MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Rheyne - Rhodes and Mothers (Ambient Jam)

Published on Apr 7, 2016 Rheyne

"A live looping ambient jam with a Fender Rhodes electric piano, 3x Moog Mother 32 synths, and Ableton Live. Recorded in one take with no pre-recorded loops or samples. Synths are triggered with an NI KompleteKontrol 49 and an iConnectMIDI 4+ transmitting on multiple MIDI channels. A DJTT MIDI Fighter 3D acts as a visual metronome. The Rhodes is running through a Moog MF Drive. An iPad running Lemur and a Novation Launchpad control Ableton."

Korg N5 synthesizer - Exploring sounds

Published on Apr 7, 2016 MrGOFIOvideos

"Playing some presets from a Korg N5 synthesizer. The screen backlight doesn't work, nor the arpeggiator... But it sounds, right? ;)

It's a 16-track rompler from lately 90's which uses Korg Al2 synthesis. The more interesting thing about this sounds is the stereo effects, i think. So using headphones is highly recommendable . There's no effects added, just recorded from outputs."

Farey Sequence Tables for FM Synthesis - An FM Synthesis Tutorial by noyzelab

via noyzelab

"The choice of Carrier:Modulator (C:M) frequency ratio is an interesting area of research, because it is one of the fundamental aspects of FM programming. Although I mentioned the classic book by Chowning & Bristow in the recent Matrixsynth NYZ DRN4 DECLASSIFIED, space and time didn't allow me to mention another classic text by Barry Truax: Organizational Techniques for C:M Ratios in Frequency Modulation. If you're interested in FM programming, and you don't mind a tiny bit of maths via the Farey Sequence, I highly recommend it. If you want to dig deeper I've made some useful tables for FM synth programmers in this post. There's also a handful of youtube FM synthesis vids at the end."

You'll find the videos and the rest of the tutorial on noyzelab here. Also be sure to check out the noyzelab newsletter sign-up on the top right when there.

An interesting side note via noyzelab: "The TV crime show NUMB3RS featured Farey sequences in the Season 2 episode 'Bettor or Worse' (2006)."

EMS VCS3 Synthesizer Refrigerator Magnet

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

Korg EM-1 Effects Demo

Published on Apr 7, 2016 909techno

"The Korg EM-1 is a fun little box. Here is a small demo of some of the effects (reverb, delay, distortion, bit crusher, decimator, pitch shifter, etc.)"

Roland SH-101 and CMU-800 Demo by Jordan Passmore

Published on Apr 7, 2016 Jordan Passmore

"This video is a demonstration of the Roland CMU-800 and SH-101 synthesizers. The CMU is doing the drums, chords and melody while the SH-101 is doing the bassline. The CMU is connected to a MIDI interface that allows for it and any one of the prospective 8 CV/Gates to be sequenced via MIDI. The SH-101 is connected to the 7th channel of CV/gate outs. The two are being sequenced by an Akai MPC-1000 and mixed on an Ace Tone MP-40 mixer."


Published on Apr 7, 2016 Ebotronix

4ms Peg, QCD/Expander, QPLFO, RCD², VCA Matrix
Analogue Systems RS 100², RS110²², RS500e²
Arp Odyssey 2821 white noise
Bananalogue Serge VCS
Cyndustries Zeroscillator ~0~ quadring ~ solo for Anti²²s
Doepfer R 2m², A114², A118, A133², A134²², A141, A143-2,9
A147, A151²², A156², A175²²²,A185-2(14x),A138a²²b²²c²²²
Flame Chord Machine² OS 103 (Aeolian Random!), Q Slider²
CM 1 Arpeggio to Sem, CM 2 Arpeggio to Taurus
Flight of harmony choices
Grendel Formant Filter²
Make Noise Brains, PP², Maths², Moddemix²², Optomix,
QMMG, René, Wogglebug²
Malekko Anti ²², Unkle²², Jag
Moog Freqbox²², Taurus 2 , MP201
Oberheim Sem
Roland SVC 350 Vocoder, System 104 Sequencer
SSL Modulation Orgy (morse key ~ Modulation)
TipTop Audio Z8000
Toppobrillo Quantimator² (aeolian), Sportmodulator, TWF
Logic masterclock to Kenton Pro 2000
FX : Boss VF-1, Lexicon MX 400, Line 6 Echopro, TC M 3000
mackie the mixer²
drums by Ultrabeat
vid #1491

Electro Labotomy Particle Smasher

Particle Smasher destroying bass guitar

Published on Apr 7, 2016 electro lobotomy

"Particle Smasher is a sound generator and signal processor.
Listed in my etsy shop:"

Particle Smasher No Input CV Manipulation

Published on Apr 7, 2016

"Particle Smasher, nothing at the input. CV manipulation provided by; Pittsburgh Modular LFO, ViLFO, VC Bend and Make Noise Pressure Points."

Novation MiniNova

via this auction

SuperBooth 2016: Bitwig Studio with Microsoft Touch Devices

Published on Apr 7, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"Here is a short demonstration of Bitwig Studio with the new Microsoft Touch Devices (Surface Book in this video). The interview partner is a intern Bitwig sound designer and was not complete prepared to make such a interview. I want to show only how cool you can use Bitwig Studio with a Surface Book now.

Subscribe to my channel to get more videos about Synthesizer Products from now and the past. Please leave your comments if you like the video or not, it help my channel to evolve."

Dasz Instruments Alex Expandable Synthesizer Revealed at the Musikmesse

MESSE 2016: Dasz Instruments Alex Expandable Synthesizer

Published on Apr 7, 2016 sonicstate

And a few pics:


Published on Apr 7, 2016 MrSharps02

"a sunny day tune now that spring has sprung. octatrack, analog four, etc."

03-The DSI/Oberheim OB-6: Part 3- The Filter Part 1

Published on Apr 7, 2016 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the filter on the DSI/Oberheim OB-6.

The theme music was created entirely with the OB-6 (except drums).

Flickering in the LEDs is an illusion created by the framerate of my second camera."

All parts here.

MESSE 2016: Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 Sampler Hardware

Published on Apr 7, 2016 sonicstate

"MESSE 2016: Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 Sampler Hardware So someone finally did it"

MESSE 2016: Polyend Sequencer

Published on Apr 7, 2016 sonicstate

"MESSE 2016: Polyend Sequencer A beautiful looking step sequencer"

Polyend introduced the Perc MIDI to Physical Drum Strike here.

[MUSIKMESSE] Polyend Seq

Published on Apr 7, 2016

"Here's a presentation of Polyend Seq at the Musikmesse 2016."

And a pic:

MESSE 2016: Theresyn - One Unique Theremin Inspired Instrument!

Published on Apr 7, 2016

"MESSE 2016: Theresyn - One Unique Theremin Inspired Instrument! Nori Ubukota takes us through his instrument"

Update: I did a little digging and it turns out the circuit design of the Theresyn is from none other than Yves Usson, of YuSynth and of course the Arturia MiniBrute, MicroBrute and MaxiBrute.


Project conceptor : Nori Ubukata (left)
Circuits’ design & developement : Yves Usson (right)
Wood craft : Chris Dubier (middle)

"You love theremins and synthesizers? Then, you’re bound to love the Thérésyn, a new hybrid instrument !

As stated in the name, the Thérésyn is a mixture of a theremin and a synthesizer. To be more specific, it is an analog theremin, with various synthesizers adds on, as well as other interesting functionalites.

The Thérésyn has been imagined by Nori Ubukata (Japanese sound designer, composer and thereminist, ex. ARTURIA sound and specification designer) and all the circuits has been designed and developped by Yves Usson (French scientist in cellular and molecular biology, well-known creator of the ARTURIA Minibrute synthesizer).

Originally, the theremin part of the Thérésyn was to be made with Theremin.Uno, but for technical reason, Yves Usson finally designed his own circuit, using the heterodyne principle.

Here is a small technical overview :
- 7 octaves range
- Foldable antennas
- Touch trigger pad with pressure sensor (inspired from Konstantin Kovalsky’s theremin)
- Resonator with Jawari (inspired from the Palm du diffuser of the Ondes Martenot)
- Built in speaker
- Power supply by AC outlet or battery
- Headphone output
- Tuner output
- Two audio outputs (one for the instrument and another one for the resonator)
- Mute switch
- Pitch tracking Multimode Filter
- Envelop generator (available in pad trigger mode)
- Possibility of mixing the Thérésyn OSC with VCO waves
- VCO with several waveforms (saw, square, pulse, white noise and tri-saw with metalizer)
- Volume antenna mode, pad trigger pressure mode and pad trigger EG mode are switchable"

Buchla Easel-K Synthesizer

via this auction

MPC Electronics MPC-1 SN 4-03

via this auction

"Very few truly special pieces like this ever come through any shop, and this MPC Electronics MPC-1 is one of those cases. Introduced by the Cambridge, England based MPC Electronics in 1983, this unit is a eight pad drum analogue synthesizer with integrated sequencer for beat making. This machine booms and thwacks like something akin to an 808, and can be played with sticks with all edits at the musician's fingertips. This bears very little resemblance to what would come after, as AKAI bought up MPC Electronics in 1984 and repurposed the name for Roger Linn's MPC60. This unit is in pretty incredible condition, and has been in the possession of the same owners since the 1980s. Indiviual voice outputs and DIN Sync functionality (this drum machine comes in just before MIDI) connect this unit to the studio effortlessly. All pads trigger fantastically, and it includes the original manual, and the keys for the case it is built into. The unit needs a little bit of attention, though, namely the foam on the inside of the lid is disintegrating, and the decay knob for the snare is nonfunctional. We suspect there may be an internal battery which needs replacement as well. This MPC-1 is a not only a piece of history but a functioning and impactful percussion tool for contemporary music production."

Easel Euro Moves

Published on Apr 7, 2016 Todd Barton

"A rough, quick demo of some Easel possible performance moves just for fun . . . better audio here:"

Shoom Preview

Published on Apr 7, 2016 Yuri Turov

"Full audio range triple-synth playground for iPad"

From the maker of: Xynthesizr: 32-step matrix sequencer/synthesizer with generative features and MIDI

Verbos Electronics - Superbooth16

Published on Apr 7, 2016 DivKidVideo

"Here's the first of what will be many videos from Superbooth16. A truly amazing event that's left my sulking like a stroppy teenager for the few days that have followed the event. Mark Verbos was great to speak to and it's a pleasure to say that he'll be on a future Modular Podcast show too. So watch out for that one!"

Native Sessions: Play. Patch. Build. - EuroReakt Blocks with Michael Hetrick

Published on Apr 5, 2016 Native Instruments

"Take a deep dive into the world of REAKTOR with highlights from Native Sessions: Play. Patch. Build. events in Berlin, London, LA and Amsterdam.

Watch modular DSP whizz and educator Michael Hetrick present some working examples using his incredible EuroReakt Blocks – 100+ Blocks inspired by decades of modular synthesizer innovation."

AIRA FX – Tweaking Bitrazor with the Customizer App

Published on Apr 7, 2016 Roland U.S.

"This video shows off different ways to customize Bitrazor using the Modular Customizer App.

BITRAZER is a unique modular effect combining intense bit and sample rate crushing effects and unprecedented control and flexibility. Able to be used as a tabletop unit or as a Eurorack module, and with an array of CV/Gate inputs, this compact 21 HP unit has a wide range of uses from studio production to live performance."

Korg - New Music Always OKGO contest - "Tats up the Volume"

Published on Apr 7, 2016 Arrayzable

"This is my entry for the Korg - New Music Always OKGO contest.
The trackname is 'Tats up the Volume'
As always live play with synths and sequencers.

Used in this track:
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Volca Keys
Korg Electribe EMX-1
Korg Minilogue
Korg MS-20 mini"

The Micro Live Series

Micro Live 25th October 1985 part 1

Published on Mar 14, 2016 VHS Video vault

A new upload of the Micro Live series. Clips have been posted here in the past, however these recent uploads appear to be more extensive. Enjoy!

"'If I Had a Hammer' is a fascinating look at the growing use of technology in music, including interviews with producer Martin Rushent and Robert Moog, synth pioneer."

Micro Live 25th October 1985 part 2

Micro Live 1st November 1985 part 1

"Fred looks at music recording software available for home micros, and there's an explanation of how MIDI works."

Sequential Circuits SN 4129

via this auction

"The "Rolls Royce" of vintage synthesisers recently fully serviced, by Vintage keyboard guru Tim Wallhead

The T8 is in very good *all original* condition the wood panels are undamaged and this is a very rare beast indeed.

Includes data cassette. user manual. and a copy of the service bill."

Yamaha CS01 SN 4129

via this auction

"Yamaha CS-01 portable analog synth, comes with power supply. Great little analog mono synth, has a built in speaker and can run on batteries, so you can take it anywhere. Surprisingly powerful sounding when run through an amp, has a great bass sound, your choice of four waveforms for the oscillator plus pulse wave modulation, pitch bend and modulation wheels, and you can use the mod wheel to affect either the oscillator or filter."

Alesis A6 Andromeda Synthesizer

via this auction

RARE 1970's Suzuki TO-37R 22 Key Analog Keyboard

via this auction

This appears to be the first one featured on the site.

"Vintage Suzuki TO-37R keyboard/ w rhythm section
Built in speaker is loud and sounds good considering age.
All keys make sound all settings and sounds function. "

Yamaha Reface DX Tutorials by Stochastic Design

Published on Feb 17, 2016 Stochastic Design

1. Yamaha Reface DX Tutorial - Part 1: FM Fundamentals

"FM synthesis has made a comeback lately, but is known for being difficult to program. In this tutorial, we show how the Yamaha Reface DX can be used to approach FM in a more accessible way, making use of knowledge from other synthesizers."

2. Yamaha Reface DX Tutorial - Part 2: Feedback

"One of the important changes Yamaha made from the original DX7 is the way feedback is used. In the Reface, it gives us more precise control of the waveforms, and this video illustrates how feedback alone can create interesting sounds."

3. Yamaha Reface DX Tutorial - Part 3: Modulating with Feedback

"Feedback in the Yamaha Reface DX offers more flexibility in sound design when used in combination with FM. In this part, we study the effects of feedback in frequency modulation in more detail."

4. Yamaha Reface DX Tutorial - Part 4: Parameter Automation

"We had a request to test how well the Reface DX can handle having its FM parameters modulated from a DAW. As it turns out, it does it really well! For this test, we used Maschine 2.4, which can be used in standalone mode to send the proper CC data to the DX."

5. Yamaha Reface DX Tutorial - Part 5: Creating the FM Piano Sound

"In this video, we show the basis for how to create the classic FM electric piano sound that was ubiquitous for a while during the 80's!"

6. Yamaha Reface DX Tutorial - Part 6: Creating an FM Bass Sound

"Ever wondered if FM can do bass sounds? In this tutorial, we show how to quickly dial in a bass sound that you can tweak to your liking or modify further!"

MESSE 2016: Arturia Keystep Demo, More Integrations

Published on Apr 7, 2016 sonicstate

"MESSE 2016: Arturia Keystep Demo, More Integrations Sebastien does his thing"

OB6 slow groove

Published on Apr 6, 2016 Ron Feinberg

"All OB6 plus TR8"

Nesting The Tew

Published on Apr 7, 2016 John L Rice

"Same patch different day. Slowed way down with Strymon BigSky Magneto reverb/delay cranked up and Mellotron M4000D Rack noodled upon!"

Flame Chord Machine OS 103 Wholetone

Published on Apr 6, 2016 Ebotronix

"new functions
Manual Mode with Transpose CV in
2nd Tone is 3rd Tone
Transpose CV in start at 0V
Rotary switch for keynote is always active
fixed Arpeggio (independent from Octave switch -1, 0, +1)
Arpeggio 1 oct up to 3 Octaves
0-0,99v Arpeggio 1 Octave
1-1,99v over 2 Octaves = 1. and 2. Octave
2-3,99v over 3 Octaves = 1. and 2. and 3. Octave
4v - 9,5V Quantizer( 5 Octaves) output starteds at 0v

Chord List started at 9V
new chords and Random modes
chord bank left
9. Diminished 0,3,6,9 with two inversions

14. C 7/9 (0,4,11,14) with two inversions
15. C 7 / 13 (0,11,14,17) with two inversions
16. 3rd Unisono (0V) 2nd Random Wholetone 0,2,4,6,8,10 Root Random 0 bis 11

chord bank right
15. C min major 7 (0,3,7,11) with two inversions
16. root Random Major 0,2,4,5,7,9,11 2nd Random Minor 0,2,3,5,7,8,10 3rd Unisono one Octave ( two voices at 0 , two voices + 12)

PO-28 iKaossilator - Live Performance

Published on Apr 4, 2016 Jakob Haq

"Iv'e thoroughly enjoyed myself while trying to find ways of incorporating Teenage Engineering stuff into my music."

Teenage Engineering on eBay | Teenage Engineering on Amazon
iTunes: KORG iKaossilator - KORG INC.

Vermona PERfourMER mkII demo

Published on Mar 2, 2016 Stochastic Design

"We try out the Vermona PERfourMER mkII in this musical demo. It's indeed an instrument meant to be performed on in the way of classic analog synthesizers, as we aim to illustrate in this clip."

Korg Minilogue Sounds

Published on Feb 7, 2016 Stochastic Design

"A small demo and tutorial of some soundscapes for the analog synthesizer Korg Minilogue. Some Volca Beats were added for enhanced atmosphere."

KORG minilogues on eBay | Korg minilogues on Amazon

Teenage Engineering OP-1: Sampling Session

Published on Mar 18, 2016 Stochastic Design

"We record a few sounds through the OP-1 microphone, and end up with a short ambient track, demonstrating techniques for making different sounds work together, and how to build an ambient groove."

Teenage Engineering on eBay | Teenage Engineering on Amazon

Pocket Operator Demo Videos by Stochastic Design

Pocket Operator PO-20 "Arcade" - First Look

Published on Jan 21, 2016 Stochastic Design

"We revisit the 8-bit era with the Pocket Operator PO-20 "Arcade" by Teenage Engineering in this first video!"

Pocket Operator PO-24 "Office" - First Look

Published on Jan 21, 2016

"We take a first look at the Pocket Operator PO24 'Office' from Teenage Engineering. What happens when you combine office sounds with a performance sequencer?"

Stochastic Design - Aurora - Performance with OP-1 and Pocket Operators PO-12, 14, 16

Published on Jan 28, 2016

"This performance was recorded live in one take to a Zoom R24 digital recorder. Original music by Stochastic Design, performed on Teenage Engineering OP-1 and Pocket Operators PO-12, PO-14 and PO-16."

Teenage Engineering on eBay | Teenage Engineering on Amazon

Kilpatrick Audio Phenol // Patch 013 - Randomness

Published on Apr 7, 2016 DiscoverNoise

"DiscoverNoise 035-
Kilpatrick Audio Phenol 014-

This patch shows some love for the "rand out" and the divider of the Phenol. The "rand out"-signal is been divided by the divider (duh!...) into 4. These for signals are then used to for osc 1 & 2 pitch as well as osc 1 & 2 "fm in and pwm in". The rest of the patch is viewable in the patchsheet linked below.


MESSE 2016: Nord Drum 3 - New Effects, New Interface and More!

Published on Apr 7, 2016 sonicstate

"MESSE 2016: Nord Drum 3 - New Effects, New Interface and More! We take a look at the newest Nord Drum"

Bastl NOISE2 & CINNAMON: Drum Synth Tutorial #TTNM

Published on Apr 7, 2016 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Here's how to create cool drum beat sounds with the Bastl Instruments Noise Square & Cinnamon Eurorack modules. All sounds are sequenced by the Bastl Knit Rider :)

Kick Drum: 0:28
Snare #1: 1:11
FM Sound: 1:47
Snare #2: 2:50
Distorted Hit: 3:37
Rattle: 4:28
All together: 5:20"

Braids - Turing Machine - Bees in the Trees alternative firmware

Published on Apr 7, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"Braids working in the alternative firmware Bees in the Trees, as a Turing Machine triggered by Beatstep Pro gate. Braids output passes through Ripples LP4 and goes to Warps, also in alternative Parasite firmware - PingPong Delay and it goes finally to Clouds - granular mode with a nice reverb added by the Parasite mode. OP-1 is providing the alternative kicks.
Many thanks to Tim Churches for his amazing Bees in the Trees.
Bees in the Trees can be found here:"

MESSE 2016: Softube Modular - Official Eurorack in Software

Published on Apr 7, 2016 sonicstate

"MESSE 2016: Softube Modular - Official Eurorack in Software Doepfer and Intellijel included and more to come!"


[MUSIKMESSE] Softube Modular

Published on Apr 7, 2016 Audiofanzine in English

"Here's a demo of Softube's Modular at the Musikmesse 2016."

E-RM multiclock lessons with Foehn & Jerome - Part 1: Machine Modes

Published on Apr 7, 2016 E-RM Erfindungsbüro

"In this video, Foehn & Jerome (UNTITLED100) show how to use the different Machine Modes of the E-RM multiclock. They present a way to circumvent a 1 bar count-in at the start of the DAW as the master and still maintain a positive and negative channel delay.

This is the first video of a series of Tipps & Tricks how to use the E-RM multiclock in a studio setup."

Modular Monthly: Exploring phase distortion synthesis with the WMD PDO

Published on Apr 7, 2016 Future Music Magazine

"Phase distortion is a powerful tool for creating rich, unique synth sounds – but how does it actually work? Let's use the WMD Phase Displacement Oscillator to explore the technique..."

VERT as a Burst Generator

Published on Apr 7, 2016 Mystic Circuits

"Here is a demo using an envelope with the VERT to generate complex trigger bursts.

Video detailing a patch with the Mystic Circuits Vert and using it to automatically generate rhythms based on a voltage sequence."

Korg X3 - The 'filter trick'

Published on Apr 7, 2016 AreggerOrchestra

"Using the X3's internal FX processor to simulate a resonant filter. No external processing (MS2000 is only triggering notes)"

Korg Volca FM Unboxing & Demo

Published on Apr 6, 2016 HardtekStudios

"Live unboxing of some new synth power! Very exited to have the Korg Volca FM as part of my studio. Thanks to Josh & Sweetwater for excellent service."

KORG Volcas on eBay | KORG Volcas on Amazon


Published on Apr 6, 2016 Dimitrios Sismanis

"Modular improv.

Opening from Subcon Vampire, into Subcon Voicetail, 4MS SMR, Mutable Streams and then Mutable Clouds. Hats from white/pink noise into uVCF, and white/pink noise into Polivoks VCF. Contributions from Verbos Harmonic Oscillator into Wow and Flutter, 2 Dixies into Korgasmatron and Echophon, Cyclebox into Post Lawsuit LPF then Malgorithm followed by Warps in parasites delay mode. Kick from self oscillating Ripples. Envelopes from Maths, Dual ADSR, Quadra. Quantizing by ADDAC 207. Sequences from Rene, MFB Urzwerg Pro and Turing Machine. Clocks from QCD, Expert Sleepers/Silent Way and modulated by Propagate and Little Nerd."

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