MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday, October 06, 2017

Radio Belgrade EMS SYNTHI 100 Restoration is Complete

This system was briefly mentioned here on MATRIXSYNTH back in 2005. It is great to see that the system is not only fully working again, but is being made available for use. Very few working EMS SYNTHI 100s exist. This is pretty amazing news.

via camp303:

"Just wanted to tell you that we just finished the restoration of the Radio Belgrade Synthi 100!

The Synthi hasn’t been in use for years so it was very dirty but otherwise in good condition. Luckily they had a big supply of spare parts and replacement cards - enough to keep it running for years. We replaced the main power supply and rebuilt the sequencer power supply. Many smaller problems were fixed and all modules and functions were checked and tuned when necessary.

This Synthi is serial number 4 but in fact it was the first Synthi 100 ordered. According the information from one of the original founders of the studio, Paul Pignon, Radio Belgrade worked closely together with David Cockerell and Peter Zinovieff to come up with the specifications of the instrument that would eventually become Synthi 100. There are details that could indicate that it might have been the first machine built.

Synthi 100 in Radio Belgrade is planned to be used by local and international composers to create new works. The details are being worked out but it will stay at the Radio.

We have previously restored the Synthi 100 at the KSYME foundation in Athens in 2016 with the support of documenta 14.

/Daniel Araya and Jari Suominen"

Novation Peak - Noodles from INIT

Published on Oct 6, 2017 brassmonkey

"I was fortunate enough to borrow my friends Novation Peak recently to see how I would like the basic workflow and creating sounds I might typically like to make for playing a live set.

This is just me noodling around and working from the INIT patch.

Really impressed with it! Love how everything is so accessible on the front panel. Was keen to test the the filter, distortion, fx and envelopes, cross mod etc.

Would love to test it out more deeply another time but definitely seriously considering picking one of these up! :D"

New SYNTHETA 82 Prototype Hardware Desktop Synthesizer From Adamstan

Prototypowe dźwięki - Prototype sounds vol. 4 - SYNTHETA 82

Published on Oct 6, 2017 adamstan84

English below.

"Następca "Skrzyneczki" zaczyna nabierać ostatecznych kształtów. Od strony elektronicznej chyba 99% procent jest zrobione, oprogramowanie ~80%. Nawet Sysexy już częściowo działają, co widać na początku filmu :-) Obudowa pewnie jeszcze ulegnie drobnym poprawkom, ale ogólny styl zapewne zostanie zachowany. Oto "Syntheta 82" - ośmiogłosowy, dwubrzmieniowy syntezator analogowy Made In Poland - w stereo i w kolorze :-)

Krótkie podsumowanie:
- Polifonia 8 głosów
- Bitimbral (Split/Layer)
- W każdym głosie 2xVCO, 3xADSR, 3xLFO, RingMod, FM, VCF 12dB/okt o przełączanej charakterystyce
- wyjście stereo z regulowaną szerokością bazy
- 3 tryby panoramowania: - alt (domyślny) - parzyste głosy na lewo, nieparzyste na prawo - key - pozycja w panoramie określona przez wysokość dźwięku - indywidualny - jedna warstwa jest panoramowana na lewo, a druga na prawo

*Część presetów z tego dema można było usłyszeć w poprzednim filmie, jeszcze bez obudowy.

My new synth prototype - almost finished. Even Sysex patch dumps work ;-) "Syntheta 82" - 8 voice, bitimbral stereo analog synthesizer.

Each voice has 2xVCO, 3xADSR, 3xLFO, RingMod, FM, multimode 2-pole VCF and stereo output with adjustable widht.
3 panning modes are available:
- alternate (default): odd voices to the one side, even to another
- key: pan is set by note number
- separate: Upper layer to the left, Lower to the right

01:03 - JX Piano (sync, PWM)
01:41 - EPiano (RingMod, PWM)
02:19 - Bells (RingMod, PWM)
02:35 - Self-Osc
02:42 - Brass 1
03:02 - Split 1
03:28 - Split 2
03:46 - Split 3 (Pad/Lead)
04:19 - Organ
04:33 - Brass 2 (Saw + PWM)
04:52 - Strings 1 (Saw + Pulse)
05:10 - Strings 2 (Layer)
05:26 - "Sonar" ;-)
05:31 - Soft Pad
06:04 - JX Brass
06:17 - Resonant Brass
06:32 - HiQ Bass
06:56 - FM 1 (Osc FM, VCF FM, Sync)
07:45 - Vox Humana (RingMod, Layer)
08:14 - FM 2 (VCF FM, Sync, Ring Mod)
08:47 - Single-Osc Brass
09:16 - Drums"

Prodigy vs. Sub37 oscillator challange

Published on Oct 6, 2017 Joakim Floke

"Short test of the two comparing the never oscillators of the Sub37 compared to the older one's in the Prodigy.
To bad my Prodigy has some strange flu so whemn I turn up the emphasis (resonance) get 50Hz ripples in the sound.."


Moon Modular M500-3P Sequencing System SN 3550

via this auction

"563 V2 Trigger Sequencer
Eight step/four row Trigger Sequencer

with built-in clock-oscillator. The 32 switches (with associated LEDs) have three positions each: gate-on, gate-off and reset.

Switch-on time (adjustable width of the gate pulse) is independently variable for each of the four busses.

Two buttons to shift and reset the trigger position manually (all four rows); two buttons with associated trigger inputs to start and stop the internal oscillator. One input to reset the sequencer to position 1 via trigger pulse. Four independent trigger inputs, one for each bus.

The jacks are „switched“, so that, if e. g. only input 1 is used, inputs 2/3/4 are affected as well. If none of the sockets is used, the built-in clock oscillator is active. Four trigger/gate-outputs for the four rows of switches.

563E Trigger Sequencer Expander
Trigger Sequencer Expander module for the M563 V2 Trigger Sequencer.

Each of the 32 step positions of the connected M563 V2 has now his own dedicated output jack.

T6 Powered Tabletop Cabinet
High quality case with power at an affordable price! The Moon 500-T6 case is 6MU wide and equipped with dotcom power connections.

POWERED TABLETOP CASE M500-T6 (one row, accommodating 6 module widths) With power supply (±15 V/+5 V), connectors for and cabling. Solid Walnut Wooden side panels are included. Cases can be combined to achieve longer units...

The cabinets are 10cm (back) and 7cm (front) deep. For the most right 2 MU's the depth is 8cm due to the power supply electronics."

Simmons SDSV Drum Module Brain

via this auction

Sherman Filterbank 2 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Elektron - Octatrack MKII

Published on Oct 6, 2017 Knobs

"Loop, smudge, chop, sync, slide, lock, stretch, etc."

See the overview video that went up today from Elektron here.

Microbrute + Modular - Beatstep Pro Sequencing.

Published on Oct 6, 2017 Alasdair Skivington

"A live jam using the modular and microbrute."

Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence (Drum and Bass AIRA TR-8 & Roland Boutique SH-01A MIX)

Published on Oct 6, 2017 Calle Nilsson

"The bassline of Enjoy the Silence from the SH-01A. Drums and precussion, Roland TR-8. Recorded with the AIRA MX-1 and Go:Mixer."

Ambient Modular Performance, POWWOW SF - 093017

Published on Oct 6, 2017 Chris Otchy

"Splicing together a few clips of video from my performance for POWWOW SF, September 30, 2017."

What a view!

Roland D-05 dreamy strings

Published on Oct 6, 2017 Scott Campbell

Roland D-05s on eBay

Roland SH-01a lofi ambient

Published on Oct 6, 2017 Scott Campbell


0-Coast with NYX Reverb and Erebus Delay (Riamiwo StudioVlog 57)

Published on Oct 6, 2017 riamiwovideos

"I played a bit with the 0-coast and used the Dreadbox NYX and the Erebus as Reverb/Delay. The doepfer-modules are used to let the Gate of the NYX and the Erebus open."

Novation // Circuit - Soulhack Performance

Published on Oct 6, 2017 NovationTV

"Though Circuit makes a great companion product to other drum machines, samplers and sequencers, its solo potential is huge. Soulhack shows just how far you can go with this powerful groovebox."


via Control

Full details & tix here.


SAT 10.14 + SUN 10.15


DOORS 7:30 / SHOW 8:00
$10 / 21+



Roland Boutique JP-08 Demo

Published on Oct 6, 2017 quelltll

"Synth (Roland: JP-08), Reverb (Eventide: Blackhole), Limitter (iZotope: Ozone8), Audio I/O (RME: Fireface UC)"

Roland JP-08s on eBay

Roland Boutique D-05 P5 (Preset 5: PN-D50-03) All 64 Presets

Published on Oct 6, 2017 quelltll

"Synth (Roland: D-05), Drum Kit (TR-08), Reverb (Eventide: Blackhole), Limitter (iZotope: Ozone8), Audio I/O (RME: Fireface UC)"

All parts here.

Roland D-05s on eBay

Original Octatrack to get MKII OS Functionality Update

Good news for owners of the original Octatrack via Elektron:

"Upcoming Octatrack MKI OS — Oct 6, 2017

Note! The next version of the Octatrack MKI OS, which will include the functionality of the Octatrack MKII OS will be available soon!"

Note the MKII version of course includes the new hardware design which features the following:

OLED screen for exceptional visibility

Rugged backlit buttons, rated for 50 million presses

Ultra-smooth contactless crossfader for precise performance control

Hi-res precision encoders

Even more dedicated buttons compared to the previous generation, for a faster and more efficient workflow

Prophet REV2 Sounds By Wisdom Water

Published on Oct 6, 2017 sonicstate

"Electronic music artist Wisdom Water sent us some demo sounds of the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet REV2 polysynth. Patches and playing by him.
Check Wisdom Water on Soundcloud:

Check our MAX4Live Synth:"

I Dig Prodigy & New Pulse Width Mod T-Shirts from CustomSynth

How cool is that? You can find it here. The new Pulse Width Mod shirt can be found here. Be sure to see the rest of CustomSynth's Ts here.

CustomSynth of course, is also known for his custom synth skins. You can find some of his work in the archives here.

Intangible Phage Part 2

Published on Oct 6, 2017 Miles Briand

Some creepiness going on in this one. Wait for it. Perfect for Halloween... Imagine hearing that coming from an empty room.

LayR-Multi Timbral Synthesizer for iOS v1.0.7 Update

iTunes: LayR-Multi Timbral Synthesizer - Living Memory Software

And one promo code for the first lucky person to see this. :) YT796X7L7FAN

"Featuring a new, per-voice, Wave Folder distortion section in the Layer Editor
and an entire bank of around 200 Cinematic Instrument presets created by Brice!

Features & Bug Fixes
200+ new Instrument presets from Brice.
A brand new Wave Folding distortion effect inserted between the 2 filters.
( Wave Folder is only active then Filter 2 has input from Filter 1 )
A new performance bank with a few Wave Folder demo presets.
New MIDI activity indicators added to Instrument views.
(The arrows on the MIDI transpose control now flash when MIDI is received.)
New Voice Activity indicators added to all Mixer Strips.
(Blue lights indicate voices are active for the Instrument or Layer.)
Added Mod and Bend wheel controls to the keyboard.
Added a “dark mode” for the keyboard:
(The dark option can be set in the key edit view.)
Added an “Initialise” button to the Load Preset views.
(Resets instrument or performance to default settings.)
Added an “Add Layer” button to Layer Strips in Performance view.
Tapping on the host button in IAA transport now switches directly to the host app.
In some IAA hosts LayR will now appear in it’s own “Living Memory” category.
Added copy & paste filter1 to filter2 and vice-versa in the layer clipboards.
(To access clipboard on iPad, long-press on the background in the editor).
Instrument & Layer: Increased transpose limit from 36 to 72.
Renamed LayR’s main mix output to “LayR Main Stereo”.
Fixed: Instrument MIDI bank number incorrectly reset after loading an instrument.
Fixed: Tapping on the keyboard MIDI channel to enter channel number.

App Store Link: LayR - Multi Timbral Synthesizer

LayR is a massively polyphonic, multi-timbral synthesizer for iPad and iPhone, optimized for modern 64 bit devices delivering up to 256 voices of rich, multi-layered and textured sounds.

- Optimised 32 bit Audio Engine.
- Up to 128 Voices ( 256 on iPad Pro ).
- Multi-Timbral with 8 individual stereo instrument outputs + full mix output.
- Multi Channel Arpeggiator with 16 step event sequencer.
- Stereo Delay, Reverb and EQ on output section.
- Ranged MIDI control for all parameters.
- AudioBus and Inter-App Audio compatible.
- Performance and Program preset import & export via iTunes.
- Performance and Program preset sharing via iCloud Drive.
- Built-in Help"

Novation Circuit Patch Store - Big City Delorean Dream

Published on Oct 6, 2017 Isotonik Studios

"Delorean Dream is an 80s Odyssey pack for the Novation Circuit, the biggest yet released through Isotonik Studios

If your familiar with roland juno fat brass, warm bass and crystaline bells and pad ..get ready for somes 80s cocktail sound.

With a Synth fusion of Drive Style, John Carpenter and Depeche Mode this pack will turn your Novation Circuit into a portable 80s box.

Catch here and now the classic sound but with a special twist for each preset.


Analogue Solutions Fusebox Pre-Orders Open

See the banners on the right for availability at your favorite shops!

And the official press release:

"AS accepts preorders for Fusebox analogue — as in really analogue — monosynth with advanced abilities

KINGSWINFORD, UK: with the first batch having effectively sold out in advance, British boutique electronic instruments innovator Analogue Solutions is proud to announce that it is accepting second batch preorders for Fusebox — an aptly-named, three-VCO (Voltage-Controlled Oscillator) true analogue monophonic synthesizer that favourably fuses the company’s characterful vintage sound with an advanced choice of modulation and melodic possibilities (in a beautifully-built box)... before plugging in any MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) cables, even — as of October 6…

As implied by the REAL ANALOGUE VOICE & MODULATION CIRCUITS ‘caption’ boldly blazoned across a brightly-coloured orange panel fronting a no- compromise steel/aluminium-constructed casing (with no plastic mouldings) that’s sure to stand out from (the sound) of the crowd — to partially paraphrase the early-Eighties British breakthrough hit from synth-pop pioneers The Human League (who have a soft spot for Analogue Solutions synthesizers themselves), Fusebox is a true analogue monophonic synthesizer in a smart, small package. Analogue as in really analogue. Aside from the MIDI-to-CV circuit, which, by its very nature, must include a digital element, everything else is absolutely analogue. For Fusebox trades on real transistors and op-amps — no CPU (Central Processing Unit) stabilised and quantised circuits, no DCOs (Digitally-Controlled Oscillators), and no digital EGs (Envelope Generators), as are often found on other so-called analogue synthesizers. Since the circuitry is based on designs dating back to the mid- Seventies, Fusebox proudly possesses a truly vintage sound. The kind of sound that the likes of The Human League made their own and continue to trade on to this day during an analogue renaissance that’s still showing no signs of abating anytime soon.

So, as an aptly-named true analogue monophonic synthesizer, Fusebox wears its colours well. With three VCOs beating at its musical heart, here is a precision electronic musical instrument that combines must-have electronic circuitry to create a powerful synthesizer statement seriously housed in an eye-catching, compact box. But this is to be expected given its industry pedigree, perhaps. After all, Fusebox was designed by Analogue Solutions founder Tom Carpenter. As a fervent fan of electronic music and also an active electronic musician himself, he naturally knows a thing or two about programming synthesizers. So his latest and greatest creation clearly wasn’t the result of engineering design decisions alone — nor driven by a steering committee of men (or woman) in suits. So what’s inside this beautifully-built box of subtractive synthesis tricks, then?

Those three VCOs, for starters — sawtooth and square waveforms available to each and all. And all have CV (Control Voltage) inputs for PITCH and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) alongside manual PW (Pulse Width) controls. Creatively speaking, though, there are some striking variations: VCO 1 has OCT (octave) and XMOD (cross modulation) FROM VCO2 switches; VCO 2 has a WIDE TUNE (range) switch — allowing a wide tuning range (right down into low frequency territory) — alongside an oscillator SYNC FROM VCO 1 switch; VCO 3 also has a WIDE TUNE switch, together with a MIDI PITCH switch control — can be disabled to make this a free-running oscillator, ideal for modulation. Meanwhile, VCO 2 and VCO 3 can both be pressed into service as LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) — as implied by their respective VCO / VCLFO ‘lettering’.

Leaving that OSCILLATORS section behind... well, almost, and moving, momentarily, into MIXING (with MUTE switches and additional audio inputs), here Fusebox features white NOISE and a SUB oscillator (taken from VCO 3). Thereafter, the all-important FILTERS section is centred around a 12dB MULTIMODE VCF (Voltage-Controlled Filter) featuring LP (Low Pass), HP (High Pass), BP (Band Pass), and NOTCH filters. Flexibility further abounds at the AMPLIFIER section with a VCA (Voltage-Controlled Amplifier) allowing for EG and THRU (bypass) switching; an advanced MODULATION section with a FADE IN (delay)-featured LFO; and an ENVELOPES section with two trigger option-friendly envelope generators (EG1 and EG2).

Elsewhere, the INTERVAL GENERATOR is a special type of pitch transposer that allows users to set six different pitches to each of the switches, then transpose the VCOs manually to create performances — perfect when used in conjunction with the ARPEGGIATOR and/or PATTERNATOR.

The ARPEGGIATOR allows an external MIDI keyboard to be used to program in the notes to be arpeggiated and will also transmit the notes to the Fusebox’s MIDI O (output). On top of that, the ARPEGGIATOR can also be used as a simple 16-step sequencer.
The PATTERNATOR is a unique type of sequencer/rhythm generator. Its four CV controls can be used to create melodic loops that can be changed in realtime using the RESET and SKIP switches. The eight-step gate/trigger pattern generator can be altered using the two BEAT knobs.

Needless to say, all Fusebox’s circuits have extensive minijack input and output sockets, so it can be cross-patched within itself to create an almost infinite range of sounds. Or it can be cross-patched with other synthesizers and modular systems for further flexibility. Fusebox is partially pre-patched in itself, but almost all of those patches can be cancelled using various switches and controls. Indeed, it has such a wide range of modulation routing possibilities that it is almost as versatile as a full modular system so can produce the same types of sounds — and all without patch cable clutter and confusion!

Complex or as simple as the end user wants it to be, as a monophonic analogue synthesizer, Fusebox can be used for analogue sound effects, fat basses, screaming leads, bleeps, blurps, zaps, and all manner of other crazy sounds associated with subtractive synthesis. Since Fusebox features an audio input socket, it is possible to feed external sounds through the onboard analogue filters for analogue processing purposes. It even has real ‘analogue’ hardwood sides — sustainably sourced, of course! Clearly, Fusebox is analogue — as in really analogue — through and through, then.

The UK price for Fusebox is £1,140.00 GBP (excluding VAT), available from UK dealers and Analogue Solutions directly. (Dealers will start seeing stock arrive as of October 2017:

North American availability of Fusebox is being handled via Voltage & Company ( — full-service reps of high-quality manufacturers from around the world — with a retail price of $1,599.00 USD, while (most) EU distribution is being handled by Sonic Sales ( — one of the largest full-service MI (Musical Instrument) distribution companies in Europe — priced at €1,519.00 EUR (including VAT)."

Electron Octatrack MKII Now Shipping

Published on Oct 6, 2017 Elektron

The above features videos from Elektron and users.


1.Octatrack MKII — At a glance [from Elektron]
Octatrack MKII is an eight track performance sampler and sequencer, designed for both live performers and studio producers. Thanks to a clever combination of internal tracks, MIDI tracks, in- and outputs, and sequencer tricks like conditional trigs, Octatrack MKII is perfect as the centerpiece in any rig. The sample engine, which features time-stretch and pitch-shift in real time, is capable of radically transforming and reshaping samples in an instant.

2. Elektron Octatrack MkII - Odd Time Signatures [from Carl Mikael's Cabinet of Curiosities]
The Elektron Octatrack MkII with its sequencer features, solves creative challenges when working with odd time signatures.

Different track lengths and tempos together with conditional trigs makes eccentric rhythms possible. Break out of the four-to-the-floor paradigm.

3. Octatrack MKII Cuckoo Heavily Edited Performance Jam Song Thing [from cuckoomusic]
The Octatrack MKII/ MK2 has landed. And it's really really nice. There are new buttons all over, and new dedicated buttons. The OLED screen helps view the screen from any angle.

4. Octatrack MKII meets Yamaha TX802
The OT MKII sequences all 8 parts of the Yamaha TX802 and the I and II outputs of the TX802 is fed back in to the OT MKII where additional processing happens. All sounds are coming from the TX802. Also, the whole main output of the OT MKII gets resampled and the fader controls the balance between the dry and recorded signals. The 8 MIDI channels of the OT MKII that sequence the TX802 uses a lot of different tricks to get variation in the playback, as the same pattern is repeated over and over, combined with manual Quick Mute. Probability on steps, Random LFO modulation to Arpeggio speed, different pattern lengths and multiplier speeds are amongst the functions being used to create varying playback.

Superbooth16: Lost on Earth: Gebrueder Teichmann

Lost on Earth: Gebrueder Teichmann from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

We finally get to see HerrSchneider dance. :)

"Brothers Teichmann made a product presentation on Superbooth16 for a real ousider product called midilooper getting it on the radar for distributors and midi-users this way. They offered two children workshops for live electronics on Superbooth17, they have been part of a panel talking not just about the gender situation in the synthmakers scene with Alec Empire, Holly Herndon and Alissa deRubeis and finally they played a concert on the Seaside stage, the only one that was recorded in 2017, see this at the end of this video after let us talk a bit about all this inside SchneidersBuero."

Take the Front Seat

Published on Oct 6, 2017 synthjunk

"This track is the first release from my new album which will be available soon. Produced using modular & semi-modular synths, Vermona DRM1 drums and various step sequencers. MPC2500 providing additional sequencing & master clock. Recorded & mixed with Ableton. Hope you enjoy it."

Clavia Nord Micro Modular

via this auction

Waldorf Pulse 2 Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Kurzweil K2000R

via this auction

"The K2000 uses V.A.S.T. (Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology) which allows you to take any multi-sample, noise or waveform and process it using just about any synthesis technique. The source of these multi-samples are from the 8MB of ROM which hold tons of authentic and superb quality samples. The internal processing is 32-bit with 18-bit DACs. The K2000 uses 31 sound-shaping algorithms to provide a variety of resonant filters, EQs, continuous panning, amplitude modulation, crossfade, distortion, digital wrap, waveshaper, pulse width modulation, high frequency enhancement, low frequency oscillators, hard sync oscillators and mixing oscillators, all with real-time MIDI control.

It's a beautiful synth with an elegant and organized layout and very high quality pitch and mod wheels! Not to mention a 61-note velocity & aftertouch sensitive keyboard with a quality feel and response to playing. The K2000s adds a quality sampler with standard 2MB RAM that can be expanded to 64MB. Sample in stereo or mono, via analog or digital inputs and you have all the sample edit functions you'll need to create some of your own sounds. Use the built-in 3.5" disk drive or connect an external drive to the SCSI port for limitless sample storage (an internal SCSI connection also allows for a hard disk drive inside).

Other professional features include stereo multi-effects capable of four simultaneous effects including reverb, chorus, delay, multi-tap delay, flange, rotary simulation and more. Up to six polyphonic audio outputs. There's also the 32-Track sequencer, fully editable, with features like 768 ppq resolution and nondestructive track editing and groove quantizing.

The K2000rs is the rack-mount version of the K2000s. Offering all of the same great sounds, power and features as the keyboard version."

Frilled With Hope (0-Coast, Braids, ER-1, Octatrack, SQ-1, Fold Processor, S-143, o_C)

Published on Oct 6, 2017 Cody Gratner

"The Octatrack is just being used as a mixer/effect unit and sending midi to the ER-1. The ER-1 is sending short trigs (closed high hat) on the right channel to the SQ-1 to the sync in. The SQ-1 is gating the 0-Coast and trigging the S-143 4-step sequencer. The SQ-1 is pitching the 0-Coast and the S-143 is pitching the Braids. I am ripping off mylarmelodies' recent "modular diary" videos on some of these setup ideas."

DIY synth Tokarev Protosynth V1 improvisation

Published on Oct 6, 2017 Konstantin T

"Grooving on the Protosynth V1"

Christopher Kah - Session XVI with the Roland TB-03, Digitakt, TR-8

Published on Oct 6, 2017 HighWav

Something happened,... here in my studio,
the fight between my Bassline & the bad reverb !
Here we go !

100% Machines. No Laptop. TOTAL IMPROVISATION.


Viva La Convolution! Exploring the Logidy EPSi Reverb with Synths

Published on Oct 5, 2017 Olivier Ozoux

"I have no idea why everyone doesn't have this little reverb unit in their arsenal. Software convolution reverb are great! but having one in hardware form is even better.

And I'm surprised how easy it is to capture IRs (Impulse Reverbs) to add to this unit, or how non-traditional sounds can become awesome reverb tails.

- Squarp Pyramid: Sequencing all the things
- Preen FM2: Percussive melody x2
- Lifeforms SV1: Bassline ( sadly only at the end, because i forgot )
- Elektron Digitakt: Sampled drums
- MFB Tanzbär Lite: Analog drums
- Logidy EPSi: Convolution reverbs"

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