MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Panda Bear Synth Art

A friend of mine, Douglas, recommended Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper. I picked it up on vinyl, opened it up, and saw this image on the inner gatefold sleeve. How cool is that? You can clearly spot a Moog Voyager in the background and a Jomox XBase 999 in the foreground. There's also a some other gear, a synth cat, and a grim reaper with cables. One of the cables the reaper is holding wraps around Panda Bear and morphs into a scythe. Death by cable / death by synth / death by audio.

What is also particularly cool, and something you rarely see, are the synths listed in the liner credits. They are listed as follows:
Panda Bear: Jomox Xbase 999, Yamaha TX81Z, Moog Voyager, Elektron DPS-1, vocals, piano, effects & percussion.
Sonic Boom: EMS Synth AKS Synthesizer, Fenix II Modular, Moog Voyager, vocoder & effects.

Sonic Boom is the man behind Spectrum.  He has been featured here a few times on MATRIXSYNTH, including this post for his action figure. Side note: One of my biggest regrets years ago, before I started the blog format of MATRIXSYNTH, was missing out on Sonic Boom's Synton Syrinx and EMS VCS3 / Putney, which was previously owned by the one and only Delia Derbyshire. He listed them for sale on one of the synth lists. I forget which. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford them but I will never forget them.  It was one of those rare moments when you think, "Wow, that is something I will never see again.  I wish I were rich... "  Don't we all.  :)

Conductive Labs NDLR - Demo #2 (in three parts)

Published on Oct 1, 2017 Genshi Media Group

"::| Please support these guys on Kickstarter to make this project happen, I really want to see this get out into the world! |::
Demo #2 of the Conductive Labs "The NDLR" polyphonic arpeggiator. In the first two parts, the NDLR is playing the Korg Minilogue for the PAD sound, and three Moog Mother-32s for the BASS, MOTIF (arpeggiated lead) and DRONE sounds. In part three of this demo, all four synths are Polychained together as one PAD."

Leploop V2 - Synthesizer Drum Machine Sequencer S&H CV Gate

via this auction

DIY synthesizer Tokarev Protosynth V1LP

Published on Oct 1, 2017 Konstantin T

"Testing a better implementation of envelope and other features on the polyphonic mode of the Tokarev Protosynth V1LP synthesizer"

MFB Dominion Club - Demo drei

Published on Oct 1, 2017 Cave Way

"Someone asked how low can it go? Well.... it can go all the way to the floor. One of things I like to test out with my monos is the bass (or kik or tom) sounds of using a highly resonant HP filter. The Club tracks notes "ok", but (at least on mine) anything more than an octave in that low of a register is problematic, and starts to go out of tune. Maybe it needs calibrated? maybe its user error? Maybe I shouldn't try and play the filter that low.... not sure, not concerned. I DO know it rips some bong rattling bass."

Electro Harmonix EH400 Clone Mini Synthesizer

Published on Oct 1, 2017 miro2424

"Electro Harmonix EH400 Clone Mini Synthesizer. Touch sensitive 25 keys keyboard with piezo sensor under for force sensing. MIDI in with MIDI velocity value corresponds to voltage values applied to piezo sensor."

Metasonix Metasonix lpgVideo2

Published on Oct 1, 2017 Metasonix Metasonix

"Demo of prototype Metasonix tube low-pass gate by Mike Weeks. 'The patch is a Mutable Instruments Edges running through an R53/52/51 in series with a KORG SQ1 spitting gate and CV. Gate is driving an EG which is feeding the LPG and is also gating the LPG and the Edges.'"

OBlivion soundset for OB6

Published on Oct 1, 2017 coyotesynth

"OBlivion is a 100 program bank for DSI OB6, only made from scratch.
This demo demonstrates some of the 100 programs included in the set.
OBlivion is only available at"


Published on Oct 1, 2017 Miguel d'Oliveira

"Semi improvised track on guitar, bass and synths.
Gibson Les Paul, Fender Jazz bass, DSI Prophet 12 and Roland Juno 6.
All except bass fed through a Strymon Timeline.

Clips from cable car filmed with my iPhone."

WALDORF Q Wavetable Analog Modeling Rackmount Synth

via this auction

Modular vid #273

Published on Oct 1, 2017 Phisynth

"Sunday improv"

Squarps Pyramid, Elektron Analog Machines and many more are playing a House Live Session

Published on Oct 1, 2017 Rickinger B.

"Squarp Pyramid is sequencing the Moog SubPhatty, Nordlead A1R and Dreadbox murmux v2. Elektron Analog Four, Rytm and Octatrack are playing their own sequences. Recorded live in Logic Pro X.

And i've tried a new video experience, how do you like it?"

Analog Studio Live Downtempo IDM Jam

Published on Oct 1, 2017 Peter Maas

"Some clips made whilst tracking. Not mastered so probably way to much low end to handle on an iphone speaker... use a headset to listen! Some digitakt action next to the analog synths."

Elektron Analog Four drum machine idm/glitching

Published on Oct 1, 2017 Introvertmusic

"Using the Elektron Analog Four as a drum machine!

All of the drum sounds are from the Elektron Analog Four and all of the melodic sounds are from the Elektron Digitakt.

Recorded mono directly into my iPhone 6S using a Apogee Jam 96K

Uploading my back log of longer recordings of my Instagram clips"

Restored Roland JD800 demo

Published on Oct 1, 2017 noddyspuncture

"Here is the Roland JD800 which I bought - smashed up and also with numerous issues both electronic and mechanical. It might not look 'as new' but it now plays great. I just couldn't see it end up scrapped...!"

Rhodes Chroma Demonstration

Published on Oct 1, 2017 Randel Osborne

"This is a demonstration of a restored Rhodes Chroma that I currently have for sale."

I thought this might have been the one just posted below, but the markings and woodgrain look different, so putting this up in a separate post. There's no additional info in the description regarding where this one is for sale. Posting it for the demo.

Rhodes Chroma SN 21030391

via this auction

via the seller: "This is the second Rhodes Chroma restored for me by Chroma guru Randel Osborne. The first one was sold in July.
Refer to Randel's extensive synth restoration work at :
and his amazing Enabler controller for the Chroma:

This Chroma is in excellent physical condition for its age and 100% functional.
Randel's restoration included:
- installation of the modern switching power supply by Luca Sasdelli
- installation of the CPU Plus (CC+) control board (midi upgrade)
- recapping of the voice cards and calibration
- complete synth dissembly, cleaning and testing

Additional included items:
- midi breakout cable
- Chromatrol overlay for the Behringer BCR2000 (see the website for details)
- brand new custom case by Calzone (Anvil) worth $600

The Chroma will be shipped fully insured in the included case."

MF-104 Analog Delay : Echoes of Delight

Published on Oct 1, 2017 murderousmaths

"A full guide to analog delay featuring the MOOG MF-104Z. It explains how 'bucket chips' work and create their own tones, plus there are demos to show delay time and mix modulation, and the sounds you get by putting other pedals into the return loop."

Malekko Varigate 8+ Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Module w/ Original Box

via this auction

PAiA Oz 3760

via this auction

Suzuki SX-500 / SIEL EX-80 module, analog synth with SSM2045 filter

via this auction

"Nice old synth, very distinct sound (SSM chips)
Its a very bad copy of the Korg EX800 wich makes it very unique.
Its controllable thru ableton (there is a controller max script)"


via this auction

"This is an original Arp Odyssey Mk3 manufactured between 1978-1981 and of all three versions the sound does differ between them.

Its said all three versions differ, this has the beefier 4-pole filter and its the Mk3 which is the most stable and of course has the CV/gate option.

Kept in the studio as back up, this has just been serviced recently prior to sale.

I haven't seen the "Arp badge" on any of the other Arp Odysseys or synths in my time so not sure if this was added by the previous owner or part of a limited run made in the Arp factory. What I will say is that I have had three and this sounds more gnarley than the others...don't ask me why!"


via this auction


via this auction

"Fantastic 80's sequencer from Oberheim to help drive your analog equipment.
Previously used to programme and sequence my OB8 and OBXA, this has been kept in a pro recording environment and smoke free.

Beautiful condition which also comes with the manual, keyboard connector cable and power lead.
If you really want to go to ton on this there is a "Hack" software for $40 compatible with both Mac and Windows which will drive and sequence midi files via the tape input and upto 8 cv/gate analog equipment."

Moog 700 Drums with Minimoog - #5 - a play on KE9 end sequence.

Published on Oct 1, 2017 noddyspuncture

"Just a play on (and also taking liberties with...) ELP's KE-9, 3rd Impression end sequence on Minimoog. The beats are all Moog 700 series drum modules."

Burnt Dot Trumpet + Modular Synth at Automata (Full Set)

Published on Oct 1, 2017 Burnt Dot

"Live set from Automata, Los Angeles, Sept 2017
Sarah Belle Reid - trumpet + megaphone, Ryan Gaston - eurorack modular synth

Burnt Dot is an LA-based noise, improvisation, and experimental jazz ensemble founded by Sarah Belle Reid (trumpet + electronics) and Ryan Gaston (modular synthesizer)."

Hordijk Benjolin + Mixer Feedback

Published on Oct 1, 2017 Sarah Belle Reid

"A sputtery noise piece using my Benjolin synth with DIY panel designs and a chaotic mixer feedback patch.

Sarah Belle Reid is a Canadian performer-composer, active in the fields of electroacoustic trumpet performance, intermedia arts, music technology, and improvisation."

Best Ambient Synth Shootout #40: Yamaha VL7 - Song 2

Published on Oct 1, 2017 Christian's Sonic Spaces

"This is the second song with the Yamaha VL7 Version 2. It's a monophonic synthesizer based on physical modelling algorithms. The song is a kind of noisy dark ambient drone. Yes, the VL7 can do otherworldly, industrial soundscapes as well ;-)

I used for the recording the following FX chain:
VL7 - Alesis Ampliton - Alesis Philtre - TC Electronic Mimiq - DigiTech Obscura- DigiTech Polara. The used fx varied depending on the recorded track.

The signal goes via a small Behringer mixer straight into the pc.

To create the complete song I recorded consecutively several stereo tracks. The final song was then mastered with just a bit EQ and compression on some tracks and some limiting on the master track.

Well, I decided to go back to the basics, but at the same time make something useful for the synth community and do a kind of competition (I like competitions;-). What's my best synth for ambient music :-)"

Part 1 here.

Ensoniq ASR-X Acid sound build synthesizer

Published on Oct 1, 2017 Dziam Bass

"I had some time to continue playing my ASR-X and came up with a great Acid sound with its built-in synthesizer, some fun with the filter and resonance add to it Eventide Space and delay Space Spiral-Earthquaker devices and drums from Arturia Drumbrute. Nothing more I did not build at the moment, but I like that acidic sound"

Korg Minilogue + Way Huge Saucy Box demo

Published on Oct 1, 2017 PetrolLimiter

"Drive Warz vol. 2

No effects or post processing, just 'logue and teh BOX"

Novation Bass Station 2 & Elektron Analog Heat

Published on Oct 1, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Bass Station 2 synthesiser through the Analog Heat.

No further processing except normalisation."

Kick.S / X1223 (Goa Trance)

Published on Oct 1, 2017 Kick.S

"/// Equipment ////
xOxbOx xOxHaert-mod


Moog Minitaur & EHX Memory Boy

Published on Oct 1, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Minitaur synthesiser through the Memory Boy delay. Minitaur is sequenced from an Elektron Octatrack.

No further processing except normalisation."

MFB Tanzbar, Moog Sub Phatty & Behringer VD400 Vintage Delay

Published on Oct 1, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the Tanzbar drum machine & a Sub Phatty synthesiser synced together.
Tanzbar MIDI Out to Sub Phatty MIDI In. The VD400 has been placed on an aux send."

Casio CZ-5000 Short Track Making

Published on Oct 1, 2017 WheelRock

"This is a new track combining phrase envelope sounds and built-in sequencer.


Analog Vinyl under the name 'Satoshi & Makoto' now on sale.
Satoshi & Makoto - CZ-5000 Sounds and Sequences -
safe trip ST 006-LP"

Dub Marine #2 Yamaha RS7000 MAM MB33 Retro | Cassette 4 Track Drones

Published on Oct 1, 2017 Dub Cousteau

"A live jam mainly with a setup of a Yamaha RS7000 and a Yamaha MT100. The main Sequences are running on the RS7000 also the MIDI - sequencing for the MB33.

I used the Yamaha MT100 cassette multitracker as an instrument with recordings of drones / pads on the 4 channels also theres a Behringer Echo Machine connected as a send/return effect.

The MIDI controller is used to control the expression parameter (CC11) on every channel of the RS7000.

Equipment list:
- Yamaha RS7000
- Behringer Echo Machine
- MAM MB33 Retro

- Yamaha MT100 Cassette 4 track recorder"

juno6 DR55 se02Sound1001

Published on Sep 30, 2017 ryouichi harada

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