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Thursday, December 24, 2015

E-MU Emulator II - sound library (1984)

Published on Dec 24, 2015 RetroSound

"(c) 2015 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound...

E-MU Emulator II Sampling Synthesizer from the year 1984
demo with different sounds from the E-MU sampling library, arpeggiator, sequencer....

The EII was the direct successor of the EMULATOR and maybe the most famous sampler in the world, 8-bit sampling, 27.7 kHz sample rate, SSM2045 24 dB/oct analog 4-pole low pass resonant filters, awesome sound quality

Used a lot by Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Genesis, ABC, Front 242, Peter Gabriel (Sledgehammer) and a lot more.

The famous Marcato Strings heard on so many 80's records including Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls"."

Ten Classic Roland TR-808 Patterns

Published on Dec 24, 2015 SynthMania

"Ten classic Roland TR-808 patterns"

Follow-up to:
A few Sequential Circuits Drumtraks patterns
Ten classic Roland TR-909 patterns
Ten classic LinnDrum patterns
Ten classic Oberheim DMX patterns.

Near Mint Vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 Digital Rack Sampler SN 0852

via this auction

noël eglantine

Published on Dec 24, 2015 Ebotronix

Flame 4 Vox
Buchla System 281e, 292e, 225e
Kenton Pro 2000
Lexicon PCM 80/90, TC M one XL
Alesis 3630, Aphex Model 104, Make Noise Format Jumper,
Moog CP 251,Rane SM 26, Rocktron Rack Interface
Yamaha MCS 2
150 bpm drum loop
Vid # 1414

PPG Wave - beauty

Published on Dec 24, 2015 SynthMania

"(My PPG is a 2.3, but I'm running in 2.2 mode for this demo)"

Perfect Circuit Audio Christmas Sale

MATRIXSYNTH sponsor, Perfect Circuit Audio, is having a Christmas sale with 30% off on select items.  Click through for details!

Modal Electronics 001 Duophonic Bi-Timbral Keyboard Synth

via this auction

From The Daydream Sound & Roland MC303 To You

Published on Dec 24, 2015 TheDaydreamSound

"Happy Holidays! From The Daydream Sound to You with the help of the Roland MC-303.


Live-cover of the "Space Intro" to Fly Like An Eagle from The Steve Miller Band

Published on Dec 24, 2015 Eric Mauro

Soft Landing - Eurorack Modularsynth Live

Published on Dec 24, 2015 Kri Samadhi


Published on Dec 24, 2015 darkpoem9

"First encounter with Analog Rytm. Loaded with my own sounds. Reshaped the way I want. Powerful analog dirtiness."

Some Holiday Cheer From The Bob Moog Foundation

Some holiday cheer sent my way via The Bob Moog Foundation.

Look what showed up in my mailbox just in time for Christmas!  The Bob Moog Foundation 2016 Calendar, "Circuit of My Mind T-Shirt", and a personally signed card. You can find the Calendar and T-Shirt along with other cool items in their online shop.  I have to say they are very nice quality and I look forward to proudly wearing my T.  There is a great inscription on the back. You can check it out in their online shop here.

Thank you Bob Moog Foundation! Happy holidays to you, and thank you for what you do for the synth community. You are one of the few organizations able to introduce the world of synthesizers to those who might otherwise not get the chance, for example through Dr. Bob's SoundSchool for kids.

Vintage Oberheim Ads & AES Documentation

via this auction

This is pretty incredible. To the left is "A 'RING MODULATION' DEVICE FOR THE PERFORMING MUSICIAN" by Thomas E. Oberheim of Oberheim Electronics presented at the 38th AES Convention on May 4-7, 1970.  Below are additional paraphernalia including a sticker and advertising materials.

"This sale is for an assortment of 1976 Oberheim documents.

Everything was stored, folded, in the 'Synthesizer Expander Module' ad. It shows storage wear and tear and is NOT in great shape. The large multi-folded brochure is in great condition with some foxing. The personal correspondence from Oberheim is in great condition.

Please note that the sticker has been crisply folded for decades and may not stick properly anymore."

Aries Music 77 Vintage 1977 Catalog

via this auction

An amazing bit of synth history. You should be able to click on the images to read each page. The Aries modular system was designed by Dennis Colin who recently passed away this year. He was also designed the ARP 2600.

"This sale is for a 1977 Aries Music catalog. It's in solid condition with good pages and a good stapled binding. It shows some storage wear and tear (see pictures). It measures about 8.5" x 11"."

Lot of 59 Electronics And Music Maker Magazine

via this auction

You can find some article scans from Noyzelab previously posted here. Also see the EMM channel for other posts including various DIY synths from the magazine.

"Job lot of 1980s E&MM magazines. Fantastic stuff! These are packed with brilliant interviews, ads, reviews, and circuits and electronics projects. The pictures included of the inside offer a random preview of what to expect, but are only scratching the surface - there's some classic stuff in there! A goldmine of information that is not available on the internet..."

Update via the comments: These have gone here:

DiscoverClassics// Roland SH101

Published on Dec 24, 2015 DiscoverNoise

"DiscoverNoise 020-
DiscoverClassics 004-

Part 4 of the Roland SH-101 patchbook. Shown here are patches number 31 to 40.

Roland SH101 Patchbook:"

All parts posted in order here.

Quasimidi Sirius SN 50767

via this auction

Analogue Solutions Leipzig

via this auction

Moog Voyager IOS Cube Synth

Published on Dec 24, 2015 Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

iTunes: Cube Synth - VirSyn

Jam with beatstep pro moog DSI and eurorack modular modules

Published on Dec 24, 2015 Flux302 of

"Eurorack funk jamming with the Beatstep pro
Drums = Neutron sound Orgone accumulator (Snare)
Thomas Henry MPS synth cube kit (Kick)
Animodule Shnoize (Hi Hat)
Synthrotek DSM and Audio Damage Neuron (percussion) - modulated between the two using RYO PATHS
all into Animodule M1xxor (with rhythmic batting into it from beatstep)
all into Clouds and Hexinverter Mutant hot glue
bass line = System1m in pro mars mode
lead = Mogg sub phatty
Organ chords Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 sequenced via Native Instruments Maschine"

MOOG (1970) Carol Of The Bells

Published on Dec 18, 2013 ChooDoob

"Christmas music on a fantastic MOOG synthesizer machine."

Noodle Of The Bells

Published on Dec 23, 2015 John L Rice

"Long story short, a quick idea that I thought would take a couple hours turned into 4 days worth of work! I hope you enjoy it!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and I wish all good things for you in 2016! :-)"

Christmas Camouflage for the JUNO-106 via Analogue Renaissance

via Analogue Renaissance

"As panasonic stopped making slide potentiometers a few years ago, the remaining stock of the ones that fit in the Juno-106 is now depleted and none of the available replicas are good enough according to my standards, I designed a new fader kit for the Juno-106. I added some LEDs (you can never have enough of those) to the mix and their brightness follows the position of faders.

The Unobtainium 4-position fader (custom made by Alps) is also included and will be available in non-led version. Most if it will be pre-wired to make installation easier and is designed as such (full analog design, separate power lines, hysteresis and separate reference for the HPF) to not interfere with the Juno's very sensitive readout of the faders. Fully operational protype is there. Some minor design changes need to be done for another prototype run and then it will go into production.

More info soon.

Best regards and Merry Christmas,

Jeroen of Analogue Renaissance.

Merry Bleeping Christmas (Octatrack & Bleep Labs)

Published on Dec 23, 2015 HardtekStudios

"Download the audio track for FREE here-
Getting a little festive with the Electron Octatrack processing some Bleep Labs Instruments/electronic kits. Blinky lights like a Christmas tree & blipity bloopity music that sounds like a crackling fire with a snow flurry outside... on Saturn. Hope you enjoy!"

Winter Wonderland

Published on Dec 24, 2015 Acky Channel

"Play with KORG Gadget"

iTunes: KORG Gadget for iPad - KORG INC.

Electribe 2 | Ambient X

Published on Dec 23, 2015 r beny

"Happy Festivus! My 10th ambient jam only using the Korg Electribe 2. Will likely be my last E2 only video for a bit. All sounds/effects from the E2."

The reason for the season via Moog Music

via @moogmusicinc

"The reason for the season"

Happy Holidays from ALM

via @busycircuits

Ambient Synth Jam - Moog Werkstatt, Roland JP-08, Arturia Microbrute, Roland Space Chorus RE-301

Published on Dec 20, 2015 JimBobJrJackson Earmonkey

"My wife got me lights for the studio. She's awesome! Makes this even more fun. This little jam is all played live. No sequencers. Started with just the Werkstatt playing a pulse wave. Modulate it with the Werkstatt LFO set to square to get the repeating octaves. Add some VCF modulation by routing the Microbrute LFO into the Werkstatt expansion board. Effects provided primarily by Roland Space Chorus Echo. A beautiful tape delay. Some Valhalla Shimmer and Ubermod added midway in the video just to make it even bigger. The JP-08 and Microbrute playing leads and stuff. I think I could do this all day long."

Ambient Synth Jam #2 - Moog Wertkstatt - Roland JP-08 - Microbrute - Roland Space Chorus Tape Delay

Published on Dec 23, 2015

"Live jam with no sequencers or external anything other than some reverb added in Ableton. The Werkstatt is providing the rhythmic pulse from its LFO, square wave modulating the filter envelope quite heavily. The LFO from the Brute is modulating the Werkstatt as a second LFO to get filter sweeps. The LFO out of the Werkstatt is going back in to the Brute and provides a sort of rhythmic texture when I play the lead parts on the Brute. Roland JP-08 filling in. And the whole thing running through the brilliant Roland Space Chorus tape delay. Butter."

Roland Boutique - JP-08 and JU-06 Demo - Jupiter Loves Juno

Published on Dec 5, 2015 JimBobJrJackson Earmonkey

"Who says four voices can't sound big? Anyone who's never layered a JP-08 with a JU-06. Two pad patches I programmed for each synth, recorded in Ableton. Delay and reverb FX provided by Valhalla Ubermod and Valhalla Shimmer."

Roland Boutique - Two JP-08 Modules in Chain Mode Demo 1

Published on Dec 9, 2015 JimBobJrJackson Earmonkey

"Big huge sound out of 8-voices of JP-08. I played the first patch with NO external effects, but there is some internal delay. The first patch is played in Dual mode which gives you four voices in total, but each voice has FOUR oscillators pumping out sound, and slightly delayed or detuned or something. Not sure what Roland has going on there, but it sounds incredibly big. The following few patches were played first dry, then with some chorus added. 8 voices with external chorus can be great. Finally, I show the two units in solo mode which gives you a big huge four oscillators. You could do this by simply layering as well, but in chain mode both units will respond to changes made on unit 1. So if you change the cutoff frequency, for example, it will change on both units. This is just a short little demo. I'll have more coming later."

Roland Boutique JP-08 (Jupiter 8 module) Live Session

Published on Oct 24, 2015 JimBobJrJackson Earmonkey

"I've had the JP-08 for a few days now. Getting to know it. It's very powerful and it sounds fantastic. This is just a little demo of me sitting at the keyboard for a while and tweaking the sounds. I"m not the greatest keyboard player so forgive me there.

Most everything was done in manual mode. There are no factory presets here. The two patches I pull up at the end are ones I created myself. The majority of this demo is all JP-08 recorded straight into Ableton with no FX. When I do use FX near the end, as noted on the video, I am using Valhalla Ubermod for chorus, and Valhalla Shimmer for that shimmery big reverb. The delay on the lead sound is just an Ableton Ping Pong delay. The sounds are played dry first though so you can tell what the synth sounds like without the processing. But let's face it...we have FX for a reason so why not use them.

I will keep making videos because this 12 minutes doesn't even scratch the surface. If there's something you'd like to know about this unit I'll be glad to answer questions or post more video. I always find that helpful when I'm considering a purchase.

If you just want to talk about how awful and stupid the Boutique range is, well, I guess you can, though I'm not sure what purpose it serves. Buy a Jupiter 8 and be happy. Whining about the Boutique units is kind of like kicking puppies and about as worthwhile. I have a Juno 106 and guess what. I like this JP-08 better.

Sorry for the sometimes blurry video. My son didn't know what I wanted him to shoot. And also, the video ends before the audio by a few seconds. Well this is my first video like this so it'll get better"

Moog Memorymoog - beauty

Published on Dec 23, 2015 SynthMania

"Why I love the Memorymoog."

Disassembled Record Player for module (prototype)

Published on Dec 24, 2015 Dani Dögenigt

"Want to make a compact and simple upright record player for my modular system. This is a very early prototype without speed control or stabilization."

This is pretty interesting. Imaging using various LPs for CV control. New interpretations of classic tracks. Would would Hendrix, the Beatles or even Aphex Twin bring? Another interesting thing to think about is if you made an album using CV control of another album would it be considered copyright violation?

severence // time dilation patch

Published on Dec 24, 2015 severence

// evolving ambient soundscapes

// modules used in this patch

addac802 quintet mixing console
alm busy circuits pamela's workout
epoch modular twinpeak
intellijel planar
jones o'tool
make noise dual prismatic oscillator
make noise maths
make noise pressure points + brains
modcan quad lfo
nonlinearcircuits sloth
schippmann phs-28
schippmann vcf-02
steady state fate positronic transient gate
steady state fate propagate
steady state fate quantum rainbow 2
steady state fate ultra random analog
toppobrillo quantimator
verbos electronics dual four pole
verbos electronics harmonic oscillator
verbos electronics voltage multistage
wmd sequential switch matrix + expand
wmd synchrodyne + expand
wmd/ssf s.p.o.

Rare Multivox MX8100 - Analog Synth Controller/Sequencer - 1979

via this auction

"Multivox MX-8100 branded a "Computer Basic System." Extremely nice condition for such a vintage unit. Made in late seventies, think I bought in very early eighties. Only minor issue is two missing plastic feet that I must have taken off probably thirty years ago to fit it into whatever keyboard stand I was using at the time. I found one rub mark on back and some very minor wear on edges. See pics for details.

I purchased this at the same time as the SPV-355 Analog Roland Synth I recently sold here on ebay. The control voltage works perfectly with old Roland and Korg Analog Synths. I remember making an adaptor to use with my Minimoog back in the day."

Moog Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue Select Maple Analog Synth

via this auction

Kawai K5000s additive synthesizer keyboard

via this auction

ROLAND MKS-70 Super JX with manuals, box & M-64C cartridge

via this auction

in near mint condition
fully working
original complete Roland box
original manual
M-64C cartridge
soundsets in sysex format of VR-101, 102 and 103 cartridges"

Waldorf Micro Q Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Vintage Yamaha SK-20 synthesizer and strings machine

via this auction

ARP Odyssey 2813 Synthesizer SN 2087

via this auction

Sequential Circuits SCI Pro-One SN 7437 with Custom Knobs

via this auction

"It features Moog knobs which give it a unique look! This one has the desired J-wire keyboard and bottom mounted transformer. Everything works and it is ready to play"

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 w/Midi

via this auction

"Vintage Prophet-5 Synth - Rev 3.3 - with Midi.
In great physical condition and working well.
Comes with a calzone flight case (as pictured below)"

5-way power splitter cable for Korg Volca + demo track

Published on Dec 24, 2015 Micro Banshee

"A quick video demonstrating the 5-way power splitter cable for the Korg Volca series. [Music track: 'work in progress'] as I only own four Volca's the fifth connection was unused.

Available from:
(note this particular design is available in the UK only. The US has some listed here.)


Korg Volca Sample OK GO Edition
Korg Volca Sample
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Volca Keys

As always, the track is recorded Live: audio/video recorded simultaneously [mistakes included!]


Flip HD / Belkin Rockstar Splitter / Zoom H1 [internal Mic] Cool Edit Pro.

Music © all rights reserved. Micro Banshee – 2015"

Roland MKS 7 Demo. Juno 106 - TR707. With BCR2000

Published on Sep 20, 2015 JimBobJrJackson Earmonkey

"Playing with this underrated and somewhat rare machine."

Good overview of the Roland MKS-7 Super Quartet.

Daft Punk inspired Korg EMX song HARDHIT - by earmonkey

Published on Dec 15, 2012 JimBobJrJackson Earmonkey

"What do you do when you wake up at 4 a.m. on a Saturday? Why find your little friend the Korg EMX 1 of course. This was inspired by Daft Punk and played, programmed and performed by earmonkey (me). My first live video. Hope to do more like this.

All sounds were programmed by me. This is running through a Tascam 144MKII interface into the computer just using Windows Movie Maker to capture the video. Played live."

Traversing the poweroid dimension // Patch

Published on Dec 24, 2015 Auxar

"Dark electronix patch from the poweroid dimension.
Modules used in this patch:
Make Noise: tELHARMONIC, Echophon, Erbe-Verb, Function, Richter Wogglebug, MMG, Brains, Moddemix, Rene, Rosie, DPO x2, Pressure points x2, Maths x2, Optomix x2, LxD
Doepfer: A-160-2, A-138, A-147,A-151
Expert Sleepers: Disting x2,Disting MK3

Audio recorded in Sonic-Core VDAT."

Roland Aira TB-3 iPhone Midi Editor

Published on Dec 24, 2015 mller30161

"I have transferred my Midi Editor for the Roland TB-3 on the iPhone.

It is based on the " iPhone - App "TB Midi Stuff" (4.99 €)"

My editor "TB-3 Midi Editor iPhone" + iPad Version costs 5,- € and is on my website:

- Multitouch operation
- Fast operation
- Sounds are easy to change
- Livesets compatible


See the iPad editor here.

Eurorack modular Penderecki type drone

Published on Dec 24, 2015 corduroyfarmer

"Mutable instrument rings with alm's akemie's castle going through clouds. Wogglebug providing 'pitch' and modulation"

E-MU Morpheus, Elektron Analog Four, Octatrack, Elektron Analog Rytm, Novation A -station

Published on Dec 24, 2015 Vladimir Aristarkhov

"E-MU Morpheus Z-Plane, Elektron Analog Four, Octatrack, Elektron Analog Rytm, Novation A -station, Xone :1D, Tascam US1641.

Morpheus Z-Plane - Pad, bass and Fx channels -8 channels used -
MIDI control of Octatrack.
Elektron Analog Rytm - drums and percussion
Elektron Analog Four - bass arpeggio
Xone :1D - midi controller
Novation A -station - lead
Record through Elektron overbridge and Ableton 9,Tascam US1641.

Casio DM-100 Glitch Beat - Circuit bent by S-CAT

Published on Dec 24, 2015 Space Cat Audio Technologies

"Short glitch beat track using a circuit bent Casio DM-100 and the Little Green Echo Machine from Space Cat Audio Technologies. More glitch as the track progresses. Just a one take jam."

S-CAT on eBay

Korg Volca / Micro Korg with Arturia Microbrute and JU - 06 . Live Jam 001

Published on Dec 23, 2015 TODD SMITH

"This is the final version os my 'test' track. I got everything routed correctly and now have improved sounds / effects . Second track coming !!!"

Verbos Electronics Amp and Tone Controller Demo Videos by manmade madman

Verbos Electronics Amp and Tone Controller sawtooth input

Published on Dec 23, 2015 manmade madman

"This is a functional demo of the Verbos Electronics Amp and Tone Controller (ATC). Here I've run a simple sawtooth waveform into it, at fist dry, then through the ATC.
You can clearly hear the ATC going to work on the sawtooth."

Modular 2003 London

Modular 2003 London from Pere Villez on Vimeo.

"Lo-FI Modular synthesiser phoneograpgh recorded using a pre-smartphone MOTO Razr in 2003"

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