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Monday, July 03, 2017

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet Rev2 Synth Clinic and Q&A

Published on Jul 3, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

With Gerry Bassermann
June 28, 2017
at Perfect Circuit Audio, Burbank CA

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Custom Black Waldorf Microwave XT

via this auction

"Waldorf XT in Excellent condition
Fully working and sounding amazing
Encoders are perfect no jumping or skipping of parameters
10 Voice REV3 board (can be upgraded to 30 voices)
This has a rare custom skin that makes it look up there with the shadow"

Waldorf Microwave Rev A w/ Custom Display

via this auction and Reverb

"Waldorf Microwave 1A digital analog hybrid synthesizer. Sounds amazing, closest thing to PPG made. Wavetable oscillators into real CEM chip analog filters. Nothing sounds like it. This one was recently serviced by the Analog Lab in NYC. They installed an aluminum bracket on the back to keep the power supply more securely attached to the rack than it came from the factory. They also replaced the screen with a new part. Aside from that, it's all orig and sounds incredible. This is the 1A, the most desirable revision."

Roland SH-2 Vintage Analog Keyboard Synthesizer SN 106944

via this auction

Eurorack + Benjolin Synthesizer Improvisation

Published on Jul 3, 2017 Sarah Belle Reid

"Improvised sound sketch with Eurorack modular synthesizer and Rob Hordijk's Benjolin (DIY version by Kweiwen with handmade panel designs). A simple patch making use of Make Noise Maths, Bubblesound VCA4p, and Mutable Instruments Clouds in looping delay mode.

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Sarah Belle Reid is a Canadian performer-composer, active in the fields of electroacoustic trumpet performance, intermedia arts, music technology, and improvisation."

Rheyne - Sequenced Jam #42 (Moog Mother-32, DFAM, Make Noise Eurorack)

Published on Jul 3, 2017 Rheyne

"Sound sources are 2x Moog Mothers-32, a Moog DFAM, and a Make Noise DPO. The 3rd Mother-32 is sequencing the DPO, which is being processed in stereo with a Make Noise modDemix and Rosie. Reverb is from a Strymon BigSky."

Stranger Things Inspired w/ Digitakt // T-Resonator // Analog 4

Published on Jul 3, 2017 Nostalgic Ruckus

"Used the Jomox T-Resonator for the 'Demogorgon' sound and Digitakt for the samples. This includes the yells and drums. Elektron Analog 4 was used for the synths."

XILS-Lab Poly M Virtual Instrument - "This Wreckage"

Published on Jul 3, 2017 celebutante

"As many of my synth nerd friends know, I LOVE a vintage Polymoog, but I'm afraid to buy one because they alway break. Anyway, XILS-Lab just released an awesome virtual instrument modeled on the Polymoog, so I grabbed the demo, futzed with the controls for optimum Gary Numan and made this little sample of 'This Wreckage' from the 'Telekon' record.”

Performance Excerpt from Catching Monkeys - An Evening of Improvised Electronic Music - Oakland CA

Published on Jul 3, 2017 Doug Lynner

"Doug Lynner, aka Synthesizerman, performs live on his Mystery Serge in Oakland CA."

More Mystery Serge.

Ceiling Mount Test - TEMPEST/VolcaFM/Sub37/Monologue/TR-8/Pyramid

Published on Jul 3, 2017 MR TUNA Music

"Hung the camera from the roof so you get the whole scope of it! I did this quick jam to check the logistics, and you know what? It's totally logistical. We start with a glitch beat from the Tempest, then its that 80's DX bass from VolcaFM, and a little riffing on the new Sub37 before we let the Monologue out of the cage with some hard hits on TR8 a little overcompressed so maybe the slam is lost on you :("

MFB Dominion 1 Duophonic Paraphonic Semi-Modular Synth

via this auction and Reverb

KOMPLETE Muse Receptor 1.0 REV.C SN K08100120445

via this auction

OBERHEIM MATRIX 6R SN 682236 w/ Original Box

via this auction

ReBirth-338 Song Thru InsWorks VCF-SB01

Published on Jul 3, 2017 Carlos Alberto Gutiérrez Vera

Brighton Modular Meet 2017 synthesisers and eurorack gear

Published on Jul 3, 2017 markusfuller

"just a quick montage of my day at the Brighton Modular Meet 2017.
Lots of synthesisers and eurorack gear and anything that makes an interesting noise.
Many thanks to the organisers who made this possible and the people who took their gear there for us to play around with."

The Long Sleep (Korg Monologue)

Published on Jul 3, 2017 Metatron's Cube

Engine shutdown...
System scan...
The Rinkalfortoss System, 4 planets and 2 moons
Galactic Region: Fothrudisha Void
Cryosleep systems check...
Sleep chamber temperature −196°C
Warming cycle engaging...
Complete thaw process, t minus 30 minutes and counting
Gear pile:
Korg monologue + Korg KP2 mini(ping pong delay), TC Electronics Hall of Fame reverb(modulated reverb setting 50% wet)
Zoom R24(audio recording/mixing)
Sony Cybershot(video recording)
KdenLive(video/audio rendering)
Presonus One(audio final mastering)

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KORG ER-1 Rhythm Synthesizer with Original Box SN 009263

via this auction

Underrated drum machine. Many now consider it a classic.

Univox MiniKORG 700 SN 0676

via this auction

Noystoise PS-3 Custom One-off Synth

via this auction

"Here it is, Tanner Galvin's (AKA Noystoise) PS-3, a one-off synth built around a Yamaha PS-3. This thing is a collector's piece and a work of art unto itself. I am the second owner and have had the keyboard for 3 years in a smoke free environment.

Some cool features:
Pitch Bending Oscillators
After Touch
Envelope Manipulation
Drum Sequencer
Echo Effect Section

Detailed Build Blog Posting By Tanner"

You can find videos here and here.

Sequential Circuits Pro One Synth SN 5774

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits Pro One in great condition, this one has a J-wire style keyboard and comes with the original manual."

Akai Rhythm Wolf - Crescendo

Published on Jul 3, 2017 Krog360

"I was about to pack the RW away for good but decided to have a quick blast !
A very limited machine but a great instrument to just have some fun with."

Analog Kick by Pittsburgh Modular Binary Filter

Published on Jul 3, 2017 Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"Get out your headphones, because this video packs some low end punch."

Digitakt, Roli RISE, Roli equator, eurorack , waldorf pulse - hacienda way 2049

Published on Jul 2, 2017 mark williamson

"The Digitakt feels like a key piece towards me playing live. Here is a piece I made with the Digitakt controlling the Waldorf Pulse via midi and my modular via expert sleepers FH-1. The Roli RISE is playing the equator synth and I have a frippertronics like setup using two expert sleepers augustus loop plugins. The whole thing is routed via Reaper (the third DAW I have on the go :-( Logic is a pain with multiple midi controllers and live is a pain with MPE - Reaper is fairly ugly but does everything I need quite well)"

Dataline Live Performance @ Oscillations

Published on Jul 3, 2017 MrDataline

Elektron's Cenk Sayinli

* Video recording : Pau
line Coudurier -
* Technical means : SMAC La Cordonnerie :
* Video Editing : Pascal Jardé - Mediapod -


Published on Jul 3, 2017 Delta Aquari

"I recieved my Drumatix drum machine by Acidlab today, so I decided to record a quick techno jam four you guys. I sequenced this awesome machine with the BeatStep Pro for more flexibility and also for being able to mute the different drum voices easier. The claps and the rimshot got some reverb by the Pico DSP by Erica Synths and the tomtoms got some delay and filtering by the Korg Monotron Delay (guilty for 95% of the background hum & noise). If you got any questions - hit me up !"

Sequential Circuits Multi-Trak Model 615 SN 01477

via this auction

Forest Metals - Novation Circuit Live Set

Published on Jan 25, 2017 tarekith

"(sorry for the crappy camera angles, I was in a hurry to record)

Dark, introverted music for cold winter nights. This mini set was written and performed entirely on the Novation Circuit, with no additional processing after the fact. I used my own custom sample set, made from primarily from found sounds I recorded near where I live in Luxembourg. The synths sounds are my own tweaked versions of the latest synth presets released by Novation. You can download the individual samples as well as the Circuit Project file for this set here:

Using the online Circuit editor, you can upload these to your own Circuit to explore and use as you will.

An 320kbps AAC version of this set can be downloaded here:



Circuit Mono Station | Patch Tips - Step Automation Drums + Bassline (1.1 Firmware)

Published on Jun 20, 2017 Danny Nugent

Circuit Mono Station | Patch Tips - Step Automation Drums + Bassline (1.1 Firmware)
Circuit Mono Station | Patch Tips - Bass & Lead
Circuit Mono Station | Patch Tips - Separate Glide
Circuit Mono Station | Patch Tips - LFO as an envelope
Circuit Mono Station | Patch Tips - Audio In feedback loop
Circuit Mono Station | Patch Tips - Sequenced Glide

Also see: Novation // Circuit Performance - Danny Nugent

Twinkletoes -CALC- Novation Circuit Mono Station, Peak, Circuit with Elektron Digitakt and LEPLOOP

Published on Jul 3, 2017 -CALC-

"Quick twinkly jam using the new live rig.
Loses it's way a little around 2:45-3:30 but thankfully picks back up.
Pretty basic sequency stuff other than a really nice patch on Peak using the 8xLFO 1s per voice running out of sync with a held keylatch. Theres also some subtle modulation of the LFO speed with the 2nd LFO (on a S&H shape."

XILS-lab PolyM Polymoog Soft Synth Released

You can find a few videos previously posted here on the XILS-lab label (scroll down to previous posts).

via XILS-lab

"XILS-lab literally creates plug-in pleasure principal when recreating revolutionary polysynth

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: audio software company XILS-lab is proud to announce availability of PolyM — an authentic recreation of the pioneering Polymoog polysynth, dreamed up by American designer Dave Luce and produced by Moog Music between 1975-1980, but benefitting from finest French software skills to truly create a plug-in pleasure principal as arguably the best ‘virtual’ divide-down oscillator technology-toting soft synth available anywhere and teaching the old dog some new tricks in the process — as of July 3...

That’s today. Putting PolyM in its present-day context involves initially looking back. But back in the early-Seventies, setting out to create an analogue, functional voltage-controlled synthesizer that was polyphonic against a backdrop of monophonic mainstays proved problematic for many. Moog’s musical solution came quicker than most, making an appearance in 1975 in its extremely expensive ($5,295 USD), nine-preset original form as the Polymoog keyboard (model 203a). It included a front panel packed with an almost continuous row of slider pots (permitting presets to be fully modified into more individualised analogue sounds via various subtractive synthesis parameters, including a 24dB Moog ladder filter section — allowing modulation modulated from its own envelopes and low frequency oscillation — alongside a unique and flexible three-band resonant filter section with lowpass/bandpass/high-pass filter modes) before being joined in 1978 by a marginally more economically-viable ($3,995 USD), 14-preset stripped back version (with editing reduced to volume, tuning, high-pass filtering, and basic LFO — Low Frequency Oscillator — features), which was also (confusingly) called the Polymoog keyboard (model 280a), though the original fully-variable version was then rebadged, admittedly, as the Polymoog Synthesizer.

SynthScaper Soundscape Synthesizer - Pre Release Demo for the iPad

Published on Jul 3, 2017 thesoundtestroom

Spotted this one on the excellent discchord.

Synthchaser #074 - Yet Another LinnDrum Repair - Troubleshooting Dead Drum Sounds

Published on Jul 3, 2017 Synth Chaser

"In case you didn't get enough LinnDrum repair excitement last week in Synthchaser #072, I'm back at it again, firing up a customer's "Wildcard" LinnDrum, which was purchased in unknown condition and without a power supply. We troubleshoot and fix some dead and incorrect drum sounds and give yet another LinnDrum a chance at life.

I repair and restore vintage synths (and drum machines!) for customers around the world."

Model 15 + Eurorack

Published on Jul 3, 2017 chisel316

"This is a demonstration of integrating hardware (Eurorack) and software (Moog Model 15) together in a patch. I'm using AUM and zMors Modular on the iPad to setup the Audio/MIDI Bridge plumbing, respectively. I'm also using Midiflow to remap CC16-19 since those are the Model 15 MIDI Bridge CCs that were conflicting with the Novation Launch Control XL which I'm using to control Model 15. The Ardcore is running FlexArp by rockwoofstone which is sending a 1V/Oct signal to Model 15 through the MIDI Bridge (zMors converts the CV to MIDI). I'm using the Model 15 oscillators and filters and the Kraftzwerg's LFO and envelopes. The PEG is providing the master clock. Lastly, the Expert Sleepers ES-3/ES-6 combo is providing the gateway between the hardware and software using a Behringer UMC 1820 as the audio interface. Hope you enjoy it!

Peace \/

iTunes: Model 15 - Moog Music Inc.

E-mu Emax w/ Updated OLED Display & Lotharek Floppy Emulator

via this auction

"This is an Emax I in excellent condition. Fitted with an amber OLED and a Lotharek floppy emulator drive w/ a 16gb SD card loaded with the complete Emax factory floppy library."

Folktek Conduit & Resist

via this auction

Folktek Conduit and Resist Modules. Both work exactly as they should.

Great for sonic experimentation."

BLUE Roland SH-101 Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 310213

via this auction

"Awesome SH-101 in the rarest of specialty factory issued colors. Perfect working order, not a single issue. Tested Perfect with adapter (universal adapter included free) and batteries OK!Please see pics for details......original manual also included!"

Vintage Roland SH-101 Analog Synthesizer SN 585929

via this auction

"Up for sale is a basically mint Roland Sh-101. Zero color fading, no marked visible wear of any sort. Just see pics....its a stunner. Can't imagine it was played if at all.

However, it has an issue where is plays notes that repeat every other key. (every other key repeats the note from 2 keys previous, so the total number of sounds coming from keyboard is much lower)

Could be a quick fix, maybe a very cheap one too. I'd list a mint 101 for over $ I'm cutting list price by 3-$350, so if you can do it yourself, you've just picked up the nicest 101 on ebay :)"


Never seen one of these below. It appears to be from the same SoundCity from Italy that manufactured the PedalBass here. That post and this one are the only two SoundCity posts on the site.

via this auction

"For sale is this vintage Sound City Jo'anna electric piano, serial number: P-0997. Powers on, vibrato sliders don't work. It is being sold in as-is condition. All pictures are of the actual item."

KORG DSS-1 Digital Sampling Synthesizer 6 Page Gatefold Catalog Brochure

via this auction

Language: English.
Publication year: 1986.
Publisher: Korg Inc.
Printed in Japan.
Format: 21x29,7cm (8,2x11,6 inch).
Number of pages: 6.
Nice gatefold catalog featuring information on Korg DSS-1 Synth.

MEMORYMOOG PLUS Memory Moog + Hard Case & More

via this auction

"Memorymoog Plus original vintage synthesizer

*Special match Memorymoog hard case
*Original owners manuals with some service manuals
*Power Cord
Item powers on and creates sound.
Pre-owned used condition.
Item is not in perfect condition.
Was in storage for some time and needs attention.
Cosmetic condition - see photos.

The typical situation for the vintage synthesizer is:
To operate smoothly and correct some keys and buttons needs cleaning. (knobs are ok)
Autotune setting is not active and I don't know how to turn it on to tune voices.
output signal sometime may not stay stable, could be to the loose connection. (not really sure)"

Moog Minimoog Model D

via this auction

"Vintage 1970's Moog Minimoog Model D that has just been serviced and calibrated so it sounds perfect and plays beautifully.

This vintage model is in really, really nice condition as you can see from the photos, picking up only a few little nicks here and there on the wood and a mark on the top right of the main panel over its 40 odd years history. Operationally it has just been passed a clean bill of health from (in many eyes) the top synth tech in the UK if not Europe. Keyboard bushings are in excellent condition also and this is a very fine example of the original and best Model D.

Some people may opt for the short term effect associated with buying one of the re-issues but long term this will undoubtably hold its value better and will be the more sought after model in future years. This presents an great opportunity to obtain the classic vintage Model D at around the price of a re-issue.

Delivery is expensive but these are valuable so this won't be sent out without the necessary full insurance, tracking and packaging done to perfection."

The atomic bomb with Dune Soundtrack

Published on Jul 3, 2017 Anthony Distefano

"Twin Peaks The atomic bomb scene with Prophecy Theme from Dune. All music was done using NI Absynth."

ELEX K4 + Behringer VP1 "Vintage Phaser"

Published on Jul 3, 2017 adamstan84

"Instant JMJ sound :D Bas - Solton Programmer 24, Drums - synth prototype."

softPop - psychedelic analog noise creature

Published on Jul 3, 2017 Bastl Instruments

"softPop is a playfully organic, semi-modular light and sound synthesizer with wide variety of sounds: from random dripping water pops to heavy subtractive basslines. Its fully analog core consisting of a heavily feedbacked system of dual triangle-core oscillators, state variable filter and sample and hold is played through an intuitive interface of 6 faders that provide countless combinations which can be explored by anyone."

Previous posts featuring softPop.

via Bastl Instruments

"We are really happy to finally announce the softPop ! Since the first public preview at the Superbooth we have pushed its design even further, fine tuned its inner workings but most importantly we have developed anodised aluminium enclosure with laser engraving. That gives the machine durability boost and empowers its portability.
softPop is a playfully organic, semi-modular light and sound synthesizer with wide variety of sounds: from random dripping water pops to heavy subtractive basslines. Its fully analog core consisting of a heavily feedbacked system of dual triangle-core oscillators, state variable filter and sample and hold is played through an intuitive interface of 6 faders that provide countless combinations which can be explored by anyone. It can also process external audio thru the filter while using the envelope follower to intuitively synchronise to the incoming signal. Extensive mini patchbay offers lots of reconfigurability and 3 jacks A,B,C can be used to send signals in or out of the patch bay. Battery operation, built in speaker and carrying handle make it the ultimate picnic boombox! The analog soul is enhanced by a quantize feature (auto-tune) and pattern generator with two memories P1 and P2. For adventurous and courageous souls there is a secret chamber in the back for hacking & modding.


softPop is available now for pre-order at and select dealers for 309 EUR excl. Tax
The first batch of preorders will ship late August 2017. Additional wooden handle backplate is available as separate accessory."

YM3812 V2 Euroack Now With Version 3 Firmware

Published on Jul 3, 2017 Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC

"Now with version 3.0 Firmware. New features with this firmware:
CV control now optional for all voices, tone can be manually set allowing for gate only control.
Optional CV control of percussion sounds. CV inputs for voices 4,5, and 6 can be remapped to control the tone of the bass drum, snare drum, and tom drum respectively.
Sound test, manually trigger a voice or percussion sound without a gate input. Works with both CV and manually set tone.
The edit menu has been reorganized to allow for direct editing of individual percussion sounds."

Your Hysteria Going To Be HugeⅠ with moog Sub37 and nord electro3

Published on Jul 3, 2017 nicolai maruhama

"This is the demo of moog sub37.
I will play this song in this coming Fall 2017 with Kai Keyboard Mafia.

Please Enjoy thanks!
nicolai maruhama"

The Digitakt Diary

Published on Jul 3, 2017 Red Means Recording

"The agony and ecstasy of my first 7 days with the Elektron Digitakt.
Fun fact: I do not know French.
French speakers: I am very sorry."

Digitakts on Amazon, Reverb, eBay. Also see the site sponsors on the right.

The Digitakt Diary
Digitakt Diary - Performance 1 (The Epiphany Workout)
Digitakt Diary - Performance 2 (The Extra-Medium Workout)
Digitakt Diary - Performance 3 (The Final Workout)
Digitakt Diary Performance Walkthrough

digitakt midi stress test :)

Published on Jul 3, 2017 ljs8888

"Testing out the midi capabilities of digitakt by sending sending 4 separate midi channels to four channels of the Vermona Perfourmer, and another midi channel to MS20M ... different step lengths on each track ... digitakt had no problems handling it :)"

Digitakts on Amazon, Reverb, eBay. Also see the site sponsors on the right.

Roland MKS80 & MPG80 Super Jupiter Tweaking

Published on Jul 3, 2017 Meta Function

"In this video, Meta Function demonstrate various synthesis techniques with a Roland MKS80 & MPG80 Super Jupiter.

Released in 1984 (the same year as the Juno 106), the MKS80 is an eight-voice rack polysynth with two voltage controlled oscillators per voice and MIDI functionality. Sharing a portion of its name with Roland's legendary Jupiter 8, the MKS80 architecture is actually more similar to the Jupiter 6. There are two incarnations of the MKS80 - one using the CEM3340 VCO integrated circuit architecture of the Jupiter 6 (known as Rev 4) the other with proprietary Roland voicing chips (known as Rev 5). Some people believe the Rev 4 sounds a bit darker and a little deeper in the low end. The one used in this video is a Rev 4 model. The MPG80 is a dedicated programmer module for the MKS80, which provides one knob per function - greatly opening up the synth's programmability. The MPG80 transmits any tweaks as SysEx data, allowing for the recording of parameter changes over MIDI to a DAW.

The MKS80 not only found a home with many 80s artists such as The Pet Shop Boys, OMD and Madonna (i.e. the bass line on 'Into The Groove'), but it also became popular with electronic musicians such as The Aphex Twin and Hardfloor. It's very easy to create fat, rich, warm intense sounds – almost with an analogue hoover like quality - similar to the ones used by Joey Beltram on his early pioneering work on the legendary R&S records in the early 90s. This beast can really rumble and squeak like a little piggy when the resonance is up high.

In this video the patch starts with Osc 1 set to a saw waveshape. The Osc Mix is flipped to Osc 2, which is set to a Pulse waveshape. PWM is applied to Osc 2 by the LFO and then by Env 1. The Osc mix is balanced between the two oscillators and Osc 1 is dropped by an octave with Osc 2 detuned slightly. The cutoff frequency is tweaked on the lowpass 24dB VCF filter (the same chip as the JP8) and various filter modulations are performed. The unit is placed in union mode and unison detuning and Glide are added. Finally the resonance is pushed (causing low frequency drop off ala MiniMoog) and the high pass filter (similar to the one on the Jupiter 6) has it’s cutoff frequency tweaked.

Audio recorded via Calrec S2 console and SSL convertors. All dry, no FX, EQ or compression. The only post production performed was normalization.

Sequenced via a Sequentix Cirklon.

Watch at 1080p with good quality audio monitoring for the best experience.

Meta Function developed the Max For Live synthesizer, the Wave Junction in partnership with A four voice paraphonic synth with 2 multi-mode osc, three multi-mode filters, 5 LFOs, 5 Envs and a 12 slot modulation matrix.

You can buy it from Sonicstate right here for £19.95:

Note: Ableton Live 9.6.1 and Max4Live 7.2.2 required."

KORG EM-1の良さを再確認しました。

Published on Jul 2, 2017 SHINGA Instant techno


"It's a long ago equipment, but KORG's EM-1! It is a song made while reconfirming the goodness of this guy."

Digitakt Tutorial – One Track Drum Groove (Beginner Friendly)

Published on Jul 2, 2017 BoBeats

"In this tutorial I show you some creative advice on how to make the most out of just one single audio channel on the Digitakt. I use samples provided by Beat PPL: (Chicken Kit & Analog Boom Bap)"

Digitakts on Amazon, Reverb, eBay. Also see the site sponsors on the right.

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