MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday, July 14, 2017

Phosphor 2 For iOS First Look

Published on Jul 14, 2017 Audio Damage, Inc.

"This is a quick look at the AUv3 of Phosphor 2 running on an iPad Pro 10.5. Coming soon!"

Vintage Crumar Trilogy Poly Synth / String Synthesizer

via this auction

" Hello, up for auction is a Vintage Crumar Trilogy Analog Synthesizer . This Polyphonic keyboard is In excellent working condition and sounds awesome. Three synths in one and features three sections: for Organ, Strings, and Synthesizer .

Cosmetically in very good condition . The keys , controls , metal , front plate and script are in excellent condition . All functions , knobs and electronics are in perfect working order and recently gone through by Bob Weigel in Bozeman Montana , THE expert at repairing Crumar synths .

I bought this from the original owner and it has spent most of it's life in it's case . There is a little lifting on the veneer which is pretty normal . The wood wore the veneer in a few spots from rubbing through the case . I filled in and touched up where it wore through and it looks pretty good . Missing a few screws on the rear lid and the set screw for the course tuning notched pot . It turns fine just wanted to point it out. All in all a great deal , I've put a reasonable Buy it now on it so don't miss out!"

Moog Memorymoog Plus

via this auction

"Moog memororymoog plus just back from Wes at analogics. Comes with original box papers and cassette. Amazing condition and fully functional. All voices tune with the push of the auto tune button."

Erica Synths Black Eurorack Modular Demo

Published on Jul 14, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"For this patch, the main sound source is the Black Wavetable VCO, from Erica Synths, with the Main out and the Suboctave out patched into the Black Crossfader. The out of the crossfader is then patched into the Black Polivoks filter and then into the Black VCA. A little bit of delay is added from the Alright Devices Chronoblob. The sequencer being used is the Malekko Voltage Block, which is being clocked by the 4MS Quad Clock Distributor. Outputs from the QCD are also triggering two Black HADSRs, both of which are controlling the VCA at different times. The Black Octasource is providing modulation to the Shape input on the Wavetable VCO and the filter cutoff, with the Intellijel Planar changing both the mix of the Crossfader as well as the modulation shape of the Octasource. The Black modulator is slightly modulating the rate of the Octasource as well.

Available here:"

MATRIXSYNTH Members get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio.

Kick.S / X1190(ニカ)

Published on Jul 14, 2017 Kick.S

/// Equipment ////
TR Rack
Strymon BigSky
xOxbOx xOx-heart
Strymon TimeLine

Generative vactrol drums with Make Noise LxD

Published on Jul 14, 2017 Andor Polgar

"The Black Wavetable VCO is the only sound source in the patch, the rhythm comes from the Batumi, the melody is generated with the Maths and Disting's Quantizer mode."

Arp Odyssey (Rev1) "Le Voyage D'odyssey III "

Published on Jul 14, 2017 Arnaud Music.

Arp odyssey
Zoom mcr70
Eventide Ultrachannel

Bob Moog Lecture (Cape Town 2003) | Red Bull Music Academy

Published on Jul 14, 2017 Red Bull Music Academy

Note this originally went up in 2009, but has just been uploaded on YouTube. I thought it worth another post for anyone that might have missed it, or anyone that would like to see it again. It's always great to see Bob Moog. :)

"Bob Moog changed the face of popular music by producing the first ever commercially available synthesizers. The first Moog Modular was knocked up for fun as a project for his musician friend Herbert Deutsch. But pretty soon, after the first strains of synthesizer success by Walter/Wendy Carlos, the Moog stole its way into the heart of rock and jazz fusion, and helped instigate all types of electronic music. Though he may have left us for a higher plane, as we found out at the 2003 Red Bull Music Academy, Moog left an enormous legacy behind, having irreversibly changed the sonic landscape of the world.

02:08 - Early synths
12:26 - Relationship between musicians and engineers
15:30 - Favorite Moog records
19:49 - Moog’s visual identity
21:59 - How the Moog works
36:24 - Instruments as technology
44:01 - The future of instrument design

The Red Bull Music Academy is a global music institution committed to fostering creativity in music. We celebrate music, its culture, and the transformative minds behind it. Begun in 1998, the Academy has taken the core principles that underlie its annual workshop for selected participants and applied this curatorial approach to events, lectures, and city-wide festivals throughout the year."


Published on Jul 14, 2017 Lackan

"A little experimental tune where I tried to implement the TB303 in pop music."

GLASYS - Game of Thrones Theme on Synths

Published on Jul 14, 2017 GLASYS

"I was so excited about the new Game of Thrones season that I had to jam on the theme song!

Download a free mp3 from:

Gear used: Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 6, Nord Stage 2 EX, Akai MPK Mini II, XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2, Steinberg Retrologue."

Solid/Lately Bass- DSI OB6 vs Yamaha DX21

Published on Jul 14, 2017 Luke Neptune

"Can the DSI/Oberheim OB6 replicate the famous Yamaha DX Solid/Lately bass sound??

Luke Neptune's House, Disco and Funk soundset for the OB6 and Prophet 6 coming soon........"

DSI OB-6 Painting

via @LucyEldridge24

How cool is that?

Korg Kronos LS Workstation - Demo with Frank Tedesco

Published on Jul 14, 2017 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Korg Kronos LS 88 Digital Piano BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Frank Tedesco from Korg demonstrates the Kronos LS 88 Digital Piano at Kraft Music.

The Korg Kronos Music Workstation was created to satisfy today's most demanding, accomplished performers and producers -- as well as tomorrow's visionary leaders. Its massive sound selection comes from nine distinct sound engines, including the enhanced SGX-2 Grand Piano Engine. The innovative Kronos Set List mode allows you to organize all of the resources you need to get through a song or set on the TouchView display, which features Touch-Drag capability for interactive control of parameter values. Sequencer composition tools like KARMA, Drum Tracks, and Open Sampling System help you transform your musical ideas into complete compositions using the 16 MIDI track / 16 audio track sequencer / recorder section, while the 16 onboard effects processors ensure studio-quality sound. Kronos offers a wealth of realtime controllers to enhance performance and aid navigation, including dual joysticks, a ribbon controller, sliders, knobs, and switches. Connect any class-compliant USB/MIDI control surface (such as the Korg nanoPAD2 or padKONTROL) to the host ports for additional control options.

The Kronos 88-key and Kronos 73-key feature authentic piano feel, thanks to Korg's RH-3 Real Weighted Hammer Action, while the Kronos 61-key sports the semi-weighted Natural Touch synthesizer keybed. The Kronos LS 88-key weighs 14 pounds less than the Kronos 88 and strikes a unique balance between playability and portability, with a full-sized light touch keyboard that allows for effortless, nimble playing.

Get more for your money with exclusive Korg Kronos 61, Kronos 73, Kronos 88, and Kronos LS 88 music workstation BUNDLES from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new workstation synthesizer, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our knowledgeable sales advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the BUNDLE that's right for you!"

KORG microKast #13 Gary Goes Bananas

"Episode 13 is here! Session At The Salon recorded live at Adam's barber's featuring an original Mono/Poly from 1981, ray guns, the Name Game featuring Gary, banana scare stories, an interview from Dublin with Caroline from myvolts, Rachel K Collier on a KingKORG & much much more!!!"

TipTop Audio ONE - 1st Impressions

Published on Jul 14, 2017 DesertFishHQ

"Making some minimal techno percussion with 4ms RCD, TipTop Audio ONE. All percussion from the Modular, Kick is from the Braids and Hats from whitenoise."

MatrixBrute :: Connected - A Quick Groove, with Eventide H9 & MakeNoise 0-Coast

Published on Jul 14, 2017 experimentalsynth

"Just a quick recording of a groove I liked. Made with an Arturia MatrixBrute and MicroBrute, a Make Noise 0-Coast, an Eventide H9 and a Line 6 Echo Pro.

Learn more at"

Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Published on Jul 14, 2017 DutchBigEd

Trying to do Are Friends Electric , when on Vodka and cant sing ,

Published on Jul 14, 2017 Chris-Cook

This should get some views. :)

Remember to use the Find It On links at the bottom of posts to help support the site! Yes, that has nothing to do with this post, but since I have your attention...

Update: more just went up:

OMD ALMOST cover , by obviously novice lol

Published on Jul 14, 2017

"Cant sing I know , but puts song into perspective , couldnt play Vox sample live as cant sing and play same

Why I love my little Korg M500 Micropreset so much


Published on Jul 14, 2017 once upon a synth

"In this tutorial I go over how to make an expressive lead patch from scratch on the Korg MS-10 semi-modular vintage analog monophonic synthesizer. I utilize both the from panel and the patch panel as well as the mod wheel and the trigger button. This is a fairly simple synthesizer but with a nice gritty tone. The MS-10 is a single oscillator little brother to the MS-20."

Korg MicroKORG Platinum Synthesizer / Vocoder

via this auction

Announced back in May: "A bright new color appears for 15th anniversary of microKORG.

It has been fifteen years since microKORG’s release in 2002, and now in 2017, a 15th anniversary platinum-color model is now available. The stylish operating panel features a bright color scheme unified by accents such as black wood panels at left and right, making it an exciting color variation model new to the microKORG.

*A limited number of microKORG PT units will be sold.

All specifications other than color are identical to the microKORG model."

Vintage PAiA Synthesizer Proteus 1 Rare Monosynth

via this auction

"Ultra-rare PAiA Proteus-1 synth needs a good home. Untested and sold as-is.

Wooden side panels are in good shape. The keys are complete.

There is one knob on top panel MISSING.

There is a connection missing on the backside of the synths patchbay panel also.

The synth is 30 pounds.

22 inches x 14 inches x 6 inches."

White Face Cwejman S1 MK2 - Semi Modular SN 246

via this auction

"The S1 is a semi-modular, analogue monophonic synthesizer.

It is easy to get started with since it is pre- patched for optimal use of its sound producing possibilities and eliminates the need for external connections between modules during use.

Each module can be disconnected and used separately, e.g. to control or be controlled by other instruments.

This flexibility enables and simplifies experimentation with creation and reproduction of sound.

Three oscillators with seven basic waveforms
* Ring modulator
* Noise generator with two three noise shapes

* Low pass filter with selectable 4 / 6 poles and quasi band pass mode * Multi mode filter with selectable 2 to 6 poles and three modes
* Wide range envelope generators
* Master amplifier with build-in overdrive stage

* LFO with seven basic waveforms and wide rate range
* Extensive modulation of, virtually, all synthesis parameters * Build-in MIDI to CV/gate converter with 16-bit resolution

Several parameters can be voltage controlled by external signals and, simultaneously, control external devices by the build-in MIDI converters voltage outputs (see Rear Panel).

The S1 is a stand alone instrument and the possibility with patching and integrating it into an external modular (or semi-modular) synthesizer makes it extremely flexible."

Noystoise Analog Circuit Bent Synthesizer NT-03

via this auction

"This is an advanced handheld home build by circuit master Noystoise!

The NT03 consists of two square wave voltage controlled oscillators, a holtek voice modulator circuit, a voltage controlled filter(VCF), and a low frequency oscillator(LFO) that can either/or modulate the filter cutoff, gate the voice modulator transpose sequencer.

Can run off a 9v battery or power port.

This synth has been kept in mint condition in a smoke free environment."

You can find video of the NT03 here.

EDP Wasp Synthesiser UK Made Vintage Synth

via this auction

"Very rare EDP (Electronic Dream Plant) Wasp Synthesiser made in the UK. The synth has been professionally serviced recently by Cyberwave EMS and sounds great both through an amp and it's own internal speaker."

Elektron Monomachine MKII +Drive / TM-1

via this auction

"MnM MKII +Drive -> It is mint and comes with original box, manual, PSU. It's been retrofitted with the +Drive and is full of the best wavetables around (Moog, Oberheim, Buchla, Prophet etc...).

I will throw in the TM-1(turbo midi) as a bonus.

Will ship in the original shipping box (not the MnM box) from elektron."

SynthScaper Updates in the Works

iTunes: SynthScaper - Soundscapes synthesizer - iMusicAlbum

via Motion soundscape, the makers of SynthScaper:

"Firstly SynthScaper will support Audiobus 3 and MIDI features with Audiobus. And also support Ableton Link to sync BPM between apps.

Next very convenient addition will be "Scene pack". With this feature you can pack several scenes and that is most important all sample files which these scenes use in the single file. This file will be present in the scenes list as usual group and you can use all scenes in it without unpack or additional operations. You can send this pack to another devices or share it with all (or with someone). Scenes pack can be downloaded by using Dropbox, Web access service or just a link.

Also will be added new samples, presets and scenes. Of course there will be other additions and improvements, but these are the most significant."

FB-3100 - KORG PS-3100 Polyphonic Synthesizer VST


"The FB-3100 is a VST™2.4 software instrument for Microsoft Windows® (both 32 and 64 bit) simulating the KORG PS-3100 Polyphonic Synthesizer from 1977. It is written in native C++ code for high performance and low CPU consumption. Main features are:

Close emulation of behavior and all controls of the original hardware
Band-limited oscillators, classic two-pole lowpass filters
Resonators section
Two Modulation Generators, Sample & Hold
Additional paraphonic Envelope Generator
Semi-modular patch panel
Micro-tuning option
Additional tweaks
MIDI Learn – all parameters can be controlled by MIDI CC
Plug-in comes in 32 bit and 64 bit versions
On the track "shine", the FB-3100 is the only audio source plus some delay, reverb, and slight compression."

Arturia MatrixBrute Analog Synthesizer Video Test

Published on Jul 14, 2017 MusicOff - La grande comunità online per musicisti

Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Mod Tools Smooth Random CV

Published on Jul 14, 2017 Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"Patch Notes: Mod Tools sample and hold to function (slew) and to impulse on Double Helix (randomly triggering dynamics). Slewed random from function to Mob Bus B on Double Helix. Routed to blade, timbre, and dynamics cv’s. Midi pitch cv to DH v/o, and midi gate to adsr. Adsr to DH dynamics cv."

Let's Make a Dub Techno track Elektron Analog RYTM

Published on Jul 14, 2017 Lingk

"Join me as I experiment with the Elektron Analog RYTM and make the basic outline of a Dub Techno track."

Roland Tr-09 with Korg Volca Kick Beats and Sample (Riamiwo StudioVlog 45)

Published on Jul 14, 2017 riamiwovideos

"This week I played around with my drum machines Roland Tr09, Korg Volca Beats Kick and Sample and tested how the complement to each other. So a mix of analog modeling, analog and samples :)

Get my latest release Sonar Resonanz EP:

Listen to the EP on soundcloud:"

dakitanmonkey's first try with my new digitakt

Published on Jul 14, 2017 dakitanmonkey

"Ambient music, elektronic music"


Published on Jul 14, 2017 ljs8888

"a couple of minutes of the digitakt ... 16 steps go a long way :)"

Moog Minitaur & Novation Bass Station 2

Published on Jul 14, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the BS2 & Minitaur synthesisers synced together.
BS2 MIDI Out to Minitaur MIDI In. BS2 output to Minitaur Audio In."

Korg Monologue, Strymon Timeline & Big Sky

Published on Jul 14, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Monologue synthesiser through the Timeline & Big Sky.

No further processing except normalisation."

Poly Rytm with Spectralis

Published on Jul 14, 2017 lfoone

"3 Sequencer-lines with different length and Resolutions with Analopart from Spectralis, 4the Floor Beats and many fun with DSP-Part!

more music on:"

Always loved the button son the Spectralis. They look more like glass than plastic.

Spiderman with a Mini MicroKORG

via @KorgUK

"Looks like #Spidey is set to have a #blast! #KORG #microKORG #synth #spiderman #joke #fridayfun #laugh #spidermanhomecoming #movie"

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