MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

volca modular: First look with Kabuki (part 1)

Published on Feb 20, 2019 Korg

"D&B producer / DJ / Lecturer in sound synthesis at the Abbey Road Institute, Jan Hennig (aka. Kabuki) explores the new volca modular!"

Kabuki volca modular

Pics From Teenage Engineering Event at Control Voltage Porland

Announced here, you can find some pics of yesterday's event at Control Voltage here.

It looks like they had a full house!

"Feb 19th, 2019, Teenage Engineering came to Control Voltage, did an awesome hands-on demo in the shop and then we co-hosted an afterparty with a live improvisational collaborative performance at a rad artist coop warehouse space."

Buchla Spectral Atmosphere

Published on Feb 20, 2019 Todd Barton

"playing around with the Spectral Transfer function on the Buchla 296e Spectral Processor..."

AJH Synth-VCO MINIMOD & GEMINI 2412 Filter -Techno eurorack demo (no talking)

Published on Feb 20, 2019 Dziam Bass

"I'm still in the excitement phase of this oscillator and filter from AJHSynth.
I use only one VCO here and the sound is really strong.
In this movie, I used PWM to change the sound movement that perfectly fits the Techno style.
I have no doubt about having another VCO Mini MOD (Vintage Transistor Core VCO) or even 3 for a very thick and well-known early Minimoog sound that AJH plays very well.
I think with the best proof of how great it sounds is this movie, only one VCO plus a Gemini 2412 filter based on SEM. for me this is awesome analog sound!!!quite a talk, turn on play.😃"

Test midi mod for Tama-305,with velocity and pitch control for vco

Published on Feb 20, 2019 Alexey Taber

"for question"

Frap Tools Falistri & Instruo CS-L West Coast Eurorack Setup

Published on Feb 20, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"This eurorack setup is full of West Coast Serge and Buchla inspired modules. Frap Tools Falistri is a dual function generator that can be used as envelopes, oscillators, slews and more. It also includes a VCA/ring modulator. The second half of the video shows the Falistri as a dual oscillator and ring modulator.

The oscillator is the Instruo CS-L complex oscillator which is a dual oscillator with tons of modulation and wave-folding options built in for both oscillators. We used a Random Source Seq8 XL for sequencing.

Instruo CS-L available here:

Frap Tools Falistri available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

Stereo Poly-Expressive Ambient Music (w/ Linnstrument + MicroMonsta + Bastl Thyme) #TTNM

Published on Feb 20, 2019 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Three takes of polyphonic, expressive ambient music fun with the Linnstrument and friends. MORE INFO BELOW :)


PixelNoises Synth T-Shirts by The Tuesday Night Machines:


Audio gear used:
- Roger Linn Design Linnstrument MPE MIDI Controller
- Audiothingies MicroMonsta MPE Synthesizer
- Bastl Instruments Thyme Digital Tape Delay Simulator

The greenish, middle MicroMonsta patch uses aftertouch to control the filter cutoff frequency of the sound all the way from zero, so by gentle pressing a key, one can smoothly fade the sound in and out. The timbre/Y axis adds ring modulation which makes it very crunchy and wild at times, together with the internal chorus FX.

The pinkish and orange patches are panned to the left and right a little bit respectively and only subtly use expressive controls apart from the obvious polyphonic pitch slides.

The Bastl Thyme adds delay and roominess to the sounds."

New intellijel Videos

Published on Feb 20, 2019 Intellijel


1. Steppy Gets Loopy
Steppy is a 4-track programmable gate sequencer with eight internal memory slots, external clocking, numerous tweakable parameters, and a performance-first design aesthetic.
2. Noise and Melody
Scales excels at extracting melody from noisy sources.
3. Planar Trills
Planar 2 provides an expressive control input for Scales. By using Scales TRIG OUT to CLK Steppy we can play trills and melodies just by moving the joystick.

Soniccouture Ondes: Creating A Performance, The Loudspeakers & PolyOndes Preset Overview

Published on Feb 20, 2019 Soniccouture

"An overview of the MIDI controller techniques used in creating an expressive and fluid Ondes Martenot performance."

Soniccouture Ondes: The Loudspeakers

Published on Feb 20, 2019 Soniccouture

"Exploring the 3 loudspeakers of the Ondes Martenot, modelled using convolution in
Soniccouture’s Ondes virtual instrument."

Soniccouture Ondes: PolyOndes Preset Overview

Published on Feb 20, 2019 Soniccouture

"A selection of presets from the Poly Ondes, a polyphonic version of the Ondes Martenot. This synth is included in Soniccouture's Ondes Virtual Instrument:"

Yamaha FS1r Formant Shaping FM Synthesizer OZ01198

via this auction

"This is the best digital/FM synth Yamaha ever made. Comes with US power cord. This FS1R has the latest/last OS/firmware 1.20 installed."

Is it? The Montage has the 8-Op FM engine like the FS1r, but does it have the fseqs and formant synth engine?

Access Virus TI Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

"61 semi-weighted keys with great action and jacks for connecting pedals make the Virus TI Keyboard a performer's dream. The wooden side panels offer a great "grip" and make transportation a more enjoyable task. With over 3300 onboard sounds you will never run out of ideas while jamming.

There are not many modern synthesizers which can claim to have shaped the sound of music -- from electronica to soundtrack -- as much as the Virus line of synthesizers has. The Virus is known as much for its flexibility and powerful sound as for Total Integration, our award winning way to interconnect a hardware synthesizer with your DAW. Only flaw is the display light is out but as you can see in pics you can see the words in it just fine"

ARP Odyssey MkIII 2823 (Vintage & fully serviced!) SN 1314

via this auction

"This thing is a beast and is in immaculate shape (and works and sounds perfect)

It was recently serviced with the following work done:
- All tantalum capacitors replaced with high-quality electrolytic caps
- Replaced power supply electrolytic caps
- Switches and faders cleaned and lubricated
- Frequency range increased
- New keyboard bushings
- Fully calibrated

It used to belong to the Cal Poly music dept, which is a cool piece of trivia about it :)"

Intro to Synthesis - Part 3 - Gate Trigger EG

Part 3 added here

MatrixBrute Sound Design 1: Animated Waves

Published on Feb 20, 2019 Stochastic Design

"When initializing a new patch with the MatrixBrute, it doesn't sound like much. In this video we apply a few tricks, step by step, to create a creamy bass/lead sound from a static buzz, and also show how velocity can be put to creative use.

From this example, you can quickly create a number of classic analog bass and leads, for further experimentation."

Zelda Fairy Fountain Theme using SNES sounds

Published on Feb 20, 2019 GLASYS

"I don't usually upload such short videos to YouTube, but people seem to be digging this one so I thought I'd share here too.
The Fairy Fountain theme from 'The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past' (yes, I can't get enough of this tune) using the original SNES samples, which I'm able to play thanks to a free plugin called C700:"

Doctor Who Theme played on synthesizers by Markus Fuller

Published on Feb 20, 2019 markusfuller

"Doctor Who theme written by Ron Grainer and created by Delia Derbyshire. I have added a few parts and made it a little longer.
several synths and 48 tracks of recordings were needed to put this together."

Roland System 8 and Yamaha MODX keyboards featured.

Sequential Pro-One Analog Synthesizer (1981) Electronic Body Music

Published on Feb 19, 2019 RetroSound

"(c) 2019 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

all synthesizer sounds: SCI Pro-One Analog Synthesizer (1981)
drums: LinnDRum (1982)
recording: multi-track without midi"

TAMBURO MECCANICO XXI - [Electro-mechanical rhythm machine]

Published on Feb 20, 2019 Opificio Sonico

"Hello everyone, In this video is shown my latest artwork made out of #LEGO TECHNIC inspired by #Leonardo da Vinci's TAMBURO MECCANICO (mechanical drum).

It consists of a four tracks rhythm machine which mechanically generates the electric impulses needed to trigger the drum synth and the bass-line sync.
This is my personal tribute to Leonardo's genius who in the late 1400 introduced the first automated musical instrument and the concept of step #sequencer.

The nonlinearity of the system made in ABS, generates a sort of shuffle rhythm and some random ghost notes, which creates an unpredictable organic groove.
[This footage is taken from the first studio jam]
Enjoy! Giuseppe"

Simmons Digital Clap Trap Vintage Percussion Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland SH-32 Desktop VA Synthesizer

via this auction

"The Roland SH-32 is 4-part multitimbral synthesizer that packed a huge array of digital functions in a small and easy to use desktop model. Aimed at being similar to the legendary Roland SH series of the 1970's/1980's but with the engines of the modern (at the time) JP-8000, the SH32 combines the age of analog modeling and playability of the former analog machines. Additionally, the Sh32 has fantastic sounding digital effects, 64 arpeggiator types, and 67 individual wave-forms playable over 32 voices making this compact synthesizer / groove box an affordable and excellent machine."

1984 Yamaha TX816 (basically 8 x DX7 racked)

via this auction

"Super clean Yamaha TX816 rack. Full load of 8x TX1 modules. Each one is a DX7 FM Synth. The unit features independent MIDI connections or a Master connection on the front. Outputs are balanced... Full of the best DX7 sounds ever created at an original cost of $5,500.

Integrates perfectly with the open source DeXed VST plugin in your DAW for programming and patch librarian duties."

The Haken Audio ContinuuMini with the Expressive E Touché

Published on Feb 20, 2019 HakenAudio

"This video goes into depth showing an integration of the Touché with the EaganMatrix, the sound engine inside the Continuum and the ContinuuMini."

Tutorial comes in at :59.

Waldorf Streichfett - Benjamin LAZZARUS

Published on Feb 20, 2019 Benjamin LAZZARUS

"This track is only made with sounds coming from the Waldorf Streichfett (String Synthesizer)
Video: "The Tree of life" Terrence Malick"

MAKEN0ISE: Complex Sequencing from Simple Patching

Published on Feb 20, 2019 MAKEN0ISE

"It’s typical for synthesizer architecture to be described in terms of so-called “voices” and “polyphony”… you have the monophonic synthesizer with one voice, like the Minimoog… or the polyphonic synthesizer with multiple voices, like the Roland Jupiter series. Any break from this architecture gets argued over seemingly endlessly. Take a look at the so-called “paraphonic” synth, like the Korg Poly-800, where there are multiple oscillators but they all a share a gate structure. Or the modular synth, which is typically polyphonic, but in a polytimbral fashion rather than the monotrimbral chords you hear from a keyboard polysynth. If you need a boost to your melatonin levels you can go to a synthesizer convention and listen to somebody give an hours-long presentation on how to define these various terms, and just what does and does not count as “polyphony.”

The dogma of the voice structure is encoded right into the MIDI standard, still the most recognized way to control synthesizers and other electronic instruments. A MIDI Note ALWAYS has a start point and end point that are tied to a particular pitch value or note number. You never have one without the other. To be sure, this is roughly the way it works in the so-called real world on acoustic keyboard instruments. When you press a key on a piano, you are starting that particular note, and when you release it, you are ending that particular note.

But synthesizers are not acoustic instruments. The gate structure that tells when a note starts and ends does not have any intrinsic relationship to that note’s pitch… yet if anyone ever showed you how to use a modular synth they probably started by showing you how to patch a monosynth. The VCO goes to the VCA, which is opened by a gate that comes at the same time as new note values. MIDI messages are so rigid in their form that for decades people have been using programs like Max and Pure Data to break them into component parts and put them back together in more interesting ways, because it can almost never be done using a MIDI controller and a synth alone. But a modular synthesizer has no such limitation. CV and Gate signals are independent by nature and design.

In this video we'll take a couple simple sequences from René and vastly increase their complexity by just swapping the destinations of their gate outputs."

ETHER by SOMA laboratory

Published on Feb 20, 2019 Vlad Kreimer

"ETHER is a wide-band pocket receiver that turns the electromagnetic landscape around you into a live soundscape that you control and manipulate by walking around and moving ETHER with your hand."

via SOMA laboratory

The net price of ETHER is 120 euros. The total price including shipping to most countries, PayPal transfer fees and VAT will be around 150 euros. We will specify the exact price when we receive your shipping address.

"ETHER is a kind of anti-radio. Instead of being tuned to a specific radio station, it receives all the interference and radiation that a traditional radio tries to eliminate in order to create a clean signal. It captures the radio waves “as is” from hertz to gigahertz, because it doesn’t contain the tuned input circuit that filters out all frequencies except the narrow band of a specific station. This allows ETHER to perceive the invisible electromagnetic landscape that humans created unintentionally, making possible live electromagnetic field listening and recording.
As the inspiration for this project, I took the design of the very first radios (early 1900s) that had no tuning wheel. At this time there weren’t many radio stations, and all of them used Morse code. It was possible to distinguish each transmitter by ear, as each one had its own specific timbre or “voice”.

ETHER is pocket-sized (105x65x20mm) and light-weight (93g). It consumes very little power and runs on two AAA batteries. How long it can run on two batteries is unclear, because I still use the very same set of alkaline batteries I put into the first ETHER prototype 6 years ago! (yes the project has taken 6 years). All I can definitely say is that battery life is more than 300 hours if you using alkaline or lithium batteries.

Vinicius Electrik Lizard System: Lizard + MultiWaves (by Fabio Fonseca for Key Magic Inc)

Published on Feb 20, 2019 Key Magic Inc

"WE ARE LIVE! Get your hands on the Lizard System by Vinicius Electrik on their online store :D
at :"

Flame MÄANDER Synthesizer simple arpeggio like p.floyds"on the run" (beta test)

Published on Feb 20, 2019

-simple monofon squarewave (without wave modulation)
-16th noise track
-test run of OSC filtermodulations
- mix between filter sequence and arpeggio filtering

Flame MÄANDER Synthesizer dark slow arpeggio with white noise (beta test)

Published on Feb 20, 2019

-simple note arpeggio with wavetable modulations
-mix between filter sequence and arpeggio filtering
-white noise sequence with envelope control

Previews of the upcoming Synthesizer MÄANDER from Flame
4-voice Wavetable Synth including 12 channel analog filter bank

teenage engineering x loney dear live at Harpa Concert Hall

Published on Feb 20, 2019 teenageengineering

"teenage engineering x loney dear live performing and controlling the visuals with the OP-Z at Harpa Concert Hall Reykjavík January 2019. Special thanks to Tiny/Massive!"

minilogue xd: First look with Kabuki (part 3)

Published on Feb 19, 2019 Korg

"D&B producer / DJ / Lecturer in sound synthesis at the Abbey Road Institute, Jan Hennig (aka. Kabuki) explores the new minilogue xd!"

minilogue xd: First look with Kabuki videos

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