MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday, March 04, 2016

Harmonica : KORG minilogue VS KROME

Published on Mar 4, 2016 karenevil

"Just kidding but not bad sound :D"

KORG minilogues on eBay | Korg minilogues on Amazon

Two Sequencers Running - video #2

Published on Mar 4, 2016 noddyspuncture

"And again I am using the SQ10 & Q960 sequencers. Not in shot but heard at the start - the SQ10 is playing the MS20 and I'm fiddling with the Q960 which is playing the Minimoog throught the MF-104M."

Video 1 here.

Sequential Circuits Prophet T8

via this auction

Yamaha AN1X

via this auction

Quick Session: Acidic Failure (Elektron Analog Rytm)

Published on Mar 4, 2016 my4trackmachine

"I have been getting more involved with my Rytm and have been exploring the performance aspect of it. In the past I have used the C64, Volca Bass, or DSI Mopho to imitate 303 style acid lines. None of these tools have proven to be very effective as a true tb-303 imitation. This time around I used the Rytm's filters coupled with some sampled one osc cycles made from a 303 vst. I went a step further and decided to add some other waveforms to give my Rytm more solid ground for synthesis as well.

After all the ground work I programmed a quick 64 step loop, played with sound design, and programmed some performance macros for live tweaking of sounds via the pressure sensitive buttons on the machine. From there it was just tweaking and playing. Unfortunately there was an issue with my recording device. For that reason the recording quality is lower then usual. I will say that the Rytm's filters are pretty great for that acid sound even if you can't really hear it here. Good fun. I learned a lot. I am happy with it."

Spectralis - Multitrack Record

"A multitrack recording with the Spectralis Hybrid synth."

Waldorf NW1 User Wavetable Tutorial

Published on Mar 4, 2016 Synth City

"Hello and welcome to the first video from Synth City!

In this video Wesley quickly demonstrates how to record a wavetable into the User bank of the Waldorf NW1 Wavetable Module. This unique feature makes the NW1 a module with exciting sound design capabilities completely apart from other wavetable VCOs currently available in Eurorack.

This patch also makes use of the Doepfer A-119, Make Noise Wiard Wogglebug, MN Maths, WMD/SSF Amplitude, and Qu-Bit Electronics RT60."


A Sylenth sound pack in via MATRIXSYNTH Member, KNOBZ.NET. You'll find the set at Zenhiser here along with demos.

"Turn your Sylenth synth into an 80’s time machine with a beautiful collection of synth presets designed exclusively for an 80’s soundtrack era. This cohesive preset pack will inspire your retro fuelled content with suspense ridden strings, evocative pads, time defying bass, emotive arpeggios, impeccable brass, fm synth leads and reminiscent keys of a time where music reigned supreme.

Using today’s techniques to create the unmistakable golden age of synth sounds, Cinematic 80’s Presets takes your Sylenth synth on a journey far beyond the boundaries of Blade Runner, Tron, Day Of The Dead & The Breakfast Club. This nostalgic collection is perfect for musicians requiring to envelop their tracks with an alternative emotion of yesteryear character. Featuring a comprehensive range of synth possibilities these 80’s presets will transcend your musical creations into the suspense, anticipation and tension they truly need. Geared towards the more emotive side of 80’s soundtracks you’ll be entranced within minutes as you browse through the plethora of 80’s fuelled sounds.

All presets within the collection can be used 100% royalty free and are available for download in both individual preset FXP and bank file FXB format. Please note: Lennar Digital Sylenth is required for use with this preset pack. Download it now and turn your synth into an 80’s soundtrack monster

Elektron Octatrack

via this auction

"Excellent condition. Ships with original box, usb cable, power supply, 16GB memory card and owners manual."

Octave Plateau CATstick Synthesizer Controller | Joystick

via this auction

"This one is in incredible condition, and has seen minimal use. Comes with what I think is its original (though non-descript) box, and instruction manual. This controller has a very nice, stiff feeling, spring-loaded joystick. Voltage outputs based on the joystick's position are available, as well as a mixed output of 4 VCAs, controlled by the joystick, which are fed either 2 LFOs or an external, patchable, signal. Very expressive and fun controller. There is one tiny blemish (pictured) on the top right corner of the face plate, where the face meets the wall, a small paint chip. The only other thing of note is that some of the potentiometers are a little stiffer than others. They get smoother through some use, but they don't all have identical feels. They all work as they should, however."

Vintage E-Mu Emulator SN 213

via this auction

Akai AX60 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Deja Vu (DnB 2016) live with Korg EMX2

Published on Mar 4, 2016 DJ Galactic

"Deja Vu (Dnb- Drum and Bass) original mix, live with Korg EMX2 (Electribe)"

Polyrhythmic Easel

Published on Mar 4, 2016 Wein Glas

"Polyrhythmic Experiments with the BEMI Music Easel and an EHX Clockworks!"

DSI Oberheim OB-6 - Lorenz Rhode factory presets jam

Published on Mar 4, 2016 Lorenz Rhode

"Playing some of the factory presets I made for the Dave Smith / Oberheim OB-6. Amazing machine!
Music based on Strip Steve - Breakin' (Lorenz Rhode Remix)."

Tellun Neural Agonizer spring reverb | stand alone box

via this auction

"This is a Tellun Corp Nerual Agonizer dual spring reverb module, normally an MOTM module, built into a Hammond slanted case. It uses banana jacks for patch points, not 1/4" or 1/8".

A description from the site:

'The TLN-156 Neural Agonizer is a voltage controlled spring reverb processor. Although this module can be used to simulate room reverb with most audio signals, it includes numerous enhancements specifically designed for interfacing to a modular synthesizer. If you're looking for a smooth, natural sounding reverb system to make your synthesizer sound like its being played in the Concertgebouw, then go buy a Lexicon. This is not your grandmother's reverb tank, this is a noxious tool capable of inflicting some serious damage to your audio.

The TLN-156 features: an amplifier for controlling the input signal level, two reverb tanks that can be driven in series or parallel, separate recovery amplifiers and resonators for each reverb tank, a feedback amplifier with lowpass filter, and a deformation processor for combining the reverb tank outputs. Most parameters are voltage controllable and several patch points are available for adding additional signal processing. All inputs and outputs handle 10 Vpp audio signals and 5 volt control voltage signals (modular standard).'

It has a built in power supply - Frequency Central's Power PCB's, and comes with 16v AC wallwart adapter to power everything."


via this auction

Check out the price, then check out this post from 2011. There are a few more images in this latest listing. Not a bad investment if it sells for anywhere near the asking price. The listing is definitely geared for those that want a mint 808 with original box and packaging and has money to burn.  Cost is relative to how much you make and have of course.

Moog Source SN 1724

via this auction

"This Moog Source is in good condition, and comes from a smoke-free home. It plays well and sounds incredible. Serial # 1724. Includes power cable and copy of owner's manual.

Functionally, this synth is at almost 100%. Knobs, wheels and membrane all work perfectly.

Almost all of the keys work perfectly . . . The only playability issue is the middle "D#" key. As you can see in the photos, this key is slightly bent, and because of this it does not trigger every time it is pressed. However, if it is gently pushed back to the upright position and then pressed down, it works correctly. Because of this, I believe this key could possibly be replaced, thus restoring its functionality. There is a small plastic piece of the black key that broke off (and came out of the synth), and I think this is what's causing the key to lean to one side.

Also, the high "E" key is broken and missing a piece (as seen in the photos) but it still works correctly and triggers every time it is played. The broken piece of this key (along with the piece of the black key) will be included with the synth.

Cosmetic condition: Besides the two damaged keys mentioned above, this synth has the normal scuffs and scrapes and scratches that are to be expected of a vintage keyboard. There are also two small drips of pink paint on a couple keys. Please inspect the photos for the best idea of the condition of this synth."

TTSH ARP 2600 Clone

via this auction

"Since early January 2016, the The Human Comparator discontinued the boards and panels to make room for more great products to come. This monster is now considered among the rare classics we spend most of our time hunting down and will surely go up in demand considering not many were built. I've had allot of fun building them and now its time to sell my last one.. well not really my last.. I've kept one for my self ;)

The TTSH unique neo style case was designed and hand crafted by IBYP's own designer Lou Davis. The Neo style case is inspired by one's perception of physics due to its sleek slanted design. It gives the impression that the case is on the verge of falling when viewed from it sides but thanks to the storage compartment in the back, the TTSH had a very solid base to stand on. The compartment makes it practical to store your cables, power supply as well as cue sheets or other junk we musicians tend to carry around. As for the case finish, a blackDuratex plastic paint was chosen for better durability and resistance while also providing a beautiful end product, catches the eye of everyone's first glance. The white ring edition speaks for itself, the 1/8" and the 1/4" ring connectors have been carefully coated white and a Moog style knob was added for the preamp volume control.

It is very easy to setup in any midi situation, just connect any midi controller, sequencer with a CV/Gate out to the CV/Gate input on the TTSH and you're ready to explore a universe of endless soundscape possibilities! I recommend anyone passionate about analog synths to go the extra mile and get this version 2 of TTSH, it's a musical beast, a must have!"

KORG Mono/Poly Vintage Analog Synth w/ Original Bag & Overlay SN 378530

via this auction

ACE TONE PS-1000 SN 578555

via this auction

"Up for sale is Very Rare ACE TONE PS-1000 vintage analog monophonic synthesizer.

Ace Tone / Ace Electronics Industries was the predecessor to Roland, and it is said that PS-1000 monosynth was designed by the founder of Roland almost simultaneously to when Roland released the popular SH-3A.

The unit appears to be working fine, all the sliders and keys and knobs working well to the best of my knowledge. Maybe some slight scratch noise on the sliders, which could do with minor adjustment/servicing if required."

Grinding Wheels ( Acid Techno)

Published on Mar 4, 2016 abyss1430

"Korg Volca Sample Beats Keys xoxbox efx"

Adventures in Synthesis: Modular synth, organ, Rhodes, and drum machine

Published on Mar 4, 2016 Chris Beckstrom

"More about this project:

An early morning experiment combining my DIY modular synth, a Hammond M-100 series organ, a Fender Rhodes, and my DIY iPad drum machine, improvised live and recorded into Bitwig Studio on Linux.

Patch notes:
In the modular, a square wave oscillator is clocking a 10-step sequencer, which is in turn modulating the pitch of 2 saw wave oscillators. The 3rd saw is being modulated by another square lfo (has the effect of a slow sort of trill between two notes). All 3 saws go into a low pass gate which is modulated (pinged) by the master clock, then into a distortion module, then a modular mixer, the big mixer, and finally into the computer.

The organ has a spring reverb unit that takes an RCA input from the tone generation section of the organ. As it turns out, if you unplug the RCA plug from the reverb you have a direct line out of the organ. The organ goes into the modular via preamp, then directly into the computer via an audio interface. I stuck a little screwdriver in the second manual on the organ and rested a trombone case on the Bb pedal so the it would sustain those notes.

The Rhodes is going into a tube preamp which is connected (alligator-clipped because I didn’t have the right adapters) to the built-in input on my Mac.

The iPad is running MobMuPlat, a platform for running Pure Data patches on iOS with a custom GUI. The drum machine is my own creation and it’s working out great! I have a little audio interface plugged into the camera adapter kit, and the output of the modular’s master clock is going into the interface. I added an external input “circuit” in the Pure Data patch, which lets the sequencer listen for incoming sounds and use those as the clock. (This is why a few times you can hear the sequencer skip some beats– when I jostle the alligator clips it misfires!). The iPad goes into a preamp in the modular, then to the big mixer, then into the computer.

Each of these sounds has their own track in Bitwig, which is a first for me– usually I record everything mixed down to mono or sometimes stereo. Some of the reverb comes from the spring reverb in the big mixer, some of it is a reverb plugin in Bitwig.

The organ is an additive synth, and moving the drawbars I can control the balance of various sine-like “oscillators” (tone wheels). Some day I’ll figure out how to use CV to control the drawbars, but for now I’ll just use my hands."

Archive: Top 20 Greatest Synths

Published on Mar 4, 2016 sonicstate

Here's one from the past that was just re-uploaded by Sonic State. Long time readers should remember this. It was posted back in February of 2007. The original upload appears to be gone so I updated that post with the newly released version above and put up a new post here for those that missed it.

Tone2 Nemesis - Deep Forest of FM Synthesis

Published on Mar 4, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"In this video, I give some very interesting sounds from Tone2 Nemesis Synthesizer. Nemesis is a very special FM Synthesizer with a lot of different new types of FM Synthesis. In my tests, one of the best FM Synths very heart. It's offer so special sounding oscillators and a very easy to use interface"

watermelon synth jam

Published on Mar 4, 2016 casperelectronics synthesizers

"little jam using simple hand made electronics and a watermelon. For info on how it works and how to build your own check out this video:" [posted here]

Erica Synths Fusion Ring Modulator mkII demo

Published on Mar 4, 2016 Erica Synths

"Erica Fusion Ring Modulator is classic design ring modulator with germanium diode ring and audio transformers in the modulator circuit. Germanium diodes enrich the sound by adding extra harmonic content meanwhile vacuum tube adds screaming overdrive to audio and carrier signals."

via Erica Synths

"Erica Fusion Ring modulator - a classic design ring modulator with germanium diode ring + vacuum tube to boost and shape audio and carrier signals.

Germanium diodes enrich the sound by adding extra harmonic content meanwhile vacuum tube adds evilish overdrive to audio and carrier signals. As result you get one of most versatile ringmodulators around!

Germanium diode ring

Audio transformers

Adjustable tube overdrive on both audio and carrier inputs

Colour switch to select between brighter and darker sound

Configurable power supply - standart eurorack +-12V conection OR eurorack +-12V plus Erica Synths Tube heater PSU


Input signal level: up to 20V ptp

Max Output level: 10V ptp

Panel width: 12HP

Module depth: 35mm

Power supply: bipolar +-12V , eurorack standard and/or Erica Synths 6VAC PSU

Power consumption:

Tube heater PSU configuration: 10mA@+12V, 10mA@-12V, 300mA@6VAC

Eurorack PSU configuration: 160mA@+12V, 10mA@-12V"

Erica Synths Fusion Tube Mixer mkII demo

Published on Mar 4, 2016 Erica Synths

"Erica Fusion Mixer module is designed to mix audio signals on the vacuum tube. Module adds warm tube saturation to any signal you put through it and when the knobs are set over 3 o'clock tube starts to distort the incoming signal without losing any of the low end frequencies."

via Erica Synths

"Erica Fusion dual Mixer module is designed to mix and overdrive audio signals on the vacuum tube.

Use Fusion Mixer as two independent 3-input mixers (also for stereo signal mixing) or 6-input mixer. Special feature of the Fusion Mixer – great tube overdrive effects when level knobs are set to 3 o’clock and above. When used with drum machines, it even emulates sidechain compressors. When used to mix signasl from VCOs Fusion Mixer works as waveshaper, especially, if pulse width modulated pulse signals is used in one of inputs.


6 audio inputs

Two independent 3-input mixer

Sum of all 6-inputs

Soft tube overdrive

Configurable power supply - standart eurorack +-12V conection OR eurorack +-12V plus Erica Synths Tube heater PSU


Input signal level: up to 20V ptp

Mixer gain:1

Max Output level: 10V ptp

Panel width: 17HP

Module depth: 25mm

Power supply: bipolar +-12V , eurorack standard and/or Erica Synths 6VAC PSU

Power consumption:

Tube heater PSU configuration: 10mA@+12V, 10mA@-12V, 300mA@6VAC

Eurorack PSU configuration: 160mA@+12V, 10mA@-12V

Price 250EUR, +21% VAT for individual customers in EU without EU VAT registration number.
Shipping in EU - 6EUR, elsewhere in the world - 8EUR

Vintage Drum Machines Sound pack for Analog Rytm

Published on Mar 4, 2016 Elektron

"Goldbaby has made a sound pack featuring samples from vintage drum machines such as Linndrum, Boss DR220, SP1200, Drumulator, DMX and many more.
Listen to more examples at"

Simmons SDS 8 meets Beatstep Pro. And a Roland TR-8

Published on Mar 3, 2016 Earmonkey Music

"Simmons SDS 8 Drum Brain being controlled by an Arturia Beatstep Pro. This is just a fun little module. It has 5 analog VCOs with parameters for Pad Sensitivity, Filter, Pitch, Bend Up/Down, Decay, Noise/Tone (Osc) Balance, Click, Pan, and Volume. There is one factory preset, (that's what I play first) and one user preset (pretty much just whatever the controls are set to, and where all the fun begins) per voice. There is a stereo out, a mono mix out, and a separate out for each channel if you want. In this video, I try to demo first just one channel, showing some of the different tones that the machine is capable of. You can definitely make the Simmons Sound (Dffffffff) all day long. But it's also a very capable drum synth that you can do all kinds of stuff with. There are no FX. Everything in this video was recorded dry. The TR-8 comes in later, providing some additional hi-hat, clap, rim, cymbal and stuff. But all the kick and snare are from the SDS 8.

This is a really cool unit. Though I noticed that after a day or so, the Balance pot on channel 5 doesn't work well. It cuts out if you try to go full on the OSC and cut noise. A little frustrating, but not a total loss since I can use it for hi-hat type stuff anyway. Hopefully I can open it up and Deoxit the pot back to health."

Spinscott In the Booth - NAMM 2016 "Footwork Jungle"

Published on Mar 3, 2016 AkaiProVideo

"Watch as DJ and finger drummer Spinscott puts on a mind blowing performance of his 'Footwork Jungle' routine on the MPC Touch during NAMM 2016."


Published on Mar 3, 2016 CLASSIC VINTAGE

"Roland RS-505 Paraphonic Strings Machine (1978)"

#2: MJS of diNMachine on Verbos/Max/ExpertSleepers/Live

#2: MJS of diNMachine on Verbos/Max/ExpertSleepers/Live from diNMachine on Vimeo.

"#2: MJS of diNMachine on Verbos/Max/ExpertSleepers/Live

Michael Schumacher of diNMachine

Verbos Composition System with Max, Expert Sleepers and Live"

First part here.

Patch n Tweak

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