MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

MIDERA | Beyond the cortex

Published on Sep 26, 2018 MIDERA

"In the course of filming this track - I managed to delete two tracks that, at a live show, were considered my best. I guess it's my personal sand mandala..."

Moog Subsequent 37 vs Moog Sub Phatty + Linndrum

Published on Sep 26, 2018 synthartist69

"Without spending too much, I did my best to create my favorite Moog sound and then to match both synthesizers. This is not an exact comparison, just the two synths together playing a similar sound. The Sub Phatty has more of a raw sound, a little brighter, less compressed sounding than the Subsequent 37. One way I made up for some of that was by tweaking the eq on the Subsequent 37 by adding a little mid and upper mid range. Not perfect by any means but closer than it would have been. Thanks for watching!"

Q960 first test

Published on Sep 26, 2018 SynthMania

"First test of the Q960 sequencer, a modern recreation of the Moog 960 from the late '60s"

Nebulae/uBursts (Clouds) + 2Hp ARP Experiment

Published on Sep 26, 2018 Peter Grenader

"Initial test of the uBurst (Clouds). Sound sources are a Model 15 pair (sine into sine FM), and the Qu-bit Nebulae II -- with shimmer via Model 12 Mark II Filter and the uBursts. Bursts is incorporated when my right hand turns a knob clockwise on the second panel form the bottom, left hand cabinet. Arpeggegiation via a 2HP Arp. Enjoy, or not!"

Front Panel for Kurzweil KMS 250 Synthesizer

via this auction

Pics of the backside below.

"Includes the following components;
Control Panel Circuit Board 8xx20263
LCD Display and Circuit Board 86040078
Slider Controls with all Knobs and Board 85120174
And Original Mounting Screws and Brackets"

EMU Emulator I Sampler Synthesizer Keyboard

via this auction

"Emulator I with original box and multiple disks. Some scuffs and scrapes and sides are bent (see pics) but samples, plays back sounds and sequences. Keys are ‘clacky’ but very clean overall."

Moog Sub Phatty + Linndrum

Published on Sep 26, 2018 synthartist69

"The Sub Phatty is a cost effective way to get that great Moog sound. It has a nice Growl sound to it with the benefit of patch memory!"

Kraft Music Yamaha MODX Demo & Tutorial Videos

Published on Sep 26, 2018 Kraft Music

Yamaha MODX All Playing No Talking! with Blake Angelos
Yamaha MODX Full Tutorial with Blake Angelos

"Find exclusive Yamaha MODX Synthesizer BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Yamaha's Blake Angelos plays on the Yamaha MODX8 Synthesizer at Kraft Music.

Yamaha MODX synthesizers are equipped with an inspiring and sophisticated synthesis engine based on the same technology that powers the flagship Montage. Motion Control Synthesis, Motion Sequences, the Super Knob, and 4-Part Seamless Sound Switching provide expressive and interactive control of the AWM2 and FM-X sound engines, bringing music production automation to realtime live performance. An A/D input processes external audio sources, while audio and MIDI can be sent and received via a single USB cable. The 61-key MODX6 and 76-key MODX7 feature non-weighted synth action keyboards. The MODX8 features an 88-note weighted keyboard action.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Yamaha MODX synthesizer bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new synth, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Radikal Technologies at KnobCon Chicago 2018

Published on Sep 26, 2018 Jörg Schaaf

"The only synthesizer convention on planet earth: KnobCon! ;-)

Sorry friends - I am a bit late and I had no proper cam with me nor even a tripod. But I thought, nevertheless - I should upload the 7 minutes footage I did with my cheapo mobile phone and put some of my modular noises into the background. I hope, you guys enjoy it! BTW. Not all booths were set up when I did my shaky walkthrough. So please apologize, in case you are missing a booth or manufacturer."

Kit Review # 29 - NLC Resonate - Build Video

Published on Sep 26, 2018 Synth Diy Guy

"Video 1 (construction) of the awesome Nonlinear Circuits Resonate, a vactrol based quad BP filter bank with global resonance control and CV control over each band, in 8hp eurorack format."

Eurorack Modular live session feat. Pamela's new workout, Manis Iteritas, Zadar, etc.

Published on Sep 26, 2018 Luke Stunt

Note the video plays. There's just no default image for it at the moment.

Celebrating the Life of John Leimseider & Memorial Service

As you know John Leimseider recently passed away. There will be a memorial service this Sunday.

"A memorial and celebration of life will be held at Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre this Sunday, September 30 at 5:00 pm in Studio Bell’s Performance Hall (850 4 Street SE).

5:00 pm: Reception in Canada Music Square
6:00 pm: Formal tribute program in Performance Hall
6:30 pm: Open mic for personal tributes
7:30 pm: Performance by Beatles tribute band All You Need is Love and post-reception

The service is open to the public and no RSVP is required."

See the National Music Center for additional details.

Keith Fullerton Whitman Live at Control Tuesday, October 2, 7pm - PAID Event

"Live at Control

Keith Fullerton Whitman
Tuesday, October 2, 7pm


Control presents Keith Fullerton Whitman for a live quad performance of two pieces, "Redactions" and "Generators."

Keith Fullerton Whitman is a composer, performer, and recording artist currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Active from the early 90's on while working towards a Bachelor's Degree in Music Synthesis at Boston's Berklee College of Music, Keith began exploring electronic music's many facets, eventually yielding dozens of recordings for influential labels such as Kranky, Editions Mego, PAN, Planet µ, Carpark, Room40, Amethyst Sunset, Amish, NNA Tapes, No Fun Productions, Agents of Chaos, Arbor, Digitalis Limited, Ekhein, Heavy Tapes, Rare Youth, Root Strata, and many more.

This evening showcases two pieces, "Redactions" and "Generators," from Whitman's current compositional development, a singular take on "Live Electronic Music" that incorporates an ever-changing, hybrid software & hardware-based system. On the piece titled "Generators," which manifested itself as an album released by Editions Mego in 2012, Whitman explained it was "an attempt to wrest a viable performance-based music out what had until then been a solitary set of sound-design tools. The piece grew out of a frustration with the limitlessness of computer-based real-time synthesis & algorithmic / generative systems vs. their utter failure as performance solutions." Though captured in an album form, "Generators" is largely intended for the live setting. "Redactions" is a more recent performance composition that incorporates thematically & geographically relevant Musique Concrète elements into the modular setup and alongside the framework of "Generators."

The performance will promptly start at 7:15. Once the performance begins no entry will be permitted. Do not be late."

Eurorack Drum Synthesis Plus Free Sample Pack

Published on Sep 26, 2018 Perfect Circuit

"Download our free drum sample pack made with this eurorack modular system here:

This video is just a quick overview of analog drum synthesis. Let us know which techniques you would like us to explore in more depth in future videos.

There are two basic parts of drum synthesis explored here, noise drums and pitched drums. noise drums can be shaped with filters VCAs and effects like distortion, or by using unique noise generators. Pitched drums can be modulated by a sharp decay envelope for traditional percussive sounds, and you can add ring or frequency modulation for more complex harmonic drums. More complex drum sounds are made by layering and combining these simple building blocks."

Supporting MATRIXSYNTH members get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

Keeley Dark Side Sound Demo (no talking) with Novation Peak

Published on Sep 26, 2018 Bonedo Synthesizers

"Keeley Dark Side Sound Demo (no talking) with Novation Peak"

TEST SERIES Intellijel Planar 2 Joysticks Eurorack Drums

Published on Sep 26, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

"Testing the new version 2 Planar joysticks with a euro drum rack.

The purpose of 'TEST SERIES' is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.
Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from'

DX5 playing Depeche Mode "And Then"

Published on Sep 26, 2018 DX5

Gear used:
Emu Emax I and II (Emu libraries, my own libraries and some Kurzweil sampled sounds)
Yamaha DX7
Roland Promars (Bassline)
Kurzweil PC1X (Acoustic guitar)
Backtrack pre recorded on Pro Tools.
Composed by Martin L. Gore
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara

PPG Wave 2.2 / Waveterm A System (1982) Resynthesis, Sampling, Fourier Analysis, How to video

Published on Sep 25, 2018 RetroSound

"(c) 2018 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

How to video:
Sampling with the PPG Wave System from 1982.
The video shows the sample analysis and programming of new wave and wavetables for the PPG wave 2.2 Synthesizer.

The Waveterm is the heart of the legendary PPG system and based on an old german computer called Eltec Eurocom II with Motorola 6809 processor.

- creation of Waves and Wavetables
- fourier analysis / resonator
- additive synthesis
- 8 bit Sampling for the WAVE 2.2
- sequencer / event generator
- storage of sounds on 8" disc"

Voltage Modular Synthesizer Release

Published on Sep 24, 2018 Voltage Modular

"Voltage Modular is AVAILABLE NOW! Voltage Modular is a brand-new virtual modular platform, designed from the outset to be the best sounding, most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use virtual modular synthesizer available. For Mac and PC, available in AU, VST2, VST3, AAX, and Stand-Alone formats. Visit to learn more!"

This one is in via Atomic Shadow who did some beta testing for PSP Audio's modules.

TG x5 .4

TG x5 .4 from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"The 4th piece in the TG x5 series was recorded by Jessica Kert.

3x regular ONEs, one ONE prototype and a TG ONE. 2x TG01 samples, 3x TG02 samples.

Lots of processing including Tiptop Audio Z-DSPs, F.S.S. TG03, Serge filters, Tyme Sefari MK2, a bunch of Z2040s, SEM20, Doepfer A-124, Verbos ATC and more.

Sequenced using 2x Circadian Rhythms and Doepfer A-157"

XAOC Devices Zadar *FIRST PATCH* Ambience, Drones & Complex Modulation

Published on Sep 26, 2018 DivKidVideo

"Here's my first patch with the Zadar quad complex envelope from XAOC Devices. It's been an incredibly simple to use unit that delivers some unique shapes and functions over it's complex envelopes. Adding some CV modulation over time, warping, shape etc was all done quickly without any manual reading so building up this first patch was quick and fun. I'm using envelopes here for modulation of tonal parameters on FX, oscillators and level control through VCAs. Full video demo coming soon."

Search for XAOC Devices Zadar below for more.


via this auction

See the Pasco label below for more.

Big Briar Etherwave Theremin signed by Bob Moog SN MSS763

via this auction

"I purchased it from West LA music in 2003. Everything works. To be honest, I rarely used it at all. Never gigged with it.

As you may know, legendary synth designer and builder Bob Moog passed away on August 21, 2005. Before Bob's passing, he personally tested and signed a limited number of his Etherwave Theremins and these were called the, "Signature Edition". In February, 2004, Moog Music stopped production of this model.

It is housed in a black solid wood case and signed by Bob Moog himself in silver paint marker. Also included is the proprietary power supply that looks like a midi cable."

Pre-Simmons MUSICAID CLAP TRAP - Rare and Historic Analog Hand Clap Synthesizer SN 411

via this auction

"For sale in excellent condition - has a few small dings to the finish and a couple of the knobs. I has lived in my studio for years after living many years in it's previous studio. This is made by Musicaid before Simmons bought them and put their badge on the Clap Trap

115v. AC which is rare, I've only seen a couple others and they were both 240v.

'The original, wildest Clap Trap - there are very few analogue Clap Traps in existence and many are the later Simmons version rather than the first one from Musicaid. Famously-used (and abused) by Throbbing Gristle and The Human League among others...

Sonically it offers a wide range - from huge oceanic crashing waves of noise to rhythmically-challenged helium finger pops (thanks, Ensemble control) - there's also occasional near-realistic electronic claps in amongst the myriad options. This is a very early unit and is pretty wild compared to the later ones - some ear-piercing resonance at higher settings make this a contender for serious techno-abuse.'"

1970s ARP 2600 vintage analog synthesizer w/ 3620 keyboard

via this auction

"This vintage ARP is being sold for parts/repair. It does power on (you'll need a Belkin 17952 power cable available for $20 on eBay) but is being sold as is untested and intended to be sold to someone who would like a great opportunity to buy one of these at a cheaper price for restoration or re-sale purposes. ARP itself is in nice condition shape just missing a few faders the keyboard is in rougher condition and may need more work than the ARP itself."

Sequential Circuits Pro One SN 9595 w/ Turbo CPU & Fatar Keyboard

via this auction

"With the new keybed it plays and feels like a brand new modern synth.

It's the same keybed that is installed on most modern Moog synthesizers.

The connections are identical to the Moog Little Phatty keybed.

The midi upgrade is a nice improvement.

The new CPU allows you to save two sequences and now they can be 256 notes instead of the original 40 notes.

You can look up the Turbo CPU mod for a complete list of features."

Akai AX80 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Leonard de Leonard Techno Modular Eurorack Live Test

Published on Sep 26, 2018 Sound Provider

"Leonard de Leonard is working in the modular synth corner of Sound Provider Studio on a live version of his remix for Dew Town Mayor
( )"

sy0.5 demo 1

Published on Sep 26, 2018 neutron7

"Michigan synth works SY0.5 (eurorack syncussion SY-1) voltage control of decay, filter frequency, and mode switch. later on, audio rate mode switching (lower quality audio, sorry)"

Fexomat - SpaceCraft & Fieldscaper soundscapes

Published on Sep 22, 2018 killerautomat

"2x ApeMatrix, 2x SpaceCraft, Turnado, Eos2, Crystalline, Axon2, Rozeta XOX, QuadroMod, Tardigrain, Fieldscaper"

Spotted on discchord.

Dave Dave: My first oscillator is alive

Published on Sep 26, 2018 Dave Dave

"Diy breadboard protoboard synthesizer synthetiseur."

How it begins...

Roland MC-303 Groovebox - My Custom patterns by tiergrinder

Published on Sep 26, 2018 tiergrinder

Wait for it. Comes in at 3:07. I won't ruin the surprise. Not bad, considering it's all MC-303. More follow.

"Here is more Roland MC-303 Groovebox nostalgy, this time I play some custom patterns I've programmed during the years. Oldest are almost as old as the machine itself, the new ones I just programmed to show some of the sounds."

Moog Grandmother Analog Synth with Guitar FX Pedal board test

Published on Sep 26, 2018 Levi Held

"This was just a little jam that came to be while testing the Moog Grandmother with my Guitar FX Pedal Board containing a Fulltone Fulldrive 2, Mxr Phase 95 mini, TC Electronic Flashback x4 Delay & Looper, and the T.C. Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb Pedal all powered by an Mxr dc brick"

PANIC ! eurorack

Published on Sep 26, 2018 paul tas

"This This model Definitely needs Attention go to the website For more information everything ERROR"

NE Blog Guest post: Manis and Basimilus Iteritas Magnus Jam by Tom Hall

Published on Sep 26, 2018 Noise Engineering

"In this week's blog post, Tom Hall talks about the epic jam he produced to show off the new 5U/Moog format/large format Manis and Basimilus Iteritas Magnus. For details, check out the Noise Engineering Blog at

BIM and MIM ship September 21, 2018."

Working on the LD3 Preset Bank

Published on Sep 26, 2018 gotharman

"Trying the harmonic scales and other things…"

Studio Experiments w/ Buchla Synth, Roland Space Echo & Modcan Dual Delay

Published on Sep 26, 2018 Tasty Soil Records

"Spaced out sounds from a Buchla modular synth, Roland Space Echo RE-150 and a Modcan Dual Delay."

DJ Haus - Against The Clock

Published on Sep 26, 2018 FACTmagazine

Building a track from scratch on eurorack.

"DJ Haus is one of the hardest working people in dance music.

As head of Unknown to the Unknown, he oversees a relentless schedule of releases from artists like DJ Boring, Mall Grab, Deadboy and Kornél Kovács. Alongside that he's been a regular guest on FACT videos over the years, making beats with Willie Burns and finding out how synth master Legowelt makes his tracks.

DJ Haus is also a formidable producer in his own right, so we figured it was time we got him on Against The Clock. He set himself the challenge of making a dancefloor track in 10 minutes using his modular synth – with no cables patched to begin with – and smashed it, frankly.

DJ Haus' forthcoming mixtape compilation DJ Haus Enters The Unknown Vol. 2 will be available in November."

Polyend Seq - v2.0 firmware beta & a Polyend Seq in White

Published on Sep 26, 2018 Polyend

"New firmware v2.0 for Polyend Seq MIDI Sequencer is still in the beta phase (join if you like). Besides the per track tempo dividers/multipliers, it will bring a number of other functions like improved rolls and manual step retriggering (great for live performance). Seq is getting seqxier ;)'


Published on Sep 26, 2018 DJTricks1


20 years on, it's a little bit temperamental at times but still sounds great!,

Quick demo inspired via another YouTuber Video regarding the "I Feel Love" Bass line sequenced from the Roland TB 303 (cv/gate)"

Matrixbrute Sequencer Ratcheting

Published on Sep 25, 2018 Kris Lennox

"Creating a true ratchet on the MB within a 16-step sequence. If the included sequence were a 'fake' ratchet, it would require all 64 steps. Two types of ratchet exist within this sequence, illustrating the principle isn't exclusive to one particular rhythmic subdivision (as is often assumed). Steps 7, 8, and 14 feature quaver ratchets (i.e. 2 per beat); steps 15 and 16 feature semiquaver ratchets (i.e. 4 per beat).

Programming 'x' per beat isn't a problem once the principle is understood. I'll maybe upload a sequence showing unusual ratchets i.e. 5:4, 7:4 etc.

Arturia will likely create this as a feature in future updates. But it can be designed without the need for a firmware update.

'Unfortunately, no-one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.' :))

All best

You are all seeing it right here...

Patch n Tweak

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