MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Teenage OP-1 Adventures: Accidental Radio Sample

Published on Mar 12, 2017 Jacques Mongrel

"Waiting for laundry to finish. I make a track. I accidentally sample a very short sample from the radio. Instead of discarding it I make whole musical idea around it, using the weaknesses of the Teenage Engineering OP-1 sampler as strengths and having fun in the process."

VINTAGE MOOG MINIMOOG Analog Synthesizer 1979 | HD DEMO

Published on Mar 12, 2017 AnalogAudio1

"(c) 2017 by AnalogAudio1

I played the Minimoog D with reverb effects from a Lexicon MPX-500 and delay effects from a Korg SDD-3000.

The Minimoog D is a real classic. It is a monophonic synthesizer with a fat analog sound from USA. It has 3 oscillators, a 24dB Moog lowpass filter, 2 envelopes, noise generator. The third oscillator can be used as LFO with a wide frequency range. The Minimoog D is heard on many, many recordings."

Sidrax organ - Ciat Lonbarde

Published on Mar 11, 2017 hajimmie

"A performance of The Sidrax organ. Straight into Roland mobile cube amp and recorded by iPhone (built-in mic)"

Sidrax organ #2

Published on Mar 12, 2017

"Another take on the Sidrax organ. This time with some effect. Sidrax into Zoom MS70CDR then Roland mobile cube. Recorded on the phone with its built-in mic."

Roland Juno-DS 2017 Preset Phrase Pattern Demo Sequencer Synthesizer Rik Marston DS61

Published on Mar 11, 2017 SynthgodXXX

"Roland DS61 2017 Preset Phrase Pattern
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
100% No Talking!!! Just Juno-DS Power!!
**Watch in HD!** Turn it UP!!!

Atomic Shadow's Command Center

I just started watching Lost again. An interesting side note is that JJ Abrams is into synths. It's too bad he didn't add any synth related easter eggs in the show.

via @AtomicShadow

"After two days of work, the Command Center is back in operation."

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Digital Synth

via this auction

AKAI AX80 Analog 8 Voice Poly Synth

via this auction

"Vintage AKAI AX80. True Analog poly synthesizer with 8 voice. Released in 1984.'

One OPLAB to rule them all (TR606, OP1, PO Rythm, Eurorack)

Published on Mar 12, 2017 Human Koala


Added to this post.

Novation Circuit Custom Sounds

Published on Mar 1, 2017 tblv9300

"64 patches can be found here
To load patches use the Isotonik Studios editor available here
No external effects or processing added."

Sunsetter (Eurorack + Monome + PO-12)

Published on Mar 12, 2017 S. B. Arweiler

"Sunday late afternoon jam.

Gear used:
- Eurorack modular
- Monome Grid 128 (w/ Kria running on White Whale)
- Teenage Engineering PO-12
- Electro-Harmonix Cathedral"

DreamsOfWires - 'Setsuko' (AJH Synth Mini Mod & Roland SH-1)

Published on Mar 12, 2017 DreamsOfWires

"Recorded live, no overdubs or post-production. I've been watching a few lesser-known films of Setsuko Hara just recently, one of my favourite actresses, so I thought I'd make something very loosely inspired by her.

Initial sound is the SH-1, all subsequent sounds are from the Mini Mod.

Sequenced using Genome on an iPad, selecting patterns in real-time, into an Expert Sleepers FH-1 to control the SH-1 and 3 Mini Mod VCO's, each on independent midi channels in order to play multiple notes simultaneously.
Recorded into two channels using AUM on the iPad via an iConnectivity AUDIO4+ (which also sends MIDI to the FH-1) with Virsyn's AudioReverb as an insert effect.

The video editing isn't as good as I'd have liked, but my ancient PC makes it a laborious and sloppy task.
Please don't ask me to explain the recording in any more detail than this, thank you.

Film scenes from 'Priest of Darkness' (河内山宗俊, 1936) and 'Temptation' (誘惑, 1948)."

BEMI Easel Aux Card Overview Videos by Todd Barton - 12 & 13

Videos 12 and 13 have been added to the main post here.

Monolith --- Poly Evolver drone

Published on Mar 12, 2017 Hitoshi Koizumi

"Poly Evolver Keyboard + Poly Evolver Rack = Evolver 8-Voices x 2 tracks
fx: Strymon BigSky + Timeline"

Moog Sub Phatty (Presets)

Published on Mar 12, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Demonstration of the 16 presets included with the Sub Phatty

No processing except for normalisation."

Korg MonoPoly synthesizer with MidiPoly SN 379515

via this auction

"Overall, the synth is in excellent working condition. The front and rear panels are very clean, with only minor marks and small blemishes. The wooden sides are also clean and unmarked.

All knobs, buttons and switches are present, original and function correctly.

All keys are clean and aligned and contact correctly.

The unit was tested today and the synth is working as it should be: 100% functional and the tuning is rock solid.

The synth has the excellent MidiPoly midi kit installed."

Roland System 100 * Model 104 Sequencer

via this auction

"This one is in good cosmetic condition and is working 100%. As you may know, this is part of the Roland System 100."

DACs FrequeII Test

Published on Mar 12, 2017 verstaerker

"just quick test of the DACs FrequeII"

New BugBrand Modular - DRM1 Videos by batchas

Published on Mar 12, 2017 batchas

The playlist starts with the most recent videos posted today. You can backtrack to previous videos as well.

11 03 17 Bugbrand Modular & Buchla 259e

Published on Mar 12, 2017 batchas

"Highest notes = Buchla 259e.

Very short session yesterday. Plug'n play."

03 10 17 Buchla 259e

Published on Mar 12, 2017 batchas

"It's only the sound of the 259e we hear here with effects from Eventide and Logic."

03 10 17 Buchla 259e [Part 1]
03 10 17 Buchla 259e [Part 2]
03 10 17 Buchla 259e [Part 3]
"An LFO ist sent the modulation oscillator of the 259e.
It's only the sound of the 259e we hear here with effects from Eventide and Logic."

Happy Nerding HN VCF demo

Published on Mar 12, 2017 Happy Nerding

"First part shows the simplest example of using note velocity CV to add variation to a static note sequence.
Second part shows difference in 'Drive' for 'LP' and 'LP!' outputs.

Third part shows how HN VCF can be used to transform mono sound to pseudo stereo. To do this the user should send 'LP' out to one channels and 'LP!' to another. With some “Drive” added to the sound it starts to be spread over stereo field."

via Happy Nerding

"HN VCF is a state variable filter having 12 db Low Pass, 12 dB High Pass, 6 dB Band Pass plus 18 db Low Pass marked as “LP!”, because it has extra drive. All three parameters: 'Freq', 'Resonance' and 'Drive' have dual knobs with outer knobs controlling bipolar CV amount. These affected CVs are then shown by the relative green/blue leds.

The possibility to have CV over “Resonance” and “Drives” makes it a very capable 6 HP filter.

HN VCF can be used to transform mono sound to pseudo stereo. To do this the user should send “LP” output to one channels and “LP!” to another. With some “Drive” added to the sound it starts to be spread over the stereo field."

Happy Nerding TriTone demo

Published on Mar 12, 2017 Happy Nerding

"TriTone shown as EQ, filter and saturator."

via Happy Nerding

"TriTone is a three section EQ plus saturator. Inner knobs control frequency and outer knobs control +- gain. All these sections Hi Shelf, Band Pass and Low Shelf are having + 20 db of gain and 30 db of reduction. Each section can work independently or they can be serially connected by the switches. Middle input in each section accepts CV for its frequency, so all three sections can be individually FMed by the external CVs.

If the inputs are fed with the modular level signals (+- 5V), then there is little room for “plus” EQ gains before saturation starts. In this case the input level should be attenuated first, if saturation is not desired and much “plus” gain is needed. Otherwise saturation drastically enriches the tone and the module works like very flexible overdrive FX.

When the switches are set to upper positions, then all three sections work independently. With the maximum gain reduction (CCW position) of the upper section (Hi Shelf) it becomes a useful kind of Low Pass filter. On the contrary – maximum gain reductions of the lower section (Low Shelf) makes it a High Pass filter.

Please note the internal routing done by the switches: the output of the uppers section is added to the input of the subsequent lower section. If nothing is connection to this lower sections’ input, then only the upper section’s output is processed. This makes it a 3 band EQ with the switches set to lower position. Having separated inputs opens up more possibilities over ordinary EQs."

Juno 6/Bigsky/Timeline - Should I?

Published on Mar 12, 2017 Jae Ryan

"I've posted my Juno6 for sale and while waiting for a buyer decided I should spend some time with it and if see if I should part with it! Running the arp through my Strymon pedals I found some moments of magic, though I'm still not sure I've fallen back in love. I always wish it was a little more complex, though it always sounds good. The biggest thing stopping me is that I don't own any other synth that can to delayed vibrato/LFO's and it's one of my favourite ways to make lead sounds. Sooooo, should I?"

Intellijel Metropolis + Dave Smith DSM01 + Doepfer A100LC3 case + A-110-1 VCO

via this auction

"Intellijel Metropolis sequencer with original box (one owner)
Dave Smith DSM01 filter
Doepfer case A-100LC3 with original psu (one owner)
Doepfer A-110-1 VCO (one owner)
Doepfer A-111-5 Mini Synth for sale in separate auction
all perfect and fully functional"

Red Roland SH-101 Analog Synth SN 351452 w/ Mod Grip

Published on Mar 11, 2017 Clean Fishtank

"Vintage Roland SH-101 Analog Synth - Just serviced w/ caps replaced (sounds better than ever). Recording was directly into iPhone (zero editing or effects)."

via this auction

"This is RED and a 'very good' to 'excellent' example of the classic analog synth. Cleaned and serviced recently. The interior photos were taken while apart and caps replaced by the shop. While 30+ years old, this is still a valuable studio and fun live tool. Very fat, warm and easily edited, it is fun to play and sounds fantastic!"

Pics of the inside below.

ARP Odyssey MK-I 2800

via this auction

"As you can see I the pics, this vintage, c 1970s very first version mk-1 2800 Arp odyssey is in excellent, I hesitate to say mint condition. This is a GENUINE, ORIGINAL, VINTAGE synth, NOT a korg made Chinese reissue. It has just been completely serviced and calibrated, and is in 100% perfect working order. Every key, function, knob, slider and switch operates as designed, and they synth sounds...amazing. All of the original slider caps are also present and accounted for. This is easily the cleanest I've ever seen. Awesome.

This synthesizer makes all of the beeps, boops, squishy leads, booming basses, and wacky modulation noises you want. You can also achieve wild cross-modulation between the oscillators by switching them into unison mode and using the vco2 pitch to pit them against each other. She also has ring mod, s&h, pink/white noise and audio in for the rad (big time self oscillating!) filter. Later models tended to have a tamer sounding filter, and this one is anything but! You'll notice it is an OG model 2800 synth, not a later 2810 or 2813. The synth is in terrific cosmetic condition, with only minor wear."

Waldorf Microwave XT SN 820725929

via this auction

Freeman String Symphonizer Analog Synthesizer SN 40632R

via this auction

"recently serviced Freeman String Symphonizer. as for string synthesizers, this is the one to get! all functions, keys and oscillators work. Very rare, only a few hundred were produced."

Roland Juno-60 Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Minerva MIDI Upgrade & Mods

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000

Published on Mar 4, 2017 slappys vintage

via this auction

Roland SH-101 Monophonic Synthesizer + DC-20 Analog Delay + Yamaha FX500 Simul Effects Processor

Published on Mar 12, 2017 SubTokyoShop

"Roland SH-101 Monophonic Synthesizer + DC-20 Analog Delay + Yamaha FX500 Simul Effects Processor

SH-101 cv/gate controlled by Korg SQ-1"

subtokyoshop on eBay

MS20 / JX-3P / MFB522 / Sunday jam

Published on Mar 12, 2017 se7ense7

"Analog music.

The DCO's on the JX-3P are only digitally clocked (digitally controlled oscillator). This provided tuning stabily in an analog oscillator. The MS20 tends to drift, because it has VCO's. These are clocked by voltage, and that's quite unstable."

BURG - the forest where we died (feat. KORG monologue)

Published on Mar 12, 2017 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff, please support me on

Yesterday I went o a big shopping spree.. i finally got my hands on the eventide space pedal AND the KORG monologue.

This being one of the first proper tracks i have put together in 2017 it took some time to get it right, spent almost a full two days jamming and setting things up. When i recorded it, it all went down in just one go... The monologue plays a cenral role in the track, and helps build the tone and beat throughout the entire track, really a lovely synth.

The tune is very dark, it is a reflection on life and death.. and an answer to where we will end up when we pass away.

Gear used: KORG monologue, ms-20, SQ-1, volca, bass, keys and fm, Roland Aira System-1, TR-8, elektron analog four, circuit (just sequencer), makenoise 0-coast, microbrute, MG-1, dreadbox erebus, NLA1, beatstep pro, reface CP

FX used: eventide space, strymon timeline, bluesky, el capistan, mooer reecho, skyverb, catalinbread CSIDMAN, Kaoss PAD, ms-70 CDR, red panda particle."

Kick.S DEMO / Strymon Big Sky with xOxbOx

Published on Mar 12, 2017 Kick.S


Published on Mar 12, 2017 RyuX

Sector101 WaveBlade 8MB Waveform Card & Programmer for Yamaha SY / TG / RM

via Sector101. See their other expansion products as well.

"The 8MB WaveBlade card is a programmable Waveform card for use with all the Yamaha SY / TG series synthesizers that support Yamaha Waveform cards.

Yamaha units that support Waveform Cards:
SY55 & TG55
SY77 & TG77
SY85 & TG500

This card will allow the use of custom samples in machines that do not have this option as standard. The SY99, SY85, TG500, and RM50 already have the facility to load custom samples into internal or expanded sample memory. The SY55, TG55, SY77, TG77, and RY30 do not have this option. This programmable waveform card will allow these machines access to custom samples."

CS01 minilogueSound0312

Published on Mar 11, 2017 ryouichi harada

New OSCar and ARP 2600 on Behringer's Radar

This one spotted by Soviet Space Child:

"Aside from the Oscar synth, I can confirm that the 2600 is high on our priority list as it is a truly remarkable synth; I always wanted one for myself:-)

We are currently trying to acquire an original unit for benchmark purposes.

We hope we will be able to show you a first design draft within the next few weeks, while we're studying the circuit diagrams to provide you with an estimated retail price.

Once ready we will reach out to you to see if there is enough interest.


That OSCar logo in this previous post on possible new Oberheim clones from Behringer, now makes more sense.

LayR - Multi Timbral Synthesizer for iOS Update

iTunes: LayR - Multi Timbral Synthesizer - Living Memory Software

For those that were waiting, version 1.0.2 of LayR has been released.

For videos and a general overview of LayR see the initial post here.

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