MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Écrins | Eurorack Ambient

Published on Feb 16, 2016 r beny

"Ambient track/patch for Eurorack. Heavily featuring 2 Mutable Instruments Rings and 2 Mutable Instruments Clouds."

Moog Mother 32 ACID JAM with TB 303 and Modular ANALOG DRUMs

Published on Feb 16, 2016 HOX808

"The drum voices come from ORPHO Modular Drum. The kick thunders from the x base 09."

I'm guessing the ORPHO is new from HOX808. If you know feel free to comment. I left a comment on YouTube for HOX808 and will report back if I hear back.

Update: some info via HOX808:

"The Orpho Modular Drum is a drum set for the Eurorack. It consists of 8 different drum voices, Bass Drum, Snare, Hi-Hat, 3xConga (Low, Mi, Hi) and 2 x RIM shot.

The circuits aresimilar to the drum machines of bygone days. Each module is manufactured by myself, without the use of SMD components. 100% analog, in every respects! The modules will be available soon for sale.

More information coming soon..."

Prophet 6 "Improv 396" sci-fi, space, ambient

Published on Feb 16, 2016 Bob I. Gomez

"I perform an Improvisation using Preset 396 on the Sequential Prophet 6 Synthesizer."

nnoiz Papp testing hornberg hb1 with moog voyager

Published on Feb 16, 2016 nnoiz Papp

"my first test with the HORNBERG hb1 breath controller and the moog voyager. the controller sends controller 19 for cutoff filter control"

testing hb1 breath controller with OCTATRACK

Note this is the first post to feature HORNBERG on the site.

The following are some details on the HB1 via the product page.

"The hb1 MIDI Breath Station enables you to regulate any electronic instrument or peripheral device with MIDI or USB-port. The special wooden mouth piece, a precision sensor and the combination of a MIDI-merger, an integrated MIDI-interface and the innovative parameters create the premise for a high precision and highly sensitive performance of your ideas, in studio or live. Ten of the twelve parameters allow an adaption of various details and impulses in your music. For instance, the adjustable “Release” allows breathing in without a gap in the sound.The “Dynamic Attack” parameter allows for sensitive sound control, even in the finest pianissimo. In dual mode you can control two independent MIDI CCs even simultaneously. Realtime data reduction, Inversion and Limitation of the signal and, of course, Drive and Offset are all a part of the setting options. Each parameter can be saved in 25 presets. Additionally, the breath-data is displayed constantly on the Breath-Value Display. The hb1 approach is innovative and progresses far beyond the possibilities of a common breath controller. Through the integration of standard MIDI and USB-ports, the hb1 functions with or without a computer. The hb1 is hand-crafted in Germany with great attention to detail as well as with a focus on the aspect of sustainability.

The hb1 is composed of a controller unit and an extremely accurate pressure sensor unit which is connected to the mouthpiece by a silicon hose and to the controller unit by a sensor cable. Two mouthpieces are supplied in different sizes so that the most comfortable can be chosen for use.
The mouthpiece, made of precious wood from the wild service tree, is mounted onto a stainless steel tube in which the sliding adjustable air intake valve can be adjusted as needed. The pressure sensor unit may be worn hung by a leather cord around the neck with the mouthpiece between the lips. The hb1 includes a Neck Set which enables the mouthpiece to be set in a fixed position in front of the mouth. This is particularly helpful for live performances. The hb1 Neck Set is made from a flexible but robust metal tube which can be easily shaped and adapted for the musician's comfort and musical needs..."

phrygian tune'

Published on Feb 16, 2016 Ebotronix

4ms Peg, QCD/Expander, RCD², VCA Matrix
Analogue Systems RS 100², RS110²², RS360², RS500e²
Arp Odyssey 2821 white noise
Bananalogue Serge VCS

1988 style Acid House with Minilogue, MB 33, Volca, Electribe, Microbrute & Streichfett

Published on Feb 16, 2016

"Acid house live jam in a 1988 retro style. My first upload after I got the Minilogue. In this video I use the Minilogue in a rather unconventional manner because it plays a house piano (voice mode: minor chord)

The other gear used:
Electribe Sampler (drums and vocal samples; hardware sequencer for the other synths)
Korg Volca Bass (lead synth sequence)
Arturia Microbrute (bass)
MAM MB33 retro (acid line, through TC Electronic Alter Ego X4 Vintage echo)
Waldorf Streichfett (strings).

Other external effects: Lexicon MX200, TC Electronic M350, TC Electronic M One XL."

Synth Jam - GoPro Chest Test

Published on Feb 16, 2016 Anonymous Animal

"Testing out my GoPro chest mount and documenting a little improvised beat that I was enjoying.

Thoughts on the GoPro shot? Does the motion make you sick? Is it awesome and we should do a lot more of it? Let us know in the comments.

Sequencing and Beats - Korg Electribe
Mixing and FX - Roland Mx-1
Synths - Roland System-1, Korg Volca Bass, Arturia Microbrute and Yamaha DX200
Audio recorded direct to iPhone

(the laptop is literally a ridiculously over-specced power supply for the MOTU Midi Express Micro that is underneath it, distributing midi signals. Pretty screensaver though!)"

Oberheim Xpander Synthesizer

via this auction

"This is an Oberheim Xpander in fantastic condition - all rotaries, screens, and keys are working perfectly. It's very clean. Sonically 100%. Cosmetically 95%. Included is a beat-up but very useful hard case, the original preset cassette, and the manual."

Future Retro 777 SN FR3D71499442

via this auction

ROLAND JUPITER 6 JP6 Analog Synthesizer W/ Europa Upgrade SN 353805

via this auction

Note only one VCO is working on this one. Via the seller:

"The Europa upgrade adds additional functionality to the unit, such as the ability to record slider movements via MIDI and additional appregiator settings. It costs about $300+ to get it installed.

The keyboard has one minor issue and needs repair. One of the voices on the VCO1 does not make a sound. However, if you use only VCO2 then all voices work perfect. I was told it needs CEM chip replacement which run about $70 to $80 plus labor. I actually had purchased the chip a while ago so I could replace it but did not get around and have lost the chip! You can order the chip online and have any local repair guy replace it.
I have had this synth for the past 20 years and it has been mostly seating idle in the studio with very little usage."

Serge Animoo Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

Sound Test Sledge StudioLogic Waldorf Polyphonic Synth

Published on Feb 16, 2016 Ulises Lozano

"Sound Test Sledge StudioLogic Waldorf
Download the sound test i did for you to sample,

Hope this video gives you an idea of how this great Synth sounds if you are plannning to buy one, ask me any questions.

Also is a great Midi/USB Controller for your Soft Synths.

Im Testing some of the presets and also some some sounds i created so you can hear its potential.
Some cons: Feels a little plasticish,"

Roland JD-XA Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer Demo

Published on Feb 16, 2016 Kraft Music

Noisescape 20

Published on Feb 16, 2016 John L Rice

"Invisible Body, Old Machine and Night Sky video clips licensed through"

New Zephyr Hybrid Hardware Synthesizer in the Works - Demo Sounds

Zephyr Hybrid Synthesizer - February 2016 Teaser

Published on Feb 16, 2016 Sylwester Retrospektive

"The Zephyr is a hybrid (digital + analog) synthesizer being developed by me. Here is a litte sound teaser."

A new hardware synth coming from Sylwester Retrospektive. You can see the channel label below for some of his previous work.

Roland JP-08 Boutique Voice Stealing in Chain Mode?

Published on Feb 16, 2016 Earmonkey Music

Anyone else confirm this? What happens when you play single notes with long release times? Do the first four get cutoff when you play the fifth through eighth? Update: according to Earmonkey the same happens with single notes if you release a key.  It only goes onto the next unit when more than four keys are held down, otherwise it just round-robins on the one unit.

"First of all, let it be known that I really do love the Boutiques. I love my JP-08s. However, there is an issue with voice stealing in chain mode....I made this video a while back (cell phone alert) that demonstrates the voice stealing in the Boutique synths when there are two chained together. The issue is that the way Roland have allocated voices is that Unit #1 will play the first four notes, then any fifth note played SIMULTANEOUSLY, will spill over to the second unit. If you're doing big 6, 7, 8 note pads, this is fine. But if you are playing 4-note chords, and then lift off, and play another, the second unit is never triggered at all. So you get only four voices, not eight. The video demo is easier to see. At times I'm playing more than four notes, and all notes sound just fine. But when I do the four-note chords, you get get voice stealing. If Roland would address this and have the note allocation work in a round robin fashion, then you would not have this issue. Every other note could be sent to each alternating unit and you'd only get voice stealing when you reached the 8-voice limit. Anyway, here's the vid"

Roland Boutique on eBay | Roland Boutique on Amazon

Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 and Prophet 6 Patch Comparison

Published on Feb 16, 2016 SyntheticThings

"We compare the same patch on both the DSI Prophet-6 and the OB-6 to compare the similarities and differences between these two great synthesizers. To hear sound examples check out our sound demo video:"

Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 Overview

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-6s on eBay | Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-6s on Amazon

DSI OB-6 Demos by Peter M. Mahr

Sequential Prophet-6 Demo by Paul Dither

"A couple of sounds I've made with the Prophet-6 recorded straight into Ableton. No additional effects, just pure Prophet."

Update: these are now available here.
DSI Prophet-6s on eBay | DSI Prophet-6s on Amazon

Dr Mono (91 BPM Live PA)

Published on Feb 16, 2016 abyss1430

"finally found a Boss Dr-110 and restored it from water damage and ran a new solder trace for the accent trig out.
Gave it a go with the Korg Monotribe and KP2 mini
compressor on the master bus"

Details on the New K5 Additive Synth Chip from DSP Synthesizers

Details and order info have been added to yesterday's post here.

MST SYSTEM 84 & ANALOG DRUM SYSTEM - Critical Listening Series Demo.

Published on Feb 16, 2016 synthrotek

"Housed in Synthrotek's 84HP Skiff Boat, the MST SYSTEM 84 is a very powerful analog monophonic FULLY modular synthesizer. Includes a power brick and a 20-pack of patch cables.

MST MIDI to CV Converter
MST '07 Buffered Multiple
MST Noise Sample and Hold / Track and Hold
MST VCO (x 2)
MST 4-Channel Audio/CV Mixer
MST Low Pass Filter
MST Dual Envelope
DLY Module
MST Stereo Output Mixer"

Korg Volca Sample Melodic samples

Published on Feb 16, 2016 Max Vicinelli

"Testing whit tune some samples.."

KORG Volcas on eBay | KORG Volcas on Amazon

Infrared -- Caustic on Location Panama City Beach

Published on Feb 16, 2016 EIPStudiosOhio

"Testing out new features in the upcoming public release of Caustic 3.2 and Mastering 1.0 from SingleCellSoftware, on location in Panama City Beach.... enjoy"

iTunes: Caustic - Rejean Poirier

Maschine Studio Arpeggiator With A Modular Synthesizer

Published on Feb 16, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"We explore the interface between music software and hardware, using Native Instruments Maschine Studio and its built in Keyboard Mode and Arpeggiator to sequence a Modular system.

Check out our 8 week Maschine Studio Course!

Voltage Control Lab is the first school dedicated to Modular Synthesis, offering online courses and private instruction in Hardware and Software Synthesis and Sound Design. We are currently enrolling Modular 101: Intro to Eurorack for newer modular adventurers, as well as more advanced courses like Sound Design 101 and The Many Faces of Maths for more experienced sound spelunkers. Join us!"

ludoWic Jam 18

Published on Feb 16, 2016 ludoWic music

Steiner Parker Synthacon

via this auction

Be sure to see the seller's other items for more.

"This one is in excellent cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just come back from being serviced and with a lot of restoration. It is ready to be played and needs nothing! The multi-mode filter on this thing is nothing short of amazing as is it's flexibility. As you may know, Synthacons are pretty rare and they do not come up too often. This is the only one here on Ebay. It will come with a custom road case. International buyers should keep this in mind as it's big and very heavy..."

EML 200 Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

EML ElectroComp 101 Analog Monophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"EML ElectroComp 101 analog synthesizer. This thing is in good physical condition and was just returned from Three Wave Music in New Jersey. There are a few silver caps missing from the knobs but the rest looks great..."


via this auction

"Excellent condition considering it is almost 40 years old
Fully operational - James Walker at SRS has recently serviced it and rectified any small issues
No modifications - it is factory standard
240v on a UK 3 pin plug
Original Instruction Manual
Copy of Technical Service Schematics
Also includes a LeCover dust cover to keep the Four Voice clean if you want to keep the tolex lid in storage
A great collectors piece that will only go up in value
There are not many Oberheim Four Voices around any longer, especially in this condition..."

Oberheim OB-8 Synthesizer SN C43103

via this auction

Rare Mam Map1 Midi Arpeggiator SN MA11301014

via this auction

Measures about 5"W x 4.5"L x 2"D.

ARP Odyssey MkII Original Vintage Synthesizer SN 0043

via this auction

Model: 2812
Serial number: 0043.
(includes model 4075 ladder filter)

Ensoniq SQ80 Digital/Analog Hybrid Synthesizer with Valhala Cart

via this auction

OP-1 Loopsession 02-14-16 (Requiescence)

Published on Feb 16, 2016 Jeremy Leaird-Koch

"A loop-making session on the OP-1. Resulting loops were brought into Ableton and made into a finished track. Includes process and sample ID subtitles.

Soundcloud :"

Teenage Engineering on eBay | Teenage Engineering on Amazon

Making of Deadpool Soundtrack - Junkie XL

Published on Feb 16, 2016 junkiexlofficial

"Behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Official Deadpool Soundtrack by Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL - video by Will Knapp of Napptime Digital Video. Soundtrack available here:"

Pretty cool to see the synths used in the film: TTSH (ARP 2600 clone), Roland JD-800, Oberheim OB-Xa, NED Synclavier in software, and Yamaha DX5. Plenty of other synth spotting as well.


Synths of Deadpool - Studio Time with Junkie XL

Published on Mar 8, 2016 junkiexlofficial

"A walkthrough of the synths of Deadpool and a taste of the Studio Time with Junkie XL to come! More info coming soon!"

KORG iDS-10 v 2.0.0 Brings iPad Support

iTunes: KORG iDS-10 - KORG INC.

"What's New in Version 2.0.0
● iPad support: Now goes universal app with support for iPhone and iPad
● Audio Export: SoundCloud, AudioCopy, Dropbox and iTunes File Sharing support
● PLUS mode that brings massive expansion (In-app purchase): double the number of synthesizers (from 2 to 4) and Voice Synths (from 1 to 2). Also, sound edit during song playback and a 12 track sequencer give you higher levels of music creation and performance
● Other minor bug fixes and improvements"

Venetian Snares - Can't Vote For Yourself (Video Version)

Published on Feb 16, 2016 vsnares

"Venetian Snares - Traditional Synthesizer Music -February 19, 2016

Hello! Here we have a live recording of Can't Vote For Yourself! This is another alternate take available only on the Traditional Synthesizer Music pre order bonus CD :)

Physical Pre orders come with a 10 Track Bonus Album on CD!"

CB's DIY Modular Synth: 2-16-2016 Arduino oscillator, MIDI, and PT2399 digital delay circuit

Published on Feb 16, 2016 Chris Beckstrom

"More about this project:

This week I built two very exciting modules: an Arduino-based digital oscillator with MIDI input (!!!) and a PT2399-based digital delay circuit. Still working out some kinks on the Arduino oscillator, but for now it has 3 programs, each with a crossfade between different waves. Program, frequency, and wave shape (crossfade) are all voltage-controllable. In addition, the Arduino spits out gate voltages when it receives MIDI note on messages, which I can then use to trigger envelopes, sequencers, etc.

This particular patch is a MIDI sequencer generated by Qmidiarp on linux whose root is determined by the little MIDI over USB keyboard, then sent via MIDI cable to my Arduino oscillator. The output of that goes into an amp (the Arduino is pretty quiet) and then into a VCA whose attenuation is being modulated by the gate voltages. Then into a mixer along with some delay. A triangle LFO is also modulating the frequency of the oscillator (when it's in "free" mode) and a slope generator triggered by the gate voltages is modulating the wave shape (sine to saw, tri to saw, and sine to wave-folded sine)"

FYI, I created a new Chris Beckstrom label for these moving forward. You'll find three previous posts there. A search on Chris Beckstrom will bring them up as well, along with two Bitwig videos. Lots of "New" labels for this post.

Dave Bundy - Woody Rain (MakeNoise Shared System)

Published on Feb 16, 2016 Dave Bundy

"Live modular performance on my MakeNoise Shared System with CV Bus.
No editing or overdubbing. Everything is on the fly.

Percussion by Orgone Accumulator and Matter - Sequenced by Pithoprakta

Published on Feb 16, 2016 isvisible / isinvisible

"Working on a new track featuring:

Iron Ether - Pithoprakta on trigger duties
Neutron Sound - Orgone Accumulator on percussion and bassline duties
Folktek - Matter on percussion duties
Livewire - Audio Frequency Generator on plinky plonky duties
Mutable Instruments - Elements on thrummy guitar type thing duties

With some other gubbins.


PO 20-series

Published on Feb 16, 2016 teenageengineering

"introducing pocket operators PO 20-series by teenage engineering and cheap monday. PO-20 arcade, PO-24 office & PO-28 robot."

Teenage Engineering on eBay | Teenage Engineering on Amazon

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