MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, April 19, 2019

Friday, April 19, 2019

Kraftwerk's Sennheiser VSM 201 Vocoder

Published on Dec 5, 2011 DJ DNA (Urban Dance Squad)

"This is the very vocoder Kraftwerk used on their albums Computerworld and Man Machine, I purchased it from their Kling Klang studios in 1999, it is modified and came with a 19" Telefunken midiunit that connects via a SCSIport in the back of the vocoder, rerouting the 20 bands of processed signal, thus enabling xtra controls (presumably for liveshows)."

New GRP V22 VOCODER Revealed

A front panel drawing first went up here. We now have an image of the actual unit, and some details on the new GRP V22 VOCODER:

"After a sneak preview in Florence at Meff, we are working hard to be ready for the official presentation of the V22 at Superbooth 2019 in Berlin. Before Superbooth, another preview in Rome May 4th at Synth Day & Night with Mr. Enrico Cosimi.

A 22 band full analog design vocoder, with analysis and synthesis section full analog (20 BP, 1 LP and 1 HP analysis filters), a dedicated High Pass Filter on Main Output, everything hosted in an indipendent cabinet with wooden panels with a also an optional 'Tolex' version, these are the main technical features of the Grp Vocoder V22.

The preorder for the Grp Vocoder V22 is planned in June 2019; we are not able currently to estimate the price of the Vocoder, but as soon as the second prototype will be finished we will publish an updated pricelist.

Grp Synthesizer V22 Analog Vocoder Keypoints:

1. 22 band full analog design vocoder
o LP48dB@185Hz&HP48dB@7040Hz
o 20 BP Filters 48 dB BP @ 220, 262, 311, 370, 440, 523, 622, 740, 880, 1047, 1245, 1480, 1760,
2093, 2489, 2960, 3520, 4186, 4978, 5920 Hz
2. Analysis section full analog with 20 BP, 1 LP and 1 HP analysis filters
o Speech In/Analysis with Compressor & Noise gate freely adjustable o Mic/Line combo XLR/TRS/TS input – no phantom power
o Mic/Line Level Input Gain with dedicated analog Vu-meter
3. Synthesis section full analog with 20 BP, 1 LP and 1 HP analysis filters

Pearl Syncussion SY-1 w/ Pearl Trigger Drum Pads

via this auction

"Two identical and independent fully analog synth voices geared towards bass and full range percussion. Kicks, snares, toms, hats, etc.

Recently serviced and fully functional. Casing for the SY-1 shows some light regular signs of use for a nearly 40 year old synth but is in great condition. Drum Pad heads show little wear with no holes or tears in the heads. You will have a very hard time finding a complete SY-1 package in better condition."

Folktek Nano Garden

via this auction

"I've used it a ton, primarily as a processor of external audio. The effects available sound great. (Especially when the output is fed into yet more effects, of course ;-)"

GIY Deckard's Dream Expander Assembly and Instructions

Published on Apr 19, 2019 Todd Murray

"Anyone can build the Deckard's Dream Expander. This kit requires no technical knowledge or special tools. If you can grow dandelions, you can make one of these. GIY. Grow it Yourself. Use only Organic Synthesizers."

Rik Marston Ambient 420 Celebration 2019 Chillout Zen Reiki Yoga Synthesizer Music

Published on Apr 19, 2019 Rik Marston Official

#bestambientmusic2019 #420celebration2019 #rikmarston
Rik Marston Ambient 420 Celebration 2019
**Watch in HD** **Work SAFE!!!** **Turn it UP!!**
All Music (C)2015-2019 Rik Marston / Ambient Chill Zen Records

Rik Marston Ambient 420 Celebration 2019!!!
Soaring Analog Synthesizers...
World Instruments....
Exotic Digital Soundscapes...
Take a Hit, Exhale, Hit PLAY & BLISS AWAY.
Featuring 6 NEW SONGS!!!

Rik Marston Song title & time in video:
"Unity"*** @ 00:00
"Buddha Eyes"** @ 05:56
"My Secret Place"*** @ 09:16
"Magic Wave"*** @ 14:39
"Out Of Body"** @ 18:00
"Shamen Song"*** @ 24:10
"Return Of The Gods"* @ 28:56
"Spacewalking"*** @ 34:04
"The Sun Rising Over Asia"* @ 37:47
"Dark Arizona Skies"** @ 41:31
"FreeFall"** @ 45:38
"Meeting The Monks"* @ 50:06
"The Angel Next To Me"* @ 55:01
"Drifting Away"** @ 1:00:32
"Dream Of Pele"** @ 1:05:33
"The Event Horizon"*** @ 1:11:19

* = from Rik Marston "Digital Heart, Analog Soul"
** = from Rik Marston "Digital Heart, Analog Soul Vol.2"
*** = from Rik Marston "33" coming 2019
Available on iTunes, Amazon Prime, CD Baby & MORE!
Just Google "Rik Marston"

Thank you for watching!

Rik Marston Sample Packs on Reverb

Weston Sequential Circuits Pro-One Clone - quick and dirty test

Published on Apr 9, 2019 Matt Sands

"Sam recently went to New York City for a conference and spent the majority of his time in record stores instead. He came home with some killer vinyl finds, and we couldn't wait to do a Record Run video to show them so he went solo for this video. Show him some love in the comments and let him know how he did on his haul!"

See this post for additional demos and details.

Two Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas Percidos With A Sinc Bucina & Terci Ruina

Published on Apr 19, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"The Cursus Iteritas Percido is a Cursus Iteritas oscillator with a built in envelope that can modulate the oscillator and a Master Blaster knob that sends the envelope to every parameter at once, resulting in tons of modulation for interesting percussion and synth sounds. The Cursus Iteritas Percido oscillator core generates its own wavetables in real time as well as aliasing which is harmonically related to the pitch of the oscillator. The envelope is an attack/decay envelope with controls for envelope length, shape and slope, this allows you to adjust the envelope without changing its timing, or change its timing without changing its shape.

We also used the Sinc Bucina which is a low-pass gate with built in envelope and adjustable filter depth in only 4hp. Of course we needed some distortion which is provided by the Terci Ruina that is actually three distortions in one!"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

Roland CR78 Jam

Published on Apr 19, 2019 mick frigerio

"Korg MS20, Moog Grandmother, Roland CR78 Rec. on MCI Tape Recorder, FX: Dynacord EC 280 electronic echo, yamaha spx90"

StyloBuzz MkII - Stylus Synth

Published on Apr 19, 2019 Rarebeasts

via Rare Beasts on Etsy

"The StyloBuzz MkII is a small stylus synth that allows you to design loops and then play them on a keyboard shifting the sound as you go.

Sounds are made by playing notes on the keyboard, but if you want you can record a noise loop that will be played and repeated as you hit each key. Just place the stylus on the first key to enter loop mode.

It's so simple to play, the minimalist design means it super easy to make awesome sounds, no need to rush for a 200 page instruction manual to play this instrument.

The StyloBuzz has 4 main controls;

* The keyboard: press the stylus on any part of the keyboard to play a note, it's not fixed to any key and just represents a range of sounds.

* The speed control: this knob adjusts the speed at which the loop is repeated. It gets faster a you increase frequency making some very weird noises at the top.

* The frequency control: Normally the speed control but becomes the frequency control when the lowest note is played with the stylus, entering loop mode.

* The third control is the write button, when pressed in loop mode it writes a sound to memory which is then replayed next time the loop is run.

The output is via a 3.5mm stereo socket which can be plugged into earphones, a computer sound card, mixer or amplifier.

Output: 3.5mm socket (Use with earphones, a computer sound card, mixer or amplifier)
Power: USB (Plug into a computer, phone charger or wall socket). No internal battery."

Polivoks Pro - Filter

Published on Apr 19, 2019 verstaerker

"Polivoks Pro - Filtersweep Test - some reverb added"

Polivoks Pro

KORG MINI POPS 7 (1972) - Drum Machine with a Carry Handle

Published on Apr 19, 2019 Synthesizer Home

via this auction

"The Korg MINIPOPS 7 is a very rare rhythmbox with fantastic analog sound! It came out in 1973. Jean-Michel Jarre has used the KORG MINIPOPS on his legendary album „OXYGENE“ and "EQUINOXE". You can mix together the desired rhythms by pressing down 2 or more keys simultaneously. The combinations sound interesting - a source for interesting, weird beats and inspiration, which are not available from other sources.

Some sounds are unique, as the classic Jarre - like 'Quijada' sound is not present on any other Korg Mini Pops device which makes the model 7 highly collectable. (Don't buy the other models looking for these Jarre sounds - they don't have them.)

220 V version from Germany. Rare rhythm machine from the seventies.

The Mini Pops 7 is properly working. It is in great condition with normal traces of use (see the original pictures). It comes as seen on the pictures.

In the videolink above I demonstrate the unit I am selling here."

New pressure sensor mounted in a Minimoog (first demo)

Published on Apr 19, 2019 kovalmoog

"This is a new pressure sensor system, installed under Minimoog's keys.
The outstanding feature of this sensor is a very smooth touch along a large physical travel (5-6mm), with a lineal and proportional modulation across this movement.

This is a work in progress since I'm adding more destination parameters to be controlled by the sensor's variation.
Until now, PWM on osc. 1 & 2, pitch on osc. 2 & 3, VCF cutoff, and hard-synced oscillators 2 & 3 can be controlled from the pressure variation.
Right now I'm adding a senoidal LFO, with its amount controlled by the pressure, applied to 3 oscillators, VCF and Final Volume.

This pressure sensor can be mounted in almost all analogue synths, even polyphonic ones. Its implementation only depends on the keyboard physical structure.

btw, this unit (S/N 6016) was signed by Bob Moog himself on june 17th, 2004, in Barcelona (Spain), during a series of visits he did in Spain, England & Japan, to promote the re-launching of Moog brand, after the Big Briar era."

Behringer MS 101 sequenced by Squarp Pyramid

Published on Apr 19, 2019 Sounds From The Shed

"I used the Cv and Gate for this from the Squarp.
It's just a basic sequence with a few sound tweaks. Haven't owned a 101 before so it was a discovery session for me :)"

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Digital Synth

via this auction

"This is an amazing synthesizer, you could probably create an entire soundtrack on this alone. It is in excellent shape and had a new battery/Regulator installed.

The Fizmo is a 48-voice synthesizer which uses 2nd-generation Transwave technology to create very organic sounds unlike any other synth available. Every programming function has its own dedicated knob or button, useful 4-character LCD display. The Fizmo features an Arpeggiator and 24-bit VLSI effects with 41 algorithms, including a Vocoder and the ability to process incoming audio through the Vocoder and effects.

Transwave synthesis uses wavetables of sound data with layered variations in harmonic structures such that their timbres progress naturally from one end to the other. This allows for sounds to modulate over time, or by velocity, wheel, pressure, or any number of other options.

There are 2 oscillators available for each of the 4 presets allowing for 8 unique oscillators at the same time, not to mention individual LFO and Noise generators for each Osc. Another wonderful feature is the ability to stack up to four individual presets together into one sound and map them across the keyboard. This synth is very capable of some very complex sounds.

The built-in Arpeggiator has 118 presets which can be easily edited to your liking, and 26 real-time control/editing knobs make mutating your sound a pleasure. All controls may be recorded in real-time to an external sequencer."

Access Virus Indigo

via this auction

Nord Lead 1 Virtual Analog Synthesiser

via this auction

Electribe Shaman ER-1 firmware upgrade with CC

Published on May 5, 2018 electribe shaman

"Electribe Shaman firmware upgrade for original ER-1 adds long-awaited features like CC messages, custom samples and more.

Many people have asked: Is this firmware update for ER-1 MKII only (as in video) or is it compatible with original ER-1 MKI as well? The answer: Yes, it works on both ER-1's.

Many more details lare available here:"

Supercritical Synthesizers Demon Core Oscillator Teaser - True 16 Voice Polyphonic Eurorack Module

Published on Apr 18, 2019 Supercritical Synthesizers

We have a new maker in town.

From the video:

The Demon Core Oscillator & Expander eurorack modules


12 HP, Skiff friendly
16 stackable voices
Spread for static detuning
Core Stability for drifting
Time Sync
Saw & pulse waves with PWM
Octave stacking


8 HP, Skiff friendly
TRS MIDI in & thru
Four more FM CV's
Gage out with retriever
Stream or MIDI gate with ADSR envelope
Timing control for Time Sync
Blend between PWM and square
Extra CV control modes

...and 16 voice playable MIDI polyphony

Percussa SSP talk and demo at Perfect Circuit (Wed April 24th 6-8pm

via Percussa

"Hi everyone,

We’ll be doing a talk and demo about the Percussa SSP Eurorack module at Perfect Circuit this Wednesday! Come by if you want to see and hear the SSP.

Wed, April 24th 6-8pm
Perfect Circuit
2405 W Empire Ave Burbank, CA 91504

Bert & Celine"

Gotharman's Tiny LD Proto - Making a Beat

Published on Apr 19, 2019 gotharman

"Just to give you an idea on, how this tiny thing is operated."

Hammond SKX - Quick Jam with Transistor Organ Sounds

Published on Apr 19, 2019 Kraft Music

"Shop exclusive Hammond SKX BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

We were informed that there was a complete lack of demos online of what the transistor organs sound like on the Hammond SKX...So we pulled one out and took care that!

Notice a lack of demos on a something specific that you want to hear, or have an idea for one? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

The Hammond SKX stage keyboard is a comprehensive performance instrument, combining an authentic Hammond organ with a versatile array of keyboard and piano voices. Smaller and lighter than any previous full-featured dual-manual Hammond instrument, the SKX features real drawbars for each manual along with typical B-3-style effects and controls (half-moon switch optional). In addition, the SKX's dual independent Extra Voice divisions can be assigned to either manual, layered, or combined with the organ.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Hammond SKX stage keyboard / organ bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new keyboard, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Ableton Workshop & Natasha Kmeto Live at Control Voltage Portland

via @ControlVoltage_

"Ableton Workshop & Natasha Kmeto Live Wednesday, April 24th, 6pm @ CV

Get ready Portland! This coming Wednesday we've got a great FREE Ableton event planned that starts off with a special live performance by the always dynamic multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer and Portland heroine Natasha Kmeto, followed by a set of Ableton Live 10.1 demos.

• Natasha Kmeto (Coachella, Bumbershoot, MusicfestNW, Treefort Festival, SXSW, Low End Theory & more) - Check out her latest release on Spotify!
• Joseph Pailo (Ableton Certified Trainer, 4ms, Control Voltage) - Basic and advanced tips / tricks using Live to record the modular synthesizer, syncing using MIDI to CV interfaces & more
• Javad Butah (Ableton Brand Manager) - New features of Ableton Live 10.1

Free pizza & beer/beverages. All are welcome.

Control Voltage
3742 N Mississippi Ave, 97227
04/24/19 from 6pm (SHARP!)-8pm

mod can dance

Published on Apr 19, 2019 zack dagoba

"Messing with the Modcan, along with the Serge. First I patched a wave shaped VCO on the Serge Paperface, using the Serge sequencer too. Then it goes over to the Modcan where the clock from the Serge triggers bass drum, snare and percussion sounds. Dance!

See for more"


via this auction

"Ultra rare used Marion Systems MSR-2 Modular Synthesizer rack. This one has 2 voice boards installed, total of 16 analog Oberheim voices in a tiny rack! 16 part multitimbral too! This little guy is powerful, look up the specs. The mod matrix is deep. This is not the watered down ProSynth which looks similar. This has to be the smallest analog rack with 16 voices. Tom Oberheim built very little of these. This synth sounds amazing, I haven't heard anything online that does it justice. It also has an input to run audio through the Oberheim filters. Its running the latest OS. Its easy to edit from the front panel but there is also an editor that you can download. This synth shines when you layer the sounds. For example, you can run a pad and bell patch at the same time and it sounds like a analog D-50. You can also put the voices in unison and then detune for massive sounds. It responds to velocity and aftertouch which is awesome. Comes from a smoke free home. Comes with the original rare power supply."

ROLAND JD-800 Keyboard Synthesizer SN ZC55195

via this auction

"I got this keyboard from my husband. He bought it on sale of some music studio. I do not understand anything in keyboards and I don’t know if it works correctly. I can only testify that it turns on and all displays show some words and numbers. Also, all keys are pressed and sliders move. Outside it looks good and has no physical damage except minor scratches. It has a power cord and nothing more. No speakers. No international shipping. Sold as is - no any warranty, no return, no refund.

P.S.I just contacted my husband about condition this keyboard, since there are a lot of questions. He said that he didn’t have time to do this, but in the middle part there are a some keys not working. But if you connect another keyboard to it via (mini?) port, then everything will work correctly."


Published on Apr 19, 2019 caryeddy

I feel love sequence.

via this auction

Korg MS10 Vintage Analogue Mono Synth SN 137872

via this auction

"The synth has a lovely warm sound particularly suited to bass and lead but can also produce white/pink noise effects and percussive sounds. It also has pulse width modulation.

This one is in excellent condition other than one repaired key - that has been glued. It still works as it ought to however.

This is an early version of the synth so it does not have the small trigger switch behind the modulation wheel. The patch-bay is its secret weapon allowing for interface with other Korg synths and for processing external signals. I’ve included a patch lead to get you started."

Genoqs Octopus Ltd Vampire Edition

via this auction

Humble Audio Quad Operator // FM synthesis tonal exploration

Published on Apr 19, 2019 DivKidVideo

"After having the pleasure of testing the Quad Operator from Humble Audio for a while now it's great to put up a first video just exploring some basic modulation and FM synthesis. I have 3 unsynced looping envelopes controlling the level of 3 of the operators and play around with tuning ratios, depth/index of FM, waveshapes and feedback. More video to come and more explanation and the following patches unfold and we head towards the full demo around the release of the module."

Humble Audio Quad Operator






Behringer MS 101 Unboxing

Published on Apr 19, 2019 Sounds From The Shed

"So apparently opening a box is a thing these days.
So here you go.
I'll do something musical now and upload it as soon as I can :)"

#TSR19 02- The Roland Promars -- Part 2

Published on Apr 19, 2019 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is part two of a three-part demonstration of the 1979 Roland Promars analog two-oscillator monosynth."

AutomaticGainsay Roland Promars videos

MFB TANZBÄR 2 // the DIGITAL SOUNDS // 1 by 1 // Part 2

Published on Apr 19, 2019 LESINDES

"MFB TANZBÄR 2 is known and chosen mostly for its analog capabilities but it has also its digital qualities: Here is PART 2 of the internal digital sounds ONE by ONE."


Analogue Solutions Impulse Command full review

Published on Apr 19, 2019 Molten Music Technology

"Impulse Command is a stereo analogue monosynth with dual oscillators, dual filters, MIDI and analogue sequencing and bags of modulation. There's a lot of long sound demonstrations in here as I take you through it. Spoiler - it's a fabulous machine.

Intro - 0:19
Physicality - 2:14
Dual Oscillators - 3:05
Dual filters in stereo - 15:26
Sequercizer and filter modulation - 26:02
MIDI Loop Sequencer - 29:28
What we know so far - 33:45
Patch - 34:42
Effects - 45:25
CV Patch Bay - 50:29
Thoughts and conclusions - 58:26"

Improvisation on Tokarev Protosynths and the Microbrute

Published on Apr 19, 2019 Konstantin Tokarev Assatiani

"Progressive electronic music improvisation on handmade synths along the Microbrute. Tokarev Protosynth V1LP on the left playing polyphonic MIDI loops.. next to it in the center the Tokarev Protosynth V2 prototype rev.4 along with vst fx on the paddish background sounds. On the right the H7SYNTH playing polyphonic loops in stereo. Above this all, the Microbrute and the Tokarev Protosynth V2 prototype rev.2, are running the bass line. MIDI data from FL Studio, along with some vst audio FX."


Published on Apr 19, 2019 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Whats inside the #moog grandmother? well Automatic Gainsay, Simon The Magpie and I found out."

Mister - M - With Crumar Multiman Samples

Crumar Demo Published on Apr 18, 2019 gilleslacaud

"Mister - M - With a Crumar multiman inside"

I believe this is a Hansy Synth based on previous posts by gilleslacaud.

Patch n Tweak

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