MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, April 28, 2018

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Moog Slim Phatty Poly Chain x6 [Synth Demo]

Published on Dec 21, 2014 Pete Brown

Spotted this one on Lower West Side Studio in a post on chaining Moog Slim Phattys, aka "The Phatt Bastard".

"There aren't many videos of poly-chained Slim Phatty synths, and those that are there rarely show any pads. So, I decided to post this one. Six Moog Slim Phatty (module version of the Little Phatty) analog synthesizer modules poly-chained together. Effects are reverb and a stereo widener both by Valhalla and inside Cubase.

Patch noodling, not music. I was creating the patch on the master phatty in real time. I edited out the silence in between. I was trying to see what kinds of sounds I could get from this beast, especially big pad sounds."

Noxxe - trying not duplicate Equinoxe IV

Published on Apr 28, 2018 100 Things I Do

"Maybe this is an internet meme I have missed out on and will soon be educated about but I keep being asked to cover Equinoxe IV by quite a few people. Not wanting to disappoint but also not wanting irritate people with cheesy covers of other people's compositions I sat down this weekend and came up with this. I hope you enjoy."

Starts at :46 with the Arturia Solina V, Elektron Analog Rytm, DSI Pro 2, Moog Minimoog Model D, and Clavia Nord Lead 2X.

Upcoming DIY midiphy LoopA MIDI Sequencer - Hawkeye - Microwaved (Waldorf Microwave 1, SID 8580 and friends)

Published on Apr 28, 2018 Hawkeye

"Hi, it has been a while...

This song sat on the sequencer for far too long - there were too many different melody lines going on and it was really difficult to bring it together - while i am not 100% convinced, it is the best possible effort with the midi clips i came up with, i hope you still like it - it had to be finished at some point, otherwise it would have occupied the sequencer for another few months :)

It was live sequenced on the midiphy LoopA - this small 'inspirational MIDI sequencer' will be available as an affordable DIY kit soon.

Other hardware used:
Dreamy string: Waldorf Microwave 1
Simple Lead: SID 8580 in MBSID/MB6582 synthesizer
Arpeggiated synth: Alesis Andromeda
Bass: MFB Dominion I
Second Lead: Roland V-Synth
Drums: Elektron Machinedrum
Audiograbber: Tascam DR-100
FX: Strymon Timeline and BigSky

Recorded directly from the hardware, only audio-compressed in post-production, but no DAW was abused during recording :).

Many greets to all DIY folks out there, you know who you are, thanks for your support and time!

I might be uploading a few DIY videos (e.g. how to build the LoopA sequencer used in this song) in the next time, if you are here only for songs, please don't go away, there will be more, later on :).

Thanks for watching and listening,
Hawkeye / Maelstroem Records"

SundaySynth #8 : We Will Rock You (Cover) : Novation Peak

Published on Apr 28, 2018 Khoral Central

"A couple of Novation Peak tracks for my 'We Will Rock You' cover."

Follow-up to SundaySynth #7 : We Will Rock You (Cover) : Mellotron Tracks.

Roland MKS-70

Published on Apr 28, 2018 Nacho Marty Meyer

"all sounds were created with Roland MKS-70, no extra effects or processes were used"

Feedback Two59 and Natural Gate

Published on Apr 28, 2018 Dimitrios Sismanis

"Two59 into both channels of Natural Gate and then DLD. Multed to VCA controlled by Stages and then into Strymon Timeline and Meris Mercury 7 for drones. Natural gate modulated by ADDAC Complex Random and URA."

Tokarev Protosynth synthesizers live music improvisation

Published on Apr 28, 2018 Konstantin T

"The daily flow goes on.. more stuff on the synths, two hardware Protosynth's V1LP and two V2, running loop in FL Studio, along with VST fx processing the synths outputs."

Fat Sound/Slim Case: modding the Behringer Model D

Published on Apr 28, 2018 Olivier Ozoux

"I love my Behringer Model D, but I didn't really care for that big angled case, which turns out is mostly empty. So I decided that my first Behringer Mod will be to create a custom ultra slim case, hand made from a single piece of sheet metal.

And since I was having so much fun, I decided to use sounds from the shoot to create the music for this video. I hope you enjoy it.

Gear List:"

Demo :: Prophet 8 vs Rev2 (no talking - just patches)

Published on Feb 15, 2018 SOLON Music

"Demo to compare the sound of the Prophet 8 and Rev2 playing the same patches. I used four patches from the factory presets for the Prophet 8 and three of my own patches:

1) Tom Sawyer
2) T8 Strings
3) Ice Planet
4) Analog Bliss
5) SOLON Arp
6) SOLON Swell
7) SOLON Homage to Synthmania

All patches were loaded up to the Rev2 via the Soundtower editor software.

I routed the MIDI from the Prophet 8 keyboard to the Rev2 and recorded the audio of both simultaneously so that the performances were exactly the same.

To hopefully make it intuitive to know which one is being listening to, the audio you are hearing is from the synth which is lit up - the other one is darkened."

Demo :: DSI Rev2 + Midiverb II :: Ambient

Published on Feb 8, 2018 SOLON Music

"Demo of Dave Smith Instruments Rev 2 and the Alesis Midiverb II.

Melancholy ambient vibes.

Composition by Paolo di Nicolantonio aka Synth Mania. A true legend.

This is an excerpt from a comparison video between the Prophet 8 and Rev2 that I'm putting together.

Midiverb II preset is preset no 29."

Demo :: Eventide H3000 Presets using SH101+ Aphex Twin Riff - Reverb, Chorus, Delay, FX

Published on Apr 28, 2018 SOLON Music

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

"Demo of Eventide H3000 D/SE presets using Roland SH101 synth playing Aphex Twin riff from 'Tha' (Selected Ambient Works 85-92). 12 presets demo'ed:


Chose these presets because they worked well with the riff used and demonstrate a wide variety of the sounds that the unit can produce.

In Richard D James' own words: 'the Eventide H3000 d/se are absolutely mental lush devices, those ones in particular really envelop the sound rather than tack it on, special blessed bits of equipment. 3000 has something amazing though that few things can touch, i mean just the digital filters on it are insane, engineers must have been on fire when they made that thing.' (from the Syrobonkers interview)

SH101was recorded through Tube Tech MP2A preamp and Antelope Audio Eclipse converter into Ableton.

Audio from H3000 was recorded through Antelope Audio Eclipse converter into Ableton"

Demo :: Moog Minimoog Model D Reissue + Korg SQ-1 + Midiverb II :: Acid Techno

Published on Feb 2, 2018 SOLON Music

"Demo of Minimoog Model D Reissue + Korg SQ-1 Sequencer + Alesis Midiverb II, using an acid techno style riff. The aim was to demonstrate the sound of the filter with the resonance set high and being modulated by a slow LFO. What I found special was that, where many synths become thin or piercing or digital, this just sounded hypnotic and musical...

Reverb is Preset 29 on the Midiverb II, Xlarge Warm 15 secs.

Minimoog audio recorded through Tube Tech MP2A pre-amp and Antelope Eclipse Converter."

iAbyssal jam 2

Published on Apr 28, 2018 atomolab


"Hello World, in this video we use the same all mobile set up with the iAbyssal photo-theremin app in two ipads!!"

Gibran Curtiss Pulvo negro - prototype

Published on Apr 28, 2018 Gibran Curtiss

"#pantalalabs #pulvonegro . All sounds from the module , only triggers and CVs in . One Out ...:-) . Kick , bass, sub bass , tom , hat, rim , cymbal , 16 wavetable oscillator , distortion . Pure fun !!"

Original Yamaha CS-80 Presets for Deckard's Dream

Deckard's Dream Demos by Paul Schilling

"Each of the original 22 CS-80 patches went through several revisions over the last few months to get them as close as possible. Included are all the various CS-80 preset combinations - a total of around 120 Deckard's Dream patches, each of them tweaked for optimal balance.

In the style of Vangelis, since he is the perennial master of CS-80 presets. I'll be adding on to this as time allows"

Presets created by Paul Schilling.

DSI prophet-6 / NAVA / Avalon Bassline / TIMELINE / SPACE : Detroit Techno

Published on Apr 28, 2018 Masaki Takada

assembled by Pharmasonic

Nava by e-licktronic.

Vintage MOOG Source Keyboard Synthesizer SN 4151

via this auction

"Vintage Moog Source. In perfect working condition."

Vintage HOHNER String Performer

via this auction

Computone Lyricon 1

via this auction

"very rare, only around 200 ever built. fully restored and upgraded by David O’Brien to original factory specifications in 2017.

everything has been tested and works, 100%

it looks great, there are a couple worn areas (see photos), and the case has natural wear and tear, due to age, but overall very nice!

this is a rare opportunity to own a perfectly functioning, extremely rare Lyricon 1 analog wind synthesizer."

Roland TB303 - Classic Acid House/Techno Synth - Serviced at Roland Tokyo

via this auction

Cool black & white pic.

Yamaha CS6R SYNTH with PLG150-AN and PLG150 -VL

via this auction

Yamaha CS6R SYNTH (Rack)

PLG150 AN Analogue Board - INSTALLED (Rare)
PLG150 VL Virtual Acoustic Board - INSTALLED (Rare)


Published on Apr 28, 2018 synths colors

No External Effect Added, As Usual...
Ningún Efecto Externo Añadió, Como De Costumbre...
Nessun Effetto Esterno Aggiunto, Come Al Solito...
Keine Externe Effekt Hinzugefügt, Wie Üblich...
Nenhum Efeito Externo Adicional, Como De Costume...
brak efektu zewnętrznego dodał jak zwykle ...
καμία εξωτερική επίδραση προστίθεται ως συνήθως ...
нет внешний эффект не добавлено, как обычно ...
Ingen extern effekt tillagt, som vanligt ...
Aucun Effet Externe Ajouté, Comme D'habitude...

Livejam No. 27! Deepmind6, Korg Minilogue and Analog Rytm

Published on Apr 28, 2018 TheKraist

"It has been a while, since I posted the last video. As you can see, I am now using the Octatrack to sequence my synthesizers. So there was a lot of stuff to learn ;-)
Everything was multitrack recorded to Ableton for some mixing and mastering."

Make your own Wooden side panels for Roland System-8 synthesizer

Published on Apr 28, 2018 markusfuller

"No electronics in this video. Just good old fashioned woodwork.
showing how to make the template and wooden side panels for the Roland System-8 synthesizer.
saves you about £50uk pounds."

Kick.S / X1300 (3 Delay & 2 Reverb )

Published on Apr 28, 2018 Kick.S

/// Equipment ////
Reface DX
carbon copy bright
Digitakt (custom painted)

Critter & Guitari - Euclidean Rhythms for Organelle

Published on Apr 28, 2018 Critter & Guitari

"This patch is a looping 16-step Euclidean Rhythm machine with an 8-voice sample player. A Euclidean Rhythm is an even division of beats within a measure, or as close to even as possible. This is a simple but powerful musical idea, especially when there are many ‘voices’ playing a rhythm.

Keys play samples. Knob1 controls tempo. Knob2 sets the density of the rhythm from 1-16 beats (AKA sample triggers). Knob3 shifts the rhythm relative to the measure's start. Knob4 controls the samples' decay. Aux button controls latch and sequencer. View the rhythm graphically or through the text-based parameter display.

Send the rhythm out as MIDI notes and/or control it with an external MIDI device. It is Ableton Link enabled for wireless tempo sync (WiFi adapter needed). Replace the samples to customize the patch sound!

Special thanks to Ela Minus for the drum samples used here!"

Scrotum Lab - Three Radio Music and one Grille

Published on Apr 28, 2018 batchas

Future Retro Transient jam

Published on Apr 28, 2018 Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

"Quick demo of the Future Retro Transient's utility as a percussive variance module"

Digitakt Drum Kit Tutorial - True Elektron Knowledge

Published on Apr 28, 2018 Enrique Martinez

"In this video I show a simple work·a·round to saving drum kits within the Digitakt! This knowledge was passed on to me from an actual Elektron employee Mario!"

Happy Nerding PanMix Jr

Published on Apr 28, 2018 Happy Nerding

Don't miss this one even if you aren't into eurorack.

"PanMix Jr is a high quality 3 channel mixer with manual panning and volume controls with dual concentric knobs. Each channel’s output is separately available. Also channels 1 and 2 can be switched to be mixed with the subsequent channel, allowing for 1-1-1, 1-2, 3 mix configurations. Equal power pan law (3dB) is provided. Left and Right led indicators available for all three channels.

Several modules can be chained together via connections on the back side. This connection is possible with other Happy Nerding stereo modules too. At the moment PanMix Jr stereo output can be internally send to the Isolator module. Or stereo signal can be received from OUT and latest revision of PanMix."

Some Mario Brothers for you. ;)

CVilization - first prototype test run

Published on Apr 28, 2018 Urs Heckmann

Side project from u-he's Urs Heckmann.

"CVilization outputs 3 and 4 plugged into V/octave of two oscillators. Two voltages from Pressure Points plugged into CVilization inputs 3 & 4. Moskwa Sequencer plugged into CVilization input 2. Clock plugged into CVilization second CV input.

CVilization outs 3 & 4 quantized to minor scale, sample & hold from clock input.

First: Mixing input 4 onto outputs 3 & 4, so that both oscillators are controlled from one input (Pressure Points bottom row).

Second: Mixing input 3 onto output 3, to control the interval of one oscillator to the other (Pressure Points middle row).

Good for some noodling around.

Third: What about different depth of control? - Instant extra fun for noodling!

Forth: Adding input 2 (sequencer) into both oscillators. Which of course can be done at different depths as well for some nice variation.

Fifth: Changing depths, changing sequencer clock (Euclidean Circles) and direction (Forward - Pendulum).

Then, going back to minimum values."

021//Champion - Moog DFAM and Mother 32s melodic self-generating track

Published on Apr 28, 2018 Alastair Wilson

"A semi-self-generating modular patch using a DFAM sent through an Eventide Timefactor on vintage setting and 2 Mother 32s sent through an Eventide Space modechoverb reverb.

Finally, a DFAM! I've been looking forward to testing it in a self-gen patch for a while. Unfortunately I've discovered it works best by tweaking it manually, and requires other modules to make the most of it, but hey - restrictions make the patch more creative!

The main points of this patch are:
- The 'melody' is the same as the background arpeggio, only with the VCO Pulse out from the Mother 32 patched into the DFAM's Ext Audio input to give it the same rhythm as the drums.
-The Mother 32 playing the bass notes is glitched so that the sequencer runs slower than the input clock (see more here:
- The VCA decay (the volume fade) of the DFAM is modulated to decrease, causing the drums to turn into clicks.

If you want to recreate this patch, you can find it here:"

Radikal Technologies Superbooth 2018 Trailer

Published on Mar 23, 2018 Jörg Schaaf

"The waiting time is almost over. 03.05.2018 - 05.05.2018 Superbooth in Berlin. I am looking forward to see you there!

Bald ist es endlich wieder soweit. Vom 03.05. - 05.05.2018 Superbooth in Berlin! Radikal ist natürlich dabei!"

KORG Prologue SDK Development Boards Coming to SUPERBOOTH18

"A little something for Superbooth in Berlin next week."

Open source KORG. Remember the Prologue allows you to create your own oscillators and effects.

From this post on the Prologue:

The big surprise: "The prologue offers an SDK (Software Development Kit) that allows developers to program, customize and extend the capabilities of the multi-engine and digital effects and is expected to be available for download in the spring of 2018. The prologue provides 16 user oscillator slots and 16 user effect slots, and users can use the prologue Librarian software (also expected to be available for download in the spring of 2018) to load into their prologue new oscillators and effect programs created by developers with the prologue SDK (Software Development Kit)."

Curious if these Development Boards are required for the SDK or if they will allow more. Note the input and output. This of course implies you would be able to use the boards to process and output audio. What sort of engine will be provided? The full synth engine of the Prologue or a limited engine? MIDI and access to the SDK will be over USB. Note the lack of and MIDI jacks.

Synton/Syntonovo PAN Analog Synth Coming to SUPERBOOTH18

This one is in via Soviet Space Child.

Pictured above is the prototype PoP Analog from the makers of the Synton Syrinx. Note the similar touch pads. You can find a video of the PoP Analog presented at SUPERBOOTH17 here.

At SUPERBOOTH18, Synton will be showing their new PAN Analog Synth:

"We’re almost done now with the design of PAN, SyntoNovo’a Analog Synth with its XYZPression Keyboard – a distinguishably different synth with surprising features.

PAN will be shown at the Berlin SuperBooth2018. Next steps will be a test batch production followed by field-tests at several carefully selected beta test sites.

Please visit us at our SyntoNovo stand 242 , together with our cooperators This is Not Rocket Science at 243, and make sure tot share your thoughts and suggestions with us!"

Strymon Magneto First Test // 3 Module Challenge!

Published on Apr 27, 2018 Genshi Media Group


"Is it possible for one to fall completely, madly in love with a module in those first initial moments? Yes, yes it is... and I did with this Strymon Magneto! I wanted to see what sort of pretty ambient thing I could come up with, immediately after unboxing, while limiting myself to only three modules. So here, the Mutable Instruments Marbles is sequencing the Mutable Plaits module, which is then going into Magneto."

Buchla Music Easel aux card exploration

Published on Apr 27, 2018 Honeysmack

"Little noodle with the Music Easel and Aux card. Nice to get lost in the patch, beautiful machine.

Kick drum from the TR-09."

Patch n Tweak

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