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Monday, September 12, 2016

Bleep Labs Workshop Series Featuring The Spectroseq & Ganz-O

Dadgeek example - The Spectroseq

Published on Sep 12, 2016 Bleep Labs

via Bleep Labs: "I’ll be teaching a new workshop series for Dadageek starting next week. The classes are designed to be an absolute beginners guide to making light and sound with analog and Arduino. It will be once a week for 6 weeks with a final exhibition of what you create. The price is $250 and includes the materials, Arduino, bread board, components etc, that you get to keep!"

Video description:

"There's still time to sign up for my new workshop series! Starts Sept 20th!

Here's a device I put together as an example for my classes at Dadageek.

It's a light painter where each row of 8 is read in order with the hue of the pixel controlling the pitch. Eight sine waves are independently controlled by the 8 rows while the eight columns are the steps.

This was a quick project to show what can be done with just a few components and some code.
More info on the class here.

The 'screen is made of two pieces of thick Baltic birch that were cut on the cnc the have holes for each APA102. The from is just a piece of delrin. A teensy using its audio.h library is doing all the work.
You can check out the code here."

Dadageek example - Ganz-O

"Here's a device I put together as an example for my classes at Dadageek.
It's kind of a relaxation device that slowly changes color while lightning flashes and static swells. The rate is changed when it's touched.

This was a quick project to show what can be done with just a few components and some code.
More info on the class here.

The screen is made thick piece of acrylic that's been CNCd with a simple pattern I made in blender. A teensy using its audio.h library is doing all the work.
You can check out the code here."

Roland MSQ-700 midi DCB Sequencer

via this auction

Blue Roland SH-101

via this auction

"Up for grabs is a perfectly working SH-101. It was just professionally calibrated so the oscillator is in tune up and down all octaves meaning you can use this live and in the studio... Only issues with this synth are cosmetic- the blue plastic is faded is some areas as is the lettering. Also there is some small scuffs and tape residue on the case as well as a few missing screws from the bottom. Nothing that affects the sound or performance of the instrument."

DSI OB6 - 20 more Custom Patches - 060 to 079

Published on Sep 12, 2016 GEOSynths

All parts here.


Patch List for Evolution Vol 1 -

3rd set of Custom Patches for the DSI OB6. A full Bank of 100 Patches have now been made and will be on sale soon."

In the Shadows of Things

Published on Sep 12, 2016 Richard Galbraith

"Mutable Instruments Rings is put in Easter Egg mode and sent through an MOTM 480 filter. A couple of MU saw waves are singing along, through Q107 and Q150 filters. Reverb is Valhalla."

Pirate Drones by Only Wolf

This one in via Jesse Creed, aka The Passenger.

"I thought I'd pass on a guy who has been recording at CanMARC.CA who I think you will like, full of synthery and heavy use of the synclavier 9600!"

The following are the details from Only Wolf on SoundCloud:

"From my upcoming release TRUST.
Recorded at Only Wolf's home studio in Guardamar, Spain.
Produced in Berlin, Vancouver and Guardamar.
Mixed and mastered by Jesse Creed at CanMARC Studio.
Featuring The Passenger*
Gear used:
DSI Prophet 6, DSI Tempest, Moog Voyager w/ CP 251+VX 351, Synclavier 9600*, Korg 3M, MPC 1000, Xone 4D, Ableton live*, OTARI MTR-10*.
Moogerfoogers: MF 101, MF 102, MF 103, MF 104, MF 105, MF 107.
Eventides: Spacefactor, Modfactor, Pitchfactor X2, Timefactor X2.
Warm Audio WA 76*, LEXION Digital Delay System model 96 + PSM 80*.

Album art by Dinao MacCormick.

Black madness forms the clones
Preserve the beast with robot drones
Transhuman desires will get us there
Filter the waste to breath the air
You can take what you want
So you take what you want
I don't know why you don't know this at all?
And you don't know why I don't want it at all

released September 4, 2016
Album art by Dinao MacCormick"

Batchas presents: Plumbutter - Patch 011

Published on Sep 12, 2016 batchas

"Plumbutter & Buchla.
Until 1:13 it's only the Plumbutter 1 that we hear (modulated also by buchla).
Then buchla 258v at 1:14.
2nd 258v oscillator at 1:26.
259e at 1:38.
HH is from Plumbutter, modulated by 266.'

Dave Smith Mopho X4 2016 Motions & Grooves Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Sep 12, 2016 SynthgodXXX

"Dave Smith Mopho X4 2016 Motions & Grooves Analog Synthesizer by Rik Marston 100% No Talking!! **Watch in HD**

Just playing around with some arpeggiator & motion sounds.
This synthesizer sounds HUGE! Watch your volume because
this synth can get EXTREME. So if you dig that GET ONE NOW!
FUN for sound designing & hard dance music- this synth can
be hard to tame. But why try to tame it? SET IT FREE!!

Here are the sound names in order & time frame:

Rubber Rez @00:06
Cheese Intro @02:18
Ice Planet @04:57
Machine @07:18
Noisy Steps @10:20
Rezzy Neeyowng @14:02"

Rik Marston "Sea Of Stars" Ambient New Age 2016 JP-8000 Chill Reiki Space Music

Published on Sep 12, 2016 SynthgodXXX

[Also see SynthgodXXX's sample sets for sale here]

"Rik Marston 'Sea Of Stars' from
'Digital Heart, Analog Soul Vol. II'
**WATCH IN HD** **Headphones a PLUS!**

"Sea Of Stars" from the New Ambient Chill Zen CD
"Digital Heart, Analog Soul Vol. II" by Rik Marston.
On iTunes NOW!! (And Other Pay Download sites)

Take your first step out of the capsule
into the SEA OF STARS.

Below is the hardware synthesizer gear list
used on this track on this video:

Roland JP-8000
My two favorite sounds:
'Arctic Sweep' & 'MKS80 Space'

Space pictures by ESA & NASA

I hope you dig this Ambient New Age Synthesizer Music!!
-Rik Marston

The ORIGINAL DEBUT CD 'Digital Heart, Analog Soul' is available here!

CD Baby:

On iTunes Here:

On Spotify:

MP3 Download is available here:


Goggle Play:

Rik Marston 'Digital Heart, Analog Soul Vol. II'
Coming August 2016!!"

Claus Martin feat. Cosmic Rockers - Going Modular - Test 25

Published on Sep 11, 2016 csmcrckrs

"No modular synth this time, but a good amount of electro funk. This is probably more in the vein of Cosmic Rockers (another alias of mine) so I thought I'd mention it in the title.


Main Riff: Creamware Pro 12
Bass & FX Sounds: Moog Voyager
Bits & Pieces:: Roland JX-3P, Moog Voyager
Drums, FX, Arrangement & Mixing done with Ableton Live"

Waldorf Micro Q Keyboard with Original Box

Published on Sep 8, 2016 VideoPedro

via this auction

Dark Blue/Grey Waldorf Q Wavetable Synthesizer Keyboard

via this auction

Two RAM-cards are included as well.

Roland D-50 SN 791803

via this auction

"This is an Original 240 volt Euro version of the Roland D50. It was modified internally for 120 volt, US operation, and can easily be changed back for 240,220,120, or 100 volts by changing the position of the power wire on the output transformer."

ZVex Instant Lo-fi Junky Eurorack module

Published on Sep 12, 2016 Leslie Rollins

"Demos are not my strong suit but as I got this a bit early and there is some curiosity built up around it I've tried to do my basic best. This is a simple drum loop taken from a Radio Music module. I try to make my finger movements on the knobs pretty obvious and also tried to keep my hand out of the way as best I could. This is only exploring manual knob and switch adjustments of the module. I might do one with CV manipulation from other modules if there's interest. If there's something you'd REALLY like to see feel free to let me know and I'll try to accommodate your request. I'm planning to do a similar video for the Fuzz Factory, and then probably a short one of both of them working at once to create magic.

Please recall, this is not my sweet spot. There's no real creativity in this. Yes I know the loop is boring. But I was trying to cover the basics so folks can get some sense of the pallette available. Cheers!"

Arturia MatrixBrute - A Quick Look - MVM #46

Published on Sep 12, 2016 MIDI-VERSE TV

"What's up everyone, Welcome to Midiverse - TV. Today we're at Knobcon 2016 at the Arturia Booth checking out the new MatrixBrute. We'll quickly scroll through a few of the presets to get an idea of what kind of sounds this synth can make."

Stored Voltages

Published on Sep 12, 2016 Unun Septium

"Finally worked out how to integrate stored voltage touch plates with Voltage Multistage and Harmonic Osc. Hooray!"

Studio test. Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000.

Published on Sep 12, 2016 Space Cat Audio Technologies

"Testing equipment in the studio, this video shows the arpeggio function using an edited preset voice. I have also added a long reverb, an inverse reverb and analogue delay."

You don't see the Prophet 2000 featured in videos often.

Lyynk Studio-Work in progress-Music for documentary

Published on Sep 12, 2016 St├ęphane Schott

Some nice synth spotting in this one.

Dave Smith Instruments "In The Spotlight with the PRO 2" with ROCAsound

The fifth in Dave Smith Instruments' "In The Spotlight with the PRO 2" series is currently up with SEBASTIAN AROCHA MORTON, aka ROCAsound here.

"Composer/Producer/Remixer Sebastian Arocha Morton (aka ROCAsound) graduated from Berklee College of Music and moved to Los Angeles to begin what would become a very fruitful and successful career in Electronic Music Production and Film Scoring. His remixes and productions for Sting, Counting Crows, Samantha James, Donna Summer, Seal, Jody Watley, Santana, Amerie, Vikter Duplaix and Fisherspooner among many others have yielded 6 Billboard #1 singles as well as 2 Grammy nominations. Likewise, his film scoring and composition background have enabled him to bridge electronic and orchestral music for blockbuster films such as Iron Man 2, Robocop, Little Miss Sunshine, Alex Cross, Draft Day, and Houdini, as well as session work with A List composers and artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Sylvian, Chaka Khan, John Debney, and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry. Currently, he is working on production and synth work for USA’s Golden Globe-nominated Mr. Robot and Tomorrowland’s Iron Man Experience debuting this Fall at Disneyworld Hong Kong."

You can find previous posts featuring DSI's Spotlight series here.


Published on Sep 12, 2016 Chris White

"In this film, I wanted to see how the P12 would work as a drum machine. Or at least how useful it would be in creating beat elements. I've put some compression on this for a bit of glue."

All parts here.

Novation // Circuit - Battle Of The Circuits in Antwerp, Belgium.

Published on Sep 12, 2016 NovationTV

"Battle Of The Circuits // On May 19th 2016 in a small club in Antwerp, Belgium 4 performers including Novation’s own –CALC- took to the stage to perform the first Circuit only show.
With Circuit at the heart of their rig, each performer was given the option to use one other instrument of their choice which had to be sequenced/controlled by Circuit groove box.

Each performance lasted approximately one hour and was streamed live via YouTube.

Learn more about Circuit //"

Behringer DeepMind 12 Sound Demo

Published on Sep 12, 2016 Bonedo

"Behringer DeepMind 12 Sound Demo - First impression of the #Behringer #DeepMind 12 #Synthesizer."

Roland SYSTEM-8 Sound Demo

Published on Sep 12, 2016 Bonedo

"Roland SYSTEM-8 Sound Demo - First impressions of the #Roland #System-8 #Synthesizer."

Roland TB-03 vs. TB-303

Published on Sep 10, 2016 Bonedo

"Roland TB-03 Bassline - First impressions and a short comparison between the Boutique TB-03 and the original TB-303 Bassline.

First part: A simple 6-Step-Line including Accent, Slide, different notes and note lengths.
Second part: Realtime tweaking
Third part: Only Roland TB-03 demo, adding the internal effects"

Rick Wakeman using the KORG KRONOS in preparation for the ARW Tour

Published on Sep 12, 2016 Korg

"Rick Wakeman is just about to embark on a major world tour with Jon Anderson and Trevor Rabin for the ARW Tour - An Evening of Yes Music & More. We met up with him as he was just getting ready for the main rehearsals where two KORG Kronos keyboards play a major role in his keyboard rig.

Rick’s Official Website:
ARW Tour -"

U1-Kreuzberg: Analog Rytm Deep/Dub House (part 2)

Published on Sep 12, 2016 TheKraist

"all sounds from Analog Rytm"

Cool train in the background.

Korg Volca Kick at BPM

Published on Sep 12, 2016 sonicstate

"The latest Volca specializes in Kick and sub bass, and boy does it shake the room"

Roland DJ808 Features at BPM

Published on Sep 12, 2016 sonicstate

"We were fortunate enough to hook up with Nick, the product manager for the DJ 808 who talked to me about the set of features the DJ808 has on offer. Its so much more than just a DJ mixer."

CINEMATICA - Widescreen Ambient Synthscapes and Organic Grooves

This one in via MATRIXSYNTH supporter, You can find this sample pack at Sample Magic.

"Cinematica features all the elements for contemporary electronic score and big screen drama. Explore artfully crafted synth keys, ethereal dreamscapes, driving sequences, pulsating arps and rich bass. Layer lush orchestral drums and warped percussion loops with silken pads and luscious leads. Craft suspense with delicately evolving textural atmospheres and hard-hitting impacts. Explore cinematic trailer FX for perfect, detail-intensive soundtrack ambience."

Crumar Multiman String Synthesizer Orchestrator

via this auction

"Crumar Multiman string synthesizer recently serviced, in 100% functional condition. This is the early version of the Crumar Orchestrator and has the same features minus the string brightness slider and volume/brass pedal connections. The brass section has a true voltage controlled filter similar to the moog design, the string section is very lush and compared to the ARP solina and the piano/clavichord is similar to the RMI electra piano. All very vintage and usable sounds packed into one machine. The faders have been cleaned and the entire unit was re-capped to provide stability for years to come. Cosmetically, the metal panel has scratches and scuffs, but the physical integrity of the instrument is very strong; it's built like a tank. Comes with the original lid."

Circuit Jam - Custom Patches & Drums

Published on Sep 9, 2016 BoBeats

"This video is a jam with the Novation Circuit. I use three sessions and custom sounds by myself and a sound designer named Light. Check his webpage further down. The patches I use in this video can be downloaded here:

Check a great Circuit resource!"

For those interested, the following is a playlist of all 40 Novation Circuit videos by BoBeats. They include reviews, overviews, and tutorials. Remember you can use the player controls to forward through and to skip to those that interest you.

Roland AIRA System 8 Hands On First Impressions

Published on Sep 12, 2016 sonicstate

"We were at the BPM show earlier today and grabbed a few short minutes with the brand new Roland AIRA System 8 synthesizer -direct audio. First impressions are good"

Modular Music Days 2016 - Doepfer VC Performance Mixer

Published on Sep 12, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"At the Modular Music Days 2016, Dieter Doepfer announced two new modules: The A-135-4A VC is a voltage controllable Performance Mixer and the A-135-4B VCPM is the expander for the new Performance Mixer which gives you voltage control support for the parameters of the Mixer. More Informations in this video.

The A-135-4B VCPM is still a prototype."

Extremely Rare Yamaha SY-20 1982 Analog Monosynth SN 2181

via this auction

"These dont come up too often. Really good cosmetic condition. 100% functional. Sounds really, really good. Very fun to play too."

Note the Japanese front panel labels!

Casio VZ-10M SN 001206

via this auction

Korg / Univox Maxikorg / 800dv 70s Analog Mono Synthesizer

via this auction

KORG 800 DV Vintage Synthesizer SN 760099

via this auction

"A popular vintage duophonic/monophonic synthesizer from Korg. It has 2 analog Osc which can be used together to create fat monophonic and duophonic sounds. This unit can create big fat basslines to lead sounds which really stand out. Easy to control and easy to use synthesizer. It also comes with ring modulator and controlled filters to add various types of character to your sounds."


via this auction

" EKO BASS FOOT PEDALS K1 ANALOUGE BASS SYNTH PEDALS. vintage synthesizer circa 1973
Very RARE!!!
made in Italy
these are in full working order and sound fantastic
full octave string or reed ,has sustain
play bass like the doors!"

Vintage Moog Mininmoog Model D SN 8372

via this auction

"This is a vintage Moog minimoog that has spent the last thirty years in my husband's studio. I don't think it ever worked. But it looked cool. I don't know anything about it. So, I am selling it "As-Is." I cannot ship it. It's just too heavy. So, I am asking for you to pick it up from me. If you don't like it, once you see it, I will give you a full refund. No questions asked. I just want this synthesizer in the hands of someone who will finally use it and give it a good home!"

Moog Mother playing New York 1997 Main Theme with O Coast

Published on Sep 12, 2016 Oz The Conjuring

"Here is my version of John Carpenter's New York 1997 Main Theme, using Moog Mother with a couple of modules for the bass part, Vermona drm1 for drums trigged with the Beatstep pro, lead synth is the Make Noise O coast with a zoom G3 multi effect.
The sequencer is the Arturia BSP.
Fantastic rig i got here, lot of fun all the more with the Mutable Instruments Braids and Clouds as second VCO."

Kujo on Metasonix D-1000 & F-1

Published on Sep 12, 2016 Karl Choueiri

"F-1 Test (video taken just after unboxing) Only a D-1000 running through an F-1 . DSP duties are handled by Eventide (Space&TimeFactor)."

Feels - #Eurorack Jamsession

Published on Sep 12, 2016 Colin Benders

"Had a nice session going with this one. took me about 1 hr from a blank modular to this song, so I guess I needed that."

Chilled Sunday Jam

Published on Sep 12, 2016 verstaerker

"a relaxed sunday-afternoon jam - the ju-06 is feed through the ehx ring-thing , wich is modulated by the electron analog four cv-seq.
other sounds are created with the macbeth elements , m3x , roland-tr8, analog four, sonic-potions-lxr, one subtle lead in the middle played on ms-20 min"

Polymoog Ableton Live Pack

Published on Sep 12, 2016 AfroDJMac USA

"Download now!

Get the beautiful analog sounds of the Polymoog vintage analog synthesizer in Ableton Live. This collection of Ableton Live Instrument Racks faithful recreates the sound of the Polymoog, using samples of each preset from the classic synthesizer. The sounds are then combined with the power of Ableton Live in order to take the sound to all new levels.

Created in collaboration with Expanding Sound:

Visit my site for more stuff like this, including Live Instrument downloads, tutorials, and music!"

mr robot theme - Electribe 2 (just for fun)

Published on Sep 12, 2016 millolab

"Love Mr Robot and its soudtrack. This is what i came up with in a couple of hours. It is totally unaccurate... sorry about that. I'll do it better if i have time to. :)"

Epoch Modular TwinPeak Filter

Published on Sep 11, 2016 jamescigler

"A brief overview and demo of the Epoch Modular TwinPeak Filter"

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