other synths."

Rhodes Chroma Expander Synthesizer

via this auction

"That is right. You can believe your eyes. This is a fully functional Rhodes Chroma Expander. I have never seen one for sale on eBay or anywhere else over the last few years. I would dare say that this may be one of the few chances you will ever have to own one.

This Rhodes Chroma Expander, serial #0110, has been completely painstakingly restored internally over the last 3 1/2 years at Three Wave Music. Prior to that, additional restoration work was done by David Wilson at the Synth Museum in New Hampshire. You will want to refinish the wood to bring it back to its former glory as the outside is not where you will want it to be. There are also a couple of small spots where the front panel membrane is slightly lifted but it does not interfere in any way with performance of the unit. Three Wave Music secured it and made sure it was stable.

It is interesting to watch the interest in Arp 2600s. This is literally 6 of those synths [it actually isn't - totally different architecture and implementation - see etheory's comments below]; it is polyphonic, AND PROGRAMMABLE [correct]. It eats 2600's for breakfast. This one also has an upgraded power supply, and onboard MIDI with the CC+ upgrade. if you look at the invoice, you'll see there was a multitude of work done to bring it back to spec. $1700 of restoration at Three Wave Music alone. Operational manuals for the synth and CC+ are readily available on the Rhodes Chroma website."

Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro Synthesizer SN 0046

via this auction

"Very lightly used in my smoke free studio. Selling only because of financial need, it is a beautiful instrument but unfortunately some unexpected expenses have come up. Ships to the lower 48 United States only. In perfect working order and perfect cosmetic shape. Ships in original packaging. Serial Number 0046."

Elektronika EM-25 (electronika EM25) soviet analog synth

Elektronika em-25 Published on Apr 10, 2012 Mike C

via this auction

Note the video above was in the auction for demo purposes only. It is not the specific unit for sale. I couldn't find it in the archives, so up it goes.

"EM-25 is an interesting Soviet string-synth that looks and feels like a curious cross between Moog Opus 3 and ARP Solina. Like other Soviet synths, has got a distinct sound of its own and can easily compete with synths that have grown to become classics.

EM-025 HAS 3 SOUND SECTIONS : STRINGS, ORGAN, BRASS. All 3 sections You can use as independent sound or these will be mixed in any combination of 1, 2 or 3 sources with select buttons."

Classic Roland Juno 106 Synthesizer SN 473650

via this auction

Arp Quadra synthesizer demo take 1

Published on Aug 19, 2015 Diseño Corbusier

"Arp Quadra synthesizer demo"


sismo-lito-ice from sismo on Vimeo.

"Synth of the month is back!

We are proud to present Lito Ice version.

Four oscillators 2 x square, triangle and sine(low frequencies), filter section, built in 2 analogue sequencer (one connected to sine by gate and the other connected to the square and triangle by cv). An oscillator mixer (square1 / square2 and triangle) plus 2 frequencies control by LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) in the lower panel. Two independent output 3/4 inch (one to sine and the other to mix waves).

Polyphony : monophonic
Oscillators : 4 (1x sine - 2x square - 1x triangle
Control : Internal 2x eight step sequencer (1 gate -1 cv)
External 2x cv in, 1x sync in - 3x sync out
Current draw: 12 Volts (center positive) (Not included)
Weight: 450g
Dimensions: 15cm (H) x 12,5cm (D) x 13cm (W)

- Do not exceed a 15VDC wall wart
- Make sure the wall wart has at least 300 mA capacity or more."

Monomachine "Sampling"

Published on Aug 19, 2015 Catabolic's channel-Music & More by Catabolic

"If you are looking for a lo-fi, gritty, grimy sampler, the Monomachine might be your new best friend. This video gives you an idea of what the Monomachine sounds like as a sampler, and also how to prepare your samples. I use the Elektron Octatrack to help prepare samples although it's not required.

(Technical note: the Monomachine itself does not sample so you could call this a rompler to be very specific.)"

Synthino XM How We Assemble Bottom Boards - GetLoFi Handmade Electronics DIY Synthrsizer

Published on Aug 19, 2015 GetLoFi

" Synthino XM Polyphonic MIDI Synthesizer Soldering Iron that I use 30W"

Roland MX -1 Yamaha SK20/Dx7

Published on Aug 19, 2015 muzykujkropkacom

ENSONIQ ESQ-m (ESQ-1) - 40 SynthCorner Presets

Published on Aug 19, 2015 Synth Corner

"This is presentation of 40 custom designed SynthCorner presets for Ensoniq ESQ-m synthesizer (also ESQ-1). There are many electronic sounds grouped as: synth, pad, bass, seq, lead. Modulation wheel is used on many presets to present filter cutoff dynamics.

You can buy this 40 Presets in SysEx/MidiFile format for only 6 Euros (via PayPal). Just email me at

Ensoniq is a hybrid synth with digital waveforms (16 short samples) and analog filters (CEM 3379).

Ensoniq ESQ-m specifications:
- 8 note polyphonic
- 3 waveforms (OSCs) per program (preset)
- 9 part multitimbral (!!!)
- analog CEM filters
- 2 Outs
- MIDI In/Out/Thru
- RAM & ROM Cartridge (80 programs/presets per cartridge)


An Electro-Melody on Octatrack, Virus Polar & Mopho

Published on Aug 19, 2015 Phoenix-Flare

"Wednesday day off enjoying playing synths. Sorry I haven't done a video for a while.

Here's a link to my bands latest two tracks that you can download for free."

The Crackle Canvas

C C 2015 2 Published on Aug 19, 2015 tovett

"Crackle-canvas v2015_1. Short test preview test video"

Avalon and TB-303 behavior on long notes with Slide

Published on Aug 19, 2015 Abstrakt Instruments

"When playing long notes (longer than the default 16th note) a slide starts from the last tie. This is how the 303 is designed (it makes sense if you study the software and behavior). This is exactly how it is implemented on the Avalon."

(Operation 40) ACID-REMIX (KOsher Slaughter)

Published on Aug 19, 2015 j j

"Retro Revolution"

Prophet 6 + Korg M3, original tune ,500 BILLION MILES, LIVE

Published on Aug 19, 2015 Bob Gomez

"Remember that old folk tune 500 Miles ? Well I kind of had that in mind when I wrote this tune on the Prophet 6 Synthesizer.
Here it is with some drums & Karma provided by the Korg M3 workstation.
I used my slightly tweaked Prophet preset 301, along with the Korg Combi #20 Large Analog Pad.
There is a one way MIDI connection to the Korg.
Recorded live direct to the Zoom Q3HD video recorder on 8-18-15."

In Switch (feat. Analog Rytm, Analog 4, Minitaur)

Published on Aug 19, 2015 Erwin Dorleijn

"Grooving with the Elektron machines. Moog for the bass, cv-controlled by the Analog Four."

281r testing DIY Buchla 200 2015

Published on Aug 18, 2015 djangosfire

"Testing a fresh built 281r Buchla format Quad Function Generator module.

Sharing the vid for Mr. B.

- Djangosfire"

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