MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, November 30, 2018

Friday, November 30, 2018

Pink Floyd Run Like Hell Korg Kronos OB-6 Jupiter-8 Reverb Samples Rik Marston

Published on Nov 30, 2018 SynthgodXXX

"#buyob6samples #buyrolandjupiter8samples #buyrolandsamples
Midi File Friday - Pink Floyd "Run Like Hell"
Korg Kronos OB-6 & Jupiter-8 Reverb Samples
Synthesizer Audio Demo by Rik Marston
**Watch in HD!!** **Turn it UP!!**

You can find these samples and many more for a
GREAT PRICE & same day downloads:

In this episode I am using the Reverb OB-6 Synth Collection
Sample pack & Reverb Roland Synth Collection Sample Pack
in my Korg Kronos tweaking the classic rock favorite "Run
like hell" by Pink Floyd. I only used 7 tracks. I stacked a few
Brass & Lead samples from the OB-6 & used Jupiter-8 samples
for the Bass. Drums of course are General Midi!!
All effects are in the Kronos: Stereo Chorus, Tape Echo Delay

Thank you for watching!
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Voltage Modular: Poly Modules Sneak Peak! & Super Oscillator

Published on Nov 30, 2018 Voltage Modular

"A sneak peak at the new Poly Modules in the forthcoming Voltage 1.1. Polyphony!"

Voltage Modular: Super Oscillator

Published on Nov 30, 2018 Voltage Modular

"A new and powerful oscillator with innovative and incredibly flexible wave shaping, plus extensive CV control."

Brother GX-151 Auto Emillion 70s Vintage Analog Synthesizer / Drum Machine

via this auction

"Brother Auto Emillion Gx-151 70's Vintage Analog Synthesizer with Drum Machine - This unit has some scratches and paint chippings, but fully operational and functional in pretty good condition. We have maintained this unit, tested all keys, switches, knobs, in / outputs works perfectly."

You can find a couple of demos of the Brother GX-151 in the archives.

Technosaurus Microcon Analog Synthesizer and Cyclodon Sequencer

via this auction

"Incredibly rare original editions of the Technosaurus Microcon (1997) analog synthesizer and Cyclodon (1998) step sequencer. A powerful combination. They sound amazing together. Ultra analog, with discrete circuitry.
Made in Switzerland.

The Cyclodon is in excellent condition, with very little wear. The Cyclodon shows signs of wear, as some of the lettering on the faceplate has rubbed off, as shown in photos.
Both the Microcon (original Mark I) and Cyclocon are extremely hard to find now."

SN 2121 & 2254

Korg EX-800 SN 004819

via this auction

Oberheim OBX Rev 1 Analog 8 Voice Synthesizer Pro Serviced SN 793312

via this auction

Follow-up to this post. New pics added.

"Originally a 6-voice (per original sticker), all 8 voice cards (visible in pic) are functional, and pass auto-tune. This is Collector's grade appearance wise, and completely stock--no MODS, no ugly drill holes, etc.

You will not see a 100% fully functional Rev 1.0 in such pristine condition, possibly ever! Pro-serviced in 2017 by master tech Greg Montalbano of Analog Synth Service (Oakland, CA). Service included full calibration."

Korg MS-20 SN 141576 with Carry Handle

via this auction

This one was featured back in 2012.

A Random Ambient Soundscape // Polyend-Dreadbox Medusa + Ventris Dual Reverb

Published on Nov 30, 2018 Genshi Media Group


Again, just exploring the Polyend/Dreadbox Medusa with this random ambient sci-fi soundscape. Using all 6 Oscillators (with Wavetables on the Digital Oscillators) there is a ton of subtle modulation going on at almost every step of the sequence. The Medusa is paired up here with the Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo and the Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb."

Todd Barton on BBC Sounds + Multum in Parvo Release

Excerpts of Todd Barton's performance at the Unsound Festival in Krakow is up on BBC Sounds.

"A rebroadcast of excerpts from my performance of Music and Poetry of the Kesh at the Unsound Festival in Krakow last month with a wonderful ensemble of Polish musicians. Here's the link which will be active for a month.

And the first excerpt on the broadcast is from my new solo Buchla Music Easel album, Multum in Parvo with cover art by Ursula Barton! [embed below]

Much more to come in 2019! Gigs in Belgium, NYC and Santa Barbara. New Album releases too.

Happy Holidays!
Best wishes,

"If you’re anything like me, then one of your favourite albums of 2018 was Music and Poetry of The Kesh, released on the Freedom To Spend label. Recorded over two years in the mid-1980s, Music and Poetry of The Kesh in truth was never really designed as an ‘album’ as such. It was a cassette bundled with early editions of the legendary author Ursula K. Le Guin’s Always Coming Home novel.

The novel described the art, culture, language and ethnography of a fictional tribe of indigenous inhabitants of North California, 500 years from now. On the tape, Le Guin and her friend and collaborator, composer and sound artist Todd Barton, created a detailed, vivid musical identity for these people - the Kesh.

Listened to in 2018, the sounds of Music and Poetry of The Kesh feel simultaneously ancient and futuristic. Todd designed and built new instruments to realise the Kesh’s music, which were woven among synthesisers and field recordings from the Kesh’s native Napa Valley.

It’s a stunning, singular piece of work, but the story doesn’t end there. Anyone intrigued by Music and Poetry of the Kesh would be well advised to dig further into Todd Barton’s work, starting with Multum in Parvo - a brand new piece Todd composed using the Epoch Modular Benjolin and Buchla Music Easel.

“Don Buchla created a musical instrument that he said had no ‘preconceived ideas,’” Todd recently told the Listen to This website. “He wanted people to figure out how they wanted to interface with it. You see that with Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Alessandro Cortini—they’re bringing their own voice to the palette. For my part, I’m obsessed with sound, with the ‘Buchla Paradigm.’

“His approach to synthesis, which was so different from Moog on the East coast, is immediately evident to anyone who has ever touched a Buchla instrument. If you listen to a Buchla, it will start rewiring your synapses.”

Todd honed his craft composing for acoustic instruments - string quartets, small ensembles and orchestras. In the 1970s he was drawn to emergent synthesiser technologies because of their abilities to access tones ‘between’ the standard 12 notes of the Western musical scale, and to have the power to craft music out of glitches and unique sonic gestures that are unplayable on acoustic instruments.

Multum in Parvo is reflective of this approach - it has a definite and logical flow as a composition, but its content is abstract sound sculpted out of pure energy, something only analogue synthesis can offer.

Sometimes sparse, sometimes bristling and jumping with detail, Multum... provides a genuinely multidimensional experience. Listen to it in the dark on your best headphones, you experience your brain moving slowly through a black space where an orchestra of strange, electro-microorganisms seem to swarm, murmurate and disperse, adding their distinct flutters, whispers and calls to an immersive electronic symphony.

Like the classic Forbidden Planet soundtrack, which Todd was inspired by, or indeed Music and Poetry of the Kesh - Multum in Parvo seems to function as part of some unique sonic ecology, according to its own rules, in its own universe and somewhere just beyond time.

Multum in Parvo is available on CD with artwork by the artist Ursula Barton - Todd’s daughter, named after his great friend and collaborator. It is also available on cassette with Blue Tapes artwork as ‘blue twenty-eight’.

Praise for Todd Barton:

"Multum In Parvo creates a very real imaginary place, and then it weaves that imaginary place into exactly where you are right now. I’ve listened to Multum In Parvo a dozen times or more and I’ve never heard the same album twice, because I change and my mood changes but also because incidental noises in my body and my surroundings – from sighs to car horns to distant giggles – all seem to be on very friendly terms with Todd Barton and his Buchla." - The Quietus

“Listen outdoors and the creek water you hear in Le Guin and Barton’s songs may sync up to the muddy river you’re passing; listen during a city’s winter and the percussive rhythm and bell-like tones will commune with your apartment radiator. These are sounds that seek to speak from then and beyond, to right now.” - Pitchfork
released October 5, 2018

Improvised soundscapes by Todd Barton
on the Buchla Music Easel and Epoch Hordijk Benjolin

Cover art by Ursula Barton ("

Bass Station 2 - Paraphonic Ringmod Jam

Published on Nov 28, 2018 Synthmaniac

"Here I'm exploring the new paraphonic mode that came with the 2.5 update. I set all the knobs to the correct positions so that the patch is comprehensible.
Oscillator settings:
Osc 1 (low notes): 8' sawtooth
Osc 2 (high notes): 4' triangle
Noise is set to 19
I added some delay, otherwise no eq, compression, fx..."

And some clangy filter sounds from a year ago:

Bass Station II - filter mod fun

Published on Feb 8, 2017 Synthmaniac

ALM MCO & Quaid Megaslope Modules

Published on Nov 30, 2018 Perfect Circuit

"ALM's MCO is a digital wavetable VCO with 10 waveforms inspired by 90s hybrid synths which hard harsh aliasing oscillators. We rand the MCO through the MUM M8 filter. The Quaid Megaslope is a powerful function generator based on the function generators from the Casio CZ series of keyboards. It can be an envelope, LFO or sequencer with control over timing, shape and level for each stage. Dinky's and Akemie's Taiko create the drums and the Malekko Varigate 8+ is sequencing everything.

MCO available here:

Quaid available here:

#PerfectCircuit #Eurorack #Synth"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

XILS-lab Updates XILS 4 Matrix Modular Soft Synth to v1.5

The press release:

XILS-lab updates ultimate matrix modular soft synth with welcomed fanciful features added to XILS 4 v1.5

“My favourite analogue synth is probably the VCS3, so when I heard that a company was releasing a software version I was quite cautious; today, XILS 4 is one of my favourite plug-ins! Working with it gives me the same excitement as the original hardware, plus there are lots of extra features, since it is basically two VCS3s with an interconnected sequencer. The sound is great, and it is one of the best soft synths on the market for experimenting with new ways of creating sounds!”

- Jean-Michel Jarre (award-winning composer, performer, and record producer), April 2015

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: audio software company XILS-lab is proud to announce availability of XILS 4 v1.5 — a major update to its self-styled ultimate matrix modular soft synth, effectively emulating a conceptual ‘blend’ of the legendary VCS4, a ‘dual VCS3’ analogue matrix modular synthesizer prototyped by British trailblazing entity EMS (Electronic Music Studios) back in 1969 but never commercially released, with pioneering British synthesist Tim Blake’s so-called ‘Crystal Machine’ (comprising two EMS Synthi AKS analogue matrix modular synthesizers with hard sync between their oscillators, one connected to the keyboard and the other connected to the sequencer) — with welcomed additional fanciful features including a powerful preset manager in a single window and new effects with semi-modular routing, as of November 30…

BoBeats Best Synth & Music Production Gifts Under $150

Published on Nov 30, 2018 BoBeats

"Best synth & music production gifts under $150. A perfect video for anyone looking to buy a Christmas present or Birthday gift. Sponsored by Skillshare:

Become a patron and support future videos:"

TEST SERIES Roger Linn Design LinnStrument Moog Mother 32 Strymon BigSky Eurorack

Published on Nov 30, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

"Testing the Roger Linn Design LinnStrument with Moog Mother 32, Strymon BigSky, and Timeline.

The purpose of 'TEST SERIES' is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations.
Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

-CALC- Slow - Novation Circuit Mono Station, Leploop, Dreadbox Abyss and Machinedrum

Published on Nov 30, 2018 -CALC-

"A video I made a while back (which I just found) using the patch flip feature on the Circuit Mono Station. The track breaks out into a Leploop workout in the second half of the video.

Following that was an Abyss 10 minute noodle jam which I'll post on a separate video.

I also have very long arms in this video.


-CALC- Dreadbox Abyss - noodling on a wonderful greek polysynth

Published on Nov 30, 2018 -CALC-

"Not a particularly great track just more of an exploration of some of the sounds from the Abyss

The second half of a jam video which I completely forgot about. I was enjoying noodling on the Abyss so much I hit record."

Arrivals (Monome Norns MLR, OP-1)

Published on Nov 30, 2018 Svenbørt

"Arrivals. Exploration of the MLR sampler running on Monome Norns. Sound source is the OP-1, using the Cluster synth."

Timeout w/ 4x SH2-VCF + Oberheim Matrix-12 Eurorack DEMO

Published on Nov 30, 2018 gstormelectro

'Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2018

Taking a much needed break from building modules, to actually play them! Some downtempo/chillout/ambient textures. Four of my SH2-VCF filters are getting fed with:
1) Pittsburgh Synth box, arpeggio
2) DNA Symbiotic Waves, bass sweeps
3) Low Tom Drone using self-osc sine, Bastl Skis VCA
4) Rozendall CEM3340 VCO, arpeggio

Some Delay using Timefactor.
Matrix-12 going through Big Sky.
Recorded live in 1 shot to Tascam DR-05
Some post processing, comp, EQ, etc in Cubase 7."

Electrocomp EML-101 Electronic Music Laboratories

via this auction

"For your consideration is an EML 101 in decent cosmetic condition, and fully functional. As you can see from the pictures, there is some yellowing on the keys, some tarnish on the exterior latches, and the original naugahyde handle is gone. If you're actually looking to play this synth, then you might be more interested to know that it has been recently serviced, and is in excellent working condition, and sounds amazing. The EML 101 is an amazing flexible synthesizer with a completely unique tone. You're not going to be able to mimic this synth with your minibrute, mother, or whatever came out last month..."

EMS Synthi E Prototype

via this auction

Never seen one before now on the site. This is as rare as it gets.

"This Synthi E has been owned by collector. A unique and 1 of a kind Prototype of the Synthi E. It is just back from a full Pro service/overhaul as it was not used for many years. Sliders / potmeters / switches all working 100%.

Pro Service:
- Psu restoration (rebuilt voltage regulators pcb section)
- External psu (ac custom built)
- Amplifier and mixer fixed
- Lfo influence in VCO section fixed
- Trapezoid generator fixed
- Filter section fixed
- General test and calibrations done
- Cleaning in ands outside

Very fat filter section, 2 ribbon controllers. Separate audio out / Speakers inside + oscilloscope out.
It operates on external PSU (no batteries).

Protected from dust when not in use.
Tested & in Full working order. Sold with invoice & warranty."

EMS Synthi DK.1 Cricklewood (For VCS3 and Synthi A) SN 2186

via this auction

"Rare EMS Synthi DK.1 Cricklewood keyboard for sale in excellent condition. The perfect partner to your VCS3 or Synthi A."

ARP Sequencer Model 1611 SN 0169

via this auction

"Excellent Arp Sequencer for sale in superb working order - the sliders have been replaced and work very well indeed, which is unusual for one of these. The slider panel has an added cover. We love these sequencers."

Sequential Circuits Prophet V Rev 3.3 SN 2249

via this auction

Yamaha TX81Z FM Tone Generator

via this auction

Roland System 100 101

via this auction

Ciat Lonbarde Plumbutter 2 Analogue Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

Teenage Engineering PO-12 & Modular Synthesizer #18

Published on Nov 29, 2018 Master Margherita

Ambient Music: "Forsaken Forest" / Reface DX, Strymon BigSky

Published on Nov 30, 2018 Floyd Steinberg

"I recorded this within an hour or so (2 stereo tracks into the Zoom H4N Pro). All sounds were created on the Reface DX. If you want to download the sounds, look at my Soundmondo page:

If you like this track, you can download it on my Bandcamp page:"

ROLAND JUPITER-6 - Presets, Sounds & Patches 【SYNTH DEMO】

Published on Nov 30, 2018 synth4ever

"Synth demo of the Roland Jupiter-6 analog synthesizer, filmed at the Synth Palace in Montreal, Quebec Canada ( or .net).

Introduced in 1983, the Roland Jupiter-6 synth has 6-voices of polyphony, MIDI and is well known for creating cutting leads, buzzy drones and techy blips and beeps.

The Roland Jupiter-6 features 2 VCOs per voice (CEM 3340 oscillators), 2 LFOs, osc sync and cross-mod, a resonant multimode filter (LP/BP/HP), 2 ADSR envelopes, arpeggiator, bi-timbrality and unison mode.

Many people consider the Roland Jupiter-6 to be the little brother of the Roland Jupiter-8, but the Jupiter 6 stands on its own two feet and has its own distinct sound.

This Roland Jupiter 6 synth demo features some ambient sounds, patches and presets from the Jupiter 6 analog synth from Roland including leads, arpeggiator, pads, LFOs, noise and resonance.

All sounds are from the Roland Jupiter 6 synthesizer with a touch of delay from Strymon El Capistan effects pedal."

Teenage Engineering OP-Z Amble Jam Outdoors in Park

Published on Nov 30, 2018 Martin Yam Moller

Thought the OP-Z was mounted on a bike at first! See the Outdoors label at the bottom of this post for more outdoor synth vids.

"My 2nd Amble Jam with the Teenage Engineering OP-Z. This time I go for a walk in my local park in Vanløse, Copenhagen (Grøndalsparken)

It's a typical winter day in Denmark: cold, but beautifully sunny... Still very cold! So this video is super short. I might take these jam sessions indoors, at least until summer. But is that interesting to watch? Leave a comment....

Gear used:
Teenage Engineering OPZ
OnePlus 1 Mobile camera
Zhiyun Smooth 4
Friction arm clamp with selfie mount
Zoom H4 to record audio
Mastered with Izotope Ozone 6
Edited in Adobe Premiere"

GOD's BOX Loose Fruit (a unique and inspiring dual eurorack waveshaper)

Published on Nov 30, 2018 DivKidVideo

"**TIMING INDEX BELOW** So here's my fulsome demo of the new Loose Fruit from GOD's BOX. For some reason I keep saying stage rather than state for the two main controls, they mustn't teach us to read in Yorkshire. Loose Fruit is a dual channel / dual state wave shaper that inspires exploration and experimenting with your patching. Stereo operation, series or parallel processing, modulation (audio rate yay!), cross fading, processing audio or CV it takes to whatever you throw to it nicely.
Available at


00:11 Patch previews

01:08 Feature run down and basic sound/function demo

05:30 Drones & addressing states, pitch shifts/harmonics and modulation

07:35 Parallel processing two different waves at different pitches. This also covers the crossfader, making dry/wet blends and stereo processing.

10:49 Series processing, input to state 1 then state 1 output to state 2 for more processing

13:06 Processing granular loops (reversed piano) and using Loose Fruit to create “distant noise memories” while trying to make Hainbach love me through the sounds I’ve created.

16:16 Processing CV to create new complex, infinitely more interesting CV modulation signals.

20:07 Processing drums and using other modules with Loose Fruit to create melodies & textures from drum sounds.

23:56 Exploring Feedback both with static waves and melodies.

27:34 Audio rate modulation over all CV inputs.

31:41 Outro waffle and with a crunchy little beat."

GOD's BOX Lollipop - FET & Vactrol/Opto based compressor for Eurorack

Published on Nov 30, 2018 DivKidVideo

"**TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW** Here's the lovely sounding FET and Opto (vactrol) based compressor from GOD's BOX called 'Lollipop'. It has a great input/output gain stage and some nice drive and saturation when pushed. You get control of threshold, ratio, attack and release with external CV input and level for side chain (works well with audio or just triggers) and CV input and level control for threshold. Take this video as a tutorial and series of ideas on how to make use of a compressor, there's some production tips in the video that will hopefully help people get the most out of any compressor, but of course grab a Lollipop it sounds great and I want another one! :)

New shiny GOD's BOX site -
Available from -

Note - all the examples here are a bit more heavy handy with compression than you may want to use them. That's purely as demoing a compressor over YouTube is really hard, so I wanted to make sure things were as obvious as possible while also showing the range of the device.


00:19 Patch previews // what’s to come in the video

01:09 Quick verbal feature run down and look at the panel

01:50 DivKid’s school of audio compression - a quick primer on compression and the common controls

03:18 Compressing beats - compression demo and look at CV over threshold for dynamic / random modulation. This also look at parallel blends aka New York Compression.

08:18 Sidechain compression - ducking a bass against a kick MEGA PUMPING!

11:29 Sidechaining / ducking fully wet FX against their dry sounds - production tip for bigger FX sounds that don’t swamp the raw sound. I do this with a big reverb and a delay in this example.

14:11 Creating a “ducking delay” (see patch above, but at this point it moves to the delay instead of the reverb).

15:04 ABUSING THE LOLLIPOP - distortion, saturation and extreme compression. Looking at the in/out gain stages as well as heavy compression.

17:58 Transient Designer style functions - Compressing raw tones, much like an SPL transient designer - using the Lollipop to reshape the attack/sustain portions of a snare drum.

19:23 Compressing a guitar - Fender Telecaster (50s style for those that care, with rusty strings too they’re not from the 50s though). Both tight slappy/smacky funk and more subtle dynamic control.

21:07 Compressing a full mix - both subtle low ratio settings to add weight and control to a mix and more extreme control in parallel as a thickener."

Analog Solutions Fusebox 3: Hands-On Demo

Published on Nov 30, 2018 Starsky Carr

"A demo of the fantastically analog Fusebox 3 by Analog Solutions.

It's surprising how busy you can be while performing on a synth without a keyboard!

I've included a step-by-step explanation of how the 2 main patches are developed through the duration of the track.

The kick and toms are from Slate Digital SSD4 Blackbird expansion pack. FX are via the Eventide H9 Space Time algorithm 'Quarterly Delay' plus noise' hats through Unfiltered Audio's BYOME plugin from Plugin Alliance."

Glo the Polyphonic Whale - Forest (elemental mood channel)

Published on Nov 30, 2018 Gecho Loopsynth

"This is the first of the meditative/mood channels running in Glo, a new demo for our KS campaign:

No post-processing or added effects, everything is recorded via the Whale pocket synth and then cut in AfterFX. This is a raw output from the Whale."

Espen Kraft: Can I make a retro game tribute track? The Kung Fu Arcade

Published on Nov 30, 2018 Espen Kraft

Roland Alpha Juno-2, S-10 sampling keyboard, Casio SK-1, and three E-Mu Emax sampling keyboards (Emax I & 2 Emax II).

"I had this track released some time ago, 'The Kung Fu Arcade', but I was never quite happy with the sound or production so I've cleaned it up and the catalysator for getting the mood to do so was playing this little Galaga MyCabinet retro game I picked up at the local game shop.
This put me right back on track as playing it stirred up memories I'd forgotten and I got inspired to finish the track.

Track available here:"

Rare Studio Electronics P-Five Rev3.2 - Rack Mount Prophet 5 w MIDI I/O

via this auction

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. A custom Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 3.2 modified into a rack with MIDI by Studio Electronics, the P-Five. Before they made their own synths, they modified classics like the Minimoog into the Midimini, the Oberheim OB-8 into the OBie-Eight, and the Prophet-5 into the P-Five. The P-Five appears to be the rarest of the three followed by the OBie-Eight, followed by the Midimini - at least as far as they come up for sale.


Patch n Tweak

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