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Thursday, March 24, 2016

japan In Sen scale

Published on Mar 24, 2016 Ebotronix

Buchla System #1
Roland EF 303 manual in sen scaling
Maestro Ringmodulator
Lexicon PCM 80/90, TC M one XL
Red Federation BPM FX Pro
Alesis 3630, Aphex Model 104
Electrix Warp Factory
Moog CP251 noise
Yamaha MCS 2
mackie the mixer²
vid #1485

LinnStrument Introduction

Published on Mar 24, 2016 Roger Linn
Re-Published on Apr 11, 2016

"Introduction to LinnStrument, an innovative MIDI controller that captures 3 dimensions of finger movement, polyphonically, for expressive musical performance of electronic sounds."

Voyager XL Arp's raw no FX's

Published on Mar 24, 2016 Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

"Moog Voyager Another no effects run trying to give some idea of the voyager sound pallet"

(Electribe2) EMx2 p.o.v hIPHOP jUNGLE-

Published on Mar 24, 2016 j j

Electribes on eBay

Circuit Bent DR5 Line Amp

Published on Mar 24, 2016 JRock17991

Bent DR5 and Drone

Published on Mar 24, 2016 JRock17991

Doug Lynner & Elby Designs Classic Mystery Serge in Eurorack

via Doug Lynner on Modular Grid:

"Here is the first glimpse at one of ten EuroSerge system configurations that I have created for Elby Designs. Their new EuroSerge is a full, classic Serge Analog Modular Synthesizer, including the entire catalog of first generation Serge modules in a truly modular format, reimagined for the 3u format. This configuration is based on my Mystery Serge, the first 'commercial' Serge. The configuration will give new adapters a well used system from which to explore their own configurations. Following I will be publishing systems of all sizes for a wide range of users. It has been my pleasure to work together on this with Serge Tcherepnin, and Laurie Biddulph and I hope that you enjoy this new opportunity to include official Serge designs in your 3u system.

Doug Lynner

Here is as link to the Mystery Serge - the inspiration for this system."

Octave The CAT Model 1853

via this auction

via the seller: "This is a beautiful analog CAT SRM model 1853. I bought this new in 1978 and am the original owner. It has had VERY little use.

This machine is basically a ARP Odyssey clone. Incidentally ARP sued Cat over this!

This is a VERY rich and phat sounding machine. It has one over the mini-moog because it is possible to have all waveforms at once (each with their own slider) instead of just switching between them like the Moog. Great sounding filter too. Somewhere between Moog & Oberheim ; best of both worlds!

The Cat is a monophonic/ duophonic analog synthesizer with 2 oscillators capable of square and sawtooth waveforms. VCO 1 also has a triangle waveform. Each of the waveforms can be played simultaneously and mixed together and there are additional sub-octave oscillators on each oscillator to blend new and interesting sounds.

Everything works. All keys, controls, outputs, etc.

As it has been stored for many years, you will probably want to have is professionally serviced to clean the contacts and update the caps."

Yamaha DX7 Digital Programable Algorithm Synthesizer SN 113276 with Cart

via this auction



Published on Mar 24, 2016 LESINDES

"Playing the presets of WER CX-1 fully analog rhythm generator. Showing here the auto CHARD and BASS-LINE GENERATOR."

Follow-up to this post.

MI Elements Rondeau

by bartonmusic aka Todd Barton

"Another early exploration of Mutable Instruments Elements and Clouds."

Adding 3 Vco's to Moog Mother 32

Published on Mar 24, 2016 iscariah71

"This is a simple video describing how to had one external eco like Deeper A110 to the Mother, and added 2 others vco's with patching points.
Hope it ll be helpful."

(Hitachi) Lo-D HMS-30 Rare Analogue Synth with Manual

via this auction

See the Hitachi label at the bottom of this post for previous posts include a video demo of the HMS-30.

"One of the rarest synth ever. As Internet says, only 300 was made. This one have a serial number 9000154C.

There is a full (all keys at same time) polyphony, two stage tone modificator, multilayered LFOs, 8-pattern rhythm generator, and programmable sequencer. Also, it have a stereo output, so it is possible to play with pan for some features.

Original user manual (Japanese) included.

Capacitors in power supply was replaced for prophylactic reasons, and output voltage precisely adjusted.

Pots and switches moves without any cracks or noises. The tune is fine.

Machine looks like a fully working, but I can not test all features of programmable sequencer (LEDs response correctly then I pressing buttons on it - thats all I'v figured out) because I can't read Japanese.

Cosmetically it looks great, but have few unperfections. Please see photos.

Please note:

The synthesizer is made for japanese market and work only at ~100-110v. If you living in countries, where voltage 220-240v, you need a step-down transformer."


Published on Mar 24, 2016 AnalogAudio1

"(c) 2016 by AnalogAudio1

The Solina String-Ensemble is identical with the ARP String-Ensemble. It is the first and original "String Machine". Fully polyphonic with 4 presets and 2 monophonic bass presets!

Many manufacturers tried to copy it (Logan String Melody, Elka Rhapsody, Crumar Multiman, Farfisa String Orchestra, Jen String Machine, Siel Orchestra, just to name a few). In the seventies, every organ manufacturer had a string machine to offer...
but the Solina remains the best (or at least one of the best) with its fat, unique and charming sound, which can not be sampled successfully.

A great machine, which was used by many professionals.

Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream) used it on many records (Green Desert, Aqua, Le Park, Underwater Sunlight, etc.), Herbie Hancock (Secrets), AIR (Moon Safari), Mike Oldfield, David Bowie, Richard Wright / Pink Floyd (Shine On You Crazy Diamond), Elton John (Song for Guy), Nick Straker (A walk in the park), Geoff Downes / Buggles (Video killed the radio star), Roxy Music (Both Ends Burning), the Bee Gees and the Carpenters (on live performances) ...

In the intro I played the Solina along with a Schulte Compact Phasing A."


Published on Mar 24, 2016 Hathor Menat

severence // harmonic vacuum patch

Published on Mar 24, 2016 severence

"// evolving ambient beats and soundscapes using the verbos electronics harmonic oscillator, metasonix r54 mark II supermodule, schippmann vcf-02 and epoch modular twinpeak as sound sources"

Varigate Patch

Published on Mar 24, 2016 darksideothetune

Malekko Noisering
Industrial Music Electronics Malgorithm 2
Make Noise Maths
L-1 Tube VCA
Synthesis Technology E350
Sputnik Dual Oscillator
Frequency Central System X Envelope
Doepfer A-145 LFO
Intellijel Linix
Vermont Twinout

Buchla 266e Source of Uncertainty

via this auction

"The 266e Source of Uncertainty provides a general source of musical unpredictability. Operation is divided into four sections, each of which perform a unique function.

Three type of noise are available, with corresponding dedicated outputs. White noise is electrically flat, but acoustically balanced toward the high end of the spectrum ( 3 db/octave). Integrated white noise has a low spectral bias (-3 db/octave). Musically flat noise has a flat spectrum (constant energy per octave) and is a particularly useful source for subsequent processing.

Fluctuating Random Voltages are continuously variable, with voltage control of bandwidth over the range of .05Hz to 50Hz, making possible changes that vary from barely perceptible movement to rapid fluctuation.
Quantized Random Voltages change upon receiving pulses. The number of states is voltage-controllable from two to 24, and their distribution can be varied both spatially and temporally.

Stored Random Voltages have three parameters under voltage control. Degree varies the amount of randomness; Chaos alters the distribution from just a little uncertain to total chaos; Skew biases the randomness toward one extreme or the other.

All settings of the 266e can be stored and recalled under control of the 225e or 206e Preset Manager."

moogfest _substrate

Published on Mar 24, 2016 Moogfest

"_substrate is a WebGL collaboration between musician/producer The Haxan Cloak, graphic designer Mathew Lucas, lead developer David Sweetman of Durham-based digital product agency Smashing Boxes and Moogfest. The responsive, interactive application allows users to control individual audio tracks from Moogfest 2016 participant The Haxan Cloak's remix of Moses Sumney's cover of Laurie Anderson's O Superman by swiping+tapping on mobile devices or utilizing the arrow keys+mouse on a desktop device. Each of the 8 audio layers has an accompanying WebGL visual rendering and responds with audio initiated by user action. _substrate is in fact a constant layer beneath the official Moogfest website running continuously on every single page, ready for play."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

via this auction

Novation // Launchpad Pro - Found Sound Performance

Published on Mar 24, 2016 NovationTV

"Remix this track in your browser with Launchpad Intro:
Download the Ableton session free:

We caught up with Harry Coade at The Blue Studios for an interview on his creative process, and were treated to a little Launchpad Pro freestyling. Enjoy.

For more Launchpad Pro:

For more Harry Coade:"

System Cartesian: Timbre Blending with modDemix

Published on Mar 24, 2016 MAKEN0ISE

"Using the modDemix to blend sound sources, creating complex timbres."

Analog Four tutorial: sound pool etc

Published on Mar 22, 2016 Seen From Space

"How to browse for and audition sounds, and how to use the Sound Pool and Sound Locks on the Elektron Analog Four."

The Dualo du-touch S Musical Instrument & Controller Coming to Kickstarter

Dualo new du-touch S - du-pass in Paris

Published on Mar 17, 2016 dualoInstrument

You might remember Dualo from previous posts. It looks like it will be making its way to Kickstarter for funding on April 12. The following are some details and pics from their website:

"A playful and intuitive keyboard

The dualo keyboard is based on an unique key layout, where notes that sounds good together -from the harmonic theory point of view- are arranged next to each other.

The dualo keyboard is very quick to master. Thanks to the dualo principle, scales and chords are represented by geometrical patterns, therefore easy to play and learn. Whether you are beginner or musician, it only takes a few minutes to play and improvise.


116 pressure sensitive pads
3 touchable sliders
3 touchable buttons
3-axis gyro movement sensor


116 editable sounds
4-preset memory per sound
1 Muti-effect for each track

Multitrack looper

7 simultaneous tracks
58-song memory, 24 loops each
Metronome, quantizer, score player

The instrument-studio mobile and expressive

Dualo merges the pleasure to play music and the easiness of creation in a home-studio into one unique and self-sufficient interface.
Thanks to its ergonomics, the du-touch empower your creativity and your spontaneity. It allows you to play and compose in any musical style, in a matter of seconds, without the use of a computer.

Compact & mobile

With only 28 cm high (11,2 inch) for 1,2 kg (2,6 lb) and a 8-hour battery life in playing mode, the du-touch will follow you everywhere.

Connected and upgradable

Thanks to du-station software, import and export your compositions to your computer and share them with the dualo community.
Update your du-touch software regularly and enjoy new features and new sounds. Soon, you will also be able to create your own sound bank and load your own sounds. And of course, updates are free and always will.

Chladni Sequencer Preview

Published on Mar 24, 2016 Bimini Road

"This is a preview of an upcoming module - stay tuned for more details!

Visit the Audulus Website for a Free Trial:"

Get Audulus for: iOS | Mac | Windows/Linux

March 23 2016 Denver Blizzard Patch

Published on Mar 24, 2016 kuxaan sum

"BigSky, RF Nomad & Makenoise System"

Tone2 Nemesis - Atmospheric FM Synthesis

Published on Mar 24, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"In this video, I give some very interesting sounds from Tone2 Nemesis Synthesizer. Nemesis is a very special FM Synthesizer with a lot of different new types of FM Synthesis. In my tests, I can say that this one,is of the best FM Synths ever play. It's offer so special sounding oscillators and a very easy to use interface"

The audiowerkstatt mini-midi-step-seq

From the makers of the midi-restarter & midi-clock-divider, we have a new mini desktop hardware sequencer. Details via

"The audiowerkstatt mini-midi-step-seq is a MIDI-sequencer (no gate/CV), which is based on a classic analog step-sequencer:

Programming with potentiometers (no endless-dial and no detent)!
Only one track!
No pattern-storage!
No internal clock (only usable as MIDI-slave)!
No display!

It is optimized for live use, especially jam-sessions, but can also be used to give you new ideas, if you are stuck in your main sequencer.

All settings can be changed while it's running.
2x 8-step-pattern, that can be used alternatively or chained to a 16-step-pattern.
Normally the pattern changes, when the one that is played ends. With a special "jump"-button it is possible to jump from one pattern to the other immediately without loosing synchronization.
It is possible to edit the pattern that is playing or edit the other pattern.

Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms System 101 Kenny Peagler Performance

Published on Mar 24, 2016 Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"The complete Kenny Peagler performance recorded live for the Lifeforms demo video inside the Tuff Sound Recording lounge. Gear used includes a Lifeforms System 101, Rhodes MK II Stage Piano, and midi controller."

Frank Found - Techno live modular session (eurorack live patching )

Published on Mar 24, 2016 FrankFound

"a short eurorack live patching session

( sorry for the sudden end, but camera got out of memory )"

5U // Oakley - Deep Equinoxe 2

Published on Mar 24, 2016 DiscoverNoise

"DiscoverNoise 033-
5U 008-

Presentation of the Oakley 'Deep Equinoxe 2' module in 5MU. This module is build by Krisp1.


CV Toolkit 2.2 – Overview Video

Published on Mar 24, 2016 Spektro Audio

"The new 2.2 update for CV Toolkit adds many new features, enhancements and bug fixes such as:

- Ability to save and restore calibration files from the Notes module.
- New Layouts design.
- Ability to easily save and delete custom Scales.
- Re-designed CV to MIDI CC Converters.

For more information about this update, visit"

First raw overview of the Dave Smith Mono Evolver Keyboard

Published on Mar 24, 2016 REWO_Channel

"2DCO + 2wavetable + analogue filter synth"

Synth Jam - 11

Published on Mar 24, 2016 SynthJam

Moog Voyager
Moog Mother 32
Moog Little Phatty
Dsi Evolver
DSI Prophet 08
Novation Bass Station II

shape synth 4.0

Published on Mar 24, 2016 humbletune

iTunes: shapesynth - Erik Sigth

"Testing the new shape synth. I have tried to stay true to what shapesynth is and improved on most things. It has two oscillators now instead of one with proper adsr, two low frequency oscillators with adsr, it has stereo delay, presets, better accelerometer control and completely new ui layout."

What's New in Version 4.0
+++ Completely NEW user interface.
+++ Adding Ableton Link support.
+++ Adding a second oscillator.
+++ Adding oscillator mixing modes (add, sub, mul).
+++ Adding full ADSR for HFO and LFO.
+++ Adding direction setting for second half of waveform.
+++ Adding a third LFO mode, duty cycle.
+++ Adding tempo sync option.
+++ Adding ability to preset the tape loop length.
+++ Adding stereo channel to delay.
+++ Adding filter type setting (low, band and high pass).
+++ Adding option of more controls to accelerometer data.
+++ Adding tape sync option to sequencer.
+++ Adding euclidean rhythm to sequencer.
+++ Adding a few synth presets.
+++ Changing midi cc structure.
+++ Adding in app help.

BURG - Album Movement 11 (Roland TR-8, Microbrute, KORG volca, Strymon Timeline)

Published on Mar 24, 2016 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff, please support me on

Going minimal, here is another track.. a bit funkier with 909 drums. This one is just, well.. polyrythmic deluxe... you just need to float into this one and let yourself go, dont go look for the 4/4 beat.. its not there.

Adding kaoss pad loops on the top that are ambient and broken/glitchy, building up the eerie feel i wanted to create.. almost like in a nightmare, the mayhem never stops.

Small setup as in movement 10, this time with the microbrute playing the main sequence, using the SQ-1 as an extra mayhem on the filter CV halfway through. The keys and microbrute both go through the strymon.. then to the TR8 and out through the Kaoss pad.

Enjoy, let me know what you think !"

Ableton Introduces Max for Live Connection Kit

Published on Mar 24, 2016 Ableton

"For the tinkerers among you, Connection Kit is here: a new Max for Live Pack that makes it simpler than ever before to set up new and experimental ways to extend and interact with Live.

This free collection of Max for Live devices provides instant connection between Live and technologies like Arduino, LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3, OSC and much more.

Get the Max for Live Connection Kit for free here:

Breakdown of video:
00:02 Drumstick starts playhead, which triggers an LFO that controls a servo using the Arduino device
00:07 Another servo with a pen attached to it is being controlled by parameter changes in a clip
00:11 The golf ball is mapped to the XY pad of the Camera device, which controls the frequency of a filter
00:13 The pendulum swings between a light sensor and a light source, this motion modulates an EQ8
00:22 LFOs in Live are controlling graphics in Processing using OSC
00:25 Input from Leap Motion controls Live using OSC
00:30 The golf ball triggers a MIDI note
00:34 The JSON Video device loops a video snippet, creating a new beat
00:38 Automation in Live controls the motors of the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 device
00:50 The robot uses a crocodile clip to close a circuit when touching the banana
00:53 A pressure sensitive pad from littleBits™ is triggered by a hammer, causing the music to stop"

Rob Papen's Prisma Preview

Published on Mar 24, 2016 Rob Papen

"Preview of Prisma. Available April 2016. It was planned for March, but the MCP (Multi Control Page) did delay it a few weeks.
NOTE: this product will be part of the eXplorer-III bundle. But also customers that own not all instruments will be able to use it."

Patch n Tweak

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