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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Synthesis Technology Product Demo + Q&A

Published on Mar 28, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

Presentation by Paul Schreiber
March 22, 2017
at Perfect Circuit Audio in Burbank, CA

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KORG Introduces the KRONOS LS

KRONOS LS - Strike the Perfect Balance

Published on Mar 28, 2017 Korg

"With a newly-designed light touch keyboard for effortless playability, KRONOS LS lets you take a full-sized keyboard - and the power of KRONOS - anywhere.

Packed with nine versatile sound engines, up to 16 simultaneous effects, 16-part Combinations and so much more, KRONOS is KORG’s most powerful synthesizer ever. To further unlock KRONOS’ potential, KORG introduces a new light-touch 88-key model for a new level of playability - and portability."

"New light-touch keyboard for effortless, nimble playing

KORG’s all-new light-touch keyboard makes it easy to play anything from rapid organ licks to synth phrases to glissandi. The mechanism of the keyboard itself has been redesigned so that the velocity is easier to control than on existing light-touch keyboards, even when playing complex chords or difficult phrases. The box-shaped keys share their look with KORG’s premium RH3 action, while providing the faster playing feel of a synth keyboard. Since the keyboard is semi-weighted, it’s also perfect for playing piano and electric piano in any style.

6.3 kg/14 lbs. lighter than KRONOS2-88 for increased portability

The new keyboard makes the instrument markedly lighter than KRONOS2-88 with KORG’s RH3 action, making transport and setup much simpler. At under 19 kg/40 lbs., bringing a full 88-note KRONOS to a show just became more convenient.

New OS v3.1 includes new Quick Layer/Split functions

Along with its dynamic new keyboard, KRONOS LS features the latest KRONOS OS - v3.1 - which puts Quick Layer and Quick Split functions right at users’ fingertips. Effortlessly create layers such as piano and strings, or splits such as electric piano and bass, effortlessly. Numerous additional OS refinements have also been made to further ensure stability and a stress-free performance environment.

A new look to complement its new feel

With its luxurious dark umber aluminum body and beautifully crafted sunburst wood side panels, KRONOS LS is designed to present as beautifully as it plays. KRONOS LS offers an elegant look that’s perfect for home, stage, and studio."

Cool two-tone wood side panels.

Hyve Synth Goes Open Source

via the Hyve Touch Kickstarter:

"In celebration of an awesome week with 266 amazing people who hit 267%, Hyve Synth is going Open Source. Thank you for believing in this project and giving me the opportunity to share it with you. Let's take a look at a preliminary schematic!"

New EMW VACTROLS Eurorack Modules

via EMW:

“EMW is about to launch its own line of VACTROLS with a series of new modules based on this fantastic component.

All the tests exceeded our expectations and the production will start immediately.

The first modules that will use our own Vactrol will be launched soon.

Wait to check the quality of our new and exclusive Eurorack Vactrol Line. EMW - Electronic Music Works.”

DIY projects from EMW featuring their new vactrols may follow.

If you are not familiar with vactrols in general, see this wikipedia article.

Kawai SX-240 with full MIDI CC!

Published on Mar 25, 2017 Sean Ober

"Thanks to the fine folks at, this minty Kawai SX-240 now responds to MIDI CC. Burned a couple new firmware EPROMs, removed about 8 screws, swapped the chips and done! Such an easy, rewarding mod.

Early stages of this available firmware but damn-near complete... hat's off to This is one of only a few SX-240's in the world, this powerful ;o) Shoot, only about 1000 of these boards might have been made and many, many of those died due to battery leaks. Talk about a rare bird.

I also would like to thank Jordan from Cuff Lynx for selling me this bad boy! Thanks and Save The Wave... SynthWave that is!!!"

Teenage Engineering - History and Design Philosophy & the Pocket Operator Story

Teenage Engineering Part 1 - History and Design Philosophy

Published on Dec 16, 2015 Silicon Labs

"This is the first part of our interview with Teenage Engineering. See how they keep their products fun and extraordinary at the same time!"

Teenage Engineering Part 2 - Pocket Operator Story

Published on Dec 16, 2015 Silicon Labs

"This is the second part of our interview with Teenage Engineering’s Oscar Ahlgren, development project manager for the Pocket Operator line."

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-20 Arcade, PO-24 Office and PO-28 Robot

Published on Feb 24, 2016 Sean Ober

"Arcade, Robot and Office Get Down

Production / Performance & Lego case by Sean Ober / Dj Dab
Space Craft design by Sage

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Arcade PO-20 - Test by Dj Dab

Published on Feb 17, 2016 Sean Ober

Moog Voyager Bubinga Cab Analog Synth w Add-ons & Extras! SN EB2466

What's a Bubinga cab?

via this auction

"Up for sale is a unique Moog Voyager Electric Blue Edition. This particular voyager has a custom bubinga wood finish from the factory. It also is easily made a expandable by adding the included moogerfooger CP-251 ($399) and the VX-351 CV Output Expander ($295). The condition of this voyager, is near flawless as you will see from the pictures. All original material, and packaging has been kept. Also included is the license transfer of the Voyager PlugSE! Take full control of the voyager in your DAW including, midi record, automation record, program changes, and much more via midi in and out."

Steven Kuether's Memorymoog Plus Restorations, (by Synthpro)

Published on Mar 28, 2017 synthpro

"Hey Guys,

Have had another Memorymoog on my surgical table once again. It was sick but now has a full bill of health.

Thanks for watching and the support,


Moog Sub 37 Prophet 6 Juno 6 Jam

Published on Mar 28, 2017 Taylor Lars

"Latest unedited synth sound design Session. Juno 6 Pad, Moog Sub Bass Swell, Prophet Lead."

Novation Circuit + Patchblocks / a very good team (2)

Second video added to this post.

Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythm

Published on Mar 28, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"The Tiptop Circadian Rhythm is triggering the ALM Dinky's Taiko, Audio Damage Boomtschak, SSF Entity, and Mannequins Just Friends for drums. The bass and melodies are sequenced by the Malekko Varigate 8 which is clocked by the Circadian. The Make Noise DPO and Verbos Complex Oscillator are used for those sounds. All is being mixed in the Intellijel Linix and then routed to the Make Noise Erbe Verb.

The Tiptop Audio ‘Circadian Rhythms’ is a complex grid sequencer module moving modular synthesizer technology another step forward by gluing all the pieces of a system together. Each module or voice can now be programmed to play straight from an intelligent, eight-channel, 512-step master trigger sequencer made for composers looking to make music on the modular. Building on the sequencing concept of step programing, multi-channel patterns of musical phrases can be repeated, looped, chained, muted and manipulated on the fly in real-time, and most importantly, all of this is done through a simple, clearly labeled interface. Using an array of multicolor illuminated buttons and innovative grid views the Circadian Rhythms provides a highly functional live performance sequencer with a beautiful glowing appearance of the programmed music that will look amazing on stage for both performer and crowd. As a master controller, the heart of the modular synthesizer, Circadian Rhythms generates high precision clock and reset signals for all the other sequencers and devices in the system to align with and can also act as a high precision bridge for DAW synchronization.

Available here:"

MATRIXSYNTH members get a %10 discount at Perfect Circuit Audio!


TIPTOP FOLD PROCESSOR: 909 / 808 / ONE from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"Testing the new Fold Processor module from Tiptop Audio.

Running drums: Mid TOM 909, RS909, SNR808, CP909 + ONE (bass sound) sub mix through the FOLD PROCESSOR's main out.

BD808 is playing clean.

Fold's main out is filtered through R*S VCFS in HI-PASS going through R*S VCFS in LO-PASS (both fully open at the beginning)

Fold is modulated by Z8000 (processed by the Math - ch4) Low pass cut-off is modulated by Z3000.

First dry, then with Z-DSP Halls Of Valhalla room reverb, then dry again."

Melu Instruments FREAK VCO Overview & Sound Demo

Published on Mar 28, 2017 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Here's a demo video of the Melu Instruments FREAK Eurorack module. It's a complex phase-synchronized dual oscillator for cool layered sounds!"

Melu Instruments FREAK VCO Sound Demo #TTNM

Published on Mar 28, 2017

"This is a sound demo of the Melu Instruments FREAK Eurorack module. It's a complex phase-synchronized dual oscillator for cool layered sounds!"

See this post for details on the Melu Instruments FREAK VCO.

Radikal Technologies RT-311 Swarm Oscillator Official Released

We've seen the demos. We now have the official press release:

[image: "The front panel has all input and output jacks at the lower end of the panel. That keeps the knobs free from cables."]

"Radikal Technologies releases radical Eurorack-compatible oscillator module with a DSP-driven difference

MÜNCHEN, GERMANY: having turned heads, opened ears, and blown musical minds with a successful showcase at The 2017 NAMM Show, January 19-22 in Anaheim, California, high-quality synthesizer developer Radikal Technologies is proud to announce availability of its RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR — an advanced DSP-driven Eurorack-compatible oscillator module that, as implied by name, goes far beyond the realms of standard oscillator fare, firstly thanks to two oscillators that can both build swarms of (up to eight) oscillator ‘clones’ capable of being pitched in musical intervals, chords, clusters, or fat detunes, dutifully backed by having all parameter settings saveable as interpolatable snapshots, enabling even more radical results — as of March 28...

A dictionary definition of swarm typically reads: a large number of things... or oscillators, in the case of Radikal Technologies’ radical RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR, which, when switched to its highest SWARM setting, sees a maximum of 16 oscillator ‘clones’ running simultaneously. Something that stands out from the sound of the (ever-expanding Eurorack modular) crowd — to (partially) paraphrase the early-Eighties British breakthrough hit from synth-pop pioneers The Human League (themselves no strangers to the small-format modular system popularised by fellow German developers Doepfer Musikelektronik) — and surely something to behold? But building swarms of oscillator clones using both (OSCILLATOR 1 and OSCILLATOR 2) banks’ specialised set of TUNE, OCTAVES, DENSITY, SPREAD, and DETUNE controls to create pitched musical intervals, chords, clusters, or fat detunes does not necessarily mean that all 16 of those clones have to sound simultaneously.

Switched into (its default startup) Manual-Mode of operation, the RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR can function much like any other Eurorack-compatible all-analogue oscillator out there with OSCILLATOR 1 and OSCILLATOR 2 respectively appearing at the two (OUT 1 and OUT 2) outputs as sound sources for further manipulation elsewhere — using Radikal Technologies’ own RT-451 DUAL MULTIMODE FILTER module, for instance. In this scenario, the sound of the RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR module matches exactly what would be expected from the potentiometer-controlled parameter positions on its 32 HP (Horizontal Pitch) sized front panel; putting yet more controls at adventurous users’ fingertips, both banks of oscillators feature WAVE controls for smooth transitions between waveforms and TLM (Timelinearity Modulation), a variation of pulse-width modulation — known from Radikal Technologies’ SPECTRALIS 2 ANALOG SYNTHESIZER/ BEATMATRIX/FILTERBANK desktop hybrid — that can be applied to all waveforms, while exponential FM (Frequency Modulation) and linear FM modulation or PM (Phase Modulation) are also available alongside oscillator synchronisation. Pitch is, of course, controlled by the (calibrated) 1V/OCT input (which can be quantised so that only pitches of a certain tone sequence or scale are output).

Other operational modes make more radical results really shine through, though. Switching Snapshot-Mode into play permits the RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR to store up to eight memory setups, each with eight snapshots, saving all oscillator settings and memorising them even after whatever Eurorack small-format modular synth system is playing host to the module has been powered down! Such snapshots are assigned to one of eight positions accessible via the ‘big knob’ dominating the RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR’s front panel. Put it into Interpolator-Mode and everything (literally) revolves around the cyclic traversal of those snapshots, smoothly crossfading from one to the next with transitions taken care of via voltage control, an internal LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator), or the big knob itself — either way, the surrounding eight LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) illuminate accordingly in user-chosen colours, helpfully highlighting which snapshot is playing at any given time.

To make room for an RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR in any Eurorack small-format modular system means making more sound colours available to the sophisticated synthesist... Radikal by name, radical by nature, now a swarm of oscillators need not take up too much valuable rack space, so why not add one (or more) modules to your setup today to start putting Radikal Technologies’ latest DSP-driven design through its unique-sounding paces?

Now shipping, the RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR is available for purchase from Radikal Technologies stockists at an MSRP of €598.00 EUR (in Europe) and $659.00 USD (in the US).

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated RT-311 SWARM OSCILLATOR webpage here."

Novation Circuit Editor PRO - Standalone Version

MIDISynth Circuit Editor - Version 1.1.0 from Isotonik Studios on Vimeo.

"A brief teaser of Version 1.1.0 of MIDISynth Circuit the Editor for the Novation Circuit Groovebox…



PRICE: £25.00

Having moved the code base of our Circuit Editor PRO across to VST & AU the next logical step was to create a Standalone version that would operate without the need of a DAW like Logic or Ableton Live.

With the release of Version 1.1.0 we've upgraded the Installer, added Session Randomisation and the ability to save Session Presets in the Editor plus...

New Audition Mode, which allows you to audition patch presets directly from the browser, and then load them into your Circuit Bank. If you don't like the order of the patches just drag & drop them into the order you'd prefer!"

Soundplex Fourth & Fifth Encounters

Published on Mar 28, 2017

"feedback patch"

Soundplex Fifth Encounter

Published on Mar 28, 2017

"Soundplex dialogue with Stockhausen"

All parts here.

SDS_VCO+Reflex LiveLoop Jammin'

Published on Mar 28, 2017 freshnelly

"In testing and calibrating the SDS VCO's before they fly out the door, sometimes I get all carried away!

This demonstrates the SDS_VCO's MIDI output and what it does as a CV/G/T to MIDI Notes converter.

Also sequencing a PlayFX gate is dabbled with while the Reflex is in Echo mode adding "stereoization" to the VCO's mono output.

Occasionally the MI frames is run to change the root of the scale and the CV1+CV2 on the ModEm-1 Sequencer module."


Published on Mar 28, 2017 Dave 33543

Roland JP-08 & JU-06 demo song "End of March" 28.3.2017

Published on Mar 28, 2017 Veli-Matti Rautio

"My two boutique synth together first time with Boss DR-3 drummachine. Looping, fx and master midiclock by Boss RC-505.

Track 1: JU-06 patch 38 pad with DR-3 drums, played by fingers: ) Track 2: JP-08 patches 38, 75 & 76 bass trio with RC-505 slicer fx. Track 3: J-08 patch 46 pad 2. Track 4: JU-06 patch 47 arpeggio bells. Track 5: JU-06 patch 87 noise echo. Solo 1 by JU-06 patch 13 and solo 2 played with JP-08 patch 61 fx reverb and pan. Proel Mi6 analog mixer and Nikon D3200 videorecorder. This was three days project and finished in this evening. Composed, palyed live and videorecorded by me. I hope you like it: ) Kaksi putiikkia ja kaksi Bossia tällä kertaa äänessä. Toivottavasti tykkäätte: )"

Engine MIDI controller routing

Published on Mar 28, 2017 ripe909

"This shows how to handle different MIDI routing scenarios using Engine"

Novation Circuit + Patchblocks / a very good team

Published on Mar 25, 2017 Neo Klang


The Beginner's Book of Electronic Music - 1982 Book on Analog Synthesizer Basics

via this auction

Anyone recognize this one?

"A great in-depth introduction to modular analog synthesizers, drum machines, vocoders, and the like, with an entire chapter devoted to vintage equipment. Apart from some moderate cover wear, the book is in very good condition. Softcover, 376 pages. Copyright 1982.

Contents include:

1. Sound and Acoustics
2. Sound Sources for Electronic Music
3. Creating New Waveshapes
4. Filters
5. Amplifiers
6. Modulation
7. Special Purpose Devices (compressors/sustainters, reverb, envelope followers, etc.)
8. Controllers
9. Designing a Studio
10. Recording
11. Patching
12. Electronic Composition
13. Musique Concrete
14. Sonic Environments
15. Live Performance
16. Synthesizers
17. Computers and Digital Synthesis
- Integrated Circuits for Electronic Music (Curtis, SSM, Mostek, etc.)
- Sample Patches"

Vintage Electronic Music Labs ElectroComp EML-101 Synthesizer Early Production Model

via this auction

Korg Poly Ensemble P K-4 SN 770167

via this auction

"If you are looking for one of these, you know what they are. All keys and functions working properly. Still has original music stand inside carry-case! (see pic) Case even has the original key for the lock!
Comes with everything you see in the pics. Weighs about 60 lbs, so for now, it's pick up only. I am located on the NW border of Philadelphia. If you want it shipped, you would have to arrange it but I would be happy to help facilitate. Overall great condition. Everything working properly. In heated storage for years. A few knobs have VERY minor scratchiness but they seem to get better as they are used. A few nicks here and there in the case but nothing extreme."

Roland MKS-30 Planet S - Rack JX-3P

via this auction

"This synthesizer is capable of producing beautiful and warm analog sounds in the '80s Roland style. It has pitch modulation with either the envelope or the LFO, two digitally controlled analog oscillators that can be individually tuned, two analog filters (one lowpass and one highpass), and various other features."

GRP Synthesizer R24 SN 069

via this auction

"The Grp R24 is a 8x3 analog step sequencer firmly based on the mighty step sequencer previously developed in Grp A8 and A4 Analog Synthesizers. The new R24 is full of control capability with CV/Gate, MIDI and USB connections. Hardware-wise, is stand-alone self powered, with hardware compatibility for mount on 5U module format; you can use in stand alone with its internal power, or you can install in your Modular system. R24 respects electrical and mechanical standards for the above manifacturers.

With the appropriate brackets included in the package the machine can be easily installed in a 19 "rack
Still, you can use R24’s own cabinet as a “presto-cabinet” for powering and using your spare 5U modules.

R24 has 64 internal memories for store and retrieve separate sequences; each sequence can be set in 8x2, 16+8 or 24 mode, with any step lenght user’s selectable.

R24 can act as CV/Gate sequencer or as MIDI sequencer, with separate rows for MIDI Note selection and for Key Velocity step adjust."

Roland Juno 106S Synthesizer (rarer 106 speaker version)

via this auction

"Beautiful example of one of the most iconic synths.

Sounds absolutely amazing, looks great, everything works perfectly and is in excellent condition.

All 6 voice chips have been replaced with analogue renaissance voice chips which sound identical to the Roland chip and never fail unlike the Roland version.

Fully serviced."

PAIA 2720 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"An early 70's synthesizer kit. Overall appearance is very good.
I am the second owner and it has been in storage for over 20 years.
Powers up OK and appears to be working but patch cords and connectors need to cleaned.
Sold as is and should be serviced/adjusted by a knowledgeable technician.

Wood cabinet is solid with original dark walnut finish. Orange metal top has very little wear/chips in the paint.

The markings on each module are in good readable appearance.

There is space for 2 or 3 more modules which are not included.
Keys all move freely but should be lubricated.

Includes all the original patch cords as seen in the photos."

Jomox Xbase 999 SN 0931

via this auction


- 9 instruments: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi Tom, Low Tom, Hi Hat, Clap, Rim Shot, Crash, Ride
- Analog kick, toms, snare
- Analog multimode stereo filter with Cutoff, Q, Res and Gain per channel
- LP/HP/BP/Not Mode per channel, 5 routings, VCA Out in mix out
- 5 sample based instruments with analog VCA envelope
- 31 samples per instrument (HH has 2 Samples) per instrument - 186 total
- HH Filter: In the hihat section an extra analog filter may be inserted. Signal source can be wether sample or noise. HP/LP cutoff are adjustable, resonant capable
- LFOs: 2 of which are assignable to different parameters
- Own samples can be uploaded by the Jomox Editor
- Midi: Midi In, Midi Out, Midi Thru
- Inputs: Filter Stereo In
- Outputs: 10 individual outs, stereo mix, headphone
- Output Level: about +4dBu at max. volume on all outputs
- 19 encoders
- Phones Volume
- LCD Display 2x 24 Characters
- 10.5V 2A ~AC external power supply
- Metal steel enclosure
- Wooden end cheeks
- Weight 5kg"

Jomox Xbase 888 Analog Drum Machine SN 0319

via this auction

"The 888 is an amazing sounding drum machine, deep deep bass, snappy snare and smooth hi hats. Lots of excellent programming capabilities. A great way to get classic TR808 style sounds and programming but with much more range of sound and program flexibility."

Behringer Model D Circuit Board & New Product Coming to SUPERBOOTH17

"We have just received the first PCB (Print Circuit Board) and if all goes well, we should have a working prototype ready by next week.

As you can see it is quite a dense layout as squeezing a complete Model D design into a Eurorack format is not an easy task.

Please keep in mind that we are still many months away from a shipment date. A typical design cycle requires around 1-2 board spins, all depending on the audio performance as well as the subsequent compliance testing which includes EMC and safety.

Since people have shown interest, we will happily share with you the design milestones of this synthesizer, so you get a better understanding how an electronic product is engineered."

And regarding a new product coming to SUPERBOOTH17:

"We have decided last minute to attend SuperBooth in Berlin for a very exciting new product announcement.

Hopefully we'll be lucky to get some space and we're looking forward to seeing you there.


This one in via Soviet Space Child.

MFB Introduces New NANOWERG PRO Eurorack Module

* Eurorack version of the successful NANOZWERG Synth
* analogue VCO with four waveforms
* Suboscillator with three intervalls
* analogue 12 dB Multimodefilter
* LFO with „One Shot“-function
* CV Inputs, Midi CC controllable
* MIDI- and CV/Gate-Interface
* new M-Bus connection for faster workflow
* MSRP: 250,- Euro

The NANOZWERG PRO Module is complete monophonic analogue synthesizer unit within a very compact size.

With its VCO, Suboscillator and 12 dB Multimodefilter the synth voice is able to create various sounds from bass- and sequence- to electro-, effect- and drone styles. Furthermore you can add white NOISE and external signals to create more complex sounds or just for use as filterbox.

An overview about the features of the NANOZWERG Pro Module:
The VCO creates the waveforms Triangle, Sawtooth, Square and Pulse. The foot scale (octave range) goes from 32' to 4' and the fine tuning around +/-6 semitones. For fatten the sound a Suboscillator can be switched to three different intervalls or White Noise alternatively. A Mixer knob blends VCO waves into Sub/White Noise. A Glide effect is provided too.

The 12-dB-State-Variable-Multimodefilter owns LOWPASS, BANDPASS, HIGHPASS and NOTCH and its CUTOFF can be controlled manually, by LFO or ADSR. The RESONANCE allows selfoscillation and KEYFOLLOW spreads the filter frequency depending on the note.

The LFO offers four waveforms including SAMPLE&HOLD and ONE SHOT who works as a envelope - after a gate impulse one cycle of the selected waveform is generated. An innovation is - the first three waveforms can be morphed to each other. Beside Filter CUTOFF, PITCH and PULSEWIDTH of the VCO can be adressed by the LFO.
The first ADSR envelope controls the CUTOFF with negative or positive slope, the second ADSR controls the VCAs volume.

Almost every parameter can be controlled via CV, the envelopes and LFO have CV outputs. An external in feed the VCF alternative with other soundsources. MIDI IN allows to control the module with your DAW or other MIDI gear.
The NANOZWERG PRO recieves NOTE ON, PITCH WHEEL (+/- 1 halftone) and MIDI CC. Alternative the faster M-BUS connection offers the same features.

The Module has a width of 24 HP = 121 mm."


Published on Mar 27, 2017 peter160266

"I am happy with my new korg minilogue
This evening I did record some jamming with KORG ELECTRIBE ESX, MINILOGUE and MONOLOGUE,
Strings sound is IPad waldorf.nave (midi out from minilogue)
All recorded at once, no mixing, no other effects used
Hope you enjoy"

Spotted this one on

Kammerl Beat-Repeat Effect for Mutable Instrument's Clouds


"This is an alternative firmware for Mutable Instruments Clouds which enables real-time slicing / beat-repeat features ported from the Kammerl Kaske VST plugin suite.

Note: The original four modes of the official firmware are still present and have not been modified. This firmware simply adds a fifth mode to your Clouds module with new real-time beat and sound manipulation features.

Kammerl Beat-Repeat mode

Note: This mode requires a clock signal plugged into the Trigger input. Without a clock signal, it holds the most recent slice (or outputs silence if no clock signal has been previously provided).

The Kammerl Beat-Repeat mode analyzes the incoming clock signal to enable real-time slicing of the audio input. Each slice can be played back with different loop, pitch and distortion settings.


Moog Mother 32 & Behringer VD400 Vintage Delay

Published on Mar 28, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Mother 32 synthesiser through the VD400 delay. The VD400 has been placed on an aux send.

No further processing except normalisation."

DreamBlaster S2 World Premiere - Smallest and cheapest Wavetable Module

Published on Mar 28, 2017 PhilsComputerLab

"In this video we are taking a look at the new DreamBlaster S2 General MIDI wavetable module. I talk about the differences between S1 and S2, we look at the size, pricing and availability and then there is over 1 hour of MIDI recordings for you to hear how it sounds like."

I believe this is more ROMpler/PCM synthesis vs. the PPG and Waldorf of wavetable synthesis. Curious how programmable these are. The following are a couple of pics and some general info via Serdashop:

"Waveblaster compatible synth module based on the SAM2695 chip. Combines wavetable and fm synth sound for a high end retro sound. Excellent for gaming, music production, sound experiments.

64-voice polyphony (without effects)
38-voice polyphony + effects
High quality, compact size
CleanWave soundset
General MIDI compatible effects
4-band stereo equalizer
Low power consumption, only 5V supply required (no +/- 12V)
Low noise audio output
Can be used on Waveblaster Compatible soundcards
Can be used for electronics projects, such as arduino, raspberry pi, midibox,...
Very small size, ideal for building into projects : 24mm x 34mm
SAM2695 MIDI specifications and chip datasheet : click here.
This board is intended for testing, education, development, and usage in custom projects and prototypes.

Compatible with any soundcard that has a Waveblaster connector, SoundBlaster 16, Audician 32, ESS AudioDrive, Aureal Vortex 2 and many others.

Can be used in Oberheim MC2000

Also suitable for use in electronics projects and retro gaming pc's."

Drums / Modular - Laidback (Octatrack / Modular / Vdrums)

Published on Mar 28, 2017 brassmonkey

"Dusting off the drum sticks to jam over a quick afternoon riff"

"Warehouse 605" - Hannett / JD / Dark style studio tracking & mixing

Published on Mar 27, 2017 SynthMania

"Tracking & Mixing a 'dark' song in the style of Martin Hannett / Joy Division / Bauhaus / Sisters of Mercy etc. of the late '70s / early '80s."

Powertran Transcendent 2000 comes in at 2:55. This one isn't too synth heavy, but it is fun to watch and the Transcendent 2000 was one of Martin Hannett' main synths.

Patch n Tweak

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