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Published on Sep 16, 2019 Miles Briand

"Prominently featured: Beats triggered by 4 bricks rook. Arpetecht controlling rings hard stereo panned into clouds. Yes, I'm basic AF. Lots of sounds from various places."

E-Mu SP1200 vs Isla Instruments SP2400 Pitch Algorithm Shootout

Published on Sep 16, 2019 Isla Instruments

"SP-2400 can still be pre-ordered (until november) at the discounted price of $949."

1985 Mulogix Slave 32 Update

The Mulogix Slave 32 previously posted here is currently listed on Reverb, and eBay at a reduced price. I normally do not post listings with the same images twice, however I am making an exception for the owner, and as only 25 were made. You can find additional pics, demos, and details in the original post. You'll find a link to the schematics, and user manual there as well.

SynthTech Hyperion Eurorack Effects Processor Sneak Preview

Published on Sep 16, 2019 Synthtopia

"At Knobcon 2019, we talked with Paul Schreiber of Synthesis Technology, who gave us a sneak preview of his upcoming Hyperion Stereo Audio Processor for Eurorack modular systems.

It's still early on in development, but Schreiber said he expects to have some studio audio demos with a few weeks."

SynthTech Hyperion

Ult Sound DS-4 SN 970362

via this auction

"Ult Sound Ds-4 Rare Vintage Japanese Drum Module Synthesizer
Toyo Gakki Co. LTD.

Serial No. 970362

Missing Lid, Power cord, and some knobs.
Powers on, but unsure if item is in working condition
Sides are damaged as well"

Nava Rhythm Composer V1.01 Kit

via this auction

"Nava Rhythm Composer V1.01 kit including all silicon and hard to find parts. The only parts that require sourcing are the passives (resistors and capacitors) which can be found at any big-box site (Digi-Key or Mouser). This kit is used to build a near exact clone of the classic Roland TR-909.

More information, build guidance, and complete passive BOMs for this exact kit can be found on the manufacturer website here"

Sequential Prophet X / Presets made from 8 Dio add on (Prophet 5, T8, ARP 2600..).

Published on Sep 16, 2019 Stéphane Schott

"Sequential Prophet X / Presets than I made from 8 Dio add on Prophet 5, T8, ARP 2600...
Vintage, ambiant, oldschool style.
No external eq and no external FX"

Rencontres Ardèchoises 2014

Published on Sep 16, 2019 Pierre Hansen

"Reunion de passionnés de musique électronique analogique"

Synth spotting comes in after 1:40.


Published on Sep 16, 2019 verstaerker

"Acidlabe Miami NoiseTweak"

Korg Volca Performances by Nigel Lundemo

Published on Jan 10, 2019 Nigel Lundemo

1. Korg Volca Sample Vosyr The Winstons Amen Brother Drum Break Samples
2. Korg Volca Sample Vosyr Daru Jones live Drum Break Samples
3. Korg Volca Sample Vosyr Field Recording Smart Phone Metal Gate Support Beam Pole Samples
4. Korg Volca Sample Vosyr Library Music Bruton Music Travel In Style 20. Giant - 3 Samples

Roland Jupiter-6

via this auction

Light never dies 3 - eurorack drone ambient jam at a lighthouse with pittsburgh sv1

Published on Sep 16, 2019 sector

"A little drone jam at punta Lingua (Tongue cape) lighthouse in S. M. Salina. The lighthouse was bulit in 1953 but came to a ruins thorugh the years, until the balcony collapsed in 2009 due to a big storm. From then it has been restored to house the sea museum."

Metasonix RK7 to R56 & MakeNoise PressurePoints to RK4 to Strymon Magneto

Published on Sep 16, 2019 Ritchie DeCarlo

Sequential In The Spotlight Interview with DAVE JULIAN

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Dave Julian bought his first synthesizer, a Yamaha CS-5, in March, 1980, one week before his seventeenth birthday. Inspired by the sounds he was hearing from synthesizers and keyboards on the records that he was buying and listening to at the time, his early influences came from Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Human League, Japan, OMD, Simple Minds, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Wally Badarou, Bernie Worrell, and Herbie Hancock.

Having never undertaken musical training, his time spent playing keyboards in bands allowed him to learn composition, structure, development of melodies, and the use of chord shape variations and scales. Though unsigned, he did benefit greatly from the countless live performances, playing live on BBC radio, and many studio recording sessions.

In 1992, he bought his first sequencer and began a new journey, focusing his passion toward the creation and performance of electronic music. This is the path that brought him to where he is now. This year, he has performed his material live at various venues in the UK.

We chatted with Dave about how he uses Sequential instruments in his music."

You can find previous posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

via @WeAreNovation

"We're super excited to have worked with Shawn Rudiman for this weeks' Peak Patches, an incredible artist with a deep heritage and a master of his craft. 🎹🎛🎚 #techno

Learn more about Shawn and download his release via Components >>>"

"Shawn Rudiman's love of electronics and synthesizers begin with an obsession in the early to mid-1980s with the electronic pop music of the day. Those influences along with Punk and an almost decade immersed into the creation of Industrial / EBM helped lead him to Detroit Techno and House music in the late 90s. After 20 years now entrenched in Techno production and a live performance history like few others, Rudiman's quest for new and different sounds has never stopped.

Analog, additive, wavetable, sampling and FM have become everyday aspects of life. The hunt for new sonic-abilities and forgotten or new machines is still always a priority, whether it is for live performance or studio use.

Rudiman’s aesthetic is one of efficiency combined with flexibility. It's all rolled up into an encompassing sound for your head and heart... As well as your feet. From blistering percussion and alien abrasiveness, to warm and welcoming ambience and textures."

Sonic Scenarios | Lorre-Mill: Double Knot 2 / Patch Dissection

Published on Sep 16, 2019 CTRL MOD

"Quick run through of patching with the Lorre-Mill Double Knot 2

Available here:

Sonic Scenarios is a series of videos chronicling the features, designs and sounds of Eurorack format synthesizer modules & beyond with sound designer Mike Kiraly — Presented by Control.

Control is a synthesizer brick/mortar and online shop located in the South Williamsburg Neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY specializing in Eurorack Modular, vintage traditional and unusual eccentric electronic devices both analog and digital. Please do not hesitate to get in touch."

Deckard's Dream Synthesizier + Expander With ASM Hydrasynth Polyphonic Aftertouch Keyboard

Published on Sep 16, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"The Black Corporation Deckard's Dream synthesizer has a sound inspired by the legendary Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer. It supports polyphonic aftertouch like the CS-80, and since the new ASM Hydrasynth has polyphonic aftertouch on its keyboard we used the Hydrasynth to play the Deckard's Dream.

Deckard's Dream Expander adds ring modulation, chorus, tremolo, delay and reverb to the Deckard's Dream, or anything else you plug into it."

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit! See the support page for details. Thank you to all who support the site!

An Outrun / Synthwave Banger (Novation Circuit)

Published on Sep 16, 2019 Gabe Miller Music

"A high-energy synthwave jam on the Novation Circuit, with an electric guitar thrown in for good measure.
Made with the Chiptune Dreams pack by Yves Big City."

New 'tomorrow the cure' analog synth album...

Published on Sep 16, 2019 DreamsOfWires

"New album out Saturday 21st September at - all analog synths, minimal, simple, real-time recordings/performances, no overdubs, warts & all."

Analog Drums on a Modular Synthesizer

Published on Sep 16, 2019 George Benton

"Using a sequencer and bandpass filter to create drum sounds.
The Modular is a custom built system. Although the video says just a sequencer and a filter, (meaning no oscillators) it does require a noise source, VCA and ADSR.

The two voltages from the sequencer drive the frequency cutoff and resonance. The clock out from the sequencer goes to the ADSR gate in.

The frequency of the filter determines the "pitch range" Higher range for cymbals, brushes etc. Lower range for toms, bass etc.

The resonance affects the "drum head" effect. More resonance for pronounced pitch like wood block or toms etc. Lower resonance for a more pitched noise effect."

KORG Mono/Poly Analog Synthesizer (1982)

Published on Sep 15, 2019 Magic Electronic Music

"KORG Mono/Poly Analog Synthesizer (1982)
All the sounds are from the Korg MonoPoly."

Video Explorers: Jennifer Juniper Stratford

Published on Sep 16, 2019 LZX Industries

This one is in via Nigel.

"LZX Presents: Video Explorers, a new series of interviews with artists who use video synthesizers. In this episode, Johnny Woods travels to Los Angeles to talk to JJ Stratford, artist, director, and proprietor of Telefantasy Studios."

Interview with JJ Stratford.

La Fraicheur/ Leonard de Leonard: Sang Chaud (Live Trailer Edit)

Published on Sep 16, 2019 Sound Provider

"Longtime collaborators La Fraicheur & Leonard de Leonard are coming up with a techno live performance with brand new material, mixing analog, digital and modular, from which the two original tracks from the Sang Chaud EP are the first excerpts, giving a glimpse into their acid and industrial sound ruffed up by a punk energy.

Sang Chaud EP
written and produced by La Fraicheur & Leonard de Leonard
mixing and mastering by Leonard de Leonard at Sound Provider, Berlin
out on Leonizer Records, October 25th 2019
artwork by Loic Sattler

Booking :
France & International: Marine(At)
Switzerland: Nadia(At)"

Meris HEDRA Factory Preset Sounds (Stereo)

Published on Sep 16, 2019 Meris

"Our right hand man, Andrew McMillan takes you through all 16 presets loaded in the HEDRA. Listen to him work his magic with guitar, bass, Korg Volca Sample, Moog Mother-32 synth, plus expression pedal. Download our preset diagram here:

Rhythm Prism. Hedra is a 3-Voice Rhythmic Pitch Shifter. 3 voices, in rhythm combine with your original voice to create harmonies. Each voice can be delayed and fed back in 4 intricate matrices for either predictable or unpredictable results. Selectable pitch correction, micro tuning, chromatic or key driven harmony, keyboard control, glide, smooth or hard stepping and swell top off the feature list. Hook up an expression pedal directly to the back of the pedal for expressive control or automate with MIDI."

Elektron MachineDrum SPS-1UW+

via this auction

"The classic - this one is from the last few production batches.

This machine is a joy to use! The MD pre-dates Elektron going down the shift-key function rabbithole: it's immediate as a synthesizer/sampler or sound processor and has huge storage with the +drive..."

Vintage 60s Moog Troubador Theremin

via this auction

Anyone know about these? Curious if it actually is from Moog. Bob Moog started out building theremin kits, but by the 60s he was building modulars. I took a quick look at Theremin World, but didn't see it.

Crumar DS-2 SN SN 327

via this auction

"Lightly used. Fresh from estate of noted Kansas City jazz artist. I have been playing with this synth for the last two weeks and it has some amazing capabilities. The only function that I have found to not work properly is the release time for the poly section. It is likely just a card that needs cleaned. Several YouTube tutorials on this subject of handling the attack and release cards and their simple repairs. The inside of the unit is incredibly clean."

1980 Korg Sigma SN 242295

via this auction

"This Vintage Korg Sigma is Very good condition
Working perfectly !"

Cwejman S1 MK2 Analog Synthesizer - 2019 Eggshell White

via this auction

"Here is a 2019 Cwejman S1 MK2 in mint condition. Selling regretfully, priced at what I paid after import fees and shipping from overseas."

Oberheim FVS-1 Four Voice Synthesizer 1976 SN 0103

via this auction

"This is a great example of a four voice. This unit was restored recently, with rebuilt power supply and decoupling caps replaced on all boards, pots cleaned, keyboard bushings replaced and entire keybed cleaned and polished out, and oscillator tracking calibrated.

It plays and sounds incredible. Only issues are that the master volume pot is a little scratchy (only when adjusted), and memory store/recall does not work properly despite replacement battery. Memory storage on this keyboard is not very useful anyway - since some of the most important settings cannot be stored with a patch by design (modulation routing, etc.). The more useful features of the optional programmer module all work perfectly (vibrato, centralized pitch, filter control and envelopes). Tolex is original, and some bumps, bruises and rips have been professionally touched up (worst of it was on the lid)."

Moog MiniMoog Voyager Performer 2015 White SN 3923

via this auction

Clavia Nord Modular w/ Gig Bag

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Synthesizer w/ OSC Output Mod

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Synthesizer w/ OSC Output Mod/New Firmware/Battery. Condition is Used.

Six-Trak synth in solid physical condition. Everything works, plays and sounds great. The battery has been replaced and all contacts have been cleaned. Surface marks & scratches are visible, and the mod wheel has a crack going across the surface. Please see photos. This does not affect playback or use.

The inside is a small DIY mess of wires and breadboards to make the separate outputs possible. If this is a concern, message me and I can open it for photos. There is some floor noise when using the separate outputs with quieter sounds, but a gate worked fine.

The mod output with a stacked & detuned unison really makes this synth unique and one of a kind."

Roland TB-03 Bass Line Synthesizer w/ K25M Keyboard

via this auction

Trip seeing it with keys.

"This Roland TB-03 w/ K25M keyboard/stand is in excellent condition, with minimal signs of use. See photos for detail. This item has been tested and everything is fully functional."

Roland TB 303 Vintage Analog Bass Synthesizer Clean And Serviced

via this auction

"This classic and outstanding synthesizer is still in great condition. The bottom is scuffed heavily, but the sides and top are clean and look close to new. The connections have all been tested and it is free of corrosion. It is in great working condition. 4 C-cell batteries will be included. Please be sure to check out my other listings of vintage pro audio equipment. If you are a collector, or love that sweet vintage sound, you don’t want to miss out. (DC adapter not included)"

Dr. Blankenstein Endeavour V1 Synth Drone Box Rare

via this auction

You can find a demo of the Endeavour posted here.

Vtg GE TOTE-A-TUNE 1971 General Electric Piano Organ Keyboard Synthesizer Toy

via this auction

"Original booklet included. Booklet has minor tear, shown in pictures. Booklet contains songs to learn with purchase. Original removable strap included. Piano has been tested and works. AC adapter and batteries not included."

Horn, Brass, Reed, and Flute. Vibrato and Volume controls.

Behringer RD-8 vs Roland TR-8- PART 2 (Features)

Published on Sep 16, 2019 Luke Neptune

"Comparing some of the unique features that the TR-8 and RD-8 have that help fatten them up even more. Let us know your thoughts."

Part 1 here

E-MU Ultra Sampler - Demo #11

Published on Sep 16, 2019 St0neOfficialChannel

"All presets I made on E-MU E4XT Ultra. After the recording was used lightweight compression and nothing else. Please use 360p or higher for better sound quality."

Previous demos

teenage engineering - TGS Otaru event

Published on Sep 16, 2019 teenageengineering

"Highlights from this years TGS Otaru event in collaboration with enhance-experience, 8-4, makers fund and edge of.

Featuring three main performances by @yeoheemusic, @quarta330 @steeezo_946 and @chili_highway with visuals and lights via the OP-Z
We also took over the roof with @ocean_evers @sakura03drops and AJ Lim with an interactive OP-Z visual installation. Letting people play with the projected visuals while enjoying the view of Shibuya Tokyo from the 9th floor.

A special thanks to @enttecofficial and @svsing.ppp
Video filmed and edited by @on1tokyo


DMX help by ENTTEC"

MOOG MATRIARCH // Various Patches (in five parts)

Published on Sep 15, 2019 Genshi Media Group


This is just a small handful of patches from the Moog Matriarch Patchbook that is included with each Matriarch synth. I made slight variations to some of the patches to suit my taste."

Patch n Tweak

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