MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday, December 20, 2015

AniModule Multi-Band Bitcrushing with the ShNoiZe, SOB, and M1xXOR

Published on Dec 20, 2015 JRock17991's channel

Check'em Out @

OB-Xa, LinnDrum and Juno-60 quick jam

Published on Dec 20, 2015 SynthMania

"My new year resolution is to post at least one new video every day. I'm getting a head start. In 2016 I'll also start reviewing new (and/or newer) gear :)"

Korg Trident mkII through Peavey model 1310

Published on Dec 20, 2015 SynthMania

"Korg Trident mkII analog synthesizer through Peavey model 1310 digital effects processor"

Ableton Link iPad Sync Demo

Published on Dec 20, 2015 redskylullaby

"Demo of Ableton Link syncing multiple iPad apps"

Monotron trick ( BODY HACK ) . Studio test jam ( Extended )

Published on Dec 20, 2015 TODD SMITH

"A little trick I found with the Korg Monotron to use your body as a live sampler with radio waves . I put this trick to use on a little track I've been playing with the last few days ."

OB-12 Slayer Minimoog

Published on Dec 20, 2015 MIxbern

Viscount Oberheim OB-12 in a white Minimoog Voyager style case.

Strymon DIG Delay Sync - Exploration #2

Published on Dec 20, 2015 John L Rice

"Some MOAR random playing around with the Strymon DIG dual delay! This time syncing the repeats to the modular synth's clock.

There's more info on Strymon products at"

Part 1 here.

REDSquare.wave Mitosis

".... an accidental mistakenly recorded happening of a DSI Pro 2.

This has become a nightly occurance - this instrument is the definition of both a player's synth & an infinite resource of sound mutations with the ability to route any parameter to another,..... it's truly the greatest monosynth in existence."

System 110 Improv

Published on Dec 20, 2015 PaulLawlerMusic

"Just messing around on the System 110. The drums and fluttery things in the background are from my Eurorack system and Beatstep pro.
It's a bit sloppy, but it's a one take improv."

Arjen Schat | Sequential Session: Komplex Sequencer & Friends

Published on Dec 20, 2015 Arjen Schat

"Sequential Session with Koma Elektronik Komplex Sequencer, Doepfer Dark Energy, Elektron Analog Four, Moog Slim Phatty, Moog Little Phatty, and Waldorf Blofeld."

Livewire Modules Back In Production

via @controlVoltage_

"Livewire modules are back in production, Dual Cyclotron will be the 1st released: …"

Rhodes Chroma Synthesizer with MIDI I/O board

via this auction

Rhodes Chroma Synthesizer Expander with MIDI

via this auction

"The Expander is designed for use with the Rhodes Chroma or with a computer system that has been prepared for this interface. Computer interface systems are available for some computers from Fender Musical Instruments; call the factory at Woburn, Ma. for information on which ones. Other computer systems need hardware and software designed as outlined in the Chroma Interface Manual. The Expander is computer-based. The processor is a powerful high-speed component fast enough to digitally generate all of the control signals for the Expander. The result is an extremely flexible, software-based instrument that can be programmed to perform functions that no hardware-programmable synthesizer could match."

Future Retro Orb

via this auction

Future Retro 777 Synthesizer SN FR3D71499215

via this auction

Vintage Novation Bass Station (1993)

via this auction

"Before the famous Novation Bass Station Rack module came the small and portable Bass Station keyboard! This synthesizer uses digitally synchronised analog oscillators (DCO's) to reproduce the sounds of a monophonic dual-osc analog synthesizer with simple and intuitive controls via 17 knobs, 10 switches and 2 Moog-style pitch/mod wheels. Think EDP Wasp and ARP Odyssey.

The Bass Station can faithfully reproduce analog bass sounds similar to a TB-303, Micromoog or Pro One synthesizer. The small keyboard and monophonic architecture set this keyboard up for strict bassline, lead synth lines, and synth fx. It also transmits MIDI continuous controller data from its pitch/mod wheels, frequency cutoff, resonance, filter modulation depth, env1 attack, decay and env2 attack and decay."

Jordan Rudess & GeoShred The Shred Awakens

Published on Dec 20, 2015 Jordan Rudess

iTunes: GeoShred - Wizdom Music LLC

"The Shred Awakens with Wizdom Music's new instrument app for iPad, GeoShred. GeoShred is a collobaration between Wizdom Music and the amazing guys at
Filmed by Matt Vanacoro.


The Future of Shredding …
No strings attached

GeoShred is NOT just another app.
GeoShred is a powerful, musical instrument that offers a performance environment on a multi-touch surface unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.
Physical modeling synthesis is back with a vengeance."

Keys+Rytm+Overbridge+Rumburak = Desperation

Published on Dec 20, 2015 MrDataline

Roland Juno-60 - the 56 classic factory patches

Published on Dec 20, 2015 SynthMania

"Roland Juno-60 - the 56 classic factory patches"

AudioThing Hand Clapper Overview

Published on Dec 20, 2015 audiothing

"Get this plugin here:

Hand Clapper is a drum synthesizer plugin (VST/AU/AAX) dedicated to claps sounds. The internal design is inspired by a famous Japanese percussion synthesiser from the '80. There are three internal noise sources that are used to recreate the classic sound of vintage analog drum machines. It's also possible to load external samples and sculpt them with the same circuit emulation."

Church Of Super Serge 12/19/15

Published on Dec 20, 2015 Dmitri SFC

"Featuring Chickenneck Palace & Dave's Mathew Band"


Published on Dec 9, 2015 abletunes

"EDM Cinematic Transitions consists of 64 presets for Sylenth1, including raisers, impacts, falls and sweeps to bring contemporary electronic motion picture sound to your dance music productions. Produced by Adam Pietruszko (, specialising in cinematic soundbank creation.

Invoke tension in your build-ups with piercing, wind-up risers, drop the beat with hard hitting impacts, use life sucking falls and surprising sweeps to create interest and ear catching arrangements. This soundbank will surely be a great addition to the arsenal of any modern EDM producer.

All sounds in the demo except drums are from this soundbank.


16 raisers
16 impacts
16 falls
16 sweeps"

Other Worlds - Cinematic Textures
(click through for demos)

INTRODUCTORY OFFER! 20% off until Thursday 24 Dec 2015 - only $55.99

Created by the producer of our highly acclaimed Haunted Ground sample library, OTHER WORLDS is a huge 4.6Gb library delving into the exploration and creation of cinematic textures.

Atmospheric, organic, soothing, melodic, evolving, morphing, dissonant, distorted, piercing, chilling, eerie, driving, dark, noisy, bright, floating, spacious, overwhelming...

Whatever the flavour, Other Worlds brings you a vast collection of cinematic textures and atmospheres created by sound designer Adam Pietruszko. Utilising a combination of different synthesis techniques from analog subtractive, through digital FM, to physical modelling and more, all combined with intricate effects and reverb programming, the results are a library full of evolving and spacious sounds that will literally fill your productions.

The timbres range from modern sci-fi, out-of-this-world, electronica layers and effects, through eerie stingers, sweeps and howls, all the way to horror-filled, suspenseful atmospheres and melodic sequences for action/drama. Also included are ‘musique-concrete’ and avant-garde experimental textures together with analog modular synthesis sounds reminiscent of the great 70s movie soundtracks.

This library is aimed at providing instant inspiration to the contemporary cinematic soundtrack and sound effects producer as well as raw material for experimentation in any genre of music. Use the sounds out-of-the-box as background layers for motion picture scoring applications or load them into your favourite sampler to chop up, transform, reverse, filter and make them a musical base for your compositions. Anything is possible and encouraged...

The library contains 500 samples in both Acidized Wav and AIFF (Apple loops) file format all recorded in stunning 48KHz and 24bit resolution using high fidelity source materials. EXS24, Kontakt, HALion and NN-XT instruments are also included for ease of use in adding the sounds to your favourite sampler. All the samples in this library are 100% original and royalty-free for your musical use without any additional licensing fees.

* 500 Acidized WAV files
* 500 AIFF Apple Loops
* 516 Kontakt Instruments (full version of Kontakt required)
* 516 EXS24 Instruments
* 516 HALion Instruments
* 516 NN-XT Instruments

Arp 2600 Vintage Analog Synth

via this auction


via this auction

Introducing the Misa Digital NSC-32 Note Sequence Controller

Published on Dec 20, 2015 misadigital

"Mixing with note patterns. Note Sequence Controller."

You might remember Misa from their Kitara.

"The Misa Digital NSC-32 (NSC) is a Note Sequence Controller - a new type of electronic musical instrument that allows the user to manipulate and cue electronic music sequences live. It is an alternative take on a "step sequencer".

It is a MIDI controller and makes no sound of its own - it connects to a synthesizer/sampler/DAW via MIDI or USB.

The NSC-32 can play up to six sequences (patterns) simultaneously. Typically each pattern will be responsible for a different section of the music. For example: one pattern for drums, one pattern for bass and one pattern for chords.

Note sequences are visually displayed on the note grid and can be modified by pressing the cells on the note grid. The individual notes are represented as blue illuminated cells. Notes can be selected, copied, moved and pasted using the control functions.

A vertical green step cursor will move across the note grid at a speed determined by the BPM set. When the step cursor lands on a note, it will play that note. Similarly, when the cursor moves off a note, it will stop playing that note.

Sequences can be played (cued) and stopped in sync with the master clock.

Sequences can be stored in permanent storage for later use. The NSC-32 can store up to 768 sequences. Each cell on the note grid behaves as a save location. This means you can visually group different sets of presets on the grid based on category.

More info coming soon."

DAGGER - monophonic synth from BEEPSTREET

Published on Dec 20, 2015 Alba Ecstasy

Dagger is a new synth from the creator of SUNRIZER (iTunes link).

"When Jaroslaw from BeepStreet send me the email (midnight) with his new creation, I was just about to shoutdown my machine. But a hunch made me to test it. Needless to say I spent 2 more hours playing it! It's unbelivable to work with a VST /AU and to have the strong feeling you work with a Bass Station II, a Pulse 2 or a Microbrute. But I'll let you judge for yourself! Dagger is available on BeepSteet's website with a special price:"

Exclusive Preview: BeepStreet Dagger Synthesizer (VST/AU)

Published on Dec 20, 2015 Synth Anatomy

"This is an exclusive preview of the new Synthesizer from the makers of Sunrizer Synthesizer (VST/AU/ IOS). Dagger is an monophonic Synthesizer which comes with 4 excellent filter types (Brute, Primal, Rogue and Ronin).

An IOS Version will coming Q1 2016. Leave your comments about this upcoming new Synthesizer."

2nd Multi Synth Jam

Published on Dec 20, 2015 PaulLawlerMusic

Don't miss the first jam here.

"Another studio jam.
Borderlands Granular processes the vocal audio file, and is further processed by Clouds.
Various other fx and drones are from the Buchla Easel, Serge Animal, and VCS-3
The Sh101 provides a fast arpeggio, and the Dotcom System 110 additional sequencer lines.
Beatstep Pro plays 2 sequencer lines and Drums. The drums are a mix of Tiptop audio drum modules, and Dinky's Taiko.
Finally the Roland JU-06 is for the chords.
My electronic Music albums are available for purchase here :"

Hordijk System Sonic Slalom

"So . . . I just got a beautiful used Rob Hordijk Modular Synth System a few days ago. It is amazingly responsive and turns on a dime! Hope you enjoy the ride. This is a live improvisation, no edits."

Yamaha SY-1 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction


via this auction

"Analogue Monophonic Synthesizer fully working in super physically condition, with Arp/Sequencer."

Two pics of the inside below.

Hookah the Bengal Cat playing a mono synthesizer

Published on Dec 19, 2015 landing pad

"Hookah the Bengal Cat playing a mono synthesizer. Our beloved cat LOVES to play with us in the studio. Usually he a vocalist...sometimes he is a keyboardist!!"

Casio MT-100 Circuit Bent Upright by S-CAT

Published on Dec 20, 2015 Space Cat Audio Technologies

S-CAT on eBay

26 - M O D I F I C A T I O N S

1. Chord volume dial
2. Bassline volume dial
3. Chord Filter switch & dial
4. Chord Drive switch & dial
5. Bassline / Chord Lo-Fi switch & dial
6. Bassline Fuzz switch & dial
7. Bassline Brightness switch & dial
8. Bassline Filter switch & dial
9. Sub Filter switch & dial
10 -16. Drum Mutes
kick - snare - open hat - closed hat - rimshot - hi tom - low tom


Published on Dec 19, 2015 MrSharps02

"fun with goofy a4 sounds. only the elektron boxes this time."

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