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Monday, March 11, 2019

Improvised Techno on "AFRORACK" DIY Modular Synth

Published on Mar 11, 2019 TheDIYer

"Finally got a name for my modular synth. Its the 'AFRORACK' since everyone else plays the 'EURORACK'. Since the last video I added a ladder filter, a sequential switch and a logic module which creates interesting percussions. Ive also made my modular synth more portable by enclosing all power connections within the cabinets unlike in the previous video so set up and moving around is much easier. I also played my first gig for people. Was nervous at first since I dint do any sound check but it turned out well."

Africa's first Home made Modular Synth

It has no hands, and yet its grip won´t ease up - modular in the cave 7(eurorack modular ambient jam

Published on Mar 11, 2019 sector

"A little ambient jam in Ustica, the black pearl of the mediterranean, in the crater of the Falconiera volcano. The falconiera, 730 thousand years old, is the 3rd known volcano of the island, and the last to end its eruption activity about 130 thousand years ago. The magma of this volcanic complex was, according to many geologist, fed directly from the earth´s deep mantle, setting it apart from the other mediterranean volcanic islands. After its activity has ceased, half of the volcanic structure has collapsed into the sea, creating a natural 600 meter wide amphiteater. The rock right behind my back is the volcanic neck, and further behind stands the massive volcano´s inner round walls. The complex goes 2 thousand meters deep into the sea. Farewell Osteodes."

Der gläserne De-Generator The glassy De-Generator

Published on Mar 11, 2019 Rolf Degen

"The new case for the De-Generator is come now"

Xaoc Devices Hrad

Published on Mar 11, 2019 Xaoc Devices

"Xaoc Devices Praga Expander module."

Korg Electribe ESX-1SD Music Production Sampler w/ Original Box

via this auction

"This is the SD model with the new SD flash card in the front."

Video in the listing previously posted here.

Note the seller also has an Electribe 2s Sampler listed here.

Yamaha AN200 Loopfactory groovebox (PLG-150AN)

Published on Jul 26, 2012 Alexander Koval

via this auction

"5-voice Poly VA synth using a PLG-150AN expansion board with x0x drum machine, motion record, parameter scenes and more.

XGworks plug-in editor still available as download from Yamaha.
This unit already has the most recent system update installed.

Includes factory power adapter."

Roland VC-1 , D-50 synth card for V-Synth

via this auction

"PC Card turns the V-Synth into a complete and accurate reconstruction of Roland’s groundbreaking D-50 L/A Synthesizer
Includes all original presets like “Fantasia,” “Living Calliope” and “Intruder FX”
Full programmability using the V-Synth’s touchscreen, knobs and sliders
TimeTrip Pad serves as D-50’s Partial Balance joystick
Original D-50 Patches can be loaded via MIDI bulk dump
D-50 firmware loads instantly when booted with card inserted.

Insert card when V-Synth is off."

Breakaway Vocalizer 1000 - (ESQ1 engine) Vocal pitch to MIDI synth / singalong

via this auction

"Pretty good condition for its age. Works normally

80’s pitch to MIDI mic with synth engine and singalong function. Reportedly based on the Ensoniq ESQ1 engine. It does sound kind of similar but the presets are different.

It’s cheesy but fun to control external gear over MIDI with your voice and to play and edit the internal sounds via MIDI in ways they didn’t market it to be used.

As shown the styrofoam got stuck to a couple of the cables at some point. It’s a retro vintage piece of gear. No longer the high tech design it once was."

Bleep Labs RadFi system - DIY synth and glitch delay kits (with bonus pack)

via this auction

See this post for demos.

"Excellent condition.
Rad-Fi opened for photos but not used.
Light use of bonus kit.

Includes complete Glitch Delay kit, Patchable Synth kit and Rad-Fi “breadboard” sectional bases.

Complete Rad-Fi bundle DIY synth experiment kit with free bonus add-on electronics kit for your educational benefit."

OMSynth Minilab superlab bundle - DIY synth hacking experiment kit

via this auction

See this post for some demos.

"Complete and unused


Breadboard based synth DIY learning set from OMSynth - descendant of the Novadrone PCB synth.

The OMSynth miniLab is a circuit development and performance interface designed to help inventors quickly build and experiment with creative circuits. It was designed with beginners in mind but is best suited for those with some circuit building experience.


Battery (included) or 9V wall wart power options (not included)
Regulated 5V and unregulated power sockets
over-current protection fuse (200ma) protects circuit from shorts or improperly installed ICs
3 channel audio mixer with individually weighted inputs (x1, x1 and x10)
Amplified speaker with volume control
Dual mono headphone output
2 stereo I/O jacks for connecting to external circuits, modular synths, etc
Tri-color LED with discrete channel drivers
Light sensor for light based variation of circuit parameters
The light sensor is installed facing the LED making it a basic vactrol (voltage to resistance converter)
3 touch sensors (the OMS logo) for touch based manipulation of circuit parameters
5 modular 100k potentiometers (protected by 1k buffer)
1 modular pushbutton and integrated on/off switch
2 full size breadboards
Laser engraved base plate with a carrying handle
Expansion section for adding control boards or custom circuits"

CME WaveIdea Bitstream 3X - MIDI controller with joystick and MIDI LFOs

via this auction

"Super programmable MIDI controller, mixer, programmable MIDI LFO, 8 motion record streams/tracks, enhanced arpeggiator

Includes Reason control mode & Mackie/Logic control emulation.

Software includes - updates available on CME site.

35 knobs - 8 sliders - 16 buttons
Dual axis analog joystick
Ribbon controller
Endless encoder
Foot switch input
7 curve models per control
(lin, inv lin, log, inv log, random, users 0 & 1)
Sync-24 output
Expansion port
Built-in programmable LFO
Built-in enhanced arpeggiator
Built-in 8 tracks motion sampler
USB compatible, driver-less
USB powered
Transport functions
Fully programmable
Large graphic display (with backlight)
Dedicated configuration software
100 snapshot scenes, 64 arpp scenes
21 fully programmable groups
Mackie/Logic control emulation
Reason remote technology
All soft for Mac, Win, Linux
Huge presets list
Jump-less potentiometer mode
Built-in MIDI merger & filter
4U metallic enclosure
and much more ..."

Roland PMA-5: Portable touchscree 8 track MIDI seq and GM module

Composing on the the excellent Roland PMA-5 - demo of quick rhythm build.

Published on Apr 18, 2013 Gearfacts

"Demo of how quick it is to set up a completely original rhythm on your PMA-5. This is a very old unit now, it was released around 1995. I still think it has some of the best software for constructing MIDI files, though. Loops can be set up easily and quickly for a range of purposes, too. Although some of the onboard sounds are a bit dated, this unit is definitely not obsolete. I love it."

via this auction

Miselu C.24 - iPad cover and MIDI keyboard

via this auction

"Works as iPad cover and stand for iPad 2, 3, 4

2 Octaves, Velocity sensitive keys.
Free app for pairing, fw updates and iOS MIDI app mgmt.

Works over BLE or USB with iPhones and Macs too"

Anatek Pocket Sequencer & Pocket Merge

Anatek Pocket Sequencer via this auction

"16 tracks with overdubbing and quantization."

Pocket Merge via this auction

"In-line MIDI powered (5 pin) MIDI data merge (2 cables in, to 1 out)."

Discontinued Jabrudian Industries The Missing Link Wireless OSC & MIDI Translator

via this auction

"The Missing Link OSC/MIDI Translator is a standalone hardware device which contains its own WiFi radio, and translates specially-coded OSC messages sent from your mobile device or computer into standard MIDI messages to control synthesizers, drum machines, mixers, digital audio workstations, or anything which responds to MIDI commands. It does this with low latency, high flexibility and configurability, and without the need for a computer anywhere in the control chain. Multiple wireless OSC devices may connect simultaneously to The Missing Link, making collaboration easy."

Korg Mono/Poly w/ Tubbutec Midi Kit

via this auction

You can find a demo of the Tubbutec MIDI kit for the Mono/Poly here.

"The tubbutec modypoly kit gives him a nice midi in and out but also a lot of new features:
Sustain Pedal input
Additional play modes: 2 Voice, 3 Voice, Polychord, extended unison mode
New arpeggiator / sequencer mode: Powerarp
All functions are easily accessible via buttons: suitable for live use
Midi controls arpeggiator clock, triggers the arp, filter, pitch bend * and more
Midi output of arpeggiator, chords and powerarp sequences or simple keypresses
S/H LFO and fast triangular LFO for filter
Midi channels and various other options can be configured without external tools
For a complete list of features please refer to the ."

Studio Electronics Boomstar SEM SN 100725

via this auction

"Note this is from the last Studio Electronics production batch and has factory-fitted metal-shafts and Davies knobs!"

"This revolutionary all-analog synthesizer module combines two very cool multimode oscillators, sweet modulation options, and a killer amp/mixer section with a real Oberheim SEM-style multimode filter, allowing you to create a universe of creative and compelling tones. A full set of highly tweakable knobs make accessing the wide range of sound the Boomstar SEM has to offer easy. What's more, extremely intelligent CV and MIDI implementation make it easy to add a Studio Electronics Boomstar SEM module to your keyboard or studio rig."

"Boldly following in the footsteps of pioneers such as Moog and ARP, the Oberheim's SEM was one of the first synthesizer modules to feature a multimode filter that allowed artists to choose from highpass, lowpass, notch, and bandpass filters. What's more, this multimode filter could produce wildly varying tonal characteristics, making it easy to get a wide range of sound from an otherwise simple synth. The Studio Electronics Boomstar SEM module gives you the same versatile filter to play with on top of an already sophisticated synth, allowing you to experience this amazing sound in a whole new way."

ST Modular - Random wiggling

Published on Mar 11, 2019 Stefan Tretau

"with Give, Give II, Gene, Werner, Inaki, Pae, Reverb, Clanches, Eurokastle, KAS, Catch, ToolBox, Fay. Forgot to calibrate and tune Give II properly though ;-)"

Sequential In The Spotlight Interview with MORTEN KØIE

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Mr. Koifish is a psych-synth-rock outfit out of Copenhagen fronted by Morten Køie, previously of Turboweekend (named “Best Danish Live Act” at the 2011 Danish Music Awards). Køie (pronounced similarly to “koi” in English) creates an engaging psychedelic experience with each Mr. Koifish record and live show, emphasizing collective collaboration and an optimistic ethos of “belonging.”

We chatted with Morten on how he’s using Sequential instruments in his music."

You can find previous posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

Analog Synthesizer Demo: The Prophet 6

Published on Mar 10, 2019 Will Padgett

"I’ve been slacking on the YT channel this week, but I am proud to share with you the results of my 2019 Spring Grind—a brand new, immaculate analog synthesizer, the Prophet 6, by Sequential! Designed by Dave Smith himself. I came across an extremely ridiculous discount at my local music retailer, and I had to wait 4 weeks to know if I’d actually get it. And I did!!! Thanks Josh at Guitar Center!!!!!!

This thing sounds incredible! So I edited down about an hour of jamming and tweaking into a short little vid to give you an idea of the sounds this thing can make. These are all unprocessed sounds, meaning there’s no compression, EQ, reverb, or FX—it’s just the sound of the VCO oscillators. And boy, is it smooth! :)

Although the major benefit of a true analog synth like this is that all of the parameters are fully editable from the panel, without any menus/GUI, surfing through presets is a good way to dip your toes into a new instrument. The presets I used here are from the "Old Men of MIDI" Sound Set for the Prophet 6, which is free to download. Here's a link to the full patch list:"

Making Beats with the Novation Circuit 1.8 Update

Published on Mar 11, 2019 Gabe Miller Music

"Making couple of jams from scratch using the Novation Circuit 1.8 firmware update. Unquantized beats galore."

1987 Korg 707 "Performing Synthesizer" Brochure

via Retro Synth Ads, where you'll find the full write-up.

Immaculate Condition Sequential Circuits Pro One w/MIDI

via this auction

For those interested, the seller also has a Universal Audio UA6176 Channel Strip listed here.

"Sequential Pro One vintage analog synth w/MIDI in near mint condition. It has the more desirable j-wire keybed which has been painstakingly refurbished.

What has been done:


Published on Mar 10, 2019 Ian Richter


1. Ian Richter - DAYTIME DEATHPATCH [Make Noise STO, Function, Intellijel Dixie II, Wasp Filter]
Start your day on the right femur with this self-playing drone I created to set the spiritual tone for success in wealth, health, and love.

*Disclaimer: I. Richter cannot be accounted for any failure you may experience in wealth, health and love.
2. Ian Richter - NIGHTTIME DEATHPATCH [Make Noise STO, Function, Intellijel Dixie II, Wasp Filter]
A self-playing patch I created especially for that getting-ready-for-bedtime ambience.

Sweet dreams.

Floats for VCV Rack - Make Noise Maths Emulation

Published on Mar 11, 2019 VCV Rack Ideas

"Here it is - one of the best envelope generator for VCV Rack! Top notch emulation of famous Make Noise Maths hardware will improve your patches like a shot. In this video I'm doing some comparison it with Befaco Rampage and showing my favorite using of this module.
From the Floats page: "Floats is a module that can become anything with creative patching, but its three main uses are as an envelope, LFO, and audio rate oscillator. As an audio rate oscillator, Floats is antialiased through the whole audio range resulting in a stable and warm timbre. As an LFO, Floats can reach times as low as 8.5 hours per cycle! Floats can also be used as a mixer, logic comparator, clock source, envelope follower, low pass gate, complex oscillator, and gate delay."

Purchase -
z12 sequencer from the video -
Check my VCV Rack album -
You can support me on Patreon and download all files from this video
Check my Instagram page"

Audio Damage Enso - looper plugin for AU, AAX, VST, VST3, and iOS AUv3

Published on Mar 10, 2019 Audio Damage, Inc.

via Audio Damage


Full Automatic Looping Engine
Enso's looping engine is simple to learn, but exceedingly powerful, with "one button" looping control, both host-synced and free time.

Dub In Place
Enso can either work like a traditional digital looper, where the input is mixed with the buffer contents, then sent to effects, or like a tape looper, where the effects and speed changes are included in the feedback path.

Sector Crossfading
Define four different start and end points. Crossfade between them, and overdub or re-record within them.

Effects Section
Enso has user-controllable "tape style" saturation and hiss, high- and low-pass filters, and a stereo chorus for thickening and carving your loop.

Mixfood Stutter 128 Sample Fun

Published on Mar 11, 2019 MixfoodMusic

Introducing: Mixfood Stutter 128 Sample Fun
Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason

via Mixfood

"Product details

Load in samples in Sample Slot 1 and/or 2.
Set the Velocity sensitive step-sliders.
Tweak the effects on the sample slot.
Finally, set the 4 step-properties: Sample Start, Key, Panning and Decay.
Mixfood Stutter 128 will play a unique pattern with your samples.

MOOG Grandmother with MoogerFooger MF103 Phaser as module

Published on Mar 11, 2019 Ritchie DeCarlo

"The MoogerFooger MF103 Phaser is patched between the mixer & filter"

Oberheim OB-Xa Analog Synthesizer 6 Voice

via this auction

YAMAHA CS01 Prototype?

via this auction

This CS01 is a prototype of the YAMAHA Technical section. (The "試作品" on the green label means PROTOTYPE)

I think this prototype was for the CS01 II.

The differences of the original CS01 is filter section.

The filter is 24dB and stepless like CS01 II.

The electric board is completely difference from original CS01 and CS01II."

Roland TB-303

via this auction

"The machine that put a smile on the faces of party people all over the world: the incomparable TB-303 Bassline.

The TB-303 is the greatest single-oscillator monosynth of all time, bar none.

What other monosynth, and single oscillator monosynth at that, has carved such a prominent niche for itself throughout the contemporary landscape of electronic music?

What other synth could claim to have such a unique and distinctive feel, capable of creating sound like no other?

No one could argue that the electronic music scene would be markedly different today without that little silver box.

This is a chance to own an original TB-303, freshly serviced and ready for action."

20 Module Mutable Instruments Eurorack System with Doepfer A-100 powered case

via this auction

What's included:

Original boxes/packaging, manuals, and toys for each module

Doepfer A-100 P9 Eurorack Powered Case (9U) with manual and original packaging


E-MU Vintage Keys Module

via this auction

"This is the original Classic Analog Keyboards rack module. I’ve had this unit for many years kept in a rack. It’s always worked perfectly for me and is full of very usable sounds. Some of my favorites were the fat bass and Yamaha Electric Piano sounds. If you look at the photo, you can see the lcd screen is a little dim toward the middle-right side. It doesn’t affect the sound of the unit at all. I am also including a power cable as well."

MIDICLUB JunoCTRL Advanced Features Overview

Published on Sep 1, 2016 MIDI Club

"MIDI Club is based out of Vancouver, Canada. All units are hand made."

via this auction

"This specialized MIDI controller is the most comprehensive and affordable way to unleash the full potential of five of the best Polyphonic Analog Roland Synthesizers: The Alpha Juno 1, Alpha Juno 2, MKS-50, HS-10, and HS-80.

The JunoCtrl has all of the same features of the Roland PG-300 and more, allowing more complete integration of your synthesizer and DAW/Sequencer.


29 Potentiometers, 6 rotary switches and 1 button control all synthesizer parameters
MIDI In port allows passthrough of all MIDI messages to the synthesizer
Three modes of operation:
CTRL Mode: Conventional synthesizer control as well as built-in CC conversion allowing synthesizer parameters to be controlled by almost any DAW/sequencer through CC messages
CC Mode: JunoCtrl functions as a generic MIDI controller, sending out CC messages over MIDI to control any hardware/software device or any DAW/Sequencer
DUAL mode: Conventional synthesizer control coupled with CC output and conversion, allowing DAW/sequencer to receive, record and playback physical knob manipulation in real time
For all modes, CC messages and channels are fully assignable
Chord Memory with 8 assignable chords
Snapshot and Snapshot Trigger functions allows for all parameters or a specific set of parameters to be updated simultaneously"

Introducing WMD METRON - Advanced Trigger and Gate Sequencer for Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

Published on Mar 11, 2019 WMDevices

Tutorial videos here. All WMD METRON posts here. Dealer banners on the right.

"METRON is in stores now!

METRON is a 16 track trigger and gate sequencer for Eurorack Modular Synthesizer systems.

Focused on live performance and real-time sequence manipulation, METRON is the perfect tool for creating evolving and interesting music in the Eurorack ecosystem. Ever wonder how to make a new section on the fly so your set isn't just the same 8 bars over and over? METRON is the key.

Here's a quick look into its features:

Easy-to-read Button Matrix lets you see 4 tracks and 16 steps at a time.

Create quick 16 step sequences or expand out to 16 pages for a max pattern length of 256 steps!

Pattern length function allows for each track to be a different length.

Odd meters recommended!

Intuitive counter displays let you know where you are at and how much time has passed.

Random pattern generation as well as deep probability settings.

FX mode allows for quick rolls, momentary fills, mutes, manual triggers and more.

Included memory card lets you save patterns and states, as well as backing up and managing up your sequence data via a computer.

Send presets to compatible modules via midi on the S.bus connection.

...and so much more."

Modal SKULPT Stuntman Patch Walkthrough

Published on Mar 11, 2019 Modal Electronics

"For all of the TANGERINE DREAM fans out there we have broken down a few of the classic sounds in Edgar Froese ’s seminal track - Stuntman.

We will show you how to get that bass that everyone else gets wrong and how to smooth it out with those beautiful pads, all with our new portable poly beast SKULPT.


Korg Minilogue XD first impressions

Published on Mar 11, 2019 EM Nordic Finland OY

"Watch with subtitles.

First dabble on the Korg Minilogue XD, its sequencer, sounds and new features.

Korg Minilogue XD available early April."

Techno session with Elektron & Modular machines

Published on Mar 11, 2019 Martin Stürtzer

"Recorded live with Elektron Analog Rytm, Analog Four & Digitakt. Modular system with Mutable Instruments Plaits, Braids & Ripples, Doepfer A-106-5 SEM & A-130, A140. Sequencer: Intellijel Metropolis.

Free download:"

The Raw Army Eurorack Case

Making the raw army case eurorack Published on Mar 10, 2019 paul tas

Upcycled and repurposed old army cases to a 6U eurorack case. They look raw, they are strong and they are for sure different.

via Kickstarter

"We found a pile of army cases which where just too good not to re-use them! The pile was huge but we took the time to carefully select 100 nicest and most beautiful cases out of it. So after the selection we bought the 100 cases we selected and we drove back to their temporary home where we will convert them into beautiful eurorack cases.

After bringing the cases to their new temporary home we now need to collect all the parts to do the modification. We are going to build in power supplies, busboards and rails. The cases have a perfect inner size of 2 rows (2x3U) of 114HP. We made one to show you how they are going to look. But keep in mind that they will all be slightly different as these are over 40 years old used cases and they all have scratches and signs of usage, but that is exactly why we think these cases look awesome!"


Patch n Tweak

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