MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday, June 17, 2016

Future Retro 512 touch keyboard Capture MIDI Scales

Published on Jun 17, 2016 FutureRetroSynths

"Here is a simple demo of how the 512 can be used as a MIDI to MIDI converter. The Orb sequencer is generating the patterns, the 512 processes this MIDI information and sends it to the XS. The 512 can create a custom scale based on the notes received from the Orb (or any external MIDI devices), and this scale can be used to perform scalar transpositions, or applied to other sequences. You can also apply other forms of transpositions, add mod wheel, pitch bend, aftertouch, chords, or change the MIDI channel on the fly. This allows you to add new functionality to your existing sequencers and patterns you have already created."

Moog Modular'

Published on Jun 17, 2016 Ebotronix

Moog Modular²

Moog Freqbox²², Taurus 2, MP201, Prodigy
4ms Peg, QCD/Expander
Analogue Systems RS 110²²
Doepfer R 2m², A 132-3,A133, A134²², A138 a²², m, A143-2,9,
A 151²², A 156², A175, A185-2(14 x)
Flame Q Slider²
foh choices
Make Noise Maths², QMMG, Wogglebug²
Malekko Jag
SSL Modulation Orgy
Toppobrillo Quantimator²(harmonic minor),Sportmodulator
Logic masterclock to Kenton Pro 2000
FX : Boss VF-1, Lexicon MX 400,Line 6 Echopro,
SPL Channel One, TC M3000
mackie the mixer²
kick Moog Taurus 2
snare Moog Taurus 2 noise to Prodigy
hihat Moog Taurus 2 noise to RS 110, QMMG, A134
vid #1543

Dual Looping Delay (DLD) Tutorial

Published on Jun 17, 2016 4mspedals

"Basic overview and features of the Dual Looping Delay from 4ms Company. We cover the basics of the Time knob, Feedback, Delay Feed and Mix using channel B only."

1981 Moog Source Synthesizer SN 1607 w/ Original Box & Extras

via this auction

"This is an original 1981 Moog Source Synthesizer in it's original Moog shipping box with all inserts, bags, owner's manual, power cord and cable. Superb, excellent to near-mint condition that is near impossible to find in such an iconic vintage synth."

Vintage Roland TB-303 Bass Synthesizer

via this auction

Future Retro 512 touch keyboard in Poly Mode

Published on Jun 17, 2016 FutureRetroSynths

"In this video we show a couple examples using the 512's Poly mode to play individual monophonic synths polyphonically. Up to 16 monophonic synthesizers can be played polyphonically using the 512's Poly mode."

'Skov' Electribe EMX-1 and Yamaha P-105

Published on Jun 17, 2016 Arrayzable

"Pretty simple line up. The first version was played on the PO-20 Arcade only [here], so of course this version is very different and also featuring the actual melody of the track. Hope you'll enjoy it!

As always live play with synths and sequencers.
Used in this track:

Yamaha P-105
Korg Electribe EMX-1"

Arcano MIDI Controller Board Kickstarter Campaign

This one in via Skot Wiedmann of the Hyve Touch synthesizer and Motus Mavis.

You'll find the Kickstarter campaign here.

"The Arcano MIDI Controller Board is an AVR-microcontroller-based device that allows makers and musicians to easily create their own custom MIDI controllers by simply connecting pushbutton switches, such as those used in arcade games. The device connects to a synthesizer via a MIDI cable or a computer via a USB MIDI interface cable. The small form factor and mounting holes make it easy to embed the Arcano MIDI Controller Board in just about any custom MIDI controller project.

The Arcano MIDI Controller Board features 13 note inputs, two octave-control inputs, and a reset input. Input button states are polled 4000 times per second for ultra-low-latency MIDI output. MIDI data is output via a standard MIDI DIN connector, and power is supplied through a mini USB connector.

No programming is required. Each Arcano MIDI Controller Board includes a programmed microcontroller. The device's software has been refined through more than 20 iterations. The latest version features a conventional note-on/note-off mode and three latch modes, which are great for triggering drum samples and loops.

Jamming with: IKBENJELTE

Published on Jun 17, 2016 Dato Musical Instruments

"IKBENJELTE brought along his Casio sampling keyboard and a few effects for a quick jam with the Dato DUO. Get one on Kickstarter:

Video by Quinten Swagerman ("

Using A Eurorack Envelope As An Oscillator

Published on Jun 17, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"This week, we look at using Eurorack envelopes to track the pitch of an oscillator to generate harmonic and sub-harmonic tones and textures."

Novation Metropolis at Sonar

Novation // Sonar 2016 - Novation Metropolis

Published on Jun 17, 2016 NovationTV

"We are here at Sónar+d in sunny Barcelona. Come on down and strap on some headphones and instantly start making music - with old friends, new friends and total strangers.

Welcome to Novation Metropolis.

Populated by keys, knobs and dials, oscillators, filters and sequencers; Novation Metropolis is a destination for the deeply technical and the dabbler alike.

Come and use our easy and intuitive interfaces to get the ball rolling, or build from the ground up with the inventive Novation technology hiding beneath the surface. The resident team of Novation nerds can guide you through an interactive playground of interconnected synths, samplers, sequencers, drum machines and everything in between – or just point you in the right direction.

With an emphasis on easy collaborative musical workflows, expect to lose hours in the deep recesses of the Metropolis and when you’re done, you can take your musical souvenirs home for further sculpting, perfecting and tweaking.

Keep it simple and fun or dive down the rabbit hole; come and nerd out with our beautiful minds and let us show you the latest in our interactive musical technologies.

All are welcome in the Metropolis.

Music by Nick de Friez @ Cam Ballantyne"

Promenade Improvisation

Published on Jun 17, 2016 RADIOKLOW

All Access Virus TI.

"Music, painted box of the generic and film by Marc-Henri Arfeux.

'Promenade Improvisation' ('Walk Improvisation'), is what was filmed of a mini concertI gave on the 4th of June. This performance of improvisation lasted 30 minutes but in the middle of it, the filming was interrupted by chance and reloaded so that only a part of this set was finally shot. Nevertheless, it gives a good idea of what I have done and of the circumstances of this mini concert.

I was invited by the association Arthésée to perform electronic improvisations in an exhibition of paintings by Erro, one of the most famous masters of the european creation influenced by many currents among which Fluxus, Cobra, the new figurative school of the sixties, comics, etc.

The principle of this action was that I would start to play while the visitors of the exhibition would walk among the paintings and watch them, during 30 minutes. They would have the choice to come and sit behind me, to remain in front of the paintings or to go out after their visit.

On the film you see some to the visitors finish to gather and sit behind me. At the opening, there is only one person, and during the performance, others come and sit to listen. The performance ends with the persons who decided to stay in the room.

I play on my favorite Virus TI. Of course, all sounds are my creation.

I thank Thésée, founder and president of Arthésée to have given me the opportunity to live this very singular and fascinating experience.

The mysterious painted box you see at the beginning of the film is a work I created between April and May of this year. It has no relationship with the painting exhibition, but I preferred to show it instead of works by Erro for rights reasons."

OP-1 + Cocoquantus

Published on Jun 17, 2016 r beny

"Teenage Engineering OP-1 meets Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus"

2GB of free Moog Sub 37 sounds for Ableton and Maschine

Published on Jun 16, 2016 HelloSamples

"FREE SUB37 Analog Synth sounds and instruments for Ableton and Maschine!
Download it here:
After releasing a collection of free presets for the SUB37, we were really amazed to see that you guys liked it so much, even those of you that didn’t have this synthesizer in your studio. So, we switched our little beast back on, and multi-sampled it to create mono and polyphonic presets for Ableton and Maschine.
Almost 2Gb of deep and abrasive basses, funky leads, nice plucks, driving synths, crazy FX and even some punchy drum kits. On top of that, unheard polyphonic patches to open a new world of possibilities with the programming capabilities of Ableton and Maschine.
An excellent starting point for you to play around with the sounds and create your own patches! Multi-vitaminate your sample collection!
Ableton Live:
+3900 WAV Samples
91 presets ( 6 Drum Kits, 15 Basses, 17 Leads, 6 Plucks, 11 FX and even 33 Polyphonic sounds)
NI Maschine:
+3900 WAV Samples
6 Drum Kit Groups
9 Chord Groups
5 Instrument Groups
56 Sounds ( 14 Basses, 14 Leads, 4 Plucks, 11 FX and even 13 Polyphonic sounds)
For more info visit the product page:"

Endangered Audio Research BBD MOD Install for V2

Published on Jun 17, 2016 Endangered Audio Research Video

Update: the video wasn't ready and will be back. I'll put a new post up to let everyone know when it is.

Immortal Beings - LAB:1 Sessions

"A short EP made entirely with the LAB:1 Synthesizer by artist Immortal Beings. The LAB:1 was used as the sole sound source, with Valhalla Vintage Verb & Freq Echo along with a Korg KP3 used for effects.
LAB:1 Sessions by Immortal Beings is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

The LAB:1 Synthesizer is a 100% Analog 6 Oscillator Experimental Synthesizer. If features; 3 Audio Oscillators (with Triangle, Sawtooth and Square waveforms), 3 Low Frequency Oscillators (with Triangle and Square waveforms), a Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter, Switches to X-Mod Oscillator One with Oscillator Two, and X-Mod Oscillator Two with Oscillator Three, Switches to Modulate LFO One with LFO Two, and Modulate LFO Two with LFO Three. Audio Oscillators can be free running or can be triggered via Buttons on the front of the unit. Level/Depth and Frequency Pots for each Oscillator. Solid Oak End caps and metal case.

Designed to sound thick and raw with little regard for stability and "clean" waveforms, expect to explore strange audio territories with the LAB:1.

Powerful modulating drones to melodic rhythm sequences to spacey sound effects to total audio chaos.

Easy to use with with all controls available at once but hard to restrain by nature, the LAB:1 is for those who welcome the unexpected.

The low pass filter is an interesting one. When the resonance is cranked to max, it’s designed to drive the filter hard, causing a nice fuzzy saturation, it can also be used as a sort of high pass filter to create some unique formant like sounds."

Tristan Perich Announces Noise Patterns + Release Party June 23

Tristan Perich - Noise Patterns (Excerpts) from Tristan Perich on Vimeo.

"Release party June 23 at (le) Poisson Rouge. Out July 22.

Noise Patterns digs into the primitive particles of digital 1-bit audio that has become Perich's signature sound. As with his previous circuit albums, Noise Patterns is not released as a CD or record. Noise Patterns comes as a minimalist matte-black circuit board with a headphone jack in the side. Plug in and switch it on to listen to Perich's music unfold.

The 6-track album explores how digital noise can be shaped and stressed, from glittering static into the mesmerizing electronic thump of a nightclub. On a technical level, the sonic raw material in Noise Patterns is digital 1-bit noise: a probabilistic density of random oscillations that Perich sequences into rhythmic patterns and layers into textures, pulses, rumbles and beats. These sounds are Perich's very own, programmed by the artist and synthesized in real-time as the circuit plays. The physical format of Noise Patterns reveals how Perich engages music at all levels, from sound all the way down to the binary instructions of the hardware.

INFORMATION: Noise Patterns on Physical Editions

Release Party Performance: June 23 at (le) Poisson Rouge
6pm doors / 7:30pm show, 158 Bleecker St, NYC
+ Perich: Remixed after-party by Ricardo Romaneiro & Leo Leite with live visuals by Christian Hannon


Roland TR-606 VS AIRA TR-8 Quize A/B TEST

Published on Jun 17, 2016 harvistful


Korg OASYS 76 Keyboard Synthesizer Workstation SN 000257

via this auction

"Korg OASYS 76 Features:

76-key workstation with audio and MIDI recording and multiple synthesis engines
Open architecture for future-proof operation
HD-1 PCM waveform synthesis
AL-1 virtual analog synthesizer
CX-3 tone wheel organ
16-Track digital recording powerhouse built-in
Studio-quality effects and world-class sounds
Powerful Open Sampling system
Vector Synthesis & Wave Sequencing
KARMA - Generation 2 built in
10.4" Color TouchView display
Control surface with tons of knobs and sliders"

MFB Synth Lite II

via this auction

Eurorack Modular Atomosynth Koe

via this auction

"The Koe Desktop mini modular is a self contained desktop unit that incorporates the Koe synthesizer module and the Koneko MIDI module in a small powered desktop case. The panels are UV Green laser cut Perspex.

The synthesizer voice has one VCO with square and ramp waveforms, depth and tune controls. Noise source for VCO mod or mixed with VCO and audio input. LFO with square and triangle waveforms and output jack.

Factoral based Filter with HP or LP, Cutoff, Res and input jack for Cutoff Freq mod. Two Envelope generators, EG1 has decay control for cutoff frequency, EG2 with attack and release controls for volume plus output jack. Audio input jack, VCA input jack.

The Koneko has Midi In, Midi Thru, CV1 jack, CV2 jack, Gate jack and CC or Velocity selector switch and glide pot."

Roland TR-606 Drum Machine TR-8 AIRA 7x7 Expansion Pack Demo with TB3

Published on Jun 17, 2016 Calle Nilsson

"The Roland TR 606 kit from the 7x7 TR8 AIRA Expansion kit. Added the TB3 melody on top."

2016.06.17 Nebulae(Csounds) + Serge ÷N COM + SH-2

2016.06.17 Nebulae(Csounds) + Serge ÷N COM + SH-2 from bucketbd on Vimeo.

EnergyBendingLab [Electricity Through Bacteria - Powering Synth with Sewage]

EnergyBendingLab from LessNullVoid on Vimeo.

Martin Stürtzer - Beta Shape (ambient dub techno ep)

Published on Jun 17, 2016 Martin Stürtzer

"Second track of my new 'Quadrashape' EP.

All sounds: NI Reaktor 6, Elektron Analog Rytm, Mogg Little Phatty, Moog Ringmodulator.

VST Host / master clock: Ableton Live

Recorded in live session without overdubs."

Mutations of the Spirit /modular techno

Published on Jun 17, 2016 dresseduplunch

"And another one, since I'm kind of in the mood. Again the modular synth is being sequenced by sequentix cirklon. drums are provided by mutant bassdrum + elektron octatrack. Main synth parts come from synthesis technologies morphing terrarium and intellijel rubicon.

elektron octatrack
Jomox MBase 11
sequentix cirklon
jomox T-resonator, Korg KP3
modular synth: intellijel rubicon, mutable instruments braids / clouds, synthesis technology E440 filter, erbe verb + echophon"

Smooth Groove via MU / Minibrute

Published on Jun 17, 2016 alternatingbitmusic

"It's all about the bass.
5U modular / Arturia Minibrute / Red Panda Particle / Strymon BlueSky"

Aversuz. Geomatrix. (Ensoniq VFX sd)

Published on Jun 17, 2016 Тимур Рыжов

"Музыка записана и сведена мною в легендарном синтезаторе Ensoniq VFX sd без примененения внешней обработки(кроме стандартного мастерингового пресета для повышения общей громкости фонограммы)
Camera-Canon 5d MARK2"

"The music is recorded and mixed by me in the legendary synthesizer Ensoniq VFX sd primeneneniya without external processing (beyond the standard mastering presets to increase the total volume of the phonogram)
Camera-Canon 5d MARK2"

Damn good to be back - Eurorack Jamsession

Published on Jun 17, 2016 Colin Benders

"Check 38:00 After 2 weeks of just about no modular time, Maarten and I had a little 'Trash ALL the things' party going on."

Tocante Karper Love

Published on Jun 17, 2016 Smokey Quartz

"Be witness to my first time playing the Tocante Karper, a solar powered synthesizer that does Karplus-Strong string emulations and is filled with little crevices of harsh percolating noise!"

Serge - Ian Fritz DoubleDeka as a Trigger Sequencer

Published on Jun 17, 2016 isvisible / isinvisible

"Here's a video of a two panel Serge system comprising of two Ian Fritz panels. A Timbre Tantrum and a Chaos Theory.
The DoubleDeka VCO is acting as a trigger sequencer. It's triggering the following:
Bank A:
1. One side of a dual TGTSH (fed by the Chaotica)
2. A Teezer TZVCO
3. 4X4 AD/AR
4. Threeler VCF
5. Mixer

Bank B:
1. One side of a dual TGTSH (fed by the Chaotica)
2. A Teezer TZVCO (this one needs calibrating)
3. 4X4 AD/AR
4. One side of a Dual 2Q/4Q Multiplier
5. Mixer

Both banks mixed together and fed through a Bandive Accessit stereo spring reverb.

The second TZVCO (Teezer) needs calibrating, so sounds a bit off higher up the scale.


Live Space Music Jam: Roland JD-Xi, Korg Volca Keys, Minimoog, EMS VCS3 | Land & Baumgartl 02

Published on Jun 17, 2016 Ralph Baumgartl VLog

"This is the second Live Synthesizer Jam of Bernd-Michael Land and Ralph Baumgartl. We are building up an ambient soundscape with a polyrhythmic sequencer line (3 against 4) and a vintage Roland Vocoder VP-330. Come and join us on our Space Music journey.

Gear used: Roland JD-Xi, Korg Volca Keys, Minimoog, Minimoog Voyager, EMS VCS3, Haken Continuum, DotCom Modular Synthesizer, Arturia MiniBrute, Roland Vocoder Plus VP-330 and several FX Pedals"

Twisted Electrons Acid8 MK.II Test Run: Acid8 vs. Electribe ER-1 MK.II

Published on Jun 17, 2016 my4trackmachine

"Just received my new toy about 30 minutes ago. This is a quick test run with some gear I had out."

Roland Releases the TR-606 Kit in 7X7-TR8 Drum Machine Expansion

Published on Jun 16, 2016 RolandChannel

"The TR-8 Ver.1.20 update adds the sounds of the classic Roland TR-606 to the 7X7-TR8 Drum Machine Expansion.

The TR-606 sounds are faithfully reproduced using detailed models of its original circuitry.
In addition to the seven TR-606 sounds, the update also comes with one new FloorTom sound.

Now the 7X7-TR8 Drum Machine Expansion allows you to have all the sounds and articulations of five iconic TR drum machines in the one drum machine - the Roland TR-8."

First seen on 606 day.

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