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Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Chameleon Modular Synthesizer

Published on Nov 6, 2019 Johan Bilén


This synth is made up of four individual Chameleon modules.

Software files used:
Slot 3: TIGRIS

MIDI IO with channel select and MIDI clock out. Note, velocity, pitchbend and modulation wheel output.
Arpeggiator with external or internal sync. Up, down, up/down or random pattern.

Chaos Designer randomizer with external or internal sync. Range, speed and variation adjustable via performance controllers. Note (0-112) or frequency (0-2048) output.

DCO x 4 with individual stereo panning, mixer level and semitone tuning. Pulsewidth modulation and FM. Nine waveforms (Sin/Saw/Sqr/Ramp/Tri/Pulse/WhiteNoise/PinkNoise/FM). Manual mode where each oscillators frequency is adjusted via performance controllers. Legato between 0-635ms.

DCF x 2 with link function, two individual mono filters or one stereo filter. State Variable Filter with Low, Band and Highpass filter. Resonance and manual frequency adjustable via performance controllers.

DCA with external control and bypass function.

ADSR x 2 with fast, medium and long mode.

LFO x 2 with fast, medium and long mode. Four waveforms; triangle, sawtooth, square and S&H. Cycle end indicator via gate jack. Rate controlled via data input jack or performance controller. Amplitude controlled via data input jack or parameter value.

56 point modulation matrix with 14 gate input jacks, 14 gate output jacks, 14 data input jacks and 14 data output jacks.

Audio Interface with 4 audio input jacks and 4 audio output jacks. Daisy-chain function where the audio inputs are routed and mixed directly to the audio outputs.

About the Chameleon System

The Chameleon System consists of a hardware module, a Chameleon, that can be flashed with software files to decide its functionality.

There are two types of Chameleons:

This is a module equipped with a MCU as well as an audio shield. This module is for files that handles audio input or output, such as oscillators, filters etc. So far I've written these files:

• PANTHER Digital Synthesizer Module.
• NAMAQUA Four Oscillator Module.
• TIGRIS Stereo Filter Level Shaper.

ARM Cortex-M4@180MHz, 2-channel audio I/O, 3xC11D I/O, 3xGate I/O, TFT 2.2"-screen, Four potentiometers, One rotary encoder.

This is a module equipped with just a MCU. This module is for files that handle data manipulation, LFOs, envelopes etc. So far I've written these files:

• NAMIBIA MIDI Input/Output and Data Randomizer.
• JACKSON Quad Function Generator.

ARM Cortex-M4@180MHz, 4xC11D I/O, 4xGate I/O, TFT 2.2"-screen, Four potentiometers, One rotary encoder.

Power is supplied to a Chameleon connected to power via its USB-port.

The Chameleons communicate with each other using standard 3.5mm cables sending and receiving 11-bit data. I call this technique C11D or Controlled 11-bit Data as a digital equivalent to CV, Controlled Voltage. Values between 0 and 2048 are sent and received. A unipolar parameter subtracts 1024 from the incoming value making it possible to modulate between -1024 and 1024.

The four analog potentiometers on each module work as controllers for real-time control of key parameters.

PCB DIMENSIONS 100x100mm."

C1 Chameleon Digital Synthesizer

Published on Apr 30, 2018 Johan Bilén

"A quick and lo-fi demo of C1 Chameleon.
UPDATE: This synth is now called 'Panther' as a software file for the Chameleon System"


via this auction

"The Polivoks (also occasionally referred to as the Polyvox; Russian: Поливокс) is a duophonic, analog synthesizer manufactured and marketed in the Soviet Union between 1982 and 1990. It is arguably the most popular and well-known Soviet synthesizer in the West, likely due to the uniqueness of both its appearance and sound.

The Polivoks was designed at the Urals Vector plant, but actual production was handled at the Formanta Radio Factory in Kachkanar, Russian SFSR. It was intended to appear and sound similar to American and Japanese synthesizers from companies such as Roland, Moog, and Korg. The Polivoks was engineered by circuit designer Vladimir Kuzmin with the appearance of the instrument influenced by his wife Olimpiada,[2] who took inspiration from the design of Soviet military radios. Its retail price upon release was 920 rubles and over its lifetime around 100,000 Polivoks were manufactured - sometimes with a production rate of up to 1,000 units a month. But accordingly to information shared by Vladimir Kuzmin only 200-300 Polvokses were produced per month. It means that total number cannot be more than 32000.

Yamaha CS01 Vintage Analoge Synthesizer SN 30980

via this auction

Teuthid Dreaming

Published on Nov 6, 2019 voltlife

"A floaty generative ambient patch, with tentacles! The NLC Squid Axon module replicates and mutates melodies using nonlinear feedback, rhythms are varied with Euclidean clocks, while Pressure Points + Brains is clocked extremely slowly to bring in different 'movements' with varying balance between voices. The voices themselves are mostly wavetable VCOs, with analogue filtering and a lot of reverb and long delays."

Buchla Bongo Evolution

Published on Nov 6, 2019 Todd Barton

"Looking at the old Buchla Bongo patch from a slightly different point of view. Enjoy!"

Novation // Singer-Songwriter Performance with Launchpad Mini and Launchkey Mini [MK3]: Jess Godwin

Published on Nov 6, 2019 NovationTV

"Watch Jess Godwin use Launchpad Mini and Launchkey Mini [MK3] to produce a full track with vocal loops, samples, and live arrangements.

--- Connect with Jess' nonprofit here:

--- For more information on Launchpad Mini [MK3]:

--- For more on the new Launchkey Mini [MK3]


Novation // Singer-Songwriter Perfomance Explained: Jess Godwin

Published on Nov 6, 2019 NovationTV

"Jess walks us through her Ableton Live session setup and explains how she used the Launchpad Mini [MK3] and Launchkey Mini [MK3] to execute her performance."

Reminder: Steady State Fate Event at CONTROL NY Tonight!


"Join us tonight at the storefront for an in-store demo from Andrew Morelli of Steady State Fate focussing on the new Zero Point Oscillator. Starts at 7pm!"

SYINSI LFO, Signal Clone, CV Fader, and CV Scale/Offset demos

Published on Nov 6, 2019 SYINSI

"Demo of the LFO, Signal Clone, CV Fader, and CV Scale/Offset 1U Tile modules for Eurorack.


Linn Linndrum (LM-2) Replacement Parts From Abstrakt Instruments

Click through the links for availability.

Linn Linndrum (LM-2) Replacement Power Supply Unit (Upgrade)

"These are brand new replacement power supply units for the Linndrum Drum Machine. Our power supply units replaces the original LM-2 PSU. The original 5VSR board and PSU components are eliminated in favor of a much more efficient & proficient design. Please see the link to the complete install manual." linndrum_psu.pdf

Linn Linndrum (LM-2) Drop-in Replacement MXR (Mixer) Board

"These are brand new drop-in replacement MXR board assemblies for the Linndrum Drum Machine. Our replacement are made with newly manufactured high quality components from Taiwan Alpha & Song Huei. Please see the link to the complete install manual." linndrum_mxr.pdf

Western New England Synth Fest 2019 - Bill T Miller Synth Performance Fall 2019

Published on Nov 5, 2019 Bill T Miller

"Bill T Miller of OrgyOfNoise @ Western New England Synth Fest 2019 @ Hampshire College, Amherst, MA. on November 2, 2019.

* Poster ARTWORK by David C. Lovelace - THANX !!!!

* Super thanx to co-hosts Dan Warner & Eric Crawley and Hampshire College Sound Tech Crew.... and to ALL WHO WERE THERE onstage and in the audience. Extra THANX Eric Crawley for introduction onstage and of course as always to Sheri Hausey & Ziggy Cat.

* SYSTEM BTM Modular Synth Mountain AVL Rig
Make Noise O-Coast
Make Noise EchoPhon
Make Noise ErbeVerb
Mutable Ears
Pittsburgh Lifeforms Outs
Moog Mother-32
Make Noise Pressure Points
Make Noise Maths

* This BTM rig includes mostly modules that were made in Asheville, NC by the Smokey Mountains by Make Noise & Moog... so i dubbed this case my BTM SYNTH MOUNTAIN RIG.

More Bill T Miller / Orgy Of Noise via...

Crank Sturgeon Contact Mic Tutorial

Published on Nov 6, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"What is a contact mic? What is a transducer? Can packing tape replace a violin or a cello? Is your neglected Slinky a dormant laser factory? Crank Sturgeon answers all of these questions and more, providing colorful insight into his own music making practice and the instruments he produces.

Crank Sturgeon's instruments are all based around lo-fi transducers: devices that convert acoustic energy into electrical energy. By creating general-purpose devices for amplifying all sorts of sounds, everyday objects suddenly take on entirely new musical meaning: rubber bands, spoons, string, and all manner of appliances suddenly produce sound that could bring new character to your own music...or take it over entirely.

Crank Sturgeon instruments available here:

#PerfectCircuit #ContactMic #Tutorial"

The Cat by Octave - Vintage Analog Synthesizer - Duophonic Mode Demo - No Talking

Published on Nov 6, 2019 Earmonkey Music

"This is my Cat. One of my favorite synths ever. This is the non SRM version, built in 1976. The Cat has a duophonic mode where VCO 1 will play the higher note, and VCO 2 the lower. In this video I kind of take the Cat through some interesting modulations. You can route two different sources to modulate things like pitch, filter cutoff, etc.. There's an ADSR and an AR envelope. The ADSR can be set to be a repeating envelope as well. In this patch I have the VCA being controlled by the AR envelope, and the filter being modulated by a repeating ADSR envelope, and also the LFO. You can switch LFO modulation from a triangle wave, or a square wave, or S&H. Later in the video I switch from the ADSR controlling filter to VCO 1 controlling filter for some audio rate modulation of the filter which really dirties things up. II am using a bit of Valhalla reverb and delay as well. The Cat can really growl and I love it. Enjoy!"

Korg Littlebits synth turned into an oscilloscope with USB power from Ripcord

Published on Nov 6, 2019 myVolts

myVolts Ripcord on Amazon

"Using #korg #littlebits #synth kit is a lot of fun, but we've made it more interesting.

Powering it via USB with #Ripcordusb and connecting a power meter in-line, you can see a visual of the waveform shape reflected in the current draw.

Two oscillators means you see frequency modulation in action!"

Look Mum - no batteries! - How to USB power your Korg Volca Sample (and up to 4 more volcas)

Published on Nov 6, 2019 myVolts

myVolts Ripcord on Amazon

"Want to power your #korg #volcasample with USB?🎵 Easy peasy, with our 9V #ripcordusb power cable.🍰 ⚡Power up to 5 volcas from 1 USB port.

We also make a 1 to 5 Volca power splitter cable, save yourself a lot of💰💲💰 And with less batteries, you might even save one of these...🌎"

NOS (New Old Stock) Roland JSQ-60 Sequencer DCB Keyboard Recorder w/ Original Box

via this auction

"RARE Condition!! Unit is still in it's plastic. Never been used.
Missing power cord but you can find it for a few bucks on ebay."

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

M-Audio Venom 12 Voice Synthesizer with Built-In Audio Interface & Original Box

via this auction

Doepfer Synths Knitted Hat

via this auction

"Doepfer Synths knitted hat. Condition is New. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class."

Moog 1130 Percussion Controller (serviced)

via this auction

"Up for sale is a hard to find vintage Moog 1130 Percussion Controller. It’s just been serviced and working fine. The original red and black plugs are been replaced by new ones.

The 1130 is an electro-acoustical percussion transducer for use with Moog performance synthesizers. Each time the head is struck, a short trigger and a control signal change are produced. Can be played with sticks, mallets, or hands.

Cosmetically it's in used condition with a lot of rusty spots on the metal parts, a few scratches, and wear and tear. There is no owner's manual printed on the bottom panel. Not sure why, but it's missing. There is also no serial number sticker inside."

Moog Memorymoog Plus SN 2758

via this auction

"Incredible vintage Moog Memorymoog Plus analog polysynth, in outstanding cosmetic condition, fully refurbished and calibrated. Power supply, analog board, and voice boards have been recapped, CPU, multiplexer, and CMOS chips (sources of common failures) have all been replaced, and all pots and key contacts have been cleaned. All work was done by a tech who is very experienced specifically in Memorymoogs. This is a beautiful classic, rare, and collectible synthesizer."

Teisco SX-240 SN T-7396 w/ Original Silver Gig Bag

via this auction

"Really Rare and hard to find Teisco SX-240 Analog synthesizer.

This an 8 Voices/2DCO+ 1Sub OSC with a VCF section controlled by a VCF envelope, VCA section control by a VCA envelope.
A lot of modulation possibilities and and amazing ensemble effect.
This underated and underestimated synthesizer could be compared to a Jupiter 8 mixed with a Juno 6 in terms of sound possibilities.

This synthesizer is in excellent condition, almost flawless, it has the original Tape factory presets so that you can load the original sounds again.
It also has the Original soft case.

The Teisco SX-240 is fully working, have been cleaned and refurbished.
All the knobs have been cleaned and lubricated.
The keyboard has been cleaned, every keys are working correctly without double triggering.
The back-up battery has been changed before any damage or leak happens."

Kawai / Teisco 100f SN K-2255

via this auction

"Kawai 100f synthesizer fully cleaned and serviced 100% functional with Kenton CV Gate interface implemented.
Currently in use in my own studio.
Moving into another s’y th project.
Ready to rock.
Cosmetically in amazing condition.
It only has one small dent on a wooden side.

This synth has a real fun unique vibe."

Waldorf Microwave XTk Wavetable Synthesizer

via this auction

E-MU Systems Emax I HD Rack

via this auction

"Up for sale is a fantastic sampler, this unit has been gone over and upgraded with Gotek floppy emulator, internal sd HD loaded with sounds, OLED display and blue LEDs. One of the best samplers made and this is a fantastic example of an EMAX!"

Roland Jupiter 4 vintage analog polysynth

via this auction

"Vintage Roland Jupiter 4 synthesizer, refurbished and fully functional. From 1978, this is one of the trifecta of rare and very collectible Jupiter polyphonic synthesizers.

You can get a free Syntaur T-shirt with this purchase, if you message us with your shirt size immediately after purchase. Adult Small through XXL sizes are available. We also like to get your email address, so that UPS tracking can be sent directly to you; your email address will not be shared."

Engine synthesizer : MOTORS STAGE 2 ! From VR6 to old Flat 4.

Published on Nov 6, 2019 Theo GRAND

"Motors has evolved with interactive EQs, camshaft + rolls generator, a ruptor, and stil the good old fashioned Reaktor interface. Here's a sample of classic engine types it can make. Feel free to comment."

Reminds me of the Rotors on the John Bowen Solaris, or the mechanical Motor Synth from Gamechanger Audio. All different of course.

Two more:

"We can hear the different harmonics made by a combustion engine running at the same rpm (approx. B♭), but with an increasing number of cylinders.
Actually, the fundamental is multiplied, which gives a harmonic suite, making intervals."

"This a Reaktor based synthesizer made to reproduce the sound of an engine with different cylinder configurations. Here we can hear the same engine switching from 4 to 12 cynlinders. The starter is a sample played."


Published on Nov 6, 2019 LESINDES

"Hacking through KORG VOLCA NUBASS without any manual only equippet with a bit knowledge of the VOLCA FAMILY.
Lot of fun: stunning bass with TUBE FACTOR!"

Erica Synths Black Spring Reverb Sound Demo

Published on Nov 6, 2019 Erica Synths

"Erica Synths Black Spring Reverb is a different take on spring reverberation units.
It features a DSP chip in the feedback path with 7 different effects, vactrol based compressor
and option to use internal, external or combination of both spring tanks at the same time.


00:02 - Patch #1 - "Handsaw" patch playing without audio input
00:58 - Patch #2 - YOCTO 808 through "Ringmod" patch
02:07 - Patch #3 - "Pitch Shifter" modulated with Octasource (no audio input)
03:40 - Patch #4 - Playing external spring tank
05:20 - Patch #5 - FM Radio played through "Haunted Shifter" patch
06:23 - Patch #6 - Synth line played through "Creeper" patch
07:41 - Patch #7 - Pitch shifter played with envelope generator on audio input
09:01 - Patch #8 - YOCTO 808 played through "Pitch Shifter" patch
10:17 - Patch #9 - Synth pad played through "Creeper" patch
11:05 - Patch #10 - "Springhausen" patch played without audio input
12:17 - Patch #11 - "Pitch Shifter" patch with Black Stereo Delay in the feedback loop (no audio input)"

Yamaha CS80

via this auction

ELTA Music SOLAR 50 - 50 Oscillator Hardware Synth In the Works

Pic of the touchpad in orange and black.

Pic of the knob laden panel as in the video above.

UVI Introduces the PX P10 Based on the Sequential Circuits Prophet-10

Published on Nov 6, 2019 UVI

"PX P10 - Analog Prophecy 2x5=10

A new instrument in our Prototype Series, PX P10 delivers the timeless analog sounds of an ultra-rare dual-keybed monster synthesizer. Tremendous warmth awaits, including the true hardware analog unison!

Video Credits: Matt Vanacoro"

via UVI

By far one of the sweetest sounding and most influential analog synths we've had the privilege to work with, an iconic and powerful instrument whose lineage helped shape the sound of music and music for film throughout the '80s and beyond. Developed as the first fully-programmable polyphonic synthesizer with preset storage, this version 10 was the original prototype of what would become the mythical version 5, debuting in 1978 and revolutionizing the synthesizer world. It was only 3 years later, in 1981, that the more complex version 10 would see commercial release.

Essentially two version 5 synths rolled into one dual-keybed monster synthesizer, version 10 sported 2 oscillators, a white noise source, and a resonant low-pass filter per-voice. Depending on mode it could function as two discrete 5-voice keyboards, a single 10-voice keyboard, a single 5-voice 4-VCO "doubled" mode allowing sweet stacked unison sounds, or an alternate mode where subsequent notes would switch between the settings of the two 5-voice keyboards.
Few of these giants were produced, and due to their sheer size and complexity very few remain. A truly iconic instrument from aesthetics and features to sound quality, this synth is a gem with a timeless sound and lasting legacy.

Given the history of this renowned series and particular gravity of this version 10 we spared no expense in the creation of PX P10. The refurbishment was the most difficult and time consuming we've undertaken, but resulted in a perfectly functional instrument with a gorgeous sound that translates directly through to the final presets.
From vintage-styled to contemporary, we designed a huge selection of sounds capturing vibes from '80s classics, modern genre, soundtracks and more. Everything was extensively multisampled including the raw waveforms both with and without unison allowing you to enable genuine hardware 4-VCO stacking on any sound in the library - and unlike the hardware, these can all be played polyphonically, limited only by your computer.

As with the original, you can load two programs at once, and with the unison mode engaged you can create truly massive analog sounds without consideration for a 5 or 10-voice ceiling. Explore the premade sounds or create your own by mixing and matching layers, adjusting amp, filter, panning, effect settings, and utilizing per-layer arpeggiators and modulators.

In the end we recorded over 30,000 samples, packing PX P10 with a whopping 309 presets made from 188 layers, divided into 15 categories including bass, leads, strings, polysynth, ... Each of the sounds is fully customizable and can be used straight-away or as the starting point for your own sound design. Raw waveforms are also available for those who want to build up their own sounds from scratch."

Random Source La Bestia - 03

Published on Nov 6, 2019 Jae Ryan

"Attempting a blanket of La Bestian warmth......"

Random Source La Bestia videos by Jae Ryan

Chaos Culture - Modulat Teaser Trailer - Max For Live Toolkit - Ableton Live - Signal

Published on Nov 6, 2019 Isotonik Studios

"Modulat is a MaxforLive Toolkit of prebuilt modules that you can use to effect parameters, output audio and generally be awesome. Spawn a module from the menu and connect it up using patch cords, this is MaxforLive without the coding! PLEASE NOTE: MaxforLive 8.0.2 is Essential for Use!

Formerly known as Signal, Modulat is a toolbox of modules that can be connected together to create or modify signals from Ableton Live, transform and output them as Audio or control for parameters. Begin by spawning modules from the menu and then connect them with patch cords by clicking on each modules inputs (left) and outputs (right). You can click on any output to monitor its signal within the scope and all modules run at audio rate. Use the Audio In & Out Modules to exchange signals between devices or to send & receive control voltage.

Modulat is a node based / modular playground for control signals such as LFOs, envelopes and automations. Most Max for Live control devices have a lot of issues and limit the possibilities by completely taking over the control of a parameter in Live. Signal uses audio signals for all its calculations and lets you route them however you want giving you a lot more options while keeping the highest quality possible along with staying sample accurate.

Additionally it eliminates chain mapping, where you would use an LFO on another one. Since every mapping in Live introduces a delay as well as CPU usage, chain mapping is not useful at all. With Modulat you only need one mapping to make everything possible. You can always add another signal and keep expanding the setup. Especially by using multiple instances you can use Lives own routing to mix control signals, record them and play them back in any way using the session view, the Looper device or simply by triggering them using Simpler/Sampler.

Additionally Modulat is the only device on the market that provides a workaround to control parameters in sync with Live by compensating for the delay. You can find out more about this workaround on page 10 of the user guide linked below.

The modules in Modulat are versatile, you don’t need a lot of them to create something useful. With a lot of additional features that haven’t been done before, bypassing mapped parameters for example, Signal is the ultimate control device.

With the flexibility Modulat becomes a meta language, you can basically create your own control devices exactly how you like it without actually having to program them in Max. Signal takes away all the work of getting the basics to work and leaves you only with the decision making."

Ambient with Medusa-Polyend /sequencer Random mode in chromatic scale

Published on Nov 6, 2019 Dziam Bass

"Hello guys.

Today I have my first movie with the synthesizer Medusa from Polyend.

Now Medusa is at a discounted price, so is also a great opportunity to get yours.!!!

It's a Hybrid Synthesizer with 3 analog oscillators, 3 digital oscillators, 5 loopable envelope and 5 assignable LFOs plus of course a great multi mode filter.

the advantage of course is grid as a sequencer and its touch control, under the pressure of X, Y, Z you can assign modhell or pitch ,lfo's and many other functions.

Here I showed the sound itself in quite ambient music, I set the sequencer to random which it scales on a chromatic scale.

Add effects Reverb from Black Hole DSP from Erica Synths and Euro DDL Delay from Eventide .

more info about medusa here :
but now I invite you to check this movie.
have a nice day!

#polyend #medusasynthesizer #polyendmedusa #hybridsynthesizer #dreadboxpolyend"

Soundmit 2019: Dreadbox Chromatic Eurorack Synth Modules Outdoors

Published on Nov 5, 2019 Ask.Audio

"This is the serious interview with Yannis from Dreadbox, showcasing their new colorful, cute and powerful Chromatic synth modules at Soundmit 2019."

Listen to more sounds from Stimming on the Hydrasynth (Electronic Beats TV)

Published on Nov 5, 2019 Telekom Electronic Beats

"Martin Stimming experiments on the new ASM Hydrasynth."

Max for Live Grain Scanner by Amazing Noises for Ableton Live

"Grain Scanner lets you design experimental noises, glitchy effects, alien textures and massive clouds of ambience. Its advanced sound engine turns any sample into a blank slate for otherworldly synth parts.

A 10-voice polyphonic granular synth and re-synthesizer, Grain Scanner chops samples into small slices, then re-arranges and plays them back in a multitude of ways. The result is sound that lives somewhere between the organic and the synthetic.

Grain Scanner is set up for intuitively creating evolving textures that change in complex and unpredictable ways. Its advanced granular engine can play up to 1000 microscopic slices of a sample simultaneously. A dedicated modulation page features four LFOs. Modulate each of the 10 voices individually or modulate the global parameters with up to four modulation sources at once. And its step sequencer and separate effects panel let you mold your sound even further.

The Pack comes with more than 100 presets to play with, and a database of dozens of source sounds ready to be bent, twisted and transformed. You can also import your own samples to create a completely personal sound. What’s more, Grain Scanner was made with Push and other keyboard controllers in mind, so you can easily start making melodies and harmonies with sounds you designed yourself.

Key Features:

10-voice polyphony with an advanced granular engine
Advanced 4x modulation system and step-sequencer
Dedicated effects page
Perfect for Push and other keyboard controllers
Key Follow adds depth and expression to your performances
118 presets"

Patch n Tweak

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